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Chapter 576

If it weren’t for Milsa Ruan and Andrew and the two of them, Tanya An would not have gone to Milsa Ruan’s house so late, nor would he come back so late, let alone Ruan Qingchen hugging herself, this time something like this happened, she would She didn’t dare to come so close to other men, even if it wasn’t for this matter, she didn’t like it either.

Alton Ye heard a trace of impatience in Tanya An’s voice, and reached out to pinch her small nose.

“You little fool, I think you are so impatient.” Alton Ye said dissatisfiedly.

“No, no, definitely not, you must have heard it wrong, why should I be impatient with you.” Tanya An said with a hand quickly.


When Tanya An heard Alton Ye’s words, she smiled and held his arm. Fortunately, he didn’t misunderstand her, otherwise she really didn’t know what to do. She held Alton Ye and said that the arm was very hard.

Alton Ye stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair, knowing what she was worried about, staring straight ahead, this time he would never make that person feel better.

the other side.

While everyone was staring at Tanya An’s news this time, there was a man sitting on the sofa triumphantly watching the news, with a sneer on his lips.

“How did you do it this time?” a surprised voice came to the man sitting on the sofa and said.

When Fisherman heard the sound, he turned his head and saw Albert Ye standing next to him, but after a glance he continued to stare at the TV.

“It’s just a collision.” Fisherman said lightly.

“Do you think I will believe it?” Ye Qing said coldly.

“believe it or not.”

“Tell me what happened, or else I will take you to Alton Ye’s place now, just because he has a lot of trust.” Ye Qing said coldly.

After hearing this, Fisherman sat up abruptly from the sofa and looked at Albert Ye coldly.

“Albert Ye, you villain.” Fisherman gritted his teeth and said.

“Whatever you say, you still have one minute.” Albert Ye said while looking at his watch.

“It’s like this. Last night, I was unwilling to marry Alton to Tanya An. I couldn’t sleep, so I went to stroll around Yuwan. Unexpectedly, I found that scene, and then I filmed it. Photos.” Fisherman explained.


Albert Ye sneered sarcastically.

“what do you mean?”

“I said you were really stupid or fake, and you sent the photo without thinking about it. Are you mind-boggling what you do?”

Hearing Albert Ye’s ironic words, Fisherman’s face sank.

Albert Ye didn’t look at Fisherman’s face, and left with a sneer. He still has important things today.

Fisherman looked at Albert Ye’s back and threw the remote control in his hand fiercely.

the other side.

The incident about Tanya An and Ruan Qingchen had all spread this time, and the protagonist Ruan Qingchen did not expect to be captured.

Ruan Qingchen knew that the spread of this incident would be very harmful to Tanya An, and worried that Alton Ye would misunderstand Tanya An, so Ruan Qingchen could not sit still and drove directly to the Rockven Group.

Ruan Qingchen got out of the car. This was the first time he came to Rockven Group.

“Sir, sorry, do you have an appointment?” The guard stopped Ruan Qingchen.

“No.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

“Then sorry sir, you can’t go in without an appointment.”

“Step aside.”

“Please don’t embarrass my husband, I’m just a doorman.”

Although they were the door guards, the door guards exuded a kind of breath, which was different from the breath of ordinary people. As everyone knows, these guards were all from Ye Ming Alton’s blood killing.

“I’ll let you go.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

But no matter what Ruan Qingchen said, the guard in front of him said that word consistently.

Ruan Qingchen has been here for a while, and many people have recognized him.

“Hey! Isn’t that the one with our president’s wife? How could he be here?”

“Yes! The long one is so handsome!”

“But how come we hug our president’s wife?”

“Who knows, but I think it’s just the kind of friendship, I think Mrs. President is not that kind of person.”

“Who knows, there are all kinds of people in this world, and I think our president’s wife is not uniform…”



Before the gossip was finished, he slapped his face twice, his face instantly swelled, and the corners of his mouth were still bleeding.

This scream immediately caught the attention of the employees in the company. The guard did not step forward to stop Ruan Qingchen after seeing it, because he felt that Ruan Qingchen was doing the right thing.

“What are you doing? How can you hit someone?”

“Yes! Hurry up and apologize to her.”

“I went into a scandal and still beating people here, hurry up and call the police or we will call the police and beat people.


“Heh.” Ruan Qingchen sneered.

It’s okay to say that he is okay, but Tanya An and the others can’t say that this matter also started because of themselves, and if it were not for themselves, such a thing would not happen.

“Hurry up…”

“What are you doing?”

The person who said he wanted to call the police was interrupted by an angry voice before he finished speaking. When everyone saw the people coming, they dared not speak.

“Ye Te helped this person to come to the company to make trouble, and you hit me.” The person who was beaten stretched out his face to let James Yi take a look.

After James Yi saw it, he didn’t speak, but walked to the side to help Alton Ye open the car door. Alton Ye’s long legs were first shown in front of everyone, and then the face that charmed all living beings.

When everyone saw Alton Ye coming over, they were afraid to speak.

“Ye Ming Alton, I have something to look for you.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

“I didn’t even go looking for you. I didn’t expect you to deliver it yourself.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Why, not welcome.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

“Welcome, why not welcome.” Alton Ye raised his footsteps and left after speaking.

Ruan Qingchen smiled at the corner of his mouth after seeing it.

Alton Ye walked ahead and suddenly thought of something, stopped, turned around, and fixed his eyes on the employee who was beaten by Ruan Qingchen.

Ruan Qingchen stopped seeing and followed Alton Ye’s gaze, and sneered after seeing something.

“Why, does Ye always want to avenge his employees.” Ruan Qingchen said with a light smile.

“James Yi, fire her, and not allow any company to hire her, otherwise it will be trouble with me, Ye Ming Alton.” Ye Ming Alton said coldly.


Alton Ye’s words made the person who had just been beaten as if he had fallen into an ice cellar, expelled her and prevented any company from hiring her. It’s better to let her die. It’s useless to regret it now, she said. Alton Ye also heard Tanya’s bad words. This is the simplest punishment for her.

Chapter 577

Alton Ye’s words made the person who had just been beaten as if he had fallen into an ice cellar, expelled her and prevented any company from hiring her. It’s better to let her die. It’s useless to regret it now, she said. Alton Ye also heard Tanya’s bad words. This is the simplest punishment for her.

After the explanation, Alton Ye walked in with his long legs, Ruan Qingchen coldly glanced at the woman who was standing at a loss, sneered and left.

In the office.

Alton Ye and Ruan Qingchen were at war, and the air was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder.

“If you have something to say quickly, leave as soon as you have nothing to say, I still have things to deal with, I don’t have the time to chat with you here.” Alton Ye sat in a chair and looked down at the file.

Ruan Qingchen’s worries and anger grew even greater when he looked at Alton Ye’s appearance. If a man knew that his woman had something like this and was still indifferent, then it could only mean that he had resolved the matter.

Of course Ruan Qingchen knew Alton Ye’s mind. There was no sand in his eyes, and he treated himself like this. Shouldn’t he be beaten up?

“Alton Ye, how are you doing to Tanya?” Ruan Qingchen asked coldly.

“She is my wife, and it is not your turn to ask.” Alton Ye fiddled with the documents in his hand.

Ruan Qingchen sighed when he heard it, strode forward and violently grabbed the documents in the hands of the night Ming Alton, threw it aside, and then pulled Alton Ye’s collar across a table.

Alton Ye raised his eyes to look at Ruan Qingchen, his eyes full of coldness.

“What the hell did you do to Tanya? This matter has nothing to do with her. It is caused by me alone. If you are dissatisfied with her, please come to me and don’t attack her.” Ruan Qingchen gritted his teeth. Speaking of.

“I have already told you, she is my wife and I know how to do it, so I don’t need you to come and teach me.” After speaking, he glanced at Ruan Qingchen’s hand holding his collar, “Also, while I was not thorough It’s best to remove your hands before getting angry, otherwise your hands and arms will be separated forever.”

Ruan Qingchen heard a glance at his hands, and then let go.

“Don’t blame her for this matter, it’s because of me.” Ruan Qingchen lowered his voice.

“If you know it’s because of yourself, then you should clarify. Besides, she is already my wife and married to me. I don’t want you to find her again.” Alton Ye said coldly , There was a trace of murder in his voice.

There is no one man in the world who is generous enough to have s*x with other men.

“I’ll clarify this matter and give Tanya innocence.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

“Then it depends on how you solve it.” Alton Ye looked at the computer.

“I will handle it myself.” Ruan Qingchen left this sentence behind.

After leaving, Alton Ye raised his head and looked forward coldly, with an evil smile on his lips.



“Come in.”

“Master, as expected, he really started to move.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“is it?”

“Yes, the previous time was spent on your wedding with your wife, but there were still people in the villa. He saw someone just go in and sit for a while, saying that he would leave after a while, but he didn’t do anything during the period. He explained those before leaving. Maid, let the servant not tell you that he has been to Yuwan.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“Huh! Albert Ye is really stupid, where is he now?” Alton Ye said coldly.

“You gave the maid in the villa a few days ago and haven’t returned. The wife and the old lady accompanied Reena to the hospital for a birth check, so no one is at home. It is estimated that he is already in the villa now.”

“It’s really fast.”

“Then do we need to do something?”

“I prepared a big gift for him.” Alton Ye said with a light smile.

James Yi didn’t understand it, but when he saw the harsh light in Alton Ye’s eyes, he instantly understood.

“By the way, do we really want to entrust Ruan Qingchen with the matter this time, Madam?” James Yi said worriedly.

“It would be more appropriate for him to come out and explain, but this time he will completely cut off his indiscretion about Tanya.” Alton Ye said coldly.

After James Yi heard it, she suddenly realized that she understood it all at once.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Alton Ye sneered when he saw the caller ID.


“Big brother, it’s me. I already know who framed my sister-in-law.” Albert Ye said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye frowned when he heard it, and his whole body exuded hostility.


“It’s Fisherman. Fisher took the photo himself last night, and then posted it anonymously.” Albert Ye said in a deep voice.

“How did you know?”

“I overheard it unintentionally, brother, don’t be merciful to Fisherman, or she will frame her sister-in-law in various ways.” Albert Ye said solemnly.

“I see, thank you so much this time, where are you now?”

“Uh…I’m in the company.” Albert Ye said a little unnaturally.

“Oh! I see, I will take care of it.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yeah! I’ll just hang up if I’m fine, I’m still busy.” “Yeah!”

Alton Ye hung up the phone and sneered, his whole body exuding cold hostility, and his eyes were extremely cold.

“Master, do you believe him?” Ye Qing asked.

“Five points believe and five points do not believe.”

“He actually betrayed Fisherman. Isn’t he afraid that Fisherman will confess him.”

“Don’t care about this matter, and lock me up with the fisherman woman.” Alton Ye’s voice was like Shura walking out in the dark night.

“Yes, I will go now.”

Alton Ye stared forward, not knowing what he was thinking.


It was late at night when Alton Ye returned home. When he got home, he saw the little woman sitting on the sofa, her head kept small. Seeing that Alton Ye’s heart could not help but feel soft, and the fatigue of the day also followed. It fell apart.

Came to Tanya lightly, carefully took down the remote control in her hand, and then held her upstairs.

Came to the bedroom, put Tanya An on the bed, covered the quilt, and k*ssed her on the forehead.

“Uncle.” Tanya An grumbled.

Alton Ye couldn’t help but laughed dozingly when he heard Tanya An’s voice, reached out his hand and stroked her smooth face, helped Tanya An tuck the quilt and walked out lightly, walked into the study, and saw the computer. The son lit up, and several heads appeared on it. Seeing Alton Ye coming in, he quickly restored his original state.

The 578

Alton Ye couldn’t help but laughed dozingly when he heard Tanya An’s voice, reached out his hand and stroked her smooth face, helped Tanya An tuck the quilt and walked out lightly, walked into the study, and saw the computer. The son lit up, and several heads appeared on it. Seeing Alton Ye coming in, he quickly restored his original state.

“Alton, this matter must have been instigated by that b*stard Yun Yan.” Gary Mo saw Alton Ye coming over and cursed.

“Why do you think so?” Alton Ye sat down and asked in a deep voice.

“I’m going, do you still have to think about this?” Gary Fan rolled his eyes.

“You can’t think about others, is there nothing wrong with you?” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

“What’s wrong?” Gary Mo asked.

“Hey! It seems better for you to be your doctor.” Andrew said.

Gary Mo glared at him when he heard Andrew’s words. This was definitely discriminating against him, 100% discriminating against him.

“The other party’s purpose is just to frame his sister-in-law.” Ivan Han said suddenly.

“It’s Fisherman.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“f*ck! It turned out to be that bitch. Did you catch her? Master, I have to teach her a lesson. She is blamed if Master does not die. If you don’t know, she thinks her sister-in-law is easy to bully.” Gary Mo gritted his teeth. Speaking of. “I said, when can you change what you like to curse?” Saul Nan said disgustingly.

“Why, you dislike me.” Gary Mo pretended to be wronged.

“Can’t you see this? He is despising you.” Andrew said lightly.

“You are hateful, be careful one day I put some medicine in your meals.” Gary Mo gritted his teeth and said.

“As long as you dare.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

“Huh! There is nothing I dare not, there is nothing I dare not.” Gary Mo said, raising his chin.

“You two stopped playing when you met, right?” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

When Gary Mo and Saul Nan heard Ivan Han’s words, they immediately shut up, and they dared not express themselves.

Ivan Han looked at the two of them not talking, turned his head and looked at Alton Ye.

“Lord, how’s the matter going?” Ivan Han’s tone was worried.

Alton Ye stretched out his hand and squeezed his eyebrows when he heard the matter, and seemed to be very tired to deal with that matter.

“It’s almost there, but in order to prevent Yun Yan from attacking again, I have sent them into the Death Forest to retrain. Even if he wants to attack, let him attack.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Unexpectedly, he would attack our base directly. It’s too despicable.” Andrew said in a deep voice.

“It has been handled, and then we will strengthen measures.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Hmm!” Several people nodded.

“Oh! By the way, how is that fellow Albert Ye?” Gary Mo asked in a deep voice.

“Huh! Just a beaming clown.” Alton Ye said indifferently.

“Did he do something?” Saul Nan asked.

“I have already checked it thoroughly in my study, but even if he turns Yuwan upside down, he can’t find it.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“It was originally, how could you put such important things at home.” Andrew said.

“But this Albert Ye doesn’t stop at achieving his goal. Are we just letting him do this? And Yun Yan behind him, the two of them don’t know what way they can come up with together.” Gary Mo said in his eyes. There was a trace of hostility.

“Not in a hurry, he wants to play with them? Anyway, we have time.” Saul Nan said with a smile.

“Put this matter aside, Sir, didn’t that Chen Borui come to look for you recently?” Ivan Han asked seriously.

“He, he has always been with that woman in the hospital, but that woman will not live long.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“Don’t care about him, you have been careful during the recent period, pay attention to Yun Yan, don’t let him take advantage of it.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Don’t worry, we know it in our hearts.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“By the way, you haven’t said where that fisherman that sl*t was taken by you. It’s better to hand it to me. I happen to have a batch of medicine to experiment recently. Why don’t you lend her to me to act as my mouse “Gary Mo has a doggy face.

“In the dark prison, but don’t play with people to death.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Don’t worry! I know what to do.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“Well! I just received news from them today that someone wanted to embezzle that batch of goods, and the price was increased by five points.” Han Yihan said coldly. “f*ck! Why didn’t they grab it? We finally got it. He opened his mouth and gave him five points. I shot him.” Gary fiercely sat up from the stool.

“Yes, the other party said it must be five percent.” Saul Nan said coldly.

“They are really embarrassed to say five percent. We got this batch of goods so hard. He opened his mouth to five percent. Why didn’t you grab it?” Andrew exploded.

“Lord, what are you going to do with this matter?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice.

“The people who negotiated with me have already gone to see King Yan.” Alton Ye was full of hostility.

In one sentence, Ivan Han understood the meaning of Alton Ye’s words. They wanted to grab something from them, but they didn’t have such a big appetite to swallow them. One sentence had already sent them to hell.

“We should have done this long ago, otherwise this batch of goods would have belonged to us.” Gary Mo said.

“Okay, let this matter be resolved as soon as possible.” After Alton Ye reached out and rubbed his painful temple.

“Alton, rest early at this late hour. You are already very tired these days, and the rumors about the unfavorable sister-in-law will definitely disappear tomorrow morning.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Yes!” Saul Nan echoed.

“Tomorrow morning…”

“Sister-in-law!” Before Gary Mo finished speaking, he heard the surprised voices of Ivan Han, Saul Nan and Andrew.

Tanya warmly rubbed his eyes loosely, making Alton Ye feel itchy and intolerable with his dazed appearance.

“I’ll talk about it tomorrow.” Alton Ye turned off the computer directly after speaking.

Standing up, striding to Tanya An’s face, reaching out to hug her, and looking at her with a spoiled face, the fatigue in my heart was reduced a lot.

“Uncle, what are you doing? I can’t see you worry about you? I’m worried you don’t want me.”

Alton Ye heard the grievances in Tanya An’s voice, stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, with his forehead against hers, why would he not want her, he would not be able to live without her, Tanya An was confused He opened his eyes and looked at Alton Ye, stretched out his hand to hug his neck, and rubbed his small face against his neck.

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