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Table of Contents

Chapter 769

Phillip Zong asked, “Are you angry?”

Ana Lin shook his head and said, “No.”

But I feel uncomfortable.

Ida Zhuang brought her breakfast, Phillip Zong lifted her quilt, picked her up to wash in the bathroom, and put her on the chair in front of the table. Ana Lin said, “I don’t want to eat now. Put me on the bed.”

Phillip Zong put her on the bed, she pulled over the quilt and turned her back to him, “You can eat first, I’m a little sleepy, I will eat later.”

Ida Zhuang arranged the food and walked over, “You sleep during the day and sleep at night, can you still fall asleep now?

Eat something first, and it will get cold later. “

She didn’t know that Ana Lin was having a temper with Phillip Zong.

He walked over to persuade Ana Lin with great strength, “You are not yourself now, you have to think about the child in your stomach, hurry up and eat first.”

Ana Lin said nothing.

Phillip Zong stood still, looking at her blankly.

Ida Zhuang looked back and forth between the two, and seemed to notice that they seemed to be arguing?

She didn’t know who was right and who was wrong, but first she turned to Ana Lin, “You quarreled?

Yanyan’s current physical condition, you know best, do you still quarrel with her? “

Phillip Zong didn’t explain, so he looked at Ana Lin.

Ida Zhuang was sure that they might really have quarreled now. Then Ana Lin was pregnant with the child she raised, so naturally it was against her, “How can you quarrel with Yanyan at this time?

She risked her life to give birth to you, and you still make her angry? “

Ida Zhuang said more and more seriously, “You are really too much…” “No, we didn’t quarrel.”

Ana Lin can no longer listen to Ida Zhuang talking about Phillip Zong. She lifted the quilt and said, “I’m going to eat.”

Ida Zhuang didn’t know why, “You didn’t quarrel, so why are you angry?”

No more food?

“Where am I angry?”

Ana Lin didn’t admit it.

“Look at it, as if someone owes you eight million, aren’t you angry?”

Ida Zhuang walked away, “Come over for dinner.”

Phillip Zong picked her up and put her on the chair at the table. Ana Lin picked up the spoon and was about to drink the porridge. When she found that Phillip Zong hadn’t sat down, she looked up, “You don’t want to eat?”

Phillip Zong didn’t speak, he only felt that his brain hurts, he was angry with this woman.

Not easy to be willful, occasionally willful once, there is nothing to do with her, but she has to be coaxed.

Ana Lin knew that he shouldn’t, and stretched out his hand to him, “I was wrong, hurry up and eat, and you have to go to the company later.

Phillip Zong sat down and said, “I will be pissed off by you sooner or later.”

Ana Lin, “…” She took a spoonful of porridge and handed it to his mouth, “I was wrong, I will change it later, don’t be angry.”

Phillip Zong was so angry and funny, when did this woman become so tortured?

Ida Zhuang saw it, smiled and closed the door.

Phillip Zong pushed her hand away, “Come on, I won’t eat yours.”

Ana Lin refused, and pressed two points on his lips again, and the porridge on the spoon touched his lips, “It’s okay if you don’t eat my set, you have to eat, and you can’t live on air.”

Phillip Zong, “…” He squeezed her face angrily, “Did you mean it?”

“It hurts…” Ana Lin turned his head to prevent him from pinching.

Phillip Zong ate the porridge she handed over, and the unpleasantness just passed.

After dinner, Phillip Zong took her back to the bed and left.

Ida Zhuang came over to clean up the dishes and asked her, “Have you quarreled?”

Ana Lin said, “No.”


Ida Zhuang obviously didn’t believe it.

Ana Lin told her about the matter. When Ana Lin wanted to go out, Ida Zhuang immediately said to her, “You are wrong with this matter. No one will say anything about how you go out normally, but you What is the situation now?

How can you be so headstrong?

No wonder Phillip is angry, if it were me, I would have to be angry too. “

Ana Lin, “…” She complained, “Are you my mother or the f*ck?”

How to face him? “

“I am going to reason.”

Ida Zhuang glanced at her, “Reflection on it.”

Ana Lin said, “…” She lay down aggrievedly, just after she had finished eating, she lay down, her stomach was quite uncomfortable, and she sat up again.

At this time Phillip Zong walked in and Ana Lin looked at him, “Didn’t you go to the company?”

Phillip Zong said he didn’t go.

“Then where did you go?”

Phillip Zong, “I went to see the doctor.”

Ana Lin blinked and asked nervously, “Is there something wrong with me?”

“I said I want to take you out.”

Phillip Zong came over.

Ana Lin was lost for a moment, and smiled after he recovered, “Thank you.”

Phillip Zong snorted, “Now I will show my face, dare I disobey you?”

Ana Lin stretched out two thin white arms around his waist and acted like a baby, “I apologized, how can I still hold on to it? This is not the work of a man.”

Phillip Zong, “…” He is not a man, can he be a woman?

Ana Lin smiled, “Thank you.”

Phillip Zong didn’t want her thanks, “We didn’t go until noon.”

Ana Lin nodded immediately, “Yes.”

Just let her go.

She called Wen Xiaoji and told him not to come and pick it up.

Alan Su was discharged from the hospital this morning, but the doctor asked to rest at home. After leaving the hospital, Alan Su pestered Lena Qin to get the certificate.

Lena Qin said that he would go to pick him up when he was better. Alan Su disagreed. He had to go now. Lena Qin agreed because of his injury.

It was just an hour away. After the Civil Affairs Bureau, they took the car home. They told the old lady in advance that the old lady had asked Chen Xue to clean up the house, the bedroom windows were opened for ventilation, and all the beds were replaced with new bedding. .

Chapter 770

Lena Qin supported Alan Su and rang the doorbell. The old lady had trouble with her legs and was inconvenient in her wheelchair. Chen Xue came to open the door.

There are strangers in the family, Alan Su asked, “Who are you?”

Lena Qin replied, “The new person to take care of grandma.”

Alan Su understood clearly and stepped in.

The old lady was happy when Alan Su came back, “Go to the house and lie down.”

Alan Su did not go immediately, but looked at the old lady and said, “Grandma, I have something to tell you.”

The old lady looked okay and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Alan Su showed her the marriage certificate, “I am reconciled with Lena Qin, and the certificate is returned. From now on, we will be a family. You used to like Xiao Ya very much. I think you will be able to stay the same in the future.”

The old lady said, “Of course.”

She turned her head to look at Lena Qin, “You must be very tired to take care of Alan Su in the hospital. Sit down and rest.”


“Xiaoxue, go and pour tea.”

Chen Xue is clever, professionally trained, and knows everything.

Chen Xue immediately poured a glass of white water over.

Lena Qin said, “I’m not tired, I want to send Alan Su to the room.”

The old lady said, “That’s fine, you also have a rest.”

Lena Qin said yes, she helped Alan Su to go to the bedroom, and Chen Xue held the water. The old lady glanced at her and said, “Let’s put it on the table. The lunch will be more abundant. Today is a good day.”

Alan Su survived a catastrophe, and Lena Qin also agreed that the surrogacy would reconcile with him. It was a rare day to celebrate.

Chen Xue said, “It just happened that yesterday I went to the supermarket to buy a lot of things, so I will prepare now.”

In the bedroom.

Lena Qin helped Alan Su lie down, she closed the windows and turned on the air conditioner.

Alan Su leaned against the bedside and asked, “Is this the nanny who came to take care of grandma?”

Lena Qin was pulling the curtains and gave a hum without looking back.

Alan Su twisted his eyebrows, and Lena Qin walked over to ask him what’s wrong. Alan Su said, “It doesn’t look too big, can you take care of others?”

Lena Qin said, “Grandma likes it.”

Alan Su sighed. The old lady was too old and had a limited number of days to live, so she was happy as she pleased. Alan Su waved to her, “Come and rest.”

In fact, Lena Qin is a very soft-hearted and kind-hearted person. Even if he was such a bastard, she still gave him a chance. He was killed and she took care of all these things in his eyes and remembered it in his heart.

Alan Su was very grateful to her.

Lena Qin sat down by the bed, Alan Su took her hand, “Why not wait for me, let’s move out.”

He worried that Lena Qin would be uncomfortable living here, mainly because he was afraid that the old lady would always talk about children.

“We moved to the residential area of ​​Keller Shen and be a neighbor with him. What do you think?”

This proposal really fits Lena Qin’s mind. She mainly doesn’t want to face the old lady, because she is still a child.

It doesn’t matter whether you go to be neighbors with Keller Shen, the main reason is that you don’t want to live with the old lady.

“is this OK?”

Lena Qin felt that the old lady would not agree. After all, she was Alan Su’s relatives. Moreover, she was older, and most elderly people wanted their relatives by their side.

Alan Su thought for a while, “When my injury is cured, I will say that there is a hospital in C City that has done a good job of IVF, and we can find suitable surrogates over there. We will settle there for a while.”

He was thinking about Lena Qin. After all, her career was in City C, and she had sacrificed so much for herself, and she couldn’t let her even have a career.

He grabbed Lena Qin’s hand and said, “I know that you are in your heart. When we get there, we will say that we have found a suitable surrogate. Then we will raise one and tell her that it is the two of us.”

Lena Qin never thought, he thought so much, and nodded vigorously.

She leaned on Alan Su’s chest, “I don’t want to find a surrogate, because I don’t want to have trouble in the future. Although it is the blood of the two of us, it survives in the belly of someone else after all. It is said that a woman has a child through a ghost gate. Once, I didn’t suffer this sin, but I was the child’s mother. If one day, the child knew that he was not born to me, what kind of heart would he be?

But I promised my grandma, even though I was anxious, I still wanted to fulfill her old man’s wish. “

She looked up, “I don’t want you to have no future either.”

Alan Su squeezed her shoulders hard and didn’t say anything in the end. It was just this friendship and touch that he hid deeply.

Knock—— Lena Qin came over to open the door. It was Chen Xue. She stood at the door, “The food is ready, grandma tells you to come out for dinner.”

Lena Qin said, “I see.”

Alan Su lay on the bed for a while, a little confused at the moment, he asked what time it was, feeling that the time was passing fast, how could it be time for dinner.

Lena Qin glanced at the time and said, “It’s almost eleven.”

She came over, “Get up and eat.”

He helped Alan Su walk to the table and sit down.

Chapter 771

Lena Qin sat down next to him, and the old lady said with a smile, “This Xiaoxue’s craftsmanship is pretty good, you guys have a taste.”

Alan Su scooped soup for Lena Qin, “I think this soup is good, you can drink some.”

He put the soup in front of Lena Qin.

The old lady looked at Lena Qin and said, “Lena Qin is thin, so she needs to eat more and keep her body better, so as to…” “Grandma!”

Alan Su interrupted her, thinking she was going to talk about the child.

The old lady was not very happy. How could Alan Su be so fierce to her in the past? It was because there was a gap in her child’s affairs.

“I didn’t say anything, you don’t have to be so aggressive to me.”

The old lady seemed very wronged.

I think my grandson has changed.

“Grandma Alan Su doesn’t mean anything else.”

Lena Qin handed the soup that Alan Susheng had brought to her, “He is injured and complains in his heart. Grandma won’t be angry with him, right?”

The old lady looked up at her and said, “Can I really be angry with him?

You drink this soup. “

The old lady put the soup in front of Lena Qin again, took her hand and said, “I just didn’t mean anything else, but I heard that it’s not easy for a woman to retrieve eggs. Only high-quality eggs can be easily cultivated. I think you are too thin, and I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear the suffering then, so I want you to take care of your body better.”

Lena Qin only felt cold in her back, how did the old lady know this?

“Grandma, you…” “I’ve asked. You and Alan Su are young, and it is still easy to do IVF. The only difficulty now is to find a suitable surrogate…” “Grandma.”

Before the old lady had finished speaking, Alan Su interrupted her, “I will take care of these, don’t worry about your legs and feet…” “I don’t care?”

The old lady looked at him seriously, “I’ll wait for you to do it, when will I have to wait?”

“Grandma…” “Don’t tell me, I have already found a doctor for you. I know that we have the best hospital in city B. The technology in this area is also very mature. In a few days you will get better and go with Lena Qin. The hospital checks the body.”

Alan Su never thought that on the first day he came home, the old lady started mentioning this matter because he was caught off guard.

I also learned about this aspect specifically.

“Who did grandma tell you that there is such a good hospital with mature technology in City B?”

Chen Xue came over and said, “I…I helped my grandma check it on the Internet…” Alan Su’s face was gloomy, knowing that young people don’t know the severity, if the former nanny would do this?

He said solemnly, “Who allows you to use your home computer at will?

If I lose something, will you take the responsibility? “

There was really nothing important in the computer at home, so I never set a password. He got angry just to blame her for being troublesome! The old lady has inconvenient legs and feet, and does not know how to use smart products such as smartphones and computers. In the end, she can only listen to his arrangements.

He had already thought about it, but now it’s all disrupted by this new babysitter! “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” Chen Xue lowered her head to apologize repeatedly, her face pale and she seemed to be frightened.

Unexpectedly, Alan Su would be so fierce.

“Don’t embarrass her. I asked her to check it. Why, can’t I check it?”

The old lady opened her eyes.

Alan Su closed his eyes, patiently holding the last trace of patience, “What I found on the Internet may not be true. You have to go to the hospital to understand it. Each doctor’s technique is different…” “I don’t know. ?

I’m just old, not confused. Yesterday I went to the hospital to find out. This hospital has a 90% chance of success. Where can you find such a good hospital for me? Not all the good hospitals in China are in B City? “

Alan Su pursed his lips and said nothing.

Lena Qin felt very tired, but she didn’t expect to be so unpleasant the first day she came home.

“Xiaoxue, go ahead.”

The old lady waved to her.

Chen Xue lowered her head and walked away.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was very depressing, and no one spoke.

It was the old lady who spoke first, “You don’t want to work in City B, but you want to go to City C?”

The old lady quickly figured out why he reacted so much, otherwise, what reason would he have to refuse?

Lena Qin has already agreed, what else can he say?

Is it Lena Qin?

She turned her head to look at Lena Qin, “Xiaoya, you can talk to grandma about anything, I know you are wronged, but you also know that I…” “I know.”

Lena Qin said, “I have no problem, just do it in the hospital you mentioned.”

“Xiaoya, I know that you are the person who understands and understands me best.”

The old lady took her hand again, and Lena Qin pulled it out, “You can eat, the food is almost cold.”

Obviously, the deliciousness of a large table is tasteless.

Lena Qin didn’t want to have trouble, bit the bullet and finished the bowl of rice, got up and left the table.

Alan Su didn’t move his chopsticks and just sat there.

The old lady went back to the room without a few bites.

Obviously everyone was not happy about it this time.

Wen Xiaoji’s wedding was held outdoors. Fortunately, the cloudy weather today is not so hot.

Not so many guests came. They were all friends and relatives who were worthy of making friends. Both the Wen family and the Chen family have experienced ups and downs, and there are not many who can maintain a relationship.

The rest were friends of Wen Xiaoji and Chen Shihan in the army.

The wedding has been specially calculated for the time, and it is said that it is the best one in the afternoon.

So the wedding took place at this time.

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