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Chapter 489

When everyone heard what James Yi said, they ran away to work. They didn’t want to lose their jobs. After all, the treatment of Xuan Mei Group to employees was not so good. If anyone left, they would be really fools. James Yi watched them run. After leaving, quickly followed Alton Ye’s pace to the top floor.

Alton Ye and James Yi two people came to Alton Ye’s office. Alton Ye sat in the chair and turned on the computer, moving the mouse back and forth, watching the data on the computer.

“Master, do you want me to hack the contents inside.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“No, if we really do this, then it is equivalent to letting them know that we did this thing. First check the facts. Of course, it is determined that he did it, but we need to find a solution now. “Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“However, this matter has a great impact on our company and needs to be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise our stock market will continue to decline.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

Because of this. The shares of Rockven Group have fallen, but fortunately, they are all short-selling stocks, and Alton Ye won’t care about the loss of this little stock.

“Let’s lower it, I don’t care about that little stock anyway.” Alton Ye said calmly, keeping his eyes on the computer.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Alton Ye turned around and picked up the phone, “Hey!”

“Lord, what’s the matter?” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Someone framed it.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“It’s him.” Ivan Han said affirmatively.

“Yeah!” Alton Ye nodded.

“Then what do you plan to do?” Ivan Han asked worriedly.

“Let’s watch the changes first, and I will solve the rest.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“Well, if you need it, just speak up.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Yeah!” Alton Ye nodded.

“Okay, I still have something to deal with. If there is nothing to do in the evening, I will come to you to discuss this matter.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye heard raising his wrist and looking at the watch on his wrist, “All right! I’ll be back at eight in the evening.”

“Well! First, see you tonight.” Ivan Han finished speaking and hung up.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell. Alton Ye had just hung up the phone, and the phone rang again.

“The president has a problem with the company in France.” An anxious and anxious voice came into Alton Ye’s ears.

Alton Ye frowned when he heard what was said on the phone, and was able to trap a fly.

“What’s the matter?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“It was reported that we have a series of money laundering things, some of which are more serious than money laundering. President, you should go online and pay attention to the news in France. Now the news is all broadcasting our company’s affairs. I’m afraid you have to come and handle the matter yourself.” The man on the phone said cautiously.

Alton Ye heard the coldness exuding all over his body, and his eyes were full of bloodthirsty murderous intent. These companies were founded by him single-handedly, and he would not let anyone discredit them anyway.

Some people say that companies and employees are like mountains and trees, like water and fish. In my opinion, the relationship between companies and employees is more like a marriage.

Employees are the blood of the company, the eternal burning jiqing of the company, and the company is the life of employees, and the endless source of employees who have a mission and strive for it. Because of the prosperity of the company, each fresh life is given new The soul; because of the decline of the enterprise.

The dancing thoughts will also gather into a tragic elegy. The relationship between the company and its employees is “mutually dependent on each other, shared honor and disgrace, and connected with destiny”, which is an eternal rule.

Although Alton Ye is usually ruthless and cruel to the outside world, he is very good to his company’s employees, and at the beginning, Alton Ye stood on the stage and spoke to the employees.

Based on today, we keep our eyes open, walk through the years that have passed yesterday, ignite new hopes, let new dreams fly, and shuttle in the tunnel of days. Today, another starting point, another round of sunrise, please open the window of your soul , Embrace the sun! Embrace the future!

Achievements make us happy, but they will not stop us. The cruel market has honed our unyielding will. The harmonious and warm environment and nutritious soil nourish our endless potential for continuous innovation and enterprising.

With the joint efforts of all employees, we are united in one heart, working hard, helping each other and working hard together, our company will surely be able to create more brilliant performance!

The work in the coming year will be even more difficult this year. Increasing competitive pressure sometimes brings great pressure to us, but turning pressure into motivation is the most fundamental part of our continuous progress.

In the continuous progress, we have achieved great development, and we also have pains in the progress, but these are temporary, long-term development is the result we have always wanted! I believe we will do better in the future!

Unite as one, work together, work diligently, do better in all aspects, strive to create a new situation in work, and make new contributions to the development of our company.

These words were what Alton Ye said to them at that time, and he said many, many words to encourage them.

If there is encouragement, then of course there will be some harsh words, although the two do not conflict, but for a company like him, it must be rewarded first.

Alton Ye held the phone tightly in both hands, his face was livid until the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the constant flow of traffic under the tall buildings, just like tiny ants crawling on the ground.

“I see, I will arrange it.” Alton Ye said coldly.


Alton Ye hung up the phone, put his hand on his abdomen, and saw James Yi rushing over quickly, reaching out to support Alton Ye’s arm, looking at him worriedly.

“Master, are you okay? Did you get a wound?” James Yi asked worriedly.

Alton Ye looked up coldly at the front, coldly spit out a few words, “You can’t die, you see if the company is managing France, and send him to France on a business trip.”

“France, our head office does not have it here, the United States has it, I will call now to make arrangements.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“No need to arrange, let me pass.”

Just after James Yi’s words, a firm voice came into Alton Ye’s ears. Alton Ye and James Yi turned around and saw Chen Borui walking in with a stack of documents. This time it was relatively good. So scary, but Chen Borui wanted me to be France for his own reasons, but he had to see Alton Ye let it pass.

Chapter 490

Just after James Yi’s words, a firm voice came into Alton Ye’s ears. Alton Ye and James Yi turned around and saw Chen Borui walking in with a stack of documents. This time it was relatively good. So scary, but Chen Borui wanted me to be France for his own reasons, but he had to see Alton Ye let it pass.

“Chen Borui, why don’t you come in without knocking?” James Yi said coldly.

“I’m sorry I forgot, oh! Also, don’t call me Chen Borui in the future, I am now Chen Rui.” Chen Rui said with a light smile.

Looking at Chen Rui, Alton Ye didn’t speak, but turned around and walked to the chair next to him to sit down, with Erlang’s legs tilted.

“Why are you going to France?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

“No, I just want to behave well, otherwise others always say that I came in through the back door. I don’t like to listen to that.” Chen Rui said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye heard a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, “Okay! Since you are going to pass, I will let you pass, but I only give you five days to solve the French affairs in five days, otherwise you will later There is no chance to show yourself well.”

Chen Rui looked at the smile on Alton Ye’s face, not knowing why, but felt very hairy in his heart.

“Well, five days is five days. After five days, I will definitely finish things over there smoothly.” Chen Rui said confidently.

Although Chen Rui has been wandering outside for many years and has not experienced those business wars, he has also been in the company for many years before, but practice makes perfect, familiarity makes perfect, and his mind is not stupid.

“Don’t do things so confidently.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“I am confident that there are reasons for my self-confidence.” Chen Rui said with his arms around his chest.

“Okay, you go and clean up first, I will send you an additional assistant to be with you.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Thank you! But I have to choose my own person.” Chen Rui said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye did not feel dissatisfied when he heard Chen Rui’s request, but made a random action.

“Of course.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice. “Thank you! Then I’ll go out first.” Chen Rui nodded and turned and went out.

After Chen Rui went out, James Yi turned his head and looked at Alton Ye without understanding.

“Master, why did you do this?” James Yi asked without understanding.

“No, since he wants to seize his own things, I will follow the boat. My purpose is to get rid of Yun Yan.” Alton Ye stared at the computer and said.

“But aren’t you afraid of him being arrogant?” James Yi asked worriedly.

“What’s so scary about, he is still counting on us.” Alton Ye tapped the keyboard with both hands.

“But…” James Yi said worriedly.

“It’s nothing, you can go ahead and work now, this matter must have a perfect ending.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Yes, I will go now.” James Yi finished speaking and went out.

This incident is nothing more than Yun Yan’s ghost, framed the Rockven Group to launder money, not pay wages, and cause employees to jump off the building due to a large amount of overtime, etc.

Although Rockven Group really didn’t do these things, he didn’t know why, but he exposed information and videos, and there was actually an employee who committed suicide by jumping off the building, but it was not in Rockven Group.

In this way, Ming Alton is really a bit indefensible, but the clear is self-cleaning and the one who is turbid, he is not afraid of the shadow.

the other side.

After Chen Rui left Alton Ye’s office, he went directly to the planning department. When the people in the planning department saw Chen Rui coming here, they looked at Chen Rui with surprise.

Because Chen Rui wears a mask, everyone can’t see his face clearly, so many employees discuss Chen Rui’s appearance in private.

A lesson from the past, because Alton Ye had always been wearing a mask before, and then took off the mask because of Miss Tanya, and then it was not as ugly as everyone thought.

It was a face that was beautiful and prosperous, and a face that all men admired. It was really a supernatural skill. I wondered if God loved Alton Ye too much, so he rewarded him with all the good things.

So everyone is imagining how handsome Chen Rui is. On the other hand, Chen Rui doesn’t care, because this face will never appear in front of everyone.

Of course, some people are curious and admired about Chen Rui, but there are also some people who see Chen Rui not pleasing to the eye.

Because of what, Chen Rui came in halfway, because before that, the company had decided to let the company find a director who was different from the usual director.

A director is only in charge of one department, but the director can view all the departments. Of course, the director is arranged by Alton Ye himself.

And Alton Ye also said before that all employees in the company can participate in the elections, relying on their own abilities, but when everyone is working hard, Chen Rui came in by air at this time. Not only is he a newcomer, but he is still serving. The post of director.

This is indeed unfair to everyone, but this is the person chosen by Alton Ye himself, and everyone has nothing to say.

Chen Rui came to the planning department as if looking for someone. He kept looking around, but he didn’t see anyone.

“Xiao Zhang, where is your supervisor?” Chen Rui asked in a deep voice.

“Director Chen, Director Li seems to be out to answer the phone.” Xiao Zhang stood up and said.

“Yeah! You are busy.” Chen Rui said.

“Okay!” Xiao Zhang said.

Everyone looked at Chen Rui. Usually Chen Rui was very cold in the company and would not find someone to talk to, but he did not expect to find someone this time.

Chen Rui watched everyone’s eyes fall on him, and then his eyes fell cold, “You don’t have to work anymore, do you?”

When everyone heard Chen Rui’s cold words, they quickly bowed their heads and were busy with their work.

On the other side, Li Qingqing, who had just finished the call, walked into the planning department and saw the newly appointed director. Oh no, it should be the chief director.

“Director Chen, what can you do over here?” Li Qingqing asked in a deep voice.

Originally, Li Qingqing was in the original department, but because of her excellent performance, she was finally transferred to the planning department. The planning department developed better than the previous department, and it was also one of the key points of the company.

“Come to the office and talk about it. This matter depends on you, but it also depends on my opinion.” Chen Rui turned around and went to the office after speaking.

Li Qingqing looked at Chen Rui’s back and her eyes were puzzled. She turned her head and looked at Xiao Zhang, who was sitting next to him. Xiao Zhang watched Li Qingqing look at him. In the end, she could only spread her hands, saying that she didn’t know, Li. Qingqing didn’t say anything, and finally went into the office. Although she didn’t know anything, she thought it was very important because such a big thing happened in the company.

Chapter 491

Li Qingqing looked at Chen Rui’s back and her eyes were puzzled. She turned her head and looked at Xiao Zhang, who was sitting next to him. Xiao Zhang watched Li Qingqing look at him. In the end, she could only spread her hands, saying that she didn’t know, Li. Qingqing didn’t say anything, and finally went into the office. Although she didn’t know anything, she thought it was very important because such a big thing happened in the company.

When Li Qingqing entered the office, he could see Chen Rui sitting directly in her chair. Li Qingqing was not dissatisfied with Chen Rui’s behavior.

“Director Chen doesn’t know what you are looking for with me?” Li Qingqing asked in a deep voice.

“It seems that you still haven’t remembered who I am?” Chen Rui said abruptly.

Li Qingqing didn’t understand what Chen Rui said, but didn’t remember who he was.

“Director Chen, what do you mean?” Li Qingqing asked curiously.

Chen looked at Li Qingqing and wanted to say something, but finally swallowed again, “Nothing, nothing.”

“Then what do you want me to do?” Li Qingqing asked again.

“I’m here to tell you, I will be on a business trip with me this afternoon.” Chen Rui said in a deep voice.

“Business trip?” Li Qingqing asked.

“Well! This was personally explained by the president.” Chen Rui directly moved Alton Ye out.

“Where to go on business?” Li Qingqing asked.

“France.” Chen Rui uttered two words softly. “What! France! But I don’t have a passport!” Li Qingqing said in surprise.

“You don’t have to worry about this. You will be able to get on the plane at that time. You should go back and pack up now. We estimate that we will stay there for a week.” Chen Rui said in a deep voice.

“Well, I know, I’ll go back and prepare later.” Li Qingqing said in a deep voice.

“Yeah!” Chen Rui nodded when he heard it.

Chen Rui knew that there was nothing to explain next, so he got up from the chair, and when he walked to Li Qingqing’s side, he reached out and patted Li Qingqing on the shoulder.

“Come on!” After saying these two words, he left.

Li Qingqing stood there stiffly, don’t know why, how could this feeling be so familiar, but I couldn’t tell, Li Qingqing shook her head and was not thinking about it anymore, ready to go back to pack her things.

the other side.

The master behind the framed Rockven Group is watching the news leisurely, watching the news reports above, with a triumphant smile on his face.

“Is it true or false than you? This time I will see how you end up.” Yun Yan said grimly.

“Sir, is this all right?” Xiao Wang, who was standing by, asked.

“Of course not, I will add a little more seasoning next, so that the whole dish is delicious.” Yun Yan said with a smile.

“I see.” Xiao Wang said in a deep voice.

“You go out first,” Yun Yan said coldly.

“The subordinate retire first.” Xiao Wang left after speaking.

“Miss, why are you here?” Xiao Wang, who had just walked out, asked in surprise.

“Why, do I have to report to you when I see my brother?” Chen Ruozhu said dissatisfied.

“The subordinates dare not.” Xiao Wang bent over and said.

“Okay, come in.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

Chen Ruozhu heard Yun Yan’s voice, turned his head and glared at Xiao Wang, walked in over him, and watched Yun Yan working.

“Brother, have you finished?” Chen Ruozhu asked.

“Almost.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

“In this case, stop first, I have something for you.” Chen Ruozhu said with a smile.

Yun Yan stopped working when she heard Chen Ruozhu’s words and looked up at Chen Ruozhu.

“What did you prepare for me?” Yun Yan asked curiously.

Chen Ruozhu looked at Yun Yan and smiled mysteriously, then his hands came out from behind, there was a jump in his hand, not a necklace, but a bracelet, Yun Yan couldn’t help but twitch when seeing the bracelet in Chen Ruozhu’s hand. What bracelet does a big man wear?

That bracelet is composed of star-shaped luminous stones, which stubbornly emits a faint light in the dark. Yun Yan’s gaze was completely attracted by this bracelet. Although he had seen a lot of jewelry over the years, he was the only one who felt good about this one.

“Where did you get it?” Yun Yan asked in a deep voice.

“This, ah, this is designed by me personally. How beautiful is it? They all say it is very beautiful. This is the first and only successful one I designed. Then I will give it to my brother. Although it looks like a woman wears it for a moment, it is actually a male model.” Chen Ruozhu explained.

“Well! It’s really beautiful,” Yun Yan praised.

“Yes, and I also engraved your name on it, Chen Borui in three English letters.” Chen Ruozhu said with a smile.

When Yun Yan heard Chen Ruozhu’s last sentence, his expression turned not so good. When thinking of Chen Borui’s three English letters, Yun Yan sneered in his heart.

Chen Borui is Chen Borui and Yun Yan is Yun Yan. The two of them are not the same. He is Yun Yan and not Chen Borui. He carries things that belong to him, and always feels that he should be in his heart.

“I don’t like the three letters of my name engraved on the bracelet.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice.

When Chen Ruozhu heard Yun Yan’s words, his originally smiling face became a little disappointed. Yun Yan ignored Chen Borui and Chen Ruozhu was not his sister. Why should he care about her.

Since Yun Yan’s identity was revealed that day, Chen Ruozhu hasn’t loved Chen Ruozhu as much as before, and sometimes it’s just perfunctory.

Perhaps in his eyes, he was a vengeful man, and he didn’t worry about it anymore.

“Why don’t you like to engrave your name on it, don’t many people like to engrave their name on it?” Chen Ruozhu asked.

“Because I don’t like it, you can engrave the letter y if you want to. I like the letter y.” Yun Yan said in a deep voice, because y is his real name, and he is just replacing someone else’s face.

“Well, since my brother doesn’t like it, I’ll go back and modify it later.” Chen Ruozhu said with a smile.

“Well! If there is nothing wrong with you, go back and accompany the two elders first. I still have a lot to do.” Yun Yan bowed his head and was busy with his work.

“Okay then! You remember to have lunch, then I’ll go back first.” Chen Ruozhu finished speaking, turned and left a little disappointed.

After going out, Chen Ruozhu’s face was full of puzzlement. He didn’t know what to say. Since two days ago, his brother seemed to be a different person, and he cared less about her and his parents than before. As Chen Ruozhu thought about it, the more he couldn’t figure it out. Finally, he found a reason why his brother was too busy and turned it around.

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