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Chapter 348

Jennifer Lin did not hesitate to slap Tanya An in the face to vent the anger in her heart. The Lin Group went bankrupt, and she was no longer a daughter of the Lin Group, but was beaten by everyone. Mouse crossing the street.

“Tanya An, you bitch, you still have the face to say that it’s all because of you, and if it wasn’t for you, the Lin Group would not be like this.” Jennifer Lin gritted her teeth and said.

Tanya An couldn’t touch her cheek, so she could only make it hurt, and the corners of her mouth were bleeding.

“Jennifer Lin, what are you going crazy, it’s best to let me go, otherwise my husband won’t let you go.” Tanya said loudly.


Tanya An just yelled this sentence, but Jennifer Lin slapped Tanya An, so Tanya An slapped her off guard, her ears buzzing.

Jennifer Lin walked to the front of Tanya An and squatted down, stretched out her hand to pinch Tanya An’s chin, and a cold smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“If I ruin you, would you say your husband will still want you?” Jennifer Lin said with a smile.

“What do you want to do?” Tanya looked at Jennifer Lin in shock.

“Hahaha, what do I want to do? I finally had this opportunity. Of course, I will try my best to destroy you.” Jennifer Lin pretended to be innocent.

“Jennifer Lin, I advise you not to do anything, otherwise you will not be able to stay in Longcheng in the future. Even if no one does what you do, I will not let you go.” Tanya An said coldly.

Jennifer Lin heard Tanya An’s chin slammed away and looked at Tanya An condescendingly.

“Do you know who the few men behind me are?” Jennifer Lin said in a deep voice.

Tanya An turned her head to look at the men behind Jennifer Lin subconsciously, and then turned to look at Jennifer Lin.

“Wh…who?” Tanya asked in a deep voice.

“These people are all seriously ill men, and they are all of the terminal illness, that is, the kind of AIDS.” Jennifer Lin said indifferently.

Tanya looked at Jennifer Lin in shock, her body trembling constantly.

“You…you…you…what are you…what are you doing?” Tanya An stammered.

Jennifer Lin didn’t answer Tanya An’s question when he heard, but turned to look at the men behind.

“You guys take care of this young lady, try to get the wounds on your body, otherwise you don’t want to go out.” Jennifer Lin said coldly.

“Miss Lin, we will definitely do what you said.”

Jennifer Lin nodded in satisfaction, took out a syringe from her bag, and walked to Tanya.

Tanya An kept moving back when she saw her, but her hands and feet were tied up, unable to move, so she could only let Jennifer Lin inject the contents of the needle into her body.

Jennifer Lin saw a few men walking to the side and motioned to the side. The men received Jennifer Lin’s indication: They immediately showed Eisuo’s gaze and walked towards Tanya.

Jennifer Lin was sitting there with a video camera in her hand. She wanted to take all of this.

“No… don’t come over, please don’t come over.”

I don’t know what’s going on, Tanya’s consciousness is getting blurred, her eyes can no longer see what is in front of her, and her body is getting hotter.

When several men saw Tanya An’s appearance, the salty pig hand touched Tanya An’s body.


When he was about to untie Tanya An’s clothes, the door of the room was suddenly kicked open, and several people turned their heads to look at the people.

Before he could react, the figure kicking the door quickly came to a few people who had just banged Tanya.



Several men screamed in pain on the ground, and they didn’t even see how he did it.

Jennifer Lin, who was sitting on the side, was too frightened to move. When he reacted, he wanted to escape, but Chen Borui who broke in took the bench next to him and smashed Jennifer Lin’s leg directly.

“Ah! My legs, my legs, ah!” Jennifer Lin screamed on the ground.

Chen Borui was about to leave the Junlin Hotel, but he did not expect to hear someone else’s conversation in the parking lot.

Although Tanya An’s name was not mentioned in the dialogue, every sentence was consistent with Tanya An, so Chen Borui thought something was wrong and hurried to the hotel again.

Chen Borui hurriedly walked to Tanya to help her up, only to find that Tanya’s body was very hot. Only for a moment, Chen Borui knew what had happened.

“Tanya, how are you Tanya?” Chen Borui asked worriedly.

Hearing the sound, Tanya kept writhing in Chen Borui’s arms. Chen Borui looked at Tanya with embarrassment.

He stretched out his hand and slowly stroked Tanya, the girl he had been looking for for a long time, she was right in front of him now.

“Chen Borui can’t, you can’t take advantage of others.” Chen Borui endured.

Just when Chen Borui wanted to hug Tanya An, Tanya An suddenly hugged Chen Borui’s neck.

“Uncle, I’m so uncomfortable.”

When Chen Borui heard Tanya An’s words, a bitter smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. No matter what the situation, he was always alone in her heart.

“Uncle, help Tanya, Tanya is so uncomfortable.” Tanya kept twisting at Chen Borui.

“Tanya, be more sober, I am Chen Borui.”


Just after Chen Borui had finished speaking, he didn’t know what was going on, he was picked up, and then he was punched in the face.

Alton Ye hurriedly ran to Tanya An and hugged Tanya An in his arms.

“Tanya, how are you?” Alton Ye asked worriedly.

After Chen Borui reacted, he wiped the blood stains from the corner of his mouth and looked at Alton Ye.

“Alton Ye, you think too much.” Chen Borui said coldly.

Alton Ye looked at Chen Borui coldly, “Young Master Chen, don’t come here without problems.”

A fluttering sentence shocked Chen Borui, but he immediately reacted.

“You’d better take classmate An to the hospital, and the men who touched him just now are suffering from AIDS, so you should be careful and better to isolate.” Chen Borui said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye didn’t make any reaction when he heard it, and there was no emotion on his face, but the next action was unexpected.

Alton Ye lowered his head and kssed Tanya An’s lips, and gave Tanya An a deep kss.

The people present looked at Alton Ye in shock. He didn’t expect that Alton Ye was not afraid of getting AIDS.

Alton Ye left Tanya An’s lips and looked down at the unconscious Tanya An with gentle eyes.

“Uncle, is that you?”

Alton Ye shook his whole body when he heard, “Tanya, baby, it’s me, I will take you to the hospital now, I won’t let you have anything to do.” After Alton Ye said, he quickly hugged Tanya.

Chapter 349

Alton Ye shook his whole body when he heard, “Tanya, baby, it’s me, I will take you to the hospital now, I won’t let you have anything to do.” After Alton Ye said, he quickly hugged Tanya.

“Seize them all.” Alton Ye said coldly, with endless anger in his voice.

After Alton Ye hugged Tanya An and quickly got into the car, James Yi ran into the main driver and quickly started the car.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An distressedly, with his sweet baby in his arms, he was reluctant to say, reluctant to beat, reluctant to scold, and this time he was touched by those who suffer from nausea. , He really couldn’t calm the anger in his heart.

“Uncle, I’m so uncomfortable, hurry up and help me.” Tanya kept twisting in Alton Ye’s arms.

Alton Ye thought that he had strong tolerance, but as soon as he met Tanya An, he was out of control. At this time, his body was hot.

“Tanya, don’t move, I’ll see a doctor later.” Alton Ye raised his head and looked at James Yi who was driving in front of him.

“Yes.” James Yi was taken aback.

Tanya was hot all over, and Alton Ye was also uncomfortable. He was not afraid, Alton Ye reached out and opened the baffle inside the car, and immediately turned Tanya over under him.

Tanya seemed to have found a cold place, and she hugged Alton Ye’s neck very hard and refused to let it go.

Alton Ye lowered his head and k*ssed Tanya An’s lips, from his forehead, corners of his eyes, nose, and lips all the way down.

Alton Ye pressed on Tanya An’s body, reached out and touched that place, knowing that it bloomed for himself, and slowly entered Tanya An’s body. The two of them performed the closest relationship between their lover and lover in the car. thing.

Afterwards, the beads of sweat on Alton Ye’s forehead dripped on Tanya An’s face, and she looked at her tenderly.

“Whatever it is, it can’t stop my love for you.”


On the other hand, Gary Mo knew the seriousness of the matter after receiving the call, and immediately summoned the most authoritative doctors in the whole hospital, and immediately prepared to check Tanya An’s condition.


At this time, there was a harsh braking sound at the entrance of the hospital, and then several limited edition luxury cars stopped at the entrance of the hospital.

The moment the car stopped, Alton Ye walked out of the car holding Tanya An and hurriedly walked to Gary Mo. Gary Mo looked at Tanya An in Alton Ye’s arms. His brows were frowning together, wondering if this guy is going to die.

“Alton, James Yi has already told me that you should put on the isolation gown now.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye glared at Gary Mo when he heard it. Gary Mo had no fear when he saw it, and he couldn’t ignore it at the moment.

Alton Ye hugged Tanya An and walked into the hospital. Gary Mo saw him walk into the rescue room.

“Alton Ye stood at the door of the emergency room and kept walking back and forth. He never believed in gods and Buddhas or anything, but at this moment, Alton Ye prayed in his heart not to let Tanya get that sick and terrible disease. .

Alton Ye didn’t know how long he waited, and Gary Mo came out of the emergency room.

“How is it? Is there anything wrong?” Alton Ye asked anxiously.

“AIDS has an incubation period. Although the medicine and fever in your body are cured now, you still have to stay in the hospital for observation. And you’d better wear the isolation gown, just in case.” Gary said in a deep voice. To.

“There is no need, because I have done the most intimate thing in the world with her on the way here.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“What? Are you crazy? Do you know what you are doing?” Gary Mo shouted loudly.

When Alton Ye heard Gary Mo’s words, he glanced at him irrelevantly, as if nothing was in his eyes.

Subsequently, Tanya An was transferred to the intensive care unit, but because he had not heard the final conclusion, he could not enter the general ward.

A day and a night have passed, Tanya seems to be nothing unusual, just when everyone is relieved,

Tanya An’s behavior has extinguished the only hope in everyone’s hearts. Tanya An is now showing symptoms of AIDS.

At night, Tanya An not only had a series of symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and sweating, but Alton Ye was very irritable. Gary Mo and the authoritative doctors tried their best to control Tanya An’s condition.

“How is it?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“Alton, my sister-in-law is already showing symptoms of AIDS, so you have to check it, otherwise I don’t worry.” Gary said in a deep voice.

“We said that we should live together and die together. Since this is already the case, I will be like this together, and I will accompany her.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Gary Mo looked at Alton Ye in shock. He had known Alton Ye’s obsession with Tanya An before, but he did not expect to be so obsessed.

“Alton, are you crazy? No matter what you are doing now, you have to wait for your sister-in-law’s report to come out.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“Mr. Mr., Mrs. She… Mrs. She woke up, but her condition is very bad.” Madam Zhang said anxiously.

Hearing Alton Ye rushed into the ward, Tanya An seemed to be thinking about finding Alton Ye again, and crawled to the bed.


“Oh~Oh~” Unexpectedly, Tanya An vomited as soon as he climbed to the bed, and vomited directly on Alton Ye’s expensive clothes.

“Tanya, how about it, don’t scare me in Tanya.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Tanya An didn’t know how long he vomited, and finally vomited acid water directly: Alton Ye, Gary Mo and Zhang Ma were distressed to death.

After Tanya An vomited, she fell asleep, Alton Ye just changed into clean clothes in the ward and walked out.

Everyone checked Tanya An’s condition together, and finally at night thought that Tanya An finally stopped vomiting, but unexpectedly developed a high fever and sweated constantly.

This move left Gary Mo and the authoritative experts present at a loss, and he didn’t expect it to get worse.


“I tell you, if you can’t think of a solution, then no matter who it is, don’t leave this hospital alive.” Alton Ye said with scarlet eyes.

After a few doctors went out, Alton Ye and Tanya An were left in the ward.

Looking at Tanya An’s bloodless cheeks, Alton Ye didn’t know what he could do. He really wanted to bear all this for Tanya An, and wanted him to bear all the pain.

Tanya An lost a lot of weight while staying in the hospital. What used to be a standard oval face has now become a popular melon face.

Alton Ye was sitting next to Tanya An, holding her hands. At this moment, the door of the ward was suddenly opened. Gary Mo walked in with something and saw Alton Ye’s appearance, but he was helpless. Shook his head, this time they really didn’t expect…

Chapter 350

Alton Ye was sitting next to Tanya An, holding her hands. At this moment, the door of the ward was suddenly opened. James Yii walked in with something and saw Alton Ye’s appearance. She was helpless. Shaking his head, they really didn’t expect this time.

“Master.” James Yi shouted in a deep voice.

“What’s the matter?” asked coldly.

James Yi heard turning to look at Tanya who was lying on the bed, then turned to look at Alton Ye.

“Master, Dr. Mo and the doctor outside the door want you to go out, saying that your work in the ward is very affecting their work.” James Yi said very cautiously.

Alton Ye stood up abruptly when he heard him, and looked at James Yi coldly. James Yi saw his whole body trembling, because at this time Alton Ye was really terrifying, like a Shura from hell.

“What if I don’t go out?”

“Master, you should go out, or else they will have a sense of fear when you are here, and I am afraid it will be difficult to work seriously.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye didn’t answer James Yi’s words, but looked at Tanya An reluctantly, and then walked out.

James Yi sighed in relief after seeing Alton Ye go out, and quickly went out and told them to come in.

Gary Mo led a group of doctors into the ward and continued to check Tanya An’s condition seriously.

Alton Ye walked out of the ward and sat on the bench outside the door, and took out a box from his pocket. There was a cigar in the box, lit the cigar, and sucked it bit by bit.

James Yi stood in astonishment and looked at Alton Ye in astonishment. Cigars are different from smoking and smoking to the lungs. Smoking cigars is a kind of enjoyment. You should not smoke violently. Avoid cigars from burning too fast or too hot. Smoke regularly in small sips at a time, and enjoy it slowly, without turning the cigar into a ball of fire.

And the speed of smoking cigars is completely different from the speed of smoking, but I didn’t expect that Alton Ye would smoke cigars just like smokers.

James Yi looked at the ashes of the cigar that Alton Ye smoked on the ground, and did not dare to step forward to talk to Alton Ye.

Time passed, and Alton Ye finished smoking a cigar in his hand, just as Gary Mo and others walked out of the ward.

“Alton, my sister-in-law’s high fever can’t go away, and she still vomits. It will be life-threatening for her sister-in-law.” Gary Mo took off his mask and said.

“Then find a way to cure it.” Alton Ye said while dragging Gary Mo by the collar.

“It’s not that I don’t want to be treated, but now I don’t know if I am infected with AIDS. If I do, AIDS is really incurable.” Gary said in a deep voice.

What Gary Mo said is true. AIDS is a very harmful infectious disease caused by HIV infection (HIV virus).

HIV is a virus that can attack the human immune system. It takes the most important cd4t lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main target, destroys the cells in a large amount, and makes the human body lose immune function. Therefore, the human body is susceptible to various diseases and can develop malignant tumors.

The fatality rate is high. The incubation period of HIV in the human body is 8-9 years on average. Before AIDS, one can live and work without any symptoms for many years.

Alton Ye heard Gary Mo’s clothes thrown away and strode into the intensive care unit.

“Alton, don’t go in.” Gary Mo shouted.

James Yi saw Alton Ye walk to the ward, and walked to Gary Mo’s side worriedly, “Doctor Mo, the Lord is not listening, but the situation of Madam is still unclear.

Gary Mo heard that he turned his head and looked at the doctors, “What are you doing here? Don’t hurry up to find a way. I don’t want it anymore, right?”

Several authoritative doctors heard that and hurriedly continued my work with their own things.

“I’m thinking of a way.” Gary Mo pinched his eyebrows wearily. During this time, Gary Mo was so tired that he almost stayed up all night.

Another day has passed. Not only has Tanya An’s situation not seen well, but a lot of red things have appeared on her body, and there are still white things inside.

Gary Mo looked at these conditions and really didn’t know what was going on. The reports had already come out, and they had nothing to do with AIDS, but these were the opposite.

Not only does Tanya An have the same symptoms as those suffering from AIDS, he not only has vomiting, fever, sweating, but also has AIDS-related red things on his body, and he has almost a lot of body.

Alton Ye was on the verge of collapse, and the anger in his heart reached its extreme.

These days, everyone in the hospital is cautious and dare not make a sound.

Today, Milsa Ruan got the news, and hurriedly took Andrew to the hospital, and just walked to the entrance, she was stopped by someone.

“What are you doing, let me in.” Milsa Ruan said loudly.

“I don’t know me anymore.” Andrew said coldly.

“Shao An.” The guard said respectfully.

Afterwards, Andrew took Milsa Ruan and hurried to the door of Tanya An’s ward. At this time, James Yi and Gary Mo stood outside the ward.

“Qiu, how is it?” Andrew asked pantingly.

“Yes, how is Tanya?” Milsa Ruan asked worriedly.

Gary Mo looked at them and told them everything without missing a word. Milsa Ruan heard how much she had almost fallen. Fortunately, Andrew was supporting her, or she was appointed to fall to the ground.

“How…how…how…how could this happen.” Milsa Ruan couldn’t believe it.

“That’s how things are.” Gary Mo said.

“Too hateful, we must not let them go.” Andrew said harshly.

“It’s all because of me, it’s all because of me, it’s been twice already, and both times it was because of my Tanya that the accident happened, and this time Tanya is really… I will die.” Milsa Ruan couldn’t say that sentence from beginning to end.

“Milsa, don’t be like this, my sister-in-law will be fine with her life.” Andrew said.

When Milsa Ruan heard what she thought of, she suddenly ran to the door of the ward, looking at Tanya, who was lying on the bed, with a pale face. She stretched out her hand to cover her mouth to prevent herself from crying.

“Let her go, otherwise a body will appear in the hospital today.” A murderous intent, with a violent anger spread into everyone’s ears.

Andrew quickly pulled Milsa Ruan to his side, “Alton, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, I will take Milsa away.” After speaking, he pulled Milsa Ruan and left.

Alton Ye didn’t move Tanya, because Tanya’s best friend in the world was Milsa Ruan, and he didn’t want Tanya to make her sad when she woke up.

Gary Mo looked helplessly and shook his head, turned and left. He wanted to continue his research. He must think of a solution before Tanya had a fever again, otherwise it would be really dangerous.

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