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Chapter 763

Marsha Sang just wanted to say that you are a lie, you are a man, what are you nervous about?

However, I saw the blue veins on his neck bulge.

Obviously I took a shower, but my body oozes sweat.

Keller Shen touched her cheek, “I’m afraid to scare you.”

Marsha Sang looked at him cautiously, clearly thinking, but still restraining his appearance, his heart became soft, and he took the initiative to hold him, “I am not afraid of you at all.”

She leaned against his ears and said softly, “I am already yours…” When both of them were ready and the atmosphere was just right, they were both stunned when they wanted to become a truly veritable couple. Living.

Marsha Sang looked underneath himself, suddenly got up from the bed and ran to the bathroom.

Keller Shen stared blankly at the blood on the bed, and hadn’t recovered for a long time.

After a while, he slowly calmed down. Although the agitation in his body has not subsided, his brain has become clearer.

After a while, Marsha Sang walked out wearing clothes. She lowered her head and tugged at the hem of her clothes. “I’m sorry, I don’t usually come at this time. I don’t know how this month will be advanced…” Keller Shen sat on the bed, close up. Good bathrobe, say, “It’s okay, it’s not you to blame.”

Seeing Keller Shen feel uncomfortable, she felt very guilty. She came over and said, “I will clean up the bed.”

Keller Shen said, “No, sit down and I’ll do it.”

Although Keller Shen is unwilling, but there is nothing he can do, he can’t fight in blood, right?

Marsha Sang stood by, lowered his eyes, thinking about Auntie, why didn’t he come early and didn’t come late, so he came at this time?

The atmosphere was good today, but it was destroyed by uninvited guests.

She bit her lip, grabbed the bed sheet in Keller Shen’s hand, “You are clumsy, you can’t fix it, I’ll do it.”

She quickly tossed off the blood-stained sheets on the bed, threw them into the laundry basket, and put on clean sheets.

She put the sheets in the washing machine to wash, and let Keller Shen sleep.

I went to the living room to refold the clothes I hadn’t folded before.

She was sitting on the sofa, folding her clothes neatly one by one, and she looked at the pile of clothes on the table in a daze.

Keller Shen sat on the sofa, hugged her, and said, “You have to care, we still have a lot of time.”

Marsha Sang lowered his eyes, just to blame himself.

I feel sorry for him.

It’s not as good as it hadn’t started, everything went so smoothly… Keller Shen pinched her cheek, “Okay, it’s getting late, let’s go to bed.”

Marsha Sang turned to look at him, “Are you asleep?”

Keller Shen coughed slightly, “I just drank a bottle of ice water and I am sleepy now.”

Marsha Sang pouted, “But I can’t sleep.”

Keller Shen scratched her nose, “Can’t get along with yourself?”

Marsha Sang nodded vigorously, “I just can’t get along with myself. I used to be very punctual, and occasionally it was abnormal, but I pushed back. But this time it was ahead of schedule. Why didn’t I go against me?”

Keller Shen picked her up, “Okay, don’t think about it, go to sleep.”

Put her on the bed, Keller Shen hugged her, “It’s late.”

Marsha Sang rolled over, nestled in his arms, closed his eyes, and was able to calm down in his arms. Although he still couldn’t make it through today’s hurdle in his heart, his mood was much calmer.

Marsha Sang fell asleep very late. Keller Shen fell asleep earlier, and he woke up first in the morning. When he woke up, Marsha Sang fell asleep. He didn’t wake her up, but got up gently by himself.

He aired the sheets he washed last night. The bachelor has been so long, except that he can’t cook, he can do many things very well.

He went to buy breakfast and came back, passing by the supermarket, and went in and bought a bag of brown sugar.

After returning, Marsha Sang was still asleep, and there was no trace of waking up. Keller Shen put the breakfast on the table and the brown sugar on the table, boiled a pot of boiling water, poured it in a thermos, and did all the mulberries. Yu has no signs of waking up.

He got dressed and went out with the car key.

Today he is busy in the bureau, and he has to get off work to make arrangements for the old lady.

Because of the resignation of the Song Bureau, Keller Shen’s current affairs are temporarily managed by the Song Bureau. There are a lot of tasks that Song Bureau has alternated with. Now he has to deal with them until they are assigned to take over.


Lena Qin took care of Alan Su conveniently, and instead of adding an extra bed, she just sat in a chair beside the bed to rest.

Because she woke up many times at night to check Alan Su’s condition, she still didn’t wake up after 8 o’clock. It was the doctor who came for the round and she woke up when she heard the door opening.

Lena Qin went to the bathroom to wash her face. The doctor examined Alan Su’s injuries. She needed to stay in bed for some time, and could not walk on the ground without a week.

Lena Qin came out and asked, “When will he wake up?”

The doctor coughed lightly. He glanced at the person lying on the bed and said, “I’m not sure, you have to talk to him more, maybe it will wake him up.”

The doctor actually wanted to say, talk to him more, see if he can arouse his conscience, and stop torturing those who love him.

Lena Qin said I got it.

“Take care of it. If you have anything, go to the nurse’s desk and call me.”

The doctor said.

Lena Qin nodded and escorted the doctor away. She went back to the ward and sat in a chair, quietly looking at him.

He opened his lips lightly, his throat was not because he had just woke up, or was crying with sadness, in short, he was very hoarse, “Alan Su, I don’t make you embarrassed anymore, when will you wake up?”

Grandma is too old, but can’t stand your toss.

Wake up quickly. “

Alan Su didn’t want Lena Qin to be sad, but when he woke up like this, he looked abrupt again, and he could only continue to pretend, and he couldn’t fail.

We must take this opportunity to completely resolve this matter.

They must know that life is very fragile, and if they don’t cherish it, he might really pass out like this one day.

In the face of life and death, how trivial are the previous contradictions?

There was no sign of Alan Su waking up, and Lena Qin was a little disappointed. She rubbed her face, cheered herself up, and was about to collect water to wash her face and hands for Alan Su.

At this time, the phone on the table rang, she picked it up, and Gibson Shao’s number was displayed on it.

She pressed the answer button to her ear, “Second Uncle.”

Gibson Shao said, “It’s nothing, I just want to ask how Alan Su’s situation is.”

Lena Qin glanced at him with low eyes, “Still in a coma, I don’t know when I can wake up.”

“You didn’t rest well?

Didn’t you eat well? “

Gibson Shao said with concern, “I heard your voice weakened a lot, don’t Alan Su, your own body is broken, you can’t make yourself embarrassed because of a man at any time, you know?”

Lena Qin walked to the window and looked outside, and said, “I know.”

“You tell me the address of the hospital, and I will order food.”

Gibson Shao said.

Lena Qin smiled, “Second Uncle, don’t be kidding, you are in City C…” “As long as I am on the earth, I can order food for you. You can solve things with one phone call. Don’t think too complicated.”

Lena Qin smiled, “When will you be more serious?”

Alan Su quietly opened his eyes and turned to see Lena Qin standing in front of the window. Although she couldn’t see her face, she felt that the conversation between her and Gibson Shao was very casual, and her mood was a lot easier.

“I’ve always been very serious, because you think I’m not serious because I like to wear floral clothes, but floral clothes are young.”

Lena Qin, “…” Why does the floral dress look young?

Chapter 764

“Those who like floral clothes are all elderly people, so it’s so-called old-fashioned.”

“Don’t laugh at my clothes again!”

Gibson Shao roared over there.

It was obvious that Lena Qin’s words angered him.

Lena Qin smiled, “Okay, can I stop talking?”

“It’s almost the same, give me the address quickly.”

Gibson Shao was not angry at first, just to enliven the atmosphere and amuse Lena Qin, knowing that she was in a bad mood taking care of Alan Su here, and wanted to make her happy.

Lena Qin said the address again.

Gibson Shao said he knew, and the two said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Lena Qin turned around, and Alan Su closed his eyes again, worried that he was a little flustered.

There are some intuitions not only for women, but also for men. Alan Su felt a crisis.

It’s not that Lena Qin can’t be trusted, but that she is afraid of being in love over time.

In City C, she always stays with Gibson Shao, and she will definitely have feelings, even if it is not between men and women. This is human nature.

Lena Qin went to collect the water and came back to wipe Alan Su’s face and hands.

Alan Su pretended to move his fingers deliberately. He couldn’t do it anymore. What if he scared Lena Qin away?

Wouldn’t he be worth the loss?

Lena Qin found his fingers moved, and called him excitedly, “Alan Su, Alan Su.”

Alan Su didn’t respond. Lena Qin thought she had hallucinations, and carefully observed his fingers. After a while, he moved again, and deliberately enlarged the movement a lot.

This time Lena Qin was sure she had seen it and hurried to call a doctor.

The doctor came over and pretended to be checked, thinking, “Wake up when I want to wake up and pretend to be so similar, it would be a pity not to be an actor.”

But he was bought by the good, and he could only cooperate with acting.

Lena Qin stood aside and asked nervously, “Can I wake up?”

At this time, Alan Su pulled the doctor’s sleeve quietly, and the doctor said immediately, “The patient is likely to wake up soon and will move, which proves that he is conscious.”

Lena Qin nodded and asked, “When can I wake up?”

The doctor thought for a moment, “Anytime.”

Lena Qin nodded and let out a sigh of relief.

“Call me again if you have anything.”

The doctor said.

Lena Qin said, “Okay, thank you.”

The doctor felt guilty, “No thanks, this is all my duty.”

After the doctor left, Lena Qin continued to wash Alan Su’s face.

She went back to pour water and found that Alan Su was awake.

Alan Su said lowly, “Lena Qin.”

Pretending at this moment really looks like who just woke up weak.

Lena Qin held his hand, “You are awake.”

Alan Su looked at her, “What’s wrong with you?”

“You had a car accident, can I not come?

But you just wake up. “

Lena Qin said hoarsely, because she shed tears because of her excitement.

Alan Su looked up and wiped her tears, “I’m so good, why are you crying.”

Lena Qin didn’t speak because she felt uncomfortable in her heart, and she couldn’t say anything uncomfortable.

Alan Su felt guilty, and put his arm around her, “I’m sorry.”

Lena Qin shrugged her shoulders in his arms.

Say nothing.

There seems to be no words to express her inner grievances.

As for the grievance, she herself is very vague.

Knock—— At this time, the door of the ward knocked, Lena Qin wiped her face and opened the door. It was the little brother who delivered the food. It might be hot outside and he was sweating profusely.

“Is it Miss Qin?”

Asked the little brother outside.

Lena Qin said yes.

“This is your takeaway.”

The takeaway boy took out the lunch boxes one by one.

Lena Qin took over and said, “Thank you.”

The little brother outside just smiled, and left with the insulated bag for takeout.

Lena Qin put all the lunch boxes on the table and opened them one by one.

It is estimated that Gibson Shao is afraid that Lena Qin has no appetite, and the meals ordered are relatively light, but there are many kinds of dishes, there are six or seven dishes in total.

Alan Su knowingly asked, “Is this what you ordered?”

Lena Qin hummed casually, not wanting to explain.

Because she said it was Gibson Shao who ordered it, Alan Su would definitely ask, is Gibson Shao in City B?

She said she was not there.

Alan Su might say that he is in C city, and he is still ordering you from such a distance?

Alan Su looked at her and didn’t understand why she didn’t say it. He was a little flustered, “Lena Qin.”

Lena Qin turned her head, “Huh?”

He grabbed Lena Qin’s hand, “Come here.”

Lena Qin put down the lunch box in her hand and walked over and asked him softly, “What’s wrong with you, are you uncomfortable?”

Alan Su shook his head, “No.”

He paused and hugged Lena Qin, “I’m afraid of losing you.”

Lena Qin said, “As long as you live well, you won’t lose me.”

Alan Su was still uneasy, so he hugged her so tightly.

“You have something to eat first, and I have to call grandma, otherwise she is still worried about you.”

Lena Qin tried to get up.

I didn’t dare to make big moves for fear of hitting his injuries.

Alan Su said, “The phone can be called later, and the meal can be eaten later. At this moment, I can only want to hold you.”

When a car accident happened, it was very dangerous. He was also afraid at the time. He was afraid that he would really die. Lena Qin’s face flashed in his mind, and he was afraid he would never see her again.

Lena Qin stayed quietly in his arms.

Alan Su circled his arms tightly, “You promise me, no matter what time, don’t leave me, okay?”

Lena Qin said yes, and patiently said to him, “Okay, this is a hospital. It is not good for people to see it. You should eat something.”

Alan Su thought, she let go before eating.

Chapter 765

Lena Qin got up from his arms and brought the food.

Alan Su said, “I won’t eat.”

Lena Qin stood looking at him, “Is it because I just woke up?”

Alan Su said, “Maybe, my mouth is very dry.”

Lena Qin put down the food, poured a cup of warm water and handed it to him.

Alan Su took it, held it to his mouth, and drank it. He really had a dry mouth and a glass of water to relieve it.

Lena Qin took the empty cup, and Alan Su looked up at her, “You didn’t eat breakfast, let’s eat something first.”

Lena Qin put down the cup and sat at the table, but she didn’t have any appetite. She had chopsticks in her hand, but there was no food she wanted to pick. She just poked the rice in the lunch box and didn’t deliver it to her mouth.

She thought about it in her heart and said, “My grandma and I said that I agree to the surrogacy.”

Alan Su had heard it when she was pretending to be unconscious, but at this moment, listening to her personally said that she felt inexplicably sad.

She didn’t accept it originally.

Although he is not a daughter, he also knows the reason for this.

But now it was agreed for him.

Alan Su wanted to get out of the hospital bed, and Lena Qin came to help him, “You are still hurt and can’t get out of bed now.”

Alan Su said it was okay. He couldn’t say thank you. For Lena Qin, thank you for such words. They can’t make up for and relieve her.

What you can do is to hold her in your arms and tell her that she is dependent.

After calming down, Lena Qin called the old lady and told her that Alan Su was awake, and the old lady was coming over immediately.

She came to the hospital with the help of nurses. She said she could be discharged because Keller Shen had no time today and had not gone to help her with the discharge procedures. Lena Qin said, she went to do it.

The old lady took her hand, “Thank you.”

Seeing them reconciled, Alan Su felt a lot more relieved, and he didn’t have to be embarrassed by splinting, and said, “We are a family.”

As he said, he looked at Lena Qin, “She sacrificed too much for me. Grandma will treat her better in the future.”

The old lady’s eyes were red inexplicably, and she stared at Alan Su fiercely, “Am I so mean in your heart?”

She liked Lena Qin a lot before, and now she is as always, with a lot more guilt in her heart. What does she do with all the pressure?

Don’t you just want him to have his own flesh and blood?

Does Alan Su still blame her now?

Lena Qin hurriedly explained for Alan Su, “Alan Su didn’t mean that.”

The old lady wiped her tears, “Whether he has this idea or not, I have the reputation of being a bad person, I am determined, because I don’t care about your health, it is my fault that I have to have a child, but…” She looked at Lena Qin sternly, “I don’t regret it, even if you hate me in your heart, I have to do this, I can’t…” “I know, grandma, don’t say anything, I know your thoughts, and I understand. Therefore, I am willing to take a step back.”

Lena Qin lowered her eyes and saw Alan Su lying on the bed. When she didn’t know when she would wake up, she realized how trivial they were arguing.

If Alan Su is gone, those arguments will not have any meaning, and I am afraid there is only regret.

She was afraid that she would regret it, so when Alan Su was in a coma, she gave up and accepted the surrogacy.

Sometimes she thinks about it carefully, in fact, it is not necessary to find a surrogate, at least as the old lady said, Alan Su has a future.

The child will also call her mother, which makes up for her lack of being a mother.

“You have always been a good boy.”

The old lady has red eyes.

Lena Qin was silent.

Good boy?

She doesn’t feel good about herself.

If it is good, I would not be selfish before, and only care about my own feelings and prevent Alan Su from having a surrogate.

She is not good.

Because Alan Su wakes up and does not need to be guarded. If you feel uncomfortable, you can press the beeper to call the nurse and doctor. Lena Qin will go through the discharge procedures for the old lady. The nurses in the hospital have to check out the bills. Looking for new servants.

No one can take care of the old lady.

Lena Qin is unfamiliar here and doesn’t know where to find it, so she can only ask Ana Lin for help. Ana Lin can’t go out now and let Phillip Zong help.

Phillip Zong is also busy right now, and Milton Guan is about to resign. This time he really wants to resign, saying that he is tired and wants to rest.

In the office of the president of Wanyue Group, the atmosphere has been frozen for a long time, even breathing is very light and no one makes a sound. Phillip Zong looked at the resignation letter handed by Milton Guan for a long time.

“Have you really figured it out?”

He slowly raised his eyes.

Milton Guan said, “Yes, I have thought about it clearly. I have been busy and haven’t relaxed. I want to go for a walk.”

Since Gu Huiyuan left, he often lost his mind at work. Last time he went wrong and lost a lot of money from the company. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. He just couldn’t concentrate, and often thought of that woman.

He has used many methods, even to find a woman to divert his attention is useless.

He felt that he had to calm down, and if he continued like this, he would make more mistakes.

Phillip Zong put the resignation letter aside.

He was allowed to go out to relax, but he did not directly agree to his resignation, “Give you a three-month holiday, which is fun. If you still insist on resigning after three months, I will let you go.”

Milton Guan knew that Phillip Zong needed manpower at this time. He rarely came to the company. When Ana Lin was close to giving birth, he spent a lot of time in the hospital.

At this time, it’s unreasonable to walk, but he can’t work hard here, he whispered, “I feel sorry for it.”

“All right.”

Phillip Zong waved his hand, “You go to the Finance Department to get a sum of money. You have never taken a vacation. The company pays the money.”

“But…” Milton Guan wanted to say no. He lost money to the company and couldn’t accept the money. Phillip Zong waved his hand impatiently, “Just take it for you, don’t mother-in-law.”

Milton Guan can only accept it.

He said, “I’m leaving now.”

Phillip Zong waved his hand. At this time, the phone on the table rang, and when he picked it up, it was Ana Lin who called.

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