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Chapter 760

Keller Shen came over and asked softly, “Why are you here?”

Marsha Sang said, “I’ll take a look at Alan Su and bring something to eat by the way, haven’t you eaten yet?”

Keller Shen nodded, “I said, I will eat later when I go back.”

“I brought you.”

Marsha Sang walked in.

Alan Su smashed his lips, “Little sister-in-law, are you here to see my injury, or to see your Keller Shen?

If you want to show affection, you go home and show affection in front of one of my injuries. Will your conscience hurt? “

The sister-in-law used to be Alan Su to Ana Lin, but now she uses it on Marsha Sang.

Marsha Sang is younger than Lena Qin.

Smaller than him.

Also call her.

Hey… Alan Su’s heart is suffering.

Marsha Sang’s face blushed, and she lowered her head to put the food container on the table, “Look at the wounded, naturally there are also wounded.”

Alan Su smiled, “What’s delicious?”

Marsha Sang glanced at him and looked good, but his face was not so good, “Keller said you are okay, so it looks really okay.”

“That’s natural, I have a magical body protector, no one can hurt me.”

Alan Su looked in the food box.

Keller Shen remained silent, and reached out his hand to poke his wound. He couldn’t see him screaming and returning his magical body protection?

Why don’t you say that he has supernatural powers?

Ah-Alan Su cried out in pain, “Keller Shen, your uncle!”

Keller Shen smiled, “Don’t you have magical power to protect the body?

Can you feel the pain? “

Alan Su, “…” Marsha Sang smiled and couldn’t help it. They were so fun.

“I am too lazy to care about you.”

Alan Su stretched his head and saw Marsha Sang coming to eat, suddenly his appetite came, smelling it fragrant.

“Sister-in-law, what kind of soup is this fragrant?”

Marsha Sang was called by the little sister-in-law, who was uncomfortable, lowered his head, “It’s boiled.”

“Give me a bowl.”

Alan Su said.

Marsha Sang said, “It’s just for you.”

Alan Su smiled, “The younger sister-in-law has a conscience, unlike some people, whose conscience is eaten by dogs.”

“Who are you talking about?”

Marsha Sang asked.

Alan Su immediately changed his words, “I said Phillip Zong, and didn’t come to see me.”

The heart is in the family, he said bad things about her husband in front of her, can this soup still be drunk?

Marsha Sang poured the soup and asked him, “Can you get up?”

Alan Su tried to sit up. At this moment, Lena Qin pushed the old lady back. Alan Su lay back instantly and closed his eyes.

Marsha Sang stared blankly, what’s going on?

“You came.”

Lena Qin greeted Marsha Sang.

“Well, I came to visit with some food…” “She was afraid that I would be hungry, so she brought me food.”

Keller Shen took Marsha Sang’s hand and clenched it.

Marsha Sang looked up at him, as if he understood what he meant.

Alan Su, are you pretending to be unconscious?

! She blinked and said in cooperation, “He didn’t eat much at noon. I was afraid that he was hungry, so I sent something over and came to see Alan Su by the way.”

The old lady didn’t pay too much attention to Marsha Sang because of Alan Su’s affairs. If it was normal, she would definitely pull her to say a lot. At this moment, she just asked Keller Shen who she was.

Now that they have received the certificate, they are justified, so there is nothing to avoid. To tell the truth, Marsha Sang is his wife.

The old lady looked up and down Marsha Sang and said, “Very young and handsome, Keller, you treat others well, but don’t do jerk things like Alan Su.”

Keller Shen said, “I know.”

Alan Su lying on the bed, the bitterness in his heart, old things, don’t tell people about his stupid things, put his face there?

“Brother Shen, don’t let the soup get cold.”

Lena Qin reminded.

Marsha Sang said, “Have you eaten?

I bring more, so you guys drink a little too. “

Lena Qin said, “No, we just ate it.”

I ordered some food, and neither the old lady nor she had a few bites, and had no appetite.

Keller Shen sat on the edge of the bed and said, “I’ll drink the soup.”

Well, you can’t make Lena Qin suspect that this soup is for Alan Su.

This time, the mulberry elm was boiled for three hours on warm life. The soup was milky white, without oily flowers, and it was all marrow fragrant.

There is not much seasoning in it, but the soup is very fresh and creamy.

Knowing that Alan Su had an appetite at the moment, Keller Shen deliberately put it on his nose and said that the soup was really fragrant.

Alan Su, “…” Marsha Sang stood aside, knowing that Alan Su was pretending to be faint. Seeing Keller Shen’s movements, he held back a smile, and was afraid of his shoulder, so that he would stop bullying Alan Su and look strange. pitiful.

Keller Shen said solemnly, “He hasn’t eaten anything since he was in a coma. I will smell the fragrance for him. Maybe Fanxiang can wake him up.”

Alan Su, “…” He was crazy in his heart, awakening your uncle! Lena Qin looked at Alan Su’s lying position with some doubt in her heart.

As if she had come in before, he was not lying down like this, and he didn’t put his hands outside.

Could it be that Keller Shen moved him?

“Big Brother Shen, when you go back, send grandma back, there is no place to rest at night.”

Lena Qin said.

Keller Shen said, “Okay.”

The old lady was unwilling, “I won’t go, I have to look at him.”

He grabbed Alan Su’s hand and pulled the wound on his body. Alan Su was in pain, but he had to pretend to be unconscious.

He is too difficult.

The kind that is hard to tell.

It’s not that I can’t tell, I can’t tell.

Chapter 761

Keller Shen finished a bowl of soup and said, “Old lady, I’ll take you back.”

The old lady said nothing, she insisted on guarding here, saying that Alan Su was not awake for a day, so she would guard here for a day.

Keller Shen persuaded, “You can’t help here, and there is no place to rest. Lena Qin has to take care of Alan Su. Your legs and feet are inconvenient, and she has to take care of you. If she is too tired, I’ll take you back to the hospital. “

The old lady said, “I won’t go back to the hospital. I’m fine. I don’t need treatment anymore.”

“Then I’ll go through the discharge procedures for you. Today, you will go home for one night. There is no place to live here.”

Keller Shen said.

The old lady didn’t want to leave, the grandson didn’t want to leave, and she couldn’t sleep when she went back.

“I want to stay here, he wakes up, I can also know the first time.”

The old lady looked at her grandson and sighed, her energy level was quite different.

Lena Qin said, “He wakes up, I will inform you as soon as possible.”

Looking at this Lena Qin, the old lady could only compromise in the end. Her legs were inconvenient and I really had to trouble Lena Qin to take care of her. He couldn’t help.

He repeatedly exhorted, “He wakes up, he must notify me as soon as possible.”

Lena Qin said, “I will.”

Keller Shen pushed the old lady, and Marsha Sang packed the lunch box.

Don’t forget to glance at the bed.

I thought to myself, Alan Su’s concentration is so good that he can hold it.

“Then we will go first.”

Marsha Sang said to Lena Qin.

Lena Qin sent them to the door.

Keller Shen got the old lady in the car and drove her back to the hospital ward.

The old lady said, “Keller, I have to trouble you one thing.”

Keller Shen fixed her, let Marsha Sang take care of her, and said, “You can talk about it.”

“I will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow and help me find a maid again.”

She didn’t like the nurse at the hospital very much because the maid in the house had left before. She had inconvenient legs and feet and couldn’t take care of Alan Su, but she couldn’t bother Lena Qin either.

Keller Shen said, “When you are discharged from the hospital, I will take you to find it, and you will choose it yourself.”

The old lady said, “Thank you.”

“No thanks, I have a relationship with Alan Su, and you are my grandmother.”

Keller Shen got into the driving position and started the car, drove away from the hospital and went to another hospital.

Sending the old lady back, Keller Shen said, “You have a good rest. The doctor said that Alan Su has great hope of waking up. Don’t worry too much.”

The old lady nodded, “My only wish now is that Alan Su can wake up soon.”

Keller Shen comforted, “Yes.”

The old lady was arranged before he left with Marsha Sang.

Marsha Sang has been enduring it all the time, now that there is no one around, and I am not afraid that someone will hear it, and asked, “Why does Alan Su pretend to be unconscious?”

Keller Shen didn’t conceal her. He told about Alan Su’s situation, and was caught between the two women.

“Why the old lady is not willing to accept Lena Qin?”

But she thinks that the old lady actually likes Lena Qin.

Keller Shen glanced at her, pursed his lips and got into the car. Marsha Sang sat in the passenger seat and turned to look at him, “Can’t you say?”


After deliberation, Keller Shen felt that Marsha Sang was not an outsider, so he told Lena Qin’s infertility.

Marsha Sang couldn’t believe it, her eyes widened, “Now that medical technology is developed, many infertile women can be cured.”

Keller Shen drove away and said, “Things are not as simple as you think.”

“Then tell me what’s going on, if I don’t tell me, of course I don’t know. I am your wife now, so you are not allowed to hide from me.”

Marsha Sang leaned her head over and rested it on his shoulder.

Keller Shen thought for a while and said, “She had suffered a serious injury before. At that time, she was pregnant. She was Alan Su’s child. Because the injured child was gone, she couldn’t get pregnant. This is not something a doctor can treat.”

“She was injured because of Alan Su?”

Marsha Sang could probably guess.

Because the old lady said that Alan Su was confused and made mistakes, she guessed that Alan Su had something to do with it.

Keller Shen gave a hum.

“The old lady should accept Lena Qin, she will become like this, isn’t it Alan Su’s harm?”

Marsha Sang felt that the old lady was unfair to Lena Qin.


! It was Lena Qin who was obviously injured, so she has to bear everything?

“The old lady is conservative, and Alan Su is the only child of the Su family. She can’t accept the end…” So she can hurt people like this?

Marsha Sang felt that the old lady hurt Lena Qin. A woman can’t have children. She must be uncomfortable herself. The old lady is still like this. How uncomfortable does she feel?

Marsha Sang sat upright and asked, “Will you do the same?”

Keller Shen didn’t react, and asked, “What?”

“Do you want children?”

Marsha Sang asked.

Keller Shen understood now and stretched out his hand to hug her into his arms, “At a young age, I also like to think wildly.”

Marsha Sang struggled in his arms, “Then you say, if I can’t have children, will you abandon me?”

“That is the old man’s old thinking. Alan Su can accept childlessness. I can accept it. If it doesn’t work, I will adopt it. If you don’t like it, we can live the lives of two people forever.”

“Then I like children?”

Marsha Sang raised her head. She likes children. If she has a child, she will raise the child by her side and use the love of a lifetime to love him so as not to hurt him.

Keller Shen said, “Then give birth.”

Marsha Sang smiled and asked, “When will you be born?”

Chapter 762

The topic was too ambiguous, and Keller Shen’s face was firm, his arms around her tightened a little, and he said, “Waiting for your graduation.”

Marsha Sang k*ssed his face and said, “How old are you when I graduate?

And it’s not something we can get pregnant if we want to. In case of a delay of one or two years, and another year of pregnancy, will you be old enough? “

Keller Shen glanced at her and said, “Nonsense, you are a good old man, that’s a seven-year-old 80-year-old man. Even if the delay is so long, I am not forty, how can I be considered old and good?”

Marsha Sang smiled and stretched out his hand to squeeze his chin, “I don’t see it, you still like being young, it’s so clear.”

Keller Shen told her not to move, “I’m driving.”

Marsha Sang sat honestly.

Keller Shen said, “It’s not that I like to care about, but that you are too young and I can’t be old.”

Marsha Sang somehow thought this was funny.

I think he is very cute who said this.

“You are not old either.”

It’s just very masculine.

If you are stable, it looks mature, and it seems to have a sense of age.

Marsha Sang sat quietly, and it didn’t take long for the car to drive to the community where they lived. Keller Shen parked the car in the underground garage, and they took the elevator from the garage to the residential floor.

Keller Shen opened the door and entered the house. Marsha Sang took the lunch box and went to the kitchen. There was a bowl of unfinished soup in it. Marsha Sang said, “There is still a little soup left here. You can drink it or it will be wasted.”

Keller Shen came over and said, “Don’t you drink?”

Marsha Sang shook his head decisively, “It’s too late, it’s easy to grow flesh if you eat at night.”

Keller Shen looked at her up and down, “You are not fat, and it doesn’t matter if you are fat.”

“No, I don’t want to gain weight.”

Now a girl doesn’t like the amount of flesh on her body, let alone a newly married woman, she must maintain a good figure, not for anything else, just to make her man look comfortable.

Keller Shen drank the bowl of soup and handed it to her, “I’m going to take a bath.”

I was sweating outside.

Marsha Sang said, “Go ahead and I will wash the dishes.”

Keller Shen took a deep look at her, but finally said nothing.

He took his clothes and went to the bathroom.

Marsha Sang put the lunch box into the sink, unscrewed the faucet, squeezed dish soap on the dishcloth to wash the lunch box, cleaned it up, she walked out of the kitchen, Keller Shen had not yet taken a bath, and the clothes on the balcony were dry and confiscated. .

She brought down the drying rack and put away the clothes.

Holding the clothes and preparing to fold them up on the sofa in the living room, her waist was suddenly restrained by a tight and powerful arm. When she looked back, she saw Keller Shen.

He has just taken a shower, and his body has the faint fragrance of shower gel, and it smells good. His hair is still very moist. After washing, he didn’t use a hair dryer. You just wiped it with a dry towel.

Marsha Sang held his breath and pressed his back tightly against his chest. He couldn’t help but swallowed a mouthful of water, “I, I folded my clothes.”

Keller Shen took off the clothes in her hand, put them on the side table casually, reached out and raised her chin.

Marsha Sang raised her head and stared at him. There was a fire in his eyes, and she was very hot. Too close to him made her too hot.

Her beautiful eyes flowed like stars, she stretched out her hand to hook his neck and stood on tiptoe to kss him. However, Keller Shen tightened her arm abruptly, and kssed him forcefully.

She wanted to respond, but his strength was too heavy and his hug was too tight, so he could only let him take the initiative.

He k*ssed too domineeringly, Marsha Sang felt pain, his lips were numb, and his body involuntarily wanted to move back, accidentally touching a pot of green plants on the balcony and making a sound.

Keller Shen’s movements stopped for a while, and Marsha Sang hugged him and k*ssed again. Her body was pressed against the glass door on the balcony. The curtains were not drawn and the lights were still on. She panted and said, “Let’s go to the room. ?”

Keller Shen looked deep, bent over to hug her, walked into the bedroom, and gently put her on the bed.

The two were already disheveled.

Marsha Sang bit her lip, “I haven’t taken a shower yet.”

“No need to wash.”

Keller Shen grabbed her hem and rolled up, Marsha Sang arched slightly to fit him, and soon the clothes left her body.

Marsha Sang asked, “Will you treat me well?”

Keller Shen said softly, his voice was a little more hoarse.

Marsha Sang took his hand, put it on the buttons of his pants, looked at him and said, “I believe you.”

Keller Shen leaned over her, looked at her for a long time, lowered his head and k*ssed her lips softly, and said softly, “I will be very light.”

Marsha Sang nervously grabbed the quilt under him and nodded vigorously.

Keller Shen unbuttoned the buttons. Marsha Sang’s legs were white and thin. Although he was not tall, his proportions were good.

She curled up slightly, and for the first time, she was always a little bit unable to let go, her face flushed slightly.

She bit her lower lip, “You…you lighten up, I… my first time.”

It was the first time that Keller Shen’s face and neck collapsed into a straight line.

He k*ssed her neck and chin gently, and didn’t rush to do anything, he tried his best to restrain his fire and tried his best to let her adapt first.

Slowly, Marsha Sang’s body softened, panting low, and feeling embarrassed, biting her lip hard to prevent herself from making a sound.

Keller Shen let her relax.

“I’m not… nervous.”

Marsha Sang said.

Keller Shen k*ssed her forehead. It was obviously cold in the room, but she was oozing sweat from her forehead.

Keller Shen hugged her, smoothed her hair, and whispered, “I am also nervous.”

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