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Chapter 603

In the end, Ning Wanyuan and An Ning left the hospital first. Alton Ye turned to look at James Yi, and gestured a look at James Yi. After James Yi saw it, he nodded, with a trace of seriousness in his eyes. During the period, Alton Ye and James Yi two went out to talk about something, Tanya An stayed in the ward to accompany Rena Ye.

Tanya An watched Alton Ye and they both went out, sat on the bed and looked at Tanya An with a smile.

“Is the baby obedient?” Tanya An said as she reached out and touched Rena Ye’s belly.

“Yeah! The baby is very obedient in the belly, because he must know that her aunt is here, so he is obedient.” Rena Ye said with a smile.

“Really, I can come here every day from now on, so that the baby can be obedient every day.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Yeah! Sister-in-law, you eat fruit.” After Rena Ye said, she handed the fruit next to Tanya An.


“Hey~ what did the two of them say outside? Why haven’t they finished speaking yet.” Rena Ye said and stretched his head to the door of the ward.

“Maybe it will be all right soon.” Tanya An said disapprovingly.

Outside the ward at this time.

“Master, Bella Bai committed suicide. The rescue failed and he died.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“Huh! It’s too cheap to let her die like this.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Then…what about the old gentleman and Albert Ye?” James Yi asked cautiously.

“Aron Ye locked him in the old house and was not allowed to let him out. The old house is his prison. He is not allowed to step out of the old house without my order.” Alton Ye said blankly.

“Yes, what about Albert Ye?” James Yi asked respectfully.

“He, just don’t let him die. There is also the Ye Family Group. No matter what, the Ye Family Group is the foundation of the ancestors. Find someone with reliable ability to watch it. Don’t do anything lately.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Yes, I’ll make arrangements right away, but…” James Yi hesitated to speak.

“But what?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

“Master, Chen Borui called me before. He wants me to ask you when will you handle his affairs?” James Yi asked cautiously, not daring to look at Alton Ye.

Alton Ye heard a sneer, turned his head and walked towards the ward.

“What’s the hurry.” After leaving this sentence, he walked into the ward.

After James Yi heard it, he understood the meaning of Alton Ye’s words, and then raised his feet and entered the ward.

“What are you talking about, why have you been there for so long?” Rena Ye asked. “It’s nothing, just work.” James Yi said with a smile.

“Oh!” Rena Ye said.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

“Hey! Milsa, how could you call me? Didn’t your brother lock you up?” Tanya An asked in surprise.

“This matter is a long story. Where are you now, and I will look for you in the past?” Milsa Ruan asked.

“I’m in Gary Mo’s hospital.” Tanya An said.

“Okay, it’s just over four o’clock. I’ll drive over to talk to you.”

“Okay, then I will wait for you here.”

“Yeah! See you later.”

“it is good.”

“What’s the matter with your good girlfriend?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“It’s a long story, otherwise you all go back first, and Milsa and I will take care of Reena later.” Tanya An said.

“I don’t worry.” Alton Ye said.

“Then you can arrange a few bodyguards.” Tanya An was helpless.

“Okay, then!” Alton Ye agreed without accepting the look in Tanya’s eyes.

In the end, James Yi left with Alton Ye. Before leaving, Qian reminded him to be careful.

After Alton Ye left the hospital, he could handle the matter himself.

Inside the ward.

“Sister-in-law, how do you know that my brother just left the hospital and came back?” Rena Ye asked curiously.

“Maybe it’s telepathy.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Oh! I don’t forget to show affection here, it’s really enough.” Rena Ye said with her lips curled.

“It was Ivan Han who was injured, so the uncle just went to him.” Tanya An explained.

“What! Injured! How could this happen?” Rena Ye asked in shock.

“Hey hey, don’t you want to get excited, but don’t worry, he is fine, sister Lin Rui is taking care of him in the ward.” Tanya An said.

“Then I will go over and see him at night.” Rena Ye said worriedly.

“Yeah!” Tanya An nodded.

Tanya An and Rena Ye were chatting in the ward, just waiting for Milsa Ruan to come.

After half an hour, Milsa Ruan came to the hospital.

“Milsa, what happened?” Tanya An asked worriedly.

“Yeah, you first sit over there and tell us, see if we can help you solve it.” Rena Ye said.

Milsa Ruan heard sitting on the sofa beside her, drinking water that Tanya An poured herself.

“Do you know, my brother didn’t know what was going on, so he suddenly agreed that I and Andrew were together.” Milsa Ruan still looked incredulous when she talked about it.

Rena Ye and Tanya An looked at Milsa Ruan in shock when they heard these words. They were really shocked by what Milsa Ruan said.

“Milsa, did you lie to us?” Tanya asked in disbelief.

“What did I lie to you? How could I be here now if I lie to you, should I still be kept at home at this moment?” Milsa Ruan said.

“Is that Andrew’s sincerity impressed your brother, so you just agreed.” Rena Ye said.

“I just came to ask your thoughts without knowing what the situation is. To be honest, I really don’t know the reason.” Milsa Ruan said helplessly from the back.

“Do you think my fifth brother promised your brother something? Otherwise, how could you just promise you to be with my fifth brother? We didn’t know before, how much did your brother oppose you and my fifth brother? Together.” Rena Ye said in a deep voice.

“By the way, I haven’t seen Andrew these days. Have you seen him?” Tanya An asked suddenly.

Milsa Ruan’s face turned pale when she heard these words. He hasn’t seen Andrew these days. He would secretly call her when she was locked up, but he didn’t know what was wrong, so he rarely called. , Is really very rare.

“I…I didn’t see him.” Milsa Ruan said hoarsely.

Tanya An and Rena Ye’s expressions changed when they heard it. How could they think about this matter? They all knew how qiangying Ruan Qingchen’s attitude was before, but now they are uncharacteristically agreed to Milsa Ruan and Andrew. Things. And just this time I didn’t see Andrew himself.

Chapter 604

Tanya An and Rena Ye’s expressions changed when they heard it. How could they think about this matter? They all knew how qiangying Ruan Qingchen’s attitude was before, but now they are uncharacteristically agreed to Milsa Ruan and Andrew. Things. And just this time I didn’t see Andrew himself.

“Oh! Don’t worry anymore. Brother Fifth is a man who does things well and doesn’t do anything. Maybe he is too slow lately. After all, his identity is still the president of the Anshi Group. You know when you are busy. , There is no time to drink water.” Rena Ye said in a deep voice

“That’s right, Milsa, the An Group is much larger than the Ruan Group, so things will naturally happen.” Tanya said with a smile.

“Okay! But why did I suddenly agree just now?” Milsa Ruan couldn’t understand.

“My sister, Qingchen must have thought about this clearly. After all, you are his own sister, how could he ruin your happiness.” Tanya An held Milsa Ruan’s shoulder.

“You… seem to be right.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Do you think what I said is right? Believe me, Andrew is a very good person. You have to believe him.” Tanya An said seriously.

I say this because I believe it. These days, Tanya An has been with them for a long time, knowing what kind of personality they are. Although I don’t know what they are behind, she knows that they are all good people.

“How do you feel that you trust him more than I do.” Milsa Ruan said with a curled lips.

“Why, are you jealous?” Tanya grinned.

“Huh! Believe it or not, Tanya An told your man exactly what I told you just now.” Milsa Ruan said lightly.

“f*ck! Milsa Ruan, you ungrateful fellow, if you dare to tell him, I must cut off relations with you.” Tanya An pretended to be fierce.

“Humph! I was kidding you!” Milsa Ruan said with a smile.

“Huh! It’s not funny at all.” Tanya An said with her lips curled.

“Oh, by the way, Reena, why are you hospitalized properly?” Milsa Ruan asked.

“We have seen being kidnapped.” Tanya An said lightly.

“Hat!” Milsa Ruan asked in shock.

Afterwards, Tanya An told Milsa Ruan what had happened. Milsa Ruan scolded those people dozens of times after hearing it, until she finally felt tired and stopped scolding.

“Well, you can rest for a while.” Tanya An said helplessly.

When Milsa Ruan heard Tanya An’s words, she closed her mouth very well this time. If she didn’t feel tired from scolding, she would never stop.

Milsa Ruan’s scolding sound was very quiet without Milsa Ruan in the ward.

For the next few days, Milsa Ruan would come to the hospital to visit Rena Ye. Rena Ye could have been discharged from the hospital, but Alton Ye asked him to observe for a few more days.

For days in a row, some people lived in a dull manner, while others were sad.

“Ivan Han, why don’t you wake up yet, why are you trying to help me block the bullet? Are you trying to make me feel bad?

“You wake up quickly, OK, as long as you wake up, I will promise you whatever you ask me to do.

“Ivan Han hurry up and wake up, OK? If you sleep like this, my heart is really really uncomfortable, OK if you wake up quickly.

“Didn’t you ask me whether I like you or not, ah tell you now that you wake up, OK? If you don’t speak, I will treat you as promised.” Qiu Linrui looked at Ivan Han on the hospital bed with tears in her eyes.

“Ivan Han, listen carefully, I will only say this one time, I like you, I like you very much, as long as you wake up, I promise to be your girlfriend.” Qiu Linrui said more and more sobbed.

But the answer is still the ticking sound on the instrument, the sound to the silent ward.

Qiu Linrui saw that he didn’t mean to wake up, and didn’t know what to do. Finally, she threw herself directly on Ivan Han’s chest and started crying.

“Ivan, can you wake up, okay? I tell you, if you don’t wake up again, I will leave Svalborne today and never come back again. I have to find another man, so you go Regret you.” Qiu Linrui said in a choked voice.

“You…you dare.”

Just as Qiu Linrui had just finished speaking, a weak voice came into Qiu Linrui’s ears, Qiu Linrui was shocked, thinking that she had heard it wrong, but she did not raise her head.

She was afraid that she was wrong when she raised her head. She didn’t dare to raise her head. She could not bear the disappointment again and again.

“I’m talking about the real Ivan Han. If you don’t wake up, I will really leave.” Milsa Ruan continued.

“No, you dare.”

Qiu Linrui opened her eyes wide, and you reached out naively, you pinched your cheek, it’s not fake, it’s not fake, he really woke up and slowly got up from his chest.

His eyes were facing Ivan Han’s Danfeng eyes, and the expressions in the two eyes were full of different emotions.

Ivan Han’s eyes were cold, while Qiu Linrui’s eyes were full of worry.

“Ivan, you…you finally woke up, do you know that I am really worried?” Qiu Linrui said, tears falling down.

Those tears happened to drip on Ivan Han’s cheeks, and his whole body was shocked. She, she was crying for him, thinking of this, Han Yi’s anger disappeared.

“Ivan Han, you…”


Before the word “big bstard” was spoken, Ivan Han directly pulled Qiu Linrui’s arm, and then his lips were kssed by a cold and slightly dry pure.

However, this scene was accidentally hit by Alton Ye, Gary Mo, Saul Nan and Tanya An who wanted to come to visit Ivan Han.

Except for Alton Ye, the other people watched the scene in the ward in shock. They didn’t expect that Ivan Han also blossomed.

“Oh my god, what’s the situation, didn’t I just come over for a few days, the minister has developed too fast at this speed,” Saul Nan said blankly.

“Hey! Don’t you…” Gary Mo hadn’t finished speaking, and then he saw Alton Ye’s eyes and closed his mouth immediately.

“Uncle uncle, it seems that the two of them have really become ah.” Tanya said excitedly.

Alton Ye laughed helplessly when he heard Tanya An’s words. His little wife was still gossiping like that. Although she didn’t answer her question, she nodded to Tanya An. After seeing Tanya An, she was very Happily, for her, Ivan Han and Qiu Linrui are her good friends, and she hopes they two can be well.

Chapter 605

Alton Ye laughed helplessly when he heard Tanya An’s words. His little wife was still gossiping like that. Although she didn’t answer her question, she nodded to Tanya An. After seeing Tanya An, she was very Happily, for her, Ivan Han and Qiu Linrui are her good friends, and she hopes they two can be well.

“Let’s go in and take a look, let’s go in and take a look.” Gary Mo gave a smirk.

“No, they finally get together, you are too unrefined to do this.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“It’s okay sister-in-law. This guy feels like a cat’s claw if he doesn’t make trouble.” Saul Nan said with a smile.

Gary Mo turned his head and glared at him when he heard Saul Nan’s words. Don’t think he didn’t know, he wanted to go in.

However, before Tanya An could say anything, Gary Mo’s figure was gone.


The door was suddenly opened, and both Ivan Han and Qiu Linrui were taken aback. Qiu Linrui took the lead and quickly got up from Ivan Han’s chest and blushed more than an apple.

“Uh…that…I…you don’t…sorry to disturb you.” Gary Mo pretended to be embarrassed.

Later, Alton Ye walked into the ward, Qiu Linrui wanted to vomit blood after seeing it.

When they were willing to see such a scene, how should they think of themselves, Qiu Linrui’s heart became more and more unnatural, and the more he thought about it, the blusher and bleeding came.

“Why are you here, don’t you know that the patient is going to rest?” Ivan Han said suddenly.

“Ouch, you can be considered a quiet recuperation.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“I think you need to rest in the spring.” Saul Nan smirked.

“Can you two stop for a while.” Tanya An pointed at Gary Mo and Saul Nan.

Gary Mo and Saul Nan curled their lips when they heard it and did not speak, but they both looked at Ivan Han and Qiu Linrui with different eyes. Ivan Han felt nothing, but Qiu Linrui was different, feeling very unnatural and uncomfortable.

“How is your body?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

“It hasn’t been long since I woke up, I just feel a little pain in the wound, but fortunately, I don’t think my body is in serious trouble.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Then I will stay in the hospital until the wound is completely healed.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yeah! By the way, do my parents know that I am injured? Don’t tell them, or they should be verbose again.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“I didn’t tell them.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“That’s good!” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

Several people talked about caring about Ivan Han, but Qiu Linrui kept standing there without speaking. It was not that she didn’t say it, but that she was too embarrassed.

“Sister Lin Rui, let me take you to Reena’s ward, she is still talking about you these days.” Tanya An broke Qiu Linrui’s embarrassment.

“Okay! Then let’s go over now.” After speaking, he took Tanya and went out.

Ivan Han looked at Alton Ye with his lips curled and looked at Alton Ye with a little dissatisfaction. His eyes were full of pity, and the daughter-in-law who finally caught up with him was taken away before he could say a few words.

“Ouch! You look like a yuqiubun.” Saul Nan joked.

“I’m happy. It’s better than you. Christina Ye hasn’t caught up yet.” Ivan Han said triumphantly.

As soon as Ivan Han said, Gary Mo and Saul Nan looked at Ivan Han in surprise.

In their impression, Ivan Han would not attack others. He always looked very cold. But, who can tell him whether he is guishangshen now.

“Cough, cough, cough, don’t be proud, I have already accepted her, but she has not let me announce, so I didn’t say it.” Saul Nan said.

“f*ck! The fourth one, you can do it, you can get Christina Ye done so quickly.” Gary Mo said.

“That is necessary.” Saul Nan said proudly.

“Chen, then you should have a good rest first. We won’t disturb you. You are mainly taking care of your body now. I have a way for my uncle and aunt,” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Huh!” Ivan Han nodded.

Several people confessed that Ivan Han should rest more, and then left the ward.

Alton Ye and a few people went to Rena Ye’s ward. At this time, there was a lot of laughter in the ward, and they seemed very happy.

“Brother, why don’t you come in?” Rena Ye shouted when they saw Alton Ye.

Alton Ye smiled and opened the door, walked in, and walked to Tanya An’s side.

“How is Reena’s body?” Saul Nan asked with a smile.

“It’s better, it’s just a little fright.” Rena Ye said with a smile.

“Then you have to take a good rest, I do this for your own good.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Oh! I know, I know.” Rena Ye said.

“Hey! Where is this stinky boy James Yi?” Gary Mo asked.

After Rena Ye heard it, she glanced at her brother, curled her lips, “You ask him.”

“James went to work.” Tanya An said suddenly.

“I want to earn milk powder money.” Milsa Ruan said with a smile.

“So, he is for your good.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“Okay, you have a good rest, there are still things in our company, I have to go back first, let your sister-in-law be here with you.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yeah!” Tanya An nodded.

“In this case, we are also gone. For a lot of things, we took the precious time to visit you.” Saul Nan said.

“I know, I know, let’s go ahead.” Rena Ye said with a smile.

After a few people explained something, they were going to leave.

“Wait a minute.” Several people were suddenly shouted.

“Milsa.” Tanya An turned to look at her.

“What’s the matter?” Gary Mo asked with a smile.

But no one noticed that Gary Mo’s smile was unnatural with a trace of stiffness, as if he didn’t want to speak to Milsa Ruan.

“Um… I haven’t seen Andrew these days. Not only I haven’t seen him, but I can’t even get through the phone. You are his good brothers. Do you know where he is? What are you up to? I am worried about him. .” Milsa Ruan asked piously.

“Uh…Well, don’t you know that he went on a business trip? He went too eagerly that day and didn’t call you.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

After hearing this, Milsa Ruan looked at Saul Nan without speaking. Saul Nan was uncomfortable being seen. I don’t know why. Saul Nan always felt that he was going to be seen through. He seemed to have never lied before. Once, now he finally knows that when you lie, you must think about it. A lie must be filled with thousands of lies.

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