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Chapter 5237

..Peerless Pet: Hei Di’s Adorable Wife

At the moment Tanya An watched Long Ye’s hand over to the security inspector, Tanya An called out the two fathers in a ghostly manner. Tanya An mustered up a lot of courage. When Ye heard those two words, his whole body shook and turned slowly, and then he saw Tanya and Alton Ye standing outside the security check.

Long Ye’s eyes were full of shock, and he couldn’t tell what it was like, just standing aside.

Long Zixuan on the side laughed lightly when he saw Long Ye’s appearance. He didn’t expect that things would come so suddenly, and he didn’t expect that leaving today would make the person who had originally cherished it turn back.

“Sir, miss, did she forgive you?” Long Zixuan said in a deep voice.

“I…I don’t know.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

“In this case, why don’t we go over and take a look, if the lady really forgives you and everyone is happy, then you don’t have to rush back.” Long Zixuan said in a deep voice.

Long Ye’s eyes kept looking at Tanya An. Long Ye was standing there, and the people in the line behind were already impatient, but they urged Long Ye.

Long Ye finally lifted up his footsteps and walked out, and Long Zixuan followed with his luggage.

Long Ye came to Tanya An’s face. The two of them didn’t know what to say, so they stood there looking at each other, the scene was a bit embarrassing.

“Little warm me…”

“I forgive you.”

Before Long Ye’s words were finished, Tanya An took the lead to interrupt Long Ye’s words aloud, saying what he had been brewing for a long time.

Tanya An also hesitated for a long time, but since she has already made a decision, so be it. Moreover, although she had a father since she was a child, that father didn’t love her, it was the same as whether she had a father.

But facing her current father, Tanya An’s instinct tells herself that she will have a father who loves her very much in the future.

Long Ye looked at Tanya An in shock, and was so excited that he couldn’t help himself. He really suspected that he had heard it wrong.

“I… I didn’t… I didn’t… Did you hear me wrong?” Long Ye stammered.

“Sir, you heard that right, Miss really forgave you.” Long Zixuan said with a smile.

Long Ye burst into tears when he heard it. He was not dreaming, he was really not dreaming. His daughter was finally willing to forgive him, and he finally got his daughter’s forgiveness.

“Tanya, Dad is really happy. You can forgive Dad. Don’t worry. From now on, Dad will make up for you and make you the happiest daughter in the world.” Long Ye said excitedly.

“No, these are not what I want. All I want is to stay with me in the future, and can’t leave me behind.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“Okay, okay, don’t worry, dad will eat and drink for free here in Longcheng and I won’t go back.” Long Ye said quickly.

When Tanya An heard a throbbing in her heart, she forgave him and ignored the previous things.

“And you, I didn’t completely let this matter go by myself, and my husband.” Tanya An stretched out her hand to hold Alton Ye’s big hand.

Long Ye turned to look at Alton Ye when he heard him. For some reason, Long Ye was grateful to Alton Ye.

“Well, let’s go back and talk about something.” After Alton Ye said, he hugged Tanya An and turned and left.

Tanya An turned her head to look at Long Ye, “Sorry, he is like this, hurry up.”

Long Ye laughed after hearing it. Smile from the heart, today is definitely the happiest thing in his life, thinking of this, followed them and left the airport.

“Baby! You performed well today.” Alton Ye said suddenly.

“What?” Tanya asked without understanding.

“Fool, it’s nothing. In this case, let’s go home first. We haven’t eaten breakfast yet.” Alton Ye said.

“Yeah!” Tanya An nodded.

In the end, Tanya An and Alton Ye had a car, while Long Ye was with Long Zixuan.

Tanya An kept talking while sitting in the car. Although sometimes the donkey’s head was not right, but Alton Ye would discuss something with Tanya An when he heard it.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Alton Ye picked up the phone and opened the answer button, and then put on the Bluetooth headset.

“Hey! What’s the matter?” Alton Ye asked indifferently.

“Lord, as expected, Chen Yingxiong went to the Chen Group early this morning, and then began to impeach Yun Yan, but Yun Yan was not there.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“Humph! He won’t come out now, it’s not exactly the time,” Alton Ye said coldly.

“If this is the case, Chen Yingxiong will have no choice but to impeach Yunyan. After all, some shareholders of the Chen Group are not clear about this matter, and we have found that Yunyan has transferred Chen Yingxiong’s shares to his own in recent years. Under his name, Yun Yan is now the veritable largest shareholder of the Chen Group.” James Yi said solemnly.

“Yun Yan will definitely do this. Even if the transfer of shares is discovered by Chen Yingxiong, there will be nothing.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yes, the Chen Group is now in a mess. Chen Yingxiong has impeached his son. However, Yun Yan has not shown up. Isn’t he really afraid?” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“He won’t stay away forever. With this look, Chen Yingxiong will definitely go to the company every day. At this time tomorrow, Yun Yan will definitely be there on time for the Chen family.” Alton Ye said confidently.

“Yes, since this is the case, I will continue to let people stare.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“Yeah!” Alton Ye nodded and hung up.

“Uncle, what’s the matter?” Tanya An asked.

When Alton Ye reached out and rubbed Tanya’s hair, he smiled indulgently, “Nothing.”

“Oh! That’s good.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

As soon as the voice fell, Alton Ye’s phone rang again, but this time it was Gary Mo.


“f*ck, Alton Ye, why don’t you tell me about your wedding? Don’t you treat me as a brother? Or Reena told me that I don’t know? Why didn’t you tell us? It’s too interesting.” Gary complained cracklingly.

“Don’t you know now.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“It’s good if it’s different, you have to tell us about this in person.” Gary Mo said.

“No, you used the wrong word.” Alton Ye corrected.

“Ah! No?” Gary Mo asked in a daze.

“The officials and the others know.” Alton Ye said lightly.

Gary Mo, who was holding up the quilt and drinking water, heard Alton Ye’s words and spouted the water from his mouth. He looked at the phone in disbelief, hat, they all knew, but he didn’t. Why, this is too unfair, why they all know, but don’t tell themselves, Gary Mo thinks about this, the more he feels wronged.


(. = </a>)

Chapter 538


Gary Mo, who was holding up the quilt and drinking water, heard Alton Ye’s words and spouted the water from his mouth. He looked at the phone in disbelief, hat, they all knew, but he didn’t. Why, this is too unfair, why they all know, but don’t tell themselves, Gary Mo thinks about this, the more he feels wronged.

This was putting him aside, it was too much, and Gary Mo became more dissatisfied as he thought about it.

“Hmph! You are too much, you didn’t even tell me. If Reena didn’t tell me, then I must have known it until the day of your wedding, ah! How could you be swollen like this?” Gary cracked Complained.

“I forgot.” Alton Ye said calmly.

Gary Mo heard a mouthful of old blood stuck in his throat, and forgot, what is meant by forgetting, how could he forget it as a living person.

“I want to break my friendship with you, Alton Ye.” Gary Mo gritted his teeth and said.

“Whatever you want.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“You, you…” Gary Mo was angrily unable to speak.

Alton Ye couldn’t help laughing when he heard Gary Mo’s appearance, and was no longer joking with him.

“Okay, I’m joking with you, these days are too busy, I originally planned to call you today, but I didn’t expect you to call.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Huh! You still have a conscience. In this case, I can tell you in advance, but I want to be the best man.” Gary Mo said.

“I can’t wait.” Alton Ye said with a chuckle.

“That’s good, that’s good! Now that’s the case, I have something to deal with. I have time to go to Yuwan to find you, bye!” Gary Mo hung up after speaking.

Alton Ye hung up the phone and continued to drive intently, “Gary Mo called.”

“I heard it.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Alton Ye heard the smile without saying a word, and then drove intently.

Some people here are happy, but some people are not like that. The huge ward smells of unpleasant disinfectant.

“How is she?” Chen Borui asked in a deep voice.

“Sorry, I am also helpless.” Gary said apologetically.

Chen Borui heard him staggering a few steps, and Gary Mo saw quickly reaching out to support him.

“Is there really no rescue?” Chen Borui said in a deep voice.

“Sorry I have tried my best. There is really no antidote for this poison.” Gary Mo regretted that I said.

“That… Then how long will she have?” Chen Borui asked calmly.

“It’s been a month at most. I can only help her last for a month. After a month…you can handle it yourself.” Gary Mo didn’t say that sentence.

After hearing this, Chen Borui closed his eyes, then opened his eyes, “I see, thank you. I will handle it myself.”

“Well! I still have an operation to do, I’ll go out first.” Gary Mo turned around and went out.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Not long after Gary Mo went out, Chen Borui’s cell phone rang, and he took out his cell phone to display the caller ID. This number seemed to have been seen once before, and then never seen again.

“Hello!” Chen Borui asked coldly.

“Hi! I should call you Mr. Chen now.”

“It’s you, what do you want to do?” Chen Borui asked coldly.

“No, no, no, I just called to tell you one thing, you have been in the hospital for so many days, don’t you know that your mother has passed away?” Yun Yan said with a smile.

Chen Borui was shocked when he heard what he heard, his mother died! When did this happen?

“What the hell is going on? Did you do it?” Chen Borui asked loudly.

“Of course I did it, but you don’t want to come back to the company to impeach me, because your father is the one who ended up.” Yun Yan said coldly.

“My father! What have you done to my father?! Chen Borui asked loudly.

“What are you doing so loudly? Your father is very good. He is still impeaching me at the company today. What can you say about him?” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

“Yun Yan, wait for me, and the company will impeach you and you will step down. It’s time.

“Hahaha! Really? Then we’ll wait and see tomorrow, but you won’t end up fighting with me as you are now, but if you find Alton Ye to solve it, then you have to see if he can help. You.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

“Of course he will help me.” Chen Borui said without hesitation.

“Hahaha! Your imagination is so good, how much do you know about Alton Ye? Do you know who he is? Do you know what is in his heart? There is a demon in his heart, he is Devil, he will not help others for the sake of others without a little benefit. In his heart, he has no sympathy and is more cruel. What he will get if he helps you, he will not get any benefit.” Yun Yan There was a lot of crackling.

Chen Borui clenched his fists tightly after hearing this. He didn’t believe it, “He said he would help me.”

“You are still too naive. Why should he help you? He is a person who is not lacking in rights, status, money and identity. Why should he help you with an irrelevant person?” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

“Don’t talk so much nonsense, what do you want?” Chen Borui said coldly.

“I really didn’t want to do anything, I just wanted to tell you that your mother is dead and I killed her.” Yun Yan did not hide it.

“I know it’s you, you wait for me.” Chen Borui gritted his teeth and said.

“Okay, I’m waiting for you, don’t try to find Alton Ye.” Yun Yan finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Chen Borui held the phone tightly and turned to look at Li Qingqing who was lying there lifeless. There is no antidote to this poison, but it won’t cause people to die immediately, and will die in a month or a half.

Chen Borui turned around and left the ward and came to the nurse’s desk in the hospital.

“Hello! I would like to ask if a lady named Chen Lihua was admitted to this hospital recently.” Chen Borui said in a deep voice.

“There was one named Chen Lihua, but he had already died when he was sent over. Before long, his husband had cremated her. It was really anxious to see that scene at the time.” The nurse said with a sad expression.

“Thank you.” Chen Borui said in a deep voice.

“It’s okay, no thanks.” The nurse said with a chuckle.

Chen Borui turned and walked slowly, feeling extremely sad, thinking that his mother had passed away but he could not show up, and that he could not intervene in company affairs. Thinking of this, Chen Borui immediately thought of Alton Ye. He can only now Rely on him, he didn’t believe what Yun Yan just said.


(. = </a>)

The 539

Chen Borui turned and walked slowly, feeling extremely sad, thinking that his mother had passed away but he could not show up, and that he could not intervene in company affairs. Thinking of this, Chen Borui immediately thought of Alton Ye. He can only now Rely on him, he didn’t believe what Yun Yan just said.

Chen Borui had no choice now. Li Qingqing lay here in the hospital. He could only find a nurse to take care of her carefully. He would call her whenever there was something to do, and then Chen Borui left the hospital.

Chen Borui can only go to Alton Ye now, because he has no one to help him, only him, thinking of this, Chen Borui drove directly to the company.

Chen Borui didn’t know that Alton Ye did not go to the company today, but stayed in Yuwan all the time.

At this moment, Yuwan can be described as a double heaven of ice and fire.

Alton Ye and Tanya An took Long Ye back to Yuwan, and Ning Wanyuan, who knew the ins and outs of the matter, put on Long Ye as a guest, obviously not very satisfied with Long Ye.

The reason is very simple, maybe after knowing the matter, so it’s all about fighting the injustice for Tanya An.

Looking at Ning Wanyuan, Long Ye was not angry, on the contrary, he was happy and grateful, because he saw that they treated his daughter so well, even if he was a little dissatisfied with him, he didn’t care.

Alton Ye shook his head helplessly when he looked at Ning Wanyuan’s appearance. How could he be a visitor somehow, and he was also his wife’s father. It was a bit not good to do so.

“Mom, don’t put on an unreasonable airs. At any rate, you are also Tanya’s father, my father-in-law.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice, but in the end the two “father-in-law” said Not very respectful, but with a hint of perfunctory.

“Oh, of course I know. I just feel unfair for my daughter-in-law. He really has the heart to throw such a good daughter. Can you tell me if I can be angry?” Ning Wanyuan said in a deep voice. To.

Tanya An was moved when she heard what Ning Wanyuan said. Her nose was sour. She really had accumulated virtue in her previous life to meet such a good mother-in-law.

“Mom, thank you!” Tanya An said.

“Silly boy, don’t say thank you! But since you forgive your father, I’m not too good to say anything. Although I still have a little bit of response in my heart, I have to see his performance in the future. If he treats you badly, don’t Blame me for being polite.” Ning Wanyuan said domineeringly.

“My family, I used to be sorry for Tanya, but I will settle down in Longcheng in the future, and accompany her well, so that she can supply her with a childhood that lost her father’s love.” Long Ye said with a smile.

“Well! It’s almost the same.” Ning Wanyuan said in a deep voice.

“Mom, does Reena still have James Yi?” Alton Ye asked suddenly.

“Oh! Reena seems to have a class reunion. She must not let her go. There is no way, I can only let James Yi accompany her.” Ning Wanyuan said helplessly.

“I’m already a mom, and I still can’t accept the fun xingzi.” Alton Ye said helplessly.

“My family, since you’ve already come over, you have to bother about the affairs of Tanya and Alton’s wedding.” Ning Wanyuan said in a deep voice.

“Wedding! Isn’t it too early to start the wedding?” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

“Morning? Not early, I think it’s okay.” Alton Ye said while sitting beside Tanya An.

“Yes, it’s not early, it’s not early.” Ning Wanyuan said with a smile.

Long Ye turned to look at Tanya An when he heard. Actually, he didn’t want Tanya An’s wedding so early, because he wanted to accompany her more.

“Tanya, what do you think?” Long Ye asked in a deep voice.

“Of course I would.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Alton Ye on the side heard Tanya An’s hair stretched out and looked at her dozingly, and even Ning Wanyuan looked at Tanya An dozingly.

Looking at Tanya An’s smile at him, Long Ye felt an unspeakable feeling in his heart. In this case, he couldn’t say anything. As long as his daughter can be happy, his heart is just as happy.

In the end, Ning Wanyuan and Long Ye set the wedding day two weeks later, two weeks later, the day they were just right to marry, and it was noon after discussing these.

Ning Wanyuan asked Alton Ye to cook, and she wanted to help her son.

Laying a hand is nothing more than an excuse. Ning Wanyuan just wants Tanya An and Long Ye to chat for a while. Ning Wanyuan is actually what Long Ye has in mind, after all, they are all people who come here.

Tanya An and Long Ye were sitting in the living room. Although they didn’t know what to say at this time, it was natural for them to be less embarrassed.

“Tanya, when you get married, my father will give you a big gift.” Long Ye said lovingly.

“No, it’s pretty good as long as you can stay. I don’t care about the gifts at all.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“What a sensible and good boy.” Long Ye said with a smile.

“However, it will be fine if Mom comes back.” Tanya An said with a trace of sadness.

Long Ye sighed, and then took out a photo from his pocket. The person in this photo was Tanya An’s mother, Long Ye’s lifelong love.

“I have stayed by my side for this picture. I have never left my side for all these years, because I only have this one. I am afraid of losing this picture, and then I will never find it or see it again. Your mother looks like.” Long Ye said in a deep voice, looking at the photo.

When Tanya An heard Long Ye’s words, she walked to him and sat down. The photo in Long Ye’s hand showed her mother, but she hadn’t seen it for a long time.

“Mom will definitely come back.” Tanya An said firmly.

“Yeah, how could she leave us behind, so this is just a matter of time.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yeah! I believe she will come back.” Tanya An said and turned to look at Long Ye. “Just like you, although you didn’t come back by yourself, but accidentally discovered me, you didn’t hesitate. Followed me back, so I also trust my mother.”

Long Ye’s eyes filled with excitement when he heard Tanya An’s words, but he did not expect to hear Tanya An’s words like this.

“Okay, good boy, Dad will never leave you again. Dad will stay in Longcheng and stay with you.” Long Ye burst into tears.

“Hmm!” Tanya An’s nose was sour.

Long Ye really didn’t expect such a day. He really thanked Alton Ye and Tanya An for going there that day. If they didn’t go there to play, his men would not offend Yeming. Alton, Alton Ye wouldn’t want to see himself personally, and he couldn’t see his daughter with his own eyes, or he would still be looking for it in the vast crowd.

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