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Chapter 85

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, saw a memory card lying in his palm, frowned, “What is this?”

Yu Doudou’s face solemnly said, “My brother did not commit suicide, but was murdered.”

Ana Lin said that this sentence was not interested.

“Sorry, I still have things to leave.” She paid and walked towards the entrance with the card.

In a hurry, Yu Doudou ran forward and grabbed her by the arm. “Six years ago, my brother collected a sum of money. A woman gave him that money and asked him to kill a woman.”


It seemed that a shock of thunder struck Ana Lin’s head.

Six years ago, someone wanted to harm her?

“You are the woman my brother was going to kill, and you were lucky to not die, right?” Yu Doudou said her guess.

It was also after discovering the recording that Yu Doudou wanted to understand where Ana Lin’s disgust and disgust came from when he saw him.

Ana Lin grabbed the memory card in his hand and took a closer look. It should be a mobile phone memory card, which can only be used by old-fashioned mobile phones. Nowadays, the built-in memory of smart phones is already very high. Something, she put the memory card back into his hand, “Is there evidence in it?”

“If you have time, we can find a place to talk.” Yu Doudou knew that Ana Lin would agree.

Sure enough, Ana Lin agreed, and she also wanted to know who wanted to harm her back then.

You know, that car accident almost cost her a child.

“I know there is a cafe nearby, where shall I go.” Ana Lin walked to the front and led the way.

Yu Doudou followed her.

The coffee shop is near the community, she saw it last night.

Soon after arriving at the coffee shop, Ana Lin found a quiet corner and took a seat.

“Do you want something to drink?” Although Ana Lin wanted to know the truth quickly, Judging from Doudou’s appearance, he seemed very thirsty.

“I want water.” He was indeed thirsty.

Ana Lin gave the order to the waiter, “Give me two glasses of white water first, and I will call you again if necessary.”


The white water was brought up. After the waiter walked away, Yu Doudou poured a glass of water, Ana Lin said, “Let’s talk about it, what is going on.”

“Listen first.” Yu Doudou took out a mobile phone that can hold a memory card, opened it, put the memory card in, and then turned it on to find out the recording playback in the memory card.

There is only one paragraph, it should be recorded from the middle.

“If I killed that woman by car as you said, would I go to jail?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you go to lawsuit, let alone put you in jail. We used the brakes of the car in advance to pretend that the brakes of the car failed. You don’t need to bear much responsibility for the accident. , And if you are sick, I will help you. You have to know that you can get a lot of money, which you will not make in your life. This is a very good deal.”

“Don’t worry, even if you go to jail, I will get you out.” The woman seemed to be eager to convince him.

Casey He didn’t just want Ana Lin to taste the pain of the car accident, and wanted her life even more.

When Phillip Zong divorced her, let her leave the world completely, so that no one could threaten her, and Phillip Zong would belong to her.

It’s just that she didn’t count, someone will save her.

He also took her away from City B, and gave birth to a child six years after she left.

“According to this recording, I guess it was this woman who knew my brother needed money and knew that he was a truck driver, so she approached him and planned a car accident.” Yu Doudou put away the phone and said.

Ana Lin held her cheeks and recalled the female voice in the recording. It was very clear and familiar. She almost recognized who the voice belonged to.

The former Bai Zhuwei, now Casey He.

She caused Ida Zhuang to become mentally ill, and later Rios He controlled it. Now that there is no ordinary person, she doesn’t want to pursue it anymore.

The reason for not investigating is also because she is Rios He’s younger sister.

just now–

She always thought it was an accident of brake failure, but didn’t want to.

“Do you know who the woman in the recording is?” Yu Doudou asked tentatively.

Ana Lin raised his head and turned the water cup irregularly with his fingers. Instead of answering him, he asked, “I’m really curious, how did you get this recording.”

Yu Doudou’s face was stubborn, and then he lowered his head.

“Don’t want to say?” Ana Lin let go and stood up, “Thank you for telling me this.”

Yu Doudou suddenly raised his head, looked at her, and asked inconceivably, “Don’t you want to be held accountable? Someone wants to harm you.”

Ana Lin looked at him eagerly, “It’s my business not to pursue it.”

“But, don’t you think that the two of us have a higher success rate?” Together, he can make the person who killed his brother be punished by law, and she can also avenge the murder of her in the past. This is not the best of both worlds. Something?

Why can she be so plain after hearing this?

“But you have reservations about me, don’t you?” This incident did shock her, but it didn’t make her lose her mind. There were things he didn’t confess.

Yu Doudou lowered his head, rubbing his tense hands.

“When you confess, I will consider whether or not to cooperate with you.” Ana Lin looked out the window, her tone erratic, “That person, you can’t catch it if you have evidence.”

If it was before, it would be nice to say.

Now she is from Ho family.

Rich and powerful.

It is not easy to let her go.

“Wait—” When Ana Lin walked to the door, Yu Doudou stood up and looked at her back, “Sit down.”

Ana Lin turned around and looked at him, “Did you want to make it clear?”

Yu Doudou pressed her lips tightly and nodded.

Ana Lin sat back down again.

“If you want to cooperate, please tell me everything you know.”

Yu Doudou took a deep breath and looked at Ana Lin and said, “I have been checking my brother’s affairs, but there has been no clue until I received the call.”

“what phone?”

“My brother stored things in the Ping An Insurance before he was alive. When it expired, no one would pick it up. The staff called me.” Yu Doudou said truthfully, “I am a backup number, and my brother can’t contact me. Will contact me.”

Ana Lin did not answer, and quietly listened to him to continue.

“I, my brother seems to be stored deliberately.” Yu Doudou lowered his head.

“Why did he do this?” Ana Lin looked at him and asked.

The deceased is the big one, and he does not want to expose the unbearable behavior of his mother’s brother.

Bow his head silently.

Ana Lin waited for him a few minutes, but he still didn’t speak.

“You don’t tell me the truth, I don’t understand the ins and outs of things, how to cooperate? Since you don’t believe me, why stop me?”

“I didn’t distrust you.” Yu Doudou vetoed it immediately.

“This recording may have been deliberately recorded by my brother while he was talking to that woman. After the event was completed, my brother got the money-he might use this recording to ask her for money and threaten her before he would be silenced.”

After all, his brother will die because of greed.

Ana Lin also clarified everything. His brother was the driver who was bought by Casey He and tried to kill her. After the car accident, she went abroad, and his brother was too greedy. After taking the money, he went to blackmail Casey He. Extinct.

“What do you want to do, you won’t let the person who harmed you, right?” Yu Doudou asked urgently.

“Although the matter is clear, it is not easy to reverse this old thing.” Ana Lin stood up, “I still have things today.”

“I’ll send you.” Yu Doudou stood up, “I have a car.”

Ana Lin looked at him and nodded.

After getting in the car, Yu Doudou wrote her his mobile phone number, “This is my mobile phone number. You can contact me at any time. I will introduce it again. My name is Yu Doudou.”

Ana Lin took it and said, “I’ll write it down. Just call me Ana Lin.”

“Yeah.” Yu Doudou drove intently, and soon stopped in front of the shop being renovated.

Lena Qin waited anxiously at the door, and saw Ana Lin running over, “Why did you come?”

Chapter 86

“Something has been delayed.” Ana Lin explained.

“Telephone call.” Yu Doudou gestured towards Ana Lin in a gesture of calling, “If you need a car, you can also call me.”

Perhaps there is a common enemy, and the relationship is inexplicably closer.

Ana Lin nodded.

“Okay, then you are busy, I also have a sports car.” Yu Doudou waved his hand and drove the car away.

He has no income without leaving the car.

“Sister Lin, who is he?” Lena Qin asked gossiping.

Curious that she can make friends even in a taxi?

Ana Lin didn’t want to talk more about this matter, just smiled faintly, “Looking at you in such a hurry, who is looking for me?”

Lena Qin patted her forehead, “You see, I forgot the business.” She pulled Ana Lin, “I put people in the office, and the mess here makes the office better.”

The office belongs to Ana Lin, and she cleaned it up in advance.

Otherwise, there is no place to stay.

Ana Lin was curious about who was looking for her.

“Who, male and female.” She has no friends except Rios He.

“A lady who claims to be Mrs. Zong is pretty and very temperamental.” Lena Qin secretly glanced at Ana Lin’s expression.

Her ex-husband is Phillip Zong.

Is this Mrs. Zong her last mother-in-law?

Ana Lin frowned, Mrs. Zong?

Her marriage to Phillip Zong had no wedding, no ceremony, and she had never seen Phillip Zong’s family.

Mrs. Zong?

But as far as she knows, Mrs. Zong disappeared very early, could it be— Ana Lin seemed to have guessed it.

Wanda said before that Phillip Zong’s father married again shortly after his mother died.

So she can be called Mrs. Zong.

But what did she find herself for?

Ana Lin was full of doubts.

“People are inside, call me if you have something to do.” Lena Qin took Ana Lin to the door of the office without intending to go in.

Ana Lin nodded, and when Lena Qin left, she reached out and opened the door.

The office was cleaned up, that is, desks were placed, sofas, coffee tables, and the floor were placed in the negotiation area. The entire office was empty and there was no tea.

An elegantly dressed lady was standing in front of the French windows. Ana Lin didn’t see her face, she saw that she was well maintained, with her long hair in a bun.

She should have heard the movement, turned around and saw Ana Lin standing at the door, trying to ask, “Are you Ana Lin?”

At the moment she turned around, Ana Lin saw her looks clearly. Although she had been baptized by years, she could still see her outstanding appearance.

She clasped her hands above her abdomen, wore an Omega watch on her wrist, and carried a black satchel, plaid dress and black high heels on her right arm.

There is no extra jewellery attire, it is simple, but it exudes intellectual beauty.

“I am.” Ana Lin walked in, “Did you have anything to do with me? I am not familiar with you.”

Danna smiled lightly, “You entered the door of the Zong family, we should have met, it’s just—” Because Phillip Zong had a bad relationship with them, she didn’t want to take Ana Lin back.

After they received the certificate, Zong Qifeng called Phillip Zong and asked him to take Ana Lin back, but Phillip Zong refused.

The divorce later was also Phillip Zong’s personal decision, and he didn’t know until he had left them.

Ana Lin smiled in understanding, “I know.”

After all, Phillip Zong is a trading marriage, and it is normal for him not to introduce himself to his family.

“Sit down.” Ana Lin stretched out his hand and made a please gesture towards Danna.

Danna nodded lightly and sat down on the sofa.

Ana Lin sat opposite her, not speaking, just waiting for her to speak.

She took the initiative to find herself, she should have something to do.

Danna looked at Ana Lin, looking very young and beautiful, “When you married Phillip, I heard that you were only 18?”

Ana Lin nodded, “Yes.”

It was quiet for two seconds.

“Do you know that Phillip was going to get engaged?” Danna asked.

While speaking, her eyes were staring at Ana Lin’s face.

See her expression change.

Ana Lin answered honestly, “I know.”

“Later, I quit again, do you know?”

“I know.” Ana Lin lowered her eyes slightly, thinking in her heart, why she came to find herself.

Listening to her tone, it should be related to Phillip Zong.

“Then you also know why he turned off his engagement?”

Ana Lin didn’t know this.

She raised her head and looked at Danna, “I don’t know.”

She pointed to the office, “You see, I just came back from abroad. I don’t know the domestic affairs. I have divorced him, so I don’t know much.”

Although they didn’t apply for the certificate, Ana Lin subconsciously thought they had already left.

She remembered that Phillip Zong said at the time, let’s get a divorce.

After he said that, their marriage ended.

Danna was surprised, “You don’t know?” She obviously didn’t believe Ana Lin didn’t know, “He broke the marriage for you, don’t you know?”

This time it was Ana Lin’s turn to be surprised.

Because she retired?

Isn’t this nonsense?

“I think there may be any misunderstanding, you know, we have been divorced for so many years, how could it be because of me.”

Danna shook her head. There was definitely no misunderstanding. The information that Feng Shu found was that Phillip Zong retired Casey He’s engagement after seeing her in Country A.

Perhaps it was because they had been married and had feelings that after seeing her, Phillip Zong felt that he loved her, and the old relationship rekindled, and he withdrew from his engagement with Casey He.

“Zong family, He family, you should also have heard about it. In City B, they are all big families. If they two get married, they will join forces and it will be good for He family or Zong family.” Danna’s voice was very gentle. She looked at Ana Lin, “Before he went abroad to meet you, he was willing to marry Ms. He’s family. The two of them have a deep relationship. Our two families value this marriage very much.”

“So you came to want me to leave Phillip Zong?” Ana Lin was a little bit dumbfounded, “I think you really misunderstood. We are not together at all.”

It’s not better at all.

It was really the wrong person to come to her.

Danna frowned slightly, “Are you not together?”

Ana Lin nodded, and said with certainty, “No.”

“In order to divorce, he-self-injured, I didn’t see it. I heard the old man say that he used a fruit knife to insert into his chest-the purpose is to cancel the engagement.”

“What?” Ana Lin stood up suddenly.

How did the injury on his chest come from?

He hurt himself, is he insane?

Danna quietly watched Ana Lin’s reaction, she seemed to really not know her appearance.

“Why did he do this?” Ana Lin said that he didn’t understand.

“His engagement with Miss He was on the news, which also means that the two will have business dealings. If he breaks the contract first, he will bear certain responsibilities, and Miss He accidentally hit and rescued him when he was a child. After following him for a long time, he wants to divorce, not only has a great influence on Miss He, but also guilt for her.” That’s why Casey He said that when he wanted his life, he really attacked himself.

The purpose is not to owe her.

Danna sighed, “It seems that Miss He has a deep relationship with Phillip. I heard that she was very emotional about retiring.”

Chapter 87

Ana Lin lowered his head and remained silent, shocked by Danna’s words.

Last time he said that he had retired, she didn’t take it seriously, but just listened to it casually. She didn’t expect that he really retired.

“After he went to country A, his father was very angry when he came back and was retiring. The relationship between the two was very bad, and it was also very unhappy.”

Thinking of the relationship with Phillip Zong, Danna was also helpless.

Ana Lin clenched both hands, “You, how did you know?”

How do you know that Phillip Zong only retired after meeting her?

“He was about to divorce suddenly, his father was very angry, so he asked Uncle Feng at home to investigate, otherwise I won’t find you.” Danna said frankly.

Ana Lin suppressed the inner writhing, calmly said, “You come today—”

“I didn’t mean anything else. I just wanted to see you. At first, I asked Feng Shu to investigate this matter. I really wanted to prevent Phillip from canceling the engagement, but he had already retired the marriage in a self-harming way. He has no choice. He can ignore the women he has been with for a long time. He is determined to think about it. His dad has nothing to do with him. That’s all.” Danna looked at Ana Lin.

“I came to see you because of my own intention, no one knows.”

In her opinion, it must be Ana Lin that Phillip Zong can cancel the engagement so resolutely.

Knowing that Phillip Zong retired because of his ex-wife, she was curious to see what kind of woman Phillip Zong’s ex-wife was.

I didn’t see it when I got married. Now that Uncle Feng just found the information, he came to find her.

Ana Lin couldn’t react a little, thought she was here to find herself to leave Phillip Zong, and asked him to continue to be engaged to Casey He before coming to her.

Who knows, it’s not.

Danna saw Ana Lin’s bewilderment and smiled, “You and Phillip haven’t been married for a long time. You may not understand his temperament. No one can stop him from doing what he has to do. I disagree, but in the end I can only compromise.”

Ana Lin half stared at her eyelids, and if there was a helpless smile at the corners of her lips, she had not been married to Phillip Zong for a long time, and had not been together for a long time, but his style of behavior was really good. Experience.

Take the matter of her return home this time.

If Phillip Zong hadn’t gotten in the way, she would not have come back.

Obviously, whatever he wants to do, no matter what means he uses, he will achieve his goal.

“Excuse me today.” Danna stood up, “I have been out for a long time, so it’s time to go back.”

Ana Lin also stood up, “I will send you out.”

Danna smiled and did not refuse.

“Be careful.” Ana Lin reminded him when he walked out of the office, there were decoration materials on the ground outside, making it easy to trip.

Danna looked at Ana Lin and smiled softly, her first impression of Ana Lin was very good, “I hope you don’t tell anyone about what we meet.”

She has a bad relationship with Phillip Zong.

If you let him know that he has met Ana Lin, he is afraid of causing unnecessary misunderstandings.

“I see, I won’t tell anyone.” Ana Lin agreed.

Walking out of the store, the driver saw her coming out and hurriedly opened the door, “Madam.”

Danna bent over and sat in. The driver closed the door and lowered the window. She looked at Ana Lin, “I have never seen Phillip be so affectionate to that woman.”

The head of the heart is kuding tea mixed with vinegar, so bitter, which makes her very contradictory.

Knowing that Phillip Zong really retired, or because of her, saying that he didn’t feel it was a lie.

But her feelings for Phillip Zong, she herself is not sure.

Danna wanted to say something, but she turned a corner when she said, “His mother passed away early, and she treats me in her heart–if you can, please take care of him.”

Ana Lin pursed his lips, not daring to agree easily.

Take care of him?

Even if he retires, they will not be possible.

There are too many people and things between them.

“He has someone to take care of, I’ll forget it.” Ana Lin refused.

Danna sighed. After all, the two are already divorced. There is always a process to get back together. So she turned off the topic and said with a smile, “Okay, by the way, when will your store open? Don’t forget to pass it to me. An invitation.”

“Good.” Ana Lin also smiled.

“Let’s go.” Danna faintly ordered.

“Yes, ma’am.” The driver quickly drove the car away.

Ana Lin stood by the side of the road, looking at the car going away, she couldn’t understand Danna.

From the mouth of my mother, she knew that Phillip Zong’s relationship with her was not good.

She thought that Phillip Zong’s stepmother would be the same woman as Elvira Shen, with a pretty face, but a vicious heart.

But the contact is completely different.

She feels gentle and elegant, very temperamental, different from those coquettish three children.

totally different.

It almost subverted her perception of the third party.

“Sister Lin.” Lena Qin walked out of the store, stood beside Ana Lin, and asked curiously, “What is she looking for?”

If it wasn’t for Phillip Zong’s means and the marriage did not retreat, this meeting should have separated her from Phillip Zong.

The funny thing is that she has never been with Phillip Zong.

But in the eyes of others, she was the initiator of Phillip Zong’s resignation.

Is she wronged?

She said she was hiding it from everyone, so she just wanted to see her.

“It’s nothing.” Ana Lin turned to look at Lena Qin, “Sister invites you to eat?”

“Okay.” Lena Qin hugged Ana Lin, “I’m almost exhausted. I have to watch the decoration. You can’t treat me. You not only want to invite me, but also treat me to a big meal. , It is regarded as rewarding me.”

Although she was complaining on her mouth, there were no complaints on her face, but a very happy look.

The lunch is over, so I’m not happy.

“Okay, you choose the place.” Ana Lin promised, knowing she was joking, but she was really tired.

She was almost all staring at the store.

“Really, I choose the place?” Lena Qin asked with a smile.

“Really.” Ana Lin also smiled and replied in the affirmative, “If you have a meal, I can lie to you.”

“Good.” Lena Qin stretched out her small hand and pointed to the Kangting Hotel not far away, “Where am I going to eat.”


“Why don’t you bear it?” Lena Qin put her arm around Ana Lin, and put her chin on her shoulder acting like a baby. “Sister Lin, you can’t be so stingy, you promised me.”

“Well, I promised, I will do it, let’s go.” She makes a lot of money, but she has two children. For the sake of the children, she saves money and does not spend money.

Unless it is for children, they will not be stingy and give generously.

She is very stingy to herself.

“Go?” Lena Qin actually made a joke. She knew that the money Ana Lin made, except for expenses, almost had to be saved.

“Of course, Sister promised you.” Taking advantage of the green light, Ana Lin pulled Lena Qin across the road.

“Sister Lin, I’m just kidding. Now Xiao Xi and Ruth have grown up slowly. There are a lot of places where money is needed, so you can’t just waste it.” Lena Qin pulled Ana Lin to go back.

“A meal can make me poor?” Ana Lin grabbed Lena Qin and leaned toward her ear. “Actually, I have never been to such a place alone to consume. I will be presumptuous today. See if the domestic five-star is the same as the foreign one.”

She goes in and out a lot of five-star hotels and restaurants, but she does not consume it herself. She is also a famous designer, participating in events, socializing and other places like this.

“Then can I order Australian big lobster?” Lena Qin acted like a baby at Ana Lin.

“Yes -” Ana Lin smiled, and inadvertently looked up to find the entrance of the hotel, with a woman standing with her arms around her chest, staring at her gloomily at the moment.

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