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Chapter 270

Upon seeing this, Alton Ye stretched out his hand to hug Tanya An’s slender waist, for fear that Tanya An would fall.

“Why is that?” Alton Ye asked softly.

Tanya tilted her head and looked at Alton Ye with a smile.

“Because I don’t want you to work too hard. Although I fell asleep last night, I still heard you call James Yi.” Tanya An said.

When Alton Ye heard this, a faint smile evoked at the corner of his mouth, which seemed particularly mysterious under the sun.


“So I don’t want you to have a lot of time in the future because of your hard work.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Alton Ye heard the warmth in his heart, how could he not spoil a girl like this for a lifetime.

“Okay, let’s go back tomorrow.” Alton Ye said with a smile.


After the two spoke, they continued to walk in the park holding hands.

“Ding Dong.”

With the sound of a message, Alton Ye took out his mobile phone and clicked to check it.

Not knowing what was written above, Alton Ye’s pupils tightened, trying his best not to let him fall the phone.

Tanya An noticed that something was wrong, and looked at Alton Ye worriedly.

“What’s wrong?” Tanya asked worriedly.

Alton Ye looked up at Tanya An, “Tanya, you go first, I have something to deal with. Obediently wait for me to come back.”

“Oh good, then you go to deal with it first, I will wait for you in the hotel.” Tanya An said with a smile.

When Alton Ye heard it, he bowed his head and k*ssed Qin’Tanya on the forehead, then turned and left.

The moment he turned around, Alton Ye’s face was dissatisfied with sternness, and his whole body exuded a murderous intent that made you shudder.

At this moment, it was like revenge Satan walking out in the dark night.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye’s back, but left.

“Ah!” Tanya An was startled when she saw the person, and patted her chest.

“Sorry, did I scare you?”

“Why are you, do you want to retaliate against me, I can tell you, my husband is very powerful, and leave quickly.” Tanya with hands on hips.

Although looking at Tanya An’s sacred look, she was scared in her heart, just pretending to be calm.

Looking at Tanya An’s appearance, Long Ye couldn’t help laughing.

“Your name is Tanya An, right? Don’t worry, I have no malice against you.” Long Ye said with a smile.

Tanya stared at Long Ye in front of her with her mouth squashed, but still kept a distance.

“Yes, my name is Tanya An, how do you know my name?” Tanya An asked.

“What about your mother? What is your mother’s name? Where is she now?” Long Ye asked anxiously.

Long Zixuan, who was standing behind Long Ye, looked at him, feeling that his own Long Ye was too anxious.

If you ask a little girl like this, the little girl must think you are a personal trafficker.

Tanya An couldn’t help frowning when she heard the questions Long Ye asked.

“Why are you asking this? Why should I tell you? What on earth do you want to do?” Tanya An asked seriously.

Looking at Tanya An’s appearance, Long Ye gave a thud in his heart.

“No, no, it’s not like this, don’t get me wrong, I just met your mother.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

When Tanya An heard the last sentence, her eyes were filled with surprise, and the blood flowed continuously.

“You…you know my mother?” Tanya An asked cautiously. She was afraid that what she had heard was false.

Looking at Tanya An, Long Ye wanted to hold his daughter in his arms, but he couldn’t now.

“Yes, I know your mother. Is your mother named Xueqing, she is very elegant when she smiles, and there are pear vortices on both sides.” Long Ye said.

Tanya An almost couldn’t stand up when she heard it, tears rolling in her eyes.

“My mother left when I was very young. I don’t know if she has Liwor when she laughs. But I know my mother’s name is Xueqing.” Tanya An said with a choked voice.

“Right, right, not wrong, not wrong.” Long Ye said excitedly.

When Tanya An heard Long Ye’s words, she violently stepped forward and took Long Ye’s hand.

“Uncle, do you know where my mother is? Can you take me to find her? I miss her very much.” Tanya An said with tears like pearls broken.

Long Ye watched Tanya An holding his hand, unable to hide his excitement.

“My child, your mother and I are old acquaintances, and when I saw you yesterday, I recognized you at a glance because you are very similar to your mother.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

In fact, what Long Ye really wanted to say in his heart was, “Child, I am your father”, but he doesn’t have that courage.

Long Zixuan, who was standing behind, saw it, and suddenly thought of something.

“Long Ye, since you all know each other, you can go sit in your hotel, so you can learn more.” Long Zixuan said witty.

Long Ye didn’t answer when he heard Long Zixuan’s words, but turned to look at Tanya.

Tanya An looked at Long Ye and nodded, because Tanya An had a dike against Long Ye at the beginning of yesterday’s affairs, but she and her mother are good friends, and yesterday’s matter has been resolved, so Tanya An just Nod.

Long Ye was excited and took Tanya An’s hand and walked towards his place.

Because he knew, Long Ye moved his place to live here for the convenience of seeing her.

The current Tanya knows nothing, only that Long Ye is a friend of his mother!

Long Ye sat opposite Tanya An and asked Long Zixuan to bring pastries.

“Tanya, how is your life in Longcheng?” Long Ye couldn’t help asking.

“I, I had a good time before, but now I am very happy.” Tanya An said with a smile on his face.

“What about your father?” Long Ye asked.

When Tanya An heard, her face was no longer smiling, and she was more sad.

“I have severed relations with him.”

“Your surname is An, the same as your mother.” Long Ye said with a light smile.

“Well, my mother and I have the same last name.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Your mother is a very gentle woman with a very kind heart.”

“Well, although my mother left when I was very young, the servants said that my mother was very good.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Long Ye looked at Tanya in front of him and wanted to call her a daughter for life, but he didn’t dare.

He was afraid that she would be angry with him and that she would hate her for abandoning them.

Just as Long Ye thought, if Tanya An really knew, she would not forgive Long Ye, because Tanya An was betrayed and abandoned once.

I can’t bear such abandonment and betrayal anymore. If it happens again, Tanya An may never forgive.

Long Ye turned to look at Long Zixuan, and Long Zixuan looked at quickly handing over the things in his hand to Long Ye.

“Tanya, this is my gift to you, it’s a hairpin.” Long Ye said with a smile.

Although this hairpin is not too big, the price is definitely a leverage, worth hundreds of thousands.

“No, no, uncle, I can’t ask for such an expensive gift.” Tanya An declined.

“Why, do you dislike this gift? You are Xueqing’s baby girl. You should be given a gift. You are also my baby girl.” Long Ye could only say the last sentence in his heart.

Tanya An looked at Long Ye’s sincere eyes, and finally accepted the valuable hairpin in his hand.

Chapter 271

Tanya An looked at Long Ye’s sincere eyes, and finally accepted the valuable hairpin in his hand.

“Thank you!”

“It’s okay, you’re welcome, this hairpin is very suitable for you.” Long Ye said with a smile.

Tanya An looked at the valuable hairpin in her hand, with an inexplicable emotion in her heart, but she couldn’t tell what it was.

“Tanya is in school now?” Long Ye asked curiously.

“Yeah, I’m a junior.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Okay, what course do you focus on? It’s good for girls to learn a skill now.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

“Well, I focus on design, jewelry design.” Tanya An answered truthfully.

When Long Ye heard Tanya An’s words, his eyes were admired. As expected, he and Xueqing’s daughter were the best.

“Jewelry design, this is good, this is good, we must work hard in the future to make a career.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

“Well, you will, hey, uncle, you should also have a daughter or a son.” Tanya couldn’t help but asked.

Long Ye looked at Tanya An in front of him, and said in his heart, “You are my baby girl, the baby girl I have been looking for for more than ten years.”

Tanya An looked at Long Ye’s expression, and she saw a trace of sadness on his face.

“My wife and I have been separated, and my daughter has also been separated. I have been looking for them for so many years.” Long Ye was sad.

When Tanya heard it, she looked at Long Ye frantically, how could she be so stupid.

“Uncle Long, I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Tanya apologized.

Long Ye raised his head, and his face polished over time was not sad.

Now it is different from before, and he may have more time in the future.

“It doesn’t matter, but I have found my daughter, but I dare not recognize her, because she is afraid she will not forgive me.” Long Ye said.

“How could uncle, you are also her father anyway, no matter what the reason, I think she should understand.” Tanya An said earnestly.

When Long Ye heard these words, he looked at Tanya in surprise, with excitement on his face.

“You said she would forgive me?”

“Yes.” Tanya An said firmly.

“To tell you the truth, I left them because of my career.”

Tanya An looked at him in shock when she heard these words.

Looking at Tanya An’s appearance, Long Ye became nervous.

“Uncle, since this is the case, I think you have done something wrong. If you want to change to be me, I will not forgive you. It is wrong to abandon your wife and daughter for your own status.” Tanya An said seriously. .

When Long Ye heard Tanya An’s firm and serious words, all the pain in his heart came to his heart.

Long Zixuan, who was standing behind Long Ye, saw that she felt deeply sad for Long Ye.

Hearing what my daughter said, it was impossible for anyone to accept it.

Bang bang bang!

Bang bang bang!

Just when Tanya An was about to speak, the door was violently knocked on. No, it should be smashed.


The luxurious door was destroyed all at once.

After the three of them saw the visitor clearly, some were frightened, but some looked at him with a smile.

Tanya stood up and ran to the front of Alton Ye when he saw the incoming person, holding his waist.

“Uncle, what are you doing? You broke the door.” Tanya grumbled.

Alton Ye looked down at Tanya An with a serious expression, “I will settle accounts with you when I go back.”

In a word, Tanya An bowed her head with a guilty conscience and could only stand obediently behind Alton Ye.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya and ignored him, turning his head, his face was cold, and there was a clear killing intent in his eyes.

The whole body exudes a frightening and trembling breath, making people feel like entering a place colder than the ice cellar.

Long Ye and Long Zixuan never thought that Alton Ye would find it, let alone that it would be like this.

“Long Ye, it seems that you are taking my words to the ears.” A word with endless killing.

“Ye Di, this is all a misunderstanding.” Long Ye explained.

Although I now know Tanya An’s own daughter, the trembling man in front of him is his son-in-law.

But he couldn’t say it now, because Tanya An’s words made him unable to say it now.

Therefore, facing Alton Ye now, he still had to call him Ye Emperor.

Even if I knew it, I couldn’t do anything about it.

Although Long Ye covered the sky with his hands here in Y City, he still bent down and bowed his head in the face of Alton Ye.

He knows that Alton Ye’s identity and methods can be admired and feared just by being the president of Rockven Group, but the other identity is even more terrifying.

“Misunderstanding, you told me what was the misunderstanding. Yesterday your people harassed my woman. Now you are bringing my people to you. What does this mean? Since this is the case, I have no reason to be merciful. Now.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Tanya An looked up at Alton Ye, and quickly stepped forward and took Alton Ye’s hand.

“Uncle, don’t get me wrong. Uncle didn’t do anything to me. He is a good friend of my mother.” Tanya An explained quickly.

Alton Ye frowned when he heard this, and looked down at Tanya An.

Long Ye was very excited to see Tanya defending herself like this.

“Your mother’s friend?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

“Hmm, he knows my mother’s name, and he also knows that there is a pear vortex on my mother’s face.” Tanya An said quickly.

Alton Ye turned his head and looked at Long Ye coldly.

“I have a picture of his mother.” Long Ye said suddenly.

After speaking, Long Ye turned around and returned to the room, having to take out the photo.

Long Ye gave the photo to Alton Ye, and Alton Ye looked at the woman above, and he was carved out of the same mold as Tanya An.

“Yes, this is my mother, uncle, you really misunderstood.” Tanya An said.

Long Ye took the photo back and put it in the drawer next to it.

There was nothing wrong with this action, Alton Ye narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Ye Di, I hope you don’t get me wrong.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye didn’t answer when he heard it, but he broke free of Tanya’s hand and strode out of the room.

“Uncle, that uncle, I’m leaving first, bye.” Tanya An hurried out after speaking.

After everyone was gone, Long Ye sat on the sofa with sadness and loneliness on his face.

“Long Ye, you don’t have to be too sad. I found the young lady now, and later compensate her slowly. I think the young lady will forgive you.” Long Zixuan said in a deep voice.

“Oh, looking at my daughter right in front of me, but I can’t call him.” Long Ye said.

Long Zixuan watched that Long Ye didn’t speak any more. He knew that such a thing was uncomfortable, but it would be better with the passage of time.

Chapter 272

Long Zixuan watched that Long Ye didn’t speak any more. He knew that such a thing was uncomfortable, but it would be better with the passage of time.

the other side.

Alton Ye opened the door and slammed it shut, looking really angry.

Tanya An stood there in shock, and opened the door cautiously.

Without seeing Alton Ye in the living room, he walked to the bedroom.

Sure enough, he saw Alton Ye sitting there smoking.

Tanya An frowned when she saw her brows, because she didn’t like the smell of smoke, but because of this man, Tanya An could accept it.

Tanya An rarely sees Alton Ye being angry with herself, perhaps because of what happened just now.

Alton Ye stood by the French windows, his back looked a bit lonely.

Tanya An ran over to hug Alton Ye from behind, rubbing his back with her small face.

Alton Ye became stiff, reached out and broke Tanya An’s hand, turned and looked at her blankly.

“Uncle, I’m sorry.”

“Tanya An, do you know how worried I am that I can’t find you? My heart is like an invisible hand holding me, and I can’t breathe in pain, don’t you know.” Alton Ye said loudly.

God knows that he will be on vacation without seeing Tanya, he is not well.

When Tanya An walked forward to hold Alton Ye, tears wet Alton Ye’s white shirt.

Alton Ye felt it and cursed.

He really deserved to die, he was angry with his baby, he really deserved to die.

Alton Ye thought about reaching out and holding Tanya tightly, as if to embed Tanya in his body.

“I’m sorry, baby, I’m really scared, I’m afraid that you will be taken away, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be angry with you.” Alton Ye said reproachfully.

Tanya An held Alton Ye’s words tightly without speaking.

At this moment, Tanya An truly realized how important the man in front of him was to him.

Even if he ignores herself, accuses herself loudly, and ignores herself, it will make her heartache and unable to breathe.

“Uncle, I will tell you wherever I go from now on.”

Alton Ye heard Tanya An’s words and reached out to wipe the tears from her face.

Alton Ye did not answer Tanya, but lowered his head and k*ssed her lips.


Tanya An stretched out her hand to respond to Alton Ye, Alton Ye’s gentle k*ss.

Tanya An was almost unable to stand up, but Alton Ye hugged Tanya An and walked to the big bed behind him.

At this time, both of them were frank with each other, one by one was peeling off.

Alton Ye k*ssed Tanya An’s forehead, eyes, nose and lips, and finally went down.

Alton Ye entered Tanya An’s body smoothly and took Tanya An to the wonderful melody together.

I don’t know why, Tanya An is extremely enthusiastic today, Alton Ye does not intend to continue, Tanya An will be very active.

Therefore, the two people went crazy until dark, and Tanya An did not expect it.

After many requests, Tanya was exhausted and exhausted.

On the contrary, Alton Ye looked refreshed, holding Tanya tightly.

“Uncle is not angry.”

“The next time in the future, I will interrupt your leg.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Tanya pouted her lips and didn’t care about Alton Ye’s words, she didn’t believe Alton Ye would do this.

After all, Tanya An still doesn’t understand Alton Ye’s temperament very well, Alton Ye can say it can be done.

If there is one day, Alton Ye will really do this without hesitation, and Tanya An doesn’t know what kind of demon he has provoked.

“Baby, don’t spend much time with that in the future, you know?” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Why, but he is my mother’s friend, and he also gave me a hairpin, which looks very expensive.” Tanya An said.

Alton Ye heard it and quickly asked Tanya An to take out the hairpin.

Tanya didn’t have the strength, Alton Ye got out of bed and took it out of Tanya’s clothes, and then went to bed to hug Tanya.

“He gave you this?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.


Alton Ye carefully looked at the hairpin in his hand. Perhaps Tanya An hadn’t noticed it, but with Alton Ye’s eagle-like eyes, he found a clue.

Right in the middle of the hairpin, there are three characters engraved-Long Junhan

Alton Ye looked at these three words, a trace of emotion flashed in his eyes, which was fleeting.

“what happened?”

Alton Ye recovered, and Chao Tanya An smiled, “It’s okay.”

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye, put her hand around Alton Ye’s neck, and took a deep breath.

“What’s the matter?” Alton Ye stroked Tanya An’s hair.

“Uncle, I love you very much.”

Alton Ye laughed when he heard it. His smile was especially charming, dazzling, and gentle.

“Baby, since it’s all like this, don’t call me uncle, it looks like I’m very old.” Alton Ye said softly.

Tanya An raised her head and blinked at Alton Ye, her face flushed.

“What’s that called?” Tanya An asked, pouting.

“You speak first.”

“Ye Ming Alton.”

“No way.”


“No way.”


“No way.”

“Little Lord Alton.”

“No, you can’t think about it, we have all received the certificate.”

Tanya An was unhappy when she heard this.

“Don’t say it, don’t say it, if you have the ability, you can say it yourself.” Tanya heating said in a huff.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s appearance and shook his head helplessly.

Reached out and hugged Tanya into herself, staring at her fiery eyes.

“Okay, then I’ll call you husband, husband.”

Alton Ye was very satisfied when he heard this title.

“Whatever you will call in the future, no matter whether there is someone or no one.” Alton Ye said domineeringly.

“Okay, I know my husband.” Tanya An said with a smile.

In fact, this title is not uncalled, but it is very rare.

Alton Ye k*ssed Tanya An’s forehead with satisfaction.




Alton Ye couldn’t help laughing when he heard Tanya An’s belly.

Tanya An watched Alton Ye’s chest with her small pink fist and looked at him angrily.

“Don’t laugh, I’m hungry, I want to eat now.” Tanya An said.

“Baby, it seems that you are very energetic now, and you don’t look tired. Why don’t we do it again.” Alton Ye smirked.

Tanya An heard it and rolled over to the bed subconsciously.


Tanya An couldn’t help but sucked in an air-conditioner, and Madd was in pain.

Alton Ye fished Tanya into his arms and rubbed her hair.

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore, take a break first, and I’ll cook for you.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Although it is a hotel, it is owned by Alton Company. It is not a simple matter to make a meal.

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