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Chapter 76

When the phone was hung up, Ana Lin was standing at the window holding the phone without moving, still looking out the window, it was so dark that he couldn’t see anything.

“Mummy.” Daniel called her.

Ana Lin turned around, looked at his son’s handsome appearance, and smiled, “What do you want me to do?”

Daniel put down the tablet and ran over and hugged her legs to act like a baby, “Mommy, my sister is sleeping, will you give me a bath today?”

She squeezed her son’s face, and said in a very spoiled way, “Okay.”

Daniel grinned, clutching Ana Lin’s clothes, with a little excitement in her heart. Without a clingy sister, he can finally be alone with Mommy.

When my sister is awake, she will stick to Mommy again, so he doesn’t have time to be alone with Mommy.

Ana Lin turned on the bathroom light, turned on the hot water switch, and put in a pool of hot water.

Daniel had already begun to undress herself, stripping herself clean, naked, “The water is ready–” Ana Lin turned her head and saw her son, who had already stripped herself off, and his eyes swept over his white body. .

Daniel found himself, “…” He slammed between his legs, his face flushed, “Mummy.”

Ana Lin deliberately teased him, “My son, is he still shy?”

Daniel lowered, his face flushed.


Ana Lin stopped teasing him, came and hugged him into the pool. Daniel hid in the water, with only his head exposed. Ana Lin squeezed the shampoo to wash his hair and rubbed it gently.

Daniel was very honest. He squatted quietly in the water and asked Ana Lin to wash his hair. He looked at Mommy’s gentle appearance and shouted, “Mommy.”


Daniel smiled and said nothing.

But in my heart, I was determined to find a good man for Mommy and take care of her.

Ana Lin deliberately put foam on his nose, only as if he was naughty, and deliberately told her not to speak, but didn’t know that he was determined in his heart to find a good man for her.

It’s just that good men are not so easy to find.

On the last day of July, Ana Lin returned to China with his children.

Because the domestic arrangement has been arranged, she only needs to bring her children and a small amount of clothing.

Daniel was very calm, unlike Ruth, both happy and unhappy were written on her face. She was very excited to know that she was going to be a plane. This was the second time she took a plane. The first time was when she was three years old.

The little guy feels strange when he sees everything, feels and feels it, his hands kept moving.

Ana Lin can’t help her.

She can only let her be dishonest in her arms. Fortunately, Ida Zhuang and Daniel next to her will not disturb others.

“Mummy, I want juice.” Seeing the stewardess delivering juice to other guests, Ruth stretched out her hand to ask for it.

Today, Ruth wore a light blue dress, delicate white skin, black hair with two braids, and a pair of clear and bright eyes, as if she could speak.

“What kind of juice do you want to drink?” The stewardess bent down, looked at the cute little girl, and asked gently.

Ruth blinked and pointed to the green cup.

“This is a kiwi juice, it will be a little sour.” The stewardess introduced.

Ruth seemed not afraid of acid, and nodded again.

The stewardess gave her the glass of singular juice, probably because she looked too cute, and asked, “My kid, what is your name?”

Ruth grinned, revealing a row of white milk teeth, “My name is Ruth, and my mom and grandmother call me Ruth.”

“This name is really nice.” The stewardess admired.

Ana Lin touched her daughter’s hair.

“Your daughter is very beautiful.” The stewardess smiled.

“Thank you.” Ana Lin nodded politely.

Daniel glanced at her sister, then turned to look out the window, as if she didn’t like this kind of conversation.

Not long after the stewardess pushed the water truck, the captain’s voice rang, “Passengers in city B and country Z, please be prepared. The plane will land at Dongchen International Airport in ten minutes.”

ten minutes later.

When the plane landed, Ana Lin hugged Ruth who was sleeping in her arms, Ida Zhuang took Daniel, he got off the plane, looked everywhere, and looked at everything here.

I thought to myself, this is where Mommy was born.

“I’ll get the luggage.” Ida Zhuangg let go of Daniel’s hand, “You follow your mommy to the exit and wait for me.”

“Okay.” Daniel doesn’t need to worry, she’s very sensible.

“Yes.” Rios He walked towards them, with Lena Qin beside him.

They came together to pick up Ana Lin.

Rios He did not return to Country A because of Casey He’s divorce, and stayed in the country to take care of his sister who was in a bad mood.

Call Ana Lin to find out about her return to China.

Only then did Lena Qin come to pick her up.

“Are you tired, let me hold you.” Rios He reached out to take the child in her arms.

Ana Lin shook his head, “No, I’m not tired, let’s go.”

Rios He looked at Ana Lin for two seconds before taking it back. He never laughed since he knew Ana Lin was going back to China.

In country A for so long, she never said she would come back, or even unwilling to come back.

But since meeting Phillip Zong, she is going back to China.

She said she hated the man, but the behavior she did was not that hateful.

Phillip Zong also withdrew from his engagement with Casey He.

If there is no connection or involvement in this, he would not believe it.

At the same time I was afraid in my heart.

Thinking of his eyes could not help but fall on the two children.

The hand hanging on his side clenched tightly.

If Ana Lin knew that he had concealed the original truth, would he hate him?

Now watching the two children grow up little by little, his inner conflicts and guilt are getting deeper and deeper.

These two children are so cute that no one will dislike them.

If he didn’t tell the lie at the time, perhaps Zong Jing would really look at it for the sake of the child and be with Ana Lin.

But now it seems that it will.

Because he canceled the engagement after seeing Ana Lin.

It can be seen that he has some feelings for Ana Lin.

If he did not hide it, the children would have a complete family.

“Uncle, what are you thinking?” Daniel raised his head and looked at Rios He who was in a daze, and stretched out his hand to pull his clothes.

Rios He, who returned to his senses, quickly replied, “No, I didn’t think about anything.”

He looked down at Daniel, stretched out his hand to hold his hand, “Let’s go.”

Daniel drew his hand, “I will go by myself.”

He doesn’t hate Rios He, nor does he like it.

Rios He was a little embarrassed and rubbed his fingers.

“Daniel!” Ana Lin saw his son’s movements and called him, “Don’t be rude, uncle cares about you.”

Daniel lowered her eyes, “I know.”

He just didn’t like being held by Rios He.

“Well, now is not the time to speak, let’s go first.” Rios He went to pick up the suitcase that Ida Zhuang had pulled.

Ida Zhuang smiled, “Are you okay.”


I really like Rios He and Ida Zhuang.

Rios He walked out of the airport with luggage and a group of people. Ana Lin got into Rios He’s car, followed by Ida Zhuang and Daniel in Lena Qin’s car.

Rios He looked at Ana Lin from the rear view. She looked down at her sleeping daughter, looking very gentle.

Rios He clenched the steering wheel’s hands tightly, trying to say something to her, but finally did not say anything.

Lena Qin arranged Ana Lin’s place to live, and it was also close to the store, which was convenient for her to commute to and from get off work.

When he arrived at the residence, put his luggage, Rios He said that he had booked a restaurant to wash the dust for Ana Lin, and everything at home was new and there was no way to cook.

Before Ana Lin spoke, Ida Zhuang agreed on her behalf.

Ana Lin is not easy to refuse.

After putting away their luggage, the group got on the car again and went to the hotel where He Rui Zeding was appointed.

Five or six of them were also dissatisfied with Rios He’s big bag, it was very spacious.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Daniel slid down the chair.

“I’m with you.” Zhuangzi was afraid that he could not find the way.

“No, I know the road.” Daniel waved his hand and left by herself.

He asked the waiter and found the location of the toilet in no time.

After entering the toilet, he found that there is no special urinal for children, which is too high for adults.

He frowned, looking extremely distressed.

“Little devil.” A teasing voice sounded behind him.

Chapter 77

Daniel looked back.

I saw the man standing next to the sink, wiping his hands gracefully and lazily raising his eyelids, “Not high enough?”

Daniel raised her head, lost her height, couldn’t lose her momentum.

“I don’t pee.” He couldn’t confess in front of the cheeky guy that he didn’t pee high enough.

Phillip Zong threw the wiped paper into the trash can and glanced at him, “Are you sure, I don’t need my help?”

“No need.” Daniel raised his head and said firmly.

“Okay.” Phillip Zong raised the cuffs of his shirt, revealing a half-strong little arm, and one-handed pockets, glanced at the urine pool, and then at Daniel’s height, “Have a backbone.”

Daniel pressed her lips tightly, sweat oozing from her forehead, her small body shivering.

He can’t hold it anymore.

However, in front of this unsuccessful man, you can’t admit defeat, let alone let him help.

He clenched his small fist tightly and tried his best to endure it.

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows slightly, and simply leaned against the mirror beside him. He wanted to see how long this kid could hold back.

The person is not big and the temperament is not small.

“Can you tell me why you are hostile to me?”

Daniel became even more angry. He didn’t want mommy anymore, why did he k*ss mommy?

He is not qualified. He wants to find a good man for Mommy who is 11 million times better than him.

“You bullied my mommy, don’t think I didn’t see it.” Daniel stared at him.

Can’t wait to stare him out a hole.

“Am I bullying her?” He chewed these words in his mouth, thinking in his heart, when he bullied Ana Lin and he was seen.

We only met twice.

He gave him a big’surprise’ the first time

He squinted his eyes. Could it be that he was referring to the incident where he took Ana Lin away at LEO and then k*ssed her in the stairwell. He saw him, so-


Phillip Zong straightened up, walked two steps forward, squatted in front of Daniel, looked straight with him, glanced at his close legs, and chuckled, “I’m bullying, what can you do about me?”

Daniel’s eyes widened and she couldn’t wait to eat him.

I don’t know if it’s irritating or holding back urine, and I’m shaking all over.

“Please, I’ll help you, how about it?” Phillip Zong stood up and flicked the hem of his clothes without wrinkles. “No need, I can go now?”

Almost peeing out.

Daniel’s tears were coming out, and she opened it hard, “Don’t, don’t go, I need to—”

“Who are you here with?”

“My mommy, grandma–I’m about to pee.” Daniel was pitiful, her eyes flushed.

Phillip Zong didn’t continue teasing him, walked up to him, “I took off my pants.”

Daniel moved fast and took off his pants at once.

Phillip Zong picked him up from the back and walked to the urinal at a height suitable for him to pee.

Daniel urinated well and said, “Thank you.”

Phillip Zong was taken aback for a moment. He didn’t expect that the child would still say thank you, which was quite unexpected.

Daniel put on his pants and glanced at Phillip Zong, “I have a clear grievance. You helped me, it doesn’t mean that I will forgive you.”


Forgive him?

Is there anything he needs to forgive?

Out of the bathroom, Phillip Zong looked down at him, “Are you in that private room?”

Daniel’s eyes rolled, he asked what was this doing? Are you going to bully Mommy again?

“Number six.”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps paused, and when he glanced at him, this kid was very vigilant.

“I should go.” Daniel felt that he was lying and ran away.

I met this guilty man when I came back.

He made sure that no one was coming, leaned against the wall, raised his hand and used the watch phone to call the teacher for help.

The call was connected soon.

“Teacher, I met that guilty man.”


He recounted what he had met with Phillip Zong.

“We are in the hotel now, how can I make him embarrassed and embarrassed in public?” Daniel wiped her face.

Think over there for two minutes and ask, “Do you have any money?”


“You go to the pharmacy and buy a box called Durex. If the person at the pharmacy asks you, who asked you to buy it, you will say it is your father. If there is no pharmacy around, the supermarket can also buy it. After you buy it, you just–“

“I know.”

After listening to the teacher, Daniel ran to the front desk and asked, “Is there a pharmacy or supermarket around here?”

“Turn right, there is a supermarket not far away.”

“Thank you.”

Daniel successfully bought a box of Durex according to the teacher’s teaching, opened it, and discarded the box. He wondered what it was.

I felt it with my hand and wanted to take it apart curiously, but the teacher said that it was not allowed to take it apart.

He could not help but listen to the teacher, hold back his curiosity, and return to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, he stood at the front desk, “Auntie, is there a guest here?”

Daniel opened a pair of big black eyes that seemed to be talking, with a small nose and a delicate face. Where he stood, he was straight and straight, like a western gentleman.

It looks rare and everyone likes beautiful things.

The female receptionist was very enthusiastic, and pointed to private room No. 6, “There, No. 6.”

Number six?

Daniel blinked, no wonder his lie was immediately exposed.

It turned out that he was in the sixth room.

“Thank you, Auntie.” Daniel ran towards the No. 6 private room.

He reached out and twisted the handle and opened the door of the private room.

There were only four people in the huge private room, all of them men. The food on the large table seemed to have not moved. They all had wine glasses in front of them and were drinking.

The door of the private room was suddenly pushed open, and the people inside instinctively looked towards the door.

After all, the waiters here will knock on the door before entering.

How could it be a child?

It should be the wrong room.

Milton Guan turned to look at Phillip Zong, because he knew this little boy.

I saw his photos when investigating Ana Lin.

“Did you go to the wrong room?” Grand President Li asked, looking at Daniel.

Daniel shook his head and pointed at Phillip Zong, “No, I’m here to find him.”

It turned out that I didn’t go to the wrong room.

Everyone turned their eyes on Phillip Zong with different expressions, but Milton Guan wanted to see him and see what Ana Lin’s child was like.

And Mr. Li thought in his heart, what is the relationship between this kid and Phillip Zong?

Under everyone’s inquiring eyes, Daniel walked in, took Durex out of his pocket and handed it to Phillip Zong, “Uncle, you just went to the bathroom and dropped something. I picked it up for you and returned it to you.”

When something fell, everyone stretched their heads to look at what Daniel was holding.

Wait until you see clearly-

Milton Guan, “…”

President Li, “…”

Phillip Zong frowned and stared at Daniel who was innocent, where did he get this thing?

Do you know what this is?


“President Zong, I’m so interested. Take it with you. Is this a case of emergency?” President Li almost squirted out the wine he had just drunk in his mouth.

Usually, the indifferent and expensive Young Master Zongda, the president of Wanyue Group, the financial channel, and the frequent front-page character, have a hobby of carrying condoms with you?


What extraordinary thing did he find?

It looks like a human being.

Li always felt that the three views had been refreshed.

Milton Guan looked at the sky silently, when did Phillip Zong have this habit?

Daniel was only five years old, and at the moment he looked innocent, and Phillip Zong did go to the bathroom just now, they completely believed that the thing belonged to Phillip Zong.

A five-year-old child probably doesn’t even know what it is.

Naturally, I believe Daniel’s words.

Phillip Zong’s face turned bright and dark, and he glanced down at Durex in his hand, “Are you sure, this is mine?”

Looking at everyone’s expressions, Daniel knew that it worked, and nodded affirmatively, “You dropped it, I will pick it up for you, of course you are.”

Chapter 78

They all stretched out to see how Phillip Zong ended, did he admit it or not?

Acknowledge it, don’t you be ashamed, and carry that stuff with you, are you ready to estrus anytime, anywhere?

Li always felt that his mouth was sour and wanted to laugh, but he couldn’t make it laugh, so he could only hold back.

His assistant took out his mobile phone and took a picture of the scene. Milton Guan just wanted to stand up to stop it, and it was spread out. Does Phillip Zong’s face need any more?

Who knows, he was caught by Phillip Zong as soon as he moved, “Sit down.”

He reached out and took Durex in Daniel’s hand, held it in his hand, looked at it for two seconds, and put it in his pocket, “Thank you.”


Daniel is strange, why is he not angry?

Obviously the other uncles were laughing at him.

It seems to be aware of his confusion.

Phillip Zong lowered his body, leaning to his ear, “Someone will pay it back for you.”

Daniel stared at him, what did he mean?

It’s a pity that Phillip Zong didn’t plan to solve his confusion, and was not embarrassed by Daniel’s frame-up, but was in a good mood.

Holding the wine that President Li just poured him, he raised his head and shut it down.

Milton Guan was stupid.

President Li on the side is also at a loss. Shouldn’t he cover up when encountering such embarrassing things.

How did he admit it generously?

Do you want to cover it up, or are people not afraid of the shadow crooked?

President Li couldn’t understand, and it was not easy to ask, but smiled at Daniel, “My kid, do you want to stay here for dinner?”

Daniel shook his head and glanced at Phillip Zong, wondering why he was not angry.

He didn’t understand, so he could only turn around and leave the private room first.

“Xiao Xi——”

Daniel came out for too long and didn’t go back, Ana Lin went out to look for him.

Out of the private room door, Daniel saw Ana Lin’s anxious shouts and hurried over, “Mummy.”

Ana Lin heard the sound and turned around and looked at the son who was running. He sighed with great relief, squatted down to meet his son, and Daniel ran into her arms.

“Where have you been?” Ana Lin grinned.

What if you lose it?

Daniel lowered his head and whispered, “This place is too big, I’m lost.”

Ana Lin obviously didn’t believe it. He has a good memory, how could he get lost.

“Tell the truth with Mommy.” Ana Lin held up his son’s head and let him look at him.

“There is no children’s urinal in the bathroom. I can’t urinate in it. I wait until an uncle helps me, so I’m late.”

“Then why not tell the truth?”

“It’s not a good thing.” Daniel pouted.

Somewhat shy.

It is his personality.

Ana Lin stood up and held his hand, “Let’s go, hurry to eat.”

The dishes are ready early.

Daniel was a little absent-minded, still struggling with Phillip Zong’s words.

Someone pays it back for him?


After dinner, Ida Zhuang took the children back first, and was tired after flying for so long, so he went back to wash and take a rest.

“I’ll send them off first, and wait to pick you up.” Lena Qin said.

“No, you can go directly to the store. I will go directly to the store later.” LEO opens a branch and has a lot of things to do.

She is the person in charge, and she decides many things.

“That’s OK.” Lena Qin got on the car.

Daniel sat in the car and sighed while looking at Ana Lin who was standing beside Rios He outside the car window.

If Rios He was richer than Phillip Zong, he would be more handsome than him.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Ana Lin looked at the driving car.

“Say while walking.” Rios He stretched out his hand to hold her hand, but raised it in the air and put it down again.

Knowing that Casey He did the accident, he has a guilty conscience.

Feel guilty for her.

“Do you have something on your mind?” When he was sitting in the car, he was hesitant to speak, and he was absent-minded when eating. It was obvious that there was something in his heart.

Rios He laughed, he was burdened with a burden in his heart, with the woman he likes on one side, and his sister on the other. His complicated emotions are more than just the word of mind.

“Yanyan, how is my brother treating you?” Rios He looked at the road ahead.

“Well, good.” Ana Lin said sincerely.

Rios He was really good to her, she had never doubted that.

Rios He was silent for a moment, “If, I mean if.”

Ana Lin smiled, Rios He rarely did this in his impression, “Just say it.”

Rios He pondered in his heart how to say, “If, in the future, you find that I am not that good, would you hate me?”

“How come?” Ana Lin didn’t notice the temptation in his words.

“Perhaps I am too worried about gains and losses.” He smiled bitterly, “How can I make you fall in love with me?”

Ana Lin lowered his head and bit his lip. It has been six years, and the time is not short.

This man is not a young man in his twenties either.

He really waited for her for a long time.

Although there is no love, perhaps, she shouldn’t live up to this man who treats her well.

Ida Zhuang is particularly concerned about her lifelong events.

“–Let me think about it.” Now that she agreed, she still couldn’t do it.

Rios He stopped, “What did you say?”

He looked at Ana Lin incredulously.

She, did she agree?

Ana Lin looked at the sycamore tree on the side of the road and said calmly, “I know you are good to me. Does my mother want me to be with you? I–do not want to let you down.”

It’s not love, it’s not liking, and it’s not tempting.

It’s just because this man has been with her for too long and continues to refuse to appear unkind to her.

If she is not qualified to have love in this life, she should not let down this dedicated man.

Let him be happy, but also a kind of reward.

If he is still in Country A, Rios He will be very happy, but now his mood is even heavier.

He could feel that Ana Lin agreed now, not because of liking him, but because of his care over the past few years.

To say something ugly is to repay you.

The more she was like this, the more pressure Rios He felt, after all, he lied to her.

What happens if she knows the truth?

He dare not think.



Ana Lin turned his head, before he could see his face clearly, he was hugged tightly in his arms.

very tight.

As if afraid of losing at any time.

Ana Lin didn’t move, nor resisted, just standing quietly, she could feel Rios He’s contradiction and anxiety.

Thinking it was just because of me, I stretched out my hand to hug him and patted his back, “I will try to be nice to you in the future.”

As for where his mother is, let’s talk about it later.

Rios He’s body stiffened.

Are you good to him?

He buried his head on her neck, “Now I am afraid that you will be nice to me.”

Knowing the truth, how good you are to him now, how much you hate it?

“I will take you to the store?”

“No, I want to look around when I come back, I can just go there myself.” Ana Lin said lightly.

This is also true. There is nothing beautiful in this place.

But there are special feelings.

“Well, when it opens, remember to hand me the invitation.”

“Good.” Ana Lin smiled.

Seeing Rios He getting in the car, Ana Lin took a deep breath and walked on the side of the road. It was still a little hot in August, and her head was sweaty.

“Would you like to take a car?” A taxi driver stopped next to her, pulling business.

Ana Lin turned his head and saw the appearance of the taxi driver. His expression changed. He was not—

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