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Chapter 142

Ruth seemed to hear his voice in a daze, nestled in Ana Lin’s arms, and said dullly, “Yes.”

She wants dad.

The little guy was too sleepy and didn’t stick to him. Ana Lin covered her ears to prevent her from listening, and patted her back gently to coax her to sleep.

Ruth snorted and put a sticker in Ana Lin’s arms.

Ana Lin hugged her tightly.

Phillip Zong turned sideways, his eyes staying on Ruth’s hands, the little guy’s hands were tender and fleshy, touching Ana Lin’s chest.

Obviously I didn’t touch it, but I felt that kind of taste through my eyes, and my heart was like a turbulent lake.

Reaching Phillip Zong’s fiery eyes, Ana Lin pulled the quilt to cover Ruth’s little hand, and then closed his eyes and pretended to sleep.

She is not sleepy now, but she doesn’t want to have contact with Phillip Zong, so it is better to pretend to sleep.

Phillip Zong sighed, his life-how could it be so bitter? !

Obviously there is a certificate, but you can’t touch it.

He turned over and lay on the bed leaning back and forth, looking at the glazed lamp on the ceiling, his eyes deep, unable to hide his throbbing.

Ana Lin pretended to be asleep at first, but then fell asleep while pretending to be, but Phillip Zong tossed over and over again, always unable to sleep.

Suddenly he sat up and stared sideways at the sleeping mother and daughter.

The bitterness in my heart said to myself, “You two are here to collect debts? I must have killed your whole family in my previous life. In this life, you will torture me.”

He is a normal man, he hasn’t touched a woman in a long time, and he will react when he sees Ana Lin lying there.

With a long sigh, he got up and got out of bed to take a shower, trying to dissipate the evil fire.

That night Phillip Zong didn’t fall asleep until dawn.

Ana Lin had already left when he got up, and went to the store to make the final arrangements, because tomorrow was the opening day.

Phillip Zong left without eating the breakfast Wanda prepared.

Wanda said that she wanted to take Daniel to the supermarket and asked Ida Zhuang if it was okay, “You can rest assured that it will be safe, and the driver will follow.”

They all lived together, Ida Zhuang agreed, “Xiao Xi still has injuries on her head, so come back soon.”

“Okay, okay, do you have anything to buy? I’ll buy it back.” Wanda smiled.

“No.” Ida Zhuang smiled.

Daniel was sitting on the sofa, looking at Wanda, Ji Ling’s big eyes rolled, knowing that he is injured, would he take him to the supermarket?

Why does he feel wrong?

Wanda thought about it last night, and when Ana Lin and Phillip Zong left home, she took Daniel to Zong Qifeng’s place.

She didn’t know if these two children belonged to Phillip Zong, she was uneasy.

This is like her mind, which is stuck in her heart every day, eating is not fragrant, sleeping insomnia.

“I’m ready, let’s go.” Wanda smiled, “I hold you, you still have injuries on your head.”

“No, I can go by myself.” Daniel wanted to see what Wanda was going to do.

He has lived here for a short time, but it is certain that she is not a bad person and will not be in danger.

“That’s good.” Wanda led him, went to the hallway to help him change his shoes, and took him out.

The driver in the car asked, “Is it going to the supermarket?”

“No, go to the old house.”

The driver looked back at her, then looked at Daniel as if he understood her intentions, turned his head and drove quietly.

Daniel asked deliberately, “Where is the old house?”

“It’s your grandpa’s house.” Wanda subconsciously determined that Daniel and Ruth were Phillip Zong’s children.

She felt that Ana Lin was not that kind of casual girl.

If she has a man, why bother with Phillip Zong?

Daniel understood that it was the home of the dad.

Now he feels more at ease.

“By the way, Grandma Yu, do you know why my mom divorced him in the first place?” Daniel’s address to Phillip Zong is always “you”.

Because in his heart, Phillip Zong is his father, but he abandoned him, his mom and his sister, and he didn’t want to recognize him.

So use “you” to call him.

Wanda’s expression was stubborn, thinking of Phillip Zong’s attitude at the time of the divorce, it was a little hard to tell.

“Grandma Yu, please tell me.” Daniel tugged at her sleeves, acting like a baby, “Well, I beg you.”

Wanda really couldn’t help him, “Your dad had a girlfriend at the time–so…”

“He is married and has a girlfriend?” Daniel knew that there must be a reason, but he didn’t expect it to be cheating. What kind of girlfriend must be the mistress.

Daniel angrily said, “Men don’t have a good thing!”

Yu’s mother was amused by the child and asked, “Aren’t you a man?”

Daniel, “…”

“I’m still young, but I will definitely not be like a dad and abandon my wife and children.”

Wanda’s eyes widened. This kid knew that Phillip Zong was his father?

Could it be that Ida Zhuang and Ana Lin conceal Phillip Zong?

In revenge, he filed for a divorce back then, so the child didn’t tell him before his eyes?

“You, do you know he is your father?”

“Of course, he is my mommy’s ex-husband. He must be our dad. My mommy has no other men.”

Daniel made a vow, and said with certainty.

Wanda stretched out her hand and touched his head, “Xiao Xi is a good boy, and I have suffered you.”

A woman with two children, one can imagine how hard it is.

“We are not bitter, we have moms and grandmothers.” Daniel’s face slowly collapsed. There used to be an uncle, but now he is gone.

Wanda sighed, “Your father will suffer.”

He did it at the beginning, but now that I know the child has grown up, I don’t know what it feels like.

It can be regarded as retribution for his abandoning them.

It didn’t take long for the car to stop at the old house of the Zong family, and Wanda hugged Daniel and got off.

Standing in front of the building, Daniel blinked. It was so big and the villa they lived in was also big, but it was relatively low-key, and it was obviously a lot of style.

Wanda smiled, “I will take you in.”

Daniel hesitated for a while, Mommy hadn’t told his father, was she still angry with him?

He just came, will Mommy be angry when he knows?

“What do you want?” Wanda saw his tangled expression and smiled, “Don’t be afraid, you are their grandson, they will definitely like you.”

“Really?” Daniel looked forward to it.

The little heart thumped and thumped.

He always looked forward to his relatives, but everything came so unexpectedly.

“Really.” Wanda took his hand, “Let’s go, let’s go in.”

Along the way, Daniel was like a soul out of his body, like a puppet, following in the footsteps of Yu’s mother.

When he pressed the doorbell of the door, Uncle Feng was watering the flowers. He heard the doorbell ring and picked up the door guard. When he saw Wanda displayed at the door, he was taken aback, because after his wife died, Phillip Zong moved out when he was still in junior high school. Lived, she followed to take care of it.

Phillip Zong doesn’t love coming back very much, so she rarely appears here.

Why did she come suddenly? And who is the little boy next to her?

The look of this child…

Uncle Feng lifted the ban and opened the door, put down the kettle and went to the study to call Zong Qifeng.

Chapter 143


The door was knocked, and Zong Qifeng didn’t even lift his head. He continued the writing on his hand and said lightly to come in.

Uncle Feng opened the door, “Wanda is here.”


Zong Qifeng had forgotten that this person still existed.

Uncle Feng reminded, “The maid brought over when she married in.”

Zong Qifeng suddenly realized, and asked faintly, “What is she doing here?”

“I don’t know, I see that she is holding a little boy in her hand.” Uncle Feng looked back on the little boy’s appearance, and his expression was a little dignified, “That child may belong to the master.”

He is also an old man of the Zong family. He has seen Phillip Zong’s appearance when he was a child, and the appearance of the little boy just now was exactly the same as Phillip Zong’s childhood.

“What?” Zong Qifeng looked at Uncle Feng in amazement, “he has a baby?”

Why didn’t he know?

He put down the brush and walked out of the study, “Go and have a look.”

As if thinking of something, he said, “Go upstairs and call her down.”

Danna was not feeling well these past two days, and was resting upstairs.

“Good.” Uncle Feng turned upstairs.

Zong Qifeng entered the living room. Wanda and Daniel were sitting on the sofa. Across the back of the sofa, he could see a small head. His footsteps hesitated for a moment, and then he walked quickly.

I want to see Daniel’s appearance quickly.

Seeing Zong Qifeng coming over, Wanda stood up.

“You are here.” Zong Qifeng was very peaceful.

Wanda nodded, “Long time no see.”

Although not far away, there are too few opportunities to meet. The last time Phillip Zong got married, Zong Qifeng called her here for questioning.

Zong Qifeng sighed, yes, they were all old.

“This kid?” He looked at Daniel, with fair skin and bright eyes like a Wang Qingquan, crystal clear, this little face, this eyes–

Daniel looked at him also, with profound facial features, white hair on the temples, and wrinkles at the corners of his eyes that were traces of the baptism of years. He was wearing a Chinese tunic, but he was very straight.

Daniel blinked her jet-black eyes and grabbed the corner of her clothes helplessly. Is this grandpa?

Is he dreaming?

So dreamy.

Wanda didn’t know how to answer, and she wasted a moment, “Isn’t the young master married once…”

His marriage is too short, and it has been a long time now, so it is a bit abrupt to mention it.

“Yeah.” Zong Qifeng already understood.

But he was puzzled. If this was really Phillip Zong’s child, why did he bring it so old?

“That’s it, didn’t the young master divorced Miss Lin at the beginning? They were born after the divorce.” Wanda looked down at Daniel’s head and touched it. “Miss Lin may have a knot in her heart about the original divorce. That’s why I didn’t tell Young Master that these two children belonged to him, so I came to think—”

In front of Daniel, she couldn’t say, let the child and Phillip Zong do personal identification, right?

Hurt his heart so much?

“Two?” Zong Qifeng didn’t understand.

Is there another one?

Yu’s mother explained with a smile, “Xiao Xi also has a younger sister, they are twins.”

“What twins?” Danna walked downstairs. She was draped in clothes, her face was haggard, and she looked like she was seriously ill.

“Let’s go into the study and say.” Zong Qifeng sensed Wanda’s concerns, so he asked the servant to take care of Daniel in the living room, “Get him something to eat.”

“I’m not hungry.” Daniel said.

Zong Qifeng responded, “That’s OK, let the servant show you around.”

“Okay, thank you.” Daniel really wants to see here, is this the place where Dad lived when he was a child?

He followed the servant with expectation.

Danna walked down, her face haggard, “What are you talking about?”

Zong Qifeng supported Danna, and asked concerned, “Is it better?”

Danna smiled softly, “It’s better, it’s not a serious illness, don’t worry.”

“Do you think you are still young?” Zong Qifeng glanced at her, “We are all old.”

Danna was sad, “I think I’m still very young. When I met you, it was like yesterday.”

When he arrived in the study, Zong Qifeng helped Danna to sit on a chair before looking at Wanda, “Just say what you want.”

“Wait, tell me what twins first.”

Danna interrupted them.

Zong Qifeng said the matter again.

“What?” Danna trembled with excitement, Phillip Zong has a child?

“You are still sick, don’t get excited.” Zong Qifeng soothed her.

Calm as hers, but she couldn’t calm down when she heard that Phillip Zong had a baby.

“What the hell is going on?” Danna held Zong Qifeng’s arm tightly.

His nails were stuck in his flesh, but he didn’t know it.

Wanda explained the matter again, “I think Miss Lin should be angry with the young master, so I don’t want to tell him the child’s life experience. I just thought, we can do a personal appraisal like on TV. One is Ms. Lin can’t deny that, secondly, the blood of this clan can’t be too different.”

Zong Qifeng was meditating, thinking about Wanda’s words.

But Danna couldn’t sit still, “Where is the child? I want to see.”

“Don’t worry.” Zong Qifeng pressed Danna’s shoulder.

“Why am I not in a hurry? He is in his early thirties, and now he has children, can I not be excited?” Danna had forgotten at this moment, she was a stepmother.

Zong Qifeng thought of her forbearance and pain in her heart for so many years, and asked Wanda to hug Daniel.

The stairs were at the back of the living room. She didn’t notice that there were children in the living room just now. She only heard what they said about twins.

Soon Wanda took Daniel in.

Danna stood up from the chair, her body swaying, but her eyes were staring at the little boy in Wanda’s arms.

His small tall nose, full forehead, and big bright eyes are exactly what Phillip Zong looked like when he was a child.

She walked up to Yu’s mother tremblingly, shaking her hands, and covering Daniel’s face, she wanted to say something, but the internal organs seemed to be shaved away, causing pain.

“What’s your name?” Her voice was very hoarse.


“Daniel?” Danna turned to look at Zong Qifeng, what’s going on?

How is the surname Lin?

“Didn’t this child always follow Miss Lin? She divorced the young master again, so this child should have followed her last name.” Wanda explained.

Danna wanted to understand.

It’s just that there is no need to personally identify what I just said, this is Phillip Zong’s child, look at this face and eyes.

“Call him back.” Danna suppressed the tumbling emotion, stretched out her hand to hug Daniel, “Come and hug me.”

Daniel blinked and asked, “Are you my grandma?”

Danna’s heart seemed to be torn by a blunt knife, and she trembled.

“Yes, she is your grandma.” Zong Qifeng answered for her.

He walked over to support Danna’s trembling body and said firmly, “You are his grandmother.”

Danna fell into his arms, crying dumbly.

Perhaps because of illness, willpower has become weak.

“You tell him to come back.” Danna muttered in his arms.

Considering the current situation, Zong Qifeng felt that what Yu’s mother said was reasonable. Ana Lin had a knot in Phillip Zong’s heart. What if she didn’t admit that the child was his own?

So now we still need to show the evidence first, so that she will have no room for rebuttal.

“Don’t be too anxious, I’m afraid he is still in the dark.”

“What to do then?” Danna panicked.

This child is obviously from Phillip Zong, the blood of the Zong family.

Zong Qifeng sighed and patted her on the back, “There is a way, don’t worry.”

Danna’s mood was a little calmer, “Then Xiao Xi stayed.”

“This can’t work.”

Before Zong Qifeng answered her, Yu’s mother opened her mouth first. She used her excuse to bring the child out. She kept the child away from everyone and could not leave the child here without evidence.

“Wanda, you go back first, I will let Uncle Feng come to the villa later.” Zong Qifeng already had an idea.

First go to the villa to get the hair of Phillip Zong and the child, or the toothbrushes used by both, and then go for the identification.

When the time comes, no one can deny it.

“Good.” Wanda nodded.

Chapter 144

Walking out of the family house, Wanda looked at Daniel in her arms, “Let’s go to the supermarket, what happened here today, don’t you tell your mommy and grandma, okay?”

She said she came out on the pretext of going to the supermarket, and she didn’t buy anything later, for fear that Ida Zhuang would doubt it.

Moreover, this matter has not yet come to fruition. If Ida Zhuang and Ana Lin are allowed to know and hinder the appraisal, it is not known when the truth of this matter will be revealed.

Although they avoided him talking about doing identification, Daniel was still aware of it, which made him feel uncomfortable.

He pressed his lips tightly, “Do they doubt me?”

Wanda shook her head quickly, “No.”

Daniel smiled, obviously an expression of unbelief.

Wanda explained, “Your mommy didn’t tell your dad your identity. It must be mad at your dad, so we have to show evidence to convince him, right?”

It seems that this is true, Daniel looked up at the sky, “I don’t know if Mommy will get angry if she knows.”

“Then you want Mommy and Dad to reconcile, do you live with a family of four?” Wanda asked him.

miss you.

The smile on my sister’s face these days is more than before.

He wants a home. This family has Mommy and Dad, grandparents, and it’s a complete family.

Wanda smiled, knowing that he was listening.

Hold him in the car to the supermarket, and then go back to the villa.

In the afternoon, while Ana Lin and Phillip Zong were not back, Ida Zhuang took the two children to play in the room. He took Daniel’s hair and the one who found Phillip Zong in the bathroom and gave it to Uncle Feng.

“Master confessed, let you take care of those two children.” Uncle Feng said to his mother.

Now that the result hasn’t come out, he doesn’t want to come forward rashly, so as not to be horrified, and wait until the result comes out before coming back.

“Let the master rest assured, I will take care of it.”

“That’s good.” Uncle Feng took the hair and left.

Wanda returned to the villa.

Their meeting seemed to have never happened.

Time flew fast, and Ana Lin’s domestic private custom shop “LEO” officially opened.

Early in the morning, a few carts delivering flowers came over, and one after another dozens of flower baskets were moved to fill the doorway.

Lena Qin was stunned, who gave so many flower baskets?

She ran to the flower mover and asked, “Who sent these?”

“We just work. We don’t know who sent it. You can see if there is a name on the greeting card.”

Lena Qin just came to ask them without seeing it, “Forget it.”

She wore a purple dress and walked towards the house. Later there would be guests coming for Mrs. William. She had to see what else was not ready. However, she had only walked two steps and another car stopped at the door. , And then come down to move the flowers.

This time there are not many, they are all the biggest flower baskets, red and yellow, pink and purple, competing with each other, delicate and bright.

Soon the door couldn’t be put down, and they were all put on the road.

Lena Qin walked over and signed the name Keller Shen on the flower basket this time.

Keller Shen didn’t have Alan Su’s flower intestines. The florist asked the flower-giver’s name and he reported it.

Ana Lin’s identity is displayed. They are Phillip Zong’s buddies, so they naturally have to join in and make the scene lively, so that people know that the owner of this shop has a backing.

Lena Qin probably understood who sent these. She glanced at the flower baskets lined up on the road and sighed, “It’s spectacular.”

This hasn’t started yet, it’s already so’lively’.

Mrs. William wore a very grand, a royal blue suit with her hair curled up. This time she brought a set of emerald diamond jewelry, which was elegant and noble.

Alan carried a clothes bag in her hand and followed her into the lobby. Ana Lin was checking the layout in the lobby to see if there were any places that were not in place. The huge reception hall, on the right is refreshments and drinks, and the left is for the opening. In the clothing display, there will be a catwalk in the middle, and there will be a catwalk to show LEO’s heritage.

Although Ana Lin does not have any contacts in China, she has a certain reputation in the industry. Coupled with Mrs. William’s contacts and LEO’s reputation, many people will come over today.

“Lin.” Allen called her.

Ana Lin straightened the clothes on the “model”, turned to look at Allen, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

She handed her the bag in her hand, “Here you are.”

Ana Lin didn’t answer immediately but asked, “What is this?”

“You’ll know after you read it.” Mrs. William said this, her lips curled with grace.

Ana Lin didn’t doubt there was him, so he reached out and took it and opened it on the table. Inside was a dress, and it was very familiar because she designed it.

It is also her award-winning work,’Initial’.

When Casey He and Phillip Zong were about to get engaged, this dress was bought by them. How could it be here?

She looked at Mrs. William in confusion, “This is?”

“Someone asked me to give it to you.” She didn’t say who asked her to give it to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin still wanted to ask. Allen knew that Mrs. William didn’t want to say it, so she interrupted her deliberately, “Hurry up and put it on. Time is almost up. You will have no time to wear it later.”

Ana Lin hesitated, Allen pushed her into the lounge, “Hurry up, don’t linger.”

Pushing Ana Lin into the lounge, but she didn’t want to wear it, Allen rushed to take off her clothes, “Really, only by wearing my own work can I really reflect the value.”

Ana Lin can’t stand Allen’s’violence’, “I wear it myself, you go out first.”

Alan was worried, and explained, “Hurry up, wait for someone to come.”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin said in response.

The door closed, and she was holding the dress, a little lost. It was just a dress, but it carried her dream. She had a dream when she was a teenager to become an excellent costume designer.

Later, she thought that she would have no chance. Maybe God was not too cruel to her, so she had what she is today.


“Lin, are you all right?” Allen didn’t leave at the door. Hearing nothing inside, he knocked on the door and urged her.

Ana Lin said perfunctorily, “It’s coming soon.”

“Hurry up, someone has already arrived, and today you are the main character.” This shop will be managed by her from now on.

Today she is the protagonist.

Naturally, we should have a good relationship with the people who came here today.

Ana Lin glanced at the time, before he could think about it, took off his clothes and put on this dress.

She has no makeup, but her skin is fair and delicate. She casually put her hair in a bun, and a strand of hair fell on her ears, adding a feminine touch.

The pink color is innocent, gentle and innocent, like a baby who has just arrived in this world, not familiar with the world, tender and cute, which is why she uses this color to make the’first’ ready-to-wear.

It represents youth.

She never thought that this dress would be worn on herself.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she was in a daze for a second.


“Lin come out quickly, someone is coming.”

“Okay.” Ana Lin opened the door, and Allen stood at the door. When he saw Ana Lin’s appearance, he couldn’t help but said, “Lin, you are too good-looking.”

Ana Lin glanced at her, “I used to be ugly?”

“No.” Allen looked at her at all times, his pale blue eyes were stunning.

Allen is an authentic native of Country A, but she learned the language of Country Z when she was in school, which is why Mrs. William asked her to come to China to help her.

She speaks domestically to facilitate communication.

Now there are three designers with her in the store. Although Lena Qin is able to be alone now, the three of them are also a little tight in one store. There is a reception desk and a receptionist in front of them, and two craftsmen will be recruited later. Some manpower.

Ana Lin returned to the topic, “Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Allen followed Ana Lin, “I just saw the people here, they are all handsome guys.”

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