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Chapter 70

Ana Lin’s attitude is very tough, and what she said is very clear. If he does not come, she will leave.

She was originally angry that Milton Guan was investigating her, but Phillip Zong threatened her with a child, and was unhappy at first, but now Milton Guan refused her again.

It’s strange to have a good attitude.

Milton Guan didn’t dare not come.

He was fast, and people showed up at the door in less than ten minutes, probably not far from the hotel.

Hearing the knock on the door, Ana Lin opened the door, and Milton Guan stood at the door with a weird smile, “Miss Lin…”

Ana Lin ignored him, turned around and entered the room, pointed to the pile of medicine on the table, and told him the dosage.

Milton Guan frowned, “What did you say?”

Phillip Zong was injured?

how can that be possible?

Milton Guan obviously didn’t believe it.

Ana Lin didn’t have time to talk nonsense with him, “You don’t believe me, look for yourself, I’m going back now.”

Ana Lin opened the door and walked out.

Milton Guan stood by the bed and walked back and forth twice, still curious, how could Phillip Zong get hurt?

In the end, curiosity is better than reason. He stretched out his hand to lift the quilt on Phillip Zong’s body, wanting to see what happened. However, before he lifted it, the man who had closed his eyes suddenly opened his eyes, “What are you doing?”

Milton Guan, “…”

“Yeah-I, I heard that you were hurt…”

Phillip Zong patted his hand and looked around the room left and right. He was the only one with frowning eyebrows. What about that woman?

Milton Guan saw Phillip Zong’s doubts and asked, “Are you looking for Miss Lin?”

Phillip Zong was silent, seeming to acquiesce.

“Call me in the morning, and she will leave.” Milton Guan still stared at him curiously after speaking.

Obviously Ana Lin was here last night. Could it be that King Phillip Zong slammed his bow and Ana Lin resisted and stabbed him?

The more you think about Milton Guan, the higher the possibility.

Stabbed by a woman?

Milton Guan automatically replenished the scene of Phillip Zong’s rejection last night, and a little smile appeared on his face.

“What are you laughing at?” Phillip Zong sat up.

“No.” Milton Guan quickly reduced his smile and said solemnly, “Zong, how did you get injured? Cough cough-was it caused by Miss Lin’s resistance?”


Phillip Zong calmly said, “Get out! Go and get some clean clothes.”

Is this really rejected?

Milton Guan wanted to laugh.

I really want to see Phillip Zong eating flat.

Is there a woman who refuses him?

Damn, it’s a wonder, but he didn’t see it.

What a pity, what a pity.

Phillip Zong lifted the quilt and got out of the bed. There was a trousers on him, with gauze wrapped around his upper body. He walked toward Milton Guan gloomily, “Is it funny?”

Milton Guan opened his mouth, panting heavily, and shook his head decisively, “Not funny, not funny at all, I’ll get you clothes.”

Turn around and run after speaking.

For fear of being late, Phillip Zong asked him to settle the account.

Phillip Zong poured a glass of water and poured it down. Seeing the chair beside the bed, he seemed to see Ana Lin lying on his back to sleep at night.

It seems to have spoken to him, but he did not hear clearly.

She didn’t leave, and being able to stay and take care of him already made him feel better.

Ana Lin, who hadn’t slept much all night, dragged her tired body back home. The two children were taken care of by Ida Zhuang. Naturally they were all very well. She took a shower and changed clean clothes before going to the room to see the children. Ruth still He fell asleep deeply, with a small pink mouth pouting, and his cheeks flushed like a sleeping doll. Ana Lin put a k*ss on his daughter’s face before leaving the room.

Daniel has got up and is washing herself in the bathroom.

“You didn’t come back last night, was it work?” Ida Zhuangg came out of the kitchen, wearing an apron, looking at his daughter.

Ana Lin guilty of not daring to see her, turned to look away, “Well, it’s something in the store.”

Ida Zhuang stared at her daughter with a guilty conscience, “You came back yesterday, and I saw you got in another car.”

Ana Lin opened her mouth and didn’t know how to explain it. Why did she forget that Phillip Zong drove the car to the door of her house last night?

Therefore, it is not surprising that Ida Zhuang would see it.

“That man is the one from the Zong family?” Although it was asked, it was already affirmative.

Ana Lin lowered his head, “Yes.”

“Why are you still involved with him?” Ida Zhuang hated iron and steel. “It doesn’t matter if you are already divorced. How good is Rui Ze. Why don’t you know how to cherish it. You have to wait until the chicken is freaked out to be happy?”

“I didn’t.” Ana Lin tried to explain.

She didn’t want to have anything with Phillip Zong.

She can see her identity clearly.

Did not forget, he said the decisive state of divorce.

“There is no best, I tell you, I will never agree that you have any relationship with him!” Ida Zhuang rarely speaks to his daughter so seriously.

It’s just this matter, she can’t ignore it.

Ana Lin is young after all, and it is inevitable to be dizzy by the so-called feelings.

She gave birth to a child, and if that man could accept her, he would not divorce her in the first place.

She was in a car accident and it was not easy to give birth to two children. Ida Zhuang was afraid that she would be hurt again.

At the door of the bathroom, Daniel was the boss with open eyes. What was grandma talking about?

That man is Mommy’s ex-husband?

Is it the unhappy man who abandoned Mommy, her and sister?

In Daniel’s consciousness, since Phillip Zong is Mommy’s ex-husband, he is naturally the father of him and his sister.

He clenched his small fist, wishing to beat Phillip Zong violently.

No, he must not let go of that guilty man!

“Xiao Xi, what are you thinking about? Why don’t you come to eat soon?” Ida Zhuangg brought breakfast to the table, glanced at Daniel who was standing at the door of the bathroom in a daze, and called him.

“Oh, here it is.” Daniel ran over with short legs.

Ana Lin hugged him, sat on a chair, and peeled him eggs.

Daniel looked at Ana Lin’s profile, wondering why she was so beautiful, why did that guilty man abandon her?

Are you blind?

Ana Lin put the peeled eggs on Daniel’s dinner plate, “What do you think? Concentrate on eating.”

Daniel put the dinner plate in front of Ana Lin, “Mummy eat it.”

Ana Lin pretended to be unhappy, and gave him an egg, “You are growing up, you have no nutrition, and your guild is not tall. Do you want to become a short man?”

“No, my height is already beyond the normal range. I must be able to grow 1.9 meters.”

Ida Zhuang laughed, “One meter nine is too high, one meter eight will do.”

“No, I must grow to 1.9 meters.” Daniel said seriously.

That grumpy guy is 1.5 meters tall, he must be taller than him, and then beat him fiercely!

Ida Zhuang only thought of him as a joke, how could he think that he had such deep thoughts.

Ana Lin finished drinking the milk and reached out to touch his son’s head, “It is a good thing to want to grow taller, but only if you eat well, you can grow taller.”

“I will.” Daniel nodded firmly.

Ana Lin got up, “Mom, I went to the store.”

“Yeah.” Ida Zhuang originally wanted to tell her, but when he saw Daniel, he didn’t say anything.

The child is small, but his mind is sensitive.

I’m afraid he will hear something.

Ana Lin drove to LEO.

Holding the materials that I had not read last night, I was about to go to the office to read it. As soon as he walked in, Lena Qin walked towards her solemnly, “Mrs. William, waiting for you in the office.”

“Did something happen?” Ana Lin understood the assistant who had followed him for a long time.

It wasn’t that something happened, she wouldn’t have such a prudent face.

Lena Qin didn’t know how to say, “You will know when you go in.”

Ana Lin glanced at her and walked towards the head office.

When he reached the door, Ana Lin raised his hand and knocked on the door.

She opened the door when she heard a voice coming in.

Chapter 71

She opened the door when she heard a voice coming in.

In the spacious, unique office, there is a rectangular desk in the middle, with dummy models on both sides, wearing all kinds of beautiful dresses, sitting in front of an elderly elegant man wearing a small set In the suit of suit, she wears a string of deep-water pearl necklaces around her neck with white hair in a bun. The necklaces are of uniform size and thick and translucent. They complement the pearl earrings on the ears, perfectly presenting the elegance of the elderly. .

“Sit.” Mrs. William held a delicate box in her hand.

Caressing fondly.

Ana Lin took a look, bent over and sat down, “You, have something to do with me?”

Mrs. William put the box on the table, but never left her hand. She simply said, “I plan to open a branch in City B in Country Z. You manage it.”

LEO is the only one, and since its inception, there has been a rule that it will not open branches in various countries, only this one.

And this one has already received orders from all over the world.

They are all one-to-one services. The dresses and wedding dresses that go out from here are the only ones, which are absolutely unique.

This is why, LEO will be favored by many women.

Especially when attending important occasions, actresses walking on the red carpet, brides-to-be married, dresses, and wedding dresses are all important to them. Therefore, it is their first choice to be able to customize privately and ensure absolute uniqueness.

“Isn’t it a rule, LEO won’t open a branch?” Ana Lin said that he didn’t understand.

Moreover, the place where the branch was opened was Country Z, and what surprised her even more was the location in City B.

That is her most exclusive place, if it is in another country, she will agree without hesitation.

Mrs. William sighed and said helplessly, “If you lose, you will gain.”

LEO was founded by Mrs. William, and she set the rules.

Now that Mrs. William is 90 this year, and this rule is 60 years old, how can she break the rule at will?

“Madam, do you have any difficulties?” Ana Lin looked at the box she had been stroking.

It seemed to contain something extremely precious.

Mrs. William seemed unwilling to talk more, “I have already decided.”

Ana Lin felt that it was unusual, this decision was too sudden.

The location chosen was too coincidental.

She doesn’t believe this is a coincidence.

If it wasn’t a coincidence, who would want her to go back?

“Lin, if you don’t agree, no store will want you.” Mrs. William saw Ana Lin’s reluctance and sighed, “Actually, this is not a good thing, after all, that is your hometown.”

Ana Lin lowered his head, feeling very complicated, “Madam, can you tell me why you made this decision?”

“Because of it.” Mrs. William picked up the exquisite box. “I always knew whose hand it was in, but no one would sell it for how much I paid—”

Yesterday afternoon, she met with a Mr. Zong from country Z.

He took this thing and made an exchange with her, and he gave it to her.

And she wants to open a branch in City B in Country Z, and the person in charge is Ana Lin.

And she has to warn Ana Lin that if she tries to leave LEO, she will be blocked by the industry.

To make her reluctant, she must go back!

Ana Lin pressed his lips tightly, as if trying to understand the reason, and said in his mind, “Someone gave you what you have always wanted, but there are conditions. The conditions are to be in the B city of country Z. , Open a branch, and I am the person in charge?”

Mrs. William shook her head. It was not that he did not approve of Ana Lin’s words, but that he did not approve of Ana Lin’s good brains.

“Women, you have to be a little stupid to be cute, but I think that gentleman, he should like you very much, otherwise he won’t find me.” Mrs. William still likes Ana Lin, and she reached out and patted her on the shoulder, “Escape can’t be solved. The problem, only if you can calmly face the people and things of the past, you can be considered let go. If you care so much, it means you haven’t let go.”

Ana Lin was unwilling to admit, “I put it down.”

“Since you have put it down, what are you afraid of?”

Ana Lin didn’t know, but from the bottom of his heart he didn’t want to go back, and didn’t want to see the people before and remember what happened before.

Those are too bad.

“I’ve decided, you think about it, and do something.” Mrs. William took the exquisite box, held it in her palm, and looked carefully.

It seems to see someone through that box.

Ana Lin got up and left.

Lena Qin was standing at the door waiting for her. When she saw her coming out, she quickly came over, “What are you going to do?”

Lena Qin is also a native of Z. Ana Lin came in two years later, because she did not graduate with a major and was not admitted at the time. Ana Lin asked her to follow her and study at LEO.

I have known each other for a long time, and I know something about Ana Lin.

Ana Lin smiled bitterly, “I have no choice.”

Mrs. William’s words are very clear. If she refuses, no one will dare to ask her.

Mrs. William has a reputation in the industry, and a word of her will give her some face.

“Do you know what’s in the box, Madam?” Ana Lin was very curious about what it was that could make her break the rules for many years.

Lena Qin shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Ana Lin sighed. Although curious, it is her biggest worry now that she wants to return to China.

She took the file back to the office and browsed through it. After knowing the customer’s request in detail, she took out the drawing paper and black pencil, but she couldn’t calm down, holding a pen in her hand, and didn’t know how to start.

She rubbed her cheeks and asked Lena Qin to make her a cup of unsweetened coffee.

“Did you not rest last night? I don’t think your complexion is very good.” Lena Qin asked concerned.

Ana Lin took the coffee and took a sip, not only did he not rest, but did not sleep at all.

“It’s not in a hurry, don’t you go back and rest first?” Lena Qin suggested.

“At this time, you can’t sleep when you go back, so go ahead.” She took a deep breath, “Life will continue.”

The more this time, the more she couldn’t relax.

Children, need her.

“OK then.”

When Lena Qin walked out of the office and turned to close the door, suddenly the door was supported by a big hand. Lena Qin turned around and saw a tall man standing behind him, “You–“

“Hush!” Phillip Zong whispered, “I’m looking for her.”

Lena Qin still remembered how he suddenly took Ana Lin away that day, they knew each other, and the relationship was still extraordinary.

Lena Qin was very knowledgeable and said nothing, and backed out.

Phillip Zong closed the door and walked in.

Ana Lin calmed down at this moment, and was drawing design drawings intently.

Because of the customer’s request, the wedding dress should be breast-wrapped, and the breast-wrapped wedding dress is suitable for a mermaid skirt. This wedding dress is very picky.

Phillip Zong stood behind her, watching her work hard. This was the first time he saw her drawing pictures.

An ordinary pencil, the nib seems to have been enchanted, a few strokes, on the white paper, has shown the approximate appearance of the wedding dress.

Ana Lin felt that there was someone behind him and kept silent, thinking it was Lena Qin. Lena Qin has the habit of watching her drawing pictures, so she didn’t say anything, “Xiaoya, do you have information on the height and weight of the guests?”

She chooses the following designs according to the figure of the client.

Without hearing the sound, she turned around, “Little—”

Chapter 72

Without hearing the sound, she turned around, “Little—”

However, the person standing behind was not the person she expected at all, but an unexpected person.

“Why are you here?” Ana Lin unconsciously curled his fingers, and clenched the pen in his hand.

Phillip Zong glanced around the house, the white-themed decoration style is simple and generous.

“This is where you work?” He walked to the French window and looked outside.

Ana Lin put down the pen in his hand and stood up, “I’m asking you something.”

Phillip Zong turned around, looked at her, and said with a light smile, “I came here, naturally to see you.”

Ana Lin’s hands behind her back, clasping the edge of the table, looking straight at him, wanting to see his heart through his skin and flesh.

What does he want to do?

But she could not see anything.

“Have you seen Mrs. William?” Although she was asking, she was sure.

She couldn’t think of who else would force her to go back.

Phillip Zong came over, pulled out the chair behind her, sat down, and said frankly, “Yes.”

“Why?” Ana Lin almost roared out.

She couldn’t think of his purpose for doing this!

“Not why.” Phillip Zong grabbed her wrist, pulled her, and let her sit on his lap. Ana Lin refused and tried hard to get away from his hand.

“I’m injured.”

“What does it matter to me that you are injured?” Ana Lin said unceremoniously.

Phillip Zong sighed, “You are not curious, what do I give to Mrs. William?”

Ana Lin was curious about what was it that allowed Mrs. William to break the rules she had set.

“What did you give her?” Ana Lin asked.

“You entered LEO, you should have heard of his husband Mr. William?” Phillip Zong stroked her back, trying to comfort her.

Ana Lin nodded, “I heard that it seems that their husband and wife are very affectionate, but Mr. William passed away early, and his wife was very young at the time, but for him, she never married.”

“Then do you know what her husband, Mr. William, does?” Phillip Zong has successfully deflected Ana Lin’s thoughts and distracted her.

Ana Lin really didn’t know, and shook his head.

Phillip Zong hugged her waist and asked her to sit down. Ana Lin reluctantly made a profit. Phillip Zong whispered, “I’m injured, are you obedient?”

Ana Lin was also wronged, doesn’t he know that this is inappropriate?

Is this kind of behavior intimate?

Why is it always like this.

“Mr. William is a jewelry designer.” Phillip Zong said.

Ana Lin raised his eyebrows, a little surprised that William was actually a jewelry designer.

“But what does this have to do with what you gave to Mrs. William?” Ana Lin couldn’t figure out what the connection could be.

“When Mrs. William met William, she was a little-known fashion designer. It was a fashion conference and the first time that Mrs. William’s design went to the stage. Coincidentally, William also participated in that costume. Conference…”

“So, they met?” Ana Lin seemed to be able to imagine the scene at that time, “Should be very romantic?”

There was a quick look of envy in her eyes. Once young, she had longed for love, but she had no chance and lost the qualification.

Now she is just a single mother.

Phillip Zong caught the emotions passing through her eyes and tightly tightened her waist, “I met, but it’s not romantic. It should be described as embarrassing——”

Ana Lin frowned, “Did something happen at that time?”

“Well, because someone reported that Mrs. William copied someone else’s work…”

“Impossible!” Ana Lin believed in Mrs. William’s character and ability!

She will never plagiarize.

Phillip Zong silently looked at her angry and excited, “It’s not about you, why are you so excited?”

Ana Lin also felt that she was too excited just now, and eased her emotions, “I just don’t believe Mrs. William will plagiarize.”

“She does…” Phillip Zong quietly observed her. She frowned and breathed quickly, seeming to explode at any time.

“Her design collided with a very famous necklace, and Mrs. William didn’t know the necklace. What’s more coincidental is that the same name, the same source of inspiration, but the design is different.” He evoked a strand of hair that Ana Lin was hanging around his ear, entwined at his fingertips, his voice was low, “Do you think it is fate?”

Indeed, this is an incredible coincidence.

But what Ana Lin can’t figure out is, how do they know that their source of inspiration is the same?

“Stupid.” Phillip Zong squeezed her cheek, but Ana Lin suddenly realized, “Since it was a collision, I naturally have to investigate. The two met, so they knew that each other’s source of inspiration was the same, so both I gave my design the same name.”

“Not too stupid.” Phillip Zong smiled.

Ana Lin’s expression turned down, is she stupid?

“So, which necklace you gave to Mrs. William?” Ana Lin guessed.

Phillip Zong nodded.

“Why is that necklace in your hand?”

The necklace was photographed by a gentleman and given to his wife.

That is a very brainy businessman, not short of money.

So after William’s death, Mrs. William looked for the whereabouts of the necklace. Although she found out who owned the necklace, they did not sell it.

No one will sell it for how much she pays.

It just happened that this businessman had business dealings with Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin wanted to understand that Phillip Zong gave Mrs. William what she had always wanted, so he agreed to open a branch in China.

Wait, Ana Lin suddenly found out that he was driving him away.

She was not entangled with what he gave Mrs. William.

It’s him, why should he return home by himself?

What good is this for him.

What does he want to do?

Ana Lin found out that he was talking to him and unknowingly sat in his arms.

She stood up quickly and looked at him, “What is your purpose?”

His arms were empty and he was a little uncomfortable. He looked at Ana Lin, “What purpose can I have, but you.”

“What am I?”

“Why don’t you want to go back?” Suddenly Phillip Zong changed his gentle and sharp tone, “Is there something that makes you sad?”

“No.” Ana Lin retorted instinctively!

“Then why are you afraid to go back?”

“Who is scared?”

Phillip Zong chuckled successfully, “I’m not afraid, why are you so excited?”

Ana Lin found that in front of him, his IQ had become 0.

She did not want to admit that this man had the ability to disturb her mind.

She pretended to be calm and gentle, and said stiffly, “Which eye of your eyes sees me excited?”

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