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Chapter 321

As soon as Alton Ye said this, the guilt in James Yi’s heart became greater and stronger. If time can come back, then he will stay by her side at all costs, but he has been unable to cross the hurdle in his heart.

Tanya, who was standing on the side, watched, “James Yi, you should go back and have a rest. Put some medicine on your face.”

“It’s ma’am.” James bent over the two of them and left, but his back looked a bit lonely.

Tanya An watched James Yi have gone far, walked to Alton Ye and sat down and looked at him.

“What are you looking at me?” Alton Ye asked.

“Will he not think about it?” Tanya An said with a pouting mouth.

Alton Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard Tanya An’s words, and he couldn’t think about it. It was really thankful for her to figure it out. If his psychological endurance is this, then in such a life, can he live peacefully until now.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” Alton Ye said with a smile.

“Well, I believe you!” Tanya An said with a smile.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

“I’ll answer the phone.” Alton Ye picked up the phone after speaking, “Hey! What’s wrong?”

“Master, did not find Ye Zinuo’s whereabouts.” Qiu Linrui said cautiously.

“Forget it, don’t look for it for now, you can come back now.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.


Alton Ye hung up the phone, turned around and saw Tanya An holding her cheek looking at him, couldn’t help but smile.

“What are you looking at me?”

“Nothing, I just think the uncle is so handsome.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Alton Ye heard Tanya An’s nose stretched out and scratched, “My mouth is eating honey.”


Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell. The phone rang again.

Tanya An picked up the phone, “It’s Milsa.”

When Alton Ye heard it, he went to the study to deal with something.

“Hey! What happened to Milsa?” Tanya An asked.

Tanya called Milsa Ruan’s name, but Milsa Ruan did not speak, which made Tanya anxious.

“What’s wrong with Milsa? Are you saying something?

“Xiao…Tanya.” Milsa Ruan’s voice was trembling.

Hearing Milsa Ruan’s voice, Tanya An quickly got up from the sofa.

“What’s wrong, you said something, what happened?” Tanya said anxiously.

“My parents don’t agree with me being with him.” Milsa Ruan said.

“He, did you mean Andrew? What’s the matter?” Tanya An asked in a deep voice.

“Tanya, I won’t tell you anymore, someone is here.” Milsa Ruan hung up after finishing talking.

Tanya An looked at the hung up cell phone and hurried to the study room upstairs.


the other side.

“No matter what you say, I won’t agree, Master An, please go back. Our small family is not worthy of a big family like you.” A serious voice filled the living room.

“Uncle Ruan, I’m not joking about this.” Andrew said seriously.

Today, Andrew did what he said and took Milsa Ruan directly to Ruan’s house and confided his feelings for Milsa Ruan to Milsa Ruan’s parents.

Andrew originally thought that everything would go well, but he didn’t expect that Milsa Ruan’s Ruan Qingchen had greeted this matter a long time ago, asking Ruan and his wife not to agree. As for what they said, only a few of them knew.

“Master An, please come back, I have already planned to let Milsa go on a blind date, so don’t bother my daughter again.” Ruan Shuting said in a deep voice.

Nguyen Shu Ting is the founder of the Nguyen Thi Group. For him who started from scratch, the company is his life. These years have been very good for him. He is already more than fifty, but it looks like forty.

“Uncle, did Ruan Qingchen tell you something.” Andrew said with certainty.

Ruan Shuting heard Andrew’s words, a trace of embarrassment crossed his face, but it was fleeting.

There is nothing wrong with this sentence. I don’t know what Ruan Qingchen said to Ruan Shuting. When Andrew first walked in, Ruan Shuting asked Andrew to go back.

“Dad, this is my business, you have no right to interfere.” Milsa Ruan said loudly.

Milsa Ruan watched as she quickly ran down from the stairs, walked to Andrew and stood there, looking at her father solemnly.

“Weiwei don’t make your father angry, your father is for your own good.” Milsa Ruan’s mother Julie said.

“Parents, don’t you know that your parents have no right to interfere with marriage? What? Do you want to deprive me of my own rights.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

“Did Milsa Ruan talk to Master like that? I’m here to make it clear to you that I won’t agree with the two of you. Unless I’m dead, don’t even think about it.” Ruan Shuting said loudly.

“Dad, have you ever respected my opinion since childhood?” Milsa Ruan said calmly.

“If you really want to go with him, it’s okay, then you can just wait to cut ties with me.” Ruan Shuting finished speaking and went straight upstairs.

“Dad, dad.” Milsa Ruan shouted.

“Weiwei, just listen to your father, what kind of person is not good in the world,” Julie said.

“Mom, why do you even do this?” Milsa Ruan said.

“Vivi, I…”

“Auntie, I will use my actual actions to convince you in the future.” After speaking, she turned her head and looked at Milsa Ruan, “Don’t make your parents angry. Then I will go back first. It will be a long time later.”

“Okay, I believe you.” Milsa Ruan said with a smile.

“Goodbye, auntie.” Andrew bowed respectfully and left.

Julie looked at Andrew and shook her head helplessly. If not, maybe they would think that two people are a match made in heaven.

“Vivi, go upstairs and apologize to your father, so as not to make your father more angry.” Julie said.

Although Milsa Ruan didn’t want to go, she was her father after all, and if he didn’t agree, she and Andrew would never be together.

Milsa Ruan reluctantly walked upstairs to Ruan Shuting’s study. Ruan Shuting saw Milsa Ruan walking in and did not speak to her.

“Dad, did my brother tell you something?” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

“Nothing, I just don’t like him anyway.” Ruan Shuting said.

“Dad, don’t I understand you? My brother knew about it earlier in the United States, and then he also prevented me from letting him be with him, but at that time you didn’t know, and you just let him when he walked in today. Leave, do you think I can’t guess it?” Milsa Ruan said coldly.

This is the first time Milsa Ruan has spoken to Ruan Shuting. He used to respect him, but today is different.

“We are doing this for your own good. Do you know his past and identity? Just follow him blindly. Do you know that this will harm you.” Ruan Shuting said in a deep voice.

Ruan Shuting did this for the sake of Milsa Ruan. He was not trying to force his children to marry the fathers of those wealthy families and marry someone he didn’t like. Ruan Shuting would respect their opinions.

Chapter 322

Ruan Shuting did this for the sake of Milsa Ruan. He was not trying to force his children to marry the fathers of those wealthy families and marry someone he didn’t like. Ruan Shuting would respect their opinions.

“Since you all said that, okay, then you can tell me what he is not satisfied with.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

“This… this… this me…” Ruan Shuting hesitated and didn’t know what to say.

“Why don’t you know, you just cut off my relationship with him like this, today I will say a word, he and I will confirm it.” Milsa Ruan finished speaking and left.

Milsa Ruan is actually a stubborn person, as long as it is something that she recognizes, she will stick to it.

After Milsa Ruan ran out, she was taken aback when she saw the person in the living room and then smiled at the other person.

“Auntie, can I take Milsa out to play.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Okay, go.” Julie said kindly.

After that, Tanya An pulled Milsa Ruan and ran out, or deliberately, Tanya An pulled Milsa Ruan and ran all the time, until she had no strength to stop.

The two bend to each other, with their hands on their knees, gasping for breath.

“You…what are you doing?” Milsa Ruan gasped and asked.

“What’s the matter? Tell me clearly.” Tanya said with a serious face.

Milsa Ruan heard Tanya An’s question, adjusted her emotions, and told Tanya An all the things that had happened just now.

Tanya An looked at Milsa Ruan in surprise, “You… are you really together?”

“Why, you have a husband now, don’t you allow my old lady to find a boyfriend.” Milsa Ruan said.

“No, no, I didn’t mean that, but what if your family doesn’t agree?” Tanya An asked.

“Since I have chosen, I will persuade them.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Hey, you two are in love, I suddenly thought of Reena.” Tanya An said.

“Reena, what happened to Reena?”

“Hey.” Tanya An told Milsa Ruan what happened.

“What, how could this be?”

“Actually, I don’t know too well. I got up late that day, so I missed the previous thing. Anyway, Reena was very sad.”

“I’m going, Mrs. James Yi is too much this time, he doesn’t like the dignified Miss Ye Jia.” Milsa Ruan said.

“This matter is not all his fault,” Tanya An said.

“What do you mean?”

“There seems to be a reason for this matter. They didn’t tell me nor asked. Anyway, the matter of Reena and James Yi is not simple.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“Oh, I haven’t seen you for so long, I never thought you would start to be an emotional expert.” A sarcastic voice passed into Tanya and Milsa Ruan’s ears.

Milsa Ruan and Tanya An turned their heads at the same time and saw Jennifer Lin standing there looking at them with thick makeup on their faces.

“Oh, I haven’t seen you for so long. You’re still such a saojian. I don’t know which family ji girl ran out to hook up with a man.” Milsa Ruan said unceremoniously.

When Jennifer Lin heard Milsa Ruan’s words, she looked at her with a green face, “What did you say, Milsa Ruan?”

“Oh, Tanya turns out that her ears are deaf.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Puff!” Tanya laughed without holding back.

“Ah, Milsa Ruan, you bitch, maybe I won’t kill you.” Jennifer Lin was about to go forward and fight.


“Ah!” a scream sounded.

Milsa Ruan and Tanya An looked condescendingly at Jennifer Lin who was lying on the ground. They didn’t know when a cold-faced person stood there respectfully, and then walked towards Tanya An.

“Madam, are you okay?”

“Sister Lin Rui, I’m fine, don’t worry too much.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Who is Tanya?” Milsa Ruan asked.

“Oh, this, she called Qiu Linrui to save my life, and then followed me to protect me, sister Linrui, her name is Milsa Ruan, is my best friend.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Hello, Miss Milsa.” Qiu Linrui said blankly, but with a hint of respect in her tone.

“Hello, hello, hello!” Milsa Ruan said quickly.

“Ah! Tanya An, you bitch, I’m going to kill you.” Jennifer Lin, who was lying on the ground, suddenly got up to attack Tanya An.


Qiu Linrui kicked Jennifer Lin directly to the ground with a handsome roundabout kick.

“Made, Jennifer Lin, you sl*t dare to attack my old mother, and see my old mother, I won’t beat you to death.” Milsa Ruan rolled up her sleeve and grabbed Jennifer Lin’s hair directly.



Jennifer Lin received six slaps from Milsa Ruan for a lifetime, her face swelled up in an instant, and her parents probably didn’t know her.


In the end, Milsa Ruan directly threw Jennifer Lin to the ground, and Jennifer Lin screamed in pain.

Milsa Ruan looked angry at Jennifer Lin’s appearance, raised her foot and kicked Jennifer Lin’s leg hard.


Don’t think it’s the kind of flat shoes or casual shoes. The toe-cut shoes worn by Milsa Ruan kicked Jennifer Lin’s leg hard, directly on her bones, and Jennifer Lin fainted when she was in pain.

Jennifer Lin had something to do today, but she didn’t expect to meet Tanya An two people halfway, so she wanted to humiliate him. At first, she didn’t expect to lift a rock and hit her in the foot.

Milsa Ruan looked at Jennifer Lin who had fainted, patted her palms, and walked to Tanya An.

“How is Tanya, can’t help it?” Milsa Ruan asked proudly.

Tanya An didn’t speak, but smiled and raised her thumb to show that she was powerful.

Milsa Ruan hugged Tanya An’s shoulders, “Tell me, you have such an identity, how come some people continue to provoke you.” Milsa Ruan said.

“But the uncle doesn’t care about them.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Hey, by the way, haven’t I heard of Ye Zinuo before? Has she ever troubled you?” Milsa Ruan asked.

The two didn’t pay attention to Jennifer Lin on the ground, and each talked about their own sky.

“She, she tried to kill me the other day but didn’t succeed. Fortunately, sister Lin Rui saved me.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Qiu Linrui watched Tanya An smile at herself, and nodded respectfully.

“What, f*ck, that bitch is not dead yet.” Milsa Ruan cursed.

“Oh, well, let’s go. I invite you to dinner now. Eat whatever you want. I’ll treat you.” Tanya An said.

Milsa Ruan hugged Tanya An’s shoulders as she walked and said, Qiu Linrui looked at the back of the two people, turned her head and looked at Jennifer Lin on the ground coldly, her eyes fierce.

Chapter 323

Milsa Ruan hugged Tanya An’s shoulders as she walked and said, Qiu Linrui looked at the back of the two people, turned her head and looked at Jennifer Lin on the ground coldly, her eyes fierce.

Qiu Linrui threw Jennifer Lin directly on the road, striding to follow Tanya An and Milsa Ruan.


“Come here, let me go out quickly. The king of our country has personally rushed over here. If you are interested, hurry up and give me a bath. Otherwise, when I go out, be careful that I put you in jail.” Bernard said loudly.

In fact, the secretary is sitting on pins and needles, but he wants to let go but dare not let go. After all, both sides are not easy to mess with.

If the master who puts it here won’t let him go, if he doesn’t let it go, it will be broken if the master goes out and deliberately retaliates.

“Don’t shout, I will let you out when the time comes.” The director said in a deep voice.

“I tell you, the king of our country came to bail me personally. I am the king’s most important confidant.” Bernard said loudly.

After hearing this, the director hurried out and felt that he had to seek his opinion.

Take out the phone and call Alton Ye without hesitation. The sooner the matter is handled, the better.

“Hey, Young Master Ye is me.” The Secretary said flatly.

At this time, Alton Ye hadn’t woken up yet, looking down at the little man in his arms, she was tired last night.

Alton Ye picked up his coat and put it on him, and walked out lightly.

“Hey!” A word with a cold chill.

Hearing Alton Ye’s words over there, my body trembled.

“Young Master Ye, when do you plan to release that person? He was just saying that the king of country S is coming to bail him personally. Do you want to release him?” The director said cautiously.

When Alton Ye heard the director’s words, a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, blooming in the morning sun.

“You can let him go.” Alton Ye said calmly, but there was endless coldness in his voice.

“Really, then I will tell someone to release him immediately.” The director said with a smile.

“After he goes out, you can just disappear in this world, the Director thinks it over carefully.” Alton Ye hung up after speaking.

The director heard Alton Ye’s standing there stiffly, and didn’t react until a long time.

Alton Ye didn’t care about these things. He hung up the phone and walked to the bedroom, carefully continuing to lie on the bed, looking at Tanya An with his forehead supported by one hand.

He stretched out his hand, tucked the hair on Tanya’s face, and looked at her indulgingly.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Alton Ye’s eyes were cold when he heard the phone ringing, and he quickly took Tanya’s cell phone and covered his voice so as not to disturb Tanya.

Looking at the caller ID of the mobile phone, Alton Ye sneered, so he put on his jacket and walked out, swiping through the connection button, but did not speak.

“Hey, Tanya, how are you doing lately? Has that man bullied you? Tanya’s father missed you very much recently. Or you can go home. Dad will let Aunt Li be your best. How about the kung pao chicken, dried cowpeas and braised lion head.” Conner Lin said with a smile on the phone.

Alton Ye sneered when he heard Conner Lin’s words. The dishes Conner Lin said were not what Tanya An liked.

Conner Lin didn’t hear Tanya An’s voice, his face couldn’t help but endured.

“Tanya, what’s the matter with you? Don’t you want to eat these? It’s okay, I will ask your Aunt He to make something delicious for you.” Conner Lin said with a smile.

However, Alton Ye still did not answer Conner Lin’s words, Conner Lin shouted a few times.

“I, no, yes, small, warm.” Alton Ye said word by word.

In a word, Conner Linfeng was messed up in an instant, and his whole body was in a cold sweat, and his lips were trembling.


Alton Ye heard a sneer at the corner of his mouth, “I wonder why you are looking for Tanya?”

“Nightclub, I just want Tanya to go home for a meal. I, the father, miss her very much.” Conner Lin’s voice pretended to be lonely.

“Really?” Alton Ye said sarcastically.

“Of course it is true.” Conner Lin said quickly.

“But I really know that you have nothing to do with Tanya.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“How is it possible that Tanya is my daughter, and I took care of her from childhood, how could it be okay.” Conner Lin retorted.

Hearing Conner Lin’s shamelessness, Alton Ye looked forward with a stern face. Before that, Alton Ye had already checked the ins and outs of the matter clearly.

“Conner Lin, I will spare you this time because you have taken care of Tanya. If you let me know that you use her, I will make you worse off than death and make you regret coming to this time. Come on.” Alton Ye’s voice is fierce, like a fascinating ghost from hell.

Conner Lin was holding the phone stiffly, feeling extremely regretful in his heart. Knowing it would be like this, he would treat Tanya as a god.

“Husband, how is it? I heard your voice wrong?” Juliana He asked worriedly.

“It wasn’t Tanya that answered the phone.” Conner Lin said in a deep voice.

“Juliana He knew what was going on when he heard it, and looked at Conner Lin gloomily.

“I really don’t know what virtue this dead girl has accumulated. In this life, I found such a good gold master, but now I don’t get along with us all the time. I used to take care of her for nothing, and yesterday, I took our precious daughter. Beat it like that and throw it directly on the road.” Juliana He said angrily and helplessly.

Anger can only return to anger, they are not his opponents, they can only watch her being bullied.

“Do you think that you are the only one who is angry? Don’t I be angry.” Conner Lin said loudly.

“In short, no matter what, I will definitely make that dead girl pay the price.” After Juliana He finished speaking, a sharp light flashed in her eyes.


At this time, Tanya An, who was asleep, didn’t know that his father and stepmother wanted her again.

Alton Ye was already dressed and went downstairs to make breakfast. The past few days are indeed very pleasant.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

“Hey!” Alton Ye turned on the hands-free, working and cooking.

“Lord, Bernard was imprisoned by us, and the king of country s came to bail him personally. For this reason, he said that if anyone dares to detain him, he will definitely make the other person worse than death. Hearing the spies report, the king of country s gave birth to a great Angry.” James Yi said respectfully.

“Heh, I didn’t expect him to be really bad without Bernard.” Alton Ye said sarcastically.

James Yi heard Alton Ye’s tone and knew that Alton Ye didn’t care about the anger of the king of S, and he called just to ask Alton Ye’s opinion.

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