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Chapter 136

In large families, family affection is also mixed with interests. It is not so much afraid of affecting the reputation of the daughter, as it is afraid of affecting the reputation of the He family.

“Look at the friendship between the two families, see Linlin once followed you, and gave her a chance to reform, after all–“

He Wenhuai didn’t say the rest, after all, he really ruined Casey He.

When he thought of Phillip Zong’s relentless effort to force them to this point, He Wenhuai’s blood thrived, wishing to go up and strangle him, but he knew that he couldn’t.

It’s not that it can’t, but it’s not enough power.

Stealing chickens won’t cause eclipse, just blame the children at home for not worrying.

At this age, he still had to pretend to be a grandson in front of the junior, and his face was shameless.

Phillip Zong’s face was expressionless and did not fluctuate at all. His eyes closed, and he muttered for a moment before slowly opening his eyes, “I don’t want to hear a word in the future.”


“I have a relationship with your daughter?”

He Wenhuai said, but he had to agree, and said coldly, “I will never mention this matter again in the future. Don’t worry, I am a reasonable person. It is my two children who are not up to date. No wonder the others.”


At this time, the door of the reception room was knocked, Milton Guan pushed the door and walked in, leaning over his ear and saying, “Alan Su and Yu Doudou are here.”

Phillip Zong didn’t look at He Wenhuai and only ordered Milton Guan, “You give him the original video.”

After speaking, he got up and left the reception room.

He Wenhuai was overjoyed, this matter was settled.

In the past few days, he could not eat well, couldn’t sleep, and was exhausted. The big rock in his heart was put down.

“Wait a minute.” He Wenhuai was obviously not like the pleasing appearance before, but he was not tough either. He just expressed his dissatisfaction with this matter. “Our two families have not celebrated, Linlin is wrong, but you have done too much. Now, things are impermanent, who can guarantee who will continue to be brilliant?”

Phillip Zong turned around slowly, his eyes showed no ups and downs, his indifferent and hard facial features were gorgeous and veneer, and the chill from his bones made people shiver.


He chuckled, “I’ll wait and see.”

After speaking, continue to step away from the reception room.

The air was quiet for two seconds. Milton Guan put the original video on the table and looked up at He Wenhuai, “He is sensible, things are impermanent. You never know what will happen tomorrow or how many cards your opponent has.”

He Wenhuai frowned, “What do you mean?”

Milton Guan smiled, “I just think Chairman He’s words were too sharp just now.”

“Am I wrong?” He Wenhuai asked back.

Isn’t Phillip Zong aggressive first?

“No.” Milton Guan did not continue to talk to him, making a gesture of asking, “I will send He out.”

He Wenhuai’s face was deep, and he flicked his sleeve and stood up.

Milton Guan only pretended not to see him angry, but thought in his heart that it was not unreasonable that the He family would go downhill. His two sons did not have the talent for doing business, and he himself was not much better.

In the office of the president, Alan Su leaned leisurely on Phillip Zong’s desk, turning the globe placed on the desk again and again, and repeated several times, seeming to feel bored, frowned, and shouted at the door. “Why did Phillip Zong go? Did he go to the toilet and fall into the cesspool? Let me wait so long—”

Before he finished speaking, the office door opened.

His voice is loud, Phillip Zong must have heard it.

He jumped off the table and laughed angrily, “I didn’t say anything, you didn’t see anything bad to you, did you?”

Phillip Zong faintly cast him aside, “Can’t you ask for a face?”

Alan Su touched his handsome right cheek, “The face is still there.”

Yu Doudou stood aside and didn’t dare to talk, feeling that Alan Su had subverted his perception of lawyers.

He had never seen such a funny lawyer.

Alan Su straightened his face and deliberately changed the subject to help himself, “As for the car accident case, I have already written the complaint, when will I pass it up?”

Yu Doudou’s eyes widened too, listening to Phillip Zong’s answer.

This is what he has always wanted to do, and now he can finally ask for an explanation for his brother’s death so that the person who harmed him will be punished.

There was a little joy in my heart.

Phillip Zong sat at the desk and said lightly, “No hurry.”

Seeing He Wenhuai seemed very angry, he might make something to disgust him someday, it is better to keep it.


“Why not in a hurry, it has been six years, the longer this case is, the more difficult it will be to reverse the case, not to mention that she still harmed Miss Lin at the time.” Yu Doudou became anxious all at once, not in a hurry, what does it mean?

Does he regret helping him?

Alan Su and Phillip Zong are buddies. Knowing him, he said he was in no hurry, not that he didn’t do this.

He touched Yu Doudou, “So uncomfortable, in court, can someone irritate you with a few words? This is not good for you.”

Yu Doudou stalked her neck, angrily, “I know, I just–“

“I just don’t want to wait anymore.” Alan Su said his thoughts and patted him comfortably on the shoulder. “Phillip is not a turbulent person. He said he is not in a hurry. It is definitely not a good time to expose it. He has been waiting for six years. , Don’t care about waiting a few more days, right?”

Yu Doudou was speechless and had to admit that Alan Su was right.

Being a lawyer is a good one.

“But, this matter—”

“Believe but me?” Alan Su interrupted him.

“No.” Yu Doudou drooped his head, listlessly.

“Well, you go back first. I will let you know when you hand over the case.”

He is not capable of himself and can only rely on them.

The initiative is in the hands of others, what can he do?

You have to wait if you don’t want to wait.

Yu Doudou had to go first.

When the people left, Alan Su glared Phillip Zong across the desk, “How about it, brother, can I?”

Phillip Zong didn’t even give him a look, and threw a file on the table, “Enough playing, go back and see your grandma.”

“Can you still chat happily?” Alan Su frying pan, when he mentioned the word grandma, he was not calm.

He is about the same age as Phillip Zong, but he has a lively personality, and he has not been married until now. His parents passed away early, and his grandmother was brought up, so he hoped that he could get married soon and have a baby. As a result, he didn’t want to get married but just wanted to play.

He lost enthusiasm for feelings.

“Last time you let me pigeons, you have to make up for me.” Alan Su took out his cell phone, “I called Chuanchuan, I’ll find a place, we have a drink together. It’s been a long time since we got together.”

Saying that he has dialed out the phone.

“What are you doing? Phillip is free today, shall we gather together?”

Keller Shen is also busy. He is not from City B. He graduated from university and stayed in City B. He can take root in City B and make a career. He has also made a lot of effort.

“It just happens that I don’t have a task today. Let’s talk about it, I will find you somewhere.”

Alan Su glanced at the time, “Let’s eat first and go to Juxian Villa, where the scenery is good and the dishes are good.”

“You arrange.”

Basically, for their gatherings, Alan Su finds a place and Phillip Zong pays for it.

No way, Phillip Zong is the richest.

At ten in the evening, Keller Shen drove to Wanyue, looking for Alan Su and Phillip Zong.

They drove three cars to Juxian Villa.

The car drove into the parking lot. When Phillip Zong got off the car, he saw the car parked next to him, the one he had driven for Ana Lin.

“Hey, Phillip, isn’t this your car? Why is it here?”

Alan Su also recognized the car at a glance.

Chapter 137

Phillip Zong glanced inside, and he knew that Ana Lin was probably here.

But Alan Su’s heart was burning with gossip. Did Phillip Zong’s car be loaned to someone else?

“Male, female?” Alan Su walked over and blinked at Phillip Zong, “Aren’t you chasing your ex-wife? Why are you changing your taste again?”

“Get out!” Phillip Zong gave him a sideways glance.

Keller Shen smiled, “You owe it, it’s still so naive to grow to eighty.”

“You are naive.” Alan Su stepped forward, threw himself on Keller Shen’s back from behind, and put his arms around his neck, “Hey, have you seen his ex-wife?”

Keller Shen nodded honestly, “I have seen it.”

Phillip Zong got married six years ago. It was actually a hidden marriage, and it was not the marriage that Phillip Zong wanted. It was not introduced to him. At that time, he was very busy during the promotion period. Then he divorced soon, so there was no chance to see him.

This is not Milton Guan asking him for help, he hasn’t had a chance to meet yet.

Hearing Milton Guan said, now Phillip Zong seems to care about this ex-wife again, but he also understands why Phillip Zong cares about it.

It should be because of the child.

He saw Daniel who was five or six years old that day, and the time was right.

Entering Juxian Villa, pavilions are surrounded by pavilions, the corridor is winding, and the red lanterns spread out all the way to the lobby.

They came in and there was a reception immediately.

“Is it Mr. Su?”

“Yeah.” Alan Su’s name was naturally used in his place.

“Please follow me.” The receptionist walked ahead and led them to the private room.

The room is very spacious, and the tables and chairs carved with good sandalwood are meticulously carved with different patterns, and the atmosphere of patina flows everywhere.

The private rooms here are different from the outside. They are not very private single rooms, but are like long corridors, separated by screens. Each screen has a different pattern.

The receptionist handed over the menu, and Alan Su did his part, “I will order dishes, and I will be good at eating.”

Keller Shen smiled.

Alan Su squinted at him, “Laugh a fart.”

“How do you say they are all highly educated, or a lawyer, can’t speak more civilized?”

“With a face of Lafayette all day at work, I am not allowed to relax in my private space? You, who of you is tired of me?”

“Get off.” Keller Shen didn’t bother to talk to him. He opened a law firm and had all the cases done to the lawyers in the firm. How long has he not been in court in person?

What is there to say tired?

Alan Su cleared his throat, “Speak more civilly, can’t you see anyone here?”

He deliberately winked at Keller Shen to show him the reception girl.

“Nervous.” Keller Shen didn’t bother to care about him.

Phillip Zong seemed very silent. He clearly sat between the two of them, as if they did not exist. He was holding the phone in his hand, rubbing his fingers back and forth on the screen, and wanted to call Ana Lin and ask her if it was. Not eating here, but seeing the two around him, he gave up the idea.

After ordering the dishes, Alan Su handed the menu to the receptionist and confessed, “Hurry up.”

“it is good.”

The food here is fast, half an hour, and the food is ready.

Alan Su opened a bottle of wine and filled them one by one, “We are all too boring for the three of us back.”

“Who else are you looking for? Feifei?”

“Don’t open the pot or lift which pot.” Alan Su immediately stared.

Keller Shen smiled, “Have you put it down yet?”

Liu Feifei Alan Su’s first love was discussed at university. Alan Su liked her very much, but later broke up.

So far, Alan Su is unwilling to reveal why he broke up.

Just knowing that this woman has become a taboo for him, and he is not allowed to say that he has never been in love again, and there have been several women around him, but they have not recognized the truth, they are just playing casually.

“Do you think this person’s feelings come first with love or sex?” Alan Su took a sip of wine and frowned spicyly, “Cool.”

“Don’t ask you about this? You have experienced the most.” Keller Shen had a drink with him.

Alan Suchao Phillip Zong raised his chin, “Should ask him, didn’t he and Bai Zhuwei, didn’t they get along with others because they didn’t hold them for a while?”

Because I wanted someone for a night, I was responsible and fell in love with them. Later, because I was deceived again, I didn’t want them again.

Is this sentimental? Still ruthless?

Phillip Zong glanced at him, “Can you hold on to your stomach?”

“It’s no outsider. What I said is the truth. You wanted someone’s first night, and then abandoned them. Do you think you are pretty bad?” Alan Su drank two glasses of wine and spoke loudly. A bit.

Behind the screen on the right, a few women were sitting, and they were all taken aback when they heard the voices.

Allen reacted very strongly, “Sure enough, men don’t have a good thing.”

This place was chosen by Lena Qin. He said that the ratings on the Internet are very good, the environment is good, and the dishes are good, but I didn’t expect the so-called private room to be separated by a screen and not soundproof at all.

Ana Lin felt that the sound was a bit familiar, and gently moved back, seeing the people over there through the gap.

I saw Alan Su’s arm resting on Phillip Zong’s shoulder, “Seriously, have you ever liked Bai Zhuwei, or is it just that you are responsible for touching someone?”

Ana Lin held her breath, inexplicably, she also wanted to know the answer.

Fingers pressed hard on the carved pattern on the chair.

Phillip Zong took a sip of wine, “A little bit.”

He had never been moved by Bai Zhuwei, and it was indeed because of his responsibility to stay with her that night. Although he was unconscious that night, he could not forget the beauty that he brought to him.

If he doesn’t love, he can’t forget that night.

So, it’s a bit.

Alan Su smashed his lips, “That is to say, is it pre-existence, can it evoke feelings more?”

After all, when Phillip Zong had never slept with Bai Zhuwei, he didn’t like others. After sleeping once, he liked it a little. Isn’t sex more affectionate?

“The lawyer’s logic is awesome.” Keller Shen gave Alan Su a thumbs up.

Alan Su squinted at him, “Do you think everyone else is like you, thirty or so, or a virgin?”

Keller Shen, “…”

He wanted to curse, your uncle!

On the screen side, Ana Lin was a little bit unaware, and she didn’t know what was wrong with herself.

Just lost my appetite.

“Is it because the food here doesn’t match your appetite?” Lena Qin asked.

Ana Lin stuffed a bite of the food in his mouth and said no, “The food here is delicious.”

“It’s the first time for me to eat such authentic Chinese food.” Mrs. William was very satisfied with this dinner, “and the environment is also very good, it is very Z national style, I like it.”

“It’s fine if you are satisfied. This trip to Country Z will definitely not let you down.” Lena Qin poured a glass of wine for Mrs. William.

“Stop drinking, I’m full, and it’s time to go back.” Although Mrs. William maintained a good posture, she was old and had limited energy.

“I’m with you.” Allen also felt tired. After getting off the plane, she went to the store without rest. Now she feels tired and she needs to rest.

“I will send you off.” Ana Lin stood up and said.

“No, no.” Allen waved to her, “You have been busy in the store for a day, so it’s time to go back and see the kids.”

“Then give you my car.” Lena Qin gave Alan the key of her car.

Allen took the key and helped Mrs. William to leave the private room.

Ana Lin rubbed his face, “I’m going to check out.”

Lena Qin followed her, “Sister Lin, I think you are in a bad mood.”

Ana Lin denied, “Is there?”

“Yes, you were very happy all day, but when you were eating, I saw your face changed.”

“I’m happy.” Ana Lin chuckled and the store was about to open. She was too happy to have time.

Lena Qin smiled.

Ana Lin collapsed, “Is my expression really unhappy?”

Lena Qin nodded seriously.

Think carefully about why I am suddenly upset?

Do you know that Phillip Zong and Casey He were unhappy after sleeping, or because Phillip Zong liked Casey He?

She didn’t know, in short, she was unhappy.

Ana Lin took a deep breath, cheered himself up, and walked to the front desk to pay.

“A total consumption of 5800 in dry-brand private rooms.”

Ana Lin took out the card and handed it to her. Suddenly she was enveloped by a long black shadow. Someone handed the card first, “Swipe this one.”

Chapter 138

She turned her head and saw Phillip Zong standing behind her, facing the light, she couldn’t see his expression clearly, she could only snoop out an unclear outline.

The front desk took the card in Phillip Zong’s hand, “Together, the total consumption is 12080.”

“Oh, oops, it turns out that the car was driven by my sister-in-law.” Alan Su booed aside, and Ana Lin lowered his head, put the card back, and asked softly, “Are you going back?”

Before Phillip Zong answered, Alan Su took the lead. “What time is it? What time is it back? Besides—” He pointed to Phillip Zong and Ana Lin, “You still owe me a glass of wedding wine, choose It’s better to hit the sun and make it up today.”

Phillip Zong did not object, his eyes were covered with dust, hiding in an elusive light.

Ana Lin only felt embarrassed, especially Alan Su’s address to her, how awkward it was.

“I’m not going, you can go.” Ana Lin turned to leave, Phillip Zong grabbed her wrist, “Wait for me.”

Ana Lin wanted to get away from his hand, but he held it too tightly, she couldn’t get away.

At this time, the front desk has settled the bill and handed over the card and the consumption slip, “You have a total of 12080 consumption.”

Phillip Zong put it into his wallet, and said lightly, “Let’s go.”

Alan Su didn’t plan to let them go and stop in front of them, “If you don’t invite me to have a drink today, I will never let you go.”

Alan Su raised his head and said that I am driving this road, and this tree is like the landlord I planted.

Lena Qin stood behind and stepped back quietly, wanting to leave here. From the mirror, Alan Su saw that the woman behind him was secretly trying to leave.

Alan Su saw that she had come out with Ana Lin just now, which means that they knew each other. He turned over and grabbed her, “Don’t go.”

Lena Qin was startled and looked at him in horror.

“Don’t be afraid, are you my sister-in-law’s friend?” Alan Su grinned, his white teeth dazzling in the light.

Lena Qin glanced at Ana Lin and nodded, “I am Sister Lin’s assistant.”

“Oh, what do you guys do?”

“Costume designer.”

“By coincidence, I just want to order a set of clothes.”

“Well, we will open our store the day after tomorrow, and we invite your husband to visit us.” Lena Qin answered like a stream.


Alan Su blinked, “You have opened a store, the day after tomorrow?”

Lena Qin nodded.

Alan Su hugged Keller Shen, who was watching the excitement, and tugged at his neck, “Sister-in-law’s shop is open. We will naturally visit. You must take the time to join in.”

“Yeah.” Keller Shen answered.

He felt that although Phillip Zong and Ana Lin were divorced, they had children, and their remarriage was a matter of time. Judging from Phillip Zong’s appearance, he seemed to care about her.

This scene is worthy of praise, and there is no time to make time to go.

Alan Su smiled, red lips and white teeth, “Sister-in-law, if you don’t make up our glass of wedding wine today, I will not leave here.”

He shamed.

Ana Lin frowned.

She looked at Phillip Zong, hoping that he could talk about his friend.

Don’t embarrass her.

What wedding wine?

Where is the joy?

Phillip Zong pretended not to see, holding her hand and playing with it.

He does not reject Alan Su’s wedding wine.

When he married Ana Lin, there was nothing, and none of his good friends introduced him.

Inexplicably pleased by Alan Su’s sister-in-law.

I didn’t want to introduce them to two acquaintances before, because he was not interested in Ana Lin.

That marriage was not what he wanted.

But now it’s different, he wants to keep this marriage, keep this woman.

Also willing to put her on the bright side.

Alan Su and Keller Shen are his good friends.

Let them know.

“In this way, if my sister-in-law is busy, let’s go first. Chuanchuan and I can go for a drink with this young lady.” Alan Su grabbed Lena Qin’s arm and took her to leave.

“Sister Lin.” Lena Qin shouted at Ana Lin in a panic.

“Wait a minute.” Ana Lin was forced to have no choice but to agree.

“You let her go.”

Alan Su did it on purpose. The woman Phillip Zong can admire should not be too bad in character. She would definitely not watch her assistant be pulled away without being indifferent.

It turns out that he did it right.

He let go of Lena Qin.

Lena Qin stepped back two steps in succession, pulling away from him.

As if Alan Su was a terrifying monster.

“Walk, I’ll decide the place, and I’ll treat it today.” Alan Su was in a good mood, and Keller Shen poured cold water on him, “Yeah, did the iron cock pluck today?”

As long as Phillip Zong is there, he never pays.

Alan Su glared at him, “Don’t show my face in front of beautiful women, I am generous.”

Keller Shen smiled and got into his car.

“You get in my car.” Alan Su beckoned to Lena Qin.

Lena Qin waved her hand quickly, “No, no, you can go, I won’t get mixed up.”

“I don’t eat people, what are you afraid of?” Alan Su smiled.

Lena Qin still refused, “I have something else.”

She casually found an excuse.

After speaking, she turned around and left. She greeted Ana Lin, “Sister Lin, I’m leaving first.”

Ana Lin answered and explained, “You be careful.”

Lena Qin nodded, and when she walked to the side of the road, she realized that this place was rather biased. There is no taxi passing here, and everyone who comes here for dinner will drive over, and then drive back.

Her car was given to Ellen, what would she do now?

“Let’s go, there is no taxi here for you.” Alan Su parked the car beside her.

Lena Qin wanted to find Ana Lin, but at this time, Ana Lin was already in Phillip Zong’s car.

“You don’t want to disturb the couple, do you?”


“Come on, I’ll see you off.”

Lena Qin stood stumblingly, “Um, no need.”

“you sure?”

“I confirm.”

Lena Qin said with certainty.

She was not blind, and it was obvious that they were a group of people, not ordinary people, and she would not dare to provoke such a person easily.

Keller Shen looks very honest, but Alan Su feels like a playboy.

She is glib, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with such a person.

Alan Su was rejected again and again, and his enthusiasm was extinguished.

He raised the window and looked at Lena Qin more.

This woman is funny, so careful.

He is not a bad guy.

Why be wary of him like a thief?

After they got to the car and walked far, Lena Qin had no choice but to call Alan and ask Alan to pick her up.

The place is still chosen by Alan Su, a high-end bar.

This time is the lively time, the feasting, crowded nightlife has just begun.

The big bag on the second floor is spacious and has a good view. Standing upstairs, you can see the entire bar, especially the dance floor in the lobby on the first floor. Men, women, red lights, green lights, singing and dancing, surging and wanton.

Alan Su stood in front of the railing on the second floor with a wine glass in his hand and dangling his legs, looking like a fool.

Keller Shen has long been accustomed to his appearance, no wonder.

“Convergence.” He reminded Alan Su.

Ana Lin is here today.

Alan Su was also surprised that he was too far, so he quickly sat down and put away his slouchy appearance, “Sister-in-law, I have introduced myself last time, you should already know me?”

Ana Lin stretched out his hand to turn off the hair that was blocking his ears, to cover up his embarrassment about calling himself, “Know.”

“This is Keller Shen.” Alan Su smiled, putting his arms on Keller Shen’s shoulders, “The same relationship as me and Phillip.”

Keller Shen touched his rib fork with an elbow, “I didn’t have a long mouth? Need you to speak for me?”

“I’m not afraid that you can’t explain clearly? When I talked to girls in college, I blushed—pain—”

“Does it hurt? I didn’t think it.” Keller Shen pressed his meat hard, he had been trained in a serious way, Alan Su’s skinny tenderizer, how could he withstand his hand strength.

The painful eyes and nose are all wrinkled together.

Ana Lin could tell, don’t look at them fighting, but the relationship is good.

She approached Phillip Zong and whispered, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Phillip Zong let go of her hand and gave a faint hum.

Ana Lin got up and left, following the instructions to find the location of the bathroom.

Unfortunately, when she entered, someone came out and bumped into the door.

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