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Chapter 399

The few words that made everyone present looked at Gary Mo in shock. Perhaps only Tanya An didn’t know what Gary Mo meant. Everyone should know what Gary Mo meant, but they have always seen it. Alton Ye, who was caught in the wind and waves, looked at Gary Mo in shock and frowned.

“Open… Open the tomb, what do you mean?” Tanya An asked unclearly.

“Brother, you don’t have a fever, why are you talking nonsense here? Rena Ye said in a deep voice.

“Do you think I have a fever?” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“I won’t agree with you doing this.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

Gary Mo heard that he turned his head to look at Saul Nan, and then turned his head to look at Ivan Han who was sitting there.

“You haven’t asked me why I did this. He knows the cause of the matter, and it’s clear, so you’d better not stop me. I must investigate this matter clearly.” Gary Leng Speaking coldly.

“Qiu, you pulled us over in the morning for this matter, ok, in that case, I will put Milsa’s affairs aside first.” Andrew said in a deep voice.

Rena Ye on the side looked at Gary Mo’s decision, and turned to look at James Yi on the side, “James Yi, what happened to Brother Third?”

“I don’t know either.” James Yi said quietly.

Gary Mo turned and looked at Alton Ye, who walked to Gary Mo’s side, “I will support you in whatever you do.”

“Thank you!” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“Hey! Are you all crazy? The dead are gone, why do you still do this?” Saul Nan said loudly.

“Saul, let Qiu solve this matter. You won’t give up if you don’t let him see him.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

Saul Nan did not speak, but sat on the sofa next to him and looked up at Gary Mo.

“Since you want to see clearly, we will go now.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Good.” Gary Mo said without hesitation.

“Tanya, you and Reena don’t go there anymore.” Alton Ye said softly.

“No.” Tanya An was taken a step ahead by Rena Ye before she could speak.

“Reena is obedient.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“I said no, I just can’t. I have to see with my own eyes what it is.” Rena Ye said stubbornly.

“Reena, your body is different from before. So you still stay at home.” James Yi said. “No, I said no.” Rena Ye said stubbornly.

Tanya An looked at Rena Ye’s stubborn look, and her curiosity was raised by Rena Ye. She also wanted to know what they meant.

“Uncle, if I go with Reena, I promise to stand behind you with Reena.” Tanya An said seriously.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s seriousness and couldn’t bear to refuse her, so he nodded and let Tanya An and Rena Ye go.

Several people said they would set off and drove to that place. After half an hour, everyone finally came here.

Alton Ye and a few people came to a tombstone. Tanya An didn’t know the person on the tombstone, so they just stood there without saying a word.

Tanya An looked at a very luxurious tomb in front of the lone tomb. The tomb is covered with gold paper and flowers. The tombstone is marble, tall and big, and the words carved on it are also golden. A circle of marble guardrails is erected in front of the tombstone, and the tomb is arranged like the owner’s private courtyard. Even the floor is covered with marble slabs and is clean.

Gary Mo walked to the tombstone and squatted down, and reached out to touch the photo on the tombstone.

“I’m really sorry today, I must investigate clearly, otherwise I won’t feel at ease for the rest of my life.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

Gary Mo stood there and squatted for five minutes. Five minutes later, he stood up, stood in front of the tombstone, closed his eyes, clasped his hands tightly together, opened his eyes, filled with determination, and bent over to take it. Lift the shovel on the ground.

“We help you.” Andrew said in a deep voice.

“No, I can do it myself.” Gary Mo stopped.

Andrew looked at Gary Mo without speaking. Ivan Han behind him reached out and patted Andrew on the shoulder. Andrew looked back at Ivan Han. Ivan Han shook his head at him. Andrew watched and slowly retracted his hand.

Damn it.

Damn it.

Alton Ye and a few people stood behind Gary Mo, watching Gary Mo shoveling one by one. Several people wanted to step forward to help many times, but they were all pushed back by Gary Mo.

For one or two hours, for two full hours, Gary Mo finally wiped out everything around him, leaving only one lid. Just lift the lid.

The tombstones are all made of marble, and the lid is also made of marble very heavy. Gary Mo pushed hard, and it was obvious that the veins on Gary Mo’s head could be seen violently.

Tanya An and Rena Ye looked at holding the hands of both parties tightly, and couldn’t bear to look at Gary Mo.

“What are you all doing? Go and help the third brother open the lid.” Rena Ye said loudly.

Several people watched Gary Mo stretch out their hands and roll up their sleeves. No matter if Gary Mo would push them back, he directly stepped forward to help push them, while Alton Ye was still standing there with complicated eyes.

Bang bang.

Bang bang.

The marble lid was pushed off the ground, and the rectangular guancai appeared in front of everyone smoothly, and finally presented before everyone was an empty tombstone with nothing.

It was almost five thunderstorms, Gary Mo staggered a few steps and fell to the ground, staring blankly at the things in front of him.

Saul Nan ran to the guancai and crouched on it to watch, reaching out and constantly flipping the cloth inside, confirming that there was no one inside.

“How could this happen?” Rena Ye said with surprise covering her mouth.

James Yi watched Rena Ye hurriedly stepped forward to help, lest Rena Ye also fell down.

“Not dead, Jin Xuan really is not dead, what is going on, what is going on?” Gary Mo kept talking.

From the time Gary Mo was drunk, he should have thought about it, why he waited so long, she was in front of him, he remembered everything, but she had forgotten everything.

Ivan Han looked at the empty coffin and thought about what happened last night. It turned out that everything was true, but he couldn’t figure out why she didn’t remember them.

Ivan Han looked at Gary Mo on the ground, walked in front of him and knelt down and stretched out his hand to hold his shoulder.

“Qiu, you get up first, after getting up we are thinking of ways.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye on the side stepped forward to the front of the coffin and looked at the nothing inside. When he walked to the other side, he suddenly noticed something with sharp eyes. He quickly walked in front of him and stretched out his hand to tear it apart. The layer of yellow cloth inside, I want to find out.

Chapter 400

Alton Ye on the side stepped forward to the front of the coffin and looked at the nothing inside. When he walked to the other side, he suddenly noticed something with sharp eyes. He quickly walked in front of him and stretched out his hand to tear it apart. The layer of yellow cloth inside, I want to find out.


Alton Ye tore the layer of yellow cloth vigorously, sneered when he saw the contents inside, and then took it out.

“What is this?” Tanya An asked in surprise.

Gary Mo saw that he rushed forward and snatched the thing in Alton Ye’s hand, and carefully looked at it several times.

“This is… a letter.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

When Gary Mo heard this, he quickly opened the letter. Sure enough, there was a piece of paper with a few lines written on it.

“Alton Ye, Ivan Han, Gary Mo, Saul Nan, Andrew, I will be back, waiting for my revenge.”

The few short lines of words shocked several people, and they didn’t know why, a bad premonition surged in their hearts.

“What do you mean? Why did Jin Xuan say that?” Rena Ye looked at Gary Mo incredulously.

“No, it’s not Jinxuan.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“Who is that?” Andrew asked in a deep voice.

“The signature is c.” After Gary Mo finished speaking, he looked up at Alton Ye and the others.

After hearing it for a long time, everyone did not answer, and they all stood there looking at the empty coffin.

“Let’s go back.” In the end, Tanya An broke the silence.

She knew that if no one spoke, they would stand here for a day.

“Go back first.” Finally Alton Ye said.

The truth of the matter is already known, and knowing that she is still alive, then we will ask what happened when we meet again in the future.

Everyone left here, but Gary Mo stood there, still holding the letter in his hand, looking forward with fierce eyes.

“It’s not you.” After Gary Mo said this, he turned and followed them and left.

After everyone left, the cemetery returned to quiet, except for the excavated coffin lying there.



Half an hour after Alton Ye and the others left, there was a sound of footsteps in the cemetery where they stood just now. Fortunately, it was still during the day, and it would make people get goosebumps at night.

At this time, two people stood in front of the expensive tombstone. I don’t know if this person was afraid of seeing time. He was wearing a formal suit inside, but a large cloak was placed outside, covering the whole person, and he couldn’t see his face at all. .

It’s okay for the people behind, in a straight suit, standing straight behind the man in the cloak.

“Master, how did you know that they are coming over today? And you also know that you have hidden a letter inside?” Yun Ying asked in a deep voice.

“It’s a foregone conclusion, we will have a good time in the next day.” The man smiled viciously.

“Yes.” Yun Ying said respectfully.

The person in front of him looked at the tombstone in front of him with a sneer, then turned around and gave Yun Ying a look. Yun Ying nodded after seeing that he had understood. The man turned his head and glanced at the back with a faint smile on his mouth. The shining of the sun seemed very sunny, but there was a cold bloodthirsty killing intent.

After the man left, Yun Ying followed the man and left here, coming and going in a hurry.



Not long after the two people left, an explosion sounded in the same place, but for a moment, the place was wiped out and there was nothing left.

The one who just gave Yun Ying a look was to blow up this place, and Yun Ying immediately executed it after receiving the order.

the other side.

After Alton Ye and others returned to Yuwan, they were talking about today’s affairs in the living room.

“Master.” James Yi’s voice came at this moment, with anxiety inside.

“What’s wrong, James Yi, look at your panic.” Rena Ye couldn’t help but say.

James Yi heard that he didn’t look at Rena Ye, but walked to Alton Ye, “Master, something happened!”

“What’s wrong?” Tanya An didn’t wait for Alton Ye to answer.

“I just returned from the cemetery, and that place was bombed in nearly half an hour.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“What, how could this be?” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Definitely I think it, otherwise the cemetery will be bombed if it is so good.” Gary Mo said solemnly.

“Yes, the key is that when we come back, someone must have done it.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

“Did you find it clear?” Andrew asked.

“I don’t know who it is, but our people just sent something.” James Yi finished speaking and handed it to Alton Ye.

Alton Ye took the box in his hand for the night, opened it and looked at a small object inside. It looked like it was burnt. Alton Ye picked it up and looked at it carefully. It seemed that he saw something. The corner of Alton Ye’s mouth evoked evil. Charming smile.

“The same letter, c.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Damn it, don’t let me catch him.” Gary said coldly.

“Okay, let’s watch this matter change first, and we won’t move if the enemy doesn’t move.” Alton Ye said calmly.


Alton Ye had just finished speaking, a vomiting sound rang in everyone’s ears, and James Yi saw that he quickly ran to Rena Ye’s side and patted her on the back.

“Are you okay?” James Yi asked worriedly.

“I didn’t… ugh~ Rena Ye ran to the bathroom next to him, and James Yi quickly followed.

“Oh, what’s going on? How can it look like you are pregnant?” Gary Mo joked.

“The dog can’t spit out ivory.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Cut, I just said it casually.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“Gary, you are still a doctor, Reena is pregnant, and it has been more than a month.” Tanya An said with a smile.



Tanya An’s words made the people present thunderous, oh my god, what did they hear, Reena is pregnant, is there any mistake? Ivan Han is the most shocked.

“I wiped it, I was really hit by my crow’s mouth.” Gary Mo said in surprise.

“Fortunately, you are still a doctor. I think you are just a quack.” Tanya An said, sticking out his tongue.

“Oh no, does it have anything to do with whether I am a doctor or not? Besides, I am not a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology.” Gary Mo emphasized.

In fact, Gary Mo will take over all the things in the hospital. I don’t know why but the only one is that he will not touch the obstetrics and gynecology department.

“Lord, Reena is too fast.” Saul Nan was still in surprise.

Among them, Rena Ye’s age is the youngest. They are not married yet, and they don’t even have a girlfriend. They didn’t expect Reena, who was younger than them, to be in front of them. I was very surprised, very surprised.

Chapter 401

Among them, Rena Ye’s age is the youngest. They are not married yet, and they don’t even have a girlfriend. They didn’t expect Reena, who was younger than them, to be in front of them. I was very surprised, very surprised.

“What the hell is going on?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice, Ivan Han wanted to know most.

“Don’t ask about this, even if you ask Reena, she won’t be able to tell you.” Tanya An said vowedly.

“Sister-in-law, you are really the roundworm in my stomach.” A playful voice came into the ears of several people.

When everyone turned their heads, they saw James Yi walking over with Rena Ye. Rena Ye’s face was full of smiles. Although James Yi’s smile was not visible, his eyes betrayed him.

“Oh my God, I didn’t expect us to be uncles so soon.” Saul Nan said with emotion.

“Yeah, James, you are really good.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“What can I say?” Andrew pretended to have an expression that I knew.

“What kind of thoughts are you all these? This lady is pregnant now, so you’d better not make me angry, understand.” Rena Ye pretended to be serious.

“Reena, you will easily get the baby in your stomach bad tempered like this.” Tanya An said.

“Ah! Really?” Rena Ye asked in surprise.

“Hmm! Of course it is true.” Tanya An believed in my posture.

“Sister-in-law, don’t scare her, she is so courageous.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“How can such guts qualify as my sister?” Alton Ye said suddenly, his voice full of coldness.

Everyone heard Alton Ye’s voice without speaking, but kept nodding their heads.

“Congratulations! I must be a good mother in the future.” Ivan Han said sincerely.

Rena Ye heard Ivan Han’s voice and turned her head and smiled at him, with sincerity and gratitude in her smile. Over the years, she has been dissatisfied with him too much, and he has made up too much for her, and she doesn’t understand. Let go, but now there is no need for that.

“Thank you for your blessing, brother!” Rena Ye said with a smile.

Ivan Han was shocked when he heard Rena Ye’s words, some words were stuck in his throat but he didn’t know how to say it.

Ivan Han stood up abruptly, “Um… there are still some things to deal with in my company, I’ll go back first.” After speaking, he strode away, and fled with a trace of his back.

“Hey! He really left? Is he okay?” Tanya An said.

“Well! He’s okay, don’t worry.” Alton Ye said softly.

Rena Ye looked at Ivan Han’s back and couldn’t help but laughed, feeling that all this was natural, and there was nothing good or bad.

“Ah, what? Reena, you must take good care of your body when you are pregnant. With your frizzy personality, I’m afraid you will encounter bad things in the future.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“No one will treat you as dumb if you don’t speak.” Saul Nan said coldly.

“That is, sooner or later, the Lord will sew your mouth.” Andrew didn’t forget to make a gesture on his mouth.

“I’m just making an analogy, that night, take care of Reena in the future, you know?” Gary Mo said.

“I know.” James Yi said seriously.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

“Sorry, I’ll answer the phone.” Gary Mo took out the phone after speaking, “Hey! Is there anything wrong with mom?”

“There is something at home, come back soon.” Sun Miaoqing said.

“What’s the matter, I have to go back now.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“Where are so many words, you will come back when you come back.” Sun Miaoqing hung up after speaking.

“Hey! Mom…Hey!” Gary Mo shouted.

“What’s the matter, my aunt is looking for you?” Andrew asked.

“Yeah! Then I’ll go back first, and I will find you another day.” Gary Mo finished speaking and stood up.

“Be careful on the road.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“My sister-in-law cares about me the most.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“You got it wrong, I’m your god sister. If something happens to you, I won’t lose the shares in your hospital.” Tanya An said.



As soon as Tanya said this, several people in the living room couldn’t help laughing, and applauded for Tanya.

Gary Mo’s expression was so good that he became stiff in an instant, t, he was provoking someone.

“You hate it.” Gary Mo left after speaking.

Tanya An and Rena Ye’s constant laughter came from behind, and they felt that Gary Mo was really funny.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An helplessly, stretched out his hand and scratched the bridge of Tanya An’s nose, “Naughty.”

Tanya An saw naughty spit out her pink tongue.

“Sister-in-law, ask you something.” Andrew said to the side.

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Tanya An asked.

“That’s… that’s… that… that’s it.” Andrew hesitated.

“What the hell are you going to say, don’t be so stubborn.” Tanya An said.

“Oh, he won’t tell me what I said, sister-in-law, he and your girlfriend are awkward, and want to ask you if there is any good way to make her happy.” Saul Nan interrupted.

“Hmm!” Andrew kept nodding.

“What, you upset Milsa, you b*stard, what have you done?” Tanya An said emotionally.

Andrew couldn’t help feeling shocked when he looked at Tanya An. He didn’t expect Tanya An to be in such an emotion.

“No, no, sister-in-law, you misunderstood me. I have to explain this to Milsa clearly. Is there any good way to ask sister-in-law?” Andrew said pitifully.

Tanya An couldn’t bear to refuse looking at Andrew’s pitiful appearance.

“Okay, okay, in fact, Milsa’s character is very carefree. I believe that things are true and want to be forgiven by her, unless you have to do something scary. Of course, I don’t mean to ask you Go kill and set fire.” Tanya said.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Andrew asked dubiously.

“If you don’t believe me, you can do it yourself, don’t come and bother my wife.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“No, no, I believe I believe.” Andrew stood up and ran out.

Tanya An looked at the figure of Andrew running out, and turned her head to look at Alton Ye in confusion, “What is he running?”

“He is afraid of my brother being angry.” Rena Ye said with a smile.

“They’re all gone, you still don’t leave here.” Alton Ye looked at Saul Nan coldly.

Saul Nan looked at Alton Ye’s eyes and smiled without a smile. The smile showed that something was going on. Saul Nan stood up, stood up tightly, and then walked towards Alton Ye. In the past, it looked like a little daughter-in-law.

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