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Chapter 709

Mrs. Song was furious, as if she could rush up to fight Keller Shen in the next second.

Seeing his wife behaving like a street girl, Song Ju only felt a headache.

He said in a deep voice, “Okay! First listen to what Keller said.”

Keller Shen didn’t know how to circumscribe, and said directly, “I found that I don’t like Yaxin, so…” “Keller Shen, what do you mean?

You promised to be with my daughter, but now you say you don’t like it? “

Madam Song grabbed Keller Shen’s arm with excitement, her face flushed, “What do you think of as my daughter?”

Say you want it?

Don’t just say no?

Keller Shen, don’t forget that you have today, without Yaxin’s father, what are you? “

Song Ju pressed his eyebrows hard, feeling ashamed of his wife’s behavior.

“People have today, that is their ability!”

Song Ju pulled his wife away, “You don’t need you here, go in!”

Mrs. Song looked up at her husband and cried out loudly for a moment, “Are you crazy?

Yaxin is your daughter, why are you facing outsiders?

Now people want to abandon your daughter, do you still have to speak to the person who abandoned your daughter? “

“To shut up!”

Song Ju felt ashamed.

But Song Fu didn’t care about him, he felt that Keller Shen was sorry for them, and he felt that Keller Shen was so young that he was in the position of deputy bureau.

“Keller Shen, I tell you, never want to abandon my daughter casually, you must be responsible to my daughter, you agreed to it, and now you want to break up, there is no door!”

Mrs. Song pointed at Keller Shen and rebuked.

Song Ju only felt that his head was about to explode, and said to Keller Shen, “You should leave today. Everyone is too excited to talk. When we calm down, we will sit down and talk.”

Keller Shen wanted to make it clear today, but seeing Mrs. Song’s reluctance, she couldn’t continue, she could only nod her head, “Song Bureau, I’m really sorry.”

He felt sorry for Song Ju from the bottom of his heart, and he felt sorry for him.

Song Ju waved his hand not to listen.

“I’m going out with you. We talk about the two of us. I don’t want my parents because mine is sad.”

Song Yaxin stood up, walked to Keller Shen’s side, and said, “Let’s go.”

“Yaxin, you can’t be soft-hearted, if he promised you, he can’t go back.”

Mrs. Song was worried that her daughter would agree to break up for a while.

Where can I find such a suitable one after breaking up?

Song Yaxin said, “I will handle my affairs myself.”

After finishing speaking, he pulled Keller Shen out of the house, and when he got downstairs, Song Yaxin let go of him, “It made my house restless. Are you happy?”

She clasped her hands tightly. This is the brain that has been washed with water and has become clear?

Keller Shen doesn’t like her, how could she not know?

She is sure to make Keller Shen fall in love with her.

Keller Shen said, “I’m sorry.”

Song Yaxin suddenly yelled, “I don’t need you to say sorry to me.”

Some neighbors passed by and looked at them and asked, “Why, quarrel?”

Song Yaxin immediately changed her face, took Keller Shen’s arm, and explained with a smile, “No, we are playing around.”

The neighbor smiled, “Young people just like to make trouble, I heard your mother say that you are in love, when will you get married?”

Song Yaxin glanced at Keller Shen and said, “I haven’t considered it yet.”

“You are not young anymore, you should get married and have a baby as soon as possible. I have to pick up the children from school. Goodbye.”

Song Yaxin waved her hand, feeling that this was not a place to talk, and she pulled Keller Shen out of the community to find a place with few people.

“Keller Shen, if you want to break up with me, you must give me a reason. As you have seen, the neighbors in the community know that we are in love. If people know that we are breaking up, how would others think of me?”

Song Yaxin stood still and looked at him, “I don’t think you are such an irresponsible person, right?”

Keller Shen’s attitude was very firm, “You can compensate you whatever you think I need.”

“Then what if I disagree?”

Song Yaxin was also determined.

Keller Shen frowned, “Don’t do this.”

Song Yaxin snorted, “How am I?

You want to abandon me.

Don’t I even have the right not to break up? “

“Ya Xin, there are some things, in the face of Song Ju, I don’t want to say too clearly, I want to get together with you, don’t make trouble too unpleasant.”

Keller Shen’s face was covered with frost, especially cold.

Song Yaxin was taken aback for a moment, “What do you mean?”

“It doesn’t mean anything, we broke up, I don’t like you, and there will be no good results together.”

Keller Shen still didn’t want to puncture.

Seeing Song Ju’s face, he wanted to give Song Ju a little face.

After all, Song Ju had nothing to say to him.

He is not an ungrateful person, and does not want to make things too ugly.

Song Yaxin was a little confused. She wiped out her previous affairs very cleanly, and Keller Shen could not find anything.

“You don’t want to break up with me, you want to discredit me?”

Song Yaxin still did not believe that Keller Shen would know the real reason for her divorce.

Keller Shen’s expression was so cold that his eyes were cold, “I will give you a day at most. You should consider it carefully. We break up peacefully. Don’t make trouble too ugly. It’s not good for anyone. Song Ju is a person I respect. I don’t want to embarrass him. .”

After speaking, Keller Shen turned and walked towards the car parked on the side of the road.

Song Yaxin clenched her fists with both hands, trembling with anger, and shouted, “Keller Shen!”

Chapter 710

Keller Shen didn’t stop at all, pulled the door and got into the car, started the car and left.

Song Yaxin stood still and stomped her feet.

Obviously, what he meant by what he said was that he knew something, and he didn’t want to expose it because of the face of her father.

She bit her lip and watched the car leave.

She didn’t dare to catch up rashly, she was afraid, she was afraid that Keller Shen really had the real reason for her divorce in his hands, that was her dark history, which could not be seen or exposed.

She decided to figure out why Keller Shen suddenly changed his mind.

Can you change your personality even if you encounter a disaster?

She turned angrily and returned to the community.

C city at the moment.

Lena Qin was still working overtime, Alan Su lay on the table, staring at her eagerly, “Are you hungry?

I’m going to buy you some supper? “

“Didn’t you just eat dinner?”

She color the drawn pictures on the computer to see which color is more suitable for this style of clothes.

Alan Su smiled, “I’m not afraid you are hungry.”

“Can you be quiet?

Like a fly. “

Lena Qin glanced at him, “You don’t want to stop, so hurry up.”

Alan Su shut up immediately and squatted to her, “I won’t speak anymore, but let me beat your legs.”

Lena Qin put down the mouse and turned the boss chair, her face looked like Alan Su, “Aren’t you going back?

So free every day?

Could it be that the firm is going to close down? “

Alan Su’s hands kept moving, thumping her legs in a decent way, raising her head and smiling at her, “It’s closed, you raise me.”

Lena Qin put her feet on his legs, bent down and looked at him, “I don’t like men who are not promising.”

Alan Su, “…” “Don’t worry, I will never let you sleep on the street…” “Wait, who is going to follow you?”

Lena Qin interrupted him.

Alan Su blinked, with an expression of resentment, “How can you say nothing?”

“What did I say?”

Lena Qin retracted her legs, folded them gracefully, and glanced at him lightly.

“You said you gave me a chance.”

Alan Su leaped forward and hugged her waist, buried his head in her arms, “You can’t deny it.”

Lena Qin pushed him, “Get up and drive!”


Alan Su dangled in her arms, “Let’s go get the certificate.”

Lena Qin’s eyes darkened, her heart was not calm, but she pretended to be very indifferent, “Last time I was fooled easily, this time, I was fooled again.”

“If you don’t, you won’t receive it, but don’t want me to let you go.”

Alan Su greedily sniffed the breath on her body, and his arms closed tighter.

Lena Qin frowned, “Look at you, can you stay focused?

Like a man? “

Alan Su didn’t care and didn’t let go, “You know best if I am a man.”

Lena Qin, “…” “If you don’t let go, am I angry?”

Lena Qin pretended to be angry.

Alan Su let go of his hand and stood aside like an angry little daughter-in-law, complaining, “Can you not always threaten me?”

“You can disobey me, I didn’t ask you to listen to me.”

Lena Qin turned the boss chair, returned to the desk again, and continued her work.

Alan Su looked at her aggrievedly, she let herself come, and then put herself aside, “You deceived people too much.”

Lena Qin pursed her lips, “You can’t stand it, you can choose to give up…” Before she could finish her words, Alan Su suddenly grabbed her shoulders, pushed her on the desk, and k*ssed her lips.

Lena Qin’s back pressed against the edge of the table, and it hurt. Lena Qin frowned, but did not push him away or close his eyes. Instead, he lowered his eyes and looked at him in anger.

“Don’t say such things in the future, I will be sad.”

Alan Su’s face was less serious and more serious just a short distance from her.

Lena Qin stretched out her hand to touch his face, “You used to hurt my heart deeply.”

Alan Su was instantly discouraged, drooping his head, “Can you not turn over the old account?”

Lena Qin fiddled with the broken hair on his forehead, “You make me suffer, can’t I make you suffer?”

Alan Su, “…” “Xiaoya, I’m serious, how about my settlement here?

This way, you can always be with you, without running around. “

He leaned on her shoulder and said.

Lena Qin looked at the ceiling, not being dazzled by the impulse, and said lightly, “I’ll talk about it later.”

Whether they can go to the end is still unknown.

Alan Su was brought up by his grandmother, and the Su family also had his own child. She could not give birth, which meant that Alan Su would wean off children if she was with her.

If his grandmother knew her physical condition, would she still accept her?

She lived briefly in that home.

Know how much the old lady hopes to embrace the great-grandson.

Buzzing—— At this time, the phone in Alan Su’s pocket rang, and he didn’t want to answer it, so he made it vibrate.

Lena Qin pushed him, “Your phone rang.”

Alan Su’s face was buried in her shoulder, and he said dullly, “I know, but I don’t want to pick it up.”

“If something is urgent, take it.”

Lena Qin touched his pocket, took it out and handed it to him.

Alan Su had to take it over and glanced at the caller ID, which was the home number.

He pressed the answer button.

Soon there was a hurried voice from the servant, “Mr. Su is not well, the old lady fell.”

Alan Su straightened up abruptly and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I went to hang the clothes to see, the old lady was thirsty, and the cup was a little far away from the bed. She was too close to the bed and fell off the bed.”

Alan Su said, “Hit 120.

I will let people go first. “

“Ok, yes.”

Alan Su hung up the phone and dialed Keller Shen’s. After Keller Shen bought a new mobile phone, he also sent him a message, so he knew Keller Shen’s new number.

At this time, Keller Shen’s car had just turned into the road to the villa when he received a call from Alan Su.

“Hey…” “Keller, my grandma fell off the bed. I can’t go back anymore. You can watch it for me first, and I will go back now.”

Alan Su said eagerly.

Keller Shen said, “I see, don’t worry, I will call you if there is any situation, I will go over now.”

Alan Su answered, Keller Shen hung up the phone, turned the front of the car, and drove towards Alan Su’s house.

Ana Lin, who was walking by the road, saw the car watching Keller Shen.

“I think it looks like Keller Shen’s car.”

Phillip Zong looked up, the car had already driven away.

Ana Lin frowned, “Why are you leaving again? Is the matter with Song Yaxin not going well?”

Phillip Zong patted the back of her hand, “All day long, I will worry about it.”

Ana Lin just thinks that Song Yaxin is not simple, and that her derailment can be said to be her husband’s derailment. This thought is obviously impure.

In this way, she is not simply liking Keller Shen.

Perhaps he thinks Keller Shen has a future, he is upright, and he is still unmarried, with good conditions in all aspects.

She must want to pounce.

“We go home.”

Phillip Zong held her waist, “Are you tired?”

Ana Lin said no.

They stepped on the moonlight and walked back.

As soon as I entered the door, I heard crying, and the living room was messy.

Chapter 711

“what happened?”

Ana Lin looked at his son who was standing in front of the sofa.

Zong Yanchen pointed to her crying sister, “She is going to play a game of cat and mouse, crying after losing.”

“Brother is a nuisance.”

Zong Yanxi wiped her tears and ran towards her father and mommy, and complained, “My brother is so annoying.”

Ana Lin looked at her daughter speechlessly.

She was so scared that she didn’t speak for a long time before, and she was still worried. After this was better, she became the same again.

“When can you get rid of your complaint?”

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand to touch her head, “Accept the bet.”

Marsha Sang cleaned up the pillows that were thrown on the ground by the two children just after playing the game, and there were some toys everywhere.

Zong Yanxi thought that her father would be facing her and scolded her elder brother. He didn’t expect her father to be biased towards her. He curled his lips and ran back to help Marsha Sang tidy up his toys.

“This kid just can’t get used to it. If you get used to her, you might cry again now.”

Ana Lin said to the man beside him.

Phillip Zong turned to look at her, “You mean I am used to her?”

Ana Lin said, “You are not used to it, you know it yourself.”

After speaking, he walked towards Marsha Sang, “Let it go, let Wanda clean up.”

Marsha Sang stood up, clutching the hem of his clothes with some cramped hands, “It’s nothing, it’s not tiring.”

Ana Lin smiled and said kindly, “Isn’t you used to it just now?”

Marsha Sang bowed his head, “It’s okay.”

Ana Lin could see that she was a little nervous, and she was uncomfortable living here. After all, she didn’t know each other, and she didn’t get along for a long time.

“My two children are very noisy.”

Ana Lin talked to her to ease the atmosphere, and tried to get closer to her to make her less restrained.

Marsha Sang smiled and said, “They are cute and smart.”

Ana Lin sat on the sofa and asked her to sit too.

“I’ll help tidy up.”

Marsha Sang squatted in front of the toy basket, picking up toys with Zong Yanxi.

The play toys of the house were scattered when they finished the cat and mouse game, and many small parts rolled everywhere.

“When will Uncle Shen come back?”

Zong Yanxi looked up at Marsha Sang and asked.

Keller Shen did not call her, nor did she take the initiative to contact Keller Shen, because she knew that Keller Shen would be busy when she came back and had a lot of things to deal with.

She can’t help him, the only thing she can do is not to trouble him.

“I do not know either.”

Zong Yanxi blinked, “Aren’t you his girlfriend?

How can you not know his whereabouts? “

Marsha Sang thought she was funny, she seemed to know a lot at a young age.

“Even if I am his girlfriend, I can’t deprive him of his time?

He has his business to do. “

Zong Yanxi didn’t quite understand.

“You adults have a lot of things in the world, and your girlfriend will change another one later.”

The smile on Marsha Sang’s face changed instantly.

Know that she only refers to her and Song Yaxin.

“She’s a child, she’s ignorant.”

Ana Lin was afraid that Marsha Sang would think too much.

Marsha Sang shook his head hurriedly, “Actually, I am not good.”

After careful investigation, she seemed to be a third party, dismantling Keller Shen and Song Yaxin.

Zong Yanchen put the toy basket in the corner for his sister and said, “Let’s go to the room.”

Zong Yanxi nodded, “Is Grandpa in the study? I want to see what they are doing.”

“Then go.”

Two siblings, holding hands and walking towards the study.

At this moment, the relationship is very good, Zong Yanxi has forgotten that he just cried.

Marsha Sang sat on the sofa and looked at Ana Lin, “Did Keller talk to you about my situation?”

Ana Lin said, mentioning it, but didn’t elaborate.

Marsha Sang intertwined his hands and said in silence, “I don’t have parents, let alone a good family background. I don’t have any help for Keller…” “Keller is not the kind of person who needs help to start a career. You just need to take good care of his life.”

Ana Lin interrupted her.

She feels that feelings are pure, as long as she knows what she likes or dislikes in her heart, nothing else matters, and there is no need to care.

If you think too much, you will be restrained.

Marsha Sang smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Ana Lin’s words made her start abruptly, even if she came back with Keller Shen, she was still a little uncertain in her heart, not knowing whether she was right or wrong in doing this.

Now she is sure that she likes Keller Shen, and Keller Shen also likes her.

Although there is an age gap between the two, what is it?

Ana Lin patted her hand, “rest early.”

Marsha Sang nodded.

Ana Lin got upstairs, pushed open the bedroom door, and saw a figure on the balcony. He was talking on the phone and vaguely heard saying something like a doctor. Her heart instantly tightened, she lightly stepped closer and tried to hear clearly. What was he talking about, but as soon as he approached, Phillip Zong hung up the phone, and when he turned around to see Ana Lin standing behind him, he was taken aback, “When did you come up?”

“I just came up, who are you talking on the phone?”

Ana Lin raised his head and asked.

Phillip Zong had already taken a bath and was wearing silk pajamas. Ana Lin could smell the fragrance of the shower gel on his body.

“The person in charge of the country M branch called me and said that he has contacted an expert from the Mayo Medical Center to give you a consultation. We will be there tomorrow afternoon.”

Ana Lin nodded and said, “Okay.”

Phillip Zong put his arms around her shoulders and walked into the room, “Let’s sleep.”

Ana Lin told him to sleep first, “I’ll go wash.”

The next day, Phillip Zong and Ana Lin got up very early, and the two children knew they were about to start school, and got up early in the morning. Marsha Sang helped Yu’s mother prepare breakfast.

After dinner, Ana Lin went to clean up the relevant procedures for the two children to go to school, and put on their schoolbags, the two children were a little excited.

Ana Lin laughed, thinking they were very cute, there were no books in their schoolbags, so I don’t know how excited they were.

Dressed them up, Ana Lin braided his daughter and confessed to her daughter, “You are an older child in elementary school…” “Don’t be capricious, you must be civilized and courteous, respect the old and love the young. You have said it many times. I know, I also remembered, mommy, don’t always say it.”

Zong Yanxi was a little impatient.

Zong Yanchen squeezed his sister’s cheek, “Looking at your impatience, it’s ugly.”

“You are ugly!”

Zong Yanxi hates others calling her ugly.

Ana Lin sighed, looking like he couldn’t help holding two children.


At the dinner table, Phillip Zong said to Zong Qifeng and Roberson Cheng, “I want to bring words to go abroad.”

“Go this time?

Say it’s not convenient for her to go out now. “

Roberson Cheng said.

Zong Qifeng also meant this.

If you want to go out, wait until you have a baby.

Phillip Zong did not conceal the two elders, “She is not in good health, she needs to be checked.”

“what happened?”

Zong Qifeng worries about Ana Lin and the child in her stomach.

“I don’t know yet. After the inspection, I will tell you the specific results.”

Phillip Zong said.

“Then you can rest assured, home and children, if we are there for you to watch, you can go with ease.”

Roberson Cheng said.

Zong Qifeng is not so optimistic. He has all gone abroad. It is certainly not a trivial matter. He stood up, put his palm on Phillip Zong’s shoulder, and held it firmly, “Tell me the truth about whether it is good or bad.”

Phillip Zong said, “It will.”

On the first day of school today, Phillip Zong and Ana Lin sent it off. The driver drove the car, and they took their two children to sit in the back.

Zong Yanxi squinted, and she has been smiling since she got up in the morning.

Xiao looks very much looking forward to going to elementary school.

Today, many people at the school gate lined up with luxury cars parked on the side of the road, blocking the road. The guards were doing evacuation work. Zong Yanxi pulled Phillip Zong and moved forward. Phillip Zong frowned, “You slow down. “

Too many people are easy to bump into.

A person stood upstairs in the teaching, looking at Zong Yanxi in the crowd, looking at the smile on her face, looking at her happy appearance, with his fists tightly clenched.

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