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Chapter 148

After sending the text message, she put away the phone and continued to look at Ana Lin on the stage, with a cold arc gently evoked at the corner of her lips.

The lights and music sounded, Ana Lin’s speech ended, and the model brought today’s finale.

The finale is a wedding dress designed by Mrs. William.

You must know that Mrs. William hasn’t personally designed clothes for a long time. This time I designed this wedding dress for the opening of LEO.

White, the purest color, the whole body of the wedding dress presents white snow-like luminous white. The layers of veil are permeated, covered with soft satin woven roses and gems, shining with both gorgeous and elegant charm, which is breathtaking.

Ana Lin stood in the audience staring in awe.

The wedding dress is the anticipation of love and the longing of happiness.

And she was married, did not wear a wedding dress, no wedding, no ceremony, no wedding dress, and even the certificate was not obtained by her’husband’ and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with her.

“Sister Lin.” Lena Qin walked over and handed her the phone, “Your phone.”

She had just come on stage, and Lena Qin held her mobile phone for her.

Ana Lin took it, and Lena Qin reminded her, “It seems that a text message came in just now.”

Ana Lin slid the screen and clicked on the content of the text message. After seeing the content, the blood on her face faded almost instantly. He clearly heard her heart beating violently, as if it was about to shatter in general pain. Let her tremble uncontrollably.

“Sister Lin, what’s the matter with you?” Lena Qin noticed that something was wrong with her, and quickly helped her trembling body, “Is it uncomfortable?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I’m fine.”

Saying that she exited the crowd with her mobile phone.

Seeing her leave in a panic, Casey He curled her lips and smiled sarcastically.

To keep this thing, I have to thank Ana Lin. That year, she asked Rios He to go to Country A to investigate the events of the year. He got the surveillance from the hotel at the time, and then this photo was available.

Speaking of which, I have to thank her.

If Ana Lin knew it was because of her, wouldn’t he be frightened?

Casey He sneered.

Ana Lin went to the second floor alone.

All noise is cut off here and it becomes quiet.

She seemed to be drawn away, and she slumped to the ground.

The scenes of that night appeared involuntarily in her mind, which were presented in her mind by the vivid and colorful movies.

She lowered her head and clicked on the picture again. Her face was very clear, just like the misfortune that night, clearly remembered in her mind.

She also longed for it, hoping to give her first night to a man she loves, and as a result—


A tear fell on the screen.

Her heart also fell into the endless abyss.

At this moment, she forgot to think, forget everything, and fell into panic and fear.

She didn’t want to think about it, but now she was placed in front of her abruptly to remind her, as if to remind her that this was her stain, the nightmare of this life.

She seldom cries. After having two children, she seldom cries, because she is a mother and a daughter. She bears the responsibility of raising children and taking care of the mother. She must not cry or be weak. .

But at this moment she couldn’t help it, and it hurts so badly that she can hardly breathe.

The sunlight on the ground was gradually shrouded, and she was drowned in black shadows.

“Are you crying?”

Ana Lin wiped away the tears from his face in a panic, and buckled the phone to the floor, “No, I, I didn’t cry.”

Phillip Zong looked at her condescendingly.

From the moment she left the crowd, he felt that something was wrong with her. By this time it came to an end when Alan Su and Keller Shen left, and he came up.

Then I saw her crying, with tears on her face, and she said that she didn’t cry because he was blind?

He knelt down, straightened her face, and let her look at him, “What’s wrong with you?”

The corners of her eyes are moist, tears are still there, and it seems to be warm.

A layer of gauze was covered in front of her eyes, so that she could not see the expression of the face in front of her. She was so desperate, her blood and skin seemed to be drawn away by a needle, a pile of bones, and lifeless.

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with warm finger pads, and touched her cheeks tenderly and sympathetically. Her appearance was too worrying, “Tell me, what’s wrong with you?”

Ana Lin hugged him and buried his face in his chest, “Today I saw Randall Lin and I thought of when he abandoned me and my mother…”

She lied to hide her despair.

Phillip Zong calmed down her back, “Be good, don’t be afraid, there will be me in the future.”

Ana Lin, who had already recovered his calm, heard his words, and tears suddenly fell again.

She used to take care of her younger brother and mother, and then she had children and took care of children. No one has ever said, “Don’t be afraid, I will be there in the future.”

This is not love, not gorgeous, not unforgettable, but pure and deeply hit the softest part of her heart.

“Sister Lin.” Lena Qin’s voice came from the stairs. It is estimated that Ana Lin had been away for too long, so Lena Qin came up to look for her.

He wiped Ana Lin’s tears away and smoothed her messy hair, “Don’t cry, it’s not good for people to see.”

“Yeah.” She withdrew from Phillip Zong’s arms, sniffed, and glanced at the time, “It should be over now, you go back first, I may be very busy today.”

“At night, I will pick you up.”

“it is good.”

“Sister Lin.” Lena Qin stepped up, Ana Lin had already packed herself up, she saw Ana Lin and Phillip Zong only upstairs, and wondered in her heart, is it not time for her to come up, disturbing them?

“Well, that Mrs. William is leaving.” Lena Qin stammered.

“So fast? Have the guests downstairs gone?” Ana Lin walked over, “Let’s go down and take a look.”

She looked back at Phillip Zong, and he was answering the phone, and his face was not so good.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ana Lin asked.

After saying that I know, Phillip Zong hung up the phone, he looked at Ana Lin with deep eyes…

Just now, Keller Shen called, saying that Elvira Shen was dead and suicide. Keller Shen was investigating.

This matter was obviously not simple, and it was directed at Ana Lin.

He didn’t want Ana Lin to worry, he would check it out and solve it, “I’ll go first for the company.”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin didn’t think much.

Lena Qin rarely inquires about Ana Lin’s personal affairs, but Phillip Zong’s appearance makes her feel that the relationship between this man and Ana Lin is not simple.

Looking at Phillip Zong’s tall and stiff back, he said, “Sister Lin, he is Xiao Xi and Ruth’s father? Look carefully, they look alike, especially their eyes and foreheads. No wonder they are so good. It’s genetically good.”

Ana Lin’s expression immediately changed.

She is reluctant to mention this topic, because Xiao Xi and Ruth and Phillip Zong have nothing to do.

“Is there anyone downstairs?” She deliberately changed the subject.

“Mrs. William has sent away some guests, and I will help you with the rest. Now there is no one. The people below are cleaning, and Mrs. William is waiting for you.”

Lena Qin noticed that Ana Lin rejected this topic, so she followed her words and answered without mentioning the stubbornness of the conversation.

“Yeah.” Ana Lin responded lightly.

When I walked downstairs, some people felt that it was empty. Only the mess in the hall was left, the leftover pastries, the leftover drinks, and the tables were filled.

“It’s really tiring today, but the harvest was not small. We sold all the clothes on display, and the wedding dress of Mrs. William was also sold. Guess how much did it cost?”

“How much?” Ana Lin wasn’t interested in knowing, but Lena Qin asked, she couldn’t answer.

Lena Qin stretched out three fingers, “Three million.”

Ana Lin was not surprised, Mrs. William’s design and higher prices, this wedding dress is really not high.

It’s just that she is curious, who bought it, “Who bought it?”

“Casey He, the lady from the He family, said that she bought it for marriage.”

Ana Lin turned to look at Lena Qin, “Casey He?”

“Yes.” Lena Qin asked unclearly, “What’s wrong?”

“No.” She was only surprised that Casey He and Phillip Zong only broke off their engagement soon, and she never heard that she was getting married or had a boyfriend.

Wear it when you get married?

Who are you marrying?

Chapter 149

But when you think about it, Casey He is not too young anymore. If you don’t marry Phillip Zong, there will be other men, a big family, and the love is not the first. Maybe she will marry that family.

Thinking about it this way, I don’t think Casey He bought the wedding dress strange.

“Lin.” Mrs. William walked over.

Ana Lin put away the messy thoughts in his mind and looked at Mrs. William, “Madam.”

Mrs. William took her hand and said, “I’m going back, and I’ll leave it to you in the future. The LEO brand is the hard work of my life, and you have to guard it for me.”

“I know.” Ana Lin knew the importance of LEO to Mrs. William, “I will treat it as my life’s business, protect it and maintain it.”

“I believe you.” Mrs. William hugged her and made a face-to-face ceremony with her, “Take care of yourself.”

“Can’t you stay for a few more days?” Ana Lin asked to stay.

For this woman, Ana Lin not only regarded her as the boss, but also regarded her as a relative who knew her well.

“I have something to do. It’s not a short time to come here, I should go back.”

“I’ll give it to you.” Ana Lin asked Lena Qin to bring the car key.

Mrs. William laughed, “How do you drive when you dress like this?”

Ana Lin looked down at the dress on her body, and then smiled. She stretched out her hand to lift the skirt up, tied a knot in the front and exposed two straight legs, “So you can drive.”

Mrs. William smiled and stroked her hair dozingly.

Ana Lin and Madam William went out. Lena Qin and Allen escorted them to the door. Ana Lin looked back at both of them, “I will safely send Madam onto the plane, and I will leave the aftermath here to you.”

“Okay, don’t worry.” Allen made an OK gesture, and then waved her hand.

Sending Mrs. William away, Ana Lin returned to the store, Lena Qin and Allen had basically cleaned everything up, and there was a man sitting on the sofa at the reception.

When Yu Doudou saw Ana Lin coming in, he stood up and complained a little, “We can be considered friends too, why don’t you call me when your store opened today? Although I don’t have much money, I can also get someone for you. The number is not.”

“I didn’t mean it, I really forgot.” Ana Lin said sorry.

Yu Doudou knew that she was not the kind of person who looked at people through the cracks of the door, and didn’t want to be really angry. He didn’t come here today to question her, but to reverse the case. Phillip Zong postponed it. He thought There is no bottom, come and ask her.

“What do you think about the car accident? Are you not in a hurry? Why postpone it? Isn’t it the more unfavorable the case?”

The last time Phillip Zong said to leave the matter to him, she never asked. If Yu Doudou asked, she almost forgot.

She sat on the sofa and rubbed her eyebrows, her brain throbbing with pain.

“Are you uncomfortable?” Yu Doudou asked concerned, “I shouldn’t ask you?”

“No.” Ana Lin shook his head, “I saw him at night and asked what was going on and why it was postponed.”

“Okay.” Yu Doudou saw that Ana Lin’s mood was not high, “Then I’ll go first, and feel free to contact me if I have any news.”

“it is good.”

After Yu Doudou left, Ana Lin and Lena Qin sorted out the orders they took today. There were two orders in total. This is not a clothing store. One is sold like that. This is an order placed by someone else. According to the needs of the guests, go Design a’clothes’ that suits the guests.

Of course, the value here is incomparable to ordinary clothes.

Ordinary people can’t afford it.

Lena Qin needs a chance now, Ana Lin gives her one of the two orders.

The other was given to Allen.

Allen refused. “People indicate that you want your design. It’s inappropriate for me to do it. Besides, I don’t need this list to show my strength.”

She raised her head and said proudly, “I’m already very famous, and I don’t need a chance.”

Lena Qin was silent, she needed such an opportunity.

She loves design.

“All right, that’s all to Xiaoya.” Ana Lin smiled and gave Lena Qin the information of the guests, “Behave well.”

“But—” Lena Qin felt that this was not good, she could do it all by herself, after all, Ana Lin gave her a lot of opportunities.

“No, but I will show the design to the guests first. If I am satisfied, I will say that you designed it. If both the guests are satisfied, there will be no objections.” Ana Lin has already thought about it.


“Don’t be serious.” Allen interrupted her, “Lin no longer needs to prove himself. Now you need such an opportunity. You have been with her for so long. She naturally misses you and accepts it with peace of mind.”

Lena Qin was grateful in her heart, but her face was stiff, “Aren’t you afraid of teaching the apprentice and starving the master?”

Ana Lin touched her hair, “I hope you can.”

This girl has not been short with her, she is serious and responsible, and she has the strength and needs the opportunity to show herself.

Lena Qin opened her arms and hugged Ana Lin, “Thank you sister.”

“You call my sister, why are you thanking me?” Ana Lin patted her on the back.

“You don’t want me anymore?” Allen stood aside jealous.

“No.” Ana Lin pulled her over, and the three women hugged each other.

Ana Lin patted the two on the back, then let go of them, “Let’s go back early today. I have been tired for a day.”

“I’m really tired,” Allen said. “It’s been a long time since I did this.”

“Well, I also need to think about the needs of these two guests.” Lena Qin said.

“Well, you go first, I will go later.”

“Then don’t be too late.”

“Or I close the door, Xiao Xi and Ruth are still at home.” Lena Qin felt that Ana Lin was much busier than her, and there were more things to worry about.

“It’s okay, I want to stay for a while, you can go.” Ana Lin is still a little confused now.

There have been too many things happening recently, and she really wants to be alone.

“Let’s go.” Alan put his arms around Lena Qin’s neck, it was obvious that Ana Lin had something on his mind and needed to be quiet, she understood.

Lena Qin was dragged out by Alan. The two of them lived together. Lena Qin had a car and went to work together, which was very convenient.

After they left, the surrounding air seemed to quiet down. Ana Lin sat on the sofa, holding his face, thinking about everything that happened today, since when did the atmosphere become weird?

Is there any connection between Elvira Shen and the pictures and text messages she received?

These things are strung together, like a mess that is not straightforward.

Who on earth sent her that picture?

The information that the text message revealed to her was the person who sent her these things, and was very clear about what happened back then.

And also very familiar with her, which makes her very uneasy.

She took out her phone and called; Who are you, why should you text me?

The text stays in the typing box and never sent.

Because she knew very well that the other party wanted to seduce her with this matter. As for the purpose, she didn’t know.

At this time, her mobile phone rang suddenly, interrupting her thoughts, the typing box on the screen was covered, and the incoming call icon was displayed.

It is Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin looked outside and didn’t know when the weather outside had darkened. She answered the phone, and a low male voice soon came, “I’m outside.”

“I know.”

Ana Lin stood up, patted her face, cheered herself up, turned off the light, and closed the store door. She turned around and saw the car parked on the side of the road.

The sky was completely dimmed and the long streets were brightly lit. Phillip Zong took off his suit and wore a thin shirt, leaning on the car door and looking down at his phone.

It was a message sent by Keller Shen. He found out the cause of Elvira Shen’s death and it was indeed a suicide.

Take her back and lock her up. She hasn’t touched anyone, and she has no communication tools. Her death can only show that it was premeditated.

What makes him wonder is why Elvira Shen committed suicide?

There must be someone behind her.

Keller Shen sent another text message.

“What are you looking at?” Ana Lin walked over.

“Nothing.” Phillip Zong put away the phone and found a knot in the skirt of her dress. On the thighs, there were a pair of white, straight, slender legs. His eyes moved slightly. What kind of dress is this? ?

Who does Lucheng show to?

Chapter 150

He held his lips half warm and half cold, “It’s hot.”

Ana Lin followed his gaze and found that the skirt he lifted to facilitate driving had not been put down.

She just wanted to explain, but Phillip Zong opened the door of the car, took out his suit jacket and put it on her, “Get in the car.”

I don’t know when the suit was taken off, it seems that his body temperature and the unique aura on his body still remain. Ling Ling smells good and is not disgusting.

Ana Lin bent into the car, remembering about Yu Doudou’s visit to the store, and asked casually, “I heard Yu Doudou say that about the verdict, you don’t plan to do it now, do you?”

Phillip Zong glanced at her, “Did he look for you?”

Ana Lin nodded honestly, “Yes.”

“Not suitable.” After all, Rios He had just entered, and now it continues to reveal that Casey He has a murder case, and he has completely settled with Liangzi of the He family.

It’s not that He’s family, they have their own rules.

But looking at He Wenhuai’s performance last time, he was already very dissatisfied with him, and he didn’t know what to do behind him.

“Don’t worry, you won’t hit your hands, the time has not come.”

Ana Lin was relieved. Although this matter is related to her, it is not important to Doudou. After all, his brother died in this matter. Although his brother was at fault, the crime is not dead.

Phillip Zong took her hand and held it in his palm.

The generous palm seemed to have soothing magic power, and Ana Lin’s mood gradually settled.

“At that time, you won’t have to come forward.” Phillip Zong had thought about it a long time ago, and only let Yu Doudou be there by then.

He’s family has entered a son, and a daughter is entering, that is a real face slap.

They won’t bear that tone, whoever rushes ahead is the target of He family’s revenge.

He could not push Ana Lin to the forefront.

“Yeah.” Ana Lin said that he didn’t think much, and he had already formed a relationship with Casey He’s Liangzi.

She was tired, leaning back in the chair and closing her eyes.

The carriage gradually calmed down, and the two of them didn’t talk to each other, and each had their own thoughts.

Suddenly Ana Lin thought of something and turned to look at Phillip Zong, “How’s Elvira Shen? Did you find anything? Why did she suddenly appear? Was she instigated?”

Phillip Zong’s eyes flickered, instead of looking at her, he said faintly, “Still investigating.”

He did not say about Elvira Shen’s death, lest she think too much.

He will investigate the cause of her death and who made it out.

Ana Lin nodded and leaned back in the chair to continue to rest. At this moment, the mobile phone in her hand vibrated, and her hand was shocked as if she was getting an electric shock. She lowered her head and slid open the screen of the mobile phone. The photo is a scene where she took the money from that woman.

Then there was another text message; You collected money, sold your body, accidentally got pregnant, you don’t want to know who the father of your child is, right?

Her hands kept shaking, anxiety surged into her heart, and she quickly typed out a string of words; Who are you and what purpose do you know about this?

This time she hardly hesitated and pressed the send button.

“What’s wrong with you?” Phillip Zong sensed her discomfort.

Ana Lin’s uncontrollable shortness of breath, uncontrollable, she lied casually, “Xiaoya sent me a message to ask about work.”

Phillip Zong didn’t doubt that he was there, and his gaze flicked across her face, “If you have something to tell me.”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin lowered his head.

How did she tell him about this incident?

Say you sold yourself?

Sell ​​your body?

She doesn’t know how many things are still in the other’s hands, she is afraid that it will be exposed to others.

Especially in front of him.

After all, she has too much uncertainty and distrust of Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong is also separated from her by a gap.

Does he really care if she is not innocent?

Don’t you care if she had a baby?

He just kept silent.

Not careless.

Just ignore those things deliberately.

Information came in soon.

Ana Lin clicked on.


The simple three words fell from her head like a thunderbolt.


That man that night?

Ana Lin panicked.

At this moment, Casey He was sitting in the deck of a bar with unfinished wine on the table.

She curled her lips and sent another text message; Whenever you want to see me, please contact me at any time, I heard that your store is open today, congratulations.

The restlessness intensified and filled her whole body. She didn’t know anything about the other party, but the other party seemed to know everything about her and everything around her.

She has a feeling of being spied on, which is very bad.

In other words, there is such a person, who will jump out at any time, walk in front of her, and disrupt her current life.

At the moment she was absent, the car stopped at the villa.

A car that didn’t belong to Phillip Zong was parked next to him, and it was not Ana Lin’s.

When Phillip Zong got out of the car and saw the parked car, his brow furrowed and his face became deeper and deeper.

“Master.” Uncle Feng didn’t enter the house, standing at the door waiting, as if waiting for them to come back.

Seeing them back, they greeted him immediately.

“They’re coming here?” His voice was slightly cold.

They rarely come here, and Phillip Zong suddenly appears unhappy this time.

Uncle Feng smiled, “There is something.”

As he said, his eyes turned to Ana Lin, “This is the young lady, right.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She didn’t know how to respond to such a title.

“Hurry in, they are all waiting for you inside.” Uncle Feng smiled and walked to the front to open the door.

Ana Lin stood still and looked at Phillip Zong, “Are your parents here?”

Phillip Zong didn’t respond, it was obvious that they were coming.

“They rarely come here.” His tone was deep, with an imperceptible sense of rejection.

Ana Lin felt flustered inexplicably. Although she had met Danna, Phillip Zong’s father had not met her formally.

There is a kind of nervousness about the’ugly daughter-in-law’ wanting to see in-laws.

Seeing her hesitating, Phillip Zong came over and grabbed her hand, “Isn’t there me? What are you afraid of?”

“Who is afraid?” Ana Lin said stiffly.

My heart is clearly flustered.

I don’t know why they came.


Casey He took a sip of wine, feeling boring alone, picked up the phone and sent Ana Lin two photos. This time it was not about her, but Daniel and Ruth.

And it was taken in recent days.

This time she was fully prepared.

She knew that Ana Lin cared most about her two children.

Now the child lives in Phillip Zong’s villa, and there will be people following when she goes out. She has no chance to do anything, but it is still possible to take two photos secretly.

She finished pouring the wine in the glass and made a word.

Your child is very cute, looks like you and their father.

The phone in Ana Lin’s hand vibrated again, she clicked on the text message, and after reading the content, she panicked.

How could he have pictures of Daniel and Ruth?

Is he watching her?

The trajectory of her life was exposed to a’stranger’, which made her feel horrified.

Especially regarding the safety of the two children, she couldn’t calm down.

“what happened to you?”

Ana Lin stopped suddenly, and Phillip Zong looked back at her.

She looked at Phillip Zong and was silent for two seconds, “I have forgotten something in the store. I have to get it.”

Speaking, she took out the hand held by Phillip Zong in her palm.

“So important?” Phillip Zong half-believedly turned his gaze to her hand holding the phone.

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