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Chapter 615

Since yesterday, Alton Ye will receive a photo from the morning. The photo shows a dead person. As for who it is, Alton Ye is very clear in his heart. Although it doesn’t seem to be too much now, it will be a long time. It was discovered, but Alton Ye was not worried, because he didn’t do it, why should he be nervous.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Just as Alton Ye was thinking about it, a telephone ringing interrupted the silence in the office.

He turned his head and looked at the phone that he had just brought, and looked at the caller ID on it with a sharp look.

Open the answer button, “Do you think you can do anything like this?”

“I didn’t say that. I just think it’s boring to kill someone on such a day, but it’s quite innovative.” Yun Yan said with a smile.

“Really, I hope so.” Alton Ye said sarcastically.



Before Yun Yan’s words came out, he was actually hung up by Alton Ye. Yun Yan looked at the phone with an evil smile on his lips.

“Sir, where are we going next?”

“Go back first. It’s time to give the prepared gift to Alton Ye Ming.”


Yun Yan sat in the car and looked out the window, with a strong killing intent in his eyes.

Suddenly, a familiar figure fell into his eyes.

“Stop.” Yun Yan shouted fiercely.


When the driver heard it, he slammed on the brakes and made an unpleasant harsh sound.

“Sir, what happened?” the other party asked in a deep voice.

“Wait for me in the car.” He opened the door and got out of the car.

The bodyguard sat in the car and looked at Yun Yan’s back, and then saw Yun Yan walking towards a woman.

Yun Yan walked to the door of a fruit shop and stopped behind a woman.

“The boss gives you money.”

“Okay, welcome to visit next time.” The boss said with a smile.


After talking, Tanya An walked forward carrying the fresh fruit she had just bought, with a smile on her face.


Not long after Tanya An left, a figure broke into her sight. When she saw someone coming, she was startled and looked at the man in front of her warily with her big watery eyes.

“You…you…what do you want to do…what do you do?” Tanya An held the handle of the fruit basket tightly.

“Why, so afraid of me?” Yun Yan said with a smile.

“Cut! Who are you? You’re just a badass, a lunatic and a devil.” Tanyahuan said in a huff.

“Oh~ is it?”

“Nonsense, what do you want to do this time, want to kidnap me, I tell you you dare in broad daylight, and I have bodyguards.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“is it?”

“If you don’t believe me, I will give a try.”

“That’s not the case, I just want to tell you.” After that, Yun Yan leaned forward and violently approached Tanya.

After seeing it, Tanya An pretended to be calm, and kept telling herself not to panic, but to stay calm.

“If you want to survive and finally leave Alton Ye.” Yun Yan finished speaking and returned to his original place.

Tanya was shocked when she heard it, and Yun Yan was gone after she reacted. She stretched out her hand and held the fruit basket tightly.

After getting in the car, the driver saw that Tanya’s face was not very good.

“What’s wrong with you, madam? Are you uncomfortable? Do you want to go to the hospital to see it?” He didn’t dare to be negligent, otherwise the master would punish him 100% when something happened.

“I’m fine, let’s drive to the hospital.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“Yes.” The driver said respectfully.

Although the driver had already said this, he was still very worried, thinking in his heart that she must call her master after a while, otherwise her responsibility would be even greater when the master found out.

After arriving at the hospital, the driver called Tanya An several times before reacting.

“You go back first. I may go back very late in a while, so you don’t have to come to pick me up.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“Good lady.” The driver said respectfully.

After Tanya An walked in, the driver quickly took out his mobile phone and prepared to report to Alton Ye.

Tanya An first came to Rena Ye’s ward. James Yi was packing Rena Ye’s things, and she was about to leave the hospital today.

“Madam.” James Yi called.

“Oh! James Yi is still calling my wife now, which is really awkward. Otherwise, you can call me Tanya, or call my sister-in-law like Reena, call my wife to call me old, let’s talk about it. We are still a family, aren’t we?” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Is that right?” Rena Ye echoed.

James Yi felt a little embarrassed after hearing it, and looked a little bit shy. Tanya An and Rena Ye didn’t dismantle them when they saw it, and waited for him to adapt.

“Then you pack it up first, I’ll go there and have a look.” Tanya An said.

“Yeah!” Rena Ye nodded.

It is very convenient for all three of them to live in the same hospital. The visit is not used to run back and forth, only a few steps are required.

Tanya An came to Ivan Han’s ward, and then saw an unbelievable scene.

At this moment, Qiu Linrui was lying on Ivan Han’s body, and Ivan Han’s arms were around Qiu Linrui’s waist, the posture looked very ambiguous.

“Um… you continue, don’t worry about me.” Tanya An said embarrassingly.

After seeing it, Qiu Linrui quickly got up from him and gave Ivan Han a fierce look.

Originally, Qiu Linrui was applying medicine to Ivan Han. After the medicine was finished, Ivan Han asked Qiu Linrui whether he liked him or not.

Qiu Linrui didn’t answer, how could Ivan Han get what he wanted, and then he stretched out his hand to pull Qiu Linrui onto his body, and then Tanya An saw this scene when he came in.

“Sister-in-law, why are you here?” Ivan Han’s voice carried a trace of sadness.

Anyone else would be like this, Tanya An scratched his head awkwardly after hearing what Ivan Han said.

“I didn’t mean it.” Tanya muttered.

“Tanya, you misunderstood.” Qiu Linrui quickly explained.

“I know I know what I know.” Tanya An said, waving his hands.

Qiu Linrui heard the silence for a while and didn’t know what to say.

“By the way, how is your body recovering?” Tanya An asked.

“It’s almost done, this kind of injury is nothing to me.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“It’s nothing, don’t you know what it is until you die?”

Tanya An hadn’t spoken yet, Qiu Linrui said angrily to Ivan Han.

Ivan Han and Tanya An laughed after seeing them, tacitly understanding Qiu Linrui’s behavior.

Qiu Linrui was a little embarrassed for a moment when they looked at them, but then recovered. There is nothing wrong with him. He saved her, and then he said that she should be angry. Who wants to see it? Until her benefactor dies, Qiu Linrui thinks this is natural, and there is no misunderstanding.

Chapter 616

Qiu Linrui was a little embarrassed for a moment when they looked at them, but then recovered. There is nothing wrong with him. He saved her, and then he said that she should be angry. Who wants to see it? Until her benefactor dies, Qiu Linrui thinks this is natural, and there is no misunderstanding.

“No, I just said it casually, don’t be angry.” Ivan Han said with aggrieved expression.

“That… I was too impulsive just now, don’t mind.” Qiu Linrui said.

“Don’t mind, don’t mind, don’t mind.” Ivan Han quickly said three “don’t mind.”

Qiu Linrui smiled after hearing it, and Tanya An couldn’t help laughing as she watched the interaction between the two of them.

“Well, let’s talk first, I went up to see how is Andrew?” Tanya An said.

“Okay, well, sister-in-law, hurry up and see him.” Ivan Han’s tone seemed to let Tanya An leave quickly.

Tanya An’s mouth twitched when she heard Ivan Han’s words, and any fool could hear that this was driving her away.

“Okay, then I’ll go first, and I will come to see you when I have time.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Ivan Han heard Chao Tanya wave his hand, Qiu Linrui wanted to send Tanya after seeing it, but he did not expect to be pulled back by Ivan Han.

“My wound hurts.” Ivan Han’s handsome face wrinkled together.

“Ah! The wound hurts, I’ll call you a doctor now.” Qiu Linrui will go out to call a doctor after she finishes.

But as soon as he turned around, Ivan Han took her arm. Qiu Linrui turned her head and saw Ivan Han smile at herself.

“You lie to me.” Qiu Linrui said angrily.

“No, the wound really hurts a little bit, but I don’t need to bother the doctor. It will be fine after a while.” Ivan Han said with a light smile.

“Well then!” Qiu Linrui said helplessly.

Afterwards, Qiu Linrui spoke with Ivan Han in the ward. During the period, Ivan Han asked about Qiu Linrui’s childhood, but Qiu Linrui kept silent.

Ivan Han didn’t ask much about this, anyway, he had something waiting for her to tell her.


Top level.

Inside Andrew’s ward.

Milsa Ruan came to the hospital early this morning, and then went directly to Andrew’s ward to take care of him.

“You said why you are so stupid, do whatever my brother says. If he really wants you to… do you really do what he did?” Milsa Ruan couldn’t type the word “death”.

“You wake up quickly, OK, as long as you wake up, it’s useless no matter how he opposes, I will choose you.

“I want to live with you for the rest of my life, not with them for the rest of my life. If he is blocking, I will sever ties with him, because you can save your life for me, and I can sever ties with him for you. .”

Milsa Ruan just said to Andrew one sentence at a time, but everyone outside the door heard all these words.

Ruan Qingchen stared at the two people in the ward tightly, clasping his hands tightly, but his face was not very good.

“This is the first time I have seen a big brother like you.” A nice voice came into Ruan Qingchen’s ears.

Ruan Qingchen turned around slowly when he heard the sound.


“I’m here to see him, how about it, do you really hope that Milsa will sever relationship with you?” Tanya asked in a deep voice.

“I…” Ruan Qingchen hesitated to speak.

“Andrew can die for Milsa, what do you have to worry about, you really intend to make Milsa hate you forever, I don’t think you want it either.”

After hearing Tanya An’s words, Ruan Qingchen turned to look at the ward, looking at Milsa Ruan with a faint look.

“In fact, no matter what the reason is, I only know that Milsa has been with Andrew in this life because Andrew did something that made Milsa succumb to him, and you just helped Milsa push the last step. “

“Could it be…Is it really that I was wrong?” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

“Yes, you are very wrong, no matter what, I hope you can think about it.” Tanya An left this sentence and entered the ward.

After hearing the movement, Milsa Ruan turned her head and saw the person who came over with a smile.

“Why did you come here so early?” Milsa Ruan said with a smile.

“It’s okay to be idle. Sister Jinxuan has been busy these days, so I came to the hospital to see it.” Tanya An said.

“So that’s the case.”

“How? Did he wake up?”

Milsa Ruan turned to look at Andrew and shook her head, “No, I don’t know what can wake up.”

“It’s okay, don’t be depressed.” Tanya An comforted.

“Yeah! But I believe he will wake up, and I have enough time to wait for him.” Milsa Ruan said with a smile.

“Yeah! I believe you.” Tanya An said with a smile.

The two chatted without a word, but during the period Tanya An asked a special question, all about Andrew.

If Andrew wakes up and hears these words from Milsa Ruan, maybe he should be very, very happy, and he will definitely forget about it.

And Ruan Qingchen, who had been standing outside the door, also heard it. He knew that she had said this deliberately, so that he could hear Milsa Ruan’s determination with his own ears.

Ruan Qingchen put his hand on the doorknob, gently pushed it away, and walked in.

“Brother Qingchen, why are you here!” Tanya An asked in surprise.

“I’ll come and take a look.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

“What did you come to see, did you see if he died?” Milsa Ruan said unceremoniously.

“How is he…?” Ruan Qingchen was not angry when he heard what Milsa Ruan said.

“Don’t you see how he is?” Milsa Ruan complained.

“Milsa.” Tanya shouted.

“Okay, don’t be angry. I apologize to him. As long as he wakes up, I won’t object to whatever you do.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

Milsa Ruan looked at Ruan Qingchen in shock. She seriously suspected that her ear had misheard. “

“Brother Qingchen, are you really obstructing them?” Tanya An asked.

“Yes, let’s not hinder them, and I also know that Andrew is very Milsa, I am afraid there is no second person in the world to love him.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

Milsa Ruan turned around sharply after hearing it, and her heart surged like a mirror-like lake with layers of microwaves. For a long while, her heart was filled with gratitude and joy. At this time, Milsa Ruan’s heart seemed to be tricked by a dry river bed. The trickle moisturized slowly, her mouth grinning like a blooming lotus, and she couldn’t close for a long time, she could see that she was really excited.

Chapter 617

Milsa Ruan turned around sharply after hearing it, and her heart surged like a mirror-like lake with layers of microwaves. For a long while, her heart was filled with gratitude and joy. At this time, Milsa Ruan’s heart seemed to be tricked by a dry river bed. The trickle moisturized slowly, her mouth grinning like a blooming lotus, and she couldn’t close for a long time, she could see that she was really excited.

Ruan Qingchen couldn’t help but chuckle when he looked at Milsa Ruan. It turned out that he promised her how happy she was.

Milsa Ruan plunged into Ruan Qingchen’s arms and hugged her brother tightly.

“Thank you!”

“Stupid sister, it’s okay for you to be happy every day, and I have already seen that he really loves you, so you have to get along well in the future, and you don’t want to be petty.” Ruan Qingchen said spoilingly.

“I don’t have a little temper.” Milsa Ruan said dissatisfiedly while leaving Ruan Qingchen’s arms.

Ruan Qingchen looked at Milsa Ruan’s appearance, stretched out her hand and scratched her nose.

“I don’t understand you yet.” Ruan Qingchen said helplessly.



While Milsa Ruan and Ruan Qingchen were talking, a faint voice came into their ears.

“Is he going to wake up?” Tanya An said excitedly.

Milsa Ruan quickly ran to Andrew’s side, “Andrew, how are you? Are you going to wake up?”

Milsa Ruan looked down at Andrew, only to see Andrew’s lips moving, but could not hear what he said.

After seeing it, Milsa Ruan simply lay directly on Andrew’s body, leaned over his lips, and listened carefully to what he said.


“Water, do you want to drink water?”

“I’m going to call Gary Mo up now.” After that, Tanya ran out.

After seeing it, Ruan Qingchen reached out and poured a glass of water to Milsa Ruan, “Give him a drink.”

After seeing it, Milsa Ruan took the water cup and put it there, then took out the cotton swab, dipped a little water on the cotton swab, and slowly lighted it back and forth on Andrew’s lips.

“He hasn’t woken up yet, so he can’t let him drink water like that. He can only use a cotton swab to tap his lips a few times.” Milsa Ruan seriously watched the movements in her hands.

“Are you awake?” Gary Mo’s excited voice spread into the ward.

But when he saw Ruan Qingchen standing there, his eyes were cold, and he didn’t have a good impression of Ruan Qingchen.

“What are you doing here? Are you still thinking that he was not injured badly enough, and then you want to make up for him?” Gary said coldly.

“You think too much.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

“Really? What is he doing here?” Gary Mo asked coldly.

Tanya An watched the two people pinch, very speechless. Now the most important thing is not to check Andrew’s injuries.

“Have you two quarreled enough, Gary Mo, what are you doing here?” Tanya asked loudly.

After being yelled at by Tanya An, Gary Mo gave Ruan Qingchen a cold stare, and then quickly walked to Andrew’s side.

Take out the stethoscope, put it on Andrew’s body, and then carefully examine Andrew’s body.

“Doctor Mo, how is he doing?” Milsa Ruan asked worriedly.

“There is no life-threatening thing, but I haven’t woke up yet. I must have woke up temporarily.” Dr. Mo’s voice contained a trace of loss.

In a word, the few people present were lost, and originally thought they would wake up.

“It’s okay, he has already woke up just now, I believe he will wake up tomorrow.” Tanya An comforted.

“I hope.” Milsa Ruan turned to look at Andrew.

“Well, now the patient needs to rest and can’t disturb him.” Gary Mo looked at Ruan Qingchen when he said this.

The implication is that you can go if you don’t have one, you are not welcome here.

Ruan Qingchen also heard the meaning of Gary Mo’s words, and did not respond to him, but turned to look at Milsa Ruan.

“Then I will go home first, and when I have time to come and see you, take care to rest.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

“Well! Don’t worry!” Milsa Ruan said with a chuckle.

Ruan Qingchen nodded when he heard it, and then turned to leave. When he passed by Gary Mo’s side, he glanced at him.

“f*ck! This guy dare to come to the hospital. If the fourth child is here, he will definitely beat him all over the floor to find teeth.” Gary Mo said angrily.

“Gary Mo, you can really do it. This doesn’t seem to be something a doctor said.” Tanya looked at him with her arms around her chest.

“It doesn’t matter to him, I’m not rare.” Gary said proudly.

“Okay!” Tanya An suddenly thought of something, “By the way, why didn’t you see Saul Nan today? Didn’t he come to the hospital every day?”

“He, it’s not that Christina Yegan is crooked together. I didn’t have time to date with Jinxuan during this period of time.” Gary Mo complained.

“Don’t worry! There will be time in the future.” Tanya An patted Gary Mo on the shoulder.

“That is.” Gary Mo said triumphantly.

“Doctor Mo, didn’t you say that the patient should be well-rested, are you really bluffing here?” Milsa Ruan said with her lips curled.

She knew that Gary Mo had just deliberately said those things deliberately in order to let her brother leave.

But she was not angry. Is it human nature? Gary Mo would definitely be angry.

“Cut! This doctor still has a lot to do, so I will leave first, and something is calling me.” Gary Mo will leave after speaking.

“Ohhhhh! I will go downstairs with you, I am going back.”

“Are you leaving now?” Milsa Ruan asked.

“Well! There are still some things to be dealt with. I will come to see you again when I have time, and Reena is discharged from the hospital, thinking about taking care of her.” Tanya An said.

“Alright, then pay attention to safety on your way back.” Milsa Ruan asked.



Afterwards, Tanya An went downstairs with Gary Mo.

“Sister-in-law, or I will send you back.” Gary Mo said.

“No, Dr. Mo Da is very busy, I don’t dare to trouble.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“That’s different. No matter how much work you do, you won’t be as important as your sister-in-law.” Gary Mo said, patting his chest.

“Okay, okay, knowing that you have a good intention, you have a job, you can do it first, I can go back by myself, anyway, the distance is not very far, it is estimated that Reena is almost home by now.” “Okay! I’ll send you out first.” Gary Mo said.


Afterwards, Gary Mo sent Tanya An out of the hospital. Tanya An urged Gary Mo to go upstairs to work. It was enough to take a taxi here. Gary Mo had no choice but to go up to work. Really, really busy, I have to personally take care of Ivan Han’s wounds, and always pay attention to Andrew’s expression to avoid deterioration.


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