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Chapter 139

Casey He’s complexion was ruddy, and there was a strong smell of wine during her breathing. It was obvious that she had drank a lot of wine.

When she saw that the person she hit was Ana Lin, she was stunned for two seconds, and then smiled, “It’s really Yuanjialuzhai.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to entangle with her, she wanted to leave her sideways, but she refused to let it go, “Ana Lin, are you happy now? My brother has gone to jail. A man who has been guarding you for ten years has gone to jail. .”

Ana Lin’s expression was very light, and for this matter, he didn’t want to go into details of his grievances.

Anything that has a cause must have an effect.

If Rios He didn’t do that to her and Daniel, he wouldn’t have today.

She didn’t feel the pleasure of revenge, she just felt melancholy.

“Are you particularly happy?” Casey He leaned against the door, staring at the white glowing light on the roof, squinting, “What do you think is ruthless?”

“Sorry, we are not familiar.” Ana Lin walked sideways into the bathroom.

This time Casey He didn’t stop her. Ana Lin finished going to the bathroom and walked to the sink to wash her hands and dry. Casey He was still standing there, she pretended not to see, and walked out of it.

“I was raped.” When Ana Lin just took two steps, Casey He said while looking at her back.

Ana Lin’s footsteps didn’t stop every second.

“Phillip Zong made people do it.” She laughed, “I have been with him for a long time, and he has loved me and loved me, but he has become ruthless, even if he was his woman, he is not soft.”

She knew Ana Lin heard it.

She curled her lips and continued, “Do you think he treats you well?”

Ana Lin’s footsteps paused, his hands clenched suddenly, indeed, he treats her well now.

“Don’t be fooled by his appearance. He is actually a ruthless person, just a good disguise. If you believe him, I will be your fate. Of course, there will be other women to replace you, just like you replace me. .”

“You thought I would believe you, you just didn’t get it, and deliberately tried to provoke my relationship with him.” Ana Lin didn’t believe it.

“Why do you think my brother has to bear everything? Because of me.” Casey He is heartbroken. Rios He is really good to her. Xia Zhenyu is also good to her, but she prefers her son.

“Phillip Zong made a video of me being raped. If my brother doesn’t go to jail, it will burst out, and then I will be ruined.” Casey He deliberately told Ana Lin.

Ana Lin remembered how Rios He suddenly rushed to the front of the car to make a decisive look that day. He had to bear everything. It was for Casey He?

Thinking of how Rios He cared about Casey He, she believed.

Even though there was some psychological response, the face did not show up in front of Casey He.

“These are none of my business.”

Under her calm appearance, her heart was not peaceful. She never expected that Phillip Zong could do such a thing.

Casey He has talked to him, how can he do this? !

She felt terribly muffled.

Phillip Zong’s cruelty exceeded her imagination.

How could he destroy the innocence of a woman?

What is the difference between him and Rios He?

Even more evil than Rios He’s behavior.

Casey He didn’t expect her to be so calm, “Okay, I look forward to seeing you end.”

Ana Lin didn’t make a stop, but started to walk.

“Six years ago you asked my brother to go to country A to investigate something, do you remember?”

Of course Ana Lin knew that she suspected that the person was Phillip Zong at the time, but the result of the subsequent investigation was not.

When he asked for a divorce, she gave up.

“My brother lied to you, the man that night was not from country A.”

Ana Lin didn’t stop, obviously she said this on purpose.

As for the purpose-

She didn’t know, but the only thing she could be sure of was that Casey He was never so kind to tell her the truth.

Perhaps she was a lie at the beginning, but a bait to lure her.

She slowly turned and looked at Casey He, “Don’t bother, I won’t be fooled, and I won’t believe you.”

Casey He was not angry because of Ana Lin’s words, but laughed happily, “I have been stupid many times and failed many times, but I can’t always fail, I will definitely succeed once.”

Ana Lin said coldly, “People will never succeed in doing things that go against the moral conscience.”

“Do I have any grudges against you?” Casey He sneered, “but you are going out to steal my man, how can I not hate you?”

Ana Lin has nothing to say, all the fate with Phillip Zong is just a marriage contract when he was a child.

Even if she married Phillip Zong later, she never thought of destroying the relationship between her and Phillip Zong.

She framed her again and again.

“You made yourself what you are now. If you trust the relationship between you enough, why care about my existence?”

Ana Lin’s words hit Casey He’s sore spot. They didn’t even have feelings between them. Where could the trust come from?

Phillip Zong admits her identity, isn’t it that night’s love?

And that night, it was this woman!

“Ana Lin, let’s wait and see, as long as I live, I won’t make you feel better!” Casey He finally couldn’t laugh.

The face is hideous and terrifying.

Ana Lin smiled.

Casey He has this idea more than now, since Phillip Zong married her, she has always wanted her to die.

Back in the private room, there were two empty wine bottles on the table. When she went to the bathroom, the three of them seemed to have drunk a lot.

“Sister-in-law, come and I will toast you.”

Seeing Ana Lin walk in, Alan Su stood up with a drink.

He might not have a good face when he drank, his face was not red, but he was very drunk when talking.

“You are drunk.” Ana Lin sat down, and this time she didn’t be beside Phillip Zong.

When she came, her hand had been held by Phillip Zong, she could only do it by his side.

But after hearing Casey He’s words, she was really shocked.

Casey He had made many mistakes with him, how could she use such cruel means to deal with her?

How important is the innocence of a woman.

Now he treats her well, how long can this goodness last?

What if he gets tired of her and doesn’t feel new to her anymore?

Would it be the same to her?

Ana Lin didn’t dare to think deeply, only felt that his blood was cold.

Why are people so cruel?

Alan Su was taken aback, always feeling that the atmosphere had changed suddenly, when Ana Lin came in.

He soon discovered something was wrong, although Ana Lin was not happy when he came, but the relationship with Phillip Zong was still very close.

Things changed after Ana Lin went out and came back. She didn’t sit next to Phillip Zong, and her face was not very good.

Which link is wrong?

Alan Su was confused.

Phillip Zong’s eyes were dark, naturally he felt Ana Lin’s sudden sense of distance.

Alan Su dared not talk nonsense, the atmosphere was too depressing.

He quietly sat back in his seat, thinking of coaxing Phillip Zong and Ana Lin to have a drink. Now he didn’t dare to say anything, hiding beside Keller Shen like a quail.

Phillip Zong picked up the glass of wine in front of him and opened his mouth to hold the glass. The floating ripples sometimes covered his tongue and sometimes wrapped his teeth. His lips became more and more white and his teeth were white. His demeanor said, “Today, it’s gone.”

He put his drunk glass on the table and stood up. When passing by Ana Lin, he stretched out his hand to her, “We should go home.”

Ana Lin stood up, did not put his hand into his.

Alan Su gave Ana Lin a thumbs up behind him, not even giving Phillip Zong’s face, awesome!

He must give this woman who dared to show Phillip Zong’s expression a thumbs up!

Phillip Zong looked back at Alan Su who was gloating.

Alan Su was so scared that he explained hurriedly, “I haven’t seen anything, I’m blind.”

He covered his eyes.

Phillip Zong’s jokes are not pretty.

After Phillip Zong and Ana Lin left the private room, Alan Su dared to let go.

“Counsel.” Keller Shen took a sip of wine and got up, “You can go back.”

Alan Su nodded quickly, “Did they quarrel? Wasn’t it good just now? How can I change it?”

“Who knows.” Keller Shen couldn’t figure it out either.


“You’re drinking, let me drive.” Ana Lin said.

Phillip Zong didn’t give her the car key, but got directly into the driving position and started the car.

Ana Lin stood beside the car and did not come up.

He turned his head to look at Ana Lin, “Why, afraid that my car is unsafe?”


“Then why not come up?”

Ana Lin hesitated, opened the car door and sat in.

Phillip Zong drove out the car.

He drove fast, and his direction was not the route back to the villa, Ana Lin frowned, “Where are you taking me?”

Chapter 140

Phillip Zong did not answer her.

Ana Lin had no choice but to be patient and sit still without talking.

After a while, the car stopped at the hotel she had visited last time.

Ana Lin sat still, “What did you bring me here for?”

Phillip Zong opened the door of the co-pilot, grabbed her wrist, pulled her out of the car, and strode into the hall.

“What are you doing?” Ana Lin tried to break free of his hands, but his hands were as strong as iron pliers.

Going through the hall and getting on the elevator, Phillip Zong led her to the door of the room.

A beep sounded for unlocking.

“What the hell are you doing, I should go back, Xiao Xi’s injury is not healed, I have to go back to see him—”

Damn it!

Before she could finish her words, Zong Jianghao pulled into the house and shut the door.

Ana Lin’s heart twitched, and her heart trembled. She had seen him angry, but she had never seen him so angry.

The low atmospheric pressure is like the dullness before the violent storm, like the sound from his chest, “Say, what’s wrong with you?”

Ana Lin leaned back against the cold door, cold sweat on his palm.

She didn’t speak, but stared straight at him, trying to see his heart clearly, what kind of heart was hidden under this handsome face?

“Why don’t you speak?” His voice was still cold and chilling.

“I saw Casey He.” Her hands hung beside her, clenched into fists, her palms wet and sticky with sweat.

Phillip Zong frowned slightly, “So what?”

Is this why she suddenly became angry?

“She said something to me.”

Phillip Zong was silent, waiting for her next words.

Ana Lin mustered up his courage before saying, “She said you were raped by someone.”

She stared at him, “Is it true?”

She thought he answered no, he was not a ruthless person.

He didn’t let anyone rape Casey He.

His heart is not so cold.

But Phillip Zong’s answer made her heart cold.


Her ears were buzzing, and her throat seemed to be stuffed with a large ball of cotton, and she could not speak for a long time.

After a long time, she found her voice, “Why?”

“Why do you do this, haven’t you loved her before? Why do you want to do this?” Ana Lin couldn’t understand.

Can’t accept that he is such a person.

She was used to his goodness, and there was a gap in the heart that had never been opened before.

Just because of this man.

But what he did made her at a loss.

“Is angry with me just because of this?” Phillip Zong’s anger slowly became calm in her helpless eyes.

“Is this a trivial matter? Is your heart made of stone?”

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand to caress the broken hair that was blocking her forehead, Ana Lin said that he would not let him touch, and turned his head sideways.

“Do not touch me.”

“So angry?” Phillip Zong stopped her hand in front of her forehead and scratched her nose gently, “Why is she so angry?”

“I don’t want you to be a ruthless person.” The words in my heart almost blurted out.

After speaking, she realized how excited she was.

How unacceptable, he is such a person.

Looking at her angry face, Phillip Zong only felt vivid and sultry.

Although she does not reject his intimacy now, she never opened her heart in front of him.

Always reserve room.

He stroked her cheek with his fingers resting on her brow bones. He paused for a long time, from a faint smile to a deep, deep smile, “Why don’t you want me to be a ruthless person?”

Ana Lin rolled his gaze in a panic, his heart seemed to be thrown into the turbulent lake, the ups and downs couldn’t calm down.

Why do I hope he is not a ruthless person?

Because she seems to care about him already.

Phillip Zong’s smile did not diminish, her sharp eyes penetrated her, “You are afraid that I will treat you the same way, are you?”

Ana Lin was silent, as if by default.

Yes, she was afraid that one day he would treat her so mercilessly.

“I will never do this to you.” Phillip Zong pulled her into his arms.

Ana Lin almost instinctively wanted to get rid of him, but just as she reacted, Phillip Zong grabbed the messy hands. He only used 20% of his strength to trap her firmly.

“I won’t do this to you!”

“How do I know?” Ana Lin had never been so out of control in front of him, she was scared.

Phillip Zong buckled her waist, let her body close to him, let go of her hand, let her fist fall on his chest, she was too excited, Phillip Zong was afraid that she would hurt herself , Grabbed her hand again.

“You let go–well–“

Before she could finish her words, he grabbed her head and kssed her. All the words were blocked in the throat cavity. His kss was forceful and domineering, giving her no breathing space.

The sudden k*ss is like a storm, which makes people caught off guard, and the fragrance is thick and slippery on the tangled tongue.

Her resistance was so trivial in front of him.

In the end, all emotions were submerged in his deep k*ss like a tide.

Gradually her body softened in his embrace.

He k*ssed her forehead, eyebrows, and the corners of her eyes, “I don’t know what I like about you, just like you.”

There is no reason.

If she had to say one, it was that she had an inexplicable sense of familiarity, which attracted him deeply.

Tears fell from her eyes without warning.

Phillip Zong wiped her tears, “What are you crying for?”

She didn’t know, she didn’t know what was wrong with herself, she was uncomfortable, and she felt uncomfortable.

When Alan Su said that he had slept with Casey He, her heart became muffled.

She has no innocence and shouldn’t ask him, but that heart trembled fiercely.

Later, I heard Casey He said that Phillip Zong let people rape her. This kind of psychological shock made her unable to resist.

Phillip Zong supported her back, and gently stroked her back with his palm, “I have my bottom line, some can touch, some can’t touch, and half a finger is a price to pay.”

Ana Lin closed his eyes and buried all hesitation and fear in his heart.

She asked bitterly, “What do you like me? Don’t you feel too impulsive?”

His pupils were deep, and the corners of his lips curled up with a slight smile, “I have never been so sure in my life. Sometimes I am confused and impulsive, which is also very interesting.”

Ana Lin doesn’t know what to do with him, do you leave?

Now all the people she cares about are lowered in his eyes, and it is unrealistic to leave secretly without being noticed by him.

Her fate was disrupted from meeting him again.

She never thought of coming back, returning to this country with no good memories.

But everything changed because of him.

Is this her fate?


Suddenly the mobile phone in her pocket vibrated, she wiped her face, took out the mobile phone, it was Daniel’s number, and she picked it up.

“Hey, Xiao Xi.”

“Mommy, I am not my brother, I am Ruth, when are you coming back? Is Dad with you? When will Dad come back?” The little guy’s soft voice, through the phone, Ana Lin can listen She expressed the expectation in her voice.

“Dad hasn’t come back for a day, I miss him.” Ruth sat cross-legged on the sofa, and while Ruth was away, she secretly called with his watch phone.

“Mommy, dad doesn’t want us anymore, right?”

Ana Lin held the phone tightly, looked at Phillip Zong, and answered her, “——No.”

She comforted her daughter.

“Really?” Ruth’s tone could not hide the joy and excitement, “Mommy, I am so happy, I am not a child without a father, I will have a father in the future, Mommy, I am really really happy. , In the future, no one will say that my brother and I are wild children without a father — Ruth who are you calling — no, hurry up and show me —”

Daniel’s voice came from over there, followed by the noise, and the call was disconnected soon.

Ana Lin held the mobile phone for a long time and couldn’t put it down for a long time, and was poked by Ruth’s words. She took the two of them by herself, and there would be some gossip about her unmarried pregnancy and unscrupulous private life.

Anyway, nothing good.

It must have been heard by Ruth when someone said it, otherwise she would not say that.

She thought she had protected them well, but she still hurt them.

Phillip Zong put his arms around her trembling shoulders, “Let’s go back.”

Ana Lin nodded, for the sake of her daughter, she can’t leave him now.

If there is one day, it will be a disaster in her fate, and she will not be able to escape.

Chapter 141

They returned to the villa and entered, Ana Lin gave him his car key, “The car is still in the hotel.”

“I let Milton Guan go on.”

Hearing the noise, Ruth turned her head from the sand and saw them sliding down the sofa and rushing over. It was not Ana Lin but Phillip Zong who hugged her. She raised her head and said, “Dad, why come back so late, have you eaten? ?”

The little girl had a delicate face like pink jade, innocent and innocent, looking at him with big clear eyes.

Like an angel.

Phillip Zong picked her up and said patiently, “Your mom and I have eaten outside.”

Wow, Ruth’s eyes are shiny, mommy and dad have such a good relationship?

Are the two of them dating outside?

So happy.

“Mummy, is what Dad said true?”

Ana Lin restrained his emotions and said with a smile, “Really.”

“After that, can Dad and Mommy take my brother and me out for dinner?” Ruth grabbed Phillip Zong’s collar, held it tightly in her hand, and stared at him expectantly.

Phillip Zong lowered her head and glanced. She grasped the small hand on his neckline, and the flat collar was full of folds.

He was not angry, but with a smile on his face, “Look at your mommy’s performance.”


What do you mean?

Ruth didn’t understand what this meant, her big round eyes blinked like black grapes, and she asked innocently, “What does this have to do with Mommy?”

Ana Lin looked slightly unnatural and a little embarrassed. She stretched out her hand to hug her daughter, “Mommy will take you to sleep.”

Ruth hugged Phillip Zong’s neck tightly, unwilling to talk to Ana Lin.

Wanda stood at the door of the room, “This kid, who is talking all day long, asks after a while, when will my father come back, he should not go to bed, just sit on the sofa in the living room and wait.”

Phillip Zong said that these two children are not his, but why are they so close?

She believes that blood is thicker than water.

If these two children had nothing to do with him, how could they be so close?

“Really?” Phillip Zong squeezed her cheek, her cheek was soft, and she felt very good.

As if shy, the little guy plunged into his arms.

Wanda smiled, thinking in her heart, this is clearly how father and daughter look.

“It’s getting late, you guys go to bed earlier, Xiao Xi is already asleep, in your mother’s room.” Wanda said to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin nodded, “I’ll go take a look.”

“Good.” After speaking, Yu’s mother entered the house.

When Ana Lin was about to push the door of Ida Zhuang’s room, Ruth said, “At night, I want to sleep with Dad.”

Ana Lin frowned.

Before she could respond, Phillip Zong went upstairs holding the little guy, and by the way explained Ana Lin, “Wait for you to come up.”

Ana Lin just wanted to refuse, but seeing Ruth in his arms, the words of refusal came to his mouth and swallowed.

She gently pushed open the door, a bedside lamp was on in the room, Ida Zhuang was still asleep, and Daniel was sleeping in her arms.

Ana Lin walked over and saw her son’s injury first. The swelling on her face had disappeared, but the injury on her head was not healed. She reached out and gently stroked her son’s sleeping face.

“The injury is much better,” Ida Zhuang said softly, “Don’t worry.”

She is worried about Ana Lin.

“You have to think about it for yourself.” It’s not a thing to always live here.

“I know.” Ana Lin thought about it. This is definitely not her long-term shelter, but Casey He is very hostile to her. I don’t know if there will be another moth. For the safety of her children, she can only live here first.

“When it stabilizes, we will go back again or find a new house.”

“You just have to know it in your heart. I think Xiaorui will stick to him so much. I’m afraid for a long time–“

Ana Lin was also worried, she reached out and held Ida Zhuang’s hand, “Mom, I am also worried, but it is definitely impossible to separate Ruth from him now.”

At this moment Ruth is on her head, it is impossible for her to stop contacting Phillip Zong.

“I know.” This point is clearer by Ida Zhuang than Ana Lin. Ruth was just as stunned as the devil that day, and kept talking about her father.

She sighed deeply.

“It’s late, go to bed early.”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin glanced at his son again.

“Don’t worry, there is me.”

Ana Lin touched her son’s hair before leaving the room. The needle dropped quietly in the huge living room. The clock on the wall was already at 12 o’clock. She took a shower in the bathroom and put on conservative pajamas before going upstairs.

Phillip Zong had also taken a bath, dressed in beige home clothes, lying on the bed, Ruth curled up in his arms, her tender little hand touching his chest.

This is Ruth’s habit.

Ana Lin came over, “Let’s sleep with my arms around her.”

“You can hug it, it’s fine.” Phillip Zong has been speechless for a long time, and this child doesn’t know what a habit is. He has to put his hand on his chest, and if he doesn’t let it go, he will not sleep.

When he moved, she woke up.

Ana Lin gently took her hand, and the little guy woke up just as soon as he moved, “Mummy, what are you doing?”

“I hold you to sleep.”

“I want Dad to hug it, it’s just—”

Ana Lin was puzzled and asked, “Just what?”

Ruth pouted, somewhat aggrieved, “Why is Dad’s grandma so flat and so hard?”

Mommy’s is so soft.

Phillip Zong, “…”

Ana Lin, “…”

How does she explain this?

“Ruth, can you come and let me hug you to sleep?” Ana Lin tried to coax her to sleep with herself.

Adhering to Phillip Zong like this is not good, after all, this is not her father.

Those who have to be separated sooner or later, now that they are too close, it will be painful to separate.

Ruth was a little tangled.

I want Ana Lin to sleep in a hug, but I am afraid that my father will disappear.

She twisted her little face tangledly. Mommy wouldn’t want her, but her father might want her. She had to hold her father firmly.

“I want my father to hug me to sleep.” Ruth got into Phillip Zong’s arms, continued to put her hand on his chest, and mumbled, “It’s still Mommy’s softness.”

Phillip Zong didn’t hear clearly, and asked, “What did you say?”

“I said Mommy’s grandma is very soft, and she has milk. When I was a child, I grew up eating Mommy’s grandma.”

Suddenly, Ana Lin’s face flushed to his neck.

What did this kid say.

You can talk about children without restraint, but it also depends on who is in front of them.

Phillip Zong smiled at the corners of her eyes, staring straight at her chest with fiery eyes, a touch of playfulness in her tone, “Really?”

Ruth nodded as if pounding garlic, “Of course.”

Phillip Zong smiled, the corners of his lips raised, and the dazzling light reflected the evil charm of his pupils frantically, “You say I don’t believe me, I have always touched it with my hand, but I saw it as a fiction.”

“Mommy, give your father a touch…”

“Phillip Zong!” Can he be more shameless?

In front of the child, he cannot converge.

“Don’t go too far!” Ana Lin said embarrassedly, wishing to find a place to sew in.

“Your daughter said it.” The smile on his face grew thicker. “Right at me, right?”

Ana Lin trembled all over.

Staring at him tightly.

“What does she know as a child? Will you say it if you don’t lead her?”

Phillip Zong spread both hands.

“That’s what your daughter said.”

Ruth shrank with fright. She could easily see Ana Lin getting angry. With such an ugly face, it was the first time she saw her. Her eyes were red and tears fell.


Ana Lin hurried to coax her, “Ruth, don’t be afraid, Mommy is not shouting at you.”

“Woo.” Ruth sobbed softly.

Ana Lin hugged her into her arms, followed her back, “Ruth.”

Ana Lin k*ssed her face, her hair, and her forehead, “Ruth, Mommy didn’t mean it. Mommy didn’t shout at you, did she scare you?”

Ruth nodded.

Ana Lin continued to coax her, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, Mommy won’t yell at Ruth.”

Ruth wiped her tears and looked at Ana Lin, “I’m sleepy.”

“I put you to sleep.”

“Can I be with Dad?”

Ana Lin, “…”

Ruth thought she was unwilling, her eyes turned red, and she wanted to cry.

“Okay.” Ana Lin promised. She lay down on the bed with her daughter in her arms and let her daughter in. She lay on the edge. Ana Lin was thin and Ruth was small. The two of them lie down in a hug, and they can’t take up much space. With a wide bed, almost all the space was left to Phillip Zong.

He lay, silently looking at the sky.

“Ruth, don’t you want dad?”

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