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Chapter 240

Tanya An put out her tongue mischievously when Alton Ye was worried.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An helplessly, and rubbed the hair of An’s novel with his hand.

The two showed their affection at the entrance of the stairs, completely missing the expressions of those behind them.

“You said, how did my sister-in-law like him?” Gary Mo said.

“Same!” Andrew said quickly.

“Hey!” Saul Nan sighed.

Alton Ye took Tanya An’s hand and walked to the original position to sit down, and gave her the cake that Tanya An hadn’t finished eating.

“I’m not eating anymore, I have eaten a lot today.” Tanya An said, holding his stomach.

“Okay, then we won’t eat it.” Alton Ye said softly.

Several people looked at them and couldn’t help shaking their heads.

“Hey, can you take care of us,” Benito said.

Tanya An heard the voice, turned around and saw Benito looking at her sadly.

“Hey, when did you come, why didn’t I see it?” Tanya An asked with a dull expression.




When everyone heard Tanya An’s words, they couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“Oh, dare to love me as a transparent person.” Benito said dissatisfiedly.

“Sorry, I didn’t see it.” Tanya An said.

“You don’t need to apologize, you didn’t see it if you didn’t see it.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“I’ll go, you two will sing along with your husband,” Benito said.

“You are too…”

Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

“Hello, what are you doing?” Benito said angrily.

Not knowing what the other party said over there, Benito looked serious.

“I see, I’ll go over immediately.” Benito said coldly.

Hung up the phone and looked at several people.

“I have something else, so I won’t accompany you to talk about it. I’ll go back first.” Benito stood up and left.

“I will let James Yi see you off.” Alton Ye said.

“No, I’m driving, that’s it.” Benito finished speaking and left with his clothes.

Alton Ye watched Benito have left, and turned to look at them.

“It’s late, you all go.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Hey, you have no conscience. We worked so hard.” Gary Mo complained.

Alton Ye looked up at them. He has important things to do now, and he has no intention of talking nonsense with them.

“Casinos, cars, yachts, airplanes, you choose yourself.” Alton Ye said.

“Hey, I think it’s too early. Let’s go back and walk around.” Gary Mo looked like a different person.

“Yes, I’m very tired recently and need to rest early.” Andrew said.

After that, several people all had the same reason, and they all had to leave.

“Tanya, I’m going back first, I wish you good luck.” Milsa Ruan said without meaning.

“Hey, please help me send Milsa home, I don’t worry.” Tanya An said.

“I’ll send it.” Andrew said.

Milsa Ruan nodded her head without refusing.

Later, Alton Ye finally “blasted away” them all.

Before leaving, Ivan Han and the others hadn’t forgotten to tease Alton Ye.

“I have already thought about it, and stay in Svalborne for a few days.” Ji Lingchen said.

“Well, our family welcomes you at any time.” Rena Ye said.

Because of Alton Ye, Rena Ye was very friendly to Ji Lingchen.

“In this case, I’m not welcome.” Ji Lingchen said with a smile.

“In this case, I will take you to the place where I live and ask you questions by the way.” Rena Ye said with a smile.

Ji Lingchen raised his eyebrows, “Really, that’s good.”

“Brother, let’s send him there first.” Rena Ye said.

“See you tomorrow.” Ji Lingchen said with a smile.

At this time, only Tanya An and Alton Ye were left in the living room.

Tanya An turned around and hugged Alton Ye’s waist, with joy in her eyes.

“Uncle, I’m so happy, so happy.” Tanya An said.

“Really?” Alton Ye asked.

“Of course it is true.” Tanya An said.

“Then do you want to repay me.” Alton Ye said in a meaningful way.

“Okay, I agree to everything you say.” Tanya An said seriously.

Alton Ye couldn’t help laughing when he heard Tanya An’s words.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye’s smile and became obsessed for a while. It was really beautiful, even more beautiful than a woman.

Just when Tanya was lost, Alton Ye held Tanya in his arms.


Tanya hugged Alton Ye’s neck subconsciously.

Alton Ye strode back to the room, kicked the door open, went in, closed the door with his back foot, and locked it.

Tanya An just realized that she was already lying on the soft big bed.

What followed was that Alton Ye’s tall body pressed up, and the action was done in one go.

Tanya opened his eyes and looked at Alton Ye, her face blushing!

“Tanya, you are an adult, shouldn’t it be time to fulfill your promise?” Alton Ye lowered his head and k*ssed Tanya An’s earlobe.

Tanya was trembling all over for a while, and his face was flushed like a monkey butt.

Alton Ye kept looking down and rubbing Tanya An’s beautiful neck.

“Big… Uncle, I’m afraid!” Tanya An said nervously.

“Call my name, or husband.” Alton Ye seduced.

Tanya An was at a loss when she heard these words, so she had to drag Alton Ye’s clothes.

Alton Ye’s cold lips k*ssed Tanya An’s lips, and the sky was spinning around that moment.

Alton Ye was also a little bit young and flicked between Tanya’s warm teeth, and then slowly became adept, with ease.

Tanya seems to have fallen into the sea, warm, blue, the sea lightly brushed her face, softly 160;.

There was a warm dark blue streamer swaying in my heart.

Everything is like a dream.

“I… I’m so uncomfortable!” Tanya couldn’t help but said.

“Good boy, call me husband.”

Alton Ye seduced Tanya An over and over again.


With this sound, Alton Ye who shouted was satisfied.

Begin to leave Tanya An’s lips, followed by forehead, eyes, neck, collarbone…

“Hmm!” Tanya snorted.

Alton Ye’s hands were walking around Tanya’s warm body, and at this time he was about to explode somewhere.

Tanya An seemed to feel his uncomfortable feelings, gathered up the courage, stretched out her hand to embrace Alton Ye’s neck, pulled to herself, Alton Ye was startled, and then k*ssed her crazy.

Tanya’s body was as soft as a stream of spring water, but his hands and feet were unknowingly wrapped around his tight body. By this time the clothes on the two of them had already disappeared.

“It will…it will hurt. Tanya An said unconsciously.

“Hey, I’m lighter.”

His hands and lips fell heavily on Tanya An’s body, and Tanya An felt like he was on the top of a wave.

A wave of unfamiliar feelings surged up, and while she was fascinated, a sharp pain came from her body. She screamed and suddenly opened her closed eyes.

“Ah! You lied to me!” Tears rolled down, unable to tell if it was the pain or something else. 160;

“Sorry, baby, it won’t hurt in a while.”

“You come out! It hurts.” She cried. He k*ssed her and said, “I feel pain, too, okay…”

Then, somehow, Tanya An became more and more relaxed.

Allow him to hold himself up and down like a small boat in the sea. The unfamiliar and arrogant posture caused her to be in love again and again, and soon climbed to the first peak.

Chapter 241

Allow him to hold himself up and down like a small boat in the sea. The unfamiliar and arrogant posture caused her to be in love again and again, and soon climbed to the first peak.

Tanya An didn’t know how many times Alton Ye asked her.

In the end, Alton Ye reluctantly let her go under Tanya’s bitter pleading.

Alton Ye gasped and looked at Tanya An. The sweat on his forehead was crystal clear, and he k*ssed Tanya An’s forehead affectionately.

Alton Ye hugged Tanya to wash up. Tanya had no energy, and fell asleep like this.

Alton Ye wiped Tanya An’s body. Just after turning on the meat, looking at Tanya An’s body, a fire rushed up in Alton Ye’s body.

Alton Ye wanted to come again, but Tanya couldn’t help but feel distressed because of his exhausted look.

Quickly helped Tanya An wash, and he took a cold shower.

Alton Ye lay in the bed and hugged Tanya tightly.

“Tanya baby, I love you.” Alton Ye said affectionately.

Then, holding Tanya into the dreamland, a good night dream.

the next day.

As expected, the entire Svalborne had already exploded.

Because of Tanya An and Alton Ye’s affairs, the entire Svalborne news, Weibo, etc. were bombed.

In the streets and alleys, no matter where it is, there is little about Ming Alton’s romantic proposal to Tanya An at Tanya An’s coming-of-age ceremony last night.

Moreover, there is a big title written on it.

The mysterious president of Rockven Group was surprised to propose to his fiancée yesterday.

When this news came out, many people were shocked.

Some are envious, some are jealous, and some are unwilling.

Who could have imagined that a daughter who was severed from her father would be engaged to the president of Rockven Group.

And the most important thing is not these, okay, but Alton Ye’s magnificent face, the peerless face of the country and the city.

Oh my God, this is simply beyond description.

How could there be such a handsome man in this world, it is simply perfect.

Everyone began to envy Tanya An, and envy her for being so lucky.

For a time, Alton Ye became the dream male god in a woman’s heart.

Even if Alton Ye is engaged to Tanya An, the charm is still the same.

Alton Ye did more than just these.

As long as Longcheng has an industry belonging to Alton Ye, Tanya’s photos will be shown on every big screen.

And, there is a confession written on it: I only love you in this life, and I love you for the rest of my life!

This image shows Alton Ye’s love for Tanya An and makes everyone envy and hate.

In this world, besides Alton Ye, who else could do this.

While everyone envied Tanya An, the other side was broken, angry, and jealous.


The sound of angry screams filled the hall.

“Why, why, why, why is it like this, why can she be so happy, why can she have such a good woman, why, Tanya An, you go to death, go to death!” Jennifer Lin was angry and crazy. Shouted the hall.

Looking at Jennifer Lin’s madness, the servant dared not approach.

Juliana He quickly ran down from the stairs and looked at Jennifer Lin.

“You all go out.” Juliana He said coldly.

The servant heard Juliana He’s words and ran out quickly.

Jennifer Lin was sitting on the ground now, showing hatred, anger and unwillingness on her face.

No one knows how angry and hated she is, only she knows it.

“Lanlan, don’t worry, mother will definitely not let the bitch Tanya An go.” Juliana He said.

Jennifer Lin held Juliana He’s hand tightly, her eyes were fierce, and she wanted to kill Tanya.

Lin Group.

Early this morning, Conner Lin had already seen his daughter’s affairs.

Conner Lin was shocked at the time, he would never think of it.

The daughter who severed her father-daughter relationship with her, unexpectedly found such a strong backer.

Although he already knew that Alton Ye was the president of Rockven Group, he thought he was just playing Tanya An.

Unexpectedly, never thought that Alton Ye would be so valued and did these things for her.

Conner Lin thought of this, suddenly his heart lightened, and he was looking at his company.

I couldn’t help but say that my company is saved.

Conner Lin thought well, thinking that Tanya An married Alton Ye, and Alton Ye was his son-in-law.

In this way, he could naturally ask him for help, and Conner Lin couldn’t help but laugh when he thought of this.

I am afraid that Conner Lin has forgotten that he has severed ties with Tanya An, and he asked for it himself.

The presidential suite of a hotel.

The woman on the sofa sat there quietly, watching the TV in front of her. There is also a crumpled newspaper in front of him.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect you to have such a day.” Ye Zinuo said sarcastically.

“Miss, do you want to do something?” Wuhen said in a deep voice.

“No, let her be proud for a few days first, and one day, I will take back what belongs to me.” Ye Zinuo said blankly.

Wuhen looked at Ye Zinuo without speaking. He knew that this was the time when his lady was most angry.

Ye Zinuo sat motionless, but she was already very angry. All of this originally belonged to her.

However, she will take her back, everything.

Ye Zinuo thought about it but suddenly laughed, very strange.

Just when everyone was envious, jealous, and resentful Tanya An, she herself was still sleeping sweetly, and she didn’t know what happened.

The two people embracing each other in the sun shining on the big bed looked very warm.

Alton Ye opened his eyes first, looked at the little woman in his arms, and couldn’t help but smile.

Thinking of last night, her taste was so good, like a poppy, it was overwhelming.

Alton Ye stretched out his hand and stroked Tanya An’s cheek, Tanya An let out an uncomfortable cry.

Upon seeing this, Alton Ye simply pretended to sleep and see how Tanya An reacted.

Tanya opened her eyes in a daze, and what caught her eye was a face full of anger.

Tanya An couldn’t help but marvel as she watched, how could there be such a perfect man in the world, and she made it for herself.

Tanya An got up cautiously, but she just got up, her body was like being crushed by a car, very, very painful and sore, she couldn’t help but complain.

Turning his head and looking at Alton Ye’s little hand touching Alton Ye’s forehead, nose, and face, there was an urge to k*ss him.

“Baby, do you want to call me early in the morning?” Alton Ye suddenly opened his eyes.

Tanya An hadn’t reacted yet, and the whole person had been crushed by Alton Ye.

Tanya An widened his eyes and looked at Alton Ye, isn’t he still sleeping, how could he suddenly wake up.

Chapter 242

Tanya An widened his eyes and looked at Alton Ye, isn’t he still sleeping, how could he suddenly wake up.

Moreover, and she felt something yingying against her stomach, and her face blushed.

“You…what are you doing?” Tanya An said.

“I also want to ask Mrs. Ye, what are you doing in the morning?” Alton Ye said with a wicked smile.

“I…I…I…” Tanya couldn’t say it for a long time.

“It seems that I didn’t satisfy you last night. Since you are getting angry now, you are responsible for destroying it.” Alton Ye said with a smirk.

not me……”


Tanya An wanted to struggle, but she didn’t want to get out of the car today.

But how could she be struggling? Soon she took it to the rhythm of Alton Ye.

Man, as long as he tastes a little bit, he will keep asking for it.

The two people tossed for a while in the morning. After finishing the work, Alton Ye walked out of the bathroom refreshedly.

Tanya An lay on the bed, staring at Alton Ye angrily.

Alton Ye smiled and walked to Tanya An’s side.

“Get up for breakfast.”

“Don’t eat.” Tanya Heating said whisperingly.

“I really don’t want to eat it. I can listen to Zhang Ma making crystal shrimp dumplings, preserved egg and lean meat porridge, what else I forgot.” Alton Ye said calmly.

When Tanya An heard the food, his stomach was groaning.

“Hmph, I blame you.” Tanya An said with a pouting mouth.

“Yes, yes, get up quickly.” Alton Ye said.

Afterwards, Tanya An finally got up. When she got up, her legs trembled and almost fell. Fortunately, Alton Ye’s hand was quick to hold on.

Tanya An glared sadly at Alton Ye and walked into the bathroom.

When I saw the “little strawberry” on my body, I almost cried.

After Tanya An washed her face, she went to the cloakroom and found a turtleneck sweater to put on.

“Let’s go.” Alton Ye said.

Tanya An let Alton Ye hold hands and walked downstairs.

At this moment, Rena Ye and Ji Lingchen were sitting there eating breakfast downstairs.

“Brother, sister-in-law, when is it, why are we coming down now, we have all eaten breakfast. Rena Ye said.

“Ah what, I’ve eaten it.” Tanya An turned her head and stared at Alton Ye angrily, this guy lied to herself again.

“Yes.” Ji Lingchen said with a light smile.

Tanya An turned her head to look at Alton Ye, raised her foot and stomped Alton Ye’s foot directly, then walked angrily to sit next to Rena Ye.

Rena Ye and Ji Lingchen looked at Tanya An in surprise.

Alton Ye was not angry, and went straight to the kitchen, as if Zhang Ma did a little more.

Alton Ye walked to the side of Tanya An and was about to sit down. Unexpectedly, Tanya An would sit on the other side.

Rena Ye couldn’t help but smile when she looked at Tanya An.

No one has ever treated his brother like this, it is estimated that he is the only one.

Looking at Alton Ye, Ji Lingchen couldn’t help being shocked again, thinking that he had changed a lot.

“Young Master Ye, it seems that you have offended your wife.” Ji Lingchen said with a smile.

Alton Ye raised his eyebrows when he heard, “It’s okay.”

Tanya heating looked at him hoarsely, the big liar, he lied to me.

Afterwards, I saw Madam Zhang walking out with breakfast.

“Sir, it’s alright.” Madam Zhang said with a smile.


“Ling Chen, what are you going to do later?” Alton Ye asked.

“Oh, I am going to…”

“He will go out with me later.” Rena Ye interrupted Ji Lingchen.

Ji Lingchen turned his head to look at Rena Ye, Rena Ye blinked, and Ji Lingchen chuckled.

“Yes, wait for Reena to be a director, and take me to get better.” Ji Lingchen said with a smile.

Rena Ye watched Alton Ye stand up suddenly, pulling Ji Lingchen and leaving.

“Bye bye, eat slowly.” After speaking, he pulled Ji Lingchen and ran out.

As soon as Rena Ye pulled Ji Lingchen out of the gate, she saw James Yi just coming over to pick Alton Ye.

James Yi saw the two people, and suddenly stopped, but his eyes turned away to see Rena Ye holding Ji Lingchen’s hand.

Rena Ye saw James Yi, then realized something, and quickly let go of Ji Lingchen’s hand.

“Don’t get me wrong, James Yi, it’s not what you think.” Rena Ye explained quickly.

Hearing Rena Ye’s explanation, James Yi didn’t respond to him, just stepped forward.

“Mr. Ji, Rena Ye is early, I’ll pick him up to the company.” As soon as Ye finished speaking, Reena left overnight.

“James Yi.” Rena Ye shouted.

But James Yi went faster and didn’t respond at all.

Rena Ye looked at James YiAlton’s back, tears rolling in her eyes.

Ji Lingchen looked at Rena Ye, perhaps already knowing something.

“Okay, don’t be sad, he will want to understand one day.” Ji Lingchen said in a meaningful way.

“You all said that, but it’s been a long time, and I haven’t seen him want to understand, is it necessary to be like this?” Rena Ye said two lines of tears have flowed down.

Ji Lingchen sighed and handed the handkerchief to Rena Ye.

“Well, time will take a long time to come, will he stay with your brother anyway?” Ji Lingchen comforted.

Rena Ye looked up at Ji Lingchen and nodded.

“No matter what, as long as I believe it, I won’t shrink back.” Rena Ye said firmly.

“Well, this is the right thing, okay, now you pull me out, where are you going?” Ji Lingchen asked.

“Well, I’ll take you around. Anyway, you are definitely not easy in your country. Since you are here, I will do my best to be a landlord.” Rena Ye said with a smile.

“Okay, let’s go.” Ji Lingchen said with a smile.

Afterwards, the two drove away from Yuwan.

Inside the villa.

After Tanya An and Alton Ye had eaten, James Yichang walked in.

“Master, madam.” James Yi shouted respectfully.

“Tanya, go to the company with me.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Okay, I haven’t been there for a few days anyway, Qingqing must be worried about it, and I forgot to contact her.” Tanya An said.

The decision is made, Tanya An and Alton Ye have gone to the company.

However, Tanya An sat in the car and looked at the big screens of many high-rise buildings. There were photos of herself and enlarged characters on them, and she was stunned for a while.

Alton Ye hugged Tanya An on his lap and looked at her affectionately.

“How about, do you like it, I said, I want to prove your existence to the whole world, to prove that you are my wife, my beloved.” Alton Ye said softly.

When Tanya An heard Alton Ye’s words, it was false to say that she was not moved, and her heart was already moved.

What a perfect man she held in her palm.

“I like it, I like it very much, thank you for everything you have done for me.” Tanya An said moved.

“Fool, don’t say thank you to me, remember, from now on, you will be Mrs. Ye, and you will be the most shining woman wherever you go.” Alton Ye said.

Tanya An hugged Tanya An’s neck moved, she really didn’t know how to repay, maybe she would love him to accompany him all her life.

“I love you!”

Alton Ye became stiff when he heard Tanya say these three words, and then he ignored the James Yi in front and k*ssed Tanya directly.

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