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Chapter 222 People are gone

Tanya looked painful, her brows furrowed and her little head kept swinging.

When Gary Mo saw it, he would show it to Tanya An.

“Mom!” Tanya suddenly sat up and shouted.

“Tanya, are you having a nightmare?” Alton Ye asked worriedly.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye and left and grabbed Alton Ye’s hands.

“Uncle, my mother, I want a mother, why don’t I have a mother.” Tanya cried and said.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s appearance, his heart hurt suddenly, and he took Tanya An into his arms.

“Hey, you still have me.” Alton Ye said softly.

Tanya An kept shaking her head in Alton Ye’s arms, and she couldn’t listen to Alton Ye’s words now.

“Sister-in-law, are you feeling better now?” Gary Mo asked in a deep voice.

“I dreamed that my mother was pushed down by someone, and I seemed to have fallen down too.” Tanya An said to herself.

Gary Mo looked at Tanya An, then turned to look at Alton Ye.

“Lord, don’t let my sister-in-law be irritated during this time.” Gary Mo said solemnly.

“Can it be cured?” Alton Ye said coldly.

When Gary Mo heard Alton Ye’s words, he really wanted to hit the wall!

“This is brought by my sister-in-law, how can I be cured?” Gary said helplessly.

“If it can’t be cured, how about I let you go to Africa for free medical treatment.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Damn, don’t bring this.” Gary Mo said!

“Go out.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Gary Mo heard Alton Ye’s words and ran out quickly. He didn’t want to stay for a moment.

“Tanya, does your arm hurt?” Alton Ye asked softly.

“It doesn’t hurt.”

“Tell me, what did you dream of just now?” Alton Ye asked.

Hearing Alton Ye’s words, Tanya An immediately grabbed Alton Ye’s big hand, her pale little face facing Alton Ye.

“I dreamed that my mother was pushed down by someone else, and then my mother tightly guarded me, and finally I fell, and the rest became more and more blurred.” Tanya An said.

Alton Ye k*ssed Tanya An’s forehead with pity.

“With me, I won’t let you have anything to do.” Alton Ye said firmly.

“Mom, I have forgotten what my mother looks like now.” Tanya An said disappointedly.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s eyes, as if to suck Tanya An in.

“Tanya, my mother is your mother, and we will all treat you well.” Alton Ye said.

Tanya An nodded when hearing Alton Ye’s words.

“Hey, do you want to take a break, you can eat something when you wake up.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Then you accompany me to sleep, I want to hold you to sleep, I am afraid, I am tied up by myself, I will dream.” Tanya An said pitifully.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s frightened look, and he was too late for the two kidnappers and Fan Ling.

He felt that the punishment he had given them was too light, and another day, he would let people change the law to torture them.

Thinking, Alton Ye was already lying next to Tanya An, cautiously, for fear of hurting her wounds.

As soon as Alton Ye lay in, Tanya An hugged Alton Ye.

Alton Ye was very uncomfortable now. If it weren’t for his good control, he really didn’t know if Tanya would be hurt.

In order to let Tanya rest, Alton Ye could only endure it, and wait a while for a cold bath.

Alton Ye hugged Tanya An, Tanya An was particularly relieved, and soon fell asleep.

Alton Ye watched that Tanya was already asleep, and got out of bed carefully and lightly.

Help Tanya cover the quilt, bowed her head and k*ssed her forehead, and tiptoed out.

After Alton Ye went out, a few guards walked outside the door.


“Take good care of this place. If something happens to your wife, you should know my methods.” Alton Ye said coldly.

When several dark guards heard Alton Ye’s words, they couldn’t help shaking.

“Yes.” The dark guard said respectfully.

After Alton Ye gave his explanation, he went out.

At this time, Alton Ye came to the night box, and he didn’t expect Ivan Han to be there.

“We’ve been waiting for so late.” Andrew complained.

Hearing Andrew’s complaint, Alton Ye turned to look at him, with chills in his eyes.

When Andrew saw it, he quickly sat next to Ivan Han.

“Fourth, how about the method I gave you?” Gary Mo asked.

“Not bad.” Saul Nan said with a light smile.

“In this case, give me your casino in Macau.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“No problem.” Saul Nan said without hesitation.

“How about the things handed to you?” Alton Ye asked after taking a sip of wine.

“Relax.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“You don’t worry about our affairs.” Gary said proudly.

Alton Ye looked up at Gary Mo, “I am really worried about you and me.”

“f*ck.” Gary Mo couldn’t help but explode.

“Don’t worry, Lord, we will definitely hold a special coming-of-age ceremony for my sister-in-law.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

They did it for Tanya An’s coming-of-age ceremony.

During the period, Gary Mo told Alton Ye that it would be nice to have a birthday by the way, but he almost let Alton Ye beat him up.

Alton Ye’s purpose is to give Tanya An a unique coming-of-age ceremony, she has grown up.

Originally, Alton Ye wanted to set up the scene himself, but he had been with Tanya An in the hospital, so he could only ask a few of them instead.

Ivan Han seemed to think of something, and then looked at Alton Ye with a serious expression.

“I heard that you started to work with her.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“I live and die, I just cleared some people.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“I didn’t expect to dare to come back.” Saul Nan said fiercely.

Alton Ye picked up the wine glass, raised his head and took a sip, stood up and prepared to go back!

“Jingle Bell.”

“Jingle Bell.”

Alton Ye heard the ringtone of the phone, and didn’t hesitate to pick it up, because it was their unique ringtone.


“Master… Master, the lady is gone.” The dark guard said cautiously.

Alton Ye heard that Tanya had disappeared, and his whole body was instantly chilled, and a storm burst into his eyes.

“A bunch of useless waste.” Alton Ye growled low.

Ivan Han next to him looked at Alton Ye’s appearance and thought to himself that something must have happened.

Alton Ye hung up the phone and ran out with his clothes.

Alton Ye ran all the way, and when he arrived at the hospital, he found that there was no 160 in the ward; Tanya An’s figure.

For a time, the whole body exudes a breath of terror.

The dark guards standing behind Alton Ye were already kneeling on the ground. They were dead men, and they couldn’t even look at an incompetent person.

Alton Ye turned around, violently raised his foot and kicked the dark guard.

“It’s all a bunch of trash. What the hell is there for me to raise? I can’t even protect a patient. What do I want you to do?” Alton Ye said angrily.

When the dark guards heard Alton Ye’s words, they all lowered their heads.

Alton Ye doesn’t have time to settle accounts with them now, so he has to find Tanya immediately.

Chapter 223

Alton Ye doesn’t have time to settle accounts with them now, so he has to find Tanya immediately.

“Get out of here and look for them.” Alton Ye roared.

The secret guards heard it and went out quickly!

Alton Ye turned around and went out to investigate surveillance video.

After that, Ivan Han and several people came to the hospital and saw Alton Ye very angry.

“What’s the matter?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice.

“A bunch of useless waste, even a patient can’t watch it.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“What, my sister-in-law is gone.” Gary Mo said in surprise.

“Master, the surveillance video has been found out.” James Yi said respectfully.

Alton Ye heard it and went to the computer to check.

In the video, Tanya An walked out of the ward alone, and looked around.

“It seems that it was not taken away. I must have not gone far. Go and find it before it gets dark.” Alton Ye said coldly.

After speaking, a few people went to drive to find Tanya.

Besides, James Yi took a few people to look for in the huge hospital!

At this time, Tanya An, who walked out of the hospital, was walking alone on the road.

After Tanya An woke up, she didn’t see Alton Ye’s person. She was very scared and couldn’t stay in the ward, so she sneaked out to look for him.

Tanya also came out while the dark guard was going to drink water, and she didn’t know that Alton Ye was worried about her now.

Tanya An came out wearing cotton slippers and a coat. Now it’s still a bit cold outside.

Tanya walked helplessly on the road, without a phone or money.

“Uncle, Tanya can’t find you.” Tanya An said helplessly.

When Tanya An walks on the road, many people will stare at Tanya.

On the same road, a Rolls-Royce Cayenne, with two men sitting in the car.

One was driving, and there was a very handsome man behind.

The man driving is the opposite of the man behind. The man behind looks very cold. Although the man in front does not look very handsome, there is no expression on his face.

The three-dimensional facial features of the man behind him were as handsome as a knife, and his whole person exuded an aristocratic aura. At this time, there was a sl*tty smile on his evil and handsome face.

Short black hair was scattered in front of the male character’s forehead, and there were blue eyes.

The decent suit on the body, 160; shows the perfect figure.

“Master, do you need to go to a banquet today?” the man driving in front asked.

Harmon Leng raised his eyes and looked at the driver in front of him.

“Why, have you forgotten all my hobbies?” Harmon Leng said coldly.

“Don’t dare, it’s just that the master and madam arranged this, I just tell you the master.” Leis said respectfully.

“Tell them, I won’t pass.” Harmon Leng said in a deep voice.


Leis didn’t dare to disobey his master’s orders.

After Harmon Leng finished his instructions, he continued to look down at his files.

Harmon Leng-President of Leng Group.

In Svalborne, there are Rockven Group, Han Group, Mo Group, Nan Group and An Group, which are the foundation of a century in Svalborne.

The Leng Group was newly emerged after a hundred years. Although it was not ranked on the world rankings, his ability should not be underestimated.

Especially this Harmon Leng, his methods are in the Leng family, but he is the most brutal and cruel.

The identity of Harmon Leng is also very mysterious. There is no real identity of Harmon Leng in the Leng family.

In his heart, there is no one who can be trusted in the world.


While Harmon Leng was processing the documents, Leis, who was driving in front of him, suddenly stepped on the accelerator.

Fortunately, Harmon stranger supported the seat in front of him, and his handsome face at work hit the seat.

When Harmon Leng straightened up, he looked at Leis with sharp eyes.

“Do you want to practice your car skills?” Harmon Leng said coldly.

“The subordinate knows that he was wrong, because he met someone in front of him.”

When Harmon Leng heard a person, he put down the file in his hand, opened the door of the car, and walked down spookyly.

Leis followed Harmon Leng and followed her carefully.

Harmon Leng and Leis came to the person who was encountered in the air, and saw that person standing there with a look of horror on his face.

Tanya looked at the car in front of her, her face pale, she seemed to be frightened. g

She just turned a corner and was almost hit by a car.

“Miss, are you okay?” Leis said.

Harmon Leng stood there, staring at Tanya.

Seeing Tanya An wearing slippers and a coat on him, there was still a hospital gown.



Before Tanya had time to speak, she sat down on the ground, but in fact, her legs were weakened by fright.

Leis thought it was Tanya An who was injured, and just wanted to step forward to help Tanya An up.

But just stretched out his hand, only to find that one of his hands was faster than himself, so he helped Tanya An up first.

Leis looked at Harmon Leng in surprise, something that had never happened before.

Harmon Leng looked at Leis with a sharp look, and Leis quickly took Tanya An from Harmon Leng’s hand.

“Send her to the hospital.” Harmon Leng left the three words coldly and got into the car.

Leis was surprised and surprised, and finally helped Tanya An into the car.

“Ah!” Tanya An called out in pain.

“What’s the matter? Is it banging somewhere?” Harmon Leng didn’t even notice it, his voice was a little worried.

“My arm hurts.” Tanya An said painfully.

Harmon Leng thought that his arm was injured, and raised his hand to roll up Tanya An’s sleeve.

When I saw the many wounds on Tanya’s arms, I was shocked.

“What’s wrong with you?” Harmon Leng asked in a deep voice.

“Someone got it.” Tanya An said.

Harmon Leng and Leis heard this and thought to themselves, who would do such a cruel hand to a little girl.

“Leis, hurry up and drive to the hospital.” Harmon Leng said coldly.

When Leis heard it, he hurried to the hospital!

After driving, the carriage fell into silence!

“Where is your family? Why didn’t you come out with you?” Harmon Leng took the lead to break the silence.

Leis, who was driving in front, couldn’t help but feel a chill. Is this the young master he knew.

I have never seen a girl he talks to.

Harmon Leng, who was sitting at the back, seemed to be gossiping again and watched coldly.

Leis saw his body shake and continued to concentrate on driving.

“I can’t find my uncle.” Tanya An said grievously with her slumped mouth.

“Where is your uncle?” Harmon Leng said in a deep voice.

“do not know.”

“Uh, all right.”

After that, Harmon Leng would say something to Tanya An from time to time. He didn’t know what was going on, so he wanted to talk to Tanya An very much.

“Master is here,” Leis said.

Harmon Leng helped Tanya carefully out of the car.

Tanya An looked at the hospital, her eyes brightened.

“This seems to be where I see a doctor.” Tanya An said.

Harmon Leng hurriedly took Tanya into the hospital when he heard it.

At this time, Alton Ye had turned the entire hospital over, but he still found Tanya.

Chapter 224

At this time, Alton Ye had turned over the entire hospital, but still could not find Tanya.

“Throw all the people out for me, and you must find the madam.”

When the subordinates heard Alton Ye’s voice, they were scared.

Alton Ye walked as if they were them, and said his heart, knowing that he would not leave the ward for half a step.

Leis on one side held Tanya carefully so as not to hurt his arm.

On this side, Alton Ye strode out of the hospital.

Tanya An walked into the hospital and his eyes lit up instantly.

With just a glance, Tanya saw the man. Although he couldn’t see his face, he was so dazzling.

Just because you look at you in the crowd, you can find that person is you.

Tanya An broke free of Leis’s hand and ran forward.


Leis hadn’t yelled yet, but Harmon Leng beside him did not speak.

Tanya An ran a few steps with a sweet smile on his face.


Alton Ye heard a familiar voice as he walked.

There are a lot of people in the hospital, and there are also those who stopped to look at them.

Alton Ye stopped, and with a glance, he saw the person who worried him.

Alton Ye reacted and hurriedly walked towards Tanya An, his feet hurried.

Tanya An didn’t care about three or seventy-one, no matter what his illness was, she rushed towards Alton Ye like a butterfly.

Alton Ye caught Tanya An accurately, and Tanya An’s furry head rubbed Alton Ye’s arms.

“Tanya, where are you going? I’m going crazy.” Alton Ye pushed Tanya away and said loudly.

In this way, Alton Ye was really angry, he was scared, afraid that Tanya An would disappear.

James Yi also looked at Alton Ye in surprise. He had never seen his father lose his temper with his wife, but he also knew that his father was too worried.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye in surprise. She had never lost her temper with her. She squatted her mouth for a while and looked very wronged!

Harmon Leng, who stood behind Tanya An, looked at Tanya An, thinking that this was Tanya An’s family, because of the uncle Tanya An called out.

Harmon Leng stepped forward blankly, and Leis followed in the footsteps of his young master.

“Mr., you can’t even watch your relatives and let an injured girl be outside. Is there any reason to blame her now?” Harmon Leng said coldly.

Leis on the side heard Harmon Leng’s words and felt a bit cold. When did his young master become so nosy.

Hearing the man’s voice, Alton Ye raised his head, looking at Harmon Leng with cold eyes.

Two people don’t know each other, even if they are in Svalborne.

When Harmon Leng saw Alton Ye, his eyes flashed with surprise, but it was fleeting.

The auras on the two men were too strong, but Harmon Leng was still inferior to Alton Ye’s kind of king-like aura, and the feeling of looking over the world.

“Who are you?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

Leis on the side looked at Alton Ye, not knowing what was going on, he would be gathered by the breath of him.

Even if I have been with my young master for a long time, the aura on my young master is different from him.

“You are not qualified to know me.” Harmon Leng said coldly.

Alton Ye heard Harmon Leng’s words as if he heard a joke.

“This gentleman, we saw this young lady on the side of the road, so we sent her to the hospital.” Leis said coldly.

Alton Ye did not look at Leis, but looked down at Tanya An.

Take off his coat and put it on Tanya An.

“Do you know what’s wrong?” Alton Ye was so serious for the first time.

When Tanya An heard that Alton Ye was still blaming herself, her small mouth became even worse, and her eyes were red.

“What? You said you could sleep with me, but I didn’t see you when I woke up. I wanted to find you, but I couldn’t find it. So I went out to find you. You said yes, Accompanying me, I am afraid, I dare not stay in the ward, the process of being tied up will appear in my mind.” Tanya An said with a choke of Alton Ye’s clothes.

When Alton Ye heard Tanya An’s words, his heart suddenly picked up. After all, he was not good.

Alton Ye hugged Tanya An in his arms and patted her on the back.

“Sorry baby, I left because of something. I’m really sorry, forgive me.” Alton Ye said reproachfully.

Tanya An sobbed in Alton Ye’s arms.

Harmon Leng behind him looked at the two people in surprise.

I thought that the two people were uncles and nephews, but I didn’t expect this relationship.

Alton Ye pushed Tanya An away, picked up Tanya An, and prepared to go to the ward.

“Uncle, these two people sent me back.” Tanya An said.

“I see.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

After speaking, he must leave with Tanya.

“We will meet again.” Harmon Leng said with a light smile.

“Goodbye,” Tanya An said with a smile.

This smile was clear, and it struck Harmon Leng’s heart deeply.

Alton Ye turned his head and looked at Harmon Leng coldly, with vigilance and warning in his eyes, but Harmon Leng was not afraid.

Harmon Leng watched, and raised his hand and waved to Tanya.

Alton Ye sneered while holding Tanya and strode away.

James Yi glanced at Harmon Leng meaningfully, and then followed Alton Ye.

Harmon Leng stood there with a playful smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Go check the man’s identity, and tell me directly after checking it.” Harmon Leng said coldly.

“Yes.” Leis said respectfully.

Harmon Leng felt that there was nothing wrong, so he left the hospital.

In the ward.

Alton Ye kept wiping tears to Tanya and apologized, but he still cried.

“Baby, stop crying, okay.”

“I cry, I cry.”

Alton Ye had no choice but to wipe Tanya’s tears.

Standing there, James Yi looked at him, feeling cold, and said to his heart that he was indeed the master who could shock his wife.

“James Yi lets the ministers not need to look for them, let’s go back first.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“I already said it.” James Yi said.

After speaking, Alton Ye continued to coax Tanya.

Tanya An raised her head, looking at Alton Ye grievously, her mouth narrowed.

“I’m hungry.”

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An dumbly, but shook his head helplessly.

James Yi had already brought over what Zhang Ma had made.

“You go back to the company first, and I’ll take care of the next thing.” Alton Ye said in a hurry.

“Yes.” James Yi said respectfully.

After James Yi left, Alton Ye and Tanya were left in the ward.

What Alton Ye told Zhang Ma to do was light, and looking at these things, it was really light enough.


Tanya An was drinking the porridge that Alton Ye had fed her, when she heard someone calling her, she turned around and saw Ruan Qingchen and Milsa Ruan.

“Well, Milsa, you are here.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Alton Ye didn’t welcome them very much, and his eyes were full of air-conditioning. Except that Milsa Ruan was a bit embarrassed, Ruan Qingchen didn’t show any humility to Alton Ye.

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