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Chapter 519

Yun Yan heard that Chen Yingxiong did not speak. How do you say Yun Yan has been living in the Chen family as the real Chen Borui for several years. They treated him really well. If they knew the truth, he would have What will happen to them after the human skin is torn off, I am afraid it is difficult to accept, even hate, even hate should not stop.

“If you are sick, you should tell me, am I sure to go back.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

“Okay, okay, I see, if you are really worried about your mother, come back with me after get off work tonight, otherwise I have to interrupt your leg.” Chen Yingxiong said harshly.

“Well, well, I know, I will go back tonight.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

“Yeah! That’s good! I will let the servant cook you the food you like, don’t forget it.” Chen Yingxiong said in a deep voice.

“Don’t worry, I see.” Yun Yan said.

“Well! In this case, you should handle the company’s affairs first, and don’t let the Chen Group collapse. Now the financial crisis has seriously endangered the Chen Group. If it is not handled as soon as possible, those shareholders will definitely make trouble. , You have not been in the company for a year or two, so you should know.” Chen Yingxiong said in a deep voice.

“Of course I know.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

“It’s good to know. When you deal with the company’s affairs, I will find someone to help.” Chen Yingxiong said earnestly.

“Dad, no need.” Yun Yan said without hesitation.

“Why not? Can you really solve this matter within two days.” Chen Yingxiong said solemnly.

“Dad, don’t worry.” Yun Yan said solemnly.

“Okay, I know that you are very competitive, so let’s not talk about it, I’m going back.” Chen Yingxiong turned around and left after speaking.

“Dad, you don’t need to ask someone for help with this matter, I will take care of it myself. If you ask for help, then I have to resign as president, even if I protect the company improperly.” Yun Yan looked at Chen. The hero said word by word.

“You… hey!” Chen Yingxiong didn’t know what to say but turned and left.

I don’t know why, Chen Yingxiong feels that the son in front of him has changed a lot, but he can’t tell what changed, because of the company.

Before, as long as Chen Yingxiong said what he said, now I don’t know why, as long as he said to find someone to help this financial crisis, his own son refused to let him find someone to help.

After Chen Yingxiong left, Yun Yan smashed everything on the desk. The scene was quite tragic. After Xiao Wang came in, he was shocked and didn’t know what was going on.

“First… Sir, what’s the matter with you?” Xiao Wang asked cautiously.

“Nothing, tidy up here.” Yun Yan said coldly.

After Yun Yan finished speaking, he was about to go out with his clothes. Xiao Wang watched and stopped Yun Yan quickly, because at this time, he can’t leave the company casually. By then, he won’t know what happened to the company.

“Sir, where are you going now?” Xiao Wang hurriedly rushed out and asked.

“Do your own thing, or you know.” Yun Yan shot Xiao Wang’s cold eyes like a knife, with a violent aura that people could not see clearly.

Xiao Wang was really taken aback when he saw Yun Yan’s eyes. He had only seen this look once, and that time with the same look, but in a different place. At that time, it was simply demon purgatory.

Xiao Wang didn’t dare to look at Yun Yan’s eyes again, and quickly bent his waist down. If he looked at Yun Yan for another second, he estimated that he would be killed by Yun Yan’s eyes.

Yun Yan no longer looked at Xiao Wang, and strode out. During the process of going out, all the employees in the company looked at Yun Yan. They didn’t understand why Yun Yan left the company at this time. Not only did he not get off work, but the company did so. Serious things, but you can’t leave casually.

Yun Yan doesn’t care about the eyes of those people. In their eyes, he is just Chen Borui, and he is not. He is Yun Yan, the master of the dark pavilion, the murderous Yun Yan, not the heart. Soft Chen Borui.

Yun Yan left under the eyes of everyone. Yun Yan walked aimlessly and attracted a lot of attention when walking on the road. However, because Yun Yan seemed to have bloody and cruel dispositions in his body, those people did not at all. Dare to come closer.

Yun Yan came to a park, the layout of which was pretty good.

Across the path, you see a green lawn. There are three “ecological corners” on the lawn.

This is a leisure courtyard with a variety of combinations of plants, water platforms and water features, giving people a natural and comfortable European-style experience. Against the backdrop of the banana tree leaves, the white guardrails are particularly eye-catching. In front of the guardrail is a ground with a light brown floor.

On the ground, there is a glass tea table with a crystal clear glass fish tank. Under the sunlight, the glass fish tank looks very beautiful.

There are two sky-blue lounge chairs on both sides of the coffee table, and the garden in front of the flower bed is full of strange flowers. It is a paradise on earth!

The natural world is so beautiful at this moment: bright sunshine is radiating everywhere, the colors of the five colors are shown off everywhere, the singing of birds and insects are flying everywhere, and the intoxicating fragrance is wafting everywhere. This is a green world and flowers. ocean.

There are many little-known little trees planted on both sides of the river. Flowers of various colors are often blooming on the little trees, which smell strange.

Of course, there are weeping willows and chicken feet willows. Each tree is like a girl, all in various poses, swaying with the wind.

Yun Yan looked at the scenery in the park but couldn’t appreciate it. He sat on a bench, took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, lit it and smoked it, then leaned his entire body on the bench, and closed his eyes. Rejuvenate.

Yun Yan leaned there and closed his eyes, but the painful scenes flashed in his mind constantly.

She kept shaking, her head kept shaking, but she couldn’t get away from the panicking picture. They approached him, and then approached. They stretched out their pale hands and surrounded him, the circle getting smaller and smaller… “Go away!” Yun Yan was shocked and bounced from his head, responding to the painful voice of a middle-aged man in front of him.

Only then did he find that his right hand was pinching the neck of the middle-aged man in front of him, his face turned white and purple, and he looked very painful, as if a fish got out of the water and reached the land, Yun Yan watched Quickly let go of his hand, and then turned to look around, only to find that many people around were looking at him.

Chapter 520

Only then did he find that his right hand was pinching the neck of the middle-aged man in front of him, his face turned white and purple, and he looked very painful, as if a fish got out of the water and reached the land, Yun Yan watched Quickly let go of his hand, and then turned to look around, only to find that many people around were looking at him.

The people around all reached out their hands and pointed at Yun Yan. Some words were still being spoken. Yun Yan looked at them and ignored them, nor did he apologize to the person who had been pinched by him.

According to Yun Yan’s temper and his temperament, it is impossible for him to apologize to others.

After Yun Yan left, he had been walking along the river beside him, and there was still this fine sweat on his forehead, which he had just had a nightmare.

Yun Yan stretched out his hand and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and then his hand stiffened on his forehead, staring at the man in front of him with sullen cold eyes, and the man in front of him also saw Yun Yan, sparks filled the air instantly.

Alton Ye looked at Yun Yan calmly, with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, but with a trace of sarcasm, which Yun Yan saw clearly.

Alton Ye never thought that he would meet Yun Yan at this time. He thought that Yun Yan would be busy at the company at this time, but he didn’t expect that he would still have this leisurely heart to come over.

“President Yun is really leisurely, the company has become like that and there are some things to go around, I have to admire Yun’s heart is really strong.” Alton Ye said with a smile, but there was irony in his voice.

“Don’t be too happy for Alton Ye, it’s not always the one who will die.” Yun Yan said coldly.

“Oh! I don’t know when President Yun became so calm and composed, or he is the same as before, and he looks like he can’t shake anything he encounters.” Alton Ye said.

When Yun Yan heard Alton Ye’s words, a faint smile formed at the corner of his mouth, then he lifted up his feet and walked towards Alton Ye step by step. Alton Ye watched Yun Yan walking towards him with his hands in his pockets.

Yun Yan walked in front of Alton Ye. The distance between the two people at this time was only one arm’s distance. The two looked at each other face to face, but their auras were also different.

“Mr. Yun should go back and care about your company as soon as possible. Don’t let your identity be exposed when the company collapses. In that case, you will lose more than you gain. Not only will you lose money, but you may even lose your life. Right.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“Really? Let’s wait and see. This time, I want you to pay for your debts. I will count the things that happened back on you. You will pay for her life.” Yun Yan said coldly. The eyes were full of killing intent.

“Okay, then I’ll wait for you, but what if you change your status now.” After Alton Ye said, he took a step forward and came to Yun Yan, “You weren’t my opponent back then. Not my opponent. I squeezed you to death as easy as squeezing an ant. If I want to, you can try it.”

Alton Ye’s mouth raised a wicked smile, his hands in his pockets, he looked really relaxed.

Looking at Alton Ye’s appearance, Yun Yan’s anger in his heart became exuberant, but his reason told him that he must bear it now, and he doesn’t have to bear it anymore.

The two of them stood there, and the weather in the sky seemed to have changed a lot. It was still sunny, but now it is indeed grey.

The weather was gloomy, and the sky was thick, low, grayish yellow cloudy clouds.

The wind roared and ran violently in the wilderness. It seemed to hold a sharp sword, which could pierce the tight leather jacket, not to mention the exposed face. It slashed and slashed, painful. Difficult.

The dark clouds in the sky are dancing, and they have long been unable to bear the mood of being released. The people on the ground are greeted by the darkening of the sky, the gloomy and depressed, cloudy sky, there is always a feeling of loss.

The mood also sinks. Cloudy days are a good time for people to think quietly. Cloudy days always indicate rain. In a short while, rain fell from the sky, breaking the dullness.

The sky was very dark, and the black clouds seemed to be pressed down.

From time to time, there are deafening thunder and dazzling lightning, giving people a sense of horror.

The strong wind kept blowing, Alton Ye and Yun Yan’s hair was blown up and swayed in the air, but they still stood there untouched.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

In the end, the situation of the two people was broken by a telephone ringing. Yun Yan took out the phone and looked at the caller ID on it, and reached out and clicked on it.

“Hello!” Yun Yan said coldly.

“Sir, please come back quickly. There was a shock in the company just now, and the chairman fainted after knowing it. He asked him to go to the hospital and he refused to accept him. He is now at home.” The housekeeper said quickly.

“Where is Miss? Isn’t Miss at home?” Yun Yan asked in a deep voice.

“Miss is at home, but she didn’t persuade her…”

“Okay, I see.” Yun Yan hung up after speaking coldly.

“Old man Chen is not in good health.” Alton Ye said lightly.

Yun Yan heard Alton Ye’s collar violently stretched out and looked at him grimly.

“It’s your ghost again.” Yun Yan said coldly.

“So what? No, you are not interested in them. It seems that you are very worried now.” Alton Ye said with a smile.

“Humph!” Yun Yan snorted and threw away fiercely.

Alton Ye stretched out his hand to tidy up his collar, as if he didn’t look angry, he still looked calm and calm.

“I’ve kept Alton Ye’s account clearly, you can wait for me.” Yun Yan said coldly, turning around and strode away.

Looking at Yun Yan’s disappearing back, Alton Ye’s face turned gloomy, and a strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Alton Ye came here alone, and then went back alone.

That night.

The tired moon hid in the clouds to rest, leaving only a few stars as if watching.

Alton Ye drove back to Yuwan, and walked towards the living room after getting off the car. He didn’t seem to see the servant or anything along the way. He remembered that he didn’t give the servant a holiday. Alton Ye thought of this and not only missed something in his heart. Shoot, hurriedly ran towards the living room.

When he entered the living room, he saw Tanya An, Jinxuan, Rena Ye and his mother sitting there playing cards.

“Son, you just came back. We didn’t have a meal, so we should cook quickly.” Ning Wanyuan said.

Alton Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard Ning Wanyuan’s words. What is this? You can eat when you come back. Why not only have no food to eat when you come back today, but also cook by yourself, Alton Ye thought helplessly Shaking his head, he could only take off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and walked towards the kitchen.

Chapter 521

Alton Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard Ning Wanyuan’s words. What is this? You can eat when you come back. Why not only have no food to eat when you come back today, but also cook by yourself, Alton Ye thought helplessly Shaking his head, he could only take off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and walked towards the kitchen.

Alton Ye was busy in the kitchen, but he could hear the laughter of her several women in the living room. Alton Ye shook his head helplessly, and could only cook quickly, or wait for his own mother. It’s time to keep chanting tight spells to myself.

“Hahaha! I won again and I won again. Is today my lucky day? Why do I win every time? I feel so helpless.” Tanya An grinned Grandpa Mao in his hands. To.

Ning Wanyuan and Rena Ye on the side looked at Tanya An. It’s been one night. Why haven’t they won once? This is too unfair.

“Mom, my sister-in-law is so lucky. I don’t play anymore. I have already lost so much money. My sister-in-law has won a lot today.” Rena Ye said with a curled mouth.

“No, come again, I won’t believe it anymore. I’m a master in the jewelry industry, and I won’t be able to win once if I don’t believe it, so I must issue a license quickly.” Ning Wanyuan urged.

Tanya An watched Ning Wanyuan and Rena Ye smile at them, and then dealt the cards. Today’s luck is really good. Looking at the cards in his hand, his face is full of confidence.

Unsurprisingly, in the next time, they played no less than five times, during which time it was Tanya An who won by herself, and Ning Wanyuan and Rena Ye were only responsible for paying for Tanya An.

“Mom, if we don’t play anymore, we will lose our money.” Rena Ye said, taking Ning Wanyuan’s hand.

Ning Wanyuan turned her head to look at Rena Ye, and patted Rena Ye’s slender white hands.

“What are you afraid of? Your brother has more money.” Ning Wanyuan said with rich wealth.

“Mom, let’s just forget it today. Reena is still a pregnant woman and can’t play cards for too long.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

Rena Ye heard her hand touching her belly. The little guy inside was four months old. She didn’t expect that time flies so fast, it’s been four months. Rena Ye is looking forward to the baby’s arrival, she wants to see When it comes to what your baby looks like, do you follow her or follow the night.

Ning Wanyuan heard that she turned her head and looked at Rena Ye, “Okay! For the sake of my grandson, I reluctantly stopped playing.”

“Then I will put the cards away.” Tanya An said.

“Wait, wait, you sit down first, mother has something to tell you.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Okay.” Tanya An said and sat down.

“Tanya, since I’m ready to have a baby, I won’t go out recently, so I will nurse you at home so that you can give birth to a healthy baby.” Ning Wanyuan said with a smile.

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Tanya asked in a daze.

“Ah! Didn’t you tell the child Alton, are you ready to have a baby?” Ning Wanyuan asked.

“Really sister-in-law?” Rena Ye asked in surprise.

Tanya An heard that she looked at Ning Wanyuan and Rena Ye in a daze. She had watched Rena Ye become pregnant, and she really wanted to be pregnant with a baby, but suddenly felt that she wanted her child to study so early. How to do.

Finally, after discussing with Alton Ye, he didn’t want the baby first, and Alton Ye readily agreed upon hearing it.

In fact, Alton Ye also felt that it was not good for Tanya An to have a baby so early, so he said it after a few years. Although he did not take protective measures once or twice, he did not win the prize.

“Tanya, what do you think? I went to the company to find Alton today and said that you are going to have a baby. Then I promised Alton to help that surname Ye.” Ning Wanyuan said that her face was full of last sentence. Unhappy.

When Tanya An heard this, she instantly understood what was wrong. It turned out to be because of this. Tanya An guessed that her mother-in-law didn’t want to help Aron Ye, and Alton Ye used this method, although not. I know what it is, but I can only come out a little bit.

“That me…”

“Auntie, Tanya, Reena, Gary Mo suddenly called me to go back, I won’t eat here.” Jin Xuan on the side said with her mobile phone.

“Oh, this third brother is really true. How long have you been to Yuwan, and you began to want you to go back. From the moment my brother walked in, your phone rang, and my sister-in-law and I still had My mother played cards for a while, then chatted for a while, you just came out now, what have you been talking about?” Rena Ye raised her eyebrows and said teasingly.

Jinxuan’s face turned red when she heard Rena Ye teasing herself like this.

“You kid can’t speak, Jin Xuan, or else have a meal before leaving.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Auntie, no, he is anxious to urge me to go back.” Jin Xuan said embarrassedly.

“Then I’ll let someone take you back.” Tanya An said quickly.

“Oh! No need for this. He is already on the way here. I will walk by myself, and I will come to you to make up the lesson tomorrow.” Jin Xuan said with a smile.

“Okay then! Then you are careful on the way.” Tanya An said.

“Then aunt, I’ll go first.” Jin Xuan said.

“Okay, be careful on the way.”


Jinxuan passed by the kitchen door, “Alton, I’ll leave first.”

Alton Ye raised his head and looked at Jin Xuan when he heard the voice, “Okay, be careful on the road.”

“Yeah!” Jin Xuan nodded.

The reason why Alton Ye did not speak to Liu Jinxuan was because he understood the character of Gary Mo, and guessed that Gary Mo was already on his way, so he didn’t say anything.

Soon after Jinxuan left, Alton Ye had already made the best meal, and the last tomato and egg soup was completed.

“Wow! It smells so good, I’m already hungry.” Rena Ye said.

“Why didn’t you see James Yi?” Tanya An asked.

“The company still has something to deal with, so I have to work overtime.” Rena Ye said distressedly.

Five dishes and one soup are all ready, braised pork ribs, steamed fish, braised prawns in oil, broccoli, a stir-fried cabbage, and finally a tomato and egg soup.

The four people sat on the chairs and started eating. No matter how delicious or fragrant the food sold outside, they didn’t have the delicious and hygienic cooking at home.

“Tanya. That’s how it is decided to give birth to a baby. I will start to replenish my body tomorrow.” Ning Wanyuan said solemnly.

Tanya An almost spewed the food out of her mouth when she heard Ning Wanyuan’s words. She didn’t know what to say, so she turned her head and looked at Alton Ye who was dining elegantly. Alton Ye looked calm. Tanya looked angrily, knowing that this guy said it, but now she pretended that it didn’t happen, so she raised Alton Ye under the table and kicked it.

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