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The Alpha Prince and His Bride is a tale that will keep you captivated throughout the breadth of the book. There is romance, there is a mystery, there is up and down and discovery of new secrets, a life that one never believed had one earned it from someone else.

In short, Alpha Prince and His Bride is an amalgam of so many subplots within the main theme that circulates around the lives of our male and female protagonist as well as the fact that there are some hidden truths that will baffle you, I guarantee.

In this article I will provide you an abstract of this novel, alongside it, I will endeavor to provide you a disinterested view, a review if you will, of this rather complicated piece of art. Finally, I will tell you where you can get The Alpha Prince and His Bride PDF file. So let’s begin without beating around the bush.

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The Alpha Prince and His Bride Full Book Summary:

This is the story of Princess Lucy Rosemary, who is an adopted daughter of an imperial family, where everyone abhors her existence and tags her with the title of the ‘Other’.

She feels pretty much exhausted of all that is not right with her life like she is never accepted as a part of the family. In these circumstances, her family decides to marry her off to the handsome Alpha Prince Austin Lance Vinci.

Austin is the eldest son of kind Jeremy. The latter is in dire financial difficulty and for him marrying his son to Lucy is a way out from these problems. In this sense, Austin also feels that it is the only solution available and agrees to marry Lucy. Even though, Austin is in love with another girl Ariana.

At the initial stages of the building up of the story, Lucy gets to know that Austin isn’t the right person to whom she can rely on a sanguine relationship. This fear was exacerbated by the knowledge that Austin is head over heels in love with Ariana.

Given her precarious relationship with the imperial family, she doesn’t object. After the marriage, she felts the full wrath of Austin’s mercurial character. One moment he would treat her all right but in the next, she is treated as if she is nothing.

In all of that, Lucy finds some good connection with her in-laws, who would treat her like the princess she really was. She had made her mind to ensure the coldness if that’s what her family wants from her.

The Alpha Prince and His Bride Full Story Will Leave You Wanting for More:

One evening sitting with her sister-in-law, Lucy hears cries of wolves just outside the estate. She asks the sister-in-law, but the latter seems to prevaricate and shifts the topic to something rather mundane. Suspicious, Lucy aims to find out about all that.

In her quest to unravel this mystery, she finds some uncomfortable truths: the wolves crying outside the estate were not wolves but werewolves. As the story progress, we find out that the whole family of Austin is a pack of werewolves.

This pushes her off of the edge and she tries to recover from this fact but is unable to do so. What will become of her? Will she run away and be followed by this bloodthirsty family? Or she will keep herself aloof from this truth and live her life as if she never knew this secret?

To find out you must read this novel. The Alpha Prince and His Bride read free are available online.

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The Alpha Prince and His Bride Read Online Free:

The novel is written by LaurG with much fanfare. That too, very rightly so, the reason is that this story is enough to mix all the good and bad in humans and portrays the ambiguities in a germane manner. For that LaurG must be credited.

Since you have had a sneak peek of what lies within this novel, you must be wondering where you could get The Alpha Prince and His Bride Full Story Free.

You can get the novel on Wattpad, it may require you to pay a paltry sum to carry on reading the novel after the initial few chapters. The Alpha Prince and His Bride Wattpad can be found quite easily on the internet with a single search.


This novel is a must-read novel for all of those who don’t mind reading romance mixed with a pinch of mystery and fantasy.

If you are unable to access it on Wattpad, The Alpha Prince and His Bride pdf download link will be provided to you by our team after a single request in the comment section given below.

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