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Chapter 165

Tanya picked up a piece of bread and gnawed it, and turned his eyes to the next box.

“Huh, what is in this box?” Tanya An asked.

Rena Ye took a sip of milk and picked up the delicately packed box on the table.

“Oh, this is the courier delivered this morning. It’s your sister-in-law.” Rena Ye said.

Alton Ye, who was applying ketchup to Tanya An, paused and turned to look at the box in Tanya An’s hand.

“What did you buy?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

“No, I didn’t buy anything.” Tanya An said.

Rena Ye looked at what Tanya An didn’t know, and took the box.

“I’ll take it apart.” Rena Ye said.

With that said, Rena Ye opened the box repeatedly.

After opening it, what caught everyone’s eyes was a watch, and it was also a limited edition Chanel.

“Wow, sister-in-law, your friend is so rich and gave you such an expensive watch.” Rena Ye said in surprise.

Tanya is also confused, she has never known such a person, except for Milsa Ruan.

“Could it be Milsa?” Tanya An said, biting her finger.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An’s dazed appearance, and guessed in his heart that Ruan Qingchen grabbed the watch for the purpose of making a call today.

“Eat first, you don’t like to bring these things anyway, I’ll save them for you.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye’s reaction seemed to be jealous.

Usually, Alton Ye would like to let Tanya An bring an expensive thing, but Tanya An is reluctant to bring it.

“Okay.” Tanya An said of course.

Rena Ye pouted while looking at Alton Ye’s appearance.

Seeing her brother jealous, but did not show it, Rena Ye really knelt.

After breakfast, Rena Ye still went to work in her own dessert shop. Recently, she was really busy to death, and she wanted to break one hour into two hours.

Alton Ye personally sent Tanya and Christina Ye to school, and he also went to the company.

Because today, it will be his first appearance in front of all employees of the company.

If it were not for Tanya An’s internship in the company, Alton Ye would still not show his face.

At this time, the hall downstairs of the Rockven Group was full of people.

“Hey, did the President really show up today?”

“This time it should not be wrong, and the special assistant personally informed it.”

“Wow, I’m so excited, I really want to see what the CEO looks like.”

“Yes, yeah, since I joined the company, I have never seen a president!”

“It’s not just you, we haven’t seen it.”


All the people are chatting and discussing.

“I’m coming.”

I don’t know who yelled, everyone who was originally noisy suddenly became quiet.

Because they remember James Yi’s words, the president hates the chattering people very much. If they see them being noisy, the president will definitely fire them. Also, they can’t take pictures when they see the president.

They don’t want to be expelled. In the Rockven Group, the salaries of their ordinary employees are higher than those of white-collar workers in other companies.

Moreover, coupled with holiday bonuses, they have one month’s salary. It can be three times as many as white-collar workers in other companies.

Under the curiosity of everyone, the limited edition Aston Martin stopped in front of everyone.

Under the gaze of everyone’s expectation, the car door opened slowly.

A shiny shoe and a long leg against the sky were revealed.

After Alton Ye’s whole body came out, everyone had already held their breath.

Tonight Ming Alton wore the same clothes he used to wear, a black coat, a pair of short boots under his feet, and the breeze blew the corners of the coat.

Alton Ye walked forward step by step, everyone looked at Alton Ye, feeling a little bit lost.

Because he couldn’t see what Alton Ye looked like at all, the mask on his face covered his true face.

Alton Ye walked there to look at them, with a look of rejection in his eyes.

“Why, don’t you have to work, or you are too free.” Alton Ye said coldly.

The first reaction everyone heard was that Alton Ye’s voice was so nice.

Alton Ye looked at them coldly, and looked at James Yi with sharp eyes.

James Yi saw it and fought a cold war, then looked at them seriously.

“What are you doing? I don’t want to do it, do I still not go to work?” Ye said loudly.

When everyone heard, they clambered away and returned to their jobs.

After that, Alton Ye took an elegant step, step by step to the exclusive elevator, to his office.

“Wow, the president’s voice is very nice.”

“Yes, I have never had such a nice voice.”

“Listening to the voice of the president, you know that the president must be a very handsome man.”

“I don’t know if the president has a girlfriend?”

“Even if it doesn’t, that person can’t be you.”

“Hey, let’s work.”

After Alton Ye walked into his office, he began to work with his head down.

“President, the person you asked me to go to a big selection has already been found, you have to go through it.” James Yi said and passed the information to Alton Ye.

Alton Ye reached out and took over the information and checked everyone’s information on it.

Later, Alton Ye pulled out fifteen sheets from the pile of materials.

“These five people have offended Tanya before, so don’t. These fifteen are enough. Arrange them to join the company next Monday.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yes, then I’m just passing this information over.” James Yi said respectfully.

Hearing these words, Alton Ye put down his pen and looked up at James Yi.

“Tomorrow Tanya will come to the company. You will arrange a position for Tanya personally. Don’t be too tired, but don’t be too relaxed.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Ming Alton’s orders kept on making complaints every night.

“Master, you treat your sister-in-law this way, can you treat us like this, we have not rested for a long time, and we also need to find a girlfriend.” James Yi said with tears in his heart.

“Yes, that, it’s Thursday today, Lord, are we going to rest this weekend?” James Yi asked expectantly.

“No rest, it’s almost the end of the year now.” Alton Ye said coldly.

As soon as Alton Ye said these words, Ye almost vomited a mouthful of old blood.

“Yes.” James Yi said.

“By the way, we won’t cooperate with Metz John Cena in the future. I will personally support her.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

James Yi heard it and looked at Alton Ye in shock.

“Master, you…” James Yi hesitated and stopped.

“Get out as soon as you have nothing to do.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Yes.” James Yi said.

James Yi really didn’t know what to say, so he was going out!

At this time, Tanya An didn’t know that his husband, Alton Ye, personally guided her to become an excellent designer.

Chapter 166

At this time, Tanya An didn’t know that his husband, Alton Ye, personally guided her to become an excellent designer.

the other side.

Tanya An has been sitting in the classroom, waiting to speak.

Sitting in front of the podium, Chen Borui thought to himself, could it be a gimmick.

“Excuse me, who is Teacher Chen Borui?”

Suddenly a cold voice came into the classroom.

“I am.” Chen Borui said in a deep voice.

“This is the list.” The visitor said coldly.

After speaking, he handed it to Chen Borui and left the classroom.

“Ms. Christina, what would it be?” Tanya asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know.” Christina Ye said in a deep voice.

“Okay.” Tanya An said.

Chen Borui walked to the podium, opened the information in his hand, and looked at the selected name.

“Teacher, what do you want to announce when you called us over today?”

“Yes, we have all been waiting in the classroom for a long time.”

Many classmates have already started to complain, and they still have to find an internship company.

“Classmates, I now have the information of 15 classmates in my hand. Guess what this will be?” Chen Borui said with a light smile.

“Teacher, is it the place you helped us find for the internship?”

“Teacher, let’s say it yourself, guess how troublesome it is.”

Chen Borui smiled and looked at the active classmates.

“Well, I have internship students selected by Rockven Group. In other words, 15 of you can go to Rockven Group for internship.” Chen Borui said in a deep voice.

After Chen Borui said these words, the classmates in the audience were in a mess.

They really couldn’t believe it, thinking that their ears were fake.

“Well, I will send you your resumes now. Some are selected, and some are not selected.” Chen Borui said.

In fact, this approach will disappoint many students. The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

Afterwards, Chen Borui sent them all their resumes, and the classmates were very happy.

The classmates who didn’t have it could only be silently lost.

Looking at the lost classmates, Chen Borui felt a little uncomfortable.

He also didn’t understand. He had submitted twenty resumes, so why only fifteen were left.

Tanya An looked at them, happy for them, and sad for them.

“Hey, no matter where you go for an internship, you can do anything as long as you work hard,” Tanya An said.

“Actually, you don’t need to work hard.” Christina Ye said suddenly.

The implication is that you don’t have to be tired, you can get what you want.

“No, I have to rely on my own strength.” Tanya An said.

Christina Ye looked at Tanya An’s steadfast look, nodded without speaking.

Chen Borui arranged everything and all the students left the school. Of course, some chose to live on campus.

When Tanya An left the classroom, she saw Milsa Ruan standing there and hurried over.

“Milsa, when are you going for an internship?” Tanya An asked you.

“Tanya, Hi Christina Ye.” Milsa Ruan said with a smile.

“Yeah.” Christina Ye nodded coldly.

“I’m going to pass tomorrow, how about you?” Milsa Ruan asked.

“It’s the same.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Let’s go, let’s go to dinner. After the internship tomorrow, we won’t be able to grow out to eat.” Milsa Ruan said with a loss.

“Okay, what’s the matter? We will still see each other frequently in the future.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Tanya, shall we not go home?” Christina Ye asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, let’s go to dinner, it’s already noon.” Tanya An said.

“But, the master will be worried.” Christina Ye said.

“It’s okay, there’s me.”

Suddenly a snoring voice came into their ears.

“Andrew, you have to follow too.” Tanya An asked.

“I have a treat.” Andrew said generously.

“Okay, since you have a treat, we don’t have to be polite, Tanya, let’s go.” Milsa Ruan took Tanya and walked out.

Andrew and Christina Ye walked side by side.

“Went there last night.” Andrew said.

“Yeah.” Christina Ye said coldly.

“How is it?” Andrew asked in a deep voice.

“She.” Christina Ye said coldly.

Andrew was a little surprised when he heard it, but in the end he laughed, with sarcasm and sternness.

“I’m really not afraid of death.” Andrew said coldly.

“By the way, Chen Borui is not easy, please pay attention to it at school.” Christina Ye said coldly.

“I know, it’s just that Alton said, he didn’t do anything now, so he didn’t check her, as long as he didn’t do anything to his sister-in-law.” Andrew said seriously.

“Yeah.” Christina Ye nodded.

The two left and discussed, Milsa Ruan in front stopped.

“Hey, you two hurry up.” Ruan Qing urged.

Andrew and Christina Ye heard them, looked at each other, and then followed Milsa Ruan and the others.

“Where are you taking the two of us? Don’t forget, you have to go to work in my company tomorrow?” Andrew said in a deep voice.

Milsa Ruan rolled her eyes when she heard Andrew’s words.

“Why are you so much nonsense, I have already reported to everyone, and you are afraid that I won’t be able to run.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Cut, it’s rare that you can’t run, I just let you know that it’s wrong to delay time.” Andrew said!

“Cut, rest assured, no one will delay you.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Well, how come you two face each other as soon as you meet, it’s really a happy couple.” Tanya An said.

“Walk around.” Milsa Ruan said.

Milsa Ruan pulled Tanya into Andrew’s car unceremoniously.

Andrew only smiled faintly when he saw it, and then got into the main driving car.

“Where to eat?” Andrew asked.

“Xu Ji Mala Tang.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

Andrew heard Xu Ji Mala Tang and turned his head to look at them in confusion.

“I don’t know.” Christina Ye said coldly.

“Just like you, I’m ashamed to take us to dinner.” Milsa Ruan couldn’t help but said.

“Hey, I know I know, keep going forward, then turn left and you will be there, very close.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“My sister-in-law is gentle, not like her.” Andrew said.

Tanya An looked at Milsa Ruan and quickly comforted her.

“Stop making trouble.” Tanya An said.

Afterwards, Andrew drove a Porsche sports car to eat Mala Tang, which caused many people to watch.

Luxury cars, beautiful women, handsome guys, who is not excited when they meet.

Tanya and Milsa Ruan led Andrew and Christina Ye directly into the hidden corner.

“Boss, it’s still the same. This time, four servings, and then another meat sandwich and four bottles of juice.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Good.” The lady boss said with a smile.

Andrew sat there waiting anxiously. After all the food was brought up, who would have thought, Andrew was dumbfounded.

Chapter 167

Andrew sat there waiting anxiously. After all the food was brought up, who would have thought, Andrew was dumbfounded.

Milsa Ruan and Tanya have already started to eat, they think Mala Tang is the best and most delicious thing in the world.

“Hey, why don’t you eat it?” Milsa Ruan asked while eating.

Andrew heard this and turned to look at Christina Ye, and found that Christina Ye was eating casually.

“Do you like this thing?” Andrew asked.

Christina Ye heard it and looked up at Andrew indifferently.

“Since Tanya made it for you, you can eat it.” Christina Ye said in a deep voice.

In Christina Ye’s heart, she wanted to be different from others, this thing was rewarded by the master, so you can be content.

“Don’t eat it.” Milsa Ruan said while eating.

“You have to confront me today, right? When you enter the company, I don’t see if I teach you.” Andrew said gleefully.

“Oh, you can try it if you have the ability, try to see if the old lady dare to tear down your company.” Milsa Ruan gritted her teeth and said.

“Good men don’t fight women.” Andrew said.

Subsequently. Several people finally ate a meal quietly.

“Hiccup, so full.” Tanya An said with a hiccup.

“Pay and go.” Milsa Ruan said.

Andrew looked at Milsa Ruan, stood up and went to the lady boss to settle the bill.

When Andrew was checking out, he had no idea that they had left him alone in this place.

“Walk around.” Milsa Ruan said.

“What are you doing?” Tanya An asked.

“Don’t ask so much.” Milsa Ruan pulled Tanya and ran away.

“Hey, Ms. Christina hurry up.” Tanya shouted.

After the three people ran out, Milsa Ruan opened Andrew’s car door directly and sat in.

“Why do you have the key?” Tanya An asked.

“Secrecy, hum, I think this guy dare not mess with the old lady.” Milsa Ruan said.

“That’s not good.” Tanya An said.

“Tanya, which side are you on?” Milsa Ruan asked pretending to be angry.

“You.” Tanya An said without hesitation.

Milsa Ruan felt better when she heard Tanya An’s words.

In the shop, Andrew came back after checking out and went out without seeing Tanya.

Seeing that the car window was open, I quickly walked over and saw Milsa Ruan sitting at the main driver.

“Hey, get out of the car.” Andrew said in a deep voice.

“Please.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Dreaming.” Andrew gritted his teeth!

“This is what you said.” Milsa Ruan said.

Andrew heard his brow frown and looked at Milsa Ruan without understanding.

“Bye.” Tanya An said with a sudden smile.

“Weng humong.”

“Weng humong.”

Porsche went out all at once, leaving an angry Andrew alone.

“Milsa Ruan, wait for me.” Andrew roared.

Andrew scolded Milsa Ruan angrily.

“Hahaha, hahaha, I’m really too relieved.” Milsa Ruan said with a laugh.

Tanya An looked at Milsa Ruan’s happy face and shook her head helplessly.

“Ms. Christina, you said that according to Andrew’s character, how will Milsa live in his company in the future?” Tanya asked worriedly.

Christina Ye heard Tanya An’s question, thinking about Andrew’s temper.

“His temper is not very good. If he really wants to retaliate against someone, he will use his lifelong method.” Christina Ye said in a deep voice.

Tanya An was instantly worried about Milsa Ruan’s safety when she heard Christina Ye’s words.

“Milsa, you are miserable, you treat your boss like this, you will have a hard time in the future.” Tanya An said.

“Cut, you think I’m really afraid of him, the old lady is not easy to provoke.” Milsa Ruan said.

Tanya An turned her head to look at Christina Ye, shrugging helplessly, she was used to Milsa Ruan’s temper.

Milsa Ruan has been driving Andrew’s car.

“Let’s go have a drink.” Milsa Ruan said.

“Anyway, if you drive, you can go wherever you want.” Tanya An said.

“Ok.” Milsa Ruan said.

Afterwards, Milsa Ruan took Tanya to go hi.

Compared with Tanya An, he had a happy and worry-free life, but on the other side, he had a bitter drama.

“Paul, please don’t drive me away, I was really framed by Tanya An, please believe me.” Jennifer Lin cried and said.

This morning, Paul Yan’s mother Soho asked the servant to send Jennifer Lin’s things directly to the Lin family.

Moreover, as long as Jennifer Lin touched, touched, as well as the bed and quilt, all of them were thrown out by Soho, and they were all disinfected with disinfectant several times.

Jennifer Lin didn’t dare to go out these days, hiding herself in the room.

Seeing that my luggage from the Yan’s house appeared here today, he didn’t care about so much anymore and hurried to the Yan’s house.

Paul Yan looked down at Jennifer Lin, disgust and nausea in his eyes.

“Jennifer Lin, I treat you like a daughter, but you did such a thing and quickly get out of our Yan’s house.” Su He said coldly.

Jennifer Lin heard SoHo’s words and knelt towards SoHo.

“Mom, please believe me, it’s really not me.” Jennifer Lin said.

Su He looked at Jennifer Lin holding her leg and quickly pushed Jennifer Lin away, as if he had met a plague god.

“Who is your mother?” SoHo said coldly.

“Jennifer Lin I have nothing to do with you from now on. For you, I don’t owe you anything at all. Moreover, you know in your heart why I wanted to be with you. If you didn’t design me, I would never lose it. She, but I knew it was too late.” Paul Yan said coldly.

Jennifer Lin stood up abruptly when he heard Paul Yan’s words.

“Tanya An, it’s because of that bitch Tanya An, where is she better, why all of you have to turn around her, I love you so much, your eyes, why can’t you stay on me? “Jennifer Lin couldn’t help shouting.

Jennifer Lin revealed his original thoughts about Tanya An.

“In your heart, you always think of her like this,” Paul Yan said coldly.

“Yes, that’s it. I hate Tanya An. Why can she get so many people’s favor and why?” Jennifer Lin screamed.

“Jennifer Lin is my home here, don’t yell here.” So Ho said coldly.

Jennifer Lin’s words subconsciously exposed herself, and stepped forward and grabbed Paul Yan’s arm.

“Paul, please forgive me, as long as you forgive me, I will treat Tanya well in the future, okay?” Jennifer Lin pleaded.

Paul Yan looked at Jennifer Lin. If it were before, he would definitely comfort her.

But now, he didn’t want to look at her at all, because he thought she was too dirty and her heart was too vicious.

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