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Chapter 483

Gary Mo heard that even though he was reluctant, what could he do, he could only honestly take out the medical kit that Yuwan had originally, walked to Chen Borui, and violently put the medical kit on the table. , And then pointed at the chair next to him, motioning Chen Borui to sit down.

“You don’t need to watch it, even if you watch it, it’s useless, it will be better in a few days.” Chen Borui said in a deep voice.

“Why, you want to have a few more scars on my face, then I will just dig out your eyeballs.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

Chen Borui looked at Mo Qian’s eyes and then sat down on the sofa next to him.

When Gary Mo opened Chen Borui’s clothes, the few people present except Alton Ye looked at Chen Borui sitting on the sofa in shock.

The scar is long and narrow and hideous, like a centipede advancing crookedly, which is daunting. Now I finally know how the explosion burned Chen Borui’s whole body like this.

Chen Borui seemed to feel their surprise, sitting upright and putting down his clothes.

“I said I don’t need to watch it.” Chen Borui said calmly.

“Uh…this.” Gary Mo couldn’t speak.

Actually, he has seen a lot of burned people, and those are nothing compared to Chen Borui’s.

“No need to watch it, it will be fine in a few days, and what should I do next? I can’t eat and drink here for nothing, right?” Chen Borui said with a smile.

Alton Ye looked at Chen Borui’s indifferent appearance, “Since you want to do this, let Gary Mo take you to what you should do.”

“What!” Gary Mo asked in surprise.

“Why, do you have a lot of opinions?” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“No, no, no, I just didn’t expect you to give me this glorious mission.” Gary Mo said while biting his molars.

“That’s good, you can leave without any problems: I will go to the company in a while.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Okay, just leave.” Gary Mo took a look at Chen Borui and then went out. Chen Borui nodded to Alton Ye and followed Gary Mo out.

“Then both of us are gone.” Ivan Han stood up and said.

Afterwards, Ivan Han and Saul Nan also left. It seems that there are very few days to get together every day, and coupled with these recent events, there are very few days to get together.

Not long after Ivan Han left, Alton Ye and Tanya An were about to go to the company. Just halfway through, they saw a group of people outside. Alton Ye frowned when he saw those people, and his whole body was cold. chill.

“What are you doing?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

When everyone heard the sound, they stopped their movements, and a middle-aged man of 40 or 50 years old walked in front of Alton Ye.

“Master, this is the order of the old gentleman, and we have to do it.” The butler of the Yejia Old House said.

“Huh! What is this going to do? Is it to drive my true wife out and let that woman live in?” Tanya An said calmly.

Tanya An looked at the things in the yard with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. There were a lot of these furnitures. That woman meant to occupy the magpie’s nest, but she was not easy to provoke, Ye Ming. Alton is his man, no one can snatch him from her.

“Uh… this… this… this me.”

“Enough, give you half an hour, throw out all the things outside the door, otherwise it will be burnt directly.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Alton Ye is very angry now, is he too much face to them or is his temper too good recently, so he let them climb on top of his head.

“Young Master, but this is what the old gentleman ordered, I can’t violate his meaning.” The butler said embarrassingly.

“There is only the old gentleman in your eyes. Oh, yes, he and I are in conflict with him.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Master, you really misunderstood the old man.” The butler said quickly.

“Uncle Kim.” Tanya suddenly shouted loudly.

“Madam.” Kimber, who was standing by, heard Tanya An calling himself, and hurried to Tanya An’s face.

“What’s your order, madam?” Kimber asked respectfully.

“Did you not hear the uncle’s meaning just now? He is going to burn all these things. Why are you still standing there? Do you want us to do it yourself? Are you right, uncle?” Tanya An turned his head and smiled. Looking at Alton Ye, that appearance was really innocent and harmless.

“Yes, Kimber, it seems that you are really old.” Alton Ye said thoughtfully.

“No, no, no, I’ll go now.” Kimber hurried into the kitchen to get things after he said.

The butler at the old house changed his face greatly when he heard Alton Ye’s words. These items were personally selected by Fisherman and Aron Ye. If they were really burned, it would not be good for the two to become angry.

“Young Master, these items were personally selected by Miss Fei and the old gentleman. If you really burn them all, you will definitely be in trouble.” The butler said anxiously.

Alton Ye didn’t respond to him when he heard the housekeeper’s words. Instead, he turned his head and smiled and looked at Tanya, and Tanya Heating looked at Alton Ye.

“It seems that a certain woman really wants to occupy the magpie’s nest.” Tanya heating said whispered.

“Don’t worry, she can’t take it away. I’ll go with you in a big deal.” Alton Ye reached out and put his arms around Tanya An’s waist and said.

The intimacy of the two people embarrassed the people present, and they all lowered their heads.

Two minutes later.

According to Alton Ye’s instructions, Kimber poured some oil directly on the furniture that Fisherman had transported. The housekeeper and everyone in the old house saw such a scene and wanted to stop it but couldn’t stop it, so they could only watch. They burned those things.

Tanya An didn’t want to say anything, but who made Fisherman want to steal a man from herself, in that case, don’t blame her for being unsympathetic.

Tanya took the lighter and walked to the side step by step. Turning her head, a faint smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. She looked really innocent. Then, under the surprised eyes of everyone, she threw the lighter directly on those that were stained with a lot of oil. On top of the furniture, flames burst into flames.

Tanya An saw those Huo rushing to Alton Ye’s side, stretched out her hand to hold Alton Ye’s arm, and looked at him with a smile.

“Uncle, what if they come over to trouble me in a while?” Tanya An asked, pouting.

“With me, who dares to move you.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

The conversation between the two people spread to everyone’s ears. Except for the people in Yuwan, the people over the old house heard cold sweats. When everyone was surprised, a Land Rover stopped by and the car got off. Personally, two people looked at the raging fire, one looked at Tanya An angrily, and the other looked at Alton Ye angrily.

The 484

Personal conversations spread to everyone’s ears. Except for the people in Yuwan, the people over the old house heard cold sweats. When everyone was surprised, a Land Rover stopped by and the car walked down. Two people , Two people looked at the raging fire, one looked at Tanya An angrily, and the other looked at Alton Ye angrily.

“What are you doing? Do you know that I bought these things myself?” Aron Ye said loudly.

“Of course I know.” Alton Ye said lightly. “Knowing that you still burned them, what are you doing?” Aron Ye roared loudly.

“Mr. Ye, I think you have misunderstood Wu. I burned these things. Regardless of the uncle’s business, these things are really ugly. The ugly ones make me want to burn them right away. Are you very rich? It’s fine to buy a new set.” Tanya An said, leaning against Alton Ye’s arms.

When Aron Ye and Fisherman on the side heard what Tanya An said, their expressions were pale, especially Fisherman. These things were what she liked and thought that they were burned by Tanya An. The more Fisherman thought about it. The more angry it is.

“Uncle Ye.” Fisherman shouted aggrievedly.

Aron Ye heard that he turned his head and looked at Fisherman, and shook his head at Fisherman. Fisherman saw that he could only close his mouth and look at Aron Ye.

“I will tell you when I come over today. She will live here from now on.” Aron Ye said in a deep voice, without giving Alton Ye a chance to discuss it.


“Mr. Ye, it seems that you really came to occupy the magpie’s nest today.” Tanya An interrupted Alton Ye and took the lead. “What is the dove occupying the magpie’s nest? The hostess of this villa does not originally belong to you, but belongs to Xueman, and you should leave here quickly, otherwise you will not know what crime you will suffer in the future.” Aron Ye said in a deep voice. Speaking of.

“I don’t know if I suffer, I only know that this place is now the hostess, and I order you to go out now.” Tanya An said, pointing to the door.

Alton Ye couldn’t help but laughed looking at Tanya An’s appearance. Tanya An’s witty teeth had seen him before and thought that he saw a different Tanya An today.

Such Tanya An seems to have grown up a lot, and is different from her previous boyishness, but no matter what Tanya An has become, Alton Ye will love her from beginning to end.

“It’s really lawless. I came here today not to discuss with you, but to tell you solemnly.” Aron Ye said in a deep voice.

Tanya An heard that Aron Ye still let Fisherman in. For whatever reason, Tanya An would not let Fisherman in. All in all, Miss Tanya hated Fisherman very much.

Tanya An felt uncomfortable looking at Aron Ye’s appearance, her eyes rolled up, and she turned to look at Alton Ye pretending to be pitiful. Alton Ye knew that Tanya An had pretended to be, but she didn’t. Demolition her, but accompany her to act.

“Uncle, you just said that Yuwan has only me as the hostess. Look at it. Now someone comes directly to the door, and you don’t say anything. Do you really want that ugly woman to live in? Tell you, if you let her step into the living room, I will run away from home and never come back.” Tanya An said pitifully.

“No, of course not, you are the mistress of Yuwan, forever.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Then why is she still here?” Tanya An turned around and stretched out her hand and stood there Fisherman.

Fisherman looked at Tanya An pointing her finger at herself, and was full of anger. This Tanya An would pretend to be pitiful. What’s the use of pretending to be pitiful.

What Fisherman didn’t know, whether Tanya An was pretending to be pitiful or not, Alton Ye was eating this set, and whether it was true or false, Alton Ye would always help Tanya An, no matter what An What does Tanya mean?

“Why are you still standing here, if you don’t want to leave, then I will let my good friend come and accompany you.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“What do you want to do?” Aron Ye asked in a deep voice.

Alton Ye didn’t answer Aron Ye’s words, but turned his head to look at Kimber standing there.

“Kimble, take my Xixi out and let Xixi play with them, and it may have been a long, long time since it has not come out, it will feel particularly boring.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“It’s sir, I’m going to bring Sixi over now.” Kimber ran away after speaking.

Tanya An turned her head in confusion and looked at Alton Ye, Xixi? Who is Sisi? Why has she never heard the night Ming Alton mentioned it.

Don’t say Tanya An doesn’t know, even Aron Ye, the father, doesn’t know who Xixi is?

After five minutes, everyone finally understood who Xixi was in Alton Ye’s mouth.



Finally, I saw Kimber leading a very large wolf. The wolf’s hind legs were slightly bent, and the front legs stretched forward in a posture of a downward dive. Emit a faint fierce light.

The wolf bared its sharp fangs, spit out the long blood-red tongue, and walked towards them in a magnificent manner.

The wolf belongs to the canine family. The wolf is alert and suspicious. The form is very similar to that of the dog, except that the eyes are slanted, the mouth is slightly wider, the tail is short and never curled up and hangs between the hind limbs, the ears are erect and not bent, and have sharp canine teeth. The vision, smell, and hearing of wolves are very sensitive, and their fur is white, black, and variegated.

And Alton Ye’s wolf is very different from other wolves. This wolf is a pure white wolf. It looks noble and beautiful, but underneath the nobility and beauty hide fierceness.


Everyone was startled when they saw a wolf brought by Kimber, and they all stepped back and looked at the wolf in front of them in fear.

Alton Ye looked at the white wolf brought by Kimber, squatted down in front of it and looked at it. He stretched out his hand and stroked the white wolf’s hair. It looked good.

“Uncle, how did you raise a wolf in Yuwan? When did this happen? Why don’t I know?” Tanya An asked, seemingly not afraid.

“This matter is a long story.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Tanya An looked at the pure white wolf in front of him, squatted down, looked at it with a smile, and stretched out his hand to stroke its head, while the white wolf looked docile and not fierce at all, Tanya An seemed to like it better Up.

Alton Ye was still a little surprised when he saw this scene. After all, this was Tanya An’s first contact with it. He didn’t expect it to have a ferocious appearance without Tanya An, thinking that Gary Mo wanted to touch it. At that time, the White Wolf immediately launched an attack on Gary Mo, and Gary Mo was so frightened that he never dared to touch it casually.

Chapter 485

Alton Ye was still a little surprised when he saw this scene. After all, this was Tanya An’s first contact with it. He didn’t expect it to have a ferocious appearance without Tanya An, thinking that Gary Mo wanted to touch it. At that time, the White Wolf immediately launched an attack on Gary Mo, and Gary Mo was so frightened that he never dared to touch it casually.

This little white wolf was actually related to Alton Ye. At the beginning, Alton Ye happened to encounter this little white wolf because of a mission.

When Alton Ye saw the injured leg of the little white wolf, he didn’t want to take care of it, but when he heard the wailing voice of the little white wolf, he finally helped the little white wolf bandage the wound.

After the wound was bandaged, Alton Ye was ready to leave, but this little white wolf had been following Alton Ye, and Alton Ye had no choice but to leave with the little white wolf.

It’s been a long time, the little white wolf has been staying in Yuwan for a long time, but Alton Ye didn’t let anyone bring it out, and kept it in the small bungalow over there, and then there was a special person to raise it.

Comparing Xixi is also a wolf, and many people will be very scared after seeing it, so Alton Ye has never let it out, and it won’t be bored over there.

Alton Ye couldn’t help laughing as he watched Xixi and Tanya An get close, squatted down and stretched out his hand to stroke Xixi’s head.

“Sixi, I’m really sorry that I haven’t seen you for so long.” Alton Ye had a hint of apology in his voice.

“Wow.” Xixi yelled, but her voice was full of grievances.

“Well, let me introduce you. This is my most important person. Can’t you hurt her until she knows it forever?” Alton Ye said solemnly.

“Woo.” Xixi seemed to understand Alton Ye’s words.

“Sixi is so obedient, no one can tell that it is very ferocious.” Tanya An said with a curled lips.

The two talked to themselves like this, completely forgetting that Aron Ye and Fisherman were still standing behind them.

“Alton Ye, have you ever listened to me again?” Aron Ye said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye stood up when he heard Aron Ye’s voice, turned his head and looked at Aron Ye with an angry face.

“I have said very clearly, don’t want to put anyone beside me.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“You are what you are saying, I just let you and Sherman cultivate and cultivate relationships.” Aron Ye said in a deep voice.

“Big Brother Ye, don’t make Uncle Ye angry, he’s not in good health.” Fisherman said.

“It’s not your turn for the two of us to come over and interrupt.” Alton Ye said coldly.

When Fisherman heard Alton Ye’s words, what he was about to say came to an abrupt end. He could only turn his head and look at Tanya An angrily.

And Tanya An, seeing Fisherman looking at herself like this, had a plan in her heart and stood up.

“I said you are really cheeky? Especially the woman named Fisherman, do you often do these upside-down things?” Tanya An said lightly.

“What do you mean, Tanya An?” Fisherman asked coldly.

“Why, are your ears deaf or don’t have long ears?” Tanya An didn’t forget to reach out for his ears after speaking.

“It’s too shameless.” Aron Ye said angrily.

“Mr. Ye, you should leave quickly, can’t you see that Xixi has shown its sharp teeth?” Tanya An turned to look at Xixi with a fierce expression.

“Tanya An, don’t be self-righteous, do you really dare to let the dog bite us?” Fisherman said coldly.

“Tsk tusk tusk, it seems that you have a problem with your ears, even your eyes. Xixi is clearly a white little white wolf, and you think of it as a dog.” Tanya An finished speaking and looked down. He said to Xixi, “Sixi, Shike can not be humiliated, but that woman insults you as a dog.”



Sissi yelled at Fisherman a few times. Fisherman looked at him and sneered. She stood there with her arms around her chest. She was really standing here. See if she dared, there are many people here. .

Looking at them as if they didn’t want to leave, Alton Ye finally got angry. Alton Ye grabbed the rope in Tanya’s hand, and then loosened it, even directly letting go of Xixi.

Xixi broke through the shackles and ran around there, frightening everyone crawling around and trying to escape. In the end, Xixi opened his mouth to bite their clothes, but Aron Ye looked calm, still stalemate with Alton Ye.






“Sixi, it’s that woman. Go and bite that woman. That woman insulted you.” Tanya An pointed at Fisherman who was jumping around.

Xixi seemed to understand Tanya An’s words, and hurried over to Fisherman. Fisherman saw Sixi running towards him, his face changed drastically, and turned around to run away.

But how could a two-legged one run more than four-legged? Just after running a few steps, he was thrown to the ground by Xixi.

“Ah! Help! Uncle Ye, help, Brother Ye! Come on, take this wolf to me.” Fisherman shouted.

However, she didn’t want to think about who would go to pull an angry wolf in idleness. They wanted to live, and finally those people ran away.



I saw that Sissi did not go to bite Fisherman directly, but tore the clothes on Fisherman’s body, which was already exposed by this time.

Seeing Tanya An quickly stretched out his hand to cover Alton Ye’s eyes, Alton Ye couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Tanya An’s behavior. His baby is really cute.

“Sixi, shut up, don’t bite anymore.” Tanya shouted loudly.

It was not that he helped Fisherman, but the clothes on Fisherman’s body were already torn a lot. If you bite it down, you might see something.

As soon as Sixi heard Tanya An’s voice, she stopped her actions quickly, then jumped off Fisherman’s body and walked towards Tanya An, arrogantly tilting her head up, that look really looked like an invincible one. Up

Seeing Sisi left, Fisherman stood up quickly, pulled her clothes, turned and ran to the car outside, she was really frightened.

Tanya An saw that Fisherman had left, and then put down the hand covering Alton Ye’s eyes. Alton Ye opened his eyes and looked at Aron Ye who was standing there, his eyes were fierce.

“Aron Ye, if you don’t leave again, I don’t mind personally holding Sixi’s rope and biting off the meat on your body one by one. If you do things that make me angry and touch my bottom line, I’m true. You don’t mind what to do, it’s been so long, you should know my character.” Alton Ye looked at Aron Ye with bloodthirsty light in his eyes.

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