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The Return Of The God Of War Novel,revolves around the character Levi Garrison, who is an orphan adopted by a cruel family. The story is an action-packed novel tangled with love, hate, greed, humility, and sacrifice.

If you an action-story lover, this tale is a must read for you. Here on this website, you will get the online version and the PDF version of the story for free. As you go through the chapters, the well implemented plot twists and milestones will bind you with the story till the end.

If you want to know what kind of story does the Return Of The God Of War articulates, read this article till the end.

The Return Of The God Of War Novel

Image Of The Return Of The God Of War Novel

The novel begins articulating the story of an orphan boy who becomes a powerful man later in the story. He is Levi Garrison, the male lead character of the story who lives a miserable life after losing his parents at a young age.

Having no one to rely on after becoming an orphan he begs on the streets for food and shelter until a rich family adopts him. Even after being adopted by this family, he never gets a contented life.

He gets abused and manipulated for not having a selfish personality like the rest of the family members. Further, the family also considers him a threat to their life. After starting a successful business, he becomes the sore of their throat as the elders foresee him as a powerful and dominating man.

The Return Of The God Of War Novel Levi Garrison

Image Of The Return Of The God Of War Novel Levi Garrison

To kick him out of their lives, the family designed a plan to trap him. On his wedding night, the family gave him drugs and later pushed him into the room of his sister-in-law. They created such a situation where all the guest and hosts saw him in an indecent position in his sister-in-law’s room.

As the plan was successfully implemented, the family called the police he gets jailed for not being able to prove his innocence. The most fortunate day of his life turns into the unfortunate one and he gets jailed for five years.

The family was so happy after sending him to the prison, they thought of getting rid of him for rest of their life, little did they know they were giving him a chance to come up as the person he was destined to be.

The Return Of The God Of War Novel PDF

Even after being deceived by his own family, he never got disappointed. He stayed positive and believed that the trails of life were preparing him for the storm he was going to face next.

Having extremely amazing fighting skills, he gets a chance to play his role in a war zone. This is the point where the story of the novel takes a turn and Levi Garrison comes out as the best version of himself.

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The Return Of The God Of War Novel Read Online

After participating in the war zone, he comes to know about his strongest skills that he would never have known if he wasn’t sent to the jail. Here, Levi becomes an undefeatable warrior with massive power and influence.

As he returns to the family, they disown him saying his criminal background will bring a bad name to their family. Though, this was the only chance for the family to repent for their false doings but they still take the God Of War for garneted and lose the opportunity to earn his forgiveness and mercy.

Here, the lead character thinks of avenging for his sufferings but it wasn’t quite simple for him. Beside him was standing his wife, who trusted him when his whole family was planning to imprison him. She waited for him to return even they didn’t spend a single day together.

Will his wife encourage him to avenge for his sufferings or will they forgive his nominal family? Will the family realize their mistakes? To get to know the answers read the full story of The God Of War Novel for free.

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