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More often than not, Chinese literature – from ancient times to the present – is obsessed with the didactic way of storytelling with a lesson to be learned after the reading is done.

The Poorest Rich Man isn’t different from that. It is a tale of hunger and destitution and the behavior of the world in regard to these hard facts that make the people in the receiving end, somewhat, vulnerable.

Poverty isn’t welcomed by any same person but it exists in the world just like it did in the past. However, if there are people with meager resources, it is the duty of the better off people to take care of them and treat them as equals.

But this simple, lesson is neither learned nor implemented by most wealthy people. The Poorest Rich Man novel aims to discuss this issue.

In the following lines, I will provide you with a snapshot of this novel I will also include a review so you be better to equip to decide whether to read it or not. So let’s begin.

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The Poorest Rich Man Chinese Novel: a Brief Summary

The Poorest Rich Man story revolves around the misfortunes of our protagonist, Sheldon. He is a young, handsome, university goer. But all the problems in his life stem from the fact that he is poor.

Not being able to afford his education, he is given a need-based scholarship at his university. The amount that he receives is peanuts – hardly bolstering his expenses.

As a student, he seems to be doing all sorts of odd jobs, such as running errands for the families of his classmates. Humiliated by all for this lack of resources. Sheldon is pushed down all his life to be what he was not, to not dream high, and be subservient to the wealthy and powerful.

For him, life is tougher than his peers and this gets him all emotional. Even the girl he is in love with abandons him as she would only care for money and stuff. This breaks his heart and he aims to be a success someday. However, his fortunes upend sooner than he has ever anticipated.

Sheldon gets the surprise of the news that he is the sole heir to the wealthiest person in the town and he has been left a fortune behind his parents. He is super rich now.

His wealth is greater than the wealth of all the people, who locked him for being poor, combined.

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His fortunes have turned out to be great and with it, the behavior of people has also altered. The same people who would not greet him when he lived a life of poverty, are coming closer to him, to ingratiate him.

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Sheldon, an educated and sensible person, knows what’s happening and he realizes that with the power that has been bestowed upon him as a virtue of being rich, he can make people do anything he desires. This fascinates him.

Will Sheldon turn out to be a filthy rich brat, profligate his wealth on unnecessary luxuries, and treating people like dirt? Or he will have the hard lessons remembered when he was poor?

These are the themes that need to be read to get the lessons on what it takes to be rich and how can one keep his humanity with the material wealth in hand.

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The Poorest Rich Man Novel Free Download:

This Chinese novel is a real page-turner. It gives the readers a polite reawakening of what should be the right way to live life, no matter rich or poor.

The Poorest Rich Man novel free is available online, if you made your mind to read it you can download it easily. And same is the case with the PDF file, you simply need to search ‘The Poorest Rich Man novel pdf’ and there you can access the novel.

Happy November Reading!

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