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Chapter 507

She never thought that the person lying in the morgue turned out to be Chi Yan. In his heart, no matter who it was, she felt very powerful as long as he worked next to Alton Ye, even if James Yi was a special assistant. , Tanya didn’t expect it at all. Looking at Chi Yan, who was no longer angry, she felt her nose sour.

Tanya looked at Chi Yan’s body. She knew that Chi Yan was a wonderful person, but she didn’t expect to pass away like this.

“It’s all ready.” Ivan Han turned his head and looked at Ye Ye Ming Alton and said in a deep voice.

“Yeah! Let’s go.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“She… didn’t come over?” Gary Mo asked in a deep voice.

“She said she didn’t want to see Chi Yan’s corpse turn into ashes, so we will pass by during the funeral.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Yes, Shouhui would like to watch his family become ashes in front of him like this, it feels more uncomfortable than death.

In the end, Gary Mo and several people carried Chi Yan’s body onto the spark car and headed to the place of cremation. Along the way, none of them opened their mouths to speak, their faces were serious, but with a trace of sadness.

Tanya An turned her head to look at Alton Ye. Although Alton Ye didn’t have any expression on her face at this time, she knew him, maybe he should feel uncomfortable at this time. After all, the person who had been with her for many years passed away. Nobody feels upset when I change it.

Half an hour later, Alton Ye and several people arrived at the cremation field. They handed Chi Yan’s body to the cremator, who pushed Chi Yan’s body and left.

Seeing Chi Yan’s body being pushed into the raging fire, Alton Ye watched the individual standing there, holding his hands tightly together, his eyes full of sadness and anger.

Of course, this anger is certainly not directed at Chi Yan, but the damn killers,

I don’t know how long it took, and finally this long cremation time ended.

Alton Ye stayed here for more than two hours and finally took away Chi Yan’s ashes.

Alton Ye had already found Chi Yan’s cemetery. Originally, Alton Ye wanted to bury Chi Yan’s ashes in the base of the Blood Killing Hall, but she refused.

She said that the place was a nightmare for a person, although it was a terrible nightmare for her, perhaps for Chi Yan, that place was a warm home.

Alton Ye obeyed that opinion, and did not bring Chi Yan’s ashes back to the Hall of Blood Killing. Instead, he chose an expensive and beautifully landscaped cemetery to satisfy her wishes.

Until after the next day.

Many people gathered in the cemetery, but today the weather started to drizzle.

The earth put on a golden sweater, withered yellow leaves and bright maple leaves falling down, as if several colorful butterflies were flying in the air. Although the frost was coming, Grandpa Qingsong was still wearing a verdant turquoise robe, making him look greener in the cemetery.

There is a very luxurious tomb in front of the solitary tomb. The head is covered with gold paper, flowers and wreaths. The tombstone is marble, tall and large, and the words carved on it are also golden. A marble guardrail is erected in front of the tombstone. , The tomb is arranged like the owner’s private courtyard, and even the floor is paved with marble slabs, clean.

Time swept through the barren thoughts, and piled the dust and rocks into a tomb. Standing on the grave and looking far away, I still can’t see the legendary hope ignited on the horizon. A desert, the wind and sand cut my face, bleeding dripping into the endless desert, and then hiding.

This place has been bought with a lot of money, because the tombstones in the cemetery here are expensive, so there is no one, so Alton Ye directly bought it with a lot of money.

In this case, all the important things of oneself will be buried here, wouldn’t it be lonely?

Chi Yan’s death caused us to lose a good brother. He left us, but his dedication spirit of diligence and selfless work, that kind of hard work, simplicity, and thrifty style; that kind of decent man, The loyal and honest noble character is still worth learning and remembering, and I regret that his family has lost such a good husband and such a good employee. But people cannot come back from death. We can only control our feelings, restrain our grief, and double our work with higher enthusiasm to comfort Mr. Chi Yan in the sky. “The pastor said word by word.

As the pastor’s voice fell, the priest who came to the funeral, holding a flower in his hand and wearing all black clothes, walked one by one to the tombstone of Chi Yan, put down the flowers in his hands, and then deeply bow.

Chi Yan is an orphan and has no father or mother. Those who came to the funeral were all good brothers who were born and died with Chi Yan. In fact, there are still many who have not come here because they have very important things to do, so they can only mourn here.

After everyone put down the flowers in their hands, the tombstones were full of flowers.

Finally, Alton Ye, Tanya An, Ivan Han, Gary Mo, Jin Xuan, Saul Nan, Christina Ye Andrew, Milsa Ruan, James Yi and Rena Ye, they all held a cloud in their hands and placed them on There was no daring and then he bowed deeply, with sadness in his eyes. After putting it down, they stood on both sides one after another.

Tanya An stood there thinking it was going to end, but after a while another person came over.

It’s a woman. A woman’s face is very pale, without a little blood, she looks very scary, but even if her face is not good, she can’t conceal her beautiful appearance. She is wearing a red dress with red eyes and crying For a long time.

Tanya An looked at the woman and wondered why she had never seen this woman before. When Tanya An saw the woman’s left ring finger, she knew a little bit in her heart, but it was also her own guess.

I saw that woman walked to Chi Yan’s tombstone and put down the flowers in her hand, and then Dou big tears flowed from her eyes.

“Chi Yan, you big liar, you said you want to be good, why did you leave me alone, liar, you big liar, why, why did you leave me alone in the world, you big liar, You’re not keeping your word, ah!” The woman in front of the tombstone fell to the ground, crying loudly.

Rena Ye on the side watched hurriedly stepping forward, squatting down to help the woman sitting on the ground, “Xia Xia, don’t be like this, you must be worried about Chi Yan in the sky like this.”

The woman named Xia Xia raised her head and looked at the photo on the tombstone when she heard Rena Ye’s words. She was crying and was about to collapse. Suddenly she thought of something, turned her head and looked at Alton Ye standing there, and stood up. Rena Ye helped Xia Xia, only to see Xia Xia walk to Alton Ye’s face, Tanya An looked at the woman in front of him, but the woman did not look at Tanya An.

Chapter 508

The woman named Xia Xia raised her head and looked at the photo on the tombstone when she heard Rena Ye’s words. She was crying and was about to collapse. Suddenly she thought of something, turned her head and looked at Alton Ye standing there, and stood up. Rena Ye helped Xia Xia, only to see Xia Xia walk to Alton Ye’s face, Tanya An looked at the woman in front of him, but the woman did not look at Tanya An.

Alton Ye turned to look at the woman named Xia Xia, with a deep apology in his eyes.

“I’m very sorry about Chi Yan, don’t worry, I will avenge Chi Yan.” Alton Ye said firmly.

“Xiaxia, you have to believe my brother.” Rena Ye stretched out her hand to hold Xia Xia’s arm.

Xia Xia walked to Alton Ye’s face with tears, not knowing what she was going to do.

“You promised to give it to me. You must ensure Chi Yan’s peace and safety, and protect him from leaving this world. But what is this now? He left me.” Xia Xia gritted her teeth and shouted.

“Sorry, Chi Yan died to save me.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“What is the use of what you say now? He has already left, why, why should you let him go, why, you give him back to me, give him back to me, he is gone, what else do I live in this world? Meaning, you give Chi Yan back to me, and you back to me.” Xia Xia roared loudly, and she kept beating Alton Ye with her hands, but Alton Ye didn’t mean to be so angry to fight back.

Everyone didn’t dare to move forward, but Tanya An watched Xia Xia beat Alton Ye like this, how could she not feel distressed, and wanted to reach out to stop Xia Xia, but Alton Ye stopped him.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye bewildered, wondering what happened to Alton Ye and the woman in front of him.

The woman in front of her was still the same, shouting loudly, beating Alton Ye with her hands.

“Alton Ye, you return Chi Yan to me, you return him to me, why, why did you let him go, why, ah, ah! Give him back to me.” Xia Xia shouted heartbreakingly. .

Standing aside, I couldn’t bear to watch Xia Xia continue to cry like this. She stepped forward and tried to pull Xia Xia over, but she did not expect Xia Xia to shake it hard and Rena Ye fell to the ground.

“Ah!” Rena Ye exclaimed.



“…!” Alton Ye looked at Rena Ye who fell to the ground in shock, and Rena Ye stretched out his hands to cover his stomach.

“Reena, how are you?” James Yi ran over and held Rena Ye in his arms.

“Tummy… stomach hurts.” Rena Ye’s face was pale.

“No, James Yi quickly sent Reena to the hospital, and I immediately called the best doctor in obstetrics and gynecology.” Gary Mo squatted on the ground and looked at Rena Ye.

“Okay.” After James Yi finished speaking, she hugged Rena Ye.

“Brother, sister-in-law.” Rena Ye shouted with a pale face.

“Reena is okay, let James Yi take you to the hospital, Tanya and I will be there after a while, obedient.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Good.” Rena Ye said.

After speaking, James Yi hugged Rena Ye and ran away quickly, Tanya An looked worriedly at the back of James Yi and Rena Ye.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Xia Xia said suddenly behind her.

“It’s okay, don’t blame yourself too much.” Tanya An said suddenly.

Just now, everything Tanya An was watching. Tanya An might know that Alton Ye had guilt for the woman in front of him, but it was because of Chi Yan.

“Xiaxia, don’t worry about this. We will avenge Chi Yan’s death.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

Xia Xia heard Ivan Han’s turn and looked at them, “It’s enough to have your words. I hope you don’t matter what you do, but you must avenge Chi Yan.”

“Don’t worry, I’m here to swear.” Andrew raised his hand and swore.

Milsa Ruan looked at Andrew without speaking. Just looking at him, Andrew turned his head and looked at Milsa Ruan and smiled at her.

“Well, I believe you, you all go, I want to accompany him well here.” Xia Xia finished standing in front of the tombstone.

Alton Ye didn’t think too much about it, so they could only leave silently. As everyone knows, they left Xia Xia’s end of the world.

Xia Xia stood there looking at Chi Yan’s tombstone, tears like broken pearls.

“Chi Yan, how can you bear to leave us mother and son in this world?” Xia Xia cried and said.

As early as the day before Chi Yan’s sacrifice, Xia Xia went to the hospital for an examination and was two months pregnant, but the news was not good news, and was accompanied by bad news.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you be alone over there. My baby and I will come over to accompany you.” Xia Xia finished speaking and chuckled.

Then, in a place where there was no one, my body rushed forward and slammed into the cold, tombstone of my beloved person, just like that, one, oh no, two fresh lives ended like this Here, there are no signs.

the other side.

Alton Ye who left the cemetery turned around and looked at how desolate the cemetery was.

“Wait, how come I feel something is wrong.” Milsa Ruan said thoughtfully.

“Why is something wrong?” Tanya An asked.

“Why did that woman just feel like confessing her last words? If you want to get revenge, go back and tell you no, why do you say this at this time?” Milsa Ruan looked at them and said.

After Alton Ye and Ivan Han heard about it, they stopped listening to Milsa Ruan’s analysis. They quickly turned and ran towards the cemetery. Tanya and Milsa Ruan quickly followed when they saw.

Facts proved that Milsa Ruan’s guess was correct. When they arrived, they saw Xia Xia lying on the ground, her eyes still slightly open, but the viscount on her forehead was shocking, which can also prove that she did it. How strong.

Ivan Han looked at Xia Xia lying on the ground, squatted down, and reached out to support Xia Xia up and leaned against her arms. Xia Xia was already dying.

Tanya, Jin Xuan and Milsa Ruan are close together, holding their hands together, a little can’t bear to look at Xia Xia’s wounds.

“Why are you doing this? How do we explain to Chi Yan when you do this?” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“He left this world, leaving me alone, what I can do while I live, it’s better to die, so that he will not be alone on Huangquan Road.” Xia Xia said weakly.

“Don’t talk now, I’ll take you to the hospital right away.” Gary Mo covered Xia Xia’s wound.

“Don’t waste your energy, it’s useless.” Xia Xia said.

If a person wants to die, there are thousands of ways. Even if you keep watching her, you may not stop him. Xia Xia really doesn’t want to live anymore, because the person she loves most has left the world. , Then what’s the point of being alive by herself, the feeling is more uncomfortable than death.

Chapter 509

If a person wants to die, there are thousands of ways. Even if you keep watching her, you may not stop him. Xia Xia really doesn’t want to live anymore, because the person she loves most has left the world. , Then what’s the point of being alive by herself, the feeling is more uncomfortable than death.

“Why are you? You wouldn’t be happy with Chi Yan in the sky like this.” Tanya couldn’t help but say.

When Xia Xia heard a weak smile, she reached out and clutched Ivan Han’s clothes tightly, as if she had something to say.

“Please, help me bury Chi Yan together. I don’t want him to be alone. Also, please put Chi Yan’s tombstone in the middle and the baby’s tombstone on the left, so that our family of three will be forever I won’t be separated. Xia Xia said with a smile, but the pale white on her face became heavier and heavier.

Xia Xia’s words shocked everyone present. I didn’t expect Xia Xia to be pregnant, and she was still born like this. She hadn’t opened her eyes and came to the world to take a look, just like her mother. Left this world.

I don’t know if Chi Yan knows that Xia Xia is doing this, I don’t know whether he should be angry or happy.

“Why do you commit suicide when you are pregnant!” Ivan Han asked in shock.

“Because I don’t want to live in this world. This world is so cold that I can’t stay any longer.” Xia Xia said.

The reason why Xia Xia didn’t let Alton Ye bury Chi Yan in the organization was because of the endless darkness that was full of darkness. She didn’t want to be in that dark place in this world after Chi Yan had left.

She wanted him to be in a beautiful place, so she chose such a place.

Chi Yan and Xia Xia knew each other during a mission. That time, Xia Xia saw her relatives dying, but she was helpless hiding there, thinking she would leave this world too.

Until the last moment, Chi Yan rushed to save herself. She did not speak, eat or drink water every day when she was rescued, and her body had reached its limit.

Chi Yan looked at her and said he would help her find a murderer to avenge her relatives. In the end, Chi Yan did not breach Xia Xia’s promise, and really helped her avenge her.

It is not until two people get along for a long, long time before they are together. Two people may be destined to be together. Two people are very happy and happy together.

“You… hey!” Andrew sighed helplessly without speaking.

Xia Xia heard their helpless words and did not speak, but only looked up at the clear sky. When she first came here, it was still drizzling, but now it was sunny.

Looking up at the sky, sometimes it looks like a silk handkerchief, very transparent, and there are fine pieces of cloud on the blue sky, like a magnolia flower embroidered on a scarf. Sometimes there is no cloud, only the sun hangs high in the sky, and the dazzling light makes us squint, like a vast and quiet sea.

When the weather is fine, the azure blue sky is very bright, very quiet, and very wide. I suddenly feel that my vision is broad and refreshing.

The sky is blue, the sky is clear and blue, the blue is shallow, like a blue crystal, it always feels so pure and refreshing. Looking at it, my whole heart seems to be empty, only the blue sky in front of my eyes.

There may be a swallow passing by at this time, but how can its black and shiny feathers compare with the blue sky? Take a deep breath of the air brought by the sky, so refreshing! Clouds came, and against them, the sky became more and more blue and pure.

It is noon, when the sun is dazzling. It turns into a flower by the river and uses your body to press against the sky. It seems like spring is coming, but it comes even more intensely. I can’t help but follow the sunflowers. The sky looked so dazzlingly blue.

As if the Buddha could see through, the white cotton candy hung in the sky, swimming, expressing his melancholy, it was a pearly ornament under the blue coat of the sky.

What did the big tree next to him look at? He kept drilling upwards, as if trying to achieve something. The bird was stepping on the sky, jumping, flapping its wings, moving up and down, as if there was something in its heart.

Is the sky made of sulphur glazed bricks, piece by piece, what kind of painstaking effort that is made, the sunlight passing through, reflecting the beautiful colorful light of this world, suddenly, everything is sublimated…

The azure blue of the sky and the innocence of the sky are often our yearning. If a bird has a sky that belongs to it, it can fly freely and run toward its dream: if each of us has a vast sky, we can show ourselves.

Xia Xia looked at the beautiful sky with a faint smile on her lips.

“It was in this kind of weather that Chi Yan and I met, but the process of our acquaintance was very bad, but I had a very happy life in the following days… very lucky… very happy.”

After Xia Xia said this sentence, the whole person fell into Ivan Han’s arms and was not angry, but there was still a slight smile on the corner of her mouth, which seemed to be filled with satisfaction.

“Not saved?” Milsa Ruan asked.

“Huh!” Ivan Han nodded.

Several people at the scene covered their sadness. It was a great age, but ended their lives at such a time. Life, parents gave us life, life carries meaning that we would not understand.

This time of hard work in life is to beat up the fragility of the heart, correct the narrow embarrassment, live the local scenery of life, improve from the bottom of the heart, be friendly and trustworthy, understand honesty, achieve a tenacious will of life, and also train the depths of the heart. Compassion and softness.

The meaning of life lies in the practice of going through adversity, breaking through pessimism and depression, using a kind of belief and bravery to get out of life’s dilemma, and let the belief of life become the practice of life. Don’t pick whether the plot of the story is like it or not, and find the reason for your vulnerability. , There is a way to solve it, without fear, it will not fail.

We often say that life needs to be strong, not to be strong with a stubbornness, it is to correct one’s paranoia and fragility, cultivate inner breadth and temperature, and life becomes a life experience, not to let those troubles in the heart. Fermentation, but can use a life’s insight to make those confused and clear, and let those through laughter.

In the end, Ye Ming several people handled Xia Xia’s body one after another. Everything went so smoothly from autopsy, to stitching, and finally to cremation. Finally, respecting Xia Xia’s decision, they buried their family of three together. Everyone saw. Looking at the three tombstones in front of him, one had an unfamiliar name on it-Akabane.

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