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The President Substitute Wife is the story of a girl named June Carter. She though born into a wealthy family spend her most time until adulthood in the orphanage. This all happened due to the negligence of the hospital staff where she was given birth to by her rich mother.

The welfare home she grew up in could not provide the luxuries and counseling that she could have taken for granted in the original family. When, after much struggle, she returned to the family, adjusting in this house was near to impossible. The story of the President’s Substitute Bride brings us a brand new story.

President Substitute Wife

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Thus most of her time was spent trying to appease the family. Trying to live according to their standards and attempting to ingratiate whenever possible, this is her trick for survival in this household.

To appease her parents she has accepted to become a substitute for her sister. Now she will marry Sean Jessop, the strongest president in the city. But soon she will realize, it is just a conspiracy and she was just a pawn.

It is the ultimate goal of a woman. To marry the man she loves. Thus the girl June Carter was not an exception. Today she is getting married to a man whom she loved for twelve years but with the name of the sister named Molly.

President Substitute Wife Novel

At the start of this novel, you will learn that this poor girl was sent to an orphanage because of the terrible negligence of the hospital staff. So it has been only three years since she returned to her real family from the orphanage. Her real family is a group of aliens for her.

They all are different. Their money and riches have transformed them into something different. Way different than the type of circumstances she has grown up in. She is a wild girl among the so-called ‘civilized’. Will the President’s Substitute Bride get a chance to learn?

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She has grown up in a parentless environment, you will find out when you will read online. This has made her extra cautious. The girl has to think hundred times before taking any action. It is her desire to get integrated into this family of alien attitudes. To earn the favor of the parents, to make herself part of this house.

So after three years at this house, she is still struggling. One day she is asked by her parents and sister to marry this man. Without a second thought, she agrees to do so. Partly because she loves this man and partly because it can earn her the attention of parents.

President Substitute Wife Read Online

This is the first time, she feels, she is needed by the parents. How could she say no to this? But to her surprise within a few moments of the wedding ceremony, the man stands up and leaves. There is no explanation or reason given.

But later at midnight, he returns. The mouth exuding excessive drinking and the smell of a familiar perfume is coming from his clothes. Though she has substituted her sister for this marriage, nevertheless, she knows her duties as a wife.

This relationship is a bargain between her family and the family of her groom. Nonetheless, she must bear all of this. The man has no regard for her or her feelings. He is an expert at ignoring her. Despite all this, she pulls a smiley face whenever he is around.

President Substitute Bride

Though her name is Jane, she must pretend to be molly whenever asked by the man. But that name turns the man into a monster. His eyes exude hate and ferocity becomes visible. “Since you are here today, you must know that I am not a good person.” He declares his intention clearly.

Thus from the very first night, she gets the treatment of the archenemy at the hands of her so-called husband. For the last twelve years, she has secretly loved him. His features are admired by her the most.

She has always imagined a serene life full of love and romance with him in her mind. Living in the same house under the one roof having breakfasts together. But from the experiences of last night.

The ambiance of the new house is strange too. The servants here call her with the paternal family’s surname. What is going on? Has the strong man found out about the reality of this all affair? What could be the reason?

President Substitute Bride Novel

The very next day he takes Jane back to her parent’s house. When they reach the house, Molly bumps into them. Jane dropped Molly at the airport yesterday, what is she doing here? Her eyes were swollen and it seemed she had cried a lot.

The parents sitting next to her looked angry. It appeared that Sean had prior information about the substitution of the wedding. He is one of the few people who have unlimited power and riches in the city. For people like him controlling something is like anything.

What is going to happen to this new bride? To find out you will have to read online the full novel of President Substitute Wife.

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