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Chapter 73

Phillip Zong straightened his expression, “Since I am not excited, I will go back obediently.”

With her hands hanging beside her, she clasped tightly together, with mixed feelings in her heart, “Can you tell me why you are doing this?”

Does he know that he is actually saying, “I like you”

In fact, she also felt that Phillip Zong couldn’t like a woman like her, but she couldn’t understand his behavior.

She couldn’t find another explanation.

Phillip Zong stood up.


He didn’t know, he only knew that he wanted this woman to return to her original position, “You are the wife my mother chose for me, so naturally I can’t live up to the wishes of the dead.”

Ana Lin wanted to smile, but couldn’t smile.

She didn’t know what expression she should put on at this moment, whether she was happy or unhappy.

“Only because I am your mother’s marriage contract for you, that’s why you want me to go back?” Ana Lin was at a loss for what to do. She didn’t know why she was expecting it. He said no.

Phillip Zong turned around and turned his back to her. The expression on his face was hidden in the halo refracted outside the window, and he gave a faint hum.

This should have been the most anticipated answer.

She was disappointed.

She smiled bitterly, “Do you think it is appropriate for me to be in that position? And you and Casey He are about to get engaged, are you here to tease me and play with me, is it interesting?”

The lines of his face suddenly stretched, like a bowstring being pulled tight.

He has always deliberately ignored one thing, that is, Ana Lin had a man and had a child.

This is something he doesn’t want to mention or think deeply. Now that she says this, he has to face it.

“I will not marry Casey He. As for your position, there is nothing inappropriate.” He said lightly.

Ana Lin squeezed a smile, “There is nothing inappropriate? Are you serious?”

Phillip Zong turned around and looked at the woman standing opposite through the faint light, “You are not a pure woman, and I am not a good man and a believer. We are each other, don’t dislike each other.”

Obviously it was something that I already knew, and I don’t know why I heard him speak out in person, and I was a little bit disappointed.

He is a normal man. It is strange that Casey He has been with him for so long that nothing has happened.

She knows.

Also understand and understand.

I just don’t know why he thought that he had slept with other women, and his chest would feel tight and uncomfortable.

“I will go back today.” He came here today to tell her about this.

“Yeah.” Ana Lin turned his head and didn’t go to see him.

Pretending to be very calm.


The phone Ana Lin put on the table suddenly vibrated. She looked over and saw that it was her son’s name and reached out to pick it up.

“Xiao Xi.”

“Mummy, can you come to school to pick me up today?” Daniel asked.

“Of course it can.” Nothing matters to her son. She glanced at the clock on the table, “What time do you want me to pass?”

“Can you come now?”


“Then I wait for you.”

“it is good.”

After hanging up there, Ana Lin hung up the phone. She closed the papers, picked up the drawing paper, and was about to leave. When she saw Phillip Zong standing behind her, she remembered that there were still people here.

“want to go out.”


Ana Lin pursed his lips, “My son wants me to pick him up.”

Phillip Zong just heard it, thinking of how hostile he was towards him, he couldn’t help asking, “Did you talk bad about me to him?”

Ana Lin was confused when he heard it, “What’s wrong with you?”

“You didn’t say, why is that kid so hostile to me?”

This time Ana Lin understood it.

He didn’t answer, and deliberately changed the subject, “You want to catch the flight, and I have to go.”

She can’t say that Daniel only hates him when he sees him forcibly k*ss her?

She walked to the door, looked back at him, “Don’t you go?”

It was obvious that she was deliberately changing the subject, but Phillip Zong didn’t expose her, walked out following her words, and asked casually, “What school is your son at?”



The corners of his eyes twitched, knowing that the child was smart. From the last time he framed himself and kidnapped him, he could see that he was very thoughtful and active. He knew that he was a child and aroused the sympathy of others to achieve his goals.

This cleverness, few five-year-olds can do it.

Knowing that he is smart, but never thought that he could enter AC at such a young age.

When it comes to his son, Ana Lin is also very proud, “He is very smart, and sometimes he is mature like an adult and will take care of his younger sister.”

When she was speaking, her face was radiant.

Proud of my son.

Phillip Zong snorted coldly, and walked towards his car.

To say that there is no feeling at all, that is deceiving.

He is in his 30s, and many people already have children at this age.

Now, he wants to listen to a woman of his wife telling her how to be clever, how to be sensible, and how to have a ghost when she has children with other men.

Ana Lin thought he was inexplicable.

Just like many things he did, people couldn’t understand the purpose.

Ana Lin didn’t think too much, and walked towards his car.

It didn’t take long before she drove to her son’s school. Daniel had already walked out of the classroom and was waiting inside the iron gate at the school gate.

Ana Lin stopped the car, bent down, and walked towards him.


Seeing Ana Lin coming, Daniel shouted in excitement.

The guard saw Ana Lin coming and opened the door so that Daniel could come out.

Ana Lin stretched out his hand at him, “Why did you come to school?”

Although he passed the exam, because of his young age, he only has three days of classes a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today is Tuesday.

“I have something to ask my teacher.” Daniel said seriously.

“I’m free, I have to invite your teacher to dinner. It’s so good to you.” Ana Lin wondered in her heart, would you like to call today and ask if he is free to have a meal together?

“Is your teacher still at school?” Ana Lin asked.

“No, he has something to do and has already left.”

Ana Lin dismissed his thoughts, took his son into the car, and buckled his seat belt.

Ana Lin drove home and met Ida Zhuang at the door when he came back from the supermarket with Ruth.

She quickly got out of the car and went to pick up what Ida Zhuang was holding.

“Mommy, Mommy.” Ruth was so excited, she stretched out her two small hands, trying to make Ana Lin hug.

“Enter the house and hug again.”

“No.” Ruth stretched out her hand to hold Ana Lin’s leg, not letting her go, she insisted on holding it.

Ida Zhuang smiled helplessly and shook his head, “Hold her.”

She never took things.

“My family, Ruth, is a white-eyed wolf. I don’t know how to raise it. I only see my mother and no mother-in-law.”

“Grandma has me.” Daniel reached out to hold Ida Zhuang’s hand.

“Our family, Xiao Xi, is the most sensible.” Ida Zhuang smiled.

Ruth didn’t care at all, lying on Ana Lin’s shoulder happily.

Enjoy the embrace of mother.

Entering the house, Ida Zhuang went to the kitchen to return the things he bought today, and Ana Lin washed her hands.

If you go out, you will inevitably come into contact with some bacteria.

“Mummy, I want to eat pudding.” Ruth raised her head and opened her big clear eyes, acting like a baby in Ana Lin’s arms.

“Good.” Ana Lin responded with a smile.

After washing her hands well, Ana Lin took her to the living room and went to get pudding in the refrigerator.

Ruth is really a snack food, as soon as there is food, she is very quiet.

Ana Lin asked Daniel to take care of her younger sister, and then walked into the kitchen to help Ida Zhuang prepare dinner.

“Mom, why did you make a marriage contract with Mrs. Zong back then?”

This is something she has been curious about, but she has never had the opportunity to ask.

Today Phillip Zong mentioned it again, and Ana Lin especially wanted to know.

Chapter 74

Ida Zhuang’s hand washing the vegetables paused for a while, and it seemed that he didn’t expect his daughter to ask this question suddenly, “How do you think of asking this?”

Ana Lin lowered his head, “Just want to know, after all, when I was engaged to him, I was only two years old, why would you…”

“I can’t remember the past events.” Ida Zhuang didn’t want to mention the past events. She put the washed dishes in the frame, looked at her daughter, and found her abnormality sensitively, “Say, what do you have? thing?”

Ana Lin could see that Ida Zhuang was reluctant to say that he did not continue to question, but took the opportunity to test, “Mrs. William, I want to open a branch and want me to be the person in charge——”

“This is a good thing,” Ida Zhuang answered.

She pushed her daughter, “I’ll chop vegetables.”

Ana Lin stepped aside, leaned on the stove, and thought for a while, “But the address of the branch is in China—”


Before Ana Lin had finished speaking, Ida Zhuang had interrupted her. She also knew that LEO had a rule, that is, it would not open branches in various countries.

Why did Mrs. William suddenly open a branch?

Ida Zhuang frowned. The recent succession of events was a bit strange. She put down the kitchen knife, wiped her hands on the apron, and took her daughter’s arm. “You tell me the truth, is this related to him?”

This matter can’t be kept secret, if she wants to return to China, Ida Zhuang will know about it sooner or later.

Ana Lin admitted, “Hmm…”

“What do you think?!” Zhuang Ziyan stared in anger, why doesn’t he have a long memory?

“Tell me, what was your situation back then? Where was he when you were the most difficult? It wasn’t Doctor Ho. How could you be where you are now? How can you be so unclear?”

Ana Lin turned her head. Indeed, she did not want to return to China, partly because of previous events, and partly because of Phillip Zong’s.

He knew it was a deal, but the moment he filed for divorce, he was still inexplicably sad.

Later, a car accident made her even more exhausted.

That’s why she didn’t want to go back to that place that would make her touch the scene.

“Mrs. William’s attitude is very firm. If I don’t go back, I might lose my job.” She is the only person with income in the family. This job is very important to her.

Ida Zhuang picked up the kitchen knife again, sliced ​​the potato chips one by one, and was silent for a while, “It’s not impossible to go back.”

Ana Lin is a little unbelievable, Ida Zhuang will let go.

“But I have a condition.”

Ana Lin sighed, knowing she did not agree so easily.

“You promise to marry Dr. He, and I will agree.” Ida Zhuang also stated the conditions.

Compared with Phillip Zong, she is more optimistic about Rios He who has been helping Ana Lin.


“I haven’t discussed this. You want to jump into the fire pit. I can’t push you anymore. You are my daughter. I’m doing it for your own good. What’s wrong with Doctor Ho? The most important thing is to look good, be able and capable. The thing is that he likes you. There are a few men who can wait like this for six years—” Zhuang Ziying looked at his children seriously, “Is your heart made of stone? Can’t you see his contribution?”

Indeed, Rios He is very good. In her hardest time, she stayed with her, arranged her family and took care of her.

She knows all these feelings.

“But I—”

“If he minds, if you are pregnant and have a child, can you wait for so long?” Ida Zhuang also worried. Rios He was concerned about Ana Lin’s pregnancy and child, but he used actions to make Ida Zhuang change this view.

If you care, I’m afraid I won’t be with Ana Lin for so long.

Ana Lin is still young and can’t live without marrying. In Ida Zhuang’s opinion, Rios He is the best candidate.

Compared to the man who knew that Ana Lin was pregnant, even if he had a marriage contract, it was only 11 million times better to sign a one-month marriage with his daughter to complete the marriage contract!

Ana Lin looked down at his toes. In fact, Ida Zhuang was right and it made sense.

But Ida Zhuang didn’t know that Rios He’s mother had looked for her.

She is a human, and her heart grows in flesh, and she has also moved her mind with Rios He.

After all, he was really good to her.

However, Ana Lin did not intend to tell Ida Zhuang about this matter. Ida Zhuang has always been worried about her future life, fearing that she would be difficult to find a suitable one with her children.

If she told Ida Zhuang that Rios He’s mother had looked for her and did not want her to marry Rios He, she would definitely be sad and would think more about her future and worry about her future.

“Mom, I won’t be happy if I marry someone I don’t like.”

“But he likes you and treats you well. Isn’t that enough? Feelings can be cultivated. You will naturally have feelings when you get married, live together, and get along day and night.” Ida Zhuang still tried his best to persuade Ana Lin.

Ana Lin was particularly helpless. She lowered her head and rubbed her forehead, feeling an unprecedented sense of exhaustion.

Phillip Zong’s persecution, Ida Zhuang did not understand.

Let her feel powerless.


Daniel was standing at the door of the kitchen, small, but standing straight. Just now, he secretly heard the dialogue between Ana Lin and Ida Zhuang and knew what they were talking about.

“Mommy, we are from country Z. My sister and I have never returned to Mommy’s hometown. Isn’t it a good thing to be able to go back now?” Daniel looked at Ana Lin and Ida Zhuang with an innocent look.

“What do you know, kid?” Ida Zhuang waved and asked him to go to the living room to look at his sister.

“Although I am young, I have human rights and can choose. I agree with Mommy’s return.” Daniel looked extremely serious, “I was born by Mommy, so naturally I am also a citizen of Country Z. I must go back.”

Ana Lin and Ida Zhuang looked at each other. They almost never mentioned the topic of their father.

Ana Lin only said once, the result of Rios He’s investigation. Their father may be from country A, but they were born with Ana Lin, so they look like people from country Z, and they don’t have the genetic characteristics of country A at all.

This is also a thing that Ana Lin is extremely gratified. Her child has the same skin color and appearance as her.

Not a doll with yellow hair and blue eyes.

“Xiao Xi.” Ana Lin said to his son.

“Mommy, let’s go back, I also want to see what Mommy’s hometown is like.” Daniel blinked and looked at her hopefully.

Ana Lin walked over and hugged her son, holding it tightly in her arms, her nose was inexplicably sore, making her afraid to open her mouth.

Ida Zhuang couldn’t bear to say anything more, but his attitude was still firm, “Think about what I said.”

“Grandma, Mommy doesn’t like uncle, why do you have to let them be together?” Daniel looked like a small adult, “My mommy fits better.”

Ida Zhuang smiled, what does he know a little bit?

“What do you think your mommy is suitable for?”

Daniel raised her head, “I won’t tell you.”

Because he is still searching.

He deliberately went to his teacher, and the teacher said, in a situation like his mommy, he should find a man who is more handsome and richer than his ex-husband to make the grief who abandoned them regret.

Let him know that it was his loss for him to abandon Mommy!

He has figured out Phillip Zong’s information, he is in country Z, so he wants to go back.

The teacher said, knowing oneself and the enemy is the only way to survive all battles.

Not only does he want to find a better man for Mommy, but he also wants to get revenge on the man who abandoned them!

And Rios He did not meet his requirements, he was better than ordinary people, but far behind Phillip Zong.

His mom must never marry a man worse than Phillip Zong.

Must be better than him!

Chapter 75

The house is not very big, but the decoration is very warm. The restaurant has a rectangular dining table and a family of four.

Because Ida Zhuang did not agree with Ana Lin to go back, he would agree to be with Rios He when he returned, which made the atmosphere on the table very dull.

Only the naive Ruth knew nothing, sitting in Ana Lin’s arms, asking her to feed herself.

“Mummy, I want egg custard.” Ruth stretched out her little finger and pointed to the steamed egg custard that was as tender as water tofu.

Ana Lin used a spoon to scoop it over and feed it into her mouth.

Daniel looked at her ignorant sister and sighed just like an adult with troubles.

Ana Lin picked him up vegetables, “Children, don’t frown.”

“Hey.” Daniel sighed.

This kid, why the more he talks about him, the more addicted it is?

“Daniel, pay attention to your attitude.” Although Ana Lin was reprimanding, but he didn’t have a serious expression, he was still reluctant to scold him or say something harsh to him.

“Are you still in the mood to eat?” Daniel poured cold water on her.

“If you don’t persuade grandma, what about the job?” Daniel was more worried than Ana Lin.

“Children, don’t worry about adults’ affairs. Eat well and go to school. That’s what you should do.” Ida Zhuang filled him with a bowl of thick soup, “Eat your meal. You are not allowed to participate in the affairs of adults.”

Daniel disagrees, “I’m also a member of this family, so naturally I have a voice. Grandma, Mommy, let’s show our hands and vote. The minority obeys the majority.”

“Hey, this kid, who did you learn from him, and talks about the principles.” Ida Zhuang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Small people, but many ideas.

“Show hands to vote.” Daniel repeated, with a firm attitude.

“Do you want to go back that?” Ana Lin noticed his son’s thoughts, and he seemed to particularly want to go back.

She thought that the children lived here, they had already gotten used to it and would not want to change places. Daniel’s attitude surprised her.

“Mommy’s hometown is also my hometown. I just want to see what Mommy’s hometown looks like.” Daniel solemnly said with a small face.

Although Ana Lin wanted to agree, she was concerned about Ida Zhuang’s feelings, but she did not agree.

How clever Daniel is, knowing that Ana Lin really respects Ida Zhuang, he still has to talk about it.

He put down the spoon, ran to Ida Zhuang, pulled her sleeves, and shook it gently, “Grandma, my good grandma, please agree.”

Ida Zhuang refused.

Daniel continued to act like a baby, praying with a soft voice, “Grandma, grandma, my good grandma.”

“Grandma, grandma, my good grandma.” Seeing her brother call, Ruth also called.

Daniel’s voice is soft and waxy, and Ruth’s voice is soft and waxy, with a baby-like tenderness and a special sweetness.

With a bang, Ida Zhuang’s heart was broken.

If she disagrees, she seems to be sorry for the two children.

So he said, “We show our hands to vote.”

Daniel raised his hand first, “Those who agree to return to China raise their hands.”

“Mummy.” Ana Lin didn’t move, Daniel winked at her, and Ana Lin raised his hand after seeing signs of Ida Zhuang’s lifelessness.


“Don’t coax.” Ida Zhuang interrupted Daniel.

Daniel pouted and watched her sister shook her raised hand.

Ruth looked funny, Mommy and her brother stretched out their hands, she also wanted to stretch out.

Three to one.

Ida Zhuang lost.

She was not angry, but said melancholy, “I don’t know, is this right or wrong.”

“Don’t worry, grandma, I will protect my mom.” Daniel promised, patting her chest.

Ida Zhuang rubbed his grandson’s hair and sighed deeply. After all, he was a child, what do you know.

But this filial piety is commendable, “Your mommy, you didn’t risk your life in vain to give birth to you.”

Daniel blinked. He also heard from his uncle that Mommy suffered a lot to give birth to him and his sister.

“I won’t let people bully my mommy.” Daniel said as if he had made a decision, and said very firmly.

Zhuang Ziyan realized that he said too much. This was a child after all, so he picked him up and let him sit on his lap, “Xiao Xi, is a man in our family.”

“Of course.” Daniel raised her head and said proudly.

After persuading Ida Zhuang, the atmosphere at the dinner table also relaxed a lot. Ruth was sleepy in Ana Lin’s arms, her little head lowered down, Ana Lin hugged her and left the table, the little guy seemed to feel When Ana Lin was about to leave, he opened his eyes, “I want to eat.”


This child is so sleepy that he still doesn’t forget to eat.

Ana Lin had to sit back again, and the little guy fell asleep after taking a few bites.

Ida Zhuang asked his daughter to take the child to rest, and she came to clean the table.

Ana Lin nodded, Ruth hadn’t taken a bath yet, and she was going to be washed up next to make trouble, so she took better.

Ruth should have not slept during the day and slept deeply. Ana Lin washed her face, hands, and feet. There was no trace of waking up.

Daniel sighed, “Mommy, I think my sister should be a pig.”

Can eat and sleep.

Ana Lin said in vain, “How do you speak? My sister is a pig, what do you belong to? Don’t forget your female compatriot.”

Daniel sat by the bed, took out his tablet, and played a game called Intelligence Box. He lowered his head and said, “I am a snake. The teacher said that snakes are cold-blooded animals.”

Ana Lin turned his head and saw his son’s exquisite profile face, curled eyelashes, and bowed his head, playing games seriously, thanking his teacher very much.

Some of the things that taught Daniel were mature.

Some are not what he should learn at his age.

“Do you like your teacher very much?” Ana Lin asked.

“Of course.” Daniel answered without hesitation.

Ana Lin touched his head.

At this time, her mobile phone rang on the bedside table, and Daniel was close, picked it up and handed it to Ana Lin, “Mommy, you have a phone.”

Ana Lin reached out to take it, and it showed LEO’s number.

Only Mrs. William can show this number, the iconic.

At the beginning, Mrs. William was kind to Ana Lin.

Although she has obtained a diploma, she has no practical experience. According to LEO’s status, she would not accept a newcomer like her.

Mrs. William said that looking at her, she had the feeling of seeing herself when she was young, so she asked her to stay.

This is also the case, she has the opportunity to go to today.

To Mrs. William, she has great respect.

“I have arranged for Lena Qin to go back first. She will arrange everything over there, so you can go back directly.”

“I know.”

Ana Lin covered his children with quilts, walked to the window, looked outside, and saw nothing.

Her heart gradually became clear.

As Phillip Zong said, what is she afraid of since she let go?

She straightened her back, and now she has her own career, the children have grown up, and Ida Zhuang’s illness has been under control, everything is on the right track, where to live is different.

“Lin, do you hate me?” Mrs. William was silent for a long time before she asked.

“No.” Ana Lin answered frankly.

She was never dissatisfied, at first she just didn’t understand why she could make an exception, and after she knew the story of her and William.

There is no more dissatisfaction.

Mrs. William sighed, as if she had something to say, and hung up without saying it.

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