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Chapter 706

Gu Huiyuan still couldn’t believe it. Milton Guan could ignore his own future and face. Last time he thought he was just impulsive.

“Milton Guan, don’t think I dare not, don’t speak so hard to me!”

Milton Guan coldly snorted, “I’m just being tough. The only thing you can force is this dignity. Why, I’m not allowed to defend it?”

“You…” Gu Hui was impatient.

“I don’t want to see you, and I don’t want to talk to you, do whatever you like, don’t call me again!”

After that, Milton Guan hung up the phone, as if this weren’t enough, and he turned his hands off. He panted and said to himself, “It’s still a lady, sh*t, it’s mean enough!”

Phillip Zong asked unhurriedly, “Who makes you so angry?”

Milton Guan turned around and saw Phillip Zong standing at the door, his whole body stiffened.

“Zong, when did you come, President Zong?”

Milton Guan stammered nervously.

Phillip Zong loosened his neckline, opened the chair in front of his desk and sat down, “I didn’t hear much since I came here soon.”

Milton Guan hurriedly stepped forward, “I broke up with my girlfriend…” “When did you have a girlfriend?”

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows, obviously not believing it.

“Not long after talking.”

Milton Guan didn’t want to say to Phillip Zong, shame, he is a big man who was taken a picture and threatened?

Don’t ask for his face if you say it.

“Zong Zong.”

Milton Guan restrained his emotions and walked to the job with a serious expression, and put the resignation letter in front of him, “I am grateful for your trust and cultivation, I want to rest…” “Someone pays a high price to dig you?”

Phillip Zong just glanced faintly, but didn’t pick it up.

“No, really not, I just want to rest…” “But you told me, you just want to make money?”

Phillip Zong looked at him with scrutinizing eyes, Milton Guan was very uncomfortable, and he dodged his gaze to explain, “There is really no one to dig me, I just want to rest.”

“I heard that the CEO of Fuyuan Group dug you and promised you the position of vice president?”

Phillip Zong turned his chair and looked at Milton Guan.

Those who are capable will naturally dig the corner.

“It’s all a few months ago, how do you know?”

It was true that someone dug him, but he didn’t bother him. He knew very well where there was a future for development.

Soon Milton Guan laughed at himself, “My question is really stupid.”

If Phillip Zong doesn’t even know someone who digs himself, what kind of boss is he?

Wan Yue can come to today?

Phillip Zong was straightforward, “Speak up, why are you resigning?

You can raise any comments. “

Milton Guan shook his head quickly, Phillip Zong was not bad to him, he had no opinion.

“Really, it’s my personal business, President Zong, I’m really sorry, I caused you trouble.”

Phillip Zong narrowed his eyes, “Milton Guan, how long have you been following me?”

Milton Guan blurted out, “It’s been eight years.”

Phillip Zong stood up, “Tell me before you think about it.”

After speaking, he went out, Milton Guan stood in place, feeling extremely guilty in his heart, it was his carelessness that caused trouble to Phillip Zong.

He didn’t expect that Gu Huiyuan would calculate it on his head.

Phillip Zong walked out of Milton Guan’s office, and instead of leaving the company, he went to his own office.

It was obvious that Milton Guan had something and was hiding it from him.

This is a headache for him, because Ana Lin’s matter, he may not have time to take care of the company’s affairs in the remaining time, but now Milton Guan has offered to resign.

Chapter 707

Phillip Zong squeezed his eyebrows and knew that something was wrong with Milton Guan. At this moment, he did not have time to investigate. Now Ana Lin is seven months pregnant. The doctor recommends giving birth in seven and a half months. There is not much time left for him. Find a better doctor to check before.

He picked up the phone on his desk and dialed out.

The hospital that Ana Lin inspected was already a top-level medical hospital in China, but he was still worried. After all, it was his wife and children, which was too important for him to be careless.

He invited Dean Wang to meet.

Dean Wang also agreed immediately.

He hung up the phone, picked up his mobile phone and walked out of the office. He pulled on the neckline with one hand and searched for the number with the other hand. He asked the person in charge of the foreign branch to consult a foreign doctor. It was not that he did not trust domestic doctors. It is to be fully prepared.

After the call was connected, he said about Ana Lin’s situation “I will send the information.”

In response, Phillip Zong hung up the phone.

He pressed the elevator and walked over after waiting for the elevator to shut down.

“Zong Zong.”

Phillip Zong glanced at him, “Way in such a hurry?”

“It’s not…” “Think about it carefully before looking for me.”

At this moment, the elevator slid open and Phillip Zong stepped in.

Milton Guan bowed his head and stood in place. He also wanted to confess with Phillip Zong, but he was a man.

Also face.

Does he want to say, I slept Gu Huiyuan?

She also took fruit photos and was threatened by her?

He is a man, and he thinks this kind of thing should happen to a woman.

However, Gu Huiyuan used it on him.

He scratched his hair and said he still couldn’t speak.

What a shame! Walking out of the company, Phillip Zong got into the car, started the engine and drove out of the parking space, and quickly drove onto the road. The bustling area with tall buildings and bright neon lights was even more majestic than during the day.

He drove the car directly back to the villa.

I parked the car and pushed the door down. When I was about to walk into the house, I found people sitting on the lawn benches. I looked closely and found that it was Ana Lin.

He stepped over.

Ana Lin didn’t look back, as if he could hear his footsteps, he said, “I’m back?”

Phillip Zong walked to her side and sat down with a hum.

Ana Lin leaned his shoulders, put them on his shoulders, and looked at the stars in the sky.

After a long time, she murmured, “I clearly remember the day when Yan Chen and Yan Xi were born. I was in pain for a day and a night, almost collapsed, blood gurgling out of my body, and the tissues were changed. Again, seeing the doctor holding out two small, purple children, that was the first time I saw them, and I felt both sad and scared.

Shocked, these two thin children and I, without any relatives around, accepted their arrival in the delivery room alone. Because they are twins, they are much younger than ordinary children. Yan Xi is even weaker. I work hard and want The best thing for them without a father, they are the one that I love the most in my heart. No matter when, I hope you and me are the same, and put our children first. “

She knew that she couldn’t hide her physical condition, so she told Phillip Zong in this way that the child was important to her.

Whether it is Zong Yanchen and Zong Yanxi, or the child in her belly, it is the same to her.

She could give birth to them desperately, and she could give birth to the current child desperately.

Phillip Zong’s face and neck stretched into a straight line. She put her arms around Ana Lin’s shoulders and k*ssed her hair lightly. He understood and knew what she meant.

But… Ana Lin whispered in his arms, “The doctor said that our children need to be delivered early, but there are many risks for premature children…” This matter could not be concealed, she could only confess to Phillip Zong.

“Your body is more important…” “I told you so much, don’t you understand what I mean?”

Ana Lin suddenly withdrew from his arms. She said so much that she wanted to tell him the child’s neutrality towards her.

“I know.”

Phillip Zong stared at her, “Children are equally important to me.”

But if he had to make a choice, he must be the first to protect the adult, where would he come from without Ana Lin?

Ana Lin’s voice trembled, weak and helpless, “You still don’t understand. The doctor said it’s best to give birth in seven and a half months. The child is not mature enough in seven and a half months. There are many, many unknown risks. I would rather me for this risk. take responsibility.”

“Ana Lin!”

Phillip Zong grabbed her excited and shaking shoulders, his eyes were deep, and his eyes were hidden in the painful spot, “This is not complete, there is a 90% possibility that the child is healthy.”

He started from 80% of what the doctor said to 90%, he just hoped that Ana Lin could relax.

Ana Lin’s eye socket contained a thick layer of water, which was more complicated than water, and it was salty when it slipped to his mouth.

“Why make me pregnant.”

She couldn’t accept Phillip Zong’s fluke psychology.

Ten percent is also her concern.

What if the 10% is spread?

Phillip Zong hugged her fragile body that was panicked because of excitement, “I don’t know your body is not suitable for having children, otherwise, I will never let you get pregnant.”

He gently patted her on the back, softly soothing, “I’m already thinking of a way, trust me?”

“I’m very upset.”

She choked.

“I know.”

Phillip Zong folded his arms and wrapped her tightly in his arms. His heart was not at peace. Ana Lin was a mother, she was worried about her child, and he was also a father.

However, he is still a man. If he is messed up, who will handle the next thing?

Chapter 708

“We still have some time. I will find a more authoritative hospital to check you up and find a better doctor to do the best and safest production plan for us. We still have time. Don’t worry about it.”

Phillip Zong rubbed her back, for a moment… Ana Lin slowly closed her eyes, her mind was always in a trance, and she was never settled.

“Hey, if you have me, leave it to me.”

Phillip Zong bowed his head to k*ss her cold forehead and asked softly, “Aren’t you sleepy?”

Ana Lin shook his head and said that he was not sleepy, and asked him, “Have you eaten yet?

I also asked my mom to save you food. “

“I have already eaten.”

In fact, he didn’t eat it, but had no appetite.

“Then you walk with me.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to go back to the room and felt very bored.

Phillip Zong said yes, and took her hand for a walk along the roadside.

There is a slight breeze in the evening, gently blowing on people, and it will not feel so hot.

Ana Lin took his arm and asked, “Let’s stay at home tomorrow morning.”

Phillip Zong looked over.

Ana Lin laughed and said, “Tomorrow, September 1st.”

Phillip Zong suddenly realized that he really forgot.

He missed the birth of two children. They entered elementary school on the first day. He couldn’t miss it.

“Do we need to prepare something?”

Phillip Zong suddenly became a little excited, his children are going to elementary school.

Ana Lin glanced at him, “When you remember, the day lily is cold.”

Phillip Zong, “…” She was ready for everything.

Song family at the moment.

After Keller Shen went to the bureau, he went to Song’s house, and wanted to deal with Song Yaxin’s affairs as soon as possible.

When he appeared in front of the Song family, the Song family were shocked. It was a long time since they looked back to God. It was Song Bureau who reacted first and scolded Mrs. Song, “What are you doing at the door?

Don’t let people come in yet? “

Only then did Mrs. Song return to her senses and hurriedly welcomed Keller Shen in.

“Keller, you can count as coming back.

You don’t know that these days when you were missing, Yaxin was so worried about you. She couldn’t sleep every night and didn’t eat well. Look, people have lost weight. “

Mrs. Song was busy speaking for her daughter, and she felt good in front of Keller Shen.

Song Yaxin seemed to have not recovered from the shock of Keller Shen’s sudden return.

Just staring at him in a daze, “Keller…” Shen Keller looked calm and said sorry, “I make you worried.”

“Fortunately, fortunately, you came back alive. You don’t know how many times I cried during the days when you disappeared. Although you and Yaxin are not married yet, I have already regarded you as my family. Son-in-law, now I see you come back safely.

I’m happy. “

Mrs. Song pulled Keller Shen’s arm.

“Sit down quickly.

Have you eaten yet?

I will make you something. “

When Keller Shen came back, Song Yaxin’s future had fallen again.

To Keller Shen, it was both deficient cold and warm.

“No, I’m not hungry.”

Keller Shen said.

“I’ll do something.”

Mrs. Song said.

“No need.”

Keller Shen’s attitude is very firm.

Song Ju couldn’t stand his wife’s hypocrisy, and said solemnly, “You can be quiet for a while!”

When did she cry because of Keller Shen’s disappearance?

Obviously, she persuaded her daughter to let go and find a suitable one again.

He sighed and asked, “Keller, what’s the matter?

How could it disappear for so long? “

Keller Shen told the truth, telling the story of how he fell into the water until he was saved, only to hide the piece of Marsha.

Song Ju sighed, “Just fine, I thought you were really in danger.”

Keller Shen said, “It makes you worry.”

“Just come back safely.”

Song Yaxin rushed to hug Keller Shen, ignoring her parents’ presence.

Keller Shen stiffened, “Ya Xin.”

He tried to push Song Yaxin away, but the more Keller Shen wanted to push her away, the tighter she hugged, “Do you know how I’ve spent the past few days?

If you don’t come back, I will collapse. “

Keller Shen had nowhere to put his hands, “I’m sorry to worry you, Yaxin, get up first.”

On the contrary, Song Yaxin pressed it tighter, “I don’t, I don’t want to let go of you, I’m afraid that once I let go, you will disappear again.”

Keller Shen felt very embarrassed by Song Yaxin’s appearance.

“Yaxin, I have something to tell you.”

He didn’t want to be muddled, and wanted to make it clear to Song Yaxin as soon as possible.

Song Yaxin raised her head and asked, “What did you tell me?

Propose to me? “

Keller Shen told the truth and said, “No, Yaxin, let’s break up.”

Song Yaxin changed her face instantly, and Mrs. Song who was on the side also changed her face immediately, more excited than Song Yaxin, “Keller Shen what are you talking about?”

Keller Shen stood up.

I apologized to Song Ju and Madam Song, “I’m sorry, I can’t be with Yaxin, I’m really sorry.”

Song Ju was not very surprised. He knew from the beginning that Keller Shen did not like his daughter and would agree, mostly because of his face.

“What’s the use of sorry?

Obviously you promised to be with us Yaxin. If you say you regret it, do you have any morals?

Your conscience was eaten by a dog? “

Mrs. Song scolded.

Keller Shen has nothing to say but apologize, after all, he turned back.

“You have promised our family Yaxin, you can’t just abandon her if you just say…” “Okay!”

Song Ju listened to the annoyance, although he knew that Keller Shen did not like to be with his daughter, but Keller Shen suddenly proposed to break up, which he did not expect, “Go ahead, what’s the matter?”

Song Yaxin answered, “Is it because there are other women?”

She stared at Keller Shen. She still understood this man, he didn’t think so emotionally, just like when he promised to be with him, he immediately introduced her to the people around him, he was responsible.

Suddenly proposed to break up, there must be other women who appeared, and he still liked it, otherwise, he would not propose it like this.

“Go ahead, who is it?”

Song Yaxin clenched her hands into fists.

Keller Shen only said, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, what’s the use, can you make up for the harm done to my daughter?

Keller Shen, I tell you, I will never promise you to abandon my daughter, ungrateful fellow, we are terrified of your disappearance.

When you came back, you even asked to break up with Yaxin. Are you still a human? “

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