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Chapter 210

After Milsa Ruan left the company, she drove to the way she had just agreed with Tanya An.

At this time, Tanya An had arrived at the place that had an appointment with Milsa Ruan.

Tanya An sat in the cafe, sipping her favorite bubble tea, in a good mood.

“Jingle Bell.”

“Jingle Bell.”

Tanya An smiled sweetly when she saw the caller ID.

“Uncle, guess what I am doing now?” Tanya An asked with a smile.

“Meet your girlfriend outside.” Alton Ye said surely.

Tanya, who was drinking pearl milk tea, almost didn’t spit out a mouthful when he heard it.

“How did you know?” Tanya asked in surprise.

“You, I don’t understand yet.” Alton Ye said with a smile.

“Hehehe, I’m outside now.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Tanya, do you have any special places you want to go to play?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

“There are many, but I hope to go to Paris.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Then I will take you to Paris.” Alton Ye said softly.

“What, are you taking me to Paris?” Tanya An asked in surprise.

“Yes, don’t ask me why yet.” Alton Ye said.

“Cut.” Tanya narrowed his mouth.

“Boom boom Knock.”

Tanya An heard a knock on the door.

“Uncle, you should be busy, Milsa will be here soon.” Tanya An said.

“Well, be careful yourself and go home early.” Alton Ye said.

“Yeah.” Tanya An nodded.

Tanya hung up the phone and turned to stare out the window.

“Sister, sister.” Suddenly an anxious voice came into Tanya An’s ear.

Tanya turned around and saw a six or seven-year-old girl with anxiety on her face.

“What’s wrong with my little sister? Can’t I find my mother?” Tanya An asked worriedly.

“Sister, sister, it’s not cabbage. Just now, a beautiful sister had injured her foot. She asked me to come and find you.” The little girl said anxiously.

Tanya An’s face also became serious when she heard the little girl’s words.

“Little sister, do you know her name?” Tanya An asked.

“She said her name is Milsa Ruan, and that you are her best friend.” The little girl said tenderly.

Tanya An immediately became confused when she heard Milsa Ruan’s name.

“Little sister, where is she? Would you take your sister over there?” Tanya said anxiously.

“Go, I’ll take my sister over.” The little girl said.

Afterwards, the little girl ran out with Tanya An.

After walking for ten minutes, Tanya An felt that something was wrong when he came to a small alley.

“Little sister…” Tanya An turned her head, the little girl didn’t know where she went.

“Little sister, where are you little sister?” Tanya An shouted.

“Little… um.”

Tanya didn’t know what was going on, her mouth was covered by something, and she struggled very hard, but it was useless.

Tanya slowly lost consciousness and fainted on the person behind.


“Leave here quickly.”

“it is good.”

“You handle that little girl, don’t let her speak out.” The man said in a deep voice.

“Boss, don’t worry,” said a man with yellow hair.

Subsequently, Tanya An took away without being known.

the other side.

Milsa Ruan didn’t know that she had been impersonated and robbed Tanya away.

Milsa Ruan came to the place that had an appointment with Tanya An, but did not see Tanya An, thinking that Tanya An hadn’t arrived yet.

He sat aside and waited for Tanya An, and ordered a cup of coffee by the way.

As time passed bit by bit, Milsa Ruan never waited for Tanya An.

“What’s the matter with this little warm, why can’t it come.” Milsa Ruan said to herself.

With that said, he picked up the phone and prepared to call Tanya.

“Sorry, the call you are calling has been turned off, please try again later.

“What’s the matter, it’s turned off.”

Afterwards, Milsa Ruan played several times, but the voice of the mechanical sound without emotion was always on the other side.

All of a sudden, Milsa Ruan had a bad premonition.

“Waiter.” Milsa Ruan shouted.

“Miss, what do I need?”

“Have you seen this girl?” He showed the photo of Tanya on the phone to the waiter.

“Oh this girl, she was here just now, she drank a cup of milk tea and left in a hurry, as if something was going on,” the waiter said.

“I see, thank you.” Milsa Ruan said.

“You’re welcome.”

Milsa Ruan sat on the sofa, stood up, limped out, opened the car door and sat in.

Turning on the phone and looking for Alton Ye’s phone number, Milsa Ruan was very thankful, so she asked Tanya An for Alton Ye’s phone number.

Milsa Ruan waited for the call as if he had waited for a century, clapping her legs with her hands.

“Hello.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Hey Mr. Ye, I am Tanya’s friend Milsa Ruan.” Milsa Ruan said with a trembling voice.

Alton Ye heard Milsa Ruan’s words and took back the hand that was about to hang up.

For other women, Alton Ye would never pay attention, but who made this person a good girlfriend of his own baby.

“Something?” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Mr. Ye, did Tanya go back to find you? Or did you call her back?” Milsa Ruan asked anxiously.

Alton Ye frowned upon hearing Milsa Ruan’s question.

“No, isn’t she with you?” Alton Ye said coldly.

When Milsa Ruan heard Alton Ye’s words, she was thinking about playing. Milsa Ruan’s tears are almost streaming out now.

“I came here just now and I haven’t waited for Tanya for a long time. The waiter said Tanya ran out after drinking milk tea.” Milsa Ruan said with a trembling voice.

Hearing Milsa Ruan’s words, Alton Ye stood up abruptly, exuding the aura that no one should get near.

“Then you call.” Alton Ye said loudly.

Milsa Ruan was startled by Alton Ye’s sudden roar, and even tears rolled in her eyes.

“I hit, and after several hits, it was turned off.” Milsa Ruan said with a slight cry.


Just after Milsa Ruan finished speaking, Alton Ye hung up the phone.

“James Yi.” Alton Ye roared loudly.

James Yi heard Alton Ye’s voice and hurried to the office.

“Master, what’s the matter?” James Yi asked in a deep voice.

“Immediately send out everyone in the Hall of Blood Killing, and all the helicopters will be dispatched to find the lady. No matter what, you will find the lady. If you can’t find the lady, you will never come back.” Alton Ye said harshly.

James Yi looked at Alton Ye in shock. At this time, the violence and killing intent in Alton Ye’s eyes was raging.

James Yi didn’t know what was going on. Seeing how terrible his master was, he knew that it must be the wife.

Chapter 211

James Yi didn’t know what was going on. Seeing how terrible his master was, he knew that it must be the wife.

“Yes, I’ll do it right away.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

Having said that, James Yi has left the office and went to do what Alton Ye said.

Alton Ye stood in the office and took out the phone.

“Hey, master.” Christina Ye said respectfully.

“Now you and Chi Yan go out to look for your wife immediately. If the wife can’t find it, she will be sentenced to death.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Christina Ye heard Alton Ye’s words, as if he had fallen into the cold ice cellar.

“Master, something happened to the madam?” Christina Ye said solemnly.

“I’ll go out to look for it now, you all will go out with me to look for, even if you dig the Svalborne three feet away, you have to find the lady.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Yes.” Christina Ye said respectfully.

Alton Ye hung up the phone, picked up his clothes and keys, and hurriedly went out!

the other side.

Milsa Ruan drove the car to find Tanya. At this moment, Milsa Ruan was filled with deep self-blame.

If it hadn’t been for IoTanya An to come out, she would not disappear.

“Sorry, the phone you dialed is turned off, please try again later.”

“Tanya, don’t scare me, don’t make any noise.” Milsa Ruan said anxiously.

“Jingle Bell.”

“Jingle Bell.”

Milsa Ruan was annoying, and the sudden call made Milsa Ruan’s mood even more irritable.

“Hey, who.” Milsa Ruan said impatiently with a Bluetooth headset.

“Oh, it’s been a long time since I haven’t seen you, my sister’s temper has grown again.” Ruan Qingchen said jokingly.

Milsa Ruan felt much calmer when she heard Ruan Qingchen’s voice.

“Brother, Tanya is gone, I am looking for her now.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

When Ruan Qingchen heard Milsa Ruan’s words, her smiley face instantly became somber and serious.

“Gone? What’s the matter? That man didn’t take care of her?” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

“No, it’s my fault, I asked Tanya to come out during work hours.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

“Well, no matter what, I will remember the fault this time on that man.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

Milsa Ruan doesn’t know, she doesn’t know yet.

“Brother.” Milsa Ruan shouted.

“I’ll book a plane ticket and go back now. As soon as you have news, you will leave and notify me.” Ruan Qingchen said in a deep voice.

“Yeah.” Milsa Ruan nodded.

After hanging up the phone, Ruan Qingchen asked his assistant to book himself a ticket back to Longcheng as quickly as possible!

Milsa Ruan hung up the phone, and unfortunately there was no gas after the car had just driven out.

“f*ck, there is no oil at this time.” Milsa Ruan cursed.

“Jingle Bell.”

“Jingle Bell.”

When Milsa Ruan saw the caller ID, she didn’t want to answer it, but in this situation, she has to answer it. It is important to find Tanya An.

“Andrew, my car is running out of gas. You have to ask someone to come and help me.” Milsa Ruan said.

Andrew couldn’t help laughing when he heard Milsa Ruan’s righteous words!

“Why, didn’t you just look like you would rather die than yield?” Andrew said.

“Andrew, shut up your mother, Tanya is gone, I am not in the mood to talk nonsense with you now, if something happens to Tanya, Mr. Ye will definitely not give up.” Milsa Ruan gritted her teeth and said.

Andrew heard Milsa Ruan’s words and stood up abruptly on the chair.

I took the clothes and ran out, not forgetting to tell Milsa Ruan to tell me the address!

At this moment, everyone was looking for Tanya, and Alton Ye had thrown out all his forces.

No matter what, you must find Tanya.

At this moment, Alton Ye didn’t look for Tanya An again, but drove directly to the old house.

“Master, here it is.” Ye Qi said respectfully.

Ye Qi had just come out of the Hall of Blood Killing. He was good at fighting, sniping, Sanda and various hidden weapons.

He had heard of Tanya An’s situation and was shocked.

Although I haven’t seen Tanya An, but seeing my master so nervous, my master must care very much.

Alton Ye opened the car door and walked down, his eyes filled with icy chill.

The hostility emanating from the whole body makes people afraid to approach.

Ye Shi followed behind Alton Ye and couldn’t help rubbing his arms.

Alton Ye walked to the gate, Ye Shi saw it, and took out the things he often used.

Pour something on the lock of the door, and the lock fell off easily, effortlessly.

At this time, it was the shift time, so the guards had not come.

Alton Ye headed all the way to the hall, wherever he passed, he was forced to retreat by the chill radiating from him.

“Mr. Madam, Master, Master is back.” The butler said respectfully.

When Aron Ye heard it, he put down his chopsticks, and Albert Ye and Bella Bai looked at each other.

“What is he doing again, is he still not smashing all my things?” Aron Ye said in a deep voice.

“Aron.” Bella Bai shouted.

Albert Ye did not speak, stood up, and walked outside the door.

Last time, Albert Ye originally wanted to settle accounts with Alton Ye, but Bella Bai stopped him.

At this time, Alton Ye walked into the living room with a cold body, Albert Ye looked at him blankly, and walked forward.

“What are you going to do this time?” Ye Qing said coldly.

I don’t know, Alton Ye didn’t care about Albert Ye at all, and walked directly over him to Aron Ye.

Staying alone, Albert Ye stood there awkwardly, clenched his fists, turned and walked in.

Aron Ye still stood there, eating his own.

“Where is she?” Alton Ye asked with a chill.

Aron Ye heard it and put down his chopsticks with a snap.

“A**hole, since you entered the door to now, are you supposed to say to Master?” Aron Ye said loudly.

“It’s not the first time you have met my b*stard. I’ll ask one last time. Where’s her?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Aron Ye said.

“Alton, what are you talking about? We really don’t know what you are talking about?” Bella Bai said.

“Brother, please tell the story anyway, don’t be so strong.” Albert Ye said solemnly.

“Where is it warm?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“Isn’t she with you, how would I know.” Aron Ye said in a deep voice.


Alton Ye’s hands suddenly patted on the dining table, Aron Ye and Bella Bai were startled.

“Return her to me. If she receives the slightest damage, I will destroy Ye Shi.” Alton Ye said harshly.

“Do you dare.” Aron Ye said loudly.

“Do you think I dare.” Alton Ye said coldly.

The father and the son were at war, and neither of them would regress.

Albert Ye looked at Alton Ye, stepped forward and looked at him coldly. He had been tolerating Alton Ye for a long time.

Chapter 212

Albert Ye looked at Alton Ye, stepped forward and looked at him coldly. He had been tolerating Alton Ye for a long time.

“The person in front of you, Alton Ye is your father.” Albert Ye said coldly while pulling Alton Ye’s collar.

Alton Ye looked at Albert Ye coldly, stretched out his hand, and broke Albert Ye’s hand off.

Albert Ye’s complexion was very bad, and he didn’t expect Alton Ye’s strength to be so great.

“I’ll say it again, tell me where she is?” Alton Ye asked with gritted teeth.

“Alton Ye, you can hear me clearly. I don’t care about your woman, and I didn’t touch her at all.” Aron Ye said loudly.

Alton Ye looked at Aron Ye coldly, with disbelief in his eyes.

For Aron Ye, he, Alton Ye, should never trust him anymore. Believing in him is tantamount to harming himself.

“You didn’t take her away?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“Dad, even if he doesn’t like your wife anymore, he won’t kidnap her.” Ye Qing said coldly.

Alton Ye looked at Albert Ye coldly, his mouth curled up.

“I hope so.” Alton Ye said coldly.

After Alton Ye finished speaking, he turned and left.

“Alton Ye, you came here now to ask my teacher, are you worth it for that woman?” Aron Ye said loudly.

“Don’t you think you have asked this question many times.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“I’m doing this for your own good.” Aron Ye said loudly.

“No need.” Alton Ye said coldly.

After Alton Ye turned around and left, he thought of something, turning his head to look at Ye Shi coldly.

“Order to go down. Until you find your wife, everyone in the old house will not be able to come and go freely until you find your wife. If someone leaves forcibly, then you don’t need to show mercy.” Alton Ye said harshly.

“Yes.” Ye Shi said respectfully.

“Alton Ye, you dare to imprison you Master, you rebellious son.” Aron Ye said loudly.

However, Alton Ye didn’t turn his head, and walked away.

Albert Ye looked at Alton Ye’s back, staring coldly.

Albert Ye watched Ye Shi ignore what Alton Ye had just said and walked directly outside.

Seeing Ye Shi, he hurriedly stopped Albert Ye who was about to go forward, his eyes were fierce, and his whole body exuded cold air.

“Second Young Master, the master has said just now, don’t make me embarrassed.” Ye Shi said coldly.

“Get out, don’t just be a subordinate.” Ye Qing said in a cold voice.

“Yes, I am a subordinate, but I am our master’s subordinate.” Ye Shi said blankly.

“You…” Albert Ye was speechless.

“The cold is good.” Bella Bai said in a deep voice.

Albert Ye heard Bella Bai’s voice, unwillingly walked to Bella Bai and sat down.

Aron Ye sat there, maybe he knew something.

“What’s wrong with that woman?” Aron Ye asked in a deep voice.

When Ye Shi heard Aron Ye’s words, he naturally knew who the woman was referring to.

“Old sir, I don’t know about this either.” Ye Shi said coldly.

After Ye Shi finished speaking, he turned and left.

And as Alton Ye said, Alton Ye’s old house really made Alton Ye show it, and the people in it were equivalent to being imprisoned.

Aron Ye was inside, and there was nothing he could do. He really couldn’t control his son Aron Ye.

At this time, after Alton Ye left the old house, he began to look for Tanya An.

“Jingle Bell.”

“Jingle Bell.”

“Hey, did you find it?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“No.” James Yi said carefully.

“No, you didn’t tell me anything.” Alton Ye shouted out of control.

“Master, calm down your anger.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“Go and find it for me.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Alton Ye hung up the phone, got in the car and headed to Yuwan.

Alton Ye returned home and wanted to see if Tanya An was at home if she was not turned on because her phone was charging.

However, when he got home, he didn’t see Tanya An.

“Sir, madam hasn’t come back yet?” Madam Zhang said.

“Sir, do you want me to tell them to cook dinner now?” Kimber said respectfully.

“Go away.” Alton Ye said.

When Zhang Ma and Kimber heard it, they looked at each other, not knowing what happened.

“Get out, get out.” Alton Ye roared loudly.

When Zhang Ma and Kimber heard that, they hurriedly backed out, they didn’t want to start the fire.

Alton Ye sat on the sofa all of a sudden, thinking about what happened to Tanya An.

If he knew that Fan Ling would kidnap Tanya An, he would have done it directly on that day.


Suddenly an anxious and worried voice came into Alton Ye’s ears.

The people who came were Ivan Han, Gary Mo and Saul Nan.

No matter what happens, the brothers and all of them will be the first to know, and they will be the first to come to each other, whether it is their own business or not, they will do their best.

Ivan Han came here quietly, sitting on the sofa, looking at Alton Ye worriedly.

As soon as they received Andrew’s call, they immediately put down their work and rushed over here.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s wrong with my sister-in-law?” Ivan Han asked quickly.

“Did you find it?” Gary Mo asked in a deep voice.

“I heard that you scattered all the people. I believe you will find them soon. Don’t worry too much.” Saul Nan said.

Alton Ye sat there with anger and worry in his heart.

“we are back.”

When everyone turned their heads, they saw Andrew walking in.

There was Milsa Ruan next to her. Milsa Ruan lowered her head, maybe because of herself, she didn’t dare to raise her head.

Andrew helped Milsa Ruan who was limping and came to sit down on the sofa next to her.

“Sorry, it was my fault for Tanya’s disappearance,” Milsa Ruan said.

“You’d better pray that Tanya is fine.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Tanya must be fine, and I have already told my brother, and my brother has returned.” Milsa Ruan said quickly.

Alton Ye looked up at Milsa Ruan’s words and looked at Milsa Ruan with sharp eyes.

Seeing Alton Ye’s gaze, Milsa Ruan couldn’t help feeling stiff.

“Your brother.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Andrew looked at Alton Ye and quickly walked to Alton Ye.

“Um… how powerful is that person?” Andrew said.

Milsa Ruan also realized that she had said something wrong and sat there uneasily.

“Ruan Qingchen and Tanya have nothing to do now. Tanya’s husband is me now, so I don’t need his help.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Ivan Han looked at Alton Ye and knew that Alton Ye rejected Ruan Qingchen in his heart.

Not for anything else, because Ruan Qingchen also likes Tanya An, so Alton Ye dislikes Ruan Qingchen very much.

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