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The 495

Alton Ye strode forward with the meteor, and Ye Ming ran behind Alton Ye. Alton Ye entered the elevator and couldn’t help but press the button. After the elevator door opened, Alton Ye strode out and came to the parking lot. , Alton Ye saw that the reporters surrounded Tanya An and Andrew, and kept asking questions.

Alton Ye watched Tanya An shrink there, and Alton Ye’s eyes were instantly filled with murderous intent.

“Master.” James Yi asked after catching up.

Alton Ye didn’t speak, but strode into the crowd, then snatched a reporter’s camera directly, and then slammed the camera to the ground under the reporter’s surprised gaze.


A complete camera was smashed by Alton Ye. The reporter probably was bleeding, because this camera was just bought and it didn’t last a week.

When everyone saw this scene, they stopped their movements and looked at Alton Ye in shock.

Tanya An looked angry, pushed away the reporters and quickly ran to Alton Ye’s side, looked at Alton Ye with aggrieved expression, and Andrew gave a groan when he looked at Alton Ye’s appearance.

Andrew lowered his head and walked to Alton Ye’s side. He knew that he would be scolded very miserably after a while, and Andrew thought this way, and knew that he would not bring Tanya over.

“President Ye, is it true about what was reported in the news?” a reporter asked boldly.

“Yeah, President Ye, your Rockven Group’s position in Svalborne is second to none, why on earth did you do this?”

As a reporter asked boldly, the reporters behind became bold and began to ask, not paying attention to Alton Ye’s face.

Andrew raised his head and looked at those people, and shook his head, saying that these people are really naive, and wait for them to feel good.

“They smashed all their cameras and find people, and, which newspaper they are, that newspaper will disappear in Longcheng, don’t let me see it again.” Alton Ye said coldly.

If they had just surrounded Alton Ye himself, it would be okay, but who would let them have no foresight, but would have to keep Tanyawei from draining the water.

Everyone turned pale when they heard Alton Ye’s words. They all rely on the camera in their hands to live, and if the newspaper is closed, what should they do in the future.

“President Ye, you are avenging your personal revenge. It is clear that you are wrong first, laundering money, and forcing employees to commit suicide by jumping off the building.” A reporter said boldly again.

Alton Ye suddenly laughed when he heard the reporter’s words. The gloomy smile made people look scared.

“I’m avenging my personal revenge. What can you do with me?” Alton Ye said proudly.

“President Ye, have you forgotten that your company caused such a situation, but it will be investigated.”

“Really? If they come to investigate, just come here, but what I have to deal with now is you mobs.” After Alton Ye turned his head and looked at James Yi, “Find someone to smash all their cameras, and , The newspaper they belonged to can also disappear. In the future, any newspaper that dares to hire them will be enemy Alton Ye.”

After Alton Ye said coldly, he took Tanya An’s hand and walked away. Andrew watched that Alton Ye had already left, and quickly followed.

The reporters watched Alton Ye have left, held the camera in his hand tightly, and turned to leave, leaving the green hills without fear of not having firewood, but they were not so lucky. They just turned around and stood in front of them. Personally, they don’t know when they appeared.

More than a dozen people in black watched the reporters step forward, and those reporters held their cameras tightly, as if they were holding their own lives.

But did they refuse? They were all stubborn, how could they be the opponent of Alton Ye’s people.

In the end, they could only watch their camera being taken away by them, and then watch their camera being smashed to the ground and being smashed by those people until the cameras were already scrapped.

The reporter looked at his camera, his face was distressed, and his heart was dripping blood.

“Tomorrow, oh no, you will all be unemployed today, and your newspaper will disappear, not only that, no matter which newspaper you are applying for, they will not take you in.” James Yi Leng Speaking coldly.

Everyone looked at James Yi in surprise. James Yi ignored their eyes, and then turned and left. What else can the reporters do? They only regret deeply. They knew they shouldn’t have come, and they shouldn’t ask Ye. Ming Alton those questions.

In fact, they really thought it wrong. If they asked Alton Ye, Alton Ye might not be so great, but who asked them to ask Tanya An, and they still surrounded her. Look like.

At this time, Alton Ye pulled Tanya An into his own office, looking at Tanya An with a serious face. Tanya An looked at such Alton Ye, but she was still a little scared in her heart.

But Alton Ye didn’t get angry at Tanya An, but turned to look at Andrew coldly.

“Who asked you to bring her here, don’t you know it’s dangerous?” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Lord I…”

“I am or me, fortunately nothing happened. If something happens, I won’t take your skin off.” Alton Ye said harshly.

“Uncle, don’t blame him, it’s my fault. I insisted on dragging Andrew over to find you. I was very worried when I saw the news, so I asked him to bring me over. Don’t be angry.” Tanya said, pulling Alton Ye’s sleeve.

“Huh! You still know that you are wrong, how did I tell you before going out today, didn’t you let you and Reena stay at home honestly?” Alton Ye said angrily.

“I’m just too worried about you, that’s why I wanted to come over.” Tanya An explained.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s innocent eyes, and finally defeated, shook his head helplessly, and reached out to rub Tanya An’s hair.

“I really can’t do anything with you.” Alton Ye laughed angrily.

Seeing that Alton Ye was no longer angry, Tanya An spit out her little tongue mischievously.

“Naughty.” Alton Ye reached out and scraped Tanya An’s nose.

Andrew stood there watching the interaction between the two people, his mouth twitched, uh, what is he doing, didn’t he still look very angry just now, why now he looks like a different person, and Andrew watched the two people show off again Enai means that after ten thousand points of injury, how can two people be fed a handful of dog food anytime, anywhere.

Chapter 496

Andrew stood there watching the interaction between the two people, his mouth twitched, uh, what is he doing, didn’t he still look very angry just now, why now he looks like a different person, and Andrew watched the two people show off again Enai means that after ten thousand points of injury, how can two people be fed a handful of dog food anytime, anywhere.

“Hey hey hey! I said the two of you are really interesting. They were still angry just now, but I didn’t expect them to look greasy and crooked now, which makes people simply unbearable.” Andrew complained.

Alton Ye turned his head to look at Andrew when he heard, “You can’t bear the city, you can leave, I won’t stop you.”

“Cut! Tell me something business, how is the matter handled? I heard that the same problem has occurred in France.” Andrew said in a deep voice.

“Yeah! But I have sent someone to solve it.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Someone has been sent to solve it, isn’t it up to you to solve this kind of thing? Who is it? Andrew asked curiously.

“Chen Rui.” Alton Ye spit out two words gently.

“What! Chen Rui, why would you let him over?” Andrew asked in surprise.

“Why, isn’t it possible?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice. “What do you mean by impossibility, it’s simply too unacceptable, okay, he is not familiar with us, you actually let him go to France directly, you are really careless.” Andrew said worriedly.

“You think too much, he won’t have any problems, and he also needs me to help him restore his identity, it is impossible for him alone.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“What to restore your identity? What are you talking about?” Tanya An didn’t understand the next sentence, restoring his identity, and whose identity was restored.

“It’s nothing, just let Chen Rui go to France to do something.” Alton Ye said with a chuckle.

“Could it be that the company in France has also encountered an accident. That person is really too much. I didn’t expect to be so cruel. Don’t let me see him, otherwise I will definitely beat him with a bruised nose and swollen face.” Tanya An pretended to be fierce. Look like.

“Okay, you should go back now, I still have things to do.” Alton Ye’s voice was a little tired.

Tanya An also heard that there was a trace of fatigue in Alton Ye’s voice, and felt distressed. This incident really made Alton Ye anxious and angry. Otherwise, how could the voice be so tired, Tanya An didn’t know what to do. Help him.

“I’ll stay with you here.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“No, I can’t concentrate on work when you are here, so let Xiaowu send you back, and I will go home at night.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Sister-in-law, let me take you home first.” Andrew said in a deep voice. “You go home first, and I will go home on time when I get off work at five o’clock in the evening. I can rest assured that I will do what I say. I won’t let you wait for a long time, and be obedient.” Alton Ye said softly.

“That…well! You must go home on time after get off work.” Tanya An warned.

“I see, go back soon.” Alton Ye said with a smile.

“Yeah!” Tanya An nodded.

Andrew looked at walking ahead with the car key, and Tanya An looked at Alton Ye reluctantly. Although he would see it after get off work at night, Tanya An was very reluctant.

Alton Ye felt soft as he watched Tanya An’s refusal to leave, put his right hand on the back of Tanya An’s head, and k*ssed Tanya An’s forehead.

“Okay, it’s not that I won’t go back, go back quickly, or you will delay my work, otherwise I might go back late tonight.” Alton Ye said with a smile.

“Then I’m leaving.” Tanya An said, turned and left reluctantly.

Alton Ye’s eyes looked softly at Tanya An’s back, until Tanya An disappeared from her sight, Alton Ye’s eyes suddenly became fearful, his eyes were full of bloodthirsty killing intent, and she turned and returned. Work on the chair.

Some people in the Rockven Group are unhappy when something like this happens, and are very worried and anxious, but some people are extremely happy.

“Hahaha! I didn’t expect that this time I didn’t take a shot at Alton’s company. There was such a thing. I don’t know who did it. It’s really pleasing. I really hope that the Rockven Group disappears in the dragon these days. City.” said a nearly crazy voice.

“What, Albert Ye, how could you curse Big Brother Ye’s company so much.” Fisherman on the side said dissatisfiedly.

“Am I wrong? You saw it this time. I didn’t do anything. It was because some people saw Albert Ye not pleasing to the eye. This time I benefited from it.” Albert Ye said with a smile.

“It’s weird, who did this? We want to help Big Brother Ye through this difficult time.” Fisherman said in a deep voice.

Albert Ye stood up abruptly when he heard Fisherman’s words, and looked at Fisherman coldly.

“Fishman, are you okay? Do you think it is possible that you want me to help Alton Ye? Isn’t he very good? This time the company has something like this, I want to see how he ends up.” Ye Qing is cold and cold. Speaking of.

“Albert Ye, you fell to the ground,” Fisherman said in a deep voice.

“How did I fall into trouble? Don’t forget that the transaction between us is to get Alton Ye. How could Alton Ye live a high life and fall in love with you, but I don’t know when he is down.” Albert Ye don’t say anything meaningful.

“But before that, I don’t want that woman to hinder me.” Fisherman said suddenly coldly.

“A young child, don’t you still be afraid that she won’t make it?” Albert Ye said in a deep voice.

Fisherman laughed when he heard Albert Ye’s words, and then sat on the boss chair with his arms around his chest, a faint smile on his lips.

“You really think I’m afraid of that little girl’s film. I’ve been in a foreign country for so long. I’m afraid of her. I’m still not mixed up there.” Fisherman said coldly.

“Yes, who is Miss Fei, she is still good at dealing with a little girl.” Albert Ye said with a smile.

“If this is the case, you can’t take advantage of the fire to rob and suppress Big Brother Ye’s company again.” Fisherman said in a deep voice.

“You have no room to discuss this matter with me. This time I must bring down Alton Ye. I want the old man to see clearly. I am never worse than Alton Ye. I want him to convince him. “Ye Qing said coldly.

Albert Ye is very serious about winning and losing. No matter how Aron Ye praises himself, he himself feels that Aron Ye is talking casually, because every time he sees Aron Ye praise Alton Ye in his eyes, He was completely different from himself. He looked at himself serious and perfunctory, but he was full of pride in Alton Ye’s eyes, with appreciation, and even other things.

Chapter 497

Albert Ye is very serious about winning and losing. No matter how Aron Ye praises himself, he himself feels that Aron Ye is talking casually, because every time he sees Aron Ye praise Alton Ye in his eyes, He was completely different from himself. He looked at himself serious and perfunctory, but he was full of pride in Alton Ye’s eyes, with appreciation, and even other things.

No matter how hard Albert Ye worked, Aron Ye would never look at himself like Albert Ye.

This was the case from the very beginning. From the first day of his birth, he was destined to be the foil of Alton Ye. He was an enchanting flower, but he was an inconspicuous green leaf.

For so many years, he has climbed up to where he is now with his own efforts step by step, and the difficulties during the period can be imagined.

He climbed to the current position with his own efforts, and Alton Ye can easily get it for you. How willingly this makes him, Aron Ye gives him all the best things from childhood to adulthood.

Although Aron Ye was cruel to Alton Ye’s actions when he was a child, there was no other way, and the purpose was still for him.

But he wanted to go but couldn’t go anyway. The jealousy and anger accumulated over a long period of time caused Albert Ye to slowly turn into hatred, which was deeply rooted.

In this life, Albert Ye’s purpose in this world is probably just to fight Alton Ye.

“If you really do this, after Uncle Ye knows, do you think you will still sit on the position of general manager?” Fisherman said coldly.

“Really? Then we’ll wait and see. Also, if you dare to tell this thing, I will give away those photos of you.” Albert Ye said with a smile, but his eyes were full of murderous intent.

Fisherman’s face was pale when he heard Albert Ye’s voice, and it was a photo. Albert Ye kept holding the handle of himself, what else could Fisherman say.

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.” Fisherman gritted his teeth.

“That’s good, I’ll take good care of Alton’s company that doesn’t stay overnight.” Albert Ye pointedly said.

“I see.” Fisherman said in a deep voice.

“What to take care of.”

As soon as Fisherman finished speaking, a low voice came into the ears of two people, and both Fisherman and Albert Ye looked at the incoming person, their faces changed.

“Dad, why are you here?” Albert Ye walked in front of Aron Ye, but glanced at the secretary behind Aron Ye.

“General manager, the chairman said I want to find you.” The secretary said tremblingly.

“I see, go on.” Albert Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yes.” The secretary said respectfully.

“Why are you here, Uncle Ye? Didn’t the doctor tell you to cultivate well?” Fisherman asked when he walked to Aron Ye’s side.

Albert Ye and Fisherman helped Aron Ye to sit on the sofa in the office.

“Of course I came here today because there is an important thing. I read the news on the news report today. There was an accident in AlAlton’s company. I am very worried. How could AlAlton do this? He is a good boy and it is impossible. “Aron Ye said in a deep voice.

“Dad, but the news reports like this. We can’t question the news, right?” Albert Ye said in a deep voice.

“Qing Han.” Aron Ye shouted.


“You go, you go to find Alton to see if he needs help, no matter what, you have to help him through this difficulty first.” Aron Ye said in a deep voice.

Albert Ye heard a change in his face and squeezed his hands tightly together. Fisherman saw that he quickly walked to Aron Ye.

“Uncle Ye, don’t worry about this, and you will definitely handle it.” Fisherman said with a smile.

“Yeah! That’s good! Also, this matter must be resolved, otherwise I really have to question you as the general manager.” Aron Ye said solemnly.

“I know Dad, I will definitely help Big Brother well.” Albert Ye tried his best to endure it.

“Well! I came here today to explain this to you, then I will go back first.” Aron Ye finished speaking and stood up.

Fisherman wanted to send Aron Ye back, but he was stopped by Aron Ye.


Not long after Aron Ye left, Albert Ye directly raised his foot and kicked the coffee table next to him. His face was full of anger, and it was scary to see it.

“What should I do now?” Fisherman asked in a deep voice.

“What else can I do? Didn’t I hear what the old man said just now? I can’t help Alton Ye to deal with this matter well, so he began to question me, the general manager.” Ye Qing said coldly.

“Then your plan seems to be impossible to implement.” Fisherman said helplessly.

“Huh! Isn’t this just for you?” Ye Qing said coldly.

“It’s okay, then you can go to him, I still have things to deal with.” Fisherman said that he turned around and left with his bag.

Albert Ye stood there, thinking of something, his eyes became extremely gloomy, and a strange smile came up at the corner of his mouth.

That night.

This day was spent in the busyness of everyone.

Rockven Group.

Alton Ye, who had promised Hao Tanya An to go back on time after five o’clock, got out of the company’s door.

“Master, it’s eight o’clock now, Madam must be waiting anxiously, I will go to drive now.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“Yeah!” Alton Ye nodded.

To deal with things today, I forgot the time. Alton Ye looked at his watch and thought of the baby at home. He smiled helplessly. Alton Ye lifted his steps and walked forward.

The dark night, as if the boundless thick ink smeared heavily on the sky, there was not even the glimmer of stars.

The street is like a calm river, winding in the thick shadows of trees, only those leaves rustling due to wind and rain seem to recall the excitement and busyness of the day.

The mirror-like moon hung in the sky, writing silver brilliance onto the earth.

Alton Ye was walking beside the road. There were not many people at this time. After all, the weather was still a bit cold now.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Alton Ye took out his mobile phone to display the caller ID, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he knew who was calling.

“Hey! Baby, I’m already on my way home.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Huh! You still know that you are coming back now. You get off work at five o’clock. It’s already eight o’clock now.” Tanya heating said.

“Well, I was wrong.” Alton Ye said indulgingly.

Alton Ye had just finished saying this, and a car stopped not far in front of him. The headlights in front of the car had been flashing, and the night was very bright. Alton Ye looked at the suddenly stopped car and raised his alert. Zhixin’s whole body exuded a cold killing intent, Tanya An on the phone realized something was wrong, so she immediately became worried.

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