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Chapter 82

The bedroom based on light blue does not lose the childlike innocence, but also looks particularly warm. At first glance, it is carefully arranged.

Daniel was sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the window, looking down at something, looking attentively, and didn’t feel anyone coming in.

Ana Lin walked in lightly and looked at what Daniel was watching from behind. When he saw what he was browsing on the tablet, Ana Lin almost collapsed.

“Daniel, what are you doing?!”

Daniel was startled by the sudden sound, and the only awakeness left told him to quickly close browsing the web, otherwise he would be finished when Mommy saw him.

He was too anxious, the tablet couldn’t hold it firmly, and it fell to the ground with a snap. The page displayed on it was the same page he was browsing. Daniel stood over and tried to block Ana Lin’s vision.


Ana Lin grabbed his son by the shoulders, pulled him apart, bent over to pick up the tablet, and the Baidu homepage also showed search keywords; what’s the use of Durex.

The search results spread across the entire screen, and there are several advertisements that are difficult to capture by men and women.

He is only five years old!

Ana Lin trembled with anger.

“Daniel, tell me clearly, why would you look at these things? Who taught you?!” Ana Lin was really angry this time.

Daniel lowered her head, knowing that she was wrong, and hurriedly apologized, “Mummy, I was wrong.”


If she admits wrong, she won’t be held accountable.

Ana Lin turned off the flat screen and sat on the side of the bed. She wouldn’t just leave it alone today.

“Tell me, why do you watch these, and who taught you these?”

Daniel thought for a while, he couldn’t tell the teacher about this, and the teacher would not help him after saying it.

In the future, he will take revenge on that unscrupulous man and still need the help of the teacher.

He lowered his head and clasped his fingers, “I was playing a game, and suddenly there was an advertisement called Durex. I just took a Baidu to see what it was and what’s the use.”

“Really?” Ana Lin obviously didn’t believe it.

“Then tell me what’s going on.” Ana Lin found the news and passed it to him, “Tell me, why did you do this, and who taught you to do it.”

Ana Lin said that he did not believe that he could do such a thing alone.

Daniel first denied that anyone helped herself, “I was right in this, but no one taught me, it was me who wanted to do this.”

Ana Lin sneered, “Then you are talking, why do you want to do this?”

Daniel’s eyes rolled and whispered, “I played a game and saw this advertisement. I knew from Baidu what it was for. When I went to eat, I saw the bastard, so I bought it in the supermarket and deliberately said it was him. It made him embarrassed.”

In fact, he just saw Baidu before he knew what it was and what it was for.

Daniel explained things without loopholes, no one taught him, he did it himself.

Ana Lin became even more angry. How could he, a five-year-old kid, do such a thing?

“You, why do you hate him so much? You did it once last time—”

“I just hate him!” Daniel suddenly raised her head and looked at her, “He bullied me Mommy, I just want him to be embarrassed and embarrassed!”

Ana Lin frowned, he was not like this before, and he seemed to remember Phillip Zong.

This is not good.

“You are not allowed to do this in the future.”

“I don’t, he is a bastard, why can’t I retaliate against him?” Daniel was not convinced, the grief abandoned them, should he still respect him?


Ana Lin didn’t expect that he would react so much, frowning, and patiently saying to him, “Xiao Xi, you are not doing this right.”

“Who is wrong!” Daniel determined that it was Phillip Zong who had abandoned him and Mommy.

This time I came back to retaliate against him.

Do nothing, does he still make sense when he comes back?

Ana Lin was also annoyed, “Say, you are wrong.”


Angrily Ana Lin raised her hand and wanted to hit him, but seeing her son’s tender face, she couldn’t do it after all.

Ana Lin took away his tablet, phone, watch, and all electronic products in anger. “No dinner is allowed today. I thought about it when I knew it was wrong and when to eat.”

Daniel didn’t refute, anyway, he would not respond to Mommy’s words, and would not trouble Phillip Zong.

If you don’t eat, you won’t eat, and you won’t die if you don’t eat two meals.

It’s just that Mommy took away his phone watch, so he can’t contact the teacher anymore.

“What’s wrong with you, making such a big fire?” Ida Zhuang asked when his daughter came out.

She rarely spoke to Daniel so loudly, this was the first time.

“Mom, you will take them at home in the future and will not allow him to go out.” Ana Lin put all the confiscated things in the drawer and locked it.

Then help Ida Zhuang clean up the house.

The family has everything, just put the things they brought together.

“He is a child, what is worth your anger so much? Besides, Xiao Xi is already very sensible. He is much more mature than a child his age.”

“He’s just too mature, and he’s not obedient now. Children still have to look like children.” Ana Lin was very angry when he thought of what Daniel had seen.

Ana Lin is rarely angry so much, maybe Daniel really made some mistake.

Ida Zhuang deliberately changed the subject, “When I go to the supermarket, buy some things, and buy some flowers by the way, my family will be angry.”

She placed Ana Lin’s winning trophy and looked back at her daughter, “Do you have anything to buy? I will buy it for you.”

I just came back and there are many things to buy. Ana Lin wrote a list to Ida Zhuang, “I want these.”

Ida Zhuang took a look, then put it away, “Write it down, I won’t forget it.”

“You haven’t taken a break since you came back. You should be tired? I’ll take the two of them when I go out. You can sleep at home for a while.” Ida Zhuangg drove Ruth’s car, and it would be more convenient to go out and push her later.

Ana Lin was indeed a little tired, but worried that it would be inconvenient for Ida Zhuang to take the children. “Stay at home and I will take care.”

“It’s not that I haven’t taken the two of them out together.”

In Country A, Ida Zhuang took care of the two of them. Ana Lin nodded, “Don’t bring Xiao Xi, let him reflect on it at home.”

Ida Zhuangg turned around, “I see, you go to bed.”

Ida Zhuang packed up, put Ruth who was still asleep in the cart, and then went to call Daniel. At this moment, Daniel was still standing by the bed, standing in the same posture as Ana Lin when he left.

Ida Zhuang came over and rubbed his hair, “Making your mother angry?”

Daniel bowed his head and said nothing.

Ida Zhuang sighed, “It’s okay, she won’t be really angry with you, walk out with me, I will show you outside to see the difference between domestic supermarkets and country A.”

“My mom—”

“She went to bed, and besides, if I take my grandson out, what can she say?” Ida Zhuangg said righteously, “She is your mother and can take care of you, but I am your mother’s mother, so she can keep going. my words?”

Daniel smiled and nodded vigorously. He was about to go out and see the city.

The place to live here is really good. Not only is it close to the store, it is also close to the large shopping mall.

Ruth woke up when she was on the road and knew she was going out, very happy.

They went to the first floor, where they sold vegetables, and Ida Zhuang planned to buy some vegetables and meat.

“I want to eat this.” Daniel pointed to the green shrimp.

Yu’s mother was also shopping here. Hearing the crisp and tender voice, she looked up and saw the boy opposite herself, who looked very handsome, especially the eyes were the same as the young master’s childhood.

Chapter 83

Daniel likes to eat shrimp, Ida Zhuang smiled and said, “Okay, buy it.”

“I want too.” Ruth likes to follow suit most. Whatever her brother wants, she wants what she wants, no matter if she likes it or not, she wants it.

“Okay, buy them all.” Ida Zhuang is used to it, she does.

Wanda looked at Daniel and then at Ruth who was talking, the boss with open eyes, how the two children are so beautiful and their eyes are so bright, almost the same as when Phillip Zong was a child.

“This shrimp, I know which one is fresh.” Mother Yu walked over and looked at the two children, “This is—”

Ida Zhuang wasn’t surprised that someone approached him. In the past, as long as she took the two of them out, someone would always look at them or say a few words.

She is used to it.

“My grandson.”

“It looks so good.” Yu’s mother’s eyes were reluctant to leave the two children, she looked so attractive.

Ida Zhuang smiled, yes, these two children are the motivation for her to live. Taking care of them for her daughter is her task for the rest of her life and her happiest thing.

“Good grandma.” Daniel has a very sweet mouth.

“You too.” Wanda stretched out her hand to touch his head, “What’s your name?”

“My name is Daniel.”

“It sounds good.” Wanda thought in her heart that the child was good-looking and the name was so good.

“Why don’t you ask me, grandma?” Ruth was a little upset, blinking at Wanda.

She asked her brother, but didn’t ask her, is she not as good-looking as her brother?

“No, I didn’t ask you.” Yu’s mother laughed, this child is too cute, so young, I know that I will be jealous of my brother.

“What’s your name?” Wanda smiled and asked after her.

“My name is Ruth, and my brother and I follow Mommy’s last name.” Ruth said happily.

Wanda was taken aback, with their mother’s surname?

“Did you just say that the shrimps are fresh?” Ida Zhuang interrupted Yu’s mother’s catching. Normal children are with their father’s surname, but when they hear it is with their mother’s surname, they will find out the situation in their home.

She doesn’t like people thinking about things in their home.

“Oh.” Wanda pointed not far away, “That house, I’ll take you there. I am a regular customer, so I won’t be fooled by you.”

Wanda walked to the front and led the way very enthusiastically.

Ida Zhuang followed behind with the cart.

When they arrived at the stall, Wanda greeted the boss, “Are the shrimps fresh today?”

“Fresh, fresh, take a look.” The boss picked up the shrimp with a net, and the shrimp got out of the water and jumped wildly, very lively.

“You are a regular customer. It’s not the first time you have eaten my shrimp, knowing that the new one is not fresh.” The boss is very good at saying, “You come to buy, I will give you the lowest price, charge you 48 per catty, how about? I will not sell it after 60.”

“Bring me two catties.” Wanda was very refreshing, and the card Phillip Zong gave her was unlimited.

She is rich.

She is not someone who spends money randomly. She usually negotiates prices, but the owner is too familiar with her, and the other family’s products are really not sold if they are less than 60%.

She always buys his shrimp, knowing that he is not deceiving.

“Two catties in twos should be—”


The shrimp seller hadn’t figured it out yet, Daniel had already figured it out orally.

The boss was stunned for a moment, and he pressed equals. The number that appeared on the calculator was indeed 110.4.

“How old is the kid? So smart.” The boss laughed, seeing such a beautiful child for the first time, and he was so smart.

“I’m five years old.” Daniel was not proud of the boss’ compliments, so the calculation couldn’t be easier.

The boss handed the shrimp to Yu’s mother, “Your relatives, who is so lucky to have such an excellent child.”

Wanda took the shrimp, inexplicably because the boss was not happy, because such a beautiful child is not a relative of her.

His face sank and handed him the money, “Here.”

The boss smiled and didn’t get angry.

Wanda, who was holding the shrimp, handed it to Ida Zhuang, “For you.”

Ida Zhuang waved his hand quickly, “We can’t ask for this, I just buy it myself.”

“It’s not a precious thing. I just think your child is cute. I won’t give it to someone else.” Wanda couldn’t refuse and put the shrimp in their shopping cart.

“How embarrassing it is.” Ida Zhuangg reached out to get the shrimp in the shopping cart, and wanted to return it to Wanda, but Ruth suddenly said, “Thank you grandma.”

Ida Zhuang, “…”

This child.

“Oh, don’t thank you.” Ruth’s voice was sweet, and Wanda was amused by her.

Ida Zhuang couldn’t shirk anymore after Ruth got it done, so he said, “I’m sorry, thank you.”

Wanda waved her hand quickly, “No, no thanks.”

“We have to buy something, so we will leave first.” Ida Zhuang said.

“it is good.”

Yu’s mother stared at Daniel and wanted to get along with these two children, but after all, she was a child of another family, and she was already very enthusiastic when we first met, and if she proposed to go upstairs together, she would definitely be offensive. She is a trafficker or something.

She sighed.

I thought of the one she took care of since she was a child. She hasn’t been married since her divorce. She is more than 30 years old this year, not to mention children, not even a wife.

Her face darkened. If she hadn’t divorced, maybe she would have children.

After all, Ana Lin was already pregnant at that time.


They were all made by Phillip Zong.

There is nothing now.

Yu’s mother lost her shopping mood, and Phillip Zong might not come back because there were still food at home, so she walked out of the mall.

The driver saw that Yu’s mom came out without buying anything, and looked back at her, “Will you go back if you don’t sell anything?”

Wanda said in a melancholy, “I’m still in the mood to eat, let’s go.”


Wanda returned to the villa, the huge villa, empty, without any popularity.

Without a taste of home, there is a lack of a hostess and a few children.

She came in with an empty bag, put the bag on the table, sighing constantly, thinking of Daniel’s appearance, she walked to the table, opened the drawer, and took out a photo from it. The little boy inside was Phillip Zong. When I was young.

He doesn’t like taking pictures, this is the only photo he had when he was a child.

Wanda looked carefully and recalled Daniel’s appearance, which really resembled this picture.

It’s exactly the same.

How could it be so similar?

When the Zong family arrived here, Phillip Zong was the only seedling. His wife gave birth to only one of him. Later, Zong Qifeng married again, but did not have any children.

Phillip Zong has no brothers or sisters.

It must not be a relative’s child.

There really are people in this world without any blood relationship, but are they similar people?

Wanda thought, but didn’t hear the door rang.

Phillip Zong dropped the coat in his hand and walked over to see what Wanda was watching.

No one came in without knowing it.

Seeing the photo she was looking at, she raised her eyebrows, “Why do you think of this?”

Yu’s mother was taken aback, returned to the country and looked at him, “I saw two children today, exactly the same as when you were a child.”

She bit exactly the same hard.

Chapter 84

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, saw a memory card lying in his palm, frowned, “What is this?”

Yu Doudou’s face solemnly said, “My brother did not commit suicide, but was murdered.”

Ana Lin said that this sentence was not interested.

“Sorry, I still have things to leave.” She paid and walked towards the entrance with the card.

In a hurry, Yu Doudou ran forward and grabbed her by the arm. “Six years ago, my brother collected a sum of money. A woman gave him that money and asked him to kill a woman.”


It seemed that a shock of thunder struck Ana Lin’s head.

Six years ago, someone wanted to harm her?

“You are the woman my brother was going to kill, and you were lucky to not die, right?” Yu Doudou said her guess.

It was also after discovering the recording that Yu Doudou wanted to understand where Ana Lin’s disgust and disgust came from when he saw him.

Ana Lin grabbed the memory card in his hand and took a closer look. It should be a mobile phone memory card. Old-fashioned mobile phones can only make sense. Nowadays, the built-in memory of smart phones is already very high. Something, she put the memory card back into his hand, “Is there evidence in it?”

“If you have time, we can find a place to talk.” Yu Doudou knew that Ana Lin would agree.

Sure enough, Ana Lin agreed, and she also wanted to know who wanted to harm her back then.

You know, that car accident almost cost her a child.

“I know there is a cafe nearby, where shall I go.” Ana Lin walked to the front and led the way.

Yu Doudou followed her.

The coffee shop is near the community, she saw it last night.

Soon after arriving at the coffee shop, Ana Lin found a quiet corner and took a seat.

“Do you want something to drink?” Although Ana Lin wanted to know the truth quickly, Judging from Doudou’s appearance, he seemed very thirsty.

“I want water.” He was indeed thirsty.

Ana Lin gave the order to the waiter, “Give me two glasses of white water first, and I will call you again if necessary.”


The white water was brought up. After the waiter walked away, Yu Doudou poured a glass of water, Ana Lin said, “Let’s talk about it, what is going on.”

“Listen first.” Yu Doudou took out a mobile phone that can hold a memory card, opened it, put the memory card in, and then turned it on to find out the recording playback in the memory card.

There is only one paragraph, it should be recorded from the middle.

“If I killed that woman by car as you said, would I go to jail?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you go to lawsuit, let alone put you in jail. We used the brakes of the car in advance to pretend that the brakes of the car failed. You don’t need to bear much responsibility for the accident. , And if you are sick, I will help you. You have to know that you can get a lot of money, which you will not make in your life. This is a very good deal.”

Casey He didn’t just want Ana Lin to taste the pain of the car accident, and wanted her life even more.

Then Phillip Zong felt guilty for her, and when she divorced her, let her leave the world completely, so that no one could threaten her, and Phillip Zong would belong to her.

It’s just that she didn’t count, someone will save her.

He also took her away from City B, and gave birth to a child six years after she left.

“According to this recording, I guess it was this woman who knew my brother needed money and knew that he was a truck driver, so she approached him and planned a car accident.” Yu Doudou put away the phone and said.

Ana Lin held her cheeks and recalled the female voice in the recording. It was very clear and familiar. She almost recognized who the voice belonged to.

The former Bai Zhuwei, now Casey He.

She returned Ida Zhuang to a mental illness, which was later controlled by Rios He. Now that there is no ordinary person, she does not want to pursue it anymore.

The reason for not investigating is that she is Rios He’s younger sister.

just now–

She always thought it was an accident of brake failure, but didn’t want to.

“Do you know who the woman in the recording is?” Yu Doudou asked tentatively.

Ana Lin raised his head, turned the water cup irregularly with his fingers, and asked faintly, “I’m actually curious about this recording from you.”

Yu Doudou’s face was stubborn, and then he lowered his head.

“Don’t want to say?” Ana Lin let go and stood up, “Thank you for telling me this.”

Yu Doudou suddenly raised his head, looked at her, and asked inconceivably, “Don’t you want to be held accountable? Someone wants to harm you.”

Ana Lin looked at her eagerly, “It’s my business not to pursue it.”

“But, don’t you think that the two of us have a higher success rate?” He can let the punishment that killed his brother be punished by law, and she can also report the person who harmed her back then. Isn’t this the best of both worlds?

Why can she be so plain after hearing this?

“But you have reservations about me, don’t you?” This incident did shock her, but it didn’t make her lose her mind. There were things he didn’t confess.

Yu Doudou lowered his head, rubbing his tense hands.

“When you confess, I will consider whether or not to cooperate with you.” Ana Lin looked out the window, her tone erratic, “That person, you can’t catch it if you have evidence.”

If it was before, it would be nice to say.

Now she is from Ho family.

Rich and powerful.

It is not easy to let her go.

“Wait—” When Ana Lin walked to the door, Yu Doudou stood up and looked at her back, “You do it.”

Ana Lin turned around and looked at him, “Did you want to make it clear?”

Yu Doudou pressed her lips tightly and nodded.

Ana Lin returned to position.

“If you want to cooperate, please tell me everything you know.”

Yu Doudou took a deep breath and looked at Ana Lin and said, “I have been checking my brother’s affairs, but there has been no clue until I received the call.”

“what phone?”

“My brother stored things in the Ping An Insurance before he was alive. When it expired, no one would pick it up. The staff called me.” Yu Doudou said truthfully, “I am a backup number, and my brother can’t contact me. Will contact me.”

Ana Lin did not answer, and quietly listened to him to continue.

“Me, my brother seems to store it on purpose.” Yu Doudou lowered his head.

“Why did he do this?” Ana Lin looked at him and asked.

The deceased is the big one, and he does not want to expose the unbearable behavior of his mother’s brother.

Bow his head silently.

Ana Lin waited for him a few minutes, but he still didn’t speak.

“You don’t tell me the truth, I don’t understand the ins and outs of things, how to cooperate? Since you don’t believe me, why stop me?”

“I didn’t distrust you.” Yu Doudou vetoed it immediately.

“This recording may have been deliberately recorded by my brother while talking to that woman. After the incident, my brother got the money-maybe this recording asked her for money and threatened her before he was silenced.”

After all, his brother will die because of greed.

Ana Lin also clarified everything. His brother was the driver who was bought by Casey He and tried to kill her. After the car accident, she went abroad, and his brother was too greedy. After taking the money, he went to blackmail Casey He. Extinct.

“What do you want to do, you won’t let the person who harmed you, right?” Yu Doudou asked urgently.

“Although the matter is clear, it is not easy to open this old thing.” Ana Lin stood up, “I still have things today.”

“I’ll send you.” Yu Doudou stood up, “I have a car.”

Ana Lin looked at him and nodded.

After getting in the car, Yu Doudou wrote her his mobile phone number, “This is my mobile phone number. You can contact me at any time. I will introduce it again. My name is Yu Doudou.”

Ana Lin took it and said, “I’ll write it down. Just call me Ana Lin.”

“Yeah.” Yu Doudou drove intently, and soon stopped in front of the shop being renovated.

Lena Qin waited anxiously at the door, and saw Ana Lin running over, “Why did you come?”

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