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Chapter 611

“It’s really generous, 300-year-old ginseng.” Dustin Zhou’s eyes fell on the gift box beside the bed, a hint of sarcasm on his face.

This Jiang Feng really made a good idea. He wanted to use these two 300-year-old ginseng to kill three birds with one stone.

First of all, these two 300-year-old ginsengs are definitely enough as a gift to Chen An and Li Chen.

Secondly, this ginseng is attractive enough to other people in the ward and even to Dustin Zhou, and it can even attract many people to change their views of Jiang Feng, and even envy them, so that they can rely on the past.

After all, the 300-year-old ginseng is not extravagant, so the Jiang family will probably not lack other good things.

Finally, this is also the most important.

The 300-year-old ginseng is hard to come by and has no market.

Don’t say that ordinary people can’t get such ginseng, even ordinary big families can’t get it.

But Jiang Feng was able to easily send two such ginsengs. What does it mean?

It shows that his Jiang family and Confucian family have a profound background, and the family power is far from what they have shown before.

In this way, Dustin Zhou can feel jealous and dare not attack them at will.

“Brother Yang, I don’t know if such ginseng is 300 years old, but it’s definitely more than 250 years.” Niu Chuan walked over, opened the gift box, took out the ginseng inside, checked it carefully, and said in a deep voice. .

At this moment, Niu Chuan did feel a little loose in his heart.

Even for him, for so many years, he has never obtained a ginseng that is more than two hundred years old.

It is ginseng that is more than two hundred years old. Niu Chuan has seen it before.

And thinking of what Dustin Zhou asked before, can he also

Become a warrior master.

At that time, Niu Chuan didn’t think Dustin Zhou could become a martial master like himself, and it was even very difficult for Dustin Zhou to reach the point where Jiang Feng was.

But now, Niu Chuan feels there is something to play.

“Brother Yang, the question you asked me before, I think there may be a way now.” Niu Chuan said seriously.

He felt that he had to clarify things to Dustin Zhou, even though it would require two 300-year-old ginseng.

After all, Chen An and Li Chen are no different from strangers to Niu Chuan.

Under the same circumstances, Niu Chuan will naturally take the lead in considering Dustin Zhou’s interests.

And these two 300-year-old ginsengs, although Jiang Feng gave Chen An and Li Chen an apologize, they were won by Dustin Zhou after all.

In the eyes of Niu Chuan, Dustin Zhou also has the right to dispose of these two ginseng plants.

It’s a big deal. I’ll give Chen An and Li Chen some compensation.

“What way?” Dustin Zhou was also a little curious, not knowing what way Niu Chuan suddenly thought of.

“Brother Yang, although these two ginseng plants may not be 300 years old, they exist in 250 years, and their efficacy is far from what ordinary people understand.” Next, Niu Chuan explained to Dustin Zhou Some century-old ginseng, especially ginseng more than two hundred years old, has some unique effects.

And this unique effect is nothing to ordinary people, or even useless, but for a martial artist like him, the effect and significance are extraordinary.

The ginseng that is more than two hundred years old, in addition to the nourishing and nourishing effects as commonly known, can also improve the physical fitness of a person and wash away some impurities in the body.

Dustin Zhou is not too young, and there must be a lot of impurities in his body. If he can use these two ginseng strains to get rid of some of the impurities in his body, then his future martial arts practice will be much smoother.

Even, it is not without hope to enter the martial arts master in one lifetime.

After Niu Chuan finished speaking, the ward fell silent.

Dustin Zhou didn’t say a word, his eyes became hollow, as if he had no desires and desires, he was wandering beyond heaven.

And Niu Chuan did not continue to say anything.

After all, he has already said what should be said, and the rest depends on Dustin Zhou’s choice.

Jiang Feng sent these two ginseng plants at Dustin Zhou’s request.

However, this is after all an apologize to Chen An and Li Chen.

If it was just taken over, Dustin Zhou might feel uneasy or even resist.

Because this is very different from Dustin Zhou’s previous behavior style.

“Chuanzi, don’t mention this matter again. Since Jiang Feng gave Chen An and Li Chen this ginseng, it belongs to them. As for the martial master, you can’t do it.” Dustin Zhou said softly, his tone was not sad.

Not happy, not affected at all.

“Okay, let’s go back. There are some things left and we need to deal with it.” After speaking, Dustin Zhou turned and left.

Before leaving the ward, Niu Chuan took a deep look at Chen An and Li Chen who were lying unconscious on the bed, and there was already a hint of determination in his heart.

Perhaps Dustin Zhou could not comfortably ask for the ginseng from Chen An and Li Chen, but Niu Chuan felt that there was nothing.

Since Dustin Zhou is unwilling, then let me Niu Chuan to be this villain.

Niu Chuan thought to himself.

He could feel that Dustin Zhou had a secret in his heart, and this secret might have a lot to do with Dustin Zhou’s identity.

Otherwise, the two have been familiar with each other before, and Niu Chuan also knows some details about Dustin Zhou, just a son-in-law.

However, Dustin Zhou has undergone earth-shaking changes in this short span of less than a year.

Moreover, even Asher Chen is only looking forward to Dustin Zhou.

Such details are nothing at all for the people who have been with Dustin Zhou.

But if Dustin Zhou didn’t say it, Niu Chuan would not ask.

But he also knows that Dustin Zhou has been accumulating strength and promoting the company, whether it is in the East China Sea or the development in Hunan Province, is just a means for Dustin Zhou to accumulate strength.

From this, one can imagine how heavy the secrets Dustin Zhou carried.

And this is probably also one of the reasons Dustin Zhou suddenly thought of becoming a martial artist.

Kaiyuan Hotel.

After returning to the hotel, Dustin Zhou did not stop, but arranged tasks non-stop.

Time waits for no one. As the Spring Festival is approaching, most people here are returning to the East China Sea to celebrate the New Year.

And Dustin Zhou is even more so.

It’s been three or four months since he came out. He just contacted his mother on the phone, and hasn’t seen her for a long time. Now it’s time to spend the New Year with his mother.


Liushi Beauty Office on the second floor.

Wang Wei and others have been in the office for nearly a day.

The sky is getting darker, the pedestrian street is already brightly lit, and the flow of people is increasing.

And because of the approach of the Spring Festival, most of the people on the pedestrian street are in a good mood, talking and laughing, chasing joyfully.

However, in comparison, the faces of Wang Wei and others in the office on the second floor of Liushi Beauty Makeup are a bit ugly.

They were in the office all day today. They didn’t go out, even if they had meals, they let the employees go out and buy them and settled in the office.

Chapter 612

“Mr. Wang, it’s getting dark this day, Kong Shao and they still don’t have any news?” Ding Junfeng rubbed his sour cheeks, and complained.

After being beaten by Chen Tianhao the last time, Ding Junfeng has not recovered. He still has

In some places, there will be pain from time to time.

And Ding Junfeng’s complaint aroused the sympathy of others.

Everyone has been waiting here for a day, but there is no news from Kong Hui.

Even if there is no good news yet, at least there is some movement.

However, they did not get any news about it.

Wang Wei’s face was also a bit solemn, and after Ding Junfeng complained, and other people’s eyes turned to him, his face became difficult to look.

“Do you not believe me or Kong Shao?” Wang Wei said in a deep voice.

One day was about to pass, and there was still no news from Shao Kong. This really surprised Wang Wei, even something he hadn’t expected before.

In Wang Wei’s expectation, Kong Hui acted vigorously and resolutely this time, and immediately made Dustin Zhou and the others frightened and fled.

However, the reality is so cold.

Did even Shao Kong miss it?

The moment this idea emerged in Wang Wei’s mind, he directly eliminated it.

How could Kong Shao make a shot and fail? What’s more, this time, Jiang Shao shot together.

The young and old of the two big families shot together, can Dustin Zhou still resist?

“Mr. Wang, it’s not that we don’t believe you or Kong Shao. It’s just that this time, it’s our last chance. You know, Kong Shao made many shots before, but that time was successful?” Shen Hai said in a deep voice. Said, a kind of frustration and annoyance that could not be said in the tone.

As soon as he said this, it was like a hornet’s nest, and other people immediately joined in.

“Yes, Kong Shao has made shots several times before, but every time they return without success, we still let Dustin Zhou and the others be proud.” “Mr. Wang, this is our last chance. If it is still unsuccessful, I I’m going to return to the East China Sea. I won’t mix things up here anymore.” “Me too, Mr. Wang, Donghai’s family business has not yet developed and grown. In Hunan Province, we have indeed invested too much, but we have been Up to now, there has been no output, and even our previous investments have now been in vain.” … Several partners all complained together, and a frustrated atmosphere instantly filled the office.

Everyone’s complaints, like headless flies, kept circling in Wang Wei’s ears, making him feel annoyed.

“Enough!” With a low drink, Wang Wei looked at the crowd with a gloomy expression. His eyes seemed to drip out of gloom, making everyone avoid Wang Wei’s gaze.

“Is it useful for you to complain here? If you don’t believe me or Kong Shao, then go and leave Hunan Province. Otherwise, you will have to wait for me all the time.”

“What’s more, this time in addition to Kong Shao, Jiang Shao will also take action against Dustin Zhou. I don’t believe that Dustin Zhou can have a lot of ability.” Wang Wei said calmly.

He knew that at this time, the more impetuous people became, the more he wanted to calm everyone down.

The first thing that needs to be done is to make everyone confident.

“This time, Dustin Zhou is definitely not Kong Shao’s opponent. Kong Shao’s shot this time is also the last time he shot. He will definitely not give Dustin Zhou a chance. I’m here to let go. If Kong Shao fails to defeat Dustin Zhou this time, Then I, Wang Wei, will get out of this second floor.” Wang Wei was eloquent, and he was full of vigor as he lashed out at Fang Qiu.

When others saw Wang Wei doing this, although they still had some doubts and doubts in their hearts, they had to suppress their anxiety.

After all, Wang Wei has been talking like this. If everyone still complains, then it is clear that he looks down on Wang Wei and Kong Shao.

In case Kong Shao really defeated Dustin Zhou, after success, they would have no face to stay here.

And once Kong Shao didn’t succeed, then Wang Wei’s words just now gave everyone some comfort.

After all, it is impossible for Wang Wei to take his dignity seriously, right?

Since he dared to say such words, he must be very confident, and even Kong Shao might have explained something to Wang Wei alone.

Only in this way can Wang Wei be single-minded and absolutely believe in Kong Shao.

“Since Mr. Wang has said so, we naturally won’t have any more opinions. We are here, waiting for Kong Shao’s good news.” Ding Junfeng chuckled and said with a chuckle.

He also didn’t want to be this early bird, and now Wang Wei said everything for this reason. If Ding Junfeng continues to complain, or even sway other people’s emotions, then he will be a little bit ignorant.

In this case, Wang Wei and Kong Shao’s suppression afterwards is very likely to happen.

“Yes, since Mr. Wang said so, let’s wait here.” “Hehe, I certainly believe that Mr. Wang and Shao Kong are now, and only Shao Kong can deal with Dustin Zhou.” “The sky is not right now. It’s early, I’m going out to buy something to eat. Tell me what you want to eat, and I will buy it together.” … Shen Hai felt helpless when he saw this.

But since Ding Junfeng has expressed his opinion, if he is still talking about it here, jumping up and down, he will undoubtedly be very conspicuous and become a living target.

If Kong Shao successfully defeated Dustin Zhou, the next person to clean up would probably be Shen Hai.

In desperation, coupled with the emptiness of his stomach, Shen Hai thought about going out to buy something to eat, so that everyone would be hungry while not feeling anxious.


Soon, Shen Hai got the things written by several partners that needed to be bought back.

Not much, but for the six of them, it is also very much.

Shen Hai did not speak, and went straight down to the second floor, ready to shop in the pedestrian street.

However, when he walked out of the door of Liushi Beauty Makeup, his gaze naturally fell on the Liushi branch of the famous company opposite.

Compared to the bleak business of Liushi Beauty, the voice of the Liushi branch is not all good.

The store was crowded with customers, the customers who kept coming in, and the customers who kept checking out and leaving.

The Liushi branch did not stop for almost a moment, from the moment the door opened to the moment the shop closed at night.

This has always been the case.

“Sigh…” Shen Hai actually regretted it a little bit in his heart. Moreover, with the reopening of the Liushi branch, his voice became more and more prosperous, surpassing Liushi Beauty, and even more beautiful than Liushi. When the makeup was still hot in the first few days, it has not dissipated.

Chapter 613

Now think about it, if I had decided to stand aside with Ye Fang, instead of coveting the certain share in his hand, I would choose to leave Wang Wei with Ye Fang.

So, will the Liushi branch opposite now have its own location?

Shen Hai didn’t know, but this did not prevent him from imagining and guessing.

In the end, Shen Hai got a conclusion.

That is, if he really stood firmly next to Ye Fang, then he may not have a good position in the Liushi branch now, but it is definitely better than waiting for the final sentence in Liushi Beauty, and it is better. many.

However, reality is different from imagination after all.

He had already made a choice, and it was only destined to get to this point. It was impossible to go back to the past and make a new choice.

Putting away his thoughts, Shen Hai wrapped his coat and walked towards the shop on the roadside.

At the same time, the Liushi branch.

Ye Fang just received a call from Dustin Zhou and learned about what happened today. He knew that Zhang Hai was rebelled by Kong Hui and Jiang Feng and even assassinated Dustin Zhou in the hotel room.

There is also the experience of Chen An and Li Chen.

This made her angry.

For Zhang Hai, Ye Fang didn’t have much impression.

It is Chen An and Li Chen, because they have a lot of business dealings with Ye Fang’s husband’s company, so they know something about them.

Ye Fang didn’t expect that it took long for someone to hit them.

If Dustin Zhou hadn’t discovered it early, the consequences would be disastrous.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Fang was also lost in thought.

According to Dustin Zhou, neither Kong Hui nor Jiang Feng would

Continue to intervene in Wang Wei’s affairs, then based on the current situation, Liushi Beauty will not be the opponent of the Liushi branch at all.

With Wang Wei’s ability, in such a situation, it is simply lack of abilities.

Therefore, as long as Ye Fang followed his steps and took his time, letting Liushi Beauty Makeup shut down would be a breeze. It was a matter of time.

However, at the thought of Zhang Haixing’s assassination of Dustin Zhou, Chen An and Li Chen’s encounters, Ye Fang felt angry for no reason.

Originally, I was thinking that it might take time to make Liushi Beauty makeup unsustainable.

But now, Ye Fang felt that Wang Wei could not be so cheap.

In the beginning, at the celebration banquet on the night of the opening of Liushi Beauty, faced with Dustin Zhou’s question, how arrogant and proud Wang Wei was.

In front of so many employees, giving a gift of 9.99 million yuan can be described as everyone’s share.

But now it seems that the reason why Wang Wei did that in the first place was nothing more than a fox and a fake tiger. He didn’t have enough momentum and wanted to strengthen himself.

And now, after several confrontations with Dustin Zhou, Wang Wei’s lack of ink is already very obvious.

And after Kong Hui was directly defeated by Dustin Zhou and made a promise, Wang Wei will undoubtedly show his true colors.

“I definitely can’t just make you so cheap.” Ye Fang looked out the window and landed on the Liushi beauty makeup opposite. Looking at the deserted store, he had a plan in his heart.

It’s just that if you want to realize this plan, you need someone to cooperate.

It’s just that, who should I look for to cooperate with me?

Thinking in her heart, Ye Fang suddenly lit up, and suddenly an acquaintance appeared in her vision.

It is Shen Hai.

At the beginning, Ye Fang, Shen Hai, and Zhao Cheng stood on one side and moved forward together to resist Wang Wei’s growing desire for power.

However, after Wang Wei’s ambition became clear, Ye Fang and Zhao Cheng left one after another. Only Shen Hai remained with Wang Wei.

Now, Zhao Cheng has returned to the East China Sea long ago to manage his own business with ease.

And Ye Fang also reopened the Liushi branch, and his voice got better and better.

Only Shen Hai, now high or low, is suffocating in his heart.

Shen Hai was unwilling to leave Hunan Province and return to the East China Sea.

He stayed in Hunan Province, but he didn’t know what he should do.

Therefore, if this plan is to be realized, Shen Hai is undoubtedly a very good choice.

Thinking of this, the corners of Ye Fang’s mouth raised slightly, feeling for the first time that it was such a pleasant thing to count others.

Shen Hai bought things, returned to Liushi Beauty, and asked employees to deliver them to the office on the second floor, while he lit a cigarette and stood at the door of the store, looking extremely lonely and desolate.

He was thinking.

It’s getting so late, but there is still nothing on Kong Hui’s side

The news came.

Then, the result is likely to have appeared, that is, Kong Hui still failed, he is not Dustin Zhou’s opponent.

Otherwise, Kong Hui will definitely have Wang Wei at the same time as soon as possible, and Wang Wei will also notify them non-stop.

Well, even Kong Hui personally showed up and failed, so would they still have the possibility of success or victory in the fight against Dustin Zhou?

The answer is already very obvious, and Shen Hai doesn’t even want to think about what choice they have to make if they really get there.

“Tingling bell.” At this moment, Shen Hai’s cell phone rang.

Is there news from Wang Wei?

Shen Hai was puzzled, took out his mobile phone, and when he saw the caller ID, his face suddenly became weird.

It turned out to be her?

Ye Fang!

Since he chose to stand on Wang Wei’s side and Ye Fang chose to quit, Shen Hai has not deleted this contact information, but has not been contacted, so it has been dusted in his address book.

Shen Hai never expected that Ye Fang would call himself, and it was still at this time.

What does she want to do?

Show off, yell at yourself blind?

This is impossible.

Shen Hai knew Ye Fang very well. Although she was a woman, she had strong self-esteem and desire to win.

Before Ye Fang had a disagreement with Wang Wei, Ye Fang withdrew.

Just when everyone thought Ye Fang would return to the East China Sea, Ye Fang actually reappeared in front of them as a shareholder of the Liushi branch.

And now, what exactly is Ye Fang calling for?

Shen Hai had a guess in his heart, but he still had some doubts in his heart, and some expectations.

“Hello.” Shen Hai’s voice was a bit hoarse. He couldn’t tell his current mood, so he could only try to make his tone calmer.

“Shen Hai, do you have time now? I want to talk to you.” Ye Fang said lightly. Through the window, she could clearly see Shen Hai standing in front of the Liushi Beauty Store. The figure is so lonely and depressed.

Such a figure shouldn’t have appeared on Shen Hai originally.

But now the situation has changed. The confrontation between Wang Wei and Dustin Zhou has long since had its results. Even if Wang Wei wants to do anything, it is too late.

As a person attached to Wang Wei’s side, Shen Hai is now unable to protect himself.

Unless he can decisively leave Hunan Province and return to the East China Sea.

However, based on Ye Fang’s understanding of Shen Hai, he is not such a person.

Even if he is about to lose, Shen Hai is also a person who wants to know where and how he lost.

“Five minutes later, good Jasmine Coffee Shop.”

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