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Injustice anywhere will be repaid with interest. Today, tomorrow, or any other day. The tyrant must get the taste of his own medicine. This is the law of nature. A lesson that A Cutest Rival teaches us comprehensively.

Change is a constant in life. Whatever it is the love, youth, affection, attraction anything. It will see the waning with time. But when any of this morphs into an evil image of itself. That is the worst we all should seek protection from.

A Cutest Rival

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This Chinese novel brings us the story of an innocent woman who falls in love with a man who changes his attitude like a chameleon its color. Not just this, when he finds his wife in the need of attention the most, he relinquishes his responsibility.

Mango Shen is beautiful by nature and by features but is associated with the man who is not a match of her in any sense. She deeply loves her man but cannot give him a child. This is something the man cannot forgive. Yet, she is conscious of the matter and trying her best to give the man what he wants. She is trying every medicine, trying every doctor even has faced death just to try the treatments.

Despite putting her personal wellbeing and life on the line her man Nathaniel Ye sees no incentive to be around her. But one day she finds out about her pregnancy. But this happiest day of her life is the one she will tremble to remember in the times to come.

A Cutest Rival Novel

Here we will read about the life of a young woman named Mango Shen. She is married to a man named Nathaniel Ye. It has been three years since the marriage and the couple’s life is not an ideal one. She is totally in love with her man but he has his interests lying elsewhere.

One reason that A Cutest Rival Mango Shen believes is that she cannot give her man a child. To make that happen she is trying her best. She goes to every doctor, tries every medicine, takes every treatment desperately just for the good news.

One day her efforts bear fruit. She finds herself pregnant and it is indeed the best day of her life. She feels liberated and over the moon. With the test strip in her hands, she frolics out of the hospital to bump into her husband and his ex-girlfriend.

They are holding each other’s hands and the girlfriend is pregnant with a child of over five months. What is this all? She finds the world has ended here. When in shock and anxiety she confronts her man, he pushes her against the wall to the ground. This shows the helplessness of the woman.

She gave her all for this man and now he finds her a discarded waste. For him, the girl who could not be his wife is more valuable than his real wife. Later he finds his wife is pregnant too. In spite of consoling her and celebrating he rushes to his dramatic girlfriend leaving the wife behind.

A Cutest Rival Chinese Novel

The woman goes home and after much agonizing contemplation decides to sign on the divorce papers. She removes the wedding ring and leaves it on the table. This has happened the first time in her life, the day her husband put it in her hands she never took it off.

But now maybe, she will never wear it again. Mango Shen then takes her luggage and leaves the house. At the gate, she meets some men who claim to be the bodyguards of Nathaniel Ye. But they are actually sent by the ex-girlfriend to embarrass Mango and to finish her off.

They knock Mango off and abduct her and take her to a warehouse. There they take inappropriate photos and upload them to the internet. Later the warehouse is put on fire to kill the poor woman. The next day the newspaper reads that Nathaniel’s wife died in a fire while on a date with someone unknown.

The envious girlfriend in the Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye story has arranged all this to make sure the wife is out of the game. She wants her child to be the heir of Ye family and this is the only way to ensure it.

A Cutest Rival Novel Read Online

As we move further in the novel the plan has not been successful. Mango miraculously survives but is burnt severely. She manages to move out of the country and gets plastic surgery to remove the blemishes from burn after delivering a child.

She returns to the city from abroad after five years. This is not the timid Mango Shen who left the country five years ago. She is one of the successful designers in the world and has returned on an assignment with her five-year-old child.

The child has a precocious mind. He is aware of the struggle that his mother went through five years ago. He also has the knowledge of the people who did all that injustice and embarrassed his mother. He wants to avenge the injustices meted to his mother now.

Are the bad days of Nathaniel Ye coming? He turned his face away from the woman who needed him. Would the five-year-old succeed in his plans?

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A Cutest Rival Novel Full

If you want to read the full novel online or are looking for A Cutest Rival Novel PDF or just A Cutest Rival Novelcat Chapter 23 here you can avail the option to read online the full story. Find out what is going to happen next in the Mango Shen and Nathaniel Ye’s story.

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