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Table of Contents

Chapter 772

Chen Shihan wore a pure white wedding dress. The style was simple, but it did not lose the feminine beauty. The shoulders were half exposed. A shiny diamond necklace on her chest exuded a long halo. The long diamond earrings of the same color moved gently. The steps move slowly, and the hesitation and fatness of the skin are set off. The beautifully curved tube top will hold the slender waist and the high-stringed black hair sideburns complements the wedding dress that is better than Baixue.

Wen Xiaoji is wearing a military uniform. He is not old, has a pure temperament and a full sense of youth, very shy and innocent, but without losing the demeanor of a mature man, like a little sun, with light in his eyes and clean eyes. .

He looks very handsome in military uniform, and he walks with wind.

Armed in arms, they walked in slowly through the arched doors built by hand by their comrades in the army standing on both sides.

Ana Lin was sitting on the last row of chairs. She watched what was happening, her lips slightly raised.

Military weddings always make people feel solemn. She stretched out her hand to hold Phillip Zong’s hand, “I hope that our children will be able to serve as soldiers in the future.”

Phillip Zong is more willing to obey the children’s wishes. If they are willing to go, he will not stop him. If he does not want to, he will not force it.

“He is completely different from before, now he is more like a man.”

As an idol star in the past, although handsome, but a little more feminine, now he is more masculine, Ana Lin looked at the stage and commented.

The emcee on stage gave an introduction to the past of the two. The two have known each other since they were young. Because the relationship between the two is good, the two of them are like brothers and sisters, and the parents of the two are very pleased.

The ups and downs for most of my life, until now I can see that all fame and fortune, grievances, grievances, and hatred are just the root of life’s troubles, and only after letting go, I know that life is safe and healthy is the so-called happiness.

Nowadays, many people only want to have some status, and want to have fame and gain.

Ordinary people also want money, cars and houses.

But no one will calm down and think about what they don’t have, no disease, no disaster, is it another kind of happiness?

Living to the present, if you try your best, you can see it through.

Chen Qing and Foster Wen were good friends in the past, but now they have become relatives. Although they were unhappy in the past, they are still happy with each other.

After the introduction of the master of ceremonies, the oath part is replaced with a speech by the bride and groom, or there is no oath part.

The emcee’s voice was clear, “Next, the groom will address.”

The microphone was handed to Wen Xiaoji’s hand. He held the microphone and thanked his parents first, “Thank them for their fertility and nurturing. I was a young and frivolous and made many mistakes. Thank you for your tolerance and forgiveness.”

Li Jing covered her lips and flushed her eyes.

Tears also flickered in Foster Wen’s eyes, and she aggressively scolded his wife, “Why are you crying on a happy day?

Don’t cry. “

Li Jing said, “I cried happily.”

In the past, her husband and son were like enemies, but now the son has the appearance of a son, and the father has the kindness of the father. This was her previous wish. Now that she finally waited for this day, she felt relieved.

“Don’t cry if you are happy, so many people have seen it today.”

“It’s not ashamed to see it.”

Li Jing looked at her son on the stage and said, she was moved and crying, who would gossip about her gossip?

Then Wen Xiaoji turned to Ana Lin.

“In addition to my parents, I want to thank someone.”

After Ana Lin came, he knew that Ana Lin didn’t lie to him, she was really in poor health.

“She is unwell and can come to my wedding. I’m very happy.”

Ana Lin’s eyes were a little red, thinking of the scene when he appeared at the wedding scene when she got married, she smiled hard.

“Thank you for coming to witness another moment in my life.”

Wen Xiaoji bowed to her.

Finally, he took Chen Shihan’s hand, “We grew up together like relatives and brothers and sisters. Now that we can get together is the initiative of fate. We cherish each other very much. Thank you parents for giving Shihan to me. “

Wen Xiaoji bowed to Chen Qing and his wife.

Chen Qing nodded repeatedly, very satisfied with her son-in-law.

Mrs. Chen shed tears even more. It seems that women have thin eyelids, and they shed tears when moved.

The man was moved in his heart, and would not shed tears easily in front of others.

Wen Xiaoji gave the microphone to Chen Shihan after his speech.

Chen Shihan has changed a lot. She used to be a spoiled eldest lady who was arrogant and self-willed. Now she has become much more stable and not as impetuous as before.

Standing on the stage, she was very calm. She held the microphone and spoke slowly, “People always have to experience something to grow, and I am the one who grows slowly.

I have done many wrong things before, and have done many things that hurt people.

I would like to take this opportunity to say sorry to those I have hurt, and please forgive my youth and ignorance.

Thank you for coming to my wedding with Xiao Ji. “

Chen Shihan bent his back in the direction of Ana Lin and Phillip Zong.

In the past, she devoted herself to destroying other families and hurting Ana Lin.

She regretted it.

“God will open another window for a person when he closes a door for her.”

As she said, she turned her head to look at Wen Xiaoji, “Thank you for being tolerant to me, thank you for being by my side when I was the most frustrated, most downhearted, thank you for knowing how unbearable I was before, and for accepting me and marrying me. I am a wife.”

Chapter 773

She stared at Wen Xiaoji deeply and confessed emotionally, “You are the window that God opened for me.”

At this time the master of ceremonies took the words, “The bride and groom can see the deep feelings. I am touched by this confession. I wish you all grow old together and stay together forever.”

There was warm applause from below.

After the ceremony, Wen Xiaoji and Chen Shihan walked down, and the guest door began to move around freely. There were food, cakes and drinks next to them for everyone to eat and drink.

Their family walked towards Ana Lin.

Li Jing greeted warmly, “I’m so happy for you to come.”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “It should be.”

“Do you want to sit in the house, will it be hot outside?”

Foster Wen asked with concern.

Ana Lin wanted to refuse, because Phillip Zong said that they would go back after the ceremony and would not let her stay outside for too long, but he nodded as he watched them surround him with such enthusiasm.

She held the arm Phillip Zong handed over and walked in slowly.

It used to be so stiff, but now it always takes time to clear the past, and it is impossible to become intimate at once.

There is still some distance between words.

Chen Shihan poured her a glass of water and sat outside for a while, now she is really thirsty.

Ana Lin took it and said, “Thank you.”

“you are welcome.”

Chen Shihan smiled.

Ana Lin took two sips and turned to ask Phillip Zong, “Are you thirsty?”

Phillip Zong shook his head.

Wen Xiaoji was talking to him, “After I entered the army, I learned a lot and I feel like the previous days have been wasted.”

I feel that the most wrong thing I did was to become a star and to be angry with Wen.

If he likes it, in fact he doesn’t like the career of celebrities that much, just because Foster Wen doesn’t like it, so he has to do it.

Now think about how childish behavior?

“If I had obeyed his arrangements before, I might have achieved good results now.”

Wen Xiaoji is now mature, not the arbitrarily big boy before, he has grown into a man, Phillip Zong said, “It’s not too late.”

Believe that he can break a piece of world that belongs to him.

Wen Xiaoji smiled, this is Phillip Zong’s affirmation of him.

It is also encouragement.

Foster Wen and Li Jing entertain guests not far away. They will look here from time to time and smile knowingly when they see them living in harmony.

“Today is your great day, don’t just stay here, entertain other guests.”

Ana Lin said.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Wen Xiaoji smiled and said, “The ones who come are relatively familiar and won’t be bothered.”

Chen Shihan answered, “Yes, except for relatives, friends are basically comrades in the army. See you every day in the army. They don’t blame it. We are. There are too few opportunities to meet.”

“By the way, when will it be produced?

When the time comes, Xiaoji and I will ask for leave to come back to see you. “

Ana Lin said, “Just these few days.”


It happened that Xiaoji and I were married for a week, maybe we can catch up. “

Chen Shihan looked at Ana Lin’s belly, “I don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.”

“I like both boys and girls.”

Ana Lin said that her children are on both sides.

Ana Lin wanted to go to the bathroom, so she pulled La Phillip Zong’s cuff, “I want to go to the bathroom.”

Chen Shihan said, “I’ll help you go…” At this time Phillip Zong stood up, “I’ll help her go.”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “Go entertain the guests.”

In fact, she said this just now because she wanted to go to the bathroom.

This month, the uterus compresses the bladder, and pregnant women want to go to the bathroom more often.

“The toilet is here.”

Chen Shihan pointed to the right passage.

Ana Lin smiled and nodded.

She walked slowly, and Phillip Zong couldn’t enter the women’s bathroom when she came to the bathroom door. She went in by herself, and Phillip Zong confessed to her to be slower.

Ana Lin nodded. She knew her situation, so she was very careful. When she came out to wash her hands and walked out, someone came in, seeming to walk quickly in a hurry. She didn’t notice her and bumped her.

Fortunately, she was close to the sink, holding the table without falling, the man didn’t mean it, and he hurried into each room after saying yes or no.

Ana Lin walked to the door and found that her stomach hurts a little. She held on to the wall with one hand and held her stomach on something, “Phillip…” While waiting for her, Phillip Zong received a call from the company. Milton Guan was not there. Everything has to pass through his hands. He walked a few steps forward, facing out the window, but didn’t notice Ana Lin had come out.

This is not the kind of pain of giving birth. At first, it is mild and gradually progresses. When it is painful, it is close to the time of labor.

She had experience in birth, but this time it was different. It hurt when she came up. She could hardly stand and her legs trembled.

“Phillip…” She saw Phillip Zong standing there.

Called him hoarsely.

Phillip Zong looked back and saw her in pain, he said just like this, and immediately hung up and walked over.

Reached out to wrap her shoulders, “Stomach hurts?”

Ana Lin twitched painfully, his lips turned white, and his face turned blue, “I…it hurts…” Phillip Zong hugged her and walked out quickly.

In the lobby, Wen Xiaoji and Chen Shihan were talking to friends and saw Phillip Zong walking out holding Ana Lin.

Wen Xiaoji said, “If you have wine outside, please do it yourself.”

The friend knew that he had something to do and said, “Don’t worry, we don’t need you to greet us, and we can’t go home hungry. We finally have a drink. I don’t need you to say, I have to drink three glasses first.”

“There is blood.”

Chen Shihan saw that the place where Phillip Zong had walked was dripping from Lin following Ana Lin’s legs.

Chapter 774

“There is blood.”

Chen Shihan saw blood dripping from Ana Lin’s legs where Phillip Zong had walked.

Wen Xiaoji looked at the ground subconsciously. Sure enough, although not many, it was especially conspicuous on the white floor.

He trembled in shock, his mouth was half open, and he couldn’t make a sound.

Or Chen Shihan was more calm and touched him hard, “This may just be about to give birth. Let’s go quickly and see if we can help?”

Wen Xiaoji returned to his senses and ran over immediately and said, “I’m going to drive.”

Phillip Zong didn’t know if he heard it or didn’t hear it, anyway, he didn’t answer him.

Seeing that he was walking extremely fast, there was not much expression on his face. In fact, his heart was already in a mess, and he was no longer the man who strategized.

A closer look will reveal that his footsteps are fast, messy and uneasy.

Passing through the wedding venue, the car they made when they came was parked on the side of the road.

Seeing Phillip Zong approaching, the driver hurriedly got out of the car and opened the rear door. He was shocked when he saw that there was blood on Ana Lin’s body. “Mrs. She…” “Drive!”

Phillip Zong shouted angrily.

The driver hurriedly sat in the driving position and started the car and drove away at the fastest speed.

Ana Lin’s head was buried in Phillip Zong’s arms, his hands were firmly grasping his collar, but no matter what he did, he couldn’t relieve the pain in his stomach.

It’s like being cut abruptly.

Her face was extremely ugly, from blue to blue-grey, and her breathing became more and more urgent.

Phillip Zong hugged her and k*ssed her forehead, “I’m here, I’m by your side, we will be in the hospital soon, it’s okay, it’s okay…” He seemed to be comforting her, and he was comforting himself. I just feel like my heart is filled, pressed, and hooped, making it difficult to breathe tightly.

His neckline was wet, it was Ana Lin’s tears and sweat, and her forehead was cold and oozing with big beads of sweat.

“I…it hurts.”

Her lips trembled, and she was full of hoarse crying.

Phillip Zong hugged her tightly. This time he found some on his hands. He thought it was sweat. He lowered his head and pulled out the skirt of her underneath. The original white was dyed red.

The driver drove fast and had already ran through two red lights.

Phillip Zong urged, “Hurry up!”

The driver stepped on the accelerator again, sweating on his forehead, too late to wipe it, and looked at the front of the car intently.

Ana Lin’s body twitches more and more, and his face is even more ugly.

Phillip Zong touched her face and k*ssed her white lips, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’m here, we will be in the hospital soon.”

Ana Lin was unconscious, he could not see him clearly, and could not respond to him.

At this time, the car finally stopped at the hospital. After the driver got out of the car and opened the back door to facilitate Phillip Zong to get out of the car, he ran to the hospital and called.

Phillip Zong carried Ana Lin to the lobby. The doctors had already pushed the emergency bed and the doctor asked him to put the patient on the bed.

He bent over to put Ana Lin up. Ana Lin held his collar tightly, so he bent over and followed the doctor to the emergency room.

At the door, the doctor said, “The patient needs immediate surgery, you can’t go in…” Phillip Zong said, “I will never disturb you…” Ana Lin released his hand and shook his head weakly, as if saying you don’t want to go in. .

The doctor pushed Ana Lin in, but Phillip Zong didn’t even shake her hand in a hurry.

“Please wait outside the door.”

The doctor turned and entered the operating room, and the door closed immediately.

The indicator light in the upper right corner lights up red, indicating that outsiders should not be disturbed during the operation.

Phillip Zong stood in front of the operation door, motionless as if his soul was gone.

The driver stood aside and dared not speak.

Ten minutes later, Wen Xiaoji and his family also arrived. Li Jing helped Foster Wen and walked quickly. Wen Xiaoji and Chen Shihan walked fast, and went to the operating room in front of them.

“Sent to the operating room?”

he asks.

At this time, Phillip Zong was not in the mood to answer anyone’s questions.

The driver whispered, “I have entered the operating room.”

Everyone is waiting outside the operation.

After an hour, there was no movement, the atmosphere began to depress, no one dared to speak, and tormented every minute and every second.

Suddenly, the driver’s cell phone rang.

He hurriedly walked aside to pick him up. It was Ida Zhuang who called. She usually takes the driver to pick up the food to the hospital, so she has the driver’s phone number for easy contact. Today Ana Lin went out for another while, she called the driver to ask Asked, is it time to come back.

The driver thought that Ida Zhuang was Ana Lin’s mother and should tell her, and said, “We have already returned, and the wife is probably going to give birth. She has already entered the operating room, but the situation is still unknown…” Ida Zhuang’s body shook, “Why is the situation unknown?”

The driver said, “We are in the operating room on the 6th floor. Come here.”

He also couldn’t tell.

Ida Zhuang installed the phone and walked out of the ward immediately.

She came to the door of the operating room and saw that there were people from the Wen family. She didn’t say hello, but walked directly to Phillip Zong, who was closest to the operating door.

Seeing that the blood on his white shirt had dried up and turned dark red, there was also on his hands.

She immediately understood what was going on, endured the panic in her heart, calmed him down, “It is said that she should endure all the hardships she should have suffered when she was a child, and it will only be a good life in the future. There will be nothing wrong with her, and you should not worry too much. , Now go wash your hands, wait a minute to say something, I will be unhappy to see you like this.”

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