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Chapter 754

Marsha Sang lowered his head and hummed.

Then the atmosphere was very subtle and walked into the room.

Both of them were sitting on the edge of the bed. Keller Shen sat straight, and slightly shook hands on his legs.

Marsha Sang lowered her eyes slightly, her eyelashes quivered slightly, her little hand was a little nervously pulling at the corner of the bathrobe, and suddenly the back of her hand was held by someone, her palm warm, with a thin cocoon, “Sit here.”

Marsha Sang got up, Keller Shen supported her waist and let her sit on her lap.

He raised his eyes and said in a low voice, “You, are you ready?”

Marsha Sang lowered his eyes, a strand of hair fell, and brushed Keller Shen’s face. The heat in his blood seemed to rise a bit more. He raised his hand, pinched the belt around the waist of Marsha Sang bathrobe, and gently Pull it away.

Marsha Sang’s body tensed involuntarily and suddenly grabbed his hand. Keller Shen looked up at her, she was also looking at him.

His eyes met and they met within a short distance. Keller Shen thought she was scared and said, “You are not ready yet…” Before he finished speaking, Marsha Sang k*ssed his mouth and blocked what he was about to say.

The difference between the two pierced that layer of window paper, Marsha Sang took the initiative, and everything went with the flow.

Keller Shen overwhelmed her on the bed, Marsha Sang only felt cold in front of him, and the bathrobe was loosened.

She instinctively wanted to block with her hand, and Keller Shen grabbed her hand to prevent her from blocking, his eyes slowly fell on her.

Her face was hot, and her heart thumped.

Marsha has a very well-developed figure. Although it is not plump, it has everything that should be. It has fair skin and a slim figure.

She bit her lip, “Would you like to buy some medicine?”

Keller Shen’s eyes were deep, he became hey, and his voice was very low and hoarse, “Why do you buy medicine?”

Besides, what medicine to buy?

“Avoid… the contraceptive pill.”

Marsha Sang still wanted to finish school, but didn’t want to have a baby so early.

“Is that medicine bad for your health?”

Keller Shen was a little upset, how did he forget this.

He leaned back and just remembered, Marsha Sang hooked his neck, “It’s okay to eat afterwards.”

Aren’t there those 72-hour emergency contraceptives now?

Keller Shen gathered up her clothes, “I’m going to buy…T, taking medicine is not good for your health.”

Marsha Sang nodded.

Keller Shen changed clothes and went out. Marsha Sang was covered with a quilt, lying in the bed, with only one head exposed, and a blush on her small face. She likes this feeling inexplicably.

A feeling of being cared about and cared for.

She felt that she was actually lucky. Although she grew up in a bad environment, she met Keller Shen. He was mature and stable and knew how to take care of others.

She wanted to graduate quickly and give him a baby.

I really want to see him as a father.

Suddenly look forward to it very much.

Buzzing—— Suddenly the mobile phone on the table rang. She looked at it. It was Keller Shen’s. He didn’t take it when he went out.

She reached for it, and Alan Su’s name was displayed on it.

She thought about it, and then picked it up.


“I’m the traffic police brigade here, do you know Alan Su?”

Marsha Sang sat up and said, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

How could the traffic police call here?

Marsha Sang suddenly sat up straight.

“He drove under the influence of a car and had a car accident. Now he is sent to the rescue room. If you are his family, please come over immediately.”

Marsha Sang was surprised and drunk driving?


“He, how are others doing now?”

She lifted the quilt and got out of bed, looking for clothes.

“It’s not clear yet, come here as soon as possible.”

“Okay, okay, what hospital is he in now?”

After saying the address over there, he hung up the phone.

Marsha Sang found that she didn’t have her clothes here, so she could only wear Keller Shen’s T-shirt. Fortunately, it was long enough to wear like a short skirt and reach her thigh.

Keller Shen came back and saw Marsha Sang tying his hair in the bathroom, carrying a black bag in his hand, “Why are you up?”

“You are back. It’s not good. Alan Su was in a car accident. He is now in the hospital, saying he is trying to rescue him. I don’t know how he was injured.”

Marsha Sang said anxiously.

Keller Shen asked what hospital he was in.

Marsha Sang repeated the address.

“You go to sleep, I’ll go over and take a look.”

Keller Shen put down what he was holding and left.

“I’ll be with you.”

Marsha Sang was not at ease.

Keller Shen glanced at her, and there was a piece of his clothing on his body. Although it covered his thighs, he still felt too exposed, “You are at home, if you have anything, I will call you anytime.”

He was about to leave with the car key, as if thinking of something, he took out a card from his wallet and handed it to her, “Buy whatever you like, buy some clothes you like.”

Marsha Sang shook his head, “I don’t want it, I have…” Keller Shen took her hand, stuffed it into her hand, and turned away.

Marsha Sang stood there looking at his back and said, “You drive carefully.”

Keller Shen said, “I know, you close the door and go to sleep.”

Marsha Sang nodded.

Keller Shen drove to the hospital and learned the situation for the first time.

They all drank in the evening. He called on behalf of the driver. Alan Su didn’t call. He drove the car by himself. According to the traffic police’s description, although the other party was also responsible, Alan Su drank and drunk driving was severely punished.

He will take full responsibility, and also revoke his driver’s license.

Now not only Alan Su is hurt, but the driver in the other car is also hurt.

Also being treated.

Now these are not important to Keller Shen, what is important is how is Alan Su’s injury?

“It’s not clear yet.”

The traffic police said that there was only a lot of blood on the body.

At this time, the door of the emergency room opened, and a doctor in a blue surgical gown came out.

Chapter 755

Keller Shen quickly walked over and asked anxiously, “How is he?”

The doctor looked at him, “Are you a family member of the patient?”

Keller Shen hesitated and nodded, “Yes.”

“The patient is seriously injured, so prepare yourself.”

After speaking, he took out the operation consent form, “This operation requires family members to sign.”

Keller Shen’s brain buzzed, unwilling to believe the doctor’s words.

What should be psychologically prepared?

“Please sign, otherwise the treatment will be delayed.”

The doctor reminded again.

Keller Shen returned to his senses and said, “I sign.”

Now it is important to save people. Alan Su is the old lady’s family, and now he can’t get the old lady.

After signing, Keller Shen called Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong was also in the hospital, but he was not in the same hospital as Alan Su. Alan Su was taken to the nearest hospital to the accident.

Ana Lin pestered Phillip Zong and asked, “What is the toast of love.”

She took a mouthful while eating, she was curious.

Phillip Zong lay and did not want to say.

Ana Lin was reluctant, lying in his arms, “If you didn’t tell me, I would bite you?”

Phillip Zong asked, “Where are you going to bite?”

Ana Lin blinked, her eyelashes were refracted by the light, leaving a large shadow on her eyelids. She smiled and poked his lips with her finger, “here?”

Phillip Zong lifted his chin, “Then I will bite you.”

Ana Lin came down, held his face and bit down, not very hard, but left a tooth mark.

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand and touched his face, and said in disgust, “Saliva touches my face.”

“Who told you not to tell me.”

Ana Lin pouted, “Kill you to death.”

Phillip Zong held her waist, said with a light smile, “The most poisonous woman’s heart.”

“Do you know?

But it’s too late, I’m already entangled with you, the kind that can’t be thrown away. “

Ana Lin lay flat on his arm and looked at the ceiling above, “It’s only one week, only eight months.”

She turned her head, “Do you expect it?”

Phillip Zong nodded, turned sideways to hug her, and k*ssed her forehead, “My child, of course I look forward to missing Ruth and Xiao Xi. When greeted this, I will not leave you alone. I have already told the doctor. After that, I can accompany the child…” “No.”

Ana Lin refused.

She doesn’t want to have a baby.

It was too violent when giving birth, she didn’t like the bloody scene Phillip Zong saw.

Phillip Zong seemed to know what she cares about, and said with a smile, “You are giving birth to me. I love you all the way you are.”

Ana Lin still rejects, “Don’t.”

Besides, there were doctors and nurses who were in charge of delivering babies at that time. With so many people present, she was naked, half of her body… “Tell me honestly, have you ever had a woman before?”

Ana Lin repeated the old saying, squeezing his face, “You know so much?

Don’t tell me, are you guilty? “

Phillip Zong, “…” Can’t get past this?

He cleared his throat, “A toast to love is to drink.”

“How to drink?”

Ana Lin asked.

Surely it’s not as usual to drink, otherwise what’s the cheers of love?

The name sounds silly.

Phillip Zong pondered, “Just hand in a glass of wine…” “Don’t lie to me.”

Ana Lin didn’t believe it was so simple.

Phillip Zong squinted, “I haven’t finished speaking yet, you interrupted me.”

Ana Lin shut up, with an expression of what you said.

Phillip Zong said, “Handing over a cup of wine is the first type, the second is mouth-to-mouth feeding and drinking, and the third…” Ana Lin moved back a bit after seeing his gaze, “Are there more explicit? “

Phillip Zong nodded solemnly, and looked at her up and down.

Ana Lin asked, “What are you looking at?”

Phillip Zong said, “It’s nothing.”

Then hug her to sleep.

Ana Lin asked, “Are you men so shameless behind their backs?”

Phillip Zong hugged her tighter, “I am only shameless to you.”

“You know so much, who knows how many women you have been shameless.”

Of course Ana Lin believed him in his heart, but deliberately angered him.

Phillip Zong smiled, “Then I will try it later.”

“try what?”

“Try to be shameless to other women…” “Dare you!”

The smile on Phillip Zong’s face grew thicker and he asked, “What will happen to you if I do it?”

Ana Lin said fiercely, “Chop it off and feed the dog!”

Phillip Zong, “…” Why do these words sound familiar?

Did he say her words before?

The two spoke for a while, and Phillip Zong slept with her arms around.

When I was asleep, I heard the phone ring again.

Ana Lin whispered, “Did your phone ring?”

Phillip Zong touched the cell phone on the table and glanced at it. It showed Keller Shen’s cell phone number. He was more reliable than Alan Su. He didn’t even call this time, so he picked it up.


“Alan Su had a car accident. It was very serious. I am now in the hospital. I am here. I don’t know what to do. What do you say?”

Phillip Zong sat up and turned on the light, and asked again, “What did you say?”

“I said Alan Su had a car accident.”

Keller Shen repeated it again.

Phillip Zong pressed his eyebrows hard, “How could there be a car accident.”

“drunk driving.”

Ana Lin opened his eyes wide, “Who had a car accident?”

“Alan Su, I have to go and see.”

Phillip Zong got up and asked what hospital Keller Shen was in.

Then he hung up the phone and looked for clothes to wear.

Ana Lin asked, “Is it serious?”

“Well, Keller Shen is already in the hospital. If I get a minor injury, he won’t call me.”

Phillip Zong said while putting on his clothes.

After speaking, he walked over and touched Ana Lin’s hair, “Don’t worry, Keller Shen and I are watching, you sleep well.”

Ana Lin nodded, she thought for a moment, “Should you tell Lena Qin?”

Phillip Zong thought for a while, “You can call her.”

The two of them have not been well. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lena Qin might feel relieved.

Ana Lin nodded, “If you drive at night, don’t worry if you are slower on the road.”

Alan Su felt abrupt in her heart when such a thing happened, and she was very uneasy.

Phillip Zong said that he knew that there could be no one here, so he called Ida Zhuang to come over.

Ana Lin didn’t get up to send it off. She couldn’t get out of bed and walk. When Phillip Zong was gone, she picked up her mobile phone and called Lena Qin.

At this time, most people were asleep, and so did Lena Qin. She was very busy today. She didn’t come back after 11 o’clock and went to sleep after washing.

However, he was awakened by the ringing of the phone at night.

She fumbled to the phone and pressed the answer button.

“Lena Qin?”

Ana Lin called her softly.

Chapter 756

Listening to the familiar voice, Lena Qin rubbed her eyes and squinted to check the time. It was three o’clock in the middle of the night.

“Sister Lin…” “Well, did you wake you up?”

Ana Lin said mildly.

Lena Qin said, “Is there anything going on calling me so late?”

Ana Lin brewed for a while and said, “Keller Shen and Marsha Sang received the certification for Alan Su’s dinner at my place. We were all very happy, so we drank some wine. Who knows he didn’t find a driver…” Was there a car accident?”

Lena Qin was completely sleepy in an instant, “How is he?”

“I don’t know, it seems to be very serious. Phillip and Keller have passed. My physical inconvenience has not passed. Please come back and have a look. He has no relatives beside him, only the old lady is a relative, and he is getting older.”

“it is good.”

Lena Qin hardly hesitated.

“Then don’t worry about having us watching over here.”

Ana Lin explained that she was afraid that something might happen to her in a hurry.

Lena Qin said she knew.

Ana Lin could not sleep when the phone was hung up.

I was very nervous, afraid that Alan Su would have something to do.

Later, Ida Zhuang came, and Ana Lin asked her to sleep. She said, “When I wake up, I can’t sleep. I will accompany you.”

Ida Zhuang talked to her deliberately so as not to make her think too much.

“That kid Yan Xi is more sensible now, and loves to study, your grades have improved less.”

Ana Lin said, “She has grown up.”

“Yeah, think about how young they were when they were born. In a blink of an eye, you have a third child.”

Ida Zhuang lamented that time flies quickly.

Ana Lin smiled, time flies, fleeting.

Has she ever thought about today?

With children, the husband looks good and still has money?

It was too late, Ida Zhuang fell asleep on the side of the bed, Ana Lin put a thin blanket on her body, and the air conditioner kept on in the room would be cool.

Lena Qin booked the earliest flight, and Gibson Shao came to see her off, “What is so urgent?

Early in the morning, I hurried to leave without eating. “

Lena Qin brought nothing, only a bag, “Alan Su had a car accident.”

Gibson Shao said, “It turns out that this is the case. I don’t want to deceive your sympathy and make you feel soft, right?”

Lena Qin shook her head, “Probably not. Sister Lin’s phone call was still in the middle of the night. I felt that she was also very worried, not like a lie.”

Gibson Shao waved his hand, “I just said casually, you take it seriously, go back and take good care of it. I’ll watch here, don’t worry about it.”

Roberson Cheng came to C City and took charge of the textile factory. The clothing store has now entered a stable stage. There are masters and designers. One less person will not affect much for a while.

Lena Qin said, “Thank you Second Uncle.”

She was very happy during these times with Gibson Shao, and it was easy to be with him.

Gibson Shao waved, “It’s almost time to board the plane. Go in.”

Lena Qin waved to him.

Near noon, Lena Qin arrived in City B.

She hurried to the hospital, Alan Su had been sent to the ward with gauze wrapped around her head, her face was pale, and she was still in a coma.

Lena Qin stood in front of the hospital bed, still wondering if it was his intention, after all, he could really do anything.

It doesn’t seem to be right now.

“what did the doctor say?”

Lena Qin asked.

Keller Shen said, “I’m not sure, but the doctor said it depends on how he wakes up.”

Lena Qin nodded.

“Then you guard, I will go outside.”

Keller Shen said.

“Big Brother Shen, you haven’t slept all night, you can go back and have a rest, here I am watching.”

Lena Qin said.

Keller Shen said, “That’s OK, I’ll come over to change you later.”

Lena Qin replied, “Okay, the rest of the matter may have to trouble you.”

Alan Su is solely responsible for the car accident, and the insurance has a deductible clause for him, and now he needs to negotiate with the other party.

Keller Shen said, “You don’t have to worry about this, I will look at it. He has many lawyers, and the other party dare not ruin people.”

Lena Qin nodded.

Keller Shen closed the door after leaving.

Lena Qin sat on the chair next to the bed, and it didn’t take long for Alan Su to lose weight.

None of them contact anyone these days.

She knew that Alan Su hadn’t convinced the old lady yet.

He didn’t care, but the old lady cared very much.

It must be uncomfortable for him to be caught in the middle.

Lena Qin sighed slightly and got up to pour a glass of water, and wiped Alan Su’s lips that had been cracked due to long-term dryness. The hair was slightly lifted, and there were blood stains that were not cleaned.

She stretched out and held his hand and whispered, “Alan Su, wake up.”

For the old lady, for her, nothing can happen.

The person on the bed was silent.

There is no trace of waking up.

Keller Shen didn’t sleep all night, there was a cyan under his eyelids, and his expression was a little tired.

He returned to his residence and opened the door, accustomed to no one at home.

Marsha Sang was standing in the living room when she heard the movement.

Keller Shen walked in and saw her standing there, “I didn’t go to class today.”

“No class today.”

Marsha Sang dressed neatly, “I was about to find you.”

Keller Shen said, “No need to go, Lena Qin is guarding.”

“Have you eaten?”

Marsha Sang asked.

Keller Shen said no.

“I’ll do something for you, do you sleep for a while?”

Marsha Sang could see his slightly tired look.

Keller Shen said, “You have to go to the bureau. You can get something to eat. I’ll take a bath and wake up.”

Marsha Sang felt he was too tired and a little distressed.

“Can’t you ask for leave to rest at home today?”

Marsha Sang said.

Keller Shen said, “No, there will be a meeting this afternoon.”

He pulled his neckline and went into the bathroom, undressed.

Marsha Sang glanced at him and went to the kitchen to make him something to eat.

I don’t know if he is in a hurry. Marsha Sang ordered dumplings, which she wrapped last time and frozen in the refrigerator.

She peeled the garlic to make garlic paste, poured a small dish of balsamic vinegar, Keller Shen took a good bath, dressed in a uniform, tall and heroic, his appearance in uniform was very charming, Marsha Sang looked ecstatic, she didn’t reply until Keller Shen walked over. God, said hurriedly, “You wait outside, that’s it.”

She put the garlic and balsamic vinegar on the table, then took the dumplings and put them on the plate.

Keller Shen opened the chair table and said, “You also have something to eat.”

Marsha Sang sat opposite and said, “You eat first, I’m not hungry yet.”

Keller Shen didn’t eat breakfast either, and he was really hungry at noon.

He picked up the chopsticks and put one dipped in vinegar into his mouth.

It was hot, and he swallowed it without chewing.

Marsha Sang went to pour him water, “You eat slowly.”

Keller Shen said, “It’s delicious.”

Marsha Sang looked at him with his chin supported, and asked, “How is Alan Su’s injury?”

“Not life-threatening.”

Keller Shen said.

Marsha Sang rejoiced, “That’s good, there is no injury to the body, right?”

Many car accidents have caused a lot of physical disabilities.

Keller Shen said, “No.”

Marsha Sang nodded.

After eating, Keller Shen took a sip of water, stood up, and said, “I’m leaving.”

Marsha Sang came over, “Wait a minute.”

Keller Shen stood there, looking at her.

Marsha Sang walked to him and stretched out his hand to smooth the collar of his uniform, “You look good in this one.”

Keller Shen asked, “Is it just that the clothes look good?”

Marsha Sang smiled, “You look good too.”

Keller Shen stretched out his arms to circle her and touched her hair, “I’m leaving.”

Marsha Sang nodded.

When Keller Shen arrived in the bureau, he was called by people around Song Bureau.

He walked into Song Ju’s office and saw that Song Ju’s desk had been cleaned up.

Keller Shen asked, “Song Bureau, this is…”

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