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Chapter 79

A face flashed across my mind quickly, the same face as this man. She was like this when she was in a car accident and drove the truck towards her.

She still clearly remembers the thrilling heart, and now she still has lingering fears, so she remembers it clearly.

After the police investigation, they concluded that the truck malfunctioned and caused the accident.

The taxi driver was killed in the car accident and she was injured.

The driver is not the main responsibility, but he has to bear the relative responsibility.

Because of her injury, Rios He took her out of the country, and she didn’t know what happened later.

Although the brakes failed, he, as a driver, would hit someone else’s car without making any remedial action to reduce the damage.

This makes people feel unfavorable.

It’s just that she is surprised, can such a driver still open a taxi?

“Miss, don’t you take the car?” The man asked again, as if he had no impression of Ana Lin.

Ana Lin not only lowered his face, but even his voice was cold, “A person like you can drive a taxi?”

“Hey, what do you mean?” Yu Doudou was very strange. He just started a business, so he didn’t sit down and didn’t sit. Why did he speak up to hurt others?

Ana Lin didn’t want to care about the things in the past, after all, she and her children were fine, but she was very disgusted with such people.

She ignored her and continued walking along the side of the road.

Yu Doudou was angry and drove the car and followed her, “Hey, what did you mean just now? To be clear, I don’t know you, don’t you think it’s rude to judge someone like this?”

Ana Lin frowned, she doesn’t care, he still doesn’t let it go?

She stood still, “I don’t want to mention the previous things, please don’t follow me, OK?”

Ana Lin quickened his pace after speaking.

Yu Doudou, who was driving, stepped on the brakes and watched Ana Lin go away blankly.

Listening to her voice means knowing him, but he doesn’t know her.

Moreover, her manner of speaking and her anger show that she knows her.

Did she know his dead brother?

Yu Doudou clenched his teeth tightly and drove slowly following Ana Lin.

Want to find out.

In the middle, Ana Lin stopped the car and went to the store.

I didn’t notice someone following me.

Ana Lin looked at the plan for the location and decoration of the store when he was in country A. Now he came here to check it on the spot, and the decoration is almost the same now.

“Sister Lin.” Lena Qin walked over and showed her the decoration drawings.

The location is in the prosperous area of ​​City B. Although Mrs. William opened a branch because of others, it is her life’s hard work after all, so she won’t just be vague.

Whether it is site selection or decoration, it has been carefully considered after market research.

“Everything is custom-made. It may be a little later, but it won’t be too late. It will be available next week,” Lena Qin said.

Ana Lin nodded, “Thanks for your hard work during this time.”

Basically, Lena Qin did all the things here.

“No hard work.” Lena Qin smiled.

She was rejected by LEO at the time, and it was Ana Lin who left her, and she had the opportunity to stay in LEO.

Although she is Ana Lin’s assistant now, she has learned a lot.

Moreover, Ana Lin was very good to her, never stingy with her own experience, and helped her a lot.

“There is me here. You must be very tired after flying on the plane for so long. Go back and rest. Here I am staring.”

Ana Lin thought for a while, “Then, I will go back first and call me if I have something to do.”

The two children just came to a strange place, and they didn’t know if Xi was used to it.

Ana Lin walked out of the store. She hadn’t got a car when she just came back. Now she can only rely on taxis for transportation. She stands on the side of the road, waiting for the car.

Yu Doudou, who followed her here, saw her standing alone on the side of the road and drove the car over and parked in front of her.

“Miss, do you know my brother?”

Ana Lin’s face suddenly sank when he saw him again. Is this person following her?

“What are you talking about?” Ana Lin’s voice was very unhappy.

When she just came back, she happened to run into such a person who made her unhappy and followed her.

How can you feel good?

Yu Doudou was not angry with Ana Lin’s attitude, and explained patiently, “You seem to know me just now. I’m sure I haven’t met you. You are definitely not me, maybe my brother, my brother. He died six years ago and said he committed suicide, but I found out that he did not commit suicide.”

Ana Lin took a step back, “Your brother?”

She feels messy.


The driver who hit her back then died?

Yu Doudou was afraid that she would not believe it, so he took out his wallet, which contained a picture of him and his brother. He took it out and handed it to Ana Lin, “Look, the one on the right is me and the one on the left is my brother.”

Ana Lin reached out and took it. She looked at the photos and then at Yu Doudou. They really looked alike.

He looks a lot like his older brother, and now think about it carefully, the truck driver is more like his older brother.

“Your brother is dead?” Ana Lin asked incredulously.

Speaking of his deceased brother, he didn’t look relaxed just now. He nodded solemnly, “He has uremia, and it costs a lot of money to be treated. Our family doesn’t have that much money, so there is no hope at all, but he suddenly The Moments of Friends posted a daily life that he became rich, with a picture of me as a rich man, but such a person suddenly committed suicide. Do you think it is strange?”

This is a pimple in his heart. He has been investigating, but no strong evidence has been found.

Ana Lin’s reaction made him feel that he had found a breakthrough.

“It’s really strange to commit suicide after posting a rich picture.” It stands to reason that if you have money, there is hope for treatment and survival. How can you choose to commit suicide?

This is indeed confusing.

But it has nothing to do with her. She handed the photo to Doudou, “Sorry, it has nothing to do with me.”

Yu Doudou took the photo and put it in his wallet, knowing that this matter would not be anxious, “Do you want to take the car? I’ll see it for you.”

Ana Lin refused, “No need.”

“Don’t you stand by the side of the road waiting for the bus?”

Ana Lin stood still.

“I am not a bad person, and I will not ruin your fare.” Yu Doudou said sincerely.

Ana Lin hesitated for a while, seeing that he was not like a bad guy, opened the car door and sat in.

Yu Doudou asked, “Where to go?”

“Golden Harbor.” Ana Lin replied.

Yu Doudou did not mention his elder brother again, but introduced himself, “My name is Yu Doudou, you can call me Doudou.”

Ana Lin didn’t speak up, thinking he was too enthusiastic.

“Ah, am I abrupt?” After saying that, he also felt that he had only met for the first time. He said too much, not very good, but he wanted to leave a good impression on Ana Lin and figure out her and his brother. What is the grudge, why is she so angry.

The two places are close to each other, only five or six minutes’ drive away.

Ana Lin paid the money and got off the bus.

Yu Doudou stopped her, “Can I make friends with you?”

“We are not familiar. I don’t like to make friends with others. I’m sorry.” Ana Lin refused decisively.

Yu Doudou didn’t give up, pushed the door and got out of the car, trying to chase Ana Lin, but was suddenly stopped by someone, “What are you doing? Do you know who she is?”

“Who are you?” Yu Doudou stared at the man who stopped him.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. The important thing is that you can’t just think about it, remember?” Milton Guan warned.

Ana Lin heard Milton Guan’s voice and turned around, his expression even more gloomy.

“Miss Lin.” Milton Guan changed his face faster than flipping a book, and walked towards her with a smile, “Zong Zong wants to see you.”

Chapter 80

Ana Lin was not surprised that Milton Guan would appear here. He forced her to come back. He must know where she lives.

She happened to have something to say to him.

“Let’s go.” Ana Lin walked towards Milton Guan’s car.

Milton Guan didn’t leave immediately, but glanced at Yu Doudou, “You are not allowed to harass her in the future. Next time I see her, I won’t be so talkative.”

After warning the man who harassed Ana Lin, Milton Guan got into the car.

Ana Lin was very quiet, did not ask anything, and looked out the car window faintly.

Milton Guan looked back at her and drove his car intently. The scenery on the roadside became more and more familiar. It had hardly changed in six years. This was the way to the villa.

Ana Lin frowned slightly.

She still remembers clearly what happened here even though she has been living soon.

Soon the car stopped, Ana Lin sighed and calmed down before pushing the door down.

Milton Guan didn’t mean to go in, but said to her, “Zong is waiting for you inside, you can go in by yourself.”

Ana Lin glanced at him, “Do you know what he is looking for?”

“The boss’s private affairs, I am not sure about it.”

Ana Lin smiled. This is Phillip Zong’s. If there is something unfavorable to her, how could he say hello to her first?

This sentence asks a lot.

She walked to the door, took a deep breath, and pushed the door open.

The spacious, concise, and well-lit large living room is spotlessly clean. It sits on the right side. It also houses the piano that Randall Lin sent back in the past. It is still in that position, and it seems that he has not been passive.

When she was in a car accident and went away in a hurry, she didn’t take anything with her, not even her clothes, let alone the piano.

She stepped in.

Almost everything here has not changed, the same furnishings as she left.

“Remember here?”

On the second floor, the man is wearing a black shirt with his neckline slightly open and his cuffs are tapered to his small arms, revealing half of his sturdy arms. He folds his pocket with one hand, holding a goblet with one hand, and red liquid is rippling inside. It seems to be alive. , Swaying in the glass with his movements.

Ana Lin raised his head and smiled, “Mr. Zong.”

The expression on Phillip Zong’s face paused slightly, Mr. Zong?

She was the first person to call him this way before, but after hearing him call him by his name, he no longer likes this name.

It looks strange and alienated.

He renewed the joy that she called his name.

“Are you familiar here?” He stepped down.

“It’s too long to remember.” Ana Lin said stiffly and refused to admit it.

Deny all memories and emotions of him.

“You asked me to come. You should tell me something, right?” Ana Lin walked to the sofa and sat down, with her legs crossed gracefully, her elbows on the armrests, “It just so happens that I have something to do, and I want to talk to Mr. .”

She has something to tell him?

Phillip Zong was a little surprised at this point.

He put the glass of red wine in front of Ana Lin, “Prepared for you.”

Ana Lin said politely, “Thank you.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows, with this tone and appearance, is he really trying to treat him as a stranger?

He suppressed his unhappiness and sat down opposite her.

“What do you want to tell me?”

Ana Lin clasped his hands tightly, “Six years ago you said divorce, according to the agreement at the time, you should also leave, but because of me, the divorce certificate was not issued, which caused you inconvenience. Sorry, I came this time just to get the certificate down—”

“Is that what you want to tell me?” Phillip Zong interrupted her.

He has said that the engagement to Casey He has been cancelled. She actually came to tell him this?

Was it not clear what he said last time?

His face darkened.

“Yes, I have considered Mr. Zong’s words. Even if you can accept them, I can’t accept them. So, I think, according to Mr. Zong’s words and our agreement, we will divorce.”

After finishing these words, a layer of sweat was already oozing out of her palm.

Phillip Zong sneered.

The slender figure leaned back and leaned on the sofa, just looking at her in such a good time.

Ana Lin was seen by him like a thorn on his back.

It took a long time to find the normal tone, “If you have time, you can do it today…”

Ana Lin seemed to think of something and laughed at himself, “How did I forget, there is no need for Mr. Zong to do this kind of thing himself, you just need to talk to Assistant Guan.”

Phillip Zong frowned.

“Have you finished talking?”

Ana Lin nodded and sat upright, ready to listen to what he wanted to say when he came to him.

Phillip Zong didn’t speak, but found a social news on the phone and handed it to her.

Ana Lin was puzzled and looked at it with inquisitive eyes. When she saw the photo, her nerves tightened and she immediately reached out and took the phone. Inside was her son. The background was like a dining room. Daniel held it in her hand. Things are also particularly eye-catching, and Phillip Zong’s profile is also very clear.

“what is this?”

“When I was discussing business with Shanda President Li, your son broke in and held a few of those things, saying that it was mine. In front of those people, he was photographed and posted on the Internet. He stretched out his hand, his slender fingers, and unbuttoned the button on his neckline, casually, “This news has spread. Do you know what others say about me?”

Ana Lin was shocked not that Daniel troubled Phillip Zong, but where did he get those things?

He is still a five-year-old child.

“I’m sorry, I must educate him–” No, Daniel can never get this kind of thing, what if he really dropped it?

“It’s not mine.” Phillip Zong said in a deep voice.

Seeing that Ana Lin’s thoughts were not rational, he had to grab the woman’s collar and shout, he had no habit of carrying that stuff with him!

Ana Lin sneered, “My son is so young, I’m afraid he doesn’t know what it is, and why doesn’t he give it to others, but to you?”

Ana Lin still believed in his son.

He is a little clever, but he never thought of using such a thing to frame him.

Ha ha.


Phillip Zong stood up, picking up the buttons of his shirt one by one with his fingers, his condescending gaze was wicked and wild.

Ana Lin couldn’t help but sit back, watching him warily, “What are you doing?”

Phillip Zong smiled, “Of course I have to prove to you whether I have a habit of using that stuff.”


“I will ask him when I go back, and today we will talk about it first.” She stood up and wanted to leave.

But Phillip Zong grabbed his wrist and said, “You’re done after you say it?”

Ana Lin only felt that the heart was about to hit her chest, and she was so nervous that she didn’t even dare to look back at him, “I will check it out. If I wronged Mr. Zong, I will apologize.”

“Compared to you, I prefer to prove it by myself.” With a sudden hard force on his hand, Ana Lin’s body leaned back and fell into the sofa. After that, Phillip Zong bullied his body and pressed down——

Chapter 81

“You let me go.” Ana Lin’s eyes widened, and his hands pressed against his oppressed body.

“Let go?” Phillip Zong chewed on these two words with an accent, feeling ridiculous.

At first he was angry that she wanted to draw a line with him, but now only believes that his son is innocent, but doubts him.

He was really angry.

Ana Lin tilted her head and did not dare to look at him. She could feel his hard skin, a bit hotter than the temperature of her body, and his breath that was suddenly close at hand, familiar and lingering, she closed her eyes , “My son is only five years old—”

He must not be able to do such a thing.

She tilted her head, her slender neck, and the stretched blue veins beating slightly. Because of her tension, she breathed quickly and ups and downs, like seductive notes. Phillip Zong originally wanted to scare her, but he saw her at this moment. He just felt the blood all over his body was boiling.

He lowered his head and his lips fell on her neck.

His lips are soft and a little cold.

Ana Lin pushed him hard, panicking, “You let me go, are you shameless?”

“Face? My face was lost to me by your son, what face do I need?” His head was still buried in his neck when speaking, vaguely.

He liked the smell of her, that kind of breath, which made him familiar and obsessed.

He couldn’t wait to melt this woman into his body.

“You said you are a fairy?” If not, how could he make him look like himself in front of her?

Ana Lin said nothing, tears slipped quietly from the corners of her eyes, drowning in the hair of her ears.

Phillip Zong felt her choked slightly, raised her head, and squeezed her face, “Just k*ss you, so wronged?”

Her eyelashes trembled and opened gently. Are there any hidden water marks in her eyes? Her voice is hoarse, “In your eyes, am I a woman who can sleep with men casually?”

Phillip Zong was taken aback, “——No.”

“You have, you never respect me.” The tears she was holding back fell unconvincingly. “You think I have a man when I was 18 years old. I am pregnant. I am an unscrupulous and self-loving woman. I am not, I am not. The kind of woman you want, I just have to.”

Phillip Zong was flustered inexplicably, and wiped the tears from the corner of her eye. He admitted that he had thought about it.

Ana Lin turned his head, unwilling to touch him.

His hand stayed in her ear, slowly falling down, pinning her messed hair behind his ear, “I won’t mention your previous things, and you will forget my previous things.”

“What do you want?” Ana Lin suppressed.

“I said, let you go back to where you were–“

“Where are my children, are you going to be their stepdad?” Ana Lin interrupted him.

She knew that Phillip Zong was a proud man.

If accepting that she is not innocent, then it is already his bottom line.

He will never accept her child.

“You are such a proud person who can accept other people’s children as your father? Can you raise children for others? You can’t—”

“Stop talking!” He stood up quickly.

Yes, Phillip Zong only wanted Ana Lin to come back, and never thought about how to arrange her child.

Ana Lin was right. He was not pure to overcome Ana Lin, it was already his bottom line.

He really didn’t think about making him a stepdad and raising children for others.

Can’t do it!

Ana Lin sat up, tidyed up the messy clothes, looked up at the man standing there with his back facing her, “We, divorced, we are right to return to our respective positions.”

“Do you know what is right?” His tone was somber.

In a very bad mood.

Ana Lin stood up, “I don’t know, but I know my heart very well. I don’t like you, and you can’t accept my children. Ending the involvement is the best choice.”

What reverberated in Phillip Zong’s mind was her sentence, I know my heart, I don’t like you.

I do not like you?


I do not like you?

He turned around and grabbed her by the collar, “You tell me what you just said again?”


Her neck hurts badly.

Phillip Zong’s feet were lifted off the ground, facing his red eyes, he did not flinch, almost the voice squeezed out of his throat, “I don’t like you, are you going to let me tell lies, Do you cheat? You certainly won’t tolerate such a thing, do you?”

It hasn’t been long to get along with this man, but Ana Lin really knows him well.

How proud he is, how could he fall to the point of making people tell lies to please him?

But he was unhappy in his heart, very unhappy.

Going crazy!

Ana Lin is very quiet, does not struggle, and does not stimulate him.

I tried my best to endure it even if my neck hurts.

Her face was flushed red, and Phillip Zong grasped her collar too tightly, she could not breathe.

Phillip Zong threw her off angrily, “Being smart.”

Ana Lin fell to the ground, clutching her chest and breathing heavily. It took a while to relieve herself. She got up from the ground and said, “When you want to understand, you can call Assistant Guan to find me at any time.”

After speaking, she turned and walked towards the gate, saw the piano in front of the French window, stopped, but did not look back, “You did not discard what I left. Thank you very much. I will move away as soon as possible.”

After speaking, she started anew.

Walking out of the door of the villa, she has been pretending to be strong, and she collapsed almost instantly.

She held the wall with one hand, clutching her chest.

She didn’t know why, her heart hurts unexpectedly.

“Miss Lin, are you okay?” Milton Guan leaned against the car and played with her mobile phone, and when he saw Ana Lin coming out, he walked over.

Ana Lin shook his head, “It’s okay.”

“It’s fine, get in the car, I’ll take you back.” Milton Guan walked to the front and opened the door.

Ana Lin said thank you and got into the car.

Milton Guan looked at Ana Lin in the rearview mirror, “I think your complexion is not good, is there a conflict with Zong Zong?”

Ana Lin looked up at him, thinking of the news that Phillip Zong had shown her, took out her mobile phone, and found the social sector from the headlines. She actually found the news. She frowned and handed it to Milton Guan. “At that time, are you there?”

Milton Guan took a moment to look at the news, he also saw this news when he was just playing on his mobile phone.

It was also at this moment that he didn’t know why Phillip Zong didn’t let him stop the assistant who took pictures.

Even if it was filmed, if Phillip Zong didn’t want to see it, it would not appear in the news.

Now that it appears, it can only show that Phillip Zong was deliberate.

As for why, I’m afraid it has something to do with Ana Lin, right?

Milton Guan nodded, “Zong Zong was talking with Shanda’s President Li at the time, and your son broke in, took the thing and said that Zong had dropped it.”

Ana Lin clutched the phone in his hand, “Does Phillip Zong have the habit of carrying this?”

She asked this sentence with a guilty conscience, who is crazy and is okay with this stuff?

Even if you can use it, you won’t carry it with you.

It does not conform to the behavior of normal people at all.

Obviously Phillip Zong is a normal person.

“No.” Thinking about it now, it’s not Phillip Zong’s style at all.

When Zong Zong admitted at the time, he almost dropped his jaw.

Ana Lin took back the phone, she must figure out this matter.

Daniel is only five years old, if he really—

She held her forehead very distressed.

Soon the car stopped where she lived, and she pushed the door down, because she was anxious to find out the facts, she didn’t say hello to Milton Guan.

She opened the door, Ida Zhuang was packing the things she had brought.

“Where is Xiao Xi?”

“In the bedroom.” Ida Zhuang looked at her face badly, “Are you uncomfortable?”

“No.” She just wanted to figure out what was going on now, walked to the bedroom door, and opened the door.

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