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Chapter 775

Phillip Zong didn’t speak, but turned to look at her.

Ida Zhuang reluctantly pulled out a smile, pretending to be relaxed, “You believe me, Yan Yan is so strong, and nothing will happen. When Sheng Yan Chen and Yan Xi were twins, she gave birth without a C-section. , Mother and child are safe. With so many good doctors this time, nothing will happen.”

Phillip Zong, who she tried to comfort, was actually comforting herself.

What she said was simple. When Sheng Yanchen and Yan Xi were dangerous at the time, she had just understated them.

Phillip Zong said in a low voice, “I am waiting for her here.”

Ida Zhuang sighed, knowing that he couldn’t move her, so he could only obey him.

At this time, the door of the operation opened, and a doctor wearing a blue surgical gown walked out. Before she could pass the surgical consent form in her hand, Phillip Zong had already asked, “How is she?”

The doctor said that during the operation, “the patient is bleeding too much, and we are going all out.”

She handed over the consent form for the operation, “This operation is very dangerous, and it is very likely that only one can be saved, so you have to ask your family to sign it. The insurer or the child is guaranteed. The hospital stipulates that it is an adult, but you need to be informed.”

Phillip Zong signed the operation consent form and said, “I must ensure that my wife is fine, otherwise, I will let your hospital disappear from this land.”

After signing, he put down his pen, and a bloody smell came out of his throat. How easy was it to give up his child?

He is a father, and his blood is flowing in the child’s body. How can you say that you give up and give up? The kind of pain that no one has experienced cannot experience.

He has no choice.

If he chooses one of the two, he can only reluctantly give up one.

Ida Zhuang originally wanted to comfort Phillip Zong, but he couldn’t help crying. He didn’t want others to see it. She hid in a corner and cried secretly. How could her daughter have such a ill-fated fate. Experience this experience.

Ida Zhuang thought, if only her own life could be used in exchange, she would spend the rest of her life in exchange for her daughter to have a happy family and a happy life.

At this moment, no one dared to come forward and talk to Phillip Zong.

All stand not far away, waiting, looking forward, hoping that both adults and children can be healthy.

About two hours later, the operation indicator light turned green, and after a while, it went dark.

Not much time, the door of the operation slid open and three doctors came out.

Everyone gathered around.

One of the doctors standing in the middle was also the doctor who had been treating Ana Lin. He took off his mask. “The operation process is very dangerous. The maternal factor uterus ruptures causing massive hemorrhage. Shock occurred during the process. It took three hours. The operation, the patient has been rescued.”

Ana Lin’s situation The hospital has already made preparations. In order to prevent massive bleeding during the delivery process, it has stored many blood types that match her.

The amount of her bleeding is almost the amount of the human body that has been replaced twice. The entire operation is almost the blood in her body is flowing while being injected into the body to ensure that the body maintains a standard blood pressure.

“It’s fine if people are fine, and people are fine.”

Foster Wen said with pleasure.

After all, the child had never met, had no relationship, had no feelings, but Ana Lin was a real survivor, and his sister’s only daughter.

Phillip Zong stood straight and asked hoarsely, “When can my wife come out.”

“Twenty-four hours later, although the operation was successful, it is still in a dangerous period and needs professional care.”

The doctor said.

“Can I go and see?”

Phillip Zong asked.


The doctor said.

“Nothing can be called?”

Wen Xiaoji interjected to ask.

The doctor said, “I said, the maternal condition is still in danger and needs professional care. The baby was also sent to the neonatology department for treatment because it was held in the abdomen of the mother for too long. I am afraid I can’t see it now.”

Phillip Zong’s hand hanging by his side suddenly clenched tightly, and the back of his powerful hand burst into blue veins. He tried his best to endure the violent heartbeat, “My child is still alive?”

The doctor said, “After you signed, your wife still has a sense of consciousness. She also understands your wishes. She still asks us to keep the baby. Although the process is dangerous, but fortunately, the baby still breathes after the baby is born. Shi’s whole body has turned blue-purple, and the development is complete after inspection. Now that the medical conditions are good, after treatment, it should not be long before he can recover.”

“Thank you.”

He stretched out his hand.

The doctor shook his hand and said, “This is our responsibility.”

Ida Zhuang stood the farthest, for fear of hearing bad news, now he heard a word, covering his lips, smiling, the tears in his eyes have not faded.

With tears in the laugh.

Knowing that there is no danger, adults and children are fine, so she dared to come over. First of all, she thanked the doctor.

Then let Phillip Zong go and clean up himself, “Only those who are clean can see what they say, and leave the rest to me.”

Phillip Zong gave a light hum.

Ida Zhuang asked Foster’s family to rest in Ana Lin’s ward. Wen Xiaoji said, “Let’s go back and come back tomorrow.”

No one can be seen here today.

Today is Wen Xiaoji’s wedding. Now their family has been out for a few hours, and they always have to go back to explain, Ida Zhuang didn’t keep them.

She returned to the ward and saw Zong Qifeng bringing two children over.

Chapter 776

Tomorrow is the weekend. After school, the two children are making trouble with Zong Qifeng, and they have to come to the hospital to see Ana Lin.


Zong Yanxi ran over, Ida Zhuang squatted down and extended her arms, making a welcoming posture, and asked her to slow down. She didn’t restrain, and threw directly into Ida Zhuang’s arms. Ida Zhuang’s body leaned back and almost fell. Go down and say, “You child, you are not obedient at all.”

Zong Yanxi put her arms around her neck and said, “Is she missing you, can’t you hug you?”

Ida Zhuang was very angry and funny, and patted her on the back lightly, “I will rely on you to raise it in the future.”

“Of course there is no problem.”

Zong Yanxi answered without hesitation. Adults would always smile very comforted when they heard this answer from children.

“Go into the house.”

Ida Zhuang hugged Zong Yanxi and sighed, “It’s so heavy, I almost can’t hold it.”

Entering the ward, Zong Yanchen walked directly into the inner room. Without seeing Ana Lin, he asked, “Where is my mommy?”

Ida Zhuang was stunned for a moment, and immediately said that he was observing.

“Why observe? Did you give birth to a little brother or a little sister?”

Zong Yanxi interjected excitedly.

Ida Zhuang nodded.

“Wow, I will be my sister.”

She held her brother excitedly, “Brother, you’re going to be a brother.”

Zong Yanchen said calmly, “I was my brother.”

Zong Yanxi, “…” Zong Qifeng asked, “Is your lord okay?”

Ida Zhuang glanced at the two children and said simply, “It was a surprise, but now it’s all right.”

“Does Mommy give birth to a boy or a girl?”

Zong Yanxi asked.

Zhuangzi forgot to ask.

“I don’t know, the doctor didn’t say, I forgot to ask.”

Ida Zhuang patted his head, “How can I forget it?”

It may be that the situation at the time was too dangerous. Afterwards, although everyone was relieved, they had forgotten to ask if it was a boy or a girl when they were thinking that the children and adults were safe.

“Can we go see the baby?

By the way, ask the doctor whether mommy gave birth to a younger brother or younger sister. “

Zong Yanchen asked.

Ida Zhuang said that he could not see the baby, but he should be able to ask the doctor if he is a boy or a girl.

“Then we go to the doctor?”

Ida Zhuang said.

“Okay, I’m going to see the baby.”

Zong Yanxi was excited to see the baby.

So Zong Qifeng and Ida Zhuang took their two children to the doctor.

The doctor said it was a boy.

“It’s the little brother.”

Zong Yanxi said, “Then can we take a look?”

The doctor said, “No.”

And it doesn’t look good now.

Zong Yanxi pouted in disappointment.

Zong Yanchen asked the doctor, “Is my mom okay?”

When the doctor saw him at a young age, he knew that he cared about people, and smiled and replied, “It’s okay, you can see her in one day.”

“thank you all.”

Zong Yanchen thanked the doctor.

The doctor said, “No, this is our duty as doctors.”

Zong Yanchen said that thank you too, because the doctor and his mom could be safe and his brother was born safely.

Walking out of the doctor’s office, Zong Yanchen asked, “Where is my father?”

Why didn’t he see Dad when Mommy gave birth so important?

Ida Zhuang said, “Your dad has something to do. He should be back soon.”

“What is important for mom to have a baby?

How can he be away? “

Zong Yanchen said.

Ida Zhuang explained, “No, your father has been there all the time, he just left.”

Zong Yanchen sighed and was disappointed that he didn’t see his brother, nor did he see Mommy.

A week later.

Ana Lin was out of danger, and the bruise on the child gradually disappeared.

She was transferred to the ward. The outside room and the corridor were full of flowers. They were all friends from Phillip Zong Mall. Knowing that he had another son, she sent a flower basket to congratulate her.

Knowing that Ana Lin had successfully given birth, Gibson Shao personally ran over from City C to visit with a gift.

It was a coincidence today that Keller Shen and Marsha Sang came, and Alan Su and Lena Qin also came. They obviously didn’t meet, but they all came on the same day.

The room was filled with people and looked very lively.

Ida Zhuang was the busiest, pouring water and washing fruits.

Inside, Gibson Shao handed Ana Lin the gift he had sent.

After today’s recuperation, Ana Lin has blood on his face and can get out of bed for a short time.

She looked at the thing in Gibson Shao’s hand and asked, “What is this?”

Gibson Shao said, “You take a look at it.”

Just looking at the paper bag he was holding, Ana Lin also had a guess in her heart, “I said…” “If you don’t want it, you will give it to your son, so that you won’t have to compete with your boss in the future.”

Gibson Shao joked.

Ana Lin also laughed.

Gibson Shao said, “Take it away.”

Ana Lin could only take it over, “However, I still have to take care of my second uncle.”

“Of course, I’m still young, I’m talking about it when I can’t do it anymore.”

Gibson Shao knew she had no time.

Phillip Zong came over.

Gibson Shao asked, “Has the child’s name been taken?”

Ana Lin said, “I haven’t taken it yet, or else, my uncle will take it for you.”

Gibson Shao did not immediately agree, but looked at Phillip Zong. After all, the child was not Ana Lin alone, so he had to ask his father’s opinion.

Phillip Zong said, “Second uncle, take it, our family listens to what they say.”

Gibson Shao felt that he was stuffed with dog food somehow.

Chapter 777

But this bite of dog food, he eats willingly.

Ana Lin said happiness is what he wants to see.

Now Phillip Zong also agrees. He said, “I took the child’s name?”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “You can take it.

After speaking, she raised her head to look at Phillip Zong, and the corners of her lips raised slightly. At this time, Phillip Zong was also looking at her. He stretched out his hand and gently stroked her forehead and said, “Choose the name Zhuang.”

Originally, Gibson Shao was still thinking about what he wanted to call Zong. When he heard Phillip Zong’s words, he got up from his chair and faced him face to face.

“This is your child…” “It’s also Yanyan’s child.”

Phillip Zong said.

Gibson Shao’s eyes flickered at him again, and he felt that Wen Xian’s arrangement was correct. This was a man worthy of trust.

He is capable, responsible, and more importantly, knows how to love others.

Gibson Shao joked and said, “I don’t have much culture, so don’t blame me.”

“Do not blame you.”

Ana Lin laughed and said, “But it shouldn’t be too bad, I’m afraid my son won’t want it.”

Gibson Shao smacked, “As long as I don’t name it Sangouzi, thank me.”

Ana Lin, “…” In fact, knowing that Ana Lin gave birth to another son, he thought about the name. He hoped that Ana Lin’s child would be named Zhuang. After all, Ana Lin had not changed his surname, so he could not let his elder brother decide. After.

Of course, if Ana Lin didn’t mention it first, he would not take the initiative to say that he wanted to marry a name.

He deliberately spent money to find someone to get it.

These words are intentional.

At this moment, he was still playing mystery, making Ana Lin laugh and saying, “This is the third child, or is it called Zhuang San?”

Ana Lin, “…” “Okay, okay, I won’t tease you anymore.”

Gibson Shao narrowed his expression and said solemnly, “Call it Zhuang Jiawen.”

It contains the surnames of Zhuang Ziyi and Wen Xian.

It was he who deliberately provided the last names of Zhuang Ziyi and Wen Xian, and let people take them.

Although it is very meaningful, it has no technical content. If Ana Lin knows that he paid for it, he will definitely say that your money was spent wrongly.

Not seeing Ana Lin and Phillip Zong talking, Gibson Shao was a little uncertain, what did they mean and asked nervously, “Don’t you like it?”

Ana Lin said he likes it.

This child, when she accepted Gibson Shao’s proposal, his meaning was different from Yan Chen Yanxi.

In the future, he will inherit the inheritance left by Ida Zhuang and Wenxian, so it seems that the name is also very appropriate.

Commemorate the two of them.

“Thank you second uncle.”

Ana Lin said with a smile.

“It’s fine if you like it.”

Gibson Shao waved his hand and laughed.

“Then I will go to see the kids.”

Gibson Shao patted Ana Lin’s hand, “Get a good rest.”

The child is less than a month old, and because of the long time held in the stomach during childbirth, although the bruising on his body has faded, he still has to spend a month in the incubator before he can come out. If you want to see it, you can only look through the glass window. Look.

When the people in the outer room heard that they were going to see the baby, they hadn’t seen it before, so they followed the baby.

The room will be empty at once.

Ida Zhuang brought a bowl of soup to replenish qi and blood. This time it was a blessing for adults and children to be safe.

Ana Lin’s body was also left with problems, and later he was unable to give birth to severe uterine injuries.

“I don’t want to drink now.”

In the past few days, Ida Zhuang would drink this soup for her every day, three or four times a day.

Phillip Zong said, “Let’s put it here first.”

Ida Zhuang put the bowl on the table and said, “Know that you are tired, but it’s good for your body, forbearance.”

Ana Lin said, “I know.”

Ida Zhuang asked, “Does it still hurt?”

Ana Lin nodded. After giving birth, the mother’s body would automatically produce milk, and the child could not eat in the incubator, causing the ru. room to swell and the pain of being filled with milk.

“If it hurts badly, use a breast pump…” “No.”

Ana Lin said.

The doctor did not advise her to breastfeed. One is that her body is too weak, and the other is that there are residues in the medication during the operation, which will be mixed with milk and cannot be given to the baby.

I can only endure the pain, and after a certain degree, the milk will slowly return and become absent.

Ida Zhuang sighed, “You can rest for a while, and later they have to come in to see you when they come back after watching the child.”

Ana Lin nodded.

Ida Zhuang went out and closed the door.

Phillip Zong sat on the side of the bed and picked up the soup to feed her, “Wait for the cold.”

Women are confinement and cannot catch colds. There is no air conditioner in the house. It is a little hot. Drinking such hot soup will make you sweat.

Ida Zhuang didn’t allow her to take a bath these days, and she was very uncomfortable. She didn’t want to sweat.

“Wait a minute.”

Ana Lin lay still.

Phillip Zong put the bowl down and asked her, “Is it uncomfortable?”

Ana Lin looked at him, “What do you think?”

“That has to be endured.”

Phillip Zong coaxed her, “After drinking the soup, I’ll take hot water to wipe your body, and change into clean clothes to make it comfortable.”

Ana Lin was tempted and couldn’t take a bath. She sat up if she could wipe it.

Phillip Zong fed her, and Ana Lin reached out and brought it over, “I drink it myself.”

One spoonful by one spoonful was too slow, so she opened the bowl to drink.

After drinking a bowl of warm soup, the blood in the body seemed to warm up, and the sweat trickled down her forehead. She handed the bowl to Phillip Zong and drew a paper towel to wipe the sweat.

Phillip Zong took the bowl out, came in again, closed the curtains, went to wash his hands and brought out a pot of hot water, he put the pot on the chair, soaked the towel and said, “Take off the clothes on your body.”

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