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Chapter 145


Allen pouted, “Don’t tell me, you don’t know.”

Ana Lin really didn’t know, Ana Lin didn’t know who it was until he saw the people in the exhibition area.

Alan Su and Keller Shen.

“Who designed this?” Alan Su stood in front of a long skirt with the name clearly signed underneath, but he deliberately pretended not to see it and asked Lena Qin.

“I.” If it weren’t for knowing that this person is either rich or expensive, she would have cursed someone a long time ago, a big man, watching women’s clothing here, that’s all right, and always asking questions.

“Oh~” Alan Su uttered, and deliberately pulled out a long tail sound, inexplicably uncomfortable, Lena Qin patiently said, “Do you have any questions? I am very busy without asking myself to watch.”

“Yes.” Alan Su picked up the thin shoulder straps of the skirt. “What is the source of your design inspiration? Why are the shoulder straps so thin? Is it to get off or to expose the flesh?”

Lena Qin’s face instantly turned red, staring at him firmly.

Coldly said, “Are you here to make trouble?!”

“No, no, I’m just curious.” Alan Su grinned, “Smash the place? Am I impatient to live?”

This is Ana Lin’s place.

Who is Ana Lin?

Now that Phillip Zong’s heart is in his heart, he doesn’t have the guts.

“If you like it, you can buy it, let me tell you again, how about my source of inspiration?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend, why should I buy it?” Alan Su pouted.

Lena Qin smiled, showing two shallow pears at the corners of her mouth, a little cute, “If you are interested, you can wear it yourself.”

Alan Su, “…”


Keller Shen next to him didn’t hold back and laughed.

“This is OK, let him wear it himself, I tell you, this guy has this hobby.” Keller Shen took the opportunity to bury him.

Alan Su stared at him, “You will die if you don’t speak?”

“Yes—what are you looking at?”

Keller Shen noticed that Alan Su’s face suddenly changed.

He followed Alan Su’s gaze and saw Danna walk in from the door.

As Phillip Zong’s good friends, Alan Su and Keller Shen both knew this lady Danna, Phillip Zong’s stepmother.

Because of this woman, Phillip Zong left home early and lived alone outside.

Because of her, the relationship between Phillip Zong and Zong Qifeng is also very tense.

Naturally I don’t like her.

This is just the relationship between her and Phillip Zong.

Personally, although Danna is a third party, without those gaudy dresses, the whole person feels very gentle, peaceful, and not secular.

“What is she doing?” Alan Su squinted.

Keller Shen did not make any remarks, but felt that it was not a good thing for her to come.

Danna is in poor health and her face is haggard. In order to prevent people from seeing it, she drew light makeup.

Lena Qin came to welcome the guests, “Hello.”

“I find–“

At this time, Ana Lin walked over here. The last time I met, she said that she would invite her when the store opened. Ana Lin handed out the invitation card. I didn’t expect she would come so early because the time has not come.

“You are here.” Ana Lin greeted him with a smile.

“Of course.” She didn’t plan to stay longer, and came here early on purpose, for fear that she would meet Phillip Zong and know that she is here, I’m afraid she would be unhappy.

“Can I sit with you alone?”

In some time, Ana Lin promised, “Okay, follow me.”

Ana Lin walked to lead the way.

Danna deliberately walked slowly, looking at Ana Lin’s back, she was slender and beautiful in a pink dress.

He was bloated and looked very young.

She thought to herself that her son is excellent, and this daughter-in-law is not bad.

Especially after she knew that she had given birth to twins for her son, she liked it even more.

Although the appraisal result hasn’t come out yet, she knows that it is Phillip Zong’s child.

Ana Lin pushed the door of the meeting room, turned around and said to Danna, “It’s quiet here.”

“Good.” Danna walked in and sat on the sofa.

Ana Lin poured a glass of water in front of her, and then sat down on the sofa opposite her.

No matter how she looked at Danna, she thought she was pretty.

Ana Lin was a little embarrassed by her, so she started talking, “How are you? I don’t think your face is very good.”

Danna regained her senses, and said, “I have a little cold.”

She took a sip of the water on the table, hiding her embarrassment just now.

As she put down the cup, she said, “Don’t talk to Phillip about what I came here today.”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Okay, I will.”

“I believe in you.” There were a thousand words to say to her, but she didn’t know where to start. She took out a wooden box from her bag and pushed it to Ana Lin, “This, I’ll give it to you.”

Ana Lin was unwilling to accept it and pushed it back, “I’m not going to accept this.”

They are not familiar after all.

And her identity, if Phillip Zong knew they had contact, I’m afraid she would be unhappy.

“You haven’t read it yet, do you want to reject me?” Danna looked at her, “Are you afraid that Phillip knows you’re unhappy?”

Ana Lin pursed her lips, she was right.

But there is another reason. This is the second time they have met, and it is inappropriate to receive gifts. They are not familiar to that point.

It will not develop too much.

After all, the identity lies among them.

“I always have to consider his feelings.” Ana Lin deliberately used Phillip Zong as a shield.

In fact, it is not entirely true. If Danna and Phillip Zong are not in that kind of relationship, she will not reject this woman.

She is like water, gentle, graceful and calm.

Danna was sad and happy.

Sad Ana Lin did not accept her kindness, and was happy that she would think about Phillip Zong.

“You don’t have to think about our relationship too complicated, you are you, I am me, there is no other relationship, today your store opens, I always have to show my heart, even if it is a friend, I will not come empty-handed.” Pushing the box over, “open it and take a look.”

“This is not appropriate—”

“Open it and take a look.” Danna continued, as if Ana Lin refused to accept, she would keep this position until she agreed.

Ana Lin had to stretch out his hand to open the box, and an emerald green jade bracelet was lying in the brocade box. There was no impurity in the whole body. The color was good, and it was very valuable at first glance.

Ana Lin is even more reluctant to accept it. “It’s so expensive, I absolutely can’t accept it.”

What does she mean?

Is it possible to buy her such a valuable thing?

Ana Lin thought secretly in her heart.

“There is nothing you can’t accept, you are the daughter-in-law of the clan, and you can naturally afford it.

Ana Lin, “…”

She didn’t even know what kind of relationship she and Phillip Zong belonged to, husband and wife? Lover? friend? Neither can describe the relationship between her and Phillip Zong.

Danna took out the jade bracelet and put it on Ana Lin’s hand. Ana Lin hurriedly flinched, but was caught by Danna. She stared at her deeply, “Don’t refuse me.”

Her accent was extremely suppressed, as if she was tolerating something unspeakable.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment, “But…”

“I like you very much.” Danna’s hands tightened, “I will want to tell you a story when I have a chance in the future.”

Ana Lin saw the sadness in her eyes, stopped her struggling motion, Danna put the jade bracelet on her hand, “This is, my mother-in-law gave it to me, now I give it to you.”

Her mother-in-law?

Isn’t that Phillip Zong’s grandma?

However, isn’t she in charge of the junior third?

Ana Lin was confused.

“You should be very busy today, I should go.” As she stood up, Ana Lin also stood up, “I’ll see you.”

“Good.” Danna was delighted.

Ana Lin felt uneasy, and she was ashamed of this thing.

When the opportunity is right, return it to her.

Danna’s car was parked on the side of the road. Ana Lin helped her pull the door. Danna bent into the car and sat in the car. She lowered the window and looked at Ana Lin with a smile, and praised, “You are beautiful today. “

Ana Lin’s expression was slightly unnatural, “Thank you.”

Danna asked her to go back, then raised the window and said to the driver, “Let’s go.”

Ana Lin stood on the side of the road, looked at the car that Juechen was leaving, and narrowed her eyes. She was not familiar with Danna, hadn’t seen it a few times, and didn’t have much contact.

But she can feel that she is not a bad person.

There are many things hidden in her eyes, but she can’t tell them.

That kind of depression–

Ana Lin didn’t know what words to describe.

She thought there must be some secret in Danna.

She was in a daze, not knowing where she was not far away, and a black car stopped on the side of the road.

The man is wearing a tailored suit, with smooth lines and no wrinkles, which makes him long and expensive. The streets are full of sunshine, and the weather is no longer hot. The sun will not be dazzling and will not be felt. It’s hot and cool.

His eyes fell on the delicate and delicate body that was enveloped in the aperture.

Chapter 146

Phillip Zong saw her wearing a dress for the first time. Her pink shiny silk showed a graceful and sexy arc. It was perfectly tailored and softly cut down. It only gathered at the waist. The slender waist appeared immediately, perpendicular to the ankles. The hair that is rolled up at will is soft and charming, and exudes the unique charm of a woman all the time.

She turned around and noticed the straightforward gaze. She turned her head slightly and saw the man standing by the car.

As soon as she wanted to say hello, Phillip Zong had already stepped inside and didn’t mean to talk to her.

Ana Lin seemed to understand why he had such a reaction. He should have seen Danna’s car just now.

Danna went to the reception room with Ana Lin, and Alan Su called Phillip Zong.

He rushed over almost without staying, worrying that Danna would embarrass her or do something to embarrass her. Who knows, what they saw was indeed smiling and familiar.

He is strange. It didn’t take long for Ana Lin to come back. How did they get online?

It looks good.

Seeing that it was Phillip Zong who came in, Alan Su walked over immediately, “I just left.”

“I saw it.” Phillip Zong curled his lips, but didn’t smile.

Alan Su shrugged, “They came to the house to talk, and we heard nothing. I don’t know what they said, but I can be sure that they are not meeting for the first time.”

Because when I met, I didn’t feel strange.

“You took her home before? So you met?” Alan Su felt unable, because of Phillip Zong’s temper, he would not take Ana Lin back.

No one can control his affairs. Only when he got married, he couldn’t refuse it because it was the marriage contract made for him by his deceased mother.

He snorted coldly, “No.”

Alan Su immediately stopped talking. It seemed strange. How could Ana Lin have contact with Danna?

Alan Su wanted to say more, was pulled by Keller Shen, and reminded him in a low voice, “Have you not seen a bad mood?”

Alan Su curled his lips and closed his mouth.

At this time, many people came one after another. Ana Lin returned to the lobby and did not see Phillip Zong. Mrs. William took her to introduce a friend to her. Ana Lin had to put her mind away and entertain her.

“I will trouble you with my clothes in the future.” The woman is rich and graceful. She looks more than 50 years old, with a slightly bloated figure. She wears a black dress and a tulle shawl, which is a bit noble.

The clothes designed by LEO can be worn, either rich or expensive.

As the capital of country Z, City B is naturally a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger, and there are countless rich people.

“Thank you for your trust.” Ana Lin smiled back.

“I wanted to wear the LEO designer before, and I have to go abroad to design clothes. Now it’s fine.” She looked at Mrs. William and complained, “You should have opened a branch in China long ago.”

She seemed to be curious about why Mrs. William suddenly wanted to open a branch, and first of all, the country was country Z, “How did you think of opening a branch? Are you still in country Z? Is there any source?”

Mrs. William was embarrassed. When mentioning this incident, it would involve the incident a long time ago. She didn’t want to say it. Ana Lin stepped forward and said, “It’s me. I beg Mrs. William to open a branch. I’m Z. Chinese, the shop is naturally opened here.”

“Oh, it turned out to be that way.” This was not a big deal, so the woman did not doubt the authenticity of Ana Lin’s words.

“There will be a catwalk later. It is LEO specially designed for this opening. It is unique. You can buy it if you like.” Mrs. William chatted with her again.

At this time, someone came in at the door again. It was Casey He next to Xia Zhenyu. Xia Zhenyu looked sluggish because of the series of accidents at home. She had to come because she was very familiar with Mrs. William.

Next to him is Casey He who is holding her. Miss Lin’s identity is naturally noble. She wears a black dress with a bold and revealing design on the back of the dress. The two sides of the dress are diverged, extending to the waist and hip line before being received, white. The back is bare, exuding a seductive breath.

I must be aware that Ana Lin is here, so I can see that it is dressed up.

She was not as reckless as she was before. She dashed when she saw Ana Lin. This time she stood quietly beside Xia Zhenyu.

The lady just now greeted Xia Zhenyu. Mrs. Fu and Mrs. Fu often accompany her husband to attend events, and they will know each other when they come and go. Naturally, this meeting will require a few words of greeting.

They will meet Mrs. William because of their costumes.

As the chairman or the wife of the president, they are very particular about dressing, and they have high requirements for clothing. Private customization meets their requirements.

Not afraid of embarrassment.

You can also request it to be made into a couple style and paired with the husband’s suit.

After all, it was a public place, and what happened at home had something to do with Ana Lin, but outside, Xia Zhenyu did not show her face, smiled and greeted her.

Ana Lin is unfamiliar with her, only because of Rios He’s relationship, will he know her.

She also responded with a smile and did not speak.

In the corner, Elvira Shen held the mop in her hand and stared at Ana Lin fiercely. Her daughter was missing. She was locked up in prison and suffered, but she enjoyed the glory.

At this time, someone came in at the door again. The man in suit and leather shoes was less vigorous and more vicissitudes. The suit body did not straighten his slightly curved back.

Seeing the person coming in, Elvira Shen opened her mouth, trying to call him, but stopped thinking of his ruthlessness.

“Yanyan.” He walked towards Ana Lin.

Ana Lin’s face slowly sank, what is he doing?

“Your store opened, I will naturally come to stand up for you.” His voice was quieter, because when he came, he had already seen the car parked outside, and there was a man without a face.

He is really not a supporter.

“No, please go back.” Ana Lin rejected his kindness.

She didn’t want to pursue her past grievances, but don’t think about making her forgive.

Randall Lin didn’t leave or flinch because of Ana Lin’s words. After the change six years ago, he saw people’s hearts clearly.

He held his daughter in the palm of his hand and ran away with donations at a critical moment, leaving behind a mess.

“Yes, Dad wants to thank you.”

Ana Lin frowned, “Thank me for what?”

“Six years ago, there was a change in the company. Without Phillip Zong’s help, you would probably not see me.”


Phillip Zong helped him solve the problems in the company six years ago?

“At the time I was also very surprised why he helped me, he said because of you.”

Ana Lin doesn’t understand even more, why did Phillip Zong do this?

She seemed to remember that there was a pregnant woman who was about to jump off the building. She wanted to persuade the pregnant woman to give her her own money.

In Phillip Zong’s eyes, she didn’t want Randall Lin to be involved?

She didn’t want the pregnant woman to be in danger. She was also pregnant at the time, so she didn’t want to see the pregnant woman have an accident.

Later, Phillip Zong gave the money, and later Phillip Zong filed for divorce. She left Country Z and isolated everything in the country. She didn’t know how that matter was resolved.

“I think he likes you very much, otherwise he won’t help me because of you.” Randall Lin locked himself in the house for a day because of this, without eating or drinking, not excited, but annoyed, if he and Ana Lin’s relationship is not so bad, and now the Lin family is probably going to a higher level.

The last time he accidentally met Ida Zhuang with two children, he decided to go back to Ida Zhuang and was forgiven by Ana Lin.

Because he thought those two children belonged to Phillip Zong, Ana Lin gave birth to two such lovely children for Phillip Zong, he should be good to Ana Lin, right?

At that time, he can also be exposed.

If Ana Lin didn’t have anything right now, he wouldn’t necessarily please him in such a low voice.

Human nature does not mean that change can be changed.

Ana Lin did not expect that Phillip Zong would take care of Randall Lin after she left.

Why did he do that, is it really because of her?

“I’m not in your way. I’ll find a quiet place to sit. If there are too many people, it looks lively, so you can count it as I am here.” Randall Lin was afraid that Ana Lin would drive him away, so he retreated first and found a place. Stay in a humble place.

Ana Lin ignored it, he just stayed if he wanted to.

It is not so easy to want her to forgive.

The injury he brought to her, and the injury of Ida Zhuang, are scars that can never be erased. Every time I think about it, that scar will still hurt.

Elvira Shen was extremely angry. The originally well-maintained face lost her brilliance after being tortured in prison. His eyes were staring until the eyeballs were about to fall, and she looked terrifying.

She had never seen Randall Lin go to please someone in such a low voice, but now he did.

Still to Ana Lin.

She could not accept such a change, she could not accept her own downfall, all of this was changed because of Ana Lin’s return to China.

Go to die, go to die!

She dropped the mop and walked towards Ana Lin. When she hurried to Ana Lin, she took out the sharp knife prepared in advance from her arms.

“Ana Lin said you go to die!”

“Be careful.”

Ana Lin turned his head and saw the life-killing ghost returning from hell, with a terrifying face, the sharp knife in his hand glowing with cold light, and it stabbed straight towards her heart——

Chapter 147

Ana Lin’s pupils shrank sharply, reflecting the sharpness of the knife. She seemed to think of how painful it would be if the sharp blade inserted into her body——

The close proximity made her nervous enough to forget to react.

Just at the moment of the moment, a black shadow rushed towards her, pulling her arm forcefully, her body slammed into a warm and hard chest, and she was turned around.

He only heard a stern voice, “I’m looking for death!” I saw Elvira Shen’s body like a parabola, coiled at low altitude, hitting the leg of the table aside straight, knocking down the wine on the table, and splashing it all on the ground.

Phillip Zong’s eyes were sharp, “How did she get in?”

Lena Qin hurriedly explained, “I just hired in yesterday to clean.”

She was shocked just now, but she didn’t expect a sweeper to dare to assassinate.

Ana Lin recovered and withdrew from Phillip Zong’s arms and calmly dealt with what was next. She called the security guard and let people take Elvira Shen down first. As for how she appeared here, we will check afterwards. .

“Xiaoya, go call two people and clean the floor.”

“it is good.”

“I’m sorry, there was an accident just now and it shocked you all.” After the treatment, she took Phillip Zong and walked towards the lounge.

Casey He stood on the periphery, staring at what had just happened.

It’s a pity that Ana Lin didn’t stabbed to death.


Her eyes seemed to be poisonous.

Phillip Zong followed her into the lounge.

“Let me look at your arm.” Ana Lin went to look at his left arm. When she saw him kick Elvira Shen out, the sharp knife in Elvira Shen’s hand slashed his arm.

Fortunately, it didn’t hurt, it should be that he moved quickly and avoided.

so far so good.

He was not injured.

“Are you worried about me?” His expression moved slightly.

“I don’t want you to be injured because of me.” Ana Lin lowered his eyes.

She thought she couldn’t escape the disaster today.

Unexpectedly, Phillip Zong would appear in time and put her in his arms.

It is deceptive to say that there is no feeling at all.

She was moved, but also emotional.

All to this man.

“Since you are not injured, I will go out to see if it is affected…”

“Are you nothing to tell me?” Phillip Zong squinted her eyes and interrupted her.

“What?” Ana Lin raised his head and looked at him.

But quickly understood what he was referring to.

“We met some time ago, and she said she would invite her when it opened…”

“So you invited her here?” His tone was inexplicably eerie deterrence, “Do you know who she is?”

Ana Lin’s breath was stagnant, his hands clenched into fists consciously, “I know.”

“Know that you still have contact with her?” This time he made no secret of his dissatisfaction, his displeasure, and his disappointment.

“She’s not a bad person—”

“How long have you known her?” Phillip Zong sneered, “What benefit did he give you? Come to buy you?”

His gaze fell on her wrist. She had never seen her wearing jewelry. At most, a wristwatch was her only jewelry. Where did this jade bracelet come from?

“She gave you it?”

Ana Lin put his hand back behind him, but Phillip Zong pulled him over and stared at the jade bracelet, “Do you like something like this?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I don’t like it.”

“Then why do you still accept it?”

“Can’t bear to refuse.”

There is a fire hidden in his eyes, and there is a faint tendency to start a prairie fire.

“Is she pitiful?” Can’t bear to refuse?

“No.” Looking at Danna’s eyes in the atmosphere at the time, she just couldn’t refuse.

“Perhaps, she had something unspeakable back then.” Ana Lin tried to explain for Danna.

Phillip Zong sneered, “How long have you known her? Do you dare to intercede for her in front of me?”

“We met officially, met twice, and met soon, but I don’t think she is a bad person.”

The fire in Phillip Zong’s eyes seemed to burst out, burning the woman in front of him to death, and she actually kept pleading for Danna.

His tone was like a cold wind, bitterly Ling, “Return this to her. I will buy you whatever you like.”

“Okay.” Ana Lin promised readily. She didn’t intend to ask for this thing. After all, it was very valuable. At the time, she couldn’t bear to refuse it.

Ana Lin’s attitude relieved him, “In the future, he is not allowed to meet her again.”

“Good.” Ana Lin readily agreed again.

She doesn’t think that Danna is bad, or even that she is a good person, but because of Phillip Zong’s relationship, she didn’t want to have much contact with Danna.

At least she would not take the initiative to meet her.

Phillip Zong’s anger completely disappeared, and he pulled her into his arms, holding her in his arms, holding her tightly in his arms like iron tongs, and Ana Lin was strangled almost out of breath.

Pushed him, “Do you want to strangle me?”

“Well, strangle you, forget me, give me your breath.” Although he said so, his strength was loosened.

As his breath returned, Ana Lin slowed down, “Why did Elvira Shen appear here?”

She smelled unusual from this incident.

“Does it have something to do with Randall Lin?” She only appeared because Randall Lin appeared.

“No.” Phillip Zong twitched his lips. Randall Lin was also a ruthless person. After abandoning Elvira Shen back then, how could he pick up a chess game that he didn’t have.

At that time, Randall Lin didn’t want to take it back.

Two people will not cooperate.

Ana Lin thought of the scene where Elvira Shen was like today, and frowned, “Isn’t she in there? Why did she come out?”

Phillip Zong raised his hand, and there was a shallow scar mark on his palm. He was injured at the time. He still remembers clearly how Ana Lin was about to assassinate him when Elvira Shen was about to assassinate him.

The crazy unexpectedness also made him remember her deeply.

“I will investigate clearly.” His eyes sharpened.

In the last assassination, he used means, and sentenced Elvira Shen to life, no one would fish her, and she could not get out.

What happened today is obviously just a prelude, she is a striker.

“These two people don’t go out alone.”



There was a knock on the door, followed by Lena Qin’s voice, “Sister Lin, the show has started, it’s your turn to play.”

Not to let her go to the catwalk, but to address as the host.

“Okay.” She looked at Phillip Zong for a moment, “I’m going out now. You shouldn’t like this kind of occasion. You can go to work if you have anything to do, and you can rest here if you have nothing to do.”

Phillip Zong gave a faint hum.

When Ana Lin steps forward…

“and many more.”


Ana Lin turned his head and looked at him.

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand and brushed a strand of hair that had fallen down. He did not leave behind her ears. Instead, he followed the back of her ears and stayed on her earlobes. The corners of his eyes stretched and his eyes were deep and hot. Rubbing her neck with her fingertips, she said softly, “You are beautiful.”

Ana Lin missed his sight, lowered his head slightly, hiding his red face because of his words, “I should go now.”

After speaking, he hurried away.

As if one step later, Phillip Zong would do something extraordinary to her.

She seemed shy just now.

There was a slight smile on Phillip Zong’s face.

“Yeah, what are you doing in the house? So happy?” Alan Su and Keller Shen walked in. Ana Lin was bothered by their troubles. Now that Ana Lin left, they immediately came in.

“You’re not hurt, it was dangerous just now.” Keller Shen asked concerned.

“It’s okay.” He narrowed his smile, his expression sharp, “You can check for me, how did the woman just come out.”

“Yeah.” Keller Shen sat down, “I have been taken back by someone. Give me one day.”

Alan Su smashed his mouth, feeling bored, and sat on the sofa, hooking Keller Shen’s neck, “Shall we go to’Ye Se’ at night?”

“Missing women?” Keller Shen shook him.

“miss you.”

“I can’t stand you.”

Alan Su pretended to be light-hearted, and reached out to stroke Keller Shen’s chest, “Have you tried, how do you know you can’t stand it?”

“f*ck off!” Keller Shen pushed him away, agitated in the cold, and got goose bumps all over his body.

Alan Su was lying on the sofa with all four feet upside down, Keller Shen with strong hands.

He sat up and glared at Keller Shen, “Cut, I’m bored, go out to watch the catwalk, there must be beautiful women.”

“What else is there besides a woman in your mind?” Keller Shen looked at him, “Look at how hopeless you are.”

“I think a woman is worthless? This is the nature of a man, you know?” Alan Su was too lazy to say to him, “Yu Mu head, too lazy to tell you, wow, sister-in-law.”

It is Ana Lin’s turn to take the stage.

The three of them stood on the outermost periphery, skipping the head and shoulders, looking at Ana Lin who was standing on the stage.

Under the light, the pink is extraordinarily delicate, the one-shaped shoulder design is scented shoulders, the delicate and sexy collarbone is charming, without extra embellishment, simple and soft.

Standing in the crowd is particularly dazzling.

Phillip Zong’s eyes were full of pampering and pride.

This woman belongs to him now.

“Hello everyone. I am Ana Lin, the person in charge of LEO. I am very happy to be able to open a LEO branch in City B. I am honored to have you here. I would like to ask for your care in the future.” Ana Lin pressed the corner of his lips to the right arc. , Elegant and confident.

Casey He sat on the chair, looked at Ana Lin on the stage coldly, and gently curled her lips.

All the insidiousness is hidden under the skin.

After experiencing the last time, she became calm.

She took out her mobile phone and sent a photo of Ana Lin from Room 608 of the MOEN Hotel in Country A to her mobile phone, and attached a text message; Want to know that the man that night six years ago was Who?

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