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Chapter 561

After Alton Ye heard it, he asked Tanya An to take her arm, and the two newcomers walked in front of the priest step by step, and scattered the bright red rose petals in white into a word \”love\” that complemented the carpet. When the newlyweds walked into the wedding hall with music, the word of love melted in their footsteps.

With smiles on their faces, Alton Ye and Tanya An looked at each other, only each other in their eyes.

There is only one time in a lifetime, one time of happiness, one time of joy and chic, and a night of joyful singing. From then on, one person signs the hand of the other, walks down together, and works together to make happiness lasting.

Because there is love, a couple can join hands in this life; because there is love, there are blessings and wishes; because every prop in a love wedding is also agile, in fact, a wedding is a collection and witness of love.

The destiny of getting acquainted, the sincerity of knowing each other, the affection of loving each other, the affection of companionship, the randomness of the past, the honey of the present, the arbitraryness of the past, the wish of the present, the wholeheartedness of life, are the true meaning of love.

At the wedding scene, Alton Ye personally prepared more than 999 roses for Tanya An, which looked spectacular and beautiful.

The two finally came to the priest, and the priest looked at Alton Ye and Tanya An with a smile.

“Miss Tanya An, do you want this man to become your husband and enter into a marriage contract with him? Love him, take care of him, respect him, accept him, and be loyal to him forever, regardless of illness, health, or any other reason. End of life.” The priest said in a deep voice.

Tanya An turned to look at Alton Ye affectionately. The eyes are full of love.

“I am willing.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Mr. Alton Ye, would you like this woman to become your wife and enter into a marriage contract with her? Love him, take care of him, respect him, accept him, and be loyal to him forever, regardless of illness or health, or any other reason End of life?” The priest asked again.

“I am willing.” Alton Ye said seriously and happily.

“Lord, we came to you and witnessed the blessings of the men and women who have entered the hall of sacred marriage. According to the Lord’s will, the two are united, and the wedding will be reverent for life, and the earth will grow forever; from then on, we will walk the sky and love each other , Mutual assistance, mutual education, mutual trust; Heavenly Father blesses Yingmen; Enriches the husband and wife; Holy inspiration; Respect and love the Savior; Praise before the Lord for the rest of life.” The priest said in a deep voice.

“Okay, now we start exchanging rings.” The priest said in a deep voice.

Later, the bridesmaid Milsa Ruan and the best man Andrew brought up the ring, which was placed on the Bible.

These two rings were designed by Ning Wanyuan personally. They are simple and gorgeous with nurses. They are very suitable for Tanya An and Alton Ye.

Alton Ye picked up the ring and put it on Tanya An’s hand, and then gently dropped a k*ss on the back of her hand, Tanya An smiled very sweetly.

Then, Tanya An picked up the men’s ring and put it on Alton Ye’s hand, and after learning Alton Ye’s actions just now, everyone applauded and laughed.

“With the legal rights granted by Svalborne and the law, I now declare that you are officially married as a legal couple, and the groom can k*ss your beautiful bride.”

Tanya lowered her head shyly after hearing it, Alton Ye smiled, reached out and raised Tanya’s chin, and then k*ssed Tanya’s lips with her lips.

Alton Ye held Tanya An’s chin with one hand, and put the other on her slender waist, and the two came to a French k*ss.

Everyone saw satisfied smiles on their faces, and Ning Wanyuan and Long Ye both had indescribable joy on their faces.

A few best man and a few bridesmaids stood watching, some of them watched pink bubbles popping in their hearts.

After Alton Ye let go of Tanya An, he thought that this session was about to end, but he didn’t expect Alton Ye to turn his head and look at the priest, “Can I have a few words?”

“Of course.” The priest said with a smile.

Perhaps, even if the priest did not agree with Alton Ye, he would have said it. He asked only for etiquette. He didn’t want to make trouble at his wedding, and he never cared about those customs and etiquette.

Alton Ye turned to look at Tanya An after hearing this, holding her hands tightly with both hands.

“Thank you for being the love in my life, for being the only one for me, for sharing all my dreams, desires, blueprints, adventures, and more. Thank you for being my partner in my future life. As long as I live with you, I I feel that I am the happiest person in the world.

When you are unhappy, I will accompany you, when you cry, I accompany you, when you are upset, I accompany you, when you do not want to go home, I accompany you, no matter what, I will accompany you! Just because You are my favorite person, you are everything to me, you bring color to my life!

The Buddha said: Looking back five hundred times in the previous life, I passed by in this life! If this is the case, then I am willing to spend the next life, the next life, and the next life in exchange for meeting, knowing, and loving you again!” Alton Ye said a long confession to Tanya An. Have.

Everyone heard that they looked at Tanya An enviously, and it was worth their lifetime to marry such a man.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye moved, he didn’t know, those words he said were what she wanted to say in her heart.

“I know that you work very hard every day. I know this is for our future. I want you to know that while you love me, I also love you. I will wait for you at home every day to let you know you. Not alone, you have a warm home.

“I have one hundred thousand I love you. I give you one every day. It can be divided into 273 years and 355 days, but we can’t live that long, so I will continue to say: I love you in my next life and the next.” Tanya An choked up when she said this.

When Alton Ye heard that he stretched out his hand and hugged Tanya An tightly, the eyes of everyone in the audience burst into tears.

Alton Ye hugged Tanya An for a while and then let go, because there was still another link, to toss the flower ball.

When it was the turn of this session, Milsa Ruan, Jin Xuan, Qiu Linrui and Christina Ye came to Tanya An. Christina Ye and Qiu Linrui didn’t want to go there, but since they became bridesmaids, they can only do that.

Tanya An looked at the four bridesmaids, then turned to look at Alton Ye.

“Who do you want to throw to?” Tanya said quietly.

“Let’s go with the flow.” Alton Ye said with a smile.

Finally, Tanya An turned around, threw the bouquet in her hand high, and then quickly turned her head to see whose hand the bouquet fell. Everyone stared at the bouquet. Then, Seeing that the bouquet fell into the hands of an expressionless bridesmaid, Qiu Linrui, who received the bouquet, did not react at all.

Chapter 562

Finally, Tanya An turned around, threw the bouquet in her hand high, and then quickly turned her head to see whose hand the bouquet fell. Everyone stared at the bouquet. Then, Seeing that the bouquet fell into the hands of an expressionless bridesmaid, Qiu Linrui, who received the bouquet, did not react at all.

Everyone looked at Qiu Linrui, with different emotions in their eyes. Qiu Linrui saw it but didn’t know what it meant.

“Ao, I didn’t expect to be picked up by Sister Lin Rui, it’s incredible!” Jin Xuan said with a smile.

“Congratulations!” Christina Ye said in a deep voice.

“We all saw you catch the bouquet with our own eyes.” Rena Ye said with a smile.

“You…what do you mean, I didn’t mean to pick it up, it flew into my arms.” Qiu Linrui explained quickly.

“Oh! Don’t explain, the bride’s bouquet is in your hands, so don’t you be so shy? Tell us, who is the boy in your heart?” Milsa Ruan said with a smirk.

“Not in my heart.” Qiu Linrui said without hesitation.

“Hey! I said, don’t you be so humble, there are no outsiders here, and we happen to have one single among the best men.” Gary Mo said, turning his eyes away from Ivan Han.

Everyone saw that they looked at Ivan Han with different eyes, but Ivan Han did not speak, and Qiu Linrui also did not speak.

However, some people still noticed the emotions flashing in Ivan Han’s eyes, and they all smiled and watched them silently.

Finally, this link is over. Milsa Ruan and several people took Tanya An and changed into simple dresses.

Before the guests realized what was happening, a beam of lights hit the door gleamingly, and a slender foot stepped into the hall, glowing white light against the black string high heels, and everyone couldn’t help but suck. Take a breath!

The scented shoulders are half exposed, and a pure emerald on the chest exudes a faint halo. The long earrings of the same color gems move slowly with the lightly moving lotus steps, making the skin look like condensed fat.

The beautifully curved tube top makes the slender waist seem unbearable, and the high-stringed black hair bun complements the snow-like dress, drawing a perfect curve. The thin folds at the hem of the long skirt waved gently with the footsteps of the visitors, resembling a fairy coming from Lingbo in the hazy white light.

“Wow! Sister-in-law, you are really beautiful today.” Gary Mo praised.

“Yeah! You don’t dress up very much at ordinary times. When you dress up, it’s fascinating.” Andrew said with a smile.

“This is the so-called beauty.” Saul Nan said with a smile.

“You close your mouths finally, Alton’s face has already expressed everything.” Ivan Han said abruptly.

Gary Mo and several people turned their heads when they heard it, and then they saw Alton Ye’s face staring at them.

“Uh… I, I, I am here to get water.” Gary Mo saw it after holding a bottle of water.

“What am I here for? Why don’t I remember, I have to ask.” Andrew touched his head and said. “Ahem, I’ll greet the guests.” Saul Nan said with a smile.

“You are busy first, I will go out first.” Ivan Han said with a light smile.

Tanya An looked at the back of them leaving, couldn’t help but cover her mouth and snickered. It seemed that they were really afraid of Alton Ye.

Alton Ye came to Tanya An, stretched out his hand and took Tanya An into his arms, Tanya An blushed.

“I will go down to toast in a while.” Tanya An said.

“It’s ok.”


Alton Ye just finished speaking, lowered his head and k*ssed Tanya An’s lips, Tanya An was really nervous at the moment.

“Tanya should… Ah! I didn’t see anything, I didn’t see anything.”

A surprised voice broke the warm moment of the two people, Tanya An heard the voice and quickly pushed Alton Ye away, lowered his head, and Alton Ye calmly helped Tanya An tidy his hair.

Afterwards, Alton Ye took Tanya An’s hand to toast. He held Tanya An’s hand tightly along the way and never separated. Everyone was jealous and hated!

Alton Ye knew that Tanya An could not drink, so in the end, Alton Ye drank everything for him.

Tanya An watched Alton Ye drinking a glass of wine, feeling distressed and sweet in her heart, but how could she watch Alton Ye not drunk yet.

Tanya An didn’t know that Alton Ye had a lot of alcohol, and it could be said that he was not drunk in a thousand glasses.

I don’t know how long they have been busy with, and finally sent all the guests away. Ning Wanyuan and Long Ye said that the young people let them play by themselves, and finally went back first.

At this moment.

Outside the door of the room, there were a few people lying on their stomachs pushing and shoving, and they came to say a few words from time to time.

“What are you doing? Are you naive?” Ivan Han asked with his lips curled.

Gary Mo turned his head and looked at Ivan Han, “Tsk tusk, there is a qingqu in real wood, I want to see how this fellow Alton can do it.”

“Cut!” Although Ivan Han was reluctant on the surface, his body had already betrayed him.

“Hey hey! Don’t push me.” Milsa Ruan said.

“I didn’t push you.” Jin Xuan said.

“Hey! Don’t move.”

“Don’t let the Lord notice us.”

“It’s strange, why isn’t there a little movement?” Saul Nan said.

“Yeah! I didn’t hear anything.” Andrew said.

“Otherwise, let’s go in and take a look.” Christina Ye also began to gossip.

“That’s not good.” Qiu Linrui said.

“What are you afraid of? Anyway, it’s all about the bridal chamber.” Gary Mo opened the door carelessly and walked in.

The moment the door opened, the room was almost empty, except for the furniture, and there was no personal shadow.


Just when everyone was about to go out, the outside door was suddenly closed and then directly locked.

When Ivan Han saw it, several people rushed to pat the door, but they didn’t expect to lock the door.

“Just stay inside, someone will come over to open the door for you tomorrow.”

“f*ck! James Yi, you traitor, quickly open the door.” Gary Mo said.

“It was Alton who asked you to do this.” Han Yi said with certainty.

“Of course.” Yeichi said naturally.

“Just take care of him, just hit the door and it will be over.” Andrew started to kick the door after he said, watching several women standing next to each other.

“Our father said, it doesn’t matter if you kick the door, he will let you go directly to Sicily, Pakistan or something.” James Yi said with a smile.

James Yi said a word, Andrew stopped in mid-air when he kicked the door, and finally shrank away. He didn’t want to go to places like Sicily or Pakistan. There was a reason why Alton Ye locked them up. He I know that Gary Mo and Andrew have fun. If he doesn’t do this, his bridal night will surely be soaked.

The 563

James Yi said a word, Andrew stopped in mid-air when he kicked the door, and finally shrank away. He didn’t want to go to places like Sicily or Pakistan. There was a reason why Alton Ye locked them up. He I know that Gary Mo and Andrew have fun. If he doesn’t do this, his bridal night will surely be soaked.

After hearing this, everyone looked at each other, wondering what to do the next night, are they really going to wait here for one night?

“You play slowly, I’ll leave first.” James Yi said with a smile.

Several people in the room sit on the sofa and don’t know what to do. Although there is a TV in the room, they don’t like watching it.

“Ahhh! So boring!” Gary Mo said, clutching his head.

“Why don’t we have a little fun to do it, it’s only past seven o’clock, waiting like this is really boring.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Isn’t it enough to call for help?” Qiu Linrui said coldly.

“Since he locked us here, he expected that we could not get out.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Why don’t we play cards, anyway, we are also idle.” Jin Xuan suggested.

“That’s great, it’s better than sitting here. Nan Shao said in a deep voice.

“There is a license and wine in this room, and the loser can drink.” Christina Ye said in a deep voice.


“no problem.”

“bring it on.”

“…” several people said in unison.

After that, a few people played cards in the room, and the loser not only had to drink, but also had to lose money, but money was a piece of cake for them.

the other side.

At this moment, the culprit who kept Ivan Han and others in the room was driving a sports car on the road.

“Do you think it would be bad for us to do this?” Tanya An asked, turning her head to look at Alton Ye.

“What’s wrong.” Alton Ye said of course.

“But they are guests after all.” Tanya An said.

Tanya An didn’t know why Alton Ye wanted to do this, or he was good friends anyway, and it was a bit unreasonable to lock them up.

“At any rate, they are also our good friends as guests. Just lock them up, don’t you be afraid that they will break your relationship with you.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“If you don’t lock them up, the two of us don’t want to sleep tonight.” Alton Ye turned his head and smiled at Tanya An, eyes with different emotions.


While talking, Alton Ye had already drove Tanya An to a seaside villa. This villa was bought by Alton Ye before, but he had not stayed a few times.

Only once in a while, Alton Ye opened the car door and walked out, but Tanya An was stopped by Alton Ye as soon as she got out of the car. Tanya An looked up at Alton Ye in confusion.

“Today I hold you and walk in.” Alton Ye said with a smile.

After speaking, Alton Ye had already stopped Tanya from the car. Tanya wrapped his arms around his neck. Only then did Tanya see that they were coming to a villa near the sea.

While Tanya An was admiring the villa, Alton Ye had already brought Tanya An to the living room.

“You take a rest here first, I’ll go up and wait a while and then come down.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Hmm!” Tanya An nodded.

Alton Ye stretched out his hand and rubbed Tanya An’s hair and went upstairs. Tanya An looked at the house carefully. The design here is similar to that of Yuwan. It seems that Alton Ye likes this style very much.

Thinking of this, Tanya An raised her hand to look at the ring in her hand, and then a sweet smile rose from the corner of her mouth.

Tanya An sat in the living room waiting for Alton Ye. Half an hour had passed, but she still didn’t see Alton Ye go downstairs. Tanya An looked up upstairs, and went up without thinking of carrying her skirt.

Reaching out and knocking on the bedroom door, but there was no sound, Tanya couldn’t help but worry.

“Uncle, are you inside? I’m going in now!” Tanya An said.

But still did not answer her, Tanya was anxious at this moment and opened it quickly.

The moment the door opened, a faint scent of flowers came out, and Tanya was shocked by Alton Ye standing on the other side.

Tanya An looked at the scene in the bedroom in shock, couldn’t help covering her mouth, looking at Alton Ye incredulously.

At this moment, the floor of the room was covered with red candles. The candles were all put in small glasses, and the surroundings were covered with petals, which looked very beautiful.

Not only that. Even the bed was covered with red rose petals, Tanya An watched this scene and looked at Alton Ye, and Alton Ye looked at Tanya An and smiled pettingly, and then stretched out her beautiful hand.

Tanya An smiled when she saw it, and then walked step by step with her skirt, her high heels stepping on the ground but making no sound, stepping on the soft carpet, a scent of fragrance came from the tip of her nose.

Tanya An came to Alton Ye and put her little hand in his big palm, his palm was very warm.

Alton Ye forcefully brought Tanya An into his arms and looked at her affectionately, causing Tanya An’s face to blush again.

“Why did you come up for so long? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Alton Ye said with his chin resting on Tanya An’s shoulder.

“I…I don’t know that you prepared such a surprise for me again. You just asked me to wait below, and I didn’t see you down for a long time, so I came up.” Tanya An said shyly.

“Do you like it?” Alton Ye asked in a hoarse voice.

“Yeah! I like it, I like it very much.” Tanya An nodded vigorously.

“If you like it, then it’s time to do our business.” Alton Ye said in Tanya An’s ear, and Tanya An shuddered as the warm air sprayed on Tanya An’s ear.

“First… wait a minute.” Tanya An pushed Alton Ye’s chest.

“What else can you wait for? Don’t you know that the spring night is worth a thousand dollars.” Alton Ye bit Tanya An’s earlobe gently.

“Just…just a few minutes.” Tanya An’s face blushed.

“Then you hurry up.” Alton Ye reached out and put his hand on Tanya An’s waist.

After hearing this, Tanya An took out Alton Ye’s phone, turned it on, unlocked it, and then logged into Alton Ye’s Weibo, raising her hand to take a photo of the room.

Alton Ye understood what it meant instantly after seeing it, turned around and came to Tanya An’s back, hugged her from behind, and snatched the phone from her hand.

“Hey! Cell phone.” Tanya shouted.

“We two take one.” Alton Ye said with a smile.

After hearing this, Tanya An laughed sweetly. Then, Alton Ye clicked on the shooting location, Tanya An smiled and smiled, that smile was simply too sweet, beautiful and so happy. And Alton Ye k*ssed Tanya An’s cheek, and Tanya An showed a shy state, which made people seem to have an urge to protect her.

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