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Chapter 531

Chen Borui was surprised when he heard Alton Ye’s words. He didn’t expect Tanya An to meet Li Qingqing. Thinking of this, Chen Borui thought of an idea. Perhaps as long as Tanya An got out, the antidote would be given to him. , Chen Borui made a bold decision in his heart.

Alton Ye was on the phone with Chen Borui at this time. It was not a video, so he couldn’t see Chen Borui’s real expression. If not, Alton Ye would definitely understand Chen Borui’s thoughts.

However, Alton Ye did not use the phone to gain insight into Chen Borui’s thoughts, and Chen Borui would take a risk when thinking of this method. The purpose of what he did was just to save her.

“I know, then let it be your fate.” Chen Borui said in a deep voice.

“Yeah! I’ll hang up if it’s okay.” Alton Ye hung up after speaking.

Looking at the hung up phone, Chen Borui held the phone tightly, staring at the three characters in the operating room.

Chen Borui looked at the three characters. He had told himself before that he would never step into the hospital again. That time he stepped into the hospital as himself. At that time, he almost died, so he vowed not. Step into the hospital.

That is to say, I won’t hurt myself again, but this time I didn’t expect, I didn’t expect that the person I liked went to the hospital, and it was for myself.

Thinking of this, Chen Borui hated the instigator to the extreme. He seemed to get rid of Yun Yan and return to his own identity, so that he would not let Li Qingqing take her own life in order to save herself.

But he knew that he had nothing and was unarmed, and he couldn’t be Yun Yan’s opponent at all.

He knew that only Alton Ye could stand against Yun Yan, and he had also discovered that Yun Yan and Alton Ye had a deep hatred, which was much easier.

Chen Borui thought a lot in his heart, but finally felt terrible pain in his head. He reached out and touched his head. It turned out that Li Qingqing smashed a stool on her head and then bleed a lot.

Chen Borui has no mind to deal with the wound now, so he stands at the door of the operating room and waits.

the other side.

In a very dark room, there is no light. Black is the purest color. It symbolizes the arrival of dawn. Black is deep.

It is reality. Where there is light, there is no black, but how can there be light everywhere in the world? When there is light, there must be darkness. This is reality. So although I don’t have any light, I am blinded by all its darkness, so I look very Horror.

All in all, the room is dark and you can’t see anything. Only a little bit of moonlight from outside your window comes in. You can’t see the furnishings inside.



In the dark room, there will be a pattering sound from time to time, making people wonder what it is, but it has added a layer of terror in the dark night.



With the sound of knocking on the door, the lights in the room were suddenly turned on, and the room suddenly lit up a lot, and all the things in the room were revealed.

Pushing the door in, a fresh scent came over, and it was not the smell of air freshener, but a natural and fresh smell. Who knows where it tastes like?

The windows of Yun Yan’s room are clean, without a trace of debris, and it is clean. It makes people hard to believe that this is the room where boys live, but if he lives in a place like this, the dirty words are probably not side by side.

The main theme of light blue, the room is connected to the small living room and bathroom. His bed is not big, but it is very delicate. The quilt on the bed is neatly laid, and the two pillows are placed side by side on the head of the bed.

There are a few books on the blue bedside table, which he probably read before going to bed. The light blue curtains are hung on both sides, exposing large floor-to-ceiling windows. The sunlight through the floor-to-ceiling windows gently and quietly spills in. The same, warm and reassuring.

There are not many books in the bookcase, but they are all thick. It looks hard to understand. Unexpectedly, he likes to read books. There is a large closet against the wall and a wall clock ticking on the wall.

“what’s up?”

“Master, you can go down for dinner,” the servant said respectfully.

“I see.” Yun Yan said coldly.

The servants hurried over when they heard Yun Yan’s words. These servants used to talk and laugh with real people. Chen Borui did not treat them as servants and treated them very kindly.

However, after changing to Yun Yan, what Yun Yan wanted was absolute obedience. In his eyes, the servant was a beijian person, and could not be compared with the master.

Yun Yan cleaned up and went down. This home was both strange and familiar to him, but he didn’t think it was very warm here. There were only killing and revenge in his world.

Yun Yan walked into this restaurant as if he had entered a magnificent palace.

Pushing open the heavy door of the restaurant, a spacious and luxurious space unfolds in front of you. The gorgeous crystal chandeliers on the ceiling reflect the dreamlike colorful light from every angle. The gorgeous European-style tables and chairs, and small and exquisite bar counters are all painted in pure white, exuding aristocratic atmosphere everywhere.

A white porcelain vase is placed on each table. The pink roses in the vase bloom softly, matching the surrounding elegant environment very harmoniously.

The wall is painted with a colorful pattern of small light blue squares, surrounded by a gilded, ornate frame, with delicate flowers and fruits engraved on the corners, and a fat little love god is flying freely on it.

“Brother, you are finally down.” Chen Ruozhu said with a smile.

“A Rui, hurry up and have dinner.” Mother Chen said lovingly.

“This is but your favorite food.” Chen Yingxiong said in a deep voice.

Yun Yan seemed indifferent when he heard it. He sat in a chair and watched a sumptuous dinner. These were not what he liked to eat, but rather raw things.

But he didn’t say it either. These things were only liked by the man Chen Borui, and the two of them were just the opposite.

Chen Ruozhu looked at his brother and helped him prepare the rice and put it in front of him. Then Chen’s father and Chen’s mother picked Yunyan a lot of vegetables.

“Okay, I can’t do that much.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice, then picked up his rice bowl and ate.

Chen Yingxiong and his wife looked at them and didn’t doubt anything. The meal was a pleasant one.

A few minutes later, Yun Yan put the bowls and chopsticks on the table and stood up, “I’m full, you eat slowly.”

“You stop for me.” Chen Yingxiong shouted suddenly.

When Yun Yan heard Chen Yingxiong’s words, he stopped and turned his head to look at Chen Yingxiong calmly, with his hands in his pockets, like a dude. Chen Yingxiong looked at Yun Yan like this and was angry. He had a good meal. After eating like this, he finally returned, but he still had to look at his expression. The more Chen Yingxiong thought about it, the more things went wrong.

Chapter 532

When Yun Yan heard Chen Yingxiong’s words, he stopped and turned his head to look at Chen Yingxiong calmly, with his hands in his pockets, like a dude. Chen Yingxiong looked at Yun Yan like this and was angry. He had a good meal. After eating like this, he finally returned, but he still had to look at his expression. The more Chen Yingxiong thought about it, the more things went wrong.

His son was not like this before. His son was the last to leave the table every time, and he would help them with food every time. Why has it changed so much?

“You finally came back to talk to us like this, don’t you know that we are your parents?” Chen Yingxiong asked loudly.

“Of course I know.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

“I know, I don’t think you know, you just stay in the room after you come back, don’t come down without eating, do you think of this as your home? What are you thinking about?” Chen Yingxiong stretched out his hand Pointing at Yun Yan and asked loudly.

“You let me come back, okay, I’m back, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to kneel and knock down three times and hold a special ceremony?” Yun Yan said impatiently.

“You…you b*stard.” Chen Yingxiong said loudly.

“Whatever you say.” Yun Yan said indifferently.


As soon as Chen Borui finished speaking, Chen Yingxiong slapped Yun Yan without any precautions.

“Ah! Brother!”

“A Rui!”

Mother Chen and Chen Ruozhu exclaimed that Chen Yingxiong would beat Chen Chen Borui.

Mother Chen and Chen Ruozhu rushed to Yun Yan’s side to check Yun Yan’s cheek injuries.

“Husband, what are you doing? Why do you want to beat A Rui?” Mother Chen said dissatisfiedly.

“That’s right, Dad, my brother is just too tired for the company’s business, how can you beat your brother.” Chen Ruozhu said excitedly.

Chen Ruozhu didn’t expect that he was reluctant to hit their father since he was a child, but he hit his brother today.

“Just protect him like this. Look at what he has become since he came back. Do you respect us as much as before? Are you as obedient and sensible as before?” Chen Yingxiong said in a deep voice.

Yun Yan smiled coldly after hearing it, and then reached out and pushed away Chen’s mother and Chen Ruozhu. Chen’s mother looked at Yun Yan in surprise.

“A Rui is obedient, apologize to your father quickly, don’t make your father angry.” Mother Chen said quickly.

“Heh! Apology, why should I apologize? I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I apologize, and…” Yun Yan reached here and touched his cheek, staring at Chen Yingxiong fiercely.

Chen Yingxiong saw Yun Yan’s stern gaze, and he snorted in his heart. This look is very scary. Shouldn’t such a look be at the enemy? Why do you treat your relatives, such eyes are full of cold killing intent.

“What are you doing? I’m your biological father.” Chen Yingxiong said in a deep voice.

“I remember this slap, and I will return it.” Yun Yan said coldly.

“A**hole, do you know who you are talking to, I am your father and you are my son.” Chen Yingxiong said in a deep voice.

“Hahaha! Hahaha! Father? Where do I come from? Father, I have been just an orphan since I was a child.” Yun Yan said word by word.

Just when Chen Yingxiong’s opponent beat him, Yun Yan no longer wanted to hide it, because he felt that it was too uncomfortable to carry an identity that was not his own. He still liked his true identity.

Yun Yan, his true identity is just the cruel and hateful Yun Yan, who only thinks of revenge.

The three of Chen Yingxiong looked at Yun Yan in shock, and did not understand what he meant.

“Brother…brother, what are you talking about? You and I were born from a mother’s hard work in October?” Chen Ruozhu said incredulously.

“No, no, no, you and your brother Chen Borui were born with your mother’s hard work in October, but I am not. I was an orphan since I was a child. Do you understand?” Yun Yan said coldly.

“No, no, no, A Rui, what are you talking about nonsense, you were born through hard work, how can you talk nonsense like this.” Mother Chen hurried to Yun Yan and reached out to grab him. Said the arm crying.

Yun Yan just smiled coldly when she heard that she was indifferent, and then she shook off Mother Chen’s restraints. Mother Chen didn’t stand still and fell directly to the ground.

“Ah!” Mother Chen screamed.


“Mom, how are you?”

Chen Yingxiong and Chen Ruozhu ran next to Chen’s mother to check how Chen’s mother was. Chen’s body was not very good.

“Chen Borui, do you want to rebel? She is your mother!” Chen Yingxiong shouted loudly.

“Mom, Chen Yingxiong, you think too much. I am not Chen Borui. My real name is Yun Yan, not your son. Your son has been killed by me. I just replaced him and occupied Chen. The group has got the wealth I want.” Yun Yan said coldly.

When Yun Yan said a few words, several people looked at Yun Yan in shock, no, they didn’t believe it, they didn’t believe what Yun Yan said, they were obviously the same person, they were all exactly the same, including his habits and hobbies. . Everything about him.

“Impossible, my son, what have you done to my son: who the hell are you? Where did you get my son?” Mother Chen rushed towards Yun Yan after speaking out loud.

Yun Yan coldly looked at Mother Chen who was rushing towards him, eyes full of bloodthirsty light, raised his foot and kicked towards Mother Chen’s body fiercely.



Mother Chen was kicked down by Yun Yan. Yun Yan’s envoy was very powerful, causing Mother Chen’s head to hit the pillar next to her. Only for a moment, Mother Chen said to the ground like this.



Chen Yingxiong and Chen Ruozhu both shouted loudly at the same time and ran over to look at Chen Lihua.

Yun Yan coldly watched them indifferently, and did not sympathize with them for taking care of him in the past few years. He didn’t even have a little pity, more cruel.

“This is how you just slapped me and said that you will end.” Yun Yan finished saying this coldly and turned and left mercilessly.

Chen Yingxiong and Chen Ruozhu were holding Chen Lihua’s body and crying. They did not expect, really did not expect that they would recognize a man who didn’t know, with such a cruel method as a son, but where is their real thing? , Just after hearing Yun Yan say that he had killed him, Chen Yingxiong went all over and fainted.

The 533

Chen Yingxiong and Chen Ruozhu were holding Chen Lihua’s body and crying. They did not expect, really did not expect that they would recognize a man who didn’t know, with such a cruel method as a son, but where is their real thing? , Just after hearing Yun Yan say that he had killed him, Chen Yingxiong went all over and fainted.

Finally, Chen Yingxiong called an ambulance, and Chen Yingxiong and Chen Ruozhu both got into the ambulance, but the matter has reached this point, can it be saved.

This time, Yun Yan really had a showdown against Chen Yingxiong and the others. However, Yun Yan explained his identity, then what will happen to the Chen Group?

However, what Chen Yingxiong didn’t expect was that the company had been handed over to Yunyan for management over the years, and he did not take care of these things at home. Therefore, Yunyan secretly transferred some of the shares to his own name over the years.

Moreover, even if Chen Yingxiong discovered it at the time, it was of no use, because at that time the relationship between father and son was very good. Chen Yingxiong didn’t account for this, because he felt that it was a family.

But at this time, Chen Yingxiong realized that it was already too late, and now it’s no use saying anything, it’s too late.

Yun Yan has changed from the owner of the dark pavilion to a person who has nothing, and now he has become the president of a company, and he came here for no reason. All this seems to be a little easier.

After Yun Yan left, he went to the apartment outside. It happened that Xiao Wang came to look for him. Yun Yan sat in a chair and looked at the computer coldly.

“What’s the matter?” Yun Yan asked coldly.

Xiao Wang looked at Yun Yan cautiously. He had just received the news. He didn’t expect Yun Yan to be so cruel, after all, that was his mother.

Although she is not her biological mother, she has been living together for so many years. Is there no feeling at all? Thinking of this, Xiao Wang couldn’t help feeling cold.

But no matter how much he thinks, it has happened, and he can’t say anything. After all, he is his master, and the master’s subordinates shouldn’t bother.

Yun Yan didn’t hear Xiao Wang’s words, raised his head and looked at Xiao Wang coldly, “Get out if nothing is wrong.” Yun Yan’s voice was cold.

“No, the subordinate has something to report.” Xiao Wang said quickly.

“Then it feels like.” Yun Yan said impatiently.

I just received the news that the old lady had passed away without rescue. “Xiao Wang said cautiously, with a trace of sadness in his voice.

“Oh!” Yun Yan just said “Oh”, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Xiao Wang was a little surprised when he heard Yun Yan looking at Yun Yan, who was still there, looking at the file.

“Sir, don’t you go take a look?” Xiao Wang asked cautiously.

“Don’t think that you can surpass you after many years by my side.” Yun Yan’s voice was coldly murderous.

“The subordinate dare not, the subordinate is just worried.” Xiao Wang bent over and said.

“Worried? What are you worried about?” Yun Yan asked in a deep voice.

Xiao Wang stopped talking when he heard it, because he didn’t dare to say it. Although he had been with Yun Yan for many years, there were some things he couldn’t deal with, so he stopped talking.

“If you don’t say anything, you can leave. I don’t need a dumb person by my side.” Yun Yan said coldly.

“Yes, what I am worried about is the death of the old lady, and Chen Yingxiong knows your identity. He will definitely ask the whereabouts of the real Chen Borui, and he will definitely take your position as president back. , Then our next things will be difficult to handle.” Xiao Wang said worriedly.

“Well, we have to see if Chen Yingxiong has the ability. If he wants to, let him go. If he knows the essence of the matter, I can take care of me for so many years and I can spare him. Fate, if not, then I can only silence my mouth. I have a principle of doing things.” Yun Yan said calmly.

“Yes, the subordinate understands.” Xiao Wang said respectfully.

“Well, you go to the hospital first to see how it is going, and there will be a war of ying to fight, you are ready to prepare.” Yun Yan said coldly.

“Yes.” Xiao Wang said respectfully, suddenly thinking of something, “However, the real Chen Borui is not dead, and he is still with Alton Ye, then how should he solve it?”

“What about Alton Ye, I can still be afraid of him.” Yun Yan said coldly.

“Yes, that’s right. One more thing, a news has spread all over Longcheng, and you don’t know, sir.” Xiao Wang said cautiously.

Because if he said this matter, his master would definitely be very, very angry, so he must carefully consider it and not say it rashly.

“Yeah!” Yun Yan nodded.

Xiao Wang raised his head and looked at Yun Yan cautiously. Now that he has already said half of it, just say it. If he doesn’t say it now, his master will definitely blame it when he knows it.

“Yes, he said that Alton Ye has been preparing for the wedding recently, and the wedding period is approaching.” Xiao Wang didn’t dare to look at Yun Yan after he finished speaking.

Sure enough, after Yun Yan heard it, the goblet in his hand instantly turned into scum in his hand, and bright red blood ran to the ground along with the red wine in Yun Yan’s hand.

“Sir.” I saw the exclamation and hurried forward.

“Get out of here.” Yun Yan growled low.

When Xiao Wang heard it, he stopped and didn’t dare to move forward. Finally, he could only leave the room silently, because it was Yun Yan’s most angry moment. Xiao Wang went out and closed the door carefully.

Yun Yan picked up his steps and walked forward, and came to the window of the study room. Looking at the scenery outside, the dark night makes people unable to see things outside. Fortunately, there are a few lights on there, but they look that way. lonely.

At this time, the moon had also hidden in the clouds, not daring to show it, only the few stars hanging in the sky.

Yun Yan lowered his head and looked at his right hand. The right hand was already dripping with blood. Yun Yan didn’t seem to take it to heart, and finally clenched his fist tightly.

He looked up at the glass in front of him, his eyes were fierce, and his whole body exuded a cold chill.


Yun Yan lifted his injured right hand and slammed it on the glass. The glass split in an instant. Yun Yan used a lot of strength, otherwise the glass wouldn’t split.

The right hand was placed on the glass and did not take it off, Yun Yan’s eyes exuded a violent aura, and a thick black aura exuded all over his body.

Yun Yan is really angry and angry at this moment. Although he doesn’t know what he thinks of Tanya An, it can be seen from here that Yun Yan cares a little about Tanya An’s behavior. It may be at school. When I met inside, maybe it was a period of time later, or it was a time before. In short, it was a little different.

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