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Chapter 881

“In front of me, I dare to do this kind of trick.” “Although I don’t know what your confidence is, I have to admit that you are really brave.” “I can tell you clearly, no matter what you are. What the confidence is, the power of the hidden family is far from what you can imagine, so let’s just let it go.” Xu Fengtian said with full confidence, looking extremely domineering.

He also has domineering capital, because in his eyes, no matter how hard Dustin Zhou struggles, he will never be the opponent of the Xu family of the hidden family.

“I don’t understand what you mean.” Dustin Zhou continued to play dumb.

“Huh, boy, you keep saying that it is because the Xu family acted on you first, and you were forced to rebel against the Xu family because of helplessness.” “You seem to be very pitiful, but in fact you don’t think so in your heart. Right.” “In your opinion, you should have a certain amount of confidence, so your hands are extremely fierce, Xu Fenglai is the one you killed!” Xu Fengtian slapped the table fiercely, raising his momentum to the extreme.

Dustin Zhou was also shocked in his heart fiercely, and said that he had finally mentioned the topic.

Xu Fengtian came to look for himself this time. Apart from temptation, he probably also meant to inquire about sin.

Only Dustin Zhou knew that although Xu Fengtian looked confident, but actually

There is no evidence.

“Old sir, I don’t know what you are talking about.” “You are from the Xu family, so I can understand if I am not pleasing to my eyes.” “But, what I didn’t do, you can’t force it on mine. On the head.” “I don’t know the Xu Fenglai you mentioned. How can I kill him?” “Even if I know him, with my small body, how can you be the opponent of your Xu family?” Dustin Zhou said neither humble nor arrogant. To put it bluntly, he can see it now. With this old guy, two people just need to wrestle.

Anyway, they are all enemies. Is it necessary to be reasonable and logical to the enemy?

What can you do even if I tell lies with my eyes wide open?

Master wanted to make you unhappy, so how could I find a way to explain your doubts!

“I didn’t kill people. If you have nothing else, please come back.” Dustin Zhou has already started to drive people.

“Good, good!” Xu Fengtian said two good words after hearing Dustin Zhou’s words.

“From the attitude you said this sentence, I was even more sure that Xu Feng was the one who killed you.” “Of course, it doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it. I didn’t intend to tell you about this matter. I’m still saying that. “You are a bit arrogant. Although you didn’t tell me what your confidence is, I can tell you clearly that no matter what your confidence is, you can never be the opponent of the Xu family!” What is there is not necessarily true. What is the concept of the Hidden Family? Do you think there are only a few simple martial masters?” Xu Fengtian stood up and walked outside, because he had achieved his goal.

He came today to be nothing more than temptation and warning. Now he has come to the conclusion that Dustin Zhou has a certain city government.

Xu Fenglai’s death must have something to do with him, but he didn’t care, because he knew very well that in the entire Donghai City, there was no power comparable to the hermit family.

So he simply warned Dustin Zhou, let Dustin Zhou be honest, and don’t engage in those indifferent little moves.

“Just do it yourself, young man.” After saying this, Xu Fengtian left the office.

Dustin Zhou also slumped in his chair, carefully recalling every word Xu Fengtian had just said.

One sentence caught his attention.

Do you think that the power of the hermit family is simply a few martial masters?

What is the true meaning of this sentence?

Sure enough, in the hidden family, is there an existence above the martial master?

If this is the case, it would be too much trouble.

This is a variable!

Although he knew this variable in advance, Dustin Zhou felt a sense of powerlessness.

As for the martial master, even if there are not as many as the other side,

You can also take advantage of the other party’s weakness, and take the lead in consuming the opponent’s wave.

But if the opponent has an existence above the martial master, then the trouble will be big, I am afraid that how many martial masters can not make up the gap between the two sides.


Dustin Zhou was distraught lying in the chair thinking, wondering if he should tell the news to the Su family or the Tiger Lord.

But I was also worried that if the news were revealed, the Su family and Lord Tiger would have a retreat and would not help him deal with the Xu family. This is something Dustin Zhou would never want to see.

After all, one person resisted everything!

Facing such a big mountain, Dustin Zhou really wanted to find someone to share some pressure.

But this person is not easy to find.

At this moment, a person walked in again in his office.

Sara Ye walked in without announcing it, of course her own person, and a person Dustin Zhou knew very well, Niu Chuan.

“Chuanzi?” After seeing Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou suddenly felt a very cordial feeling.

And inexplicably feel at ease, because this good brother of my own has given me tremendous help countless times!

“Is my mom at President Shen’s house now?” Dustin Zhou stood up and asked enthusiastically.

He arranged for Niu Chuan to escort Zhou Mu to Enderia Shen’s house. Now that Niu Chuan is back, it means that Zhou Mu has arrived at Enderia Shen’s house.

“Well, Brother Yang, I just sent my aunt back,” Niu Chuan replied honestly, “Is nothing wrong with you here.” “Huh? It’s okay, what can I do in my company.” Dustin Zhou was casual. He answered, subconsciously avoiding Xu Fengtian’s news.

Because in Dustin Zhou’s concept, although Niu Chuan is strong, he is just an honest person after all.

Dustin Zhou didn’t want to put this pressure on him. He believed that Niu Chuan was not suitable for participating in the overall planning.

Niu Chuan is more suitable to be a thug who doesn’t need to use his brain.

This is not discrimination, but Dustin Zhou’s perception of his good brother, so he avoided this topic.

“Is it really okay? I just heard someone from the company outside say that people from the Xu family have been here.” Niu Chuan brought the topic directly.

After hearing what Niu Chuan said, Dustin Zhou’s heart “cocked”.

I heard from the people in the company, have the Xu family been here?

In the entire company, who knows the Xu family of the hermit family?

Most of them don’t even know what the hidden family is!

Who did Niu Chuan hear about?

“Chuanzi, are you hiding something from me?” Dustin Zhou asked, squinting.

“Xu Fengtian did come to me just now, but don’t talk about the people in the company, even you, haven’t really had a face-to-face with Xu Fengtian.”

Who told you that the Xu family had already come?

Chapter 882

It’s funny to say, what kind of existence is the grandmaster of the warrior? It is placed in the first-class families like the Su family and the Sun family. They have the supreme status and are called by the patriarch The existence of worship level. But Niu Chuan was just a small security guard before Dustin Zhou pulled him over to play. Dustin Zhou had thought about this question. But he didn’t dare to say it because he didn’t want to doubt his brother. He tried to convince himself that Niu Chuan was just a small person with empty force but had never contacted a big family. So although his strength is very strong, there is no way to become an worship of the big family, because no one knows that he is so strong. But this reason is a bit far-fetched, even Dustin Zhou can hardly convince himself, because Niu Chuan’s strength is really too strong and too strong! Not to mention his own strength is among the best among the martial masters, just his age, such a young martial artist Grandmaster, you can be called a peerless genius! Such a powerful person, if he has never been in contact with a big person, Dustin Zhou knows that it is absolutely impossible. Just staying in the army for a few years can become a martial master. What kind of troop does that have to be? And how can a genius like Niu Chuan be willing to let him out? In short, there are too many unreasonable questions about Niu Chuan. Dustin Zhou deliberately didn’t go in that direction before. , But now, he has to ask. How did Niu Chuan know that Xu Fengtian had come to his office? And after hearing Dustin Zhou’s question, Niu Chuan fell silent. He looked at Dustin Zhou quietly for a while, “Brother Yang, Do you think I might harm you?

” “Ok?

Dustin Zhou was taken aback for a moment, and did not react. Niu Chuan did not answer his question, but instead gave him a rhetorical question. “Of course not.

“For this question, Dustin Zhou gave the answer without even thinking about it. How could Niu Chuan harm him? That is a good brother who saved him several times! It is not good to say that if Niu Chuan really hurts himself, Dustin Zhou’s hands will It’s okay to send your own head! Because in Dustin Zhou’s heart, Niu Chuan has this qualification! Niu Chuan has contributed to his achievement today! So Niu Chuan will never harm him! There is no need to use any tricks to frame him. Himself. Niu Chuan nodded, “That’s right.

“Brother Yang, whether I am hiding something from you or not, but at least you should know that I will not harm you.”

“It’s like you have something to hide from me, but I never thought of asking you anything, and I didn’t mind at all, because you

Is my brother.

Niu Chuan said very seriously. There was nothing normal in his eyes, but rather shrewd. This sentence also completely awakened Dustin Zhou. In fact, Niu Chuan has admitted in disguise that he does have many secrets with Dustin Zhou. It’s just that it’s not convenient to say it now. But what can be done? The good brothers must be completely honest with each other before? Not so. Dustin Zhou also has many secrets from Niu Chuan, but Dustin Zhou asked himself, he did. Think of Niu Chuan as a brother. That’s the truth! After thinking about it, Dustin Zhou won’t care about this issue and become more relaxed. “Haha, then we won’t talk about it.

“Let’s talk about the topic, you are right, people from the Xu family came to me, and Xu Fengtian came in person.

Dustin Zhou narrated the conversation between himself and Xu Fengtian to Niu Chuan, and then said again. “I don’t think the others matter, but one sentence makes me very concerned.

“The Xu family is not simply just a few martial masters. Does this mean that the Xu family exists above the martial masters?”

“Dustin Zhou stared into Niu Chuan’s eyes and asked. Not long ago, he was anxious about this matter, but after seeing Niu Chuan, he suddenly calmed down a lot. He couldn’t find anyone who could share the pressure for himself. Good brother, but now he understands. It’s not that he couldn’t find it, but his eyesight is too narrow! The good brother who can share the pressure for him is always by his side. It is Niu Chuan! After hearing Dustin Zhou’s words, Niu Chuan There was a silence for a while. Then he nodded slowly. Dustin Zhou’s heart sank suddenly, because he knew what Niu Chuan’s nod meant. After adjusting his mentality, Dustin Zhou asked two questions that he was most concerned about. “The existence above the martial master, what is that thing called?

What is the difference in strength compared to the martial master?

“The emperor of warriors.”

“Niu Chuan said slowly, his face was very solemn, it seems that just to say this title is a great pressure for him. “The existence above the martial master is called the emperor of the martial artist.

“It can be called the existence of the emperor among the martial artists, and the gap between the martial arts master and the martial artist is like a big difference!

Niu Chuan gave another simple example. If the master of warrior can kill a cow with one punch, then the emperor of warrior can kill ten elephants with one punch! The difference between this kind of force is not a number at all. Measurable! If you have to calculate, then it is certainly not a problem for a warrior emperor to easily beat a hundred martial masters. “Hey!

“After hearing Niu Chuan’s words, Dustin Zhou couldn’t help taking a breath.

It’s horrible!

In an ordinary family, as long as you have one or two martial masters, you can do whatever you want, and the emperor of martial arts can easily sling a hundred martial masters!

What kind of concept is this?

Dustin Zhou couldn’t even imagine that there was such a powerful existence in this world!

“The emperor of warriors is indeed powerful and unimaginable.” Niu Chuan was not surprised at Dustin Zhou’s reaction.

After all, when he first came into contact with the emperor of warriors, his reaction was even more exaggerated than Dustin Zhou.

“But don’t worry too much. Although there are such creatures as the Emperor of Warriors in this world, the number is really very rare.” “The existence of the Emperor of Warriors in the Xu family is not large. We can’t just follow a few words from Xu Fengtian. This kind of inference is made in the big story.” “If the Xu family really has the emperor of warriors, then there will be no power in the entire Donghai city that can stop him from being born. The power of the emperor of warriors in this world can be in the whole The number one superpower in the world.” Niu Chuan said in a comforting tone. The news revealed in his words was that the Xu family actually did not have the emperor of warriors, so Dustin Zhou did not have to worry too much.

But Dustin Zhou didn’t think so. He felt that even if the Xu family did not have the existence of the martial emperor, they might have other existences that could suppress the martial master.

Chapter 883

The reason for this thought was that Dustin Zhou was a more cautious person, but also because of the fanaticism in his heart.

Yes, it is fanaticism.

After hearing Niu Chuan’s account of the Emperor of Warrior, Dustin Zhou’s heart was not only a little worried about the Xu family, but also excited and anticipating.

Can be called fanatical expectation.

If he also has a warrior emperor guarding him, then returning to the Zhou family would be a sh*t!

It is estimated that the Zhou family will come to him and kneel and lick it!

The emperor of warrior, these four characters left a mark in Dustin Zhou’s heart like a deep imprint.

“Even if the Xu family has no emperor of warriors, we must treat it as if they are the emperor of warriors.” Dustin Zhou’s eyes revealed a strong sense of confidence, “because defeating the Xu family is just a starting point for us. , It will definitely not be the end!” “Since there is such a thing as the Emperor of Warrior in this world, then we can reach it sooner or later!” “Or in the near future, we will really meet the Emperor of Warrior As an opponent, the emperor must make this awareness in advance!” Dustin Zhou’s words were very arrogant, even a little too exaggerated, even if they were in the Xu family, no one would dare to say such things and dare to talk to a warrior. The emperor is the enemy.

But Dustin Zhou said

Very serious, without any joking.

After hearing these words, Niu Chuan was stunned for a moment, and then, a burst of intense excitement broke out in his heart!

This is his boss!

He was trembling with fear before Dustin Zhou, but Dustin Zhou’s fighting spirit has become stronger!

Because of this, Niu Chuan believes that he has not followed the wrong person!

“Brother Yang, do you have a better way?” Niu Chuan asked immediately.

He wanted to know that Dustin Zhou already knew the power of the emperor of warriors, and could still speak such confident words. Is it true that there is any way to defeat the emperor of warriors?

“Uh, this, I haven’t thought about it for the time being.” “But I don’t believe it, the Emperor of Warrior has no weakness at all! Now I have too little information, and time is not enough, I haven’t figured out a corresponding method for the time being.” I think that as long as there is enough time, there will be a way.” Dustin Zhou said firmly.

Niu Chuan was silent for a moment.

He was not too disappointed, in other words, he had expected Dustin Zhou’s answer long ago.

It is hard for Dustin Zhou to have this self-confidence, as for him to come up with a method against the emperor of warriors in such a short time, it is indeed a bit difficult.

If this kind of thing can really be done, then there is no need for the emperor of warriors to exist.

“Brother Yang, maybe you can go to a place with me to try, maybe you can find a way to deal with the emperor of warriors.” After a moment of silence, Niu Chuan spoke slowly.

His tone was solemn, as if making this decision was a difficult choice for him.

“Oh? Where?” Dustin Zhou’s eyes lit up and asked.

Although he was confident in his mouth, Dustin Zhou would still have a headache for a while after hearing the power of the emperor of warrior.

But now Niu Chuan actually said that there is a way to deal with the emperor of warriors, which made Dustin Zhou immediately interested.

“Holy Mountain.” Niu Chuan slowly spit out two words.

“Holy Mountain?” Dustin Zhou had never heard of this name. It seemed that there was no such mountain in Donghai City.

“No, the holy mountain is in Donghai City,” Niu Chuan said, “It’s just that no one has ever heard of it.” “The name of this mountain has only been heard by a small number of martial masters, and ordinary people have never heard of it. No, so it’s normal if you haven’t heard of it.” “What’s in there? Why is it possible to find a way to deal with the emperor of warriors in that place?” Dustin Zhou had a little doubt.

It was not that Niu Chuan was suspected, but this kind of thing was too mysterious, he was a little worried that Niu Chuan was just hearsay.

“I’m indeed a hearsay, because I don’t know what’s in there. The only way to defeat the Emperor of Warriors has always been

It is a legend.

“No one has verified it. As for whether to believe it, Brother Yang, you can only weigh it yourself.”

Dustin Zhou pondered for a moment. This is a very difficult decision. I don’t know when the fight with the Xu family will start. There are too many variables in it. But if you don’t go, you will really fight the Xu family. , The possibility of defeat is also very high. In this way, it is better to let go! “I’m going to see!

“Okay, I will prepare!”

Niu Chuan agreed. It seems that he is waiting for Dustin Zhou’s answer. “Well, you should prepare first. I have some things to deal with.

“I will speed up the time. Within two days tomorrow, if there is no problem, we will set off directly.”

Dustin Zhou also nodded firmly. The holy mountain is just a legend, and even Niu Chuan can’t say what’s in it. But one thing is certain, if there is a way to defeat the emperor of warriors, then it is also There will be great risks hidden. Dustin Zhou doesn’t know how long this trip will take, so he must arrange everything in order and be prepared enough to deal with the danger. After the two discussed, Dustin Zhou would never do it again. I can’t look down on the documents in front of me. My mind is full of the affairs of the Emperor of Warriors and the Holy Mountain. After thinking about it, he decided to put aside the work and arrange the preparations for the Holy Mountain. Zhou Mu no longer needs to arrange. Now, she lives with Enderia Shen, and Enderia Shen takes care of Dustin Zhou with complete peace of mind. He only needs to call Enderia Shen to explain it. As for his wife Mira Xie, Dustin Zhou didn’t think about how to tell her. He didn’t understand, and he was afraid that Mira Xie would misunderstand anything. As for taking Mira Xie with him, he had no such idea at all. After all, he was not going on vacation, so this time he didn’t plan to bring a woman. Talk to Hu Ye and Xu Wei, this time it is estimated that a large number of martial masters will need to be mobilized to help.

“Leaving a group of martial masters in Donghai City just in case, and also taking away a group of martial masters, this is the top priority of this departure.

“Thinking of this, Dustin Zhou picked up the phone in his hand, but he hadn’t found Master Tiger’s contact information, so Mira Xie’s phone number suddenly came in. Dustin Zhou hesitated for a while, and pressed the answer. “Mira.

“Dustin Zhou said in a dull voice. “Dustin Zhou, do you have time now?”

“Mira Xie’s voice doesn’t sound very good either, it seems that something annoying has happened. “What’s wrong with Mira?”

Dustin Zhou cheered up, threw away the distracting thoughts in his heart, and focused all of his attention on Mira Xie. “I would like to invite you to sit at home, okay?”

“Mira Xie

Uncle Xie!

Sit at home?

Dustin Zhou had some doubts.

At the beginning, Dustin Zhou refused to receive this invitation.

Because he hated the Xie family too much, except for Mira Xie, it was all things that looked down upon others.

But I also said, except for Mira Xie.

Mira Xie is still a very beautiful woman, and Dustin Zhou loves her deeply.

So it’s so fragrant.

Dustin Zhou didn’t think much about it, so he agreed, “When?” “Just tomorrow morning.” Mira Xie was silent for a while, and added, “Of course, if you don’t mind, you can come over tonight.” Today Past night?

Are you going to stay at Xie’s house for one night?

Although he had lived in Xie’s house for many nights, he did not miss that place in the slightest.

Immediately refused.

“It’s not very convenient for me to go there at night. If I don’t delay things, I’d better go there early tomorrow morning.” Inconvenience?

What is inconvenient?

Are we not husband and wife?

Mira Xie bit the corner of his mouth, but never said this sentence.

“How is it? Is that trash rushing over?” “I knew that he must have lived a miserable life after being kicked out of Xie’s house. He must miss the life of dying in our house.” Xie mother on the side Muttered disdainfully.

Mira Xie made this call and Xie’s mother was listening, and she agreed to Mira Xie’s invitation to Dustin Zhou.

It’s not that Xie’s mother suddenly didn’t hate Dustin Zhou, but that Dustin Zhou was invited here this time because of the reason she couldn’t refuse anyway.

An uncle of the Xie family is coming back!

This uncle is the most promising person in the entire Xie family, and is equivalent to the elder of the entire Xie family.

It’s just that because he has been developing abroad all the year round and has never returned to China, Xie’s family is not a climate in Donghai City, and is only supported by a cosmetics company owned by Mira Xie.

At this time, the return of the uncle of the Xie family was said to be to completely integrate the Xie family and turn the Xie family into a traditional family family.

Once a family becomes an aristocratic family, its nature is completely different.

For example, the Su family is a family, and it is a first-class family. All their assets are under the name of the Su family.

In addition, they also have a Patriarch who has the right to mobilize all assets and integrate all resources.

In this way, it is equivalent to the development of all people’s strength, and the strength is naturally not to be underestimated.

And the Xie family, to put it bluntly, is an ordinary family, not much different from normal people. Each relative has his own thing to do, and the quality of the mix depends entirely on his own ability.

No family does not want to be a family, but it takes

A large amount of funds has been used to establish a large-scale group. The average family has no such strength at all.

So this time the return of the uncle is definitely a big event for the entire Xie family.

The reason why he was called Dustin Zhou was because the uncle of the Xie family was very strict with family rules.

He has strict requirements on the character and family status of everyone in the Xie family, and must not hide the slightest bit. For example, Mira Xie now has a husband.

Although the husband and her mother didn’t wait much, but the two had not yet divorced, they had to take Dustin Zhou to see the uncle.

Otherwise, the uncle will definitely blame it when he hears about it. This is something Xie’s mother would never want to see.

In desperation, she could only agree with Mira Xie to call Dustin Zhou back and allow Dustin Zhou to stay at Xie’s house for one night.

In her opinion, Dustin Zhou, who heard the news, must have been very excited.

But Mira Xie said quietly, “Mom, don’t talk about it. Dustin Zhou didn’t want to come to live at all. He only promised to come over early tomorrow morning.” “What!” Xie’s mother who heard these words suddenly felt like being caught. The cat stepped on its tail jumped up like a cat.

That trash, he invited him to stay at home for one night, but he even dared to refuse!

Could it be that he can’t figure out his position?

In the small rental house outside, how can it be compared with the well-decorated house like the Xie’s!

In Xie’s mother’s concept, after Dustin Zhou was kicked out of Xie’s house, he should live in a dilapidated small rental house with his paralyzed old mother. The room of the two of them was cramped and littered everywhere. The whole room was filled with a disgusting smell of rotting.

Living in such a house is itself a dirty and humble person!

I asked him to live in a well-decorated house for one night, but he even dared to refuse!

Of course, these are all taken for granted by Xie’s mother.

In fact, Dustin Zhou lived in a villa happily, sitting in front of the huge French windows and tasting hundreds of thousands of red wine.

And this kind of life was the life Xie’s mother always wanted, but didn’t dare to imagine.

Because in Xie’s mother’s concept, people who can live like this are really big people, such as those members of the family.

Of course, this identity has nothing to do with Dustin Zhou.

He still felt that Dustin Zhou was unreasonable, and continued to swear, “It’s such a dumb thing, no wonder it has been so rubbish for so many years!” “Don’t worry, Mira, we will take him to see your uncle tomorrow, see you In the future, we will tell the truth. When the time comes, you will be divorced under the witness of your uncle. Even your uncle will not blame us or anything.” Mother Xie said firmly, and made up her mind in her heart.


The uncle is back, and the Xie family is about to become a family, and their identities will naturally rise with the tide.

In this way, Dustin Zhou is even less worthy of Mira Xie. Although the uncle’s personality is old-fashioned and he doesn’t like the chaos of the family’s younger generations’ private lives, but Mira Xie’s situation cannot be called chaos.

When the time comes, tell the uncle Dustin Zhou’s situation, and then the two divorce under the witness of the uncle, and the Xie family can completely get rid of Dustin Zhou’s dog skin plaster!

“Okay, mom, don’t talk anymore!” Mira Xie was a little angry.

She wanted to tell Zhou Mu directly that it was not Dustin Zhou who had to stick to your daughter now, but whether your daughter could hold him!

There are too many excellent women around Dustin Zhou now, even Mira Xie felt a strong pressure.

“I won’t get a divorce, even if my uncle asks me to divorce, I won’t agree!” Mira Xie said very firmly.

“Are you going to rebel?” Faced with Mira Xie’s determination, Xie’s mother also became stubborn.

Her daughter is good at everything, she can start a company all by herself.

But how can you be so ignorant about feelings?

Must see such a waste!

What she didn’t know was that Mira Xie’s company would have gone bankrupt if it weren’t for that waste.

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