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Chapter 276

In a word, James Yi couldn’t help but think of how he spent in the death forest. In those days, they lived even more beggars than beggars.

“No, no, no, no, I’m just worried about Madam.” James Yi said quickly.

“Then tell me your opinion.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

James Yi heard it, and quickly became serious. After all, this matter was not trivial.

“Yes, in the process of searching the information, Long Ye has not been married since he became famous, but I found out that he has been looking for someone who is his wife’s mother.” James Yi said solemnly.

Alton Ye’s right hand rubbed his lips back and forth, as if he was thinking about something!

James Yi stood there, carefully observing Alton Ye’s expression.

Alton Ye raised his head to look at James Yi, “Go on.”

“Yes, during this period, Mrs. Lin’s mother married Conner Lin, who is Mrs.’s father, but I don’t know why. When Mrs. 5 was five years old, Mrs.’s mother disappeared. Since then, it hasn’t changed or gone. I’ve heard the news, I speculate that the wife may really be Long Ye’s daughter.” James Yi said solemnly.

Alton Ye heard it, his arms propped on the desk.

“No need to speculate, Tanya is indeed Long Ye’s daughter. Look at this hairpin.” Alton Ye passed the hairpin in his hand to James Yi after he finished speaking.

James Yi took the hairpin and examined it carefully, and soon found the clues.

“Long Junhan, Lord, this hairpin…”

“I went to Long Ye in the city of Y to give it to Tanya. Maybe it was a mistake. His subordinates came to harass Tanya. It was precisely because of this that Long Ye discovered Tanya, and Tanya was so kind to her. Mother looks very similar.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

After listening to Alton Ye’s words, James Yi looked at the hairpin in his hand in shock.

This, this is too bloody, I went out to play, and discovered the wife’s life experience.

“Master, how did Madam’s mother marry Conner Lin before then? How did she hide it from Conner Lin? Why did you leave without a letter for so many years?” James Yi asked in a deep voice.

“This matter can’t be anxious, you will investigate slowly in secret, maybe Tanya’s mother is somewhere.” Alton Ye said with squinting eyes.

“Yes, but do you want to tell Madam about this?” James Yi asked.

Alton Ye looked at James Yi coldly, his eyes fierce.

“You know and I know about this, if Tanya knows, just cut off your head directly.” Alton Ye said coldly and mercilessly.


“Long Ye, An Xueqing.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“This world is really fantastic.” James Yi said suddenly.

“Go back.” Alton Ye said coldly.

James Yi heard Alton Ye’s words, put down her hairpin and walked out quickly.

Alton Ye sat there, looking at the photos that could change Tanya An’s fate and the hairpin.

The more Alton Ye thought about it, the more irritable he opened the drawer and took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

Just about to light it, Tanya’s voice rang in her ears.

“No smoking is bad for your health, otherwise I won’t let you approach me, sleep with me, or k*ss me.”

Alton Ye laughed helplessly while holding Yan, only she could dare to treat herself like this in her life.

Throw the cigarette into the trash can, turn on the computer and look at the file just passed by James Yi!

Time is always so fleeting.

A villa comparable to Alton Ye’s villa, although it was already night, was still brightly lit.

“Madam, you are looking for me.” said in a low and pleasant voice.

The lady sitting in the living room heard the sound and raised her head to look at the man in front of her.

The woman seems to be in her forties, but she is very well maintained, she seems to be in her thirties.

A woman wears an expensive piece of 160; fur 160;, a woman with black hair, sitting on the sofa, 160; a thousand fines 160; wears a large diamond ring, a 160; crystal bracelet 160 ; Tie on the wrist, 160; red diamond 160; earrings gleaming under the crystal lamp, diamond necklace worn on the neck.

But it is strange that although the two people are facing each other, there is a screen between them.

Both can only hear the other’s voice, but not see.

“How about? Are you still used to going to Longcheng?” the lady asked in a deep voice.

“Madam, everything is fine.” The man said respectfully.

“Han Mo, this time I asked you to come here just to tell you, don’t eat inside and out like Ye Zinuo.” The lady said in a deep voice.

Harmon Leng looked serious when he heard the lady’s words.

“Madam, do you think Zi Nuo did something?” Harmon Leng asked cautiously.

Although Harmon Leng knew one of them, Harmon Leng wanted to know exactly what Ye Zinuo did.

“Hmph, as long as she does things that make me angry again, then I will let her go back to the past.” The lady said coldly.

“Understood, ma’am.” Harmon Leng said in a deep voice.

“Han Mo, since she insists on doing her own way, then that task is left to you.” The lady said in a deep voice.

“Yes, I will find it for you, Madam.”

“Very well, remember one thing, don’t have any thoughts, otherwise I can bring your company back to life, and also make it fall again.” The lady said harshly.

“I see, madam.” Harmon Leng said in a deep voice.

“Okay, you can go now.” The lady said coldly.

After Harmon Leng left, the lady Emilie An walked out of the screen and gracefully walked out of it, staring at the front, not knowing what she was thinking.

At this moment, Yu Feng, the right-hand man by her side, hurried over.


Emilie An turned his head to look at the panicking rain and wind, frowning involuntarily.

“What’s the matter, so hastily.” Emilie said angrily.

When Yufeng heard Emilie’s words, he quickly walked to Emilie and said a few words beside Emilie’s ear.

After Yufeng finished speaking, I saw my wife’s eyes full of water.

Emilie didn’t know what he heard, and his whole body exuded a sad air.

Yufeng knew that this incident was the sadness of his wife, so she stood there silently.

Emilie was sitting on the sofa, her thoughts no longer floating.

Yufeng looked at Emilie’s sadness and sadness. Perhaps no one knew that Emilie was cold every day, but there was a soft and breakable heart in his heart.

“Madam, are you okay?” Yufeng asked worriedly.

“It’s okay, I’m fine, are you sure that the news is reliable, that man really went back, does he know something?” Emilie returned to his former indifference.

“This is not clear, but he was very anxious when he went back, madam, do you plan to go back too?” Yufeng asked cautiously.

“No, I can’t go back now. It would be useless if I go back now. I left her and let her face so much by herself. I am not a competent mother.” Emilie An said in a deep voice.

When Yufeng heard Emilie’s words, she didn’t say anything, because she didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand these feelings.

Chapter 277

When Yufeng heard Emilie’s words, she didn’t say anything, because she didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand these feelings.

“Madam, why are you here?” Yufeng said in a deep voice.

“Hey, you don’t understand, you haven’t been a mother before, and you don’t understand the kind of thoughts in your heart for children, you will understand later.” An Simuan said in a deep voice.

Yufeng frowned when she heard Emilie’s last sentence. She didn’t like such things.

In her world, apart from protecting the owner, everything else has nothing to do with her. Her world is cold and full of killings.

Emilie An turned to look at the expressionless rain and wind, and shook his head helplessly.

“Okay, I’m tired, you go back and rest first, I also want to rest.” Emilie said calmly.

“Yes, ma’am.” Yufeng said respectfully.

After the rain and wind went out, Emilie went upstairs to deal with one thing, and the matter ended here.

There are few people on the road at midnight, and occasionally a car will pass by on the road.

At this time, a limited edition Lamborghini was driving on the road!

Leng Han Mo sitting in the car closed his eyes and rested, while Leis while driving would look at Leng Han Mo in the mirror from time to time.

“Are there words on my face?”

An unpleasant word came out of Harmon Leng’s mouth, and Leis, who was driving in front, was startled.

“No…no young master.” Leis said quickly.

Harmon Leng opened his eyes when he heard Leis’s words, turned his head and looked out the car window. If there weren’t street lights outside, it would be dark.

“When will such a night pass?” Harmon Leng said in a meaningful way.

“Master, what’s wrong with you? Did that woman tell you something?” Leis asked worriedly.

Harmon Leng didn’t answer Leith’s words, but chuckled lightly.

If Leis was not driving, he thought he would reach out and touch his young master’s forehead.

“Leis, do you think I’m a bit useless as the president?” Harmon Leng said suddenly.

Leis heard these words suddenly, almost knocked the steering wheel out, reached out his left hand and patted his chest.

“Master, why do you say that?” Leis asked.

“A president who looks infinitely beautiful, he still needs to listen to other people’s orders behind his back, what do you think?” Harmon Leng said mockingly.

“Master, you don’t have to be too harsh on yourself. The company’s situation at that time, if no one injected capital, the company would definitely not be able to keep it.” Leis said in a deep voice.


“Master, since the company has returned to normal now, you don’t have to worry so much.” Leis said in a deep voice.

Harmon Leng couldn’t help chuckles when he heard these words.

Yes, there is still tomorrow after today, the day after tomorrow, and there is still a long time to come.

“By the way, there will be a reception tomorrow. I want to take this opportunity to inquire about the person my wife is looking for.” Harmon Leng said in a deep voice.

“It’s the young master, because it’s your first time to attend such a reception, so I have arranged it.” Leis said respectfully.

“it is good.”

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Harmon Leng took out his cell phone, looked at the caller ID on it, and answered.

“What’s the matter with Mrs. Ann?” Harmon Leng asked in a deep voice.

“Don’t look for it and stop here.” Emilie An said in a deep voice.

Harmon Leng was surprised when he heard it, but didn’t understand why, after all, he had been searching for so many years.

“No need.” Emilie An said in a deep voice.

“Yes, I know.” Harmon Leng said.

Hung up, cold

Mo looked at the phone irritably.

“Master, what’s the matter?” Leis asked in a deep voice.

“keep the change.”

“Why?” Leis asked in surprise.

“I don’t know, if you don’t find it, you won’t find it.” Harmon Leng said irritably.

“Then tomorrow’s reception is over?” Leis asked cautiously.

“go with.”


After Harmon Leng finished speaking, he closed his eyes irritably, not knowing what he was thinking.

Time always flies so fast, not giving you a little extra time.


The morning sun fell on the big bed and embraced the two sleeping together.

Alton Ye’s biological clock is very accurate. When this time comes, he will always wake up as soon as possible, no matter how late he sleeps.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Tanya An who was sleeping soundly, her eyes softly drowning.

Looking at Tanya An’s beautiful lips, Alton Ye couldn’t help but lowered his head and k*ssed them.

Tanya originally slept well, but suddenly felt breathless.

I opened my eyes and saw that enchanting handsome face k*ssing myself.

The little hand slapped Alton Ye’s chest, this was early morning.

Alton Ye left Tanya An’s lips and looked at her softly.

“Woke up.”

“What are you doing? I started to be dishonest early in the morning.” Tanya An said angrily.

Alton Ye smiled when he heard it, and then turned to press Tanya An underneath.

It is said that men are not troublesome in the morning, even if Alton Ye doesn’t say anything, Tanya An can feel a yingying thing against her, and then her face blushes.

This man is really good enough to react anytime.

“You…you’re about to…get up soon.”

“My wife, since you are already awake, why don’t we do some morning exercises.”

Tanya An hadn’t reacted yet, and her lips were blocked again.

Tanya originally wanted to struggle, but at first heard the sound of tearing pajamas.

Alton Ye k*ssed softly, and his long legs slowly separated Tanya’s slender legs, and entered when Tanya was distracted.

“Ah!” Tanya An called out.

Afterwards, Tanya An was eaten and wiped clean by Alton Ye again, and there was no scum left.

After Alton Ye was satisfied, he let Tanya off, and took Tanya to clean it and put it on the bed.

Alton Ye put on his clothes, came to the bed, bowed his head and k*ssed Qin’an on the forehead, and then left gently.

When he came downstairs, Rena Ye started having breakfast.

Madam Zhang saw Alton Ye come down, “Sir, it’s time for breakfast.”


Rena Ye drank milk and looked at Alton Ye, and couldn’t help smirking.

“Hey, my sister-in-law is really pitiful, she was bullied early in the morning.” Rena Ye said pointedly.

Alton Ye took a sip of milk and looked at Rena Ye.

“Better than you.”

Rena Ye almost squirted the milk out of her mouth when she heard these words.

“What do you mean by this?” Rena Ye said angrily.

“Means nothing.”

“Brother, I’m your sister, can’t you help me, don’t you have the heart to watch me die alone?” Rena Ye suddenly changed her face and looked at the opposite Alton Ye pitifully.

Alton Ye heard Rena Ye’s words, put down the knife and fork in his hand, raised his head and looked at the opposite pair of you who didn’t help me, I’m going to fight Rena Ye desperately.

Chapter 278

Alton Ye heard Rena Ye’s words, put down the knife and fork in his hand, raised his head and looked at the opposite pair of you who didn’t help me, I’m going to fight Rena Ye desperately.

“Twisted melons are not sweet.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“I’m still not your sister. You don’t even help me. How do you know.” Rena Ye said dissatisfiedly.

“Okay, how did you get along with him when I was away these days.” Alton Ye asked.

Rena Ye bowed her head when she heard these words, looking very disappointed.

Alton Ye looked at Rena Ye’s appearance and shook his head helplessly.

“Emotional things cannot be forced.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yeah, emotional matters can’t be forced, but I really can’t let it go.” Rena Ye said with a loss.

Alton Ye looked at Rena Ye’s appearance, after all, he felt distressed, who made him the only sister!

“Well, since I can’t let it go, I will help you ask.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“That’s all right.” Rena Ye said disappointedly.

“Well, you have breakfast first, I’ll go to the company first.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“I’m going to eat too, I’ll go upstairs first.” Rena Ye said.

After speaking, Rena Ye got up and went back to her room.

Alton Ye stood up and walked to Zhang Ma who was busy in the kitchen.

“Mother Zhang, wait a while for you to do something else for Tanya, she is still resting.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“I know sir.” Madam Zhang said with a smile.

After Alton Ye was ready, he drove to the company.

Tanya woke up from starvation, opened his eyes and looked at the alarm clock, it was already past nine.

Tanya An rubbed his eyes to get up. As soon as he got up, his whole body was crushed like a car wheel.

“This nasty b*stard.” Tanya An said through gritted teeth.

After enduring, Tanya An got up to wash her face, brushed her teeth, and when she was ready, Tanya An went downstairs to find something to eat.

“Madam, you are awake, I will bring out the breakfast for you.” Madam Zhang said with a smile.

“Thank Mom Zhang.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Tanya An sat on the table, knowing that Alton Ye was already at work at this time.

Zhang Ma brought out the prepared preserved egg and lean meat porridge, crystal shrimp dumplings, xiaolongbao and poached eggs.

Tanya An ate by herself, and looked extremely quiet.

Just when Tanya was about to eat well, Kimber walked to Tanya with something in his hand.

“Madam, this is Mr.’s express delivery.” Kimber said respectfully.

“Express?” Tanya An asked in confusion, as if he didn’t buy anything online.

“I don’t know, the name above belongs to him.” Kimber said.

Tanya An stood up and picked up the courier. It was indeed Alton Ye’s name and phone number on it.

“Okay, I see, you go ahead and work on it,” Tanya An said.

Tanya An looked at the courier and hurriedly ate the breakfast and took the courier to the bedroom.

“Weird, how can someone like Uncle buy things online? Why don’t I take it apart and take a look.” Tanya An thought of what to do.

I really took the scissors and opened the box directly.

Then, what appeared in front of Tanya An was a white shirt!

“Shirts, how can uncle buy shirts online?”

Tanya was full of curiosity and took out his shirt. It was indeed Alton Ye’s code.

“I didn’t expect the uncle to be such a thrifty person.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Just when Tanya An was about to put his shirt back, a red thing suddenly appeared in Tanya An’s eyes.

Tanya An looked at the print on it, and the shirt in her hand fell to the ground, making her whole person dumb.

Silly, eyes filled with disbelief.

“Impossible, impossible, uncle won’t do this to me.”

After talking, Tanya An quickly rummaged through the box, and finally found only a white note.

It says: Grandma, your shirt is dirty. I will send it to you and let auntie clean it. I said I would not let you wash it, for fear that I might catch a cold.

A few simple words made Tanya An’s eyes burst into tears.

He ran out from the cloakroom in a panic, putting on his clothes casually, but tears couldn’t stop streaming.

Zhang Ma and Kim Bo saw Tanya An running out and shouted a few words. Tanya An only said to them, “I’ll be back soon.”

Because Tanya An ran out first, Zhang Ma and the others did not see Tanya An’s expression.

“What’s wrong with Madam?” Madam Zhang asked worriedly.

“I don’t know, I should have gone out to find a husband.” Kimber said in a deep voice.

Tanya didn’t know how long he ran alone. Although he was tired, he just didn’t want to stop.

“Impossible, impossible, why lie to me, why, why.” Tanya said loudly.

Tanya was carrying the riverside, with the lipstick mark on that shirt in his mind.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Tanya looked at the phone with blurry tears and picked it up.


“I received the courier, is it sad in my heart, but there is no way, this is his love for me.”

Tanya An’s eyes were full of surprise when he heard the voice on the phone.

“You are Ye Zinuo.”

“That’s right, Grand Prix answered a phone call the night before, did you say something is going out?” Ye Zinuo said with a smile.

Tanya An listened tremblingly, biting her lip tightly.

“Don’t lie to me, he won’t do this, this is intentional.” Tanya said in a trembling voice.

“What I lied to you, Ah Alton didn’t tell you, I used to love each other very much, but because of some things, I went abroad, maybe because of physiology, Ah Alton will look for you.” Ye Zinuo’s voice was proud. .

Tanya was shocked, the lover, Ye Zinuo turned out to be Alton Ye’s lover.

What about her, what is she now, lover?

“I urge you to leave him as soon as possible, it’s impossible that you want to be a junior.” Ye Zinuo said sarcastically.

“Why should I believe your words?” Tanya An bit her lip.

Ye Zinuo didn’t answer Tanya’s words, but just hung up the phone.

Ding dong.

Tanya An quickly turned on the phone, looked at the things on it, and opened her eyes wide. It turned out to be a group photo of Alton Ye and Ye Zinuo.

Tanya An saw that the only conviction in her heart was gone.

Tanya couldn’t stop her tears, she found Alton Ye’s phone number in her address book and dialed out.

At this time, Alton Ye was having a very important meeting in the conference room.

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

A telephone ringing instantly broke the tranquility of the conference room, and everyone exclaimed in their hearts, not daring to speak out, who was calling.

Alton Ye looked at them with cold eyes and answered the phone.

“Hey!” Alton Ye said softly.

Seeing Tanya An’s call, Alton Ye would of course pick it up without hesitation, but then Tanya An’s words left him at a loss.

“Alton Ye, you liar, I want to be strong with you, I want to be strong with you!” Tanya shouted heartbreakingly.

Because the meeting room is extremely quiet, Tanya An’s voice can be heard by everyone in the meeting room.

Alton Ye stood up from the sofa abruptly when he heard Tanya An’s words. Just as he was about to speak, Tanya An hung up the phone.

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