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A marriage to continue, compromise is a necessary ingredient. But what if the room for compromise has been already filled with the previous commitments? The Pampering CEO is all about that.

This novel is about a husband and a wife, who are living together; yet, are miles apart. There is coldness whenever they interact. In fact, they live their life together as if they have no relationship at all.
But that is not it, there is something more that will brew between these misdirected souls.

In the following space, I will discuss The Pampering CEO novel and a summary that would give you plenty of reasons to read this novel wholly. Apart from that, we will discuss a review, and more. So let’s begin without further ado.

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Synopsis of the Novel The Pampering CEO:

Our main characters marry and that too secretly. The female lead, Susan, is a beautiful, young woman, who hasn’t seen all. On the other hand is the male lead, Julian, who is a Chief Executive Officer, who is experienced in a corporate world and he has given into the material aspect of the world, with an utter disregard for spiritual attachment.

For him life is a business deal, you get things in return for services and that’s it. He is barren when it comes to the unconditional love that comes with relationships.

The male protagonist marries a girl and that too, secretly. And the girl, misguided thinks that he is in love with her, so she agrees to keep the marriage secret.

But once married, Susan comes to know that the husband is an emotionally detached person with no love for her at all.

While Julian has drawn some fine lines as far as the matrimonial obligations are concerned, Susan finds herself deeply in love with him.

The unique character of Susan brings Julian closer and closer until once again he is far off. The ups and downs in this secret marriage of convenience, Susan’s heart would break more than it is mended.

Will she ever be lucky enough to have all of him? Or she will keep dragging this unbearable relationship until her heart is all shattered?

In her loneliness in the big house that Julian has kept her in, Susan thinks about all the possibilities and comes to the conclusion that she can never realize her dream of having a normal life with Julian.

However, Julian is thinking of giving their relationship a try. He thinks that he is ready to announce to the world that Susan is his wife. Will he be too late for all that? Will Susan wait that long?

To find out you will have to read the Pampering CEO book.

Review of the novel The Pampering CEO don’t mess:

There comes a point in the life of Julian where he becomes attached to Susan and Susan, on the other hand, has no idea about his love.

In an epic scene, the Pampering CEO doesn’t mess with my secretly-married sweet wife mode arrives. He becomes pampering and starts to show affection for her and prevents all the ills from befalling Susan.

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All in all, this is a complicated love story where lines have drawn hastily in the beginning by Julian but with the passage of time, he starts to cross the lines and makes Susan feel special.

In the novel the Pampering CEO, Julian and Susan go a long way from material aspects of the relationship to spiritual closeness. And this is what should incline you towards reading this flawless novel.

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The Pampering CEO webfic is a page-turner in the true sense of the word. You will have a good time reading it and maybe have the potential to interpret it in a sense that would match your real-life scenarios?

You can access this novel online for free, if you require the online link or the PDF file, let us know in the comment section.

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