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Chapter 833

When Dustin Zhou and the others left, Zhou Shiming glanced at Zhou Weihai, hesitated for a moment, and asked.

“Foster father, who is that kid? I think you told him a little kid, do you deserve to laugh with him like this?” Zhou Shiming said disdainfully. He doesn’t know who Dustin Zhou is, but This does not prevent him from saying this.

Dustin Zhou didn’t seem to be in his twenties, so what can such a young man achieve.

If Dustin Zhou is a child of a big family, Zhou Shiming doesn’t know Dustin Zhou.

In the East China Sea, even in the whole country, Zhou Shiming knew all the young children of the big family who could be named, but Dustin Zhou was not included.

And when he thought of what he saw just now, Zhou Shiming became more curious and became more interested in Dustin Zhou’s identity.

“If you shouldn’t ask, don’t ask too much. When the time is right, you will naturally know.” Zhou Weihai said lightly, unwilling to answer Zhou Shiming’s question directly.

But Zhou Shiming ate a closed door, but he became more curious in his heart. He has made up his mind and will contact Asher Chen later to find out the specific situation from him.

… On the other side, Dustin Zhou and the others went straight to today’s second destination, Donghai Sainty Wharf


East China Sea Sainty Wharf, located on the banks of the Yangtze River, connecting the Yangtze River, the Huangpu River and the East China Sea, is the largest container terminal in the East China Sea. The number of containers handled every day occupies more than half of all terminals in the East China Sea. It is a well-deserved leader.

The Zhou family in Beijing is the largest shareholder of Donghai Sainty Terminal, and the chairman of Sainty Terminal Company is also a member of the Zhou family.

“The Sainty Wharf is equivalent to the Tiandi Financial Building. The person involved is also the elder of the Zhou family. He is a generational elder with Zhou Weihai. Zhou Weitian and Zhou Weihai are cousins.” Asher Chen also introduced to Dustin Zhou along the way. A lot of things about Sainty Wharf, especially the person who spoke to the terminal, Zhou Weitian, the chairman.

Compared to Zhou Weihai, Zhou Weitian is not that easy to talk.

Zhou Weihai has no heirs, so there is no absolute interest appeal.

But Zhou Weitian is different.

Zhou Weitian not only had sons, but also more than one, but three. They all had an extraordinary status in the Zhou family in the capital, and they took charge of many of the Zhou family’s properties.

It can be said that Zhou Weitian’s line is not low in the Zhou family.

As for whether Zhou Weitian’s line coveted the position of the Patriarch, Asher Chen didn’t know.

But from what I have known before, Asher Chen feels that Zhou Weitian does not have that kind of idea.

In Asher Chen’s view, Zhou Weitian and Zhou Weihai are cousins. The two people have the same idea. They both want to develop and grow the Zhou family. They themselves are not so demanding of the Zhou family’s power.

After all, no matter who is the head of the house, it is impossible to shake their position.

However, Asher Chen didn’t know what Zhou Weitian’s three sons thought.

Apart from anything else, when any age is in its prime, and when the Zhou family has a very high status, it is impossible not to covet the position of the Patriarch.

Therefore, Zhou Weitian’s three sons probably have such thoughts.

Therefore, when visiting Zhou Weitian this time, Asher Chen repeatedly urged Dustin Zhou to be cautious, and must not easily explain his true identity to Zhou Weitian as before.

Otherwise, Zhou Weitian may not have any thoughts, but it is hard to guarantee that he will not inadvertently mention to his son, what will happen then, no one can predict.

Dustin Zhou knew it well, and he had more senses for Zhou Weitian.

It is true that Zhou Weitian may be a good person, but he is different from Zhou Weihai after all.

Zhou Weihai has no heirs, so there is no absolute interest in the Zhou family. Even if he gets a huge fortune, or even becomes the head of the family, everything will disappear after he gets old.

But Zhou Weitian is different. Zhou Weitian has three sons who have interests. He gets

Property or becoming the power of the Zhou family can be passed on to his son.

Therefore, if Dustin Zhou tells Zhou Weitian his identity, there is a certain risk.

“I understand.” Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, already thinking carefully about how to achieve his goals when he meets Zhou Weitian, without revealing his identity.

“By the way, all three of Zhou Weitian’s sons should be in the capital?” Dustin Zhou asked suddenly.

It suddenly occurred to him that if Zhou Weitian’s son was also in the East China Sea, if he went to find Zhou Weitian today, he would probably be suspected by his son, and he would start investigating his identity.

In addition, Asher Chen and Sun Lian are by Dustin Zhou’s side, which makes it easier to expose their identities.

“Don’t worry, two of Zhou Weitian’s three sons are in the capital and one is abroad, and his son also knows Zhou Weitian’s character, so the contact between father and son is not so frequent. You are looking for Zhou Weitian today. His son is I won’t know in a short time.” Asher Chen knew what Dustin Zhou was worried about, so he explained.

“That’s good.” As they spoke, the three of them quickly arrived at the Sainty Wharf. At this time, the sky was getting late and the lights came on. The whole wharf was like daylight, with lights and people everywhere. It looked a little bit compared to the daytime. Not much worse.

Dustin Zhou and the three of them were walking on the pier, and they saw people in a hurry on the road and a busy transportation convoy.

“Zhou Weitian should still be in the office at this time. The office building of Shuntian Wharf is near the wharf. Walk here.” Asher Chen led the way, and the three quickly arrived at the office building of Shuntian Wharf.

Compared with the Tiandi Financial Building, the office building of Sainty Wharf looks much shabby.

The entire office building is only ten stories high, but at this time, the entire building is bright and the lights on each floor are on. Dustin Zhou looked upstairs and saw that there were many people and very busy. Look like.

The office building of Sainty Wharf is relatively loose, and there are so many people who come here to do business every day, so there is no particularly strict front desk here.

In the center of the lobby on the first floor of the office building, there is a front desk bar, but when the three of Dustin Zhou came in, they did not see a front desk on duty here.

On the entire first floor, there is only one security team patrolling here, but the eight security guards seem to be very loose, sitting in the corner chatting, and not paying much attention to the people walking in the lobby on the first floor of the office building.

“It’s so loose here, aren’t you afraid that someone will make trouble?” Dustin Zhou asked softly.

As soon as he entered the lobby on the first floor, he was startled by the crowd in front of him.

At first glance, he thought it was a vegetable market.

All kinds of people

Coming and going, holding documents and portfolios in hand, all come to handle affairs.

Chapter 834

“Haha, this little brother, is this the first time you are here?” At this moment, a young man walking by suddenly turned his head and looked at Dustin Zhou and said with a smile, his eyes kept turning, in Dustin Zhousan People look back and forth.

“Oh? How do you say?” Dustin Zhou asked in amazement. He didn’t expect that there would be someone who told him about his situation all at once.

“Hey, if you are not here for the first time, you will definitely not be unfamiliar with the situation here. You just said that you are not afraid of people making trouble here?” The young man saw that Dustin Zhou’s three people were not so honorable in their clothes, but they had a good manner. The temperaments are all extraordinary, knowing in my heart that these three people are definitely not ordinary people, so they came to Dustin Zhou and said in a low voice.

“Did you see those people?” The young man pointed to the eight security guards sitting in the corner, chatting and laughing, looking mysterious.

“Huh? How did they come? Aren’t they security guards? And they don’t care about the situation here at all, where are they chatting and laughing, is it because they have deterred those who want to make trouble?” Dustin Zhou said with a smile, for this young man The man’s pretending to be mysterious is a little unhappy.

However, he did not show it.

This was because he saw the situation with his own eyes along the way. Although the security guards didn’t care about it, there was indeed no disturbance here.

And since this young man can tell at a glance that he is here for the first time, then he may have some skills, knowing something that Dustin Zhou didn’t know.

After all, Asher Chen can only tell him about Zhou Weitian, and for this Sainty Wharf, especially the situation of this office building, I am afraid that Asher Chen himself has been here, so naturally he does not understand.

“Hey, don’t underestimate those security guards. They are all from the Cai family. They were specially invited by this Shuntian dock. With these people from the Cai family, the bureau can shock Xiao Xiao, who would dare to make trouble here? Isn’t it too long that I’ve gotten it?” The young man said with a smile, his face looked thief, and his eyes rolled a few times.

“You are here, do you want to apply for the pass? If you believe me, let me do it, and I will guarantee it will be done for you in ten minutes. I am here, Cai Dingtou, and it’s still a little tricky.” “Otherwise. Look at so many people here, if you have nothing to do, it is absolutely impossible to get a pass without a day!” The young man whispered, and his tone was serious and confident.

It seems that Dustin Zhou can hand in whatever they want to do

Give it to him, and he can do it in ten minutes.

Dustin Zhou glanced at this man who claimed to be Cai Dingtou, and he knew clearly.

Feeling does not come up to tell himself these things for no reason, but because he is an errand runner here who specializes in helping people with some things, which takes less time, and he gets corresponding rewards from others.

“Hehe, we are not here to apply for the pass.” Dustin Zhou shook his head and denied that he did not come to apply for any pass, and the purpose of his coming today, if he wants to ask Cai Dingtou, it is impossible for him to help himself. Finished.

“Oh, don’t worry, even if you are not here to apply for the pass, you will always have to do other business. Leave it to me. I promise to do it for you within ten minutes. It only costs three thousand yuan and ten minutes. Just take a rest here, otherwise you look at the people here, it’s crowded, you don’t know how long it will take.” Cai Dingtou must have said this, and his heart suddenly became anxious.

Just kidding, I spent so much talking just now and talked to Dustin Zhou about some of the situation here, feeling that Dustin Zhou and the others came here, but they weren’t applying for a pass.

However, since Cai Dingtou has been eyeing him, it is impossible for him to do it empty-handed, so how can he take down the business that Dustin Zhou and the others came to handle today.

“Haha, no, you can’t handle the things we want to handle.” Dustin Zhou said lightly, and was about to walk inside.

“Hey, wait.” But, just as Dustin Zhou took a step, Cai Dingtou stopped them.

“I’ll say a few people, who do you look down on? I’m here with Cai Dingtou. I don’t say everything, but I have never met a business that I can’t handle. Tell me, what is it? If I can’t handle the business, I’ll get out of here immediately, without delaying your time, and from now on, as long as you come here, everything can be handled by me for you, and I won’t accept anything!” Cai Dingtou scratched his head and looked at Dustin Zhou with an extremely serious expression and a sense of humiliation that he was suspected of being incompetent.

Cai Dingtou was excited and spoke

The voice was louder, and it attracted the attention of many people.

“Oh, this is not Cai Dingtou, why, do you want others to hand over the business to you?” “Hehe, I see, this Cai Dingtou has a hard stubble, I said Cai Dingtou, people don’t want to , Are you still planning to buy and sell?” “Haha, but to be honest, this Cai Dingtou is still quite capable, and the staff here are very familiar with what kind of business will be handled by him, guaranteed within ten minutes There is a result.” “Yes, my previous business was also handed over to Cai Dingtou. Several people, if you have any business, give it to Cai Dingtou. Three thousand dollars. How much time is saved? Why do you have to do it yourself, it’s so troublesome.” … Suddenly, many people recognized Cai Dingtou and started shouting, and there were a few who kept talking to Cai Dingtou.

Praise, as if Cai Dingtou really has great abilities.

However, Dustin Zhou didn’t feel much about these.

Even if this Cai Dingtou has great abilities, he would not leave it to him to do what he was going to do today.

Not to mention that Cai Dingtou is just a broker, does he have that ability himself.

Moreover, to persuade Zhou Weitian to help, Dustin Zhou must meet the opponent in person and talk to him about the stakes.

Otherwise, if Dustin Zhou casually finds someone to see Zhou Weitian, not to mention whether he can see him, even if he sees it, will Zhou Weitian feel that he is insincere and refuse directly?

These are things Dustin Zhou had to consider.

“How? I didn’t lie to you, right? Many people here are looking for me to do things. Cai Dingtou has always been that person with money and money, and I am never sloppy. Let’s talk about it. What are you doing here? Business, leave it to me, ten minutes, I promise you will be satisfied.” Cai Dingtou was very satisfied with the attitude of the people around him, waved his hand, and said calmly.

“Hehe, how is your ability, I don’t care, because I’m here to handle things today, only I can handle it myself, and even if it’s left to you, you can’t do it.”

Chapter 835

Dustin Zhou shook his head, still rejected Cai Dingtou, and started walking inside.

However, Cai Dingtou seemed to be on the bar with Dustin Zhou. The more Dustin Zhou was reluctant to hand over the business to him, the more he stopped Dustin Zhou and prevented him from walking inside.

“What do I mean by you, look down on me? Today, I Cai Dingtou said here, your business today will be handed over to me, or if you don’t hand it over, you still have to hand it over to me. No choice!” Cai Ding’s eyes flicked, and the expression on his face suddenly became vicious, like a bully.

And hearing what Cai Dingtou said, many people around the audience quietly retreated and left directly. The security guards who had been sitting and chatting in the corner also looked over, and even stood up and swayed. Coming to this side leisurely.

Obviously, the movement here has attracted the attention of the security guards.

In particular, there were many people onlookers around, which has caused a certain degree of congestion in the hall.

“What’s the situation?” “Cai Dingtou, it’s you again, what are you doing today?” The security guards slowly walked over, pushed aside the crowd, and saw Cai Dingtou and Dustin Zhou confronting each other, and they immediately teased. .

Moreover, even though these security guards were yelling at Cai Dingtou, their eyes were all on Dustin Zhou’s trio. They stared at Dustin Zhou’s trio closely, as if they were going to look at them to death. They seem to have a chance to leave.

Dustin Zhouzhi

I just looked at it casually and I knew everything.

No wonder this Cai Dingtou knows these security guards so much, they are clearly in the same group.

And these security guards seem to care about things, but they just don’t care about things in the office lobby, and they are tightly controlled about the things that go with them and step on nails.

Once someone has a conflict with stepping on a nail, they will be the first to rush over to maintain order.

It seems that they are here to maintain order, but in fact they are here to pull sideways.

The object of their bias is indeed Cai Dingtou.

“Hehe, that’s the case, you are a group, and you got your idea on my head, but I am in a good mood today, and I don’t want to clean up you. If you are acquainted, hurry up and don’t let me see you again.” Dustin Zhou was lightly He smiled, looked indifferent, and dismissed Cai Dingtou and the security guards.

Such a person is nothing in Dustin Zhou’s eyes, and even directly belongs to a group of people who can’t be on the stage.

Such people don’t need Dustin Zhou to waste time and energy to clean up them.

And because Dustin Zhou has something to do today, he doesn’t want to do anything to them. As long as they know each other and get out, Dustin Zhou won’t hold them accountable.

“Haha, I really laughed at me. This is the first time that I heard someone dare to talk to me like this, boy, do you see clearly where this is? Saying this, didn’t you think about it?” Cai Dingtou He laughed, looking at Dustin Zhou’s gaze is very ferocious.

“Huh, kid, you dare to talk to us like this. It seems that you look down on our brother. If so, we will give you two choices today. One is to spend one hundred thousand yuan and give the business to Cai Ding. Go ahead and deal with it, you guys will wait aside.” “The second one is to be beaten by us, and we will throw you out again!” Several security guards flexed their hands and said viciously.

And seeing this scene, the crowd of people around the audience slid quickly, and they all dispersed in the blink of an eye.

In an instant, in the middle of the hall, there were only three people Dustin Zhou, Cai Dingtou, and a few security guards.

Cai Dingtou and several security guards are obviously in the same group, and their common goal is Dustin Zhou and the three.

“Tsk tsk, another ignorant.” “Yeah, you said that Cai Dingtou has been doing things like this for more than ten years here, how can someone offend him without having eyesight? Are these three people here? Didn’t you inquire about the situation here before?” “Oh, this Cai Dingtou is really hateful, can no one be able to clean him up?” “Hush, don’t talk nonsense, you are dead, he Cai Dingtou is a member of the Cai family, and the Cai family is the top second-rate family in the East China Sea. Who can’t open their eyes, dare to find him Cai Ding

The trouble of the head, besides, the security guards here are all from the Cai family. They are in the same group as Cai Dingtou. Who will be their opponent?

“… Everyone was talking, one by one looking at Dustin Zhou and the three people with sympathy, while looking at Cai Dingtou and the security guards, they were full of hatred and fear at the same time. “It seems that you are not. Willing to leave.

“Dustin Zhou sighed, feeling very helpless. He came here because he has serious business, and he doesn’t want to have any conflicts with unprovoked people, and waste his time. However, the sky does not fulfill people’s wishes, and there are always people who do not have long eyes, come here. Looking for trouble. As for the Cai Dingtou in front of him, Dustin Zhou thought he was a good-hearted man at first, but now it seems that he is basically a wolf in sheep’s clothing. “Since you don’t want to leave here, then don’t leave.

Dustin Zhou said in a deep voice, his voice full of chill, like bitter ice, piercing the hearts of Cai Dingtou and several security guards. This made them feel a little trembling for a moment, and their eyes became serious when they watched Dustin Zhou. But soon, they became fierce. No matter how the Dustin Zhou trio, there are only three people, and one of them is still a woman. And Cai Dingtou, there are nine people in total, and eight of them are security guards. The nursing homes of the family are very capable, and it is easy to pick up two or three normal adult men one by one. “Huh, boy, since you are so ignorant of good and bad, then don’t blame us for being cruel Up!

Brothers, come on, show him a little bit of color, and let the big guys see, this is the end of offending us!

Cai Dingtou yelled, and rushed towards Dustin Zhou with his fist first. In his opinion, Dustin Zhou was young and very thin, and he must be an easy person to deal with. “Hehe, what a death!”

Dustin Zhou yelled and greeted him with a fist. He didn’t let Asher Chen help. In his opinion, Cai Dingtou and a few security guards, a total of nine people, could not pose any threat to him at all. It’s just a matter of taking a little time to get rid of nine of them. Dustin Zhou hit Cai Dingtou’s fist with a fist, and there was a click. “Ah!

my hand!

Suddenly, a bone grinning sounded, and then, Cai Dingtou screamed. The hand that was waving his fist just now drooped, his face became extremely pale, and his forehead was sweaty, as if he had just washed from the bathroom. It’s the same as coming out of the bath. This incident stunned everyone at once.

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