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Irresistible Romance has got all the ingredients to be termed as a super exciting romantic tale of two people. Both of them strange to each other, have within them all that it takes to form an everlasting bond based on love and affection.

Their union, however, isn’t conventional – they aren’t childhood friends, unaware of their love for each other for years, nor they are hopelessly in love in their college days, neither they are married so they can have time to love. Their love has fallen out of nowhere.

This fact makes the novel worth reading. But they have to go to a lot of different paths before they can meet to form this wonderful bond.

In this article, I will tell you about the storyline a bit, as well as a review which can be quite helpful for you to make your mind about reading it. So here we go, people!

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Irresistible Romance Novel: A Brief Summary

The female lead Yan Wen is the star of the novel in the true sense of the word – from beginning to the end she is the recurrent character that gets the reader to relate to her.

She is beautiful, smart, witty, and has a quite unique way of justice – all in all her charisma is undeniably enchanting. Yan Wen is engaged to this tall, handsome boy she thinks she is in love with. But there is always this uncertainty about her relationship with her fiance.

She is shaken out of her uncertainty when she finds her fiance in bed with someone who she has known for a long time – her friend. Seeing them she reacts in a way, you’d seen in movies eccentric people do in movies. She leaves the scene, without letting them know she was in there.

Now that she had gotten out of the trance of her erstwhile fiance, she makes her mind that she will make him realize how big a duffer he was to cheat on her.

Irresistible Romance Yan Wen and Her Path towards Revenge

Yan Wen, when leaving the scene was sure that she had been lucky to have found all of this about her fiance early on. But there was a gloom in her eyes when she saw all of that, she was never supposed to see.

She wants to hurt his cheat fiance badly and she has no plan on her mind. In this ambiguous state, she meets another man, who happens to be the president of a huge conglomerate. Knowing that the boy is looking for a suitable woman to marry so he could show her to his family.

Yan Wen in an idiosyncratic manner asked him to marry her to show his family. This was out of nowhere but the CEO agrees considering that she is far better than the girl his parents have chosen for her.

She is the envy of the town now. She has married the handsome CEO. Will she really take revenge for the disrespect that her fiance shown to their relationship? Or she will forgive them all and fall in love with this charming young man? To find out that all you need is to read the Irresistible Romance Novel Yan Wen.

Irresistible Romance Chinese Novel Read Online

Now that you have it all, what the story is all about, you must be wondering as to how can you read the Irresistible Romance novel read online?

Well, no worries. I am here to alleviate all your worries regarding the ways following which you can be able to read the novel.

Irresistible Romance novel online is available for you to access with a simple search on any search engine.

If you are one of those people who prefer PDF format for light reading, you can ask for Irresistible Romance Yan Wen PDF in the comment section below and our team will sort that out for you.

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In a Nutshell:

When the threshold of tolerance of a person is crossed that person becomes mercurial to an extent that will baffle you.

The same is the case with Yan Wen, she has had enough of the fake love she has had been showered by her fiance. She is on a path to take control of her life and make people regret whatever wrong they had done to her.

A page-turner, this novel must be in your November Read list, fellas

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