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Chapter 657

Since they have all hid in that place, all Alton Ye wouldn’t worry about anything, presumably they didn’t think that we would know this place. This place originally belonged to their base, but he didn’t understand one thing. , How did Yun Yan know that place?

If those people then withdraw now, something will happen in the middle, and there are many people on the other side. If he doesn’t bring someone, then they must have come back and forth.

“What if it’s not there?” Gary Mo asked worriedly.

“Let’s take a look first,” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Then let’s go now, time doesn’t wait for anyone.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye didn’t speak anymore, stood up, and strode out with his clothes.

In this way, Alton Ye took a look at the place they found. It was better to say that the place belonged to Alton Ye and the others than they found it.

Sitting in the car, Alton Ye kept his eyes closed, his heart was extremely chaotic, extremely irritable, extremely angry, but reason told him that he must remain calm.

Along the way, Alton Ye never opened his eyes, and the few people next to him did not speak, so they sat quietly, even Gary Mo, who had been chattering, sat quietly there.

the other side.

When Tanya An woke up, she found that she was tied to the pillar, tightly tied.

After seeing it, Tanya An couldn’t help but complain, what was this all about, she had been kidnapped several times along the way, and she couldn’t count it.

Turning his head and looking around, he didn’t find anyone. All he knew was that the room was dirty and messy, and everything was left aside. It looked very sloppy.

“Hey! Is there anyone?” Tanya shouted loudly.

But no one answered her.

Tanya watched as no one answered her, she still wanted to find a way to save herself.

“No, I have to quickly find a way to save myself, now the uncle and they must be anxious to death.” Tanya An gritted his teeth and said.

But what Tanya An didn’t know was that she was not tied up alone this time, her friends, her parents, and her mother-in-law.

If Tanya An knew, she would be very shocked.

Tanya An thought about her hands constantly moving, but the rope was tied so tightly, with her small body, it was impossible to untie the rope.

“What to do, I can’t solve it.” Tanya An gritted his teeth.

Looking at the dilapidated room, she wondered if she would just be thrown here, she didn’t want to stay in this messy place.

“Hey! Baby, did you say that Dad knew that we were gone? Will it be on the way to save us now.” Tanya An looked down at her stomach.

Tanya An itself is very thin, and she has a physique that can’t get fat even if she eats, so even if Ning Wanyuan and the others give Tanya An tonic during pregnancy, Tanya An will only grow a catty or two. So even if I have been pregnant for several months now, I am not pregnant now, and I can see a little bulge on my belly if I look closely.

“Yeah! The baby is obedient, Dad will definitely save us back.” Tanya An said with a smile.


Tanya had just finished speaking, and suddenly heard a loud noise, Tanya raised his head fiercely.

Da da da.

Da da da.

The sound of high heels falling on the floor made a sound in the quiet room.

When Tanya An saw the incoming person clearly, she was shocked, and accompanied by fear.

“How… how… how are you?” Tanya An asked nervously.

“Why can’t it be me? Is it very happy to see me like this?” A vicious and angry voice rang out.

“Huh! You are responsible for all this, no wonder others.” Tanya An said coldly.

“You talk nonsense, it’s all because of you that I became like this, and it’s all because of you that I lost Big Brother Ye, so it’s all because of you because of you.” The woman screamed.

“Ha, Fisherman, is your brain kicked by a donkey? You don’t look in the mirror to see how you look like this. Would you like me to give you a mirror to take a picture of you?” Tanya An said in a deep voice. .

Fisherman, there is nothing wrong, it was Fisherman who was taken away by Yun Yan that day.

Fei Xueman was locked in a room by Yun Yan, looking for someone to torture herself every day, and she still couldn’t die. She fell into death, and no one knew the pain.

“Tanya An.” Fisherman was called Tanya An.

“Why, do you want to let me go?” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

After being heard, Fisherman sneered, and did not answer Tanya An’s question. He just reached out and unzipped the zipper on his clothes, and then all his clothes fell on the ground.

After Tanya An saw it, her eyes widened in disbelief, and then a nausea came to her heart, her face pale, which was really disgusting.

The large and small wounds on Fisherman’s body didn’t look like they were cut by a knife, but they seemed to be bitten by something.

Tanya An looked up at Fisherman with a pale face and looked at Fisherman’s disfigured face. Tanya An couldn’t help but admire Fisherman in her heart.

With such a serious injury to Fisherman’s body, this was the only one she saw that a person with such a severe injury could still walk well, and Tanya An couldn’t help but begin to admire Fisherman.

“You…you…what about you…how…what’s the matter?” Tanya An stammered.

After hearing it, Fisherman bent over and picked up his clothes from the ground, then put them on, looked up, looking at Tanya An with a vicious look like poisoned, and Tanya An snorted when he saw it.

“You can see, I am already in tatters. Almost all the meat on my body has been eaten by a disgusting dog. Not only that, but Yun Yan still doesn’t let me die, so I live so terribly every day. It’s so horrible that you want to die immediately every minute and every second.” Fisherman said coldly.

“So what?” Tanya An asked.

“Then he let me go, and then gave me another chance. I will definitely take this opportunity. I want you to try the pain I have experienced.” Fisherman said with a grimace.

“What…what…what do you want to do?” Tanya An asked tremblingly.

Tanya An is really really scared at this moment, since Fisherman just walked in, and then she saw her face, and she just took off her clothes to show her the thick wounds on her body. At that time, she was already scared in her heart, she was just calming herself, not to mess her mind.

Chapter 658

Tanya An is really really scared at this moment, since Fisherman just walked in, and then she saw her face, and she just took off her clothes to show her the thick wounds on her body. At that time, she was already scared in her heart, she was just calming herself, not to mess her mind.

Fisherman heard a cold smile at the corner of his mouth and looked at the goose bumps all over his body.

“Huh! What do you say I can do, you made me like this, now you fall into my hands, what do you think I can do?” Fisherman said coldly.

“I warn you, don’t mess around, otherwise he will definitely not let you go.” Tanya An bit her lip.

She can’t do anything now, what she can only do now is to delay a little time.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Fisherman laughed when he heard it, as if he had heard the best joke in the world.

“Really, then you can give it a try. Is it because he came in time or is my action fast?” Fisherman said with a smile.

Tanya heard the constant struggle with her body, but it didn’t help.

“How can you have his children?” Fisherman said grimly.

Tanya stiffened, watching Fisherman’s beating vigilantly.

“Fisherman, I advise you not to do anything stupid.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“It’s worth it to pull you up when you die,” Fisherman said with a smile.

“You lunatic, let me go.” Tanya An said coldly.

“Even if you let me out, what if there are so many people out there, I’m afraid you will be caught back and tortured by them without taking a few steps. It’s better to die obediently, so as not to be tortured.” Fisher Man said with a smile.

“Uncle where are you, come and rescue me and baby.” Tanya shouted inwardly.

“Tanya An, Tanya An, today I will make you worse than dead, I will cut off your flesh piece by piece, so that you can bear the pain I have suffered before.” Fisherman’s eyes were full of viciousness. .

Tanya An watched Fisherman walk towards her step by step, still holding a sharp dagger in her hand, Tanya An’s face was pale and struggling.

Fisherman’s scary face slowly approached Tanya An, and then Tanya An felt the cold thing touch her skin.

“Fisherman.” Tanya shouted loudly.

After Fisherman saw it, he looked at Tanya An with cold eyes.

“Go to hell,” Fisherman shouted.

Tanya An closed her eyes instantly when she heard it, a tear flowed down, her heart was full of unwillingness, she didn’t want to die, didn’t want to leave her, and her children.



Tanya closed her eyes tightly, but the pain she predicted did not fall on her body for a long time, but she heard a scream.

Tanya An slowly opened her eyes, and laughed when she saw someone coming, as if she saw the dawn of hope.

“Are you okay?” An worried voice came into Tanya An’s ears.

Tanya An’s face changed a lot when she heard it, “Danger, hurry up and avoid it.” Tanya An shouted loudly.

The man heard Tanya An’s voice and turned his head, then quickly moved aside, kicked the person who attacked him in the stomach, and then quickly walked to Tanya An’s side.

Tanya An saw Fisherman who was lying on the ground slowly getting up, her eyes full of resentment and killing intent.

The man who rushed in tightly guarded Tanya behind him, and looked at the people in front of him coldly.

“Heh! Tanya An, you sl*t is good enough to marry Big Brother Ye and have children, and you cuddled with other wild men behind your back, why don’t you die.” Fisherman said sarcastically.

“Who is this ugly monster, is it scary to come out in broad daylight?” The man said with a smile.

“I don’t know.” Tanya An pretended to be innocent.

Fisherman was mentioned his sore spot, and looked at the two Tanya An with sullen expressions.

“None of you want to leave today.” Fisherman gritted his teeth and said.

Tanya An’s face changed when she heard it, and she couldn’t help worrying when she looked at the people behind Fisherman.

“What should I do? Or you can go and leave me alone.” Tanya An gritted his teeth and said.

“No.” The man interrupted coldly.

“But with so many people, you definitely can’t handle it.” Tanya An said worriedly.

“Haha! Don’t worry, they are almost the same as a hands-on practice.” The man said with a chuckle.

“Kill both of them for me.” Fisherman roared loudly.

Hearing the voice, the man put Tanya tightly behind him, turned his head and looked at her, “Stay here.”

“Yeah!” Tanya An nodded.

As soon as the words fell, those people rushed up with weapons, Tanya An looked at the familiar figure worriedly, while Fisherman looked at Tanya An with a smug look.

Bang bang bang.

Bang bang bang.




There was a loud noise in the dilapidated room, and the man’s movements like flowing water, as well as the postures of those movements, all too handsome.

Tanya An looked at her worried face suddenly filled with a smile.

But Fisherman’s expression went from being happy, now into shock and panic, until finally turned pale.


The last scream ended the battle. The man’s last round kick directly kicked the man in black a few meters away, and finally moved his neck and wrist.

Tanya An rushed over after seeing it, “How are you, Brother Leng? Are you injured?”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.” The man said with a smile.

“That’s good, that’s good!” Tanya An’s heart finally let go.

Harmon Leng couldn’t help but smile when he heard Tanya An’s words, but then his face became sullen.

“Be careful.”

Harmon Leng yelled loudly, then pulled Tanya into his arms, and the two of them changed their postures.


Bang bang bang!

Tanya An was tightly guarded by Harmon Leng, and Tanya An stopped hearing Harmon Leng’s muffled snort.

Tanya An quickly got out of Harmon Leng’s arms, and then saw Harmon Leng facing a person who had been shot several times.

“Big Brother Leng, how are you?” Tanya asked with a pale face.

“I…I’m fine.” Harmon Leng gritted his teeth and said.

“How could it be okay? You are all injured.” Tanya An said worriedly.

Tanya An supported Harmon Leng, shot Harmon Leng in the shoulder, and blood dripped out. After seeing it, Tanya An kept looking around, but found nothing that could bandage the wound. Harmon Leng gritted his teeth, turned his head to look at Fisherman standing aside coldly, his gaze was severe, then turned his head to look at Tanya An, his gaze eased a little.

Chapter 659

Tanya An supported Harmon Leng, shot Harmon Leng in the shoulder, and blood dripped out. After seeing it, Tanya An kept looking around, but found nothing that could bandage the wound. Harmon Leng gritted his teeth, turned his head to look at Fisherman standing aside coldly, his gaze was severe, then turned his head to look at Tanya An, his gaze eased a little.

“You close your eyes.” Harmon Leng said in a deep voice.

“Why?” Tanya An asked curiously.

She had to bandage his wound now, why she suddenly closed her eyes.

“Close your eyes first, and it will be over after a while. I will deal with this woman first.” Harmon Leng looked at Fisherman with a cold killing intent after Harmon Leng said.

Fisherman turned around and wanted to run.



Fisherman just ran a few steps when he was hit by an unknown object on his right leg and fell directly to the ground.

Looking at Fisherman, Tanya An knew Harmon Leng’s reason for closing her eyes, and then turned her head and chuckled at Harmon Leng.

“Brother Leng, I don’t want to close my eyes. After all, I haven’t seen the bloody scene.” Tanya An said very naturally.

Harmon Leng raised his eyebrows, “Are you sure?”

“Of course, I have to do it myself.” After speaking, his eyes fell cold, and he walked towards Fisherman with a Swiss army knife.

Harmon Leng couldn’t help but laugh when he looked at Tanya An’s appearance. Sure enough, Alton Ye’s woman was not so delicate, but her harmless side was surprising in her heart.

Harmon Leng looked down at the wound on his shoulder, covered the gunshot wound with his hand, dripping with blood.


Harmon Leng tore off the clothes inside, bit it, and tied it to his wounded wound. Now that he has no tools, he can only stop the blood from flowing.

“What are you going to do?” Fisherman sitting on the ground said coldly.

“Tsk tusk tusk, did I ask you what you want to do just now, I didn’t expect to reverse the order so quickly now.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“You bitch, you have to die, carrying Big Brother Ye and other men on your back. If he knows, he will definitely not let you go.” Fisherman said coldly.

“Really?” Tanya asked back.

“Huh!” Fisherman was proud.

“Even if you tied me up, what if I am still fine now? What can you do? Fisherman, your life is destined to be tragic. You can’t get the man you like, but I can do it easily. With the sincerity of the man you like, based on this, you have lost nothing left.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

As everyone knows, Tanya An’s words were deeply pierced in Fisherman’s heart. These, ha, are thorns in Fisherman’s heart.

“Tanya.” Fisherman yelled, trying to catch Tanya with both hands.

But before she met her, she was controlled by Harmon Leng on the side.

“I advise you not to be angry anymore. You can see that your face is already ugly, but now it is even more ugly. It looks scary, no wonder no man likes you.” Tanya Speaking with a warm smile.


Fisherman spit out a mouthful of blood when he heard it, Tanya An sneered when he saw it, just because of the ability to bear it, it was simply too meaningless.

“Tanya An, you sl*t, I will never let you go as a ghost.” Fisherman’s voice is like countless cold knives chajin Tanya’s heart, but Tanya is unmoved.

“Hehe! No matter what you say, you can’t change it. The man you don’t love loves me, and we still have a baby.” Tanya An said innocently.

Harmon Leng on the side was taken aback when he heard it, smiled, and then returned to his expressionless expression.

“Hahaha! Hahahahahaha!” Fisherman laughed after hearing it.

“What are you laughing at?” Tanya An asked coldly.

“Tanya An, do you think you won? Even if you win Big Brother Ye’s heart, what if you are a nemesis now, the nemesis of everyone, you will kill your relatives and friends.” Fisherman Smiling with craziness.

When Tanya An heard her face pale, her hands tightly grasped Fisherman’s clothes.

“What do you mean, hurry up and make it clear.” Tanya asked.

“Haha! Tanya An, don’t be too proud. It is only my request to take you away, but your relatives and friends are almost the same as me now, and have become prisoners of others.” Fisherman was taken seriously. With a smile.

“What do you mean, make it clear, what is going on?” Tanya said loudly.

“Tanya, calm down,” Harmon Leng comforted.

Tanya An suddenly raised her head to look at him when she heard Harmon Leng’s voice. Why did she forget that Harmon Leng saved herself by herself, and how did he know that she was kidnapped?

“Big Brother Leng, do you know anything?” Tanya An asked in a deep voice.

“No, I don’t know, but it is purely a coincidence that I saved you. I will explain it to you later.” Harmon Leng said in a deep voice.

Tanya An didn’t answer him when she heard, but turned to look at Fisherman.

“Just tell me what happened, I can let you go.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“Oh! No need,” Fisherman said coldly.

“Okay, then you have to die.” Tanya An said coldly.

“In fact, it doesn’t hurt to tell you, Yun Yan arrested everyone, your mother-in-law, your parents, and your friends. Even if I can’t avenge my revenge, Yun Yan will avenge me.” Fisherman was proud. Speaking of.

Tanya An’s face was pale and her body swayed and almost fell. Harmon Leng saw Tanya An quickly holding her.

“How… how could… how could this… how could this be?”

“Don’t worry too much, Mr. Ye will rescue them.” Harmon Leng said in a deep voice.

“No, he is on a business trip.” Tanya An said.

“Business trip.” Harmon Leng frowned.

“Huh! Tanya An, I didn’t expect how stupid you would be. How could Big Brother Ye be so smart and let others not know? Traveling is just an excuse for him, and he knew it the first time.” Fisherman said coldly. Speaking of.

Tanya An was shocked when she heard Alton Ye’s performance the other day. No wonder she always thought Ye Ming was weird, but she couldn’t tell what was strange. She didn’t expect it to be because of this incident.

“Brother Leng, we must leave here first.” Tanya said anxiously.

Since Alton Ye already knows now, and he didn’t go on a business trip at all, everyone must have been taken away by Yun Yan now, and he must be worried to death. In fact, Fisherman just made a mistake. Alton Ye has indeed been taken away. I know, and he has already boarded the plane, but this is just Yun Yan’s conspiracy.

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